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    28.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    easy to need

    pairing: salaryman!kento nanami + female assistant!reader

    content: Kento Nanami isn't an easy man to read, which makes it convenient for him on days like today when you're too distracting.

    author's notes: kehlani's "everything" was what i listened to to wake my brain up when i got up today and THEN i started listening to hozier's "it will come back" and this went uhhhh places and here we are. kento nanami, i'll follow you wherever you go, just let me stare at your broad back fahjfdkals. Nanami stans, how we feelin' bc im NOT good right now

    MINORS, DO NOT INTERACT!! please be respectful and do not interact!!

    It’s … exhausting… trying to get a man like Kento Nanami to notice you.

    It’s exhausting because he seems to have other things on his mind and you don’t want to annoy him. You can’t focus at your desk though,. It’s almost impossible, because he’s standing right in front of you talking to Satoru.

    What made it even more frustrating for you though was you were Kento’s personal assistant so he looked right at you every day but you felt he wasn’t really seeing you. He always seemed a million miles away when he asked you to deliver paperwork or reschedule a meeting, and you were more than confused because you couldn’t get a read on him at all. Did he want you the way you wanted him? Did he just see you as work colleagues? Or worse, did he see you as a nobody?

    No, maybe you were at the very worst just a work colleague to him that he kind of cared about. He would send you home when you came in to work sick and order you to take good care of yourself, calling you later that night to see if you were doing better. He would give you his lunch if you had accidentally let it slip that you had not eaten that day yet because you forgot to make a lunch. He would send death glares to clients and office mates that he noticed made you uncomfortable while they spoke to you and he would step in if they wouldn’t leave you alone.

    “Ahhh, but you should come! You work too hard,” Satoru teases the hulking figure of a man who’s standing in front of your desk, leaning against it with his arms folded.

    You chastise yourself for unashamedly staring at the way the back of his soft blue button-down rustles, pure hard muscle evident when he adjusts his arms.

    You love the days when he wears the blue shirt instead of a white one – it suits him so much better. He doesn’t do it terribly often though so you try to soak it in as much as you can. That coupled with his suspenders makes your brain short-circuit and you try to remember as many details as possible for later that night when you’re touching yourself to thoughts of him. God, you have got to start being more careful or Satoru is going to tell on you.

    “Your little assistant works so hard too though,” Satoru leans and looks past Kento and directly at you, giving you a flirty wave of his hand, “You both deserve to have some fun.”

    “There’s too much to be done…” Kento coldly answers, standing back up to his full height now, “You have fun with that though.”

    Satoru humphs, knowing he isn’t going to get the answer he wants out of his longtime friend.

    “Okay,” Satoru sighs, “But don’t forget about what I said earlier. Just think about it. If you want the job, it’s yours.”

    Another job? Is Kento leaving? No, he wouldn’t be, would he? He seemed so dedicated to this job that it seemed unlikely he would just abandon it for another. One day you had asked him what Satoru did for a living, since Satoru just seemed to pop in whenever he wanted to. But Kento had only blinked at you and asked you to get the file for the next client ready, completely ignoring your question and making you scared to ask him ever again.

    You watch Satoru enter the elevator and give you a little smirk and another flirty wave goodbye before the doors close on him. You move your attention back to your desk and see Kento is facing you now, his long thick fingers casually going through the file for a high profile client.

    God, what were his fingers like? They were fingers you had daydreamed about too much. Fingers you wanted squeezing around your neck, fingers you wanted laced with your own, fingers you wanted deep inside you stretching you out and making you tremble.

    Your mouth starts moving before your brain can catch up.

    “Are you quitting?” You ask him meekly.

    The silence between you is deafening when he doesn’t answer you immediately. He closes the file, placing it carefully back on the edge of your desk before he looks at you. There’s something behind his brown eyes but you can’t tell what it is and it drives you crazy that it’s fucking impossible to know what he’s thinking.

    You watch as those fingers of his reach up and move slowly through his blonde hair in patient frustration. Normally his hair is so neat and well-kept, but on days like today where there’s too much work to be done, his appearance falls to the wayside and his hair becomes a little more disheveled. You’re glad for your desk hiding your lower half because you have to suppress a squirm.

    “You should be doing your job instead of eavesdropping.” His deep voice reprimands you before he walks back into his office and shuts the door.

    You don’t understand it. How is this even the same man that gives you his lunch sometimes, how is this the same man that keeps you protected from creeps at work? Maybe he really does see you as a nobody.


    Kento exhales slowly as he leans himself against his office door, shutting his eyes and rubbing his temples. Having you as his assistant was hell for him because you were always such a distraction. Your gentle knocks at his door and your soft timid voice saying his name before you entered each time made his heart pound in his chest.

    He wanted to take care of you, but you were so fragile and he was so busy. With Satoru constantly hounding him to quit his job here and become a full-time sorcerer, clients piling up as the months went on, and meetings upon meetings upon meetings. He couldn’t have a relationship right now – there wasn’t enough time to devote to you. You deserved the world, and you definitely shouldn’t be at this stupid soul-sucking job.

    He tried to show you in small ways though that he cared about you as more than a work colleague. He would send you home when you still dutifully came into work when you were sick. He didn’t like those days, because he knew that they would be shit – not being able to watch you or talk to you at all until you felt better. He felt he was overstepping his bounds when he would call you on those nights to check on you, but his heartbeat would calm when you answered the phone each time, telling him how you had bought medicine and tea and were resting.

    Kento didn’t want to keep you on the phone too long on those nights because rest was always important and rest when you were sick even more so. But he would feel his stress melt away as you told him about what you were doing to relax. He would shush you when you apologized for not being able to be at work and for being careless and letting yourself get sick in the first place.

    And after he would wish you good night, he felt like such a perverted man for trying to fall asleep and the only thing he could think of was how you showed up to work that morning, wet and without an umbrella, sniffly and sneezing with your shirt drenched from the rain and being completely see-through.

    He thought that those were the worst of his perverted thoughts, but they were nothing compared to now. Because now, he finds himself at his desk, undoing his belt and the button of his khaki slacks, exhaling shakily when he pulls out his thick cock. Because now he feels guilt eat away at him as he fucks his fist slowly when you’re right there outside the door, sitting at your desk and blissfully unaware of what he’s doing.

    But he can’t help himself. He lets his mind wander – he lets his mind wander to images of you laying on your back on his desk, your too tight skirt ripped and on the floor. Images of your white blouse equally tattered, buttons scattered on the floor as he took you hard and fast on his desk, your panties shoved in your mouth to keep you quiet as he fucked you like you’ve wanted all this time.

    Or maybe you didn’t wear underwear at all when you came to the office. He wasn’t dumb – he knew you were trying to get his attention each day. Maybe he would have to stuff his thick fingers into your mouth to keep everyone from hearing you, keeping your moans quiet.

    His hand starts to move faster now, clear liquid seeping out the head of his cock and providing a thin layer of slickness as he went on. His imagination running wild as he pictures your naked body pressed up against the window, your breasts shoved against the glass as you whined and cried over his cock bullying it’s way into your cunt over and over again while all of the city saw.

    His body jerks when there’s a timid knock on his door. A knock he recognizes all too well.

    And he realizes he’s left the door unlocked.

    Like an idiot.

    He blames you.

    “Nanami? Sir?” You say from on the other side.

    “Just a m-moment…” He replies.

    He’s close. He’s so close. He leans back in his chair, his eyelids fluttering as he watches his hand tighten around his cock, fucking up into it roughly and trying to finish before you open the door.

    He can’t let you see him like this. You shouldn’t ever know how easy it is to need you.

    He grunts and groans quietly, right there on the edge, imagining you’re under his desk, your lips wrapped around his cock and trying to take all of him in, the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat and his hand holding you steadily there as his whole body thrums from the wet heat of your mouth.

    Kento bites the inside of his cheek hard, not knowing for sure if you can hear what he’s doing or not. The viscous white fluid spills from the tip of his cock and coats the thick dense shaft as he fucks his hand still, his whole body quivering as the mixture of cum and his own spit stain the front of his pants.


    “Nanami, sir. There’s someone here to see you.” You try again.

    Kento’s entire body goes lax in his chair, and he is trying to steady his breathing. He’s astounded at the effect you’re still able to have on him, his cock throbbing at the sound of your voice even though he came just moments ago.

    “I’m too busy today. Set up a meeting.” He tells you.

    And he sits there in his chair after you tell him okay and you go back to your desk. He sits there and he runs a hand over his face, because while he’s been able to delay whoever wanted to speak to him, he can’t just not talk to you for the rest of the day.

    It’s… exhausting trying to keep himself from ravishing you.

    #nanami #nanami kento smut #nanami smut#jjk smut #jujutsu kaisen smut #my whole body is HUMMING yall i had an entirely different direction for this but i like this SOOO much better
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  • ao3feed-nanago
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    by leafyxthiefy

    Nanami loves Satoru with all that he is, but is his love enough?

    Words: 1133, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 呪術廻戦 | Jujutsu Kaisen (Manga), 呪術廻戦 | Jujutsu Kaisen (Anime)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Nanami Kento, Gojo Satoru

    Relationships: Gojo Satoru/Nanami Kento

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Honestly It could be canon or an AU, I left that purposefuly vague, Angst, No Fluff, Heavy Angst, Angst and Feels, Hurt No Comfort, Feels, nanami pov, Unrequited Love, Someone please give Nanami a hug, Gojo Satoru Needs a Hug, kento needs a hug more tho, Someone please love him, Drabble, I was in my feels ok, I needed to cry

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    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Whenever I open twitter, I get so happy to see more hxh posts, because we finally get some new chapters after a loooong time!!😭

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  • nanamisflowerfield
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    THEY ARE HOT AND SEXY!!! And I wish I could always have them in my arms and not let them go! But they would surely tease the living hell out of me but I won‘t mind because I love them😭😭😭

    "Hey, love. Are you staring at me?" YES! WE ARE AND WE CAN‘T STOP DJFJDKFKLSKFKWD

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    Scenario time because my cat's kitten won't stop meowing. Dang she's basically a squeaking siren, so is her sister. Their brother is cool though, he's a quiet boy. Pairing for today is Future Doctor! MC x Sebek

    Scenario: Where Sebek pushed all of MC's buttons during a study session. Now we ask, "What happens when a person who has contained and controlled their anger for years now become angry once again?"

    (This was when he was still getting to know her)

    Warning: Sebek getting carried away and forgetting about how people have feelings

    Sebek: You don't know this story Ningen?! It's one of the most basic lessons in the Valley of thorns! Well, I can't be surprised. What can you expect from a mere human

    MC: *Trying to ignore him while reading the instructions for the activity* Sorry Sebek...

    Sebek: Yeah that's right!

    -Many moments later-

    Sebek: No, you're doing it wrong! You have to move it to the side, not above! But oh, what can you expect from a mere human? They are all low compared to Waka-sama-

    MC: *Slams the book shut*



    MC: *Hits him with the book*

    Sebek: *Holds the area where he was hit* Ah-

    MC: *Throws the book across the room as it lands on a table full of displays in which scattered from the book's impact*

    Sebek: *Speechless*

    MC: Tch *Leaves*

    Sebek: ...

    -Days later when Sebek told Lilia what happened after the latter noticed the small mark and scratches on Sebek's head and MC growing distant from Diasomnia, much to Malleus' dismay-

    Lilia: Do you know what you did Sebek?

    Sebek: ...

    Lilia: You've released the beast that MC contained for years from your words.

    Sebek: What do you mean?

    Lilia: I overheard the headmaster and her parents during the Parent and Guardian meeting. Apparently, MC had anger issues as a kid due to becoming overwhelmed by her friends being top students. Working herself out when she should've been playing and enjoying her school life like any kid would. She would throw a tantrum at her own slightest and small mistake, she wanted to be a top student when her parents were already okay with her just being in the honor list or having passing grades. It wasn't until later that she realized she was being angry for nothing that she controlled and contained it.

    Sebek: Oh...

    Lilia: You triggered something inside her. Perhaps your way of words towards her made the cage of her anger break and fall apart. Breaking free until she let it out with her actions... I'm not saying she's right, hitting someone is not good but we both know who started it first

    Sebek: I- I apologize Lilia-sama

    Lilia: It's not me who you should apologize at. It's her

    Sebek: Y-yes... MC I should go now. I'll apologize to her

    Lilia: Good luck Sebek

    Part 2 will be in another scenario!

    Sebek kinda deserves that treatment and getting hit, but also noooo not poor Sebek!!! DDD:

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  • mariaoz
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I feel like Manami could fix all my problems.

    #He just could. Idk how but he could he is just THAT cool and he only had like 5 minuets on screen #I think nanami and onoda should date. I don’t have any proof of it and they’ve spoken like less than 3 minutes but I feel it #My inner shipper is telling me this is the one. There’s something so personal about both smiling at hills bro me thinks boyfriends #Also the Midousuji dude is the quirky one ain’t he?? The 🤪🤪🤪 build different biker am I right? #In other news naruko continues to be just the most person ever I love him #He is constantly vibrating at an abnormal frequency we gotta stan he is loud my introvert side is scared #But my stan side loves him #Like I think he and sonic would be best friends. I don’t know how to explain it but I know it #OMG ACTUALLY WAIT I THINK I AM ONTO SOMETHING #NARUKO AND SONIC BESTIES IMAIZUMI AND KNUCKLES TOO AND ONODA AND TAILS #Bro my mind sometimes scares me. Like I come to the most random things and I say them proudly is this who we represent #Based take tho I think I am right #yowamushi pedal#manami#anime
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    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Good! A lot has happened, I may be changing my major again once I go back to school next year. Lots of hours at work! If you need help with English let me know! I’ll help as much as I can


    Oh, that‘s great! I hope that you have more fun with your new major then and of course more luck! I will always wish you luck, my dear💕💕 Aww that‘s sweet of you, thank you!!🥹💕

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    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I did it! My hair is now black and purple lol if you’d like to see I’ll send it in dm or discord cause I’m not comfortable revealing my face to everyone!

    Also how are you? How’s uni and finals going?

    Omg! That sounds great! I would love to see it, if you won‘t mind :3

    Good I guess🙈 next month I‘m gonna write four tests! Gotta learn for three of them. The other one is an English test and I never learned for any English tests xD

    And how are you? :3

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  • nanamisflowerfield
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Nanami 💜💖💞

    Have you seen these cool figures of Kenma and kuroo 😭🌺🌺🌺🌻☺️🌸


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  • everyryusui
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    these as tarot card tattoos

    #dr stone#ryusui nanami #dr stone manga #dr stone ryusui #nanami ryusui#ch 97
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  • kurashikimisaki
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    lineless practice with sonianami <3

    #danganronpa #danganronpa 2: goodbye despair #sonia nevermind#chiaki nanami#sonianami #bay.art
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  • theprettyarachnid
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    make out headcanons for jjk men

    a/n: im writing for sukuna from this point on because i’ve accepted the fact that i find that man hot and not just because he looks like itadori with tattoos

    my wrist hurts from writing this

    warnings: semi-nsfw

    characters: itadori, megumi, inumaki, gojo, suguru, nanami, mahito, sukuna


    🕷 he builds up to it, kissing your shoulder and then up your neck until he’s on top of you or you’re on his lap

    🕷 his hands are always really warm and he places them on your cheeks at first but they slowly move to your ass

    🕷 my favourite ass man <3

    🕷 itadori’s lips are always a little chapped

    🕷 he really likes when you play with his hair or put your hands under his sweatshirt, pressing them against his bare back


    🕷 it isn’t very common and he usually doesn’t initiate it, but when you sneak out of your dorm room and gently knock on his door before coming in he’s more likely to be in the mood

    🕷 he’s a lot more relaxed and he knows that itadori isn’t gonna suddenly barge in to ask a stupid question

    🕷 you’ll be leaning over him, still somewhat on the edge of the bed, gently kissing him but eventually he pulls you closer so you’re in bed with him

    🕷 prefers to be lying down, keeping one of his arms beside your head and the other holding your waist, while he’s on top of you

    🕷 he likes this position because he gets a better view of your face


    🕷 inumaki can be really sneaky, like he does shit that makes you want to make out with him

    🕷 it’s really small stuff too, such as running his fingers through your hair or pulling you closer by the waist while gently squeezing it

    🕷 part of you knows he’s doing it on purpose as well but every time you look at him, he just tilts his head a little before giving you a smile

    🕷 when you eventually cave and start to move closer to him, leaning against his chest and gently kissing whatever skin is exposed above his mouth cover

    🕷 even though you can’t see it, you know this cheeky bitch is smiling

    🕷 inumaki drags you off somewhere, usually in one of your rooms, before kissing you back

    🕷 depending on his mood, he’ll sometimes let you take the lead

    🕷 he probably tastes like mint gum mixed with cough medicine

    🕷 his hands don’t really roam that much, usually just keeping them on your hips


    🕷 jesus when are you not making out with this man? he’s so fucking needy and can’t learn to keep his hands to himself around you

    🕷 but i mean i guess we love him anyway 🙄

    🕷 gojo teases you throughout the entire day, whisper things in your ear, moving his hand a little too close to where it’s appropriate in public, making sure to pull you close enough so his chest is pressing against your back

    🕷 the second you have something important to do though, he suddenly needs to ‘talk to you’ and take you somewhere in private for a ‘few minutes’

    🕷 like

    🕷 by the time he does this though, you’re already pretty annoyed by his antics and will just blow him off

    🕷 acts all offended as if he didn’t bring this upon himself

    🕷 when you’re finally alone, whether that’s an empty classroom or your office, he coincidentally is in the same place at the same time

    🕷 gojo pushes you on top of a desk or wraps your legs around him

    🕷 probably presses you against a wall as well

    🕷 he’s rough but sweet at the time, like his hands wander all over, up your shirt, through your hair, etc but actually kissing him is really soft

    🕷 his lips are really soft and he’s kind of slow with his movements, almost savouring every second of it


    🕷 depends on his mood, but usually makes you work for it

    🕷 the only time he initiates it is when he’s in a really good mood or something, more like someone, pissed him off

    🕷 suguru likes to watch you try and catch his attention like wearing an outfit you know he really likes or rubbing his shoulders after a stressful meeting/day

    🕷 he mostly does this because he gets to see you more during his breaks

    🕷 when he thinks you’ve finally given up on getting his attention for the day, he grabs you by the hand pulling you towards him before placing a kiss on your lips

    🕷 the moment you kiss back, suguru wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you to the nearest surface so you can sit on his lap

    🕷 he moans if you play with his hair btw

    🕷 he doesn’t leave much space between the two of you, pressing your chest right against his so you can feel his heartbeat quicken


    🕷 even though he is a busy man, he tries his best to make time for you

    🕷 you two have lunch together and take breaks around the same time so you two can see each other

    🕷 you know when you have breaks 💀

    🕷 nanami likes to spend his time with you alone where it’s quiet

    🕷 he likes to make sure you have his full attention because he’s not entirely sure if he’s going to see you again until later that night

    🕷 nanami likes listening to you talk about your day and funny things you might’ve seen but sometimes he gets a little distracted by your lips and goes back and forth between looking at you and looking at your lips

    🕷 many times he just leans towards you and gives you a kiss

    🕷 definitely presses his hand against your neck and pushes any loose pieces of hair behind your ear before letting you continue talking

    🕷 but you tend to lose track of what you were saying and even if you don’t, you lie just so you can kiss him again

    🕷 he sits on his desk and pulls you between his legs before continuing to kiss you

    🕷 he won’t voice it but he likes when you pull on his tie

    🕷 nanami is pretty gentle with you and believes in taking things slower so he can enjoy it more


    🕷 takes pleasure in hurting you in some way while making out

    🕷 nothing too bad, but he bites your bottom lip often or might hold onto your hips a little too tight

    🕷 takes more pleasure in this if you enjoy it

    🕷 mahito is probably pretty needy too, always bored if it’s not doing something that he definitely shouldn’t be doing

    🕷 i can see him being kind of playful while making out

    🕷 if he knows you’re ticklish somewhere he will purposely move his hands to that spot so you start to squirm in his lap while laughing

    🕷 mahito also likes to twirl your hair while kissing you


    🕷 jesus

    🕷 it fuels his ego knowing that you want to kiss him and more but he doesn’t give you what you want right away

    🕷 even if he also wants to make out with you, he still makes you beg for it because he doesn’t want you to get too cocky

    🕷 he still needs to keep the whole ‘i will do things when i please and how i please’

    🕷 sukuna likes you to be on his lap anytime he’s sitting down because he likes to make sure you aren’t going anywhere

    🕷 and i guess he kind of likes your company

    🕷 he has at least one arm, usually two, wrapped around you while he has the other two free

    🕷 sometimes plays with your hair

    🕷 when he gets bored with whatever he’s doing, sukuna will turn to you and grabs your chin so you face him

    🕷 he might compliment you but most of the time, he just kisses you while manhandling you into a different position

    🕷 doesn’t let you do certain things until he says you can, such as you have to keep your hands on his shoulders, you have to be quiet or else he’ll stop, etc

    🕷 he likes to see how long you can go following his instructions and will reward you if you do what he says until told otherwise

    🕷 because he has four arms, it’s very hard to get out of his grasp, because he has two on your waist and the others either squeezing your ass or tits

    🕷 he has pretty sharp teeth so usually you’ll have a few cuts on your lips but he licks the blood off if that makes you feel better

    #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen headcanons #yuuji itadori x reader #megumi fushiguro x reader #inumaki toge x reader #gojo satoru x reader #suguru geto x reader #nanami kento x reader #mahito x reader jjk #ryomen sukuna x reader #yuuji itadori jjk #megumi fushiguro jjk #inumaki toge jjk #gojo satoru jjk #suguru geto jjk #nanami kento jjk #mahito jjk #ryomen sukuna jjk #fluff#fanfiction
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    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago
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  • kagejima
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    i woke up just now and started listening to kehlani in order to wake up and now like this song is... the lyrics... ALL i can think about is nanami and i gotta hufhwjcjec i gotta go write 😵‍💫

    #nanami has been plauging my mind this past day and fffffuuuuuuuu help
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  • sunvisetrip
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    While I was minding my own business and search Hex Girls online, my brain thought about something mind-blowing...

    Thorn reminds me of Nanami and their looks were similar. And also...

    The Hex Girls and Azalea have something in common but slight differences between:

    • they were seen as a lesbian-coded band group

    • both became famous except the latter struggle to be free making their own music with their corporate record company

    • pretty much their air of rebellion

    In other words, Azalea is the JP counterpart of Hex Girls but less like eco goths.

    #i swear this happens twice now #it all comes together #scooby doo #scooby doo mystery incorporated #paripi koumei#hex girls#azalea#nanami kuon#lesbian #ya boy kongming
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  • strawhatsoraya
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    Stay Up

    Nanami Kento x Reader | JJK Series | Fem! Reader, She/Her
    WORD COUNT: 4,658 words (too many)
    CONTENT: NSFW / bad driving do NOT attempt in real life, a bratty y/n is bratty, slightly sadistic nanami?, dom nanami, bondage lite, groping, oral female receiving, fire, explosions, a little bit of public nudity, smoking
    A BAD SUMMARY: The one where y/n sets the rental car on fire, nanami gets choked with his own tie, and both end up smoking by the fire.
    prompt was picked by and for @soleilnomoon. once again I deliver a little late but it is here!

    you and your infinite patience were at your limit. 

    the heat was insubordinate. the uniform was unnecessarily restrictive. this pairing? simply the worst case scenario. 

    brown eyes reflect back at you through the rear view mirror; you look away from your own to stare at the knitted brows of the driver. he hasn't said a word since he started driving twenty minutes ago. part of you is thankful for the quiet; a nice little reprieve for gojo satoru constantly reminding you how much he loves the sound of his own voice. 

    nanami’s voice; however—low, and thick like raw honey—always oozes around you when he speaks. for his words, no matter how curt or succinct, you never minded getting sticky.

    the only problem was that the air in the moving car was bone dry. 

    you swallow a sigh and roll your eyes away from the reflection of his forehead in the mirror. you focus instead on the moving cars flying past you, the blurry trees and buildings in the distance; buildings full of people living their quiet mundane lives unaware of the evils you and your comrades face regularly. perhaps if you focus your bitter feelings on them, and not on the electrifying presence of the person next you, you can muster enough courage to start a conversation yourself.

    words purr like a starting engine in the back of your mouth, and falter there, sputtering back into nonexistence.

    you were starting to wonder if you were an idiot. A massive one at that.

    the weight of your blush crushes your cheeks. The heat inside the car intensifies; drops of sweat slide down the back of your neck, and down your chest where they lay down to die between your breasts. without thinking further, you undo the top two buttons of your white dress shirt. once again you were reminded of how unreasonable the uniform was. in whose right mind did they think this kind of business attire was appropriate or even efficient?

    a thirst gnaws at you with dull teeth; not sharp enough to draw blood but enough to bruise. you lick your lips at the discomfort, anything for some kind of reprieve. 

    “Nanamin!” you sing, turning your torso to place an elbow on the headrest of the passenger seat. lips stretch into a mischievous grin. 

    Nanami Kento looks at you sideways behind his dark glasses; not that you notice. he finds your facial expression absolutely predatory; a hyena waiting for scraps. 

    “Nanamin?” he repeats tilting his head slightly as he focuses on the road ahead of them. “You’ve been spending too much time with Gojo.”

    you sigh before you can help it. your body instinctively moves away, and turns to face the front of the car once more. “Ehh,” you whine with a shrug. “I can’t say you’re wrong but it’s not like I have a choice. Nobody else wants to partner with me.”

    pitiful, that's what you were. Not strong enough to go on solo missions, but too intolerable to have a steady partner. you prop your elbow on the passenger door and cradle your chin on a closed fist. Once again the quickly passing scenery makes you feel a tiny bit nostalgic.

    “That’s because you don’t know how to follow orders,” Nanami responds hotly. this was the reason he had moaned when given the mission details, and the knowledge that you had been assigned as his partner. “If you would just listen and think before you–”

    “What's the point?” you cut him off, dark eyes still cast on the distant buildings. “You told me yourself once. All of us in this line of business will die one way or the other. It’s not a choice. The only thing we can choose, the only thing we have control over, is how we die. So let me die how I want.”

    “Did I say that?” he retorts. he feels his jaw tense as he bites down. he doesn't recall and he usually remembers everything he says, but with you, every meeting was always a heated blurr of strange occurrences. he would feel dizzy for days after, thinking of you in the middle of work. it annoyed him almost as much as working over time did. why would he have to preoccupy himself with you off duty? it was simply unacceptable.

    “Didn’t you?” you spit back, and look over at him with raised brows. your head tilts, almost mockingly and he glances at you briefly. his fingers flex and grasp the wheel tighter. it was all he could do to keep himself from smacking the back of your head. he grunts in response if only to get you to stop staring at him.

    you consider this a little victory and smile to yourself as you kick off your kitten heels. you stop to think about his reaction for only a split second before you put your feet up in the dash. you hear him start to protest.

    “Oh, come on!” you beg. your hands clap together once and remain there to pray for a miracle. “It’s so hot, it’s so hot. They’re just feet!”

    what you really wanted was to take off your blazer and button down shirt but that was inadvisable. Nanami would most definitely be uncomfortable with that and in turn that would only excite you more. just thinking about his flushed face forces you to take a deep breath; anything to slow down your racing heart. 

    appearances were everything so you place your folded hands behind your back, feet still on the dash. your eyes search for any crack in nanami’s facade. It was hard to find anything from his profile; all you saw was a sharp jawline and a fleshy bottom lip.

    You stare a breath too long, and he looks over at you briefly.

    “What is it?” he asks, a  brow high on his forehead, challenging you. your tongue darts out to moisten dry lips. it barely helps. you still feel parched and you were still, last you checked,  a feen for challenges, impossible and possible alike.

    “I’m really hot,” you state in an uneven tone. breathing suddenly felt complicated. how the hell did that happen? “Do you mind?” you don't wait for his answer and take off your blazer, stretching white fabric moistened with sweat against your chest as you move.

    Nanami didn’t often curse but he felt this time would be appropriate. still, he refrains, glancing desperately between you and the road. knuckles turn white with worry as he grips the steering wheel tighter and tighter.

    “What are you doing?” Nanami spits between clenched teeth, every syllable forced and controlled. “Put it back on.”

    “I refuse,” you say, throwing the blazer towards the backseat with one hand. Your other hand found more buttons to undo, at least two more. Cleavage exposed now, you breathe a sigh. The cold air coming from the air conditioning vent caressing the top of your breasts felt as if heaven sent. You could only think of very few things better than this.

    as if possessed, your eyes glance at nanami’s face, and his mouth—the divinity of which you only wish you knew from personal experience. His face was covered in pink splotches. your eyes dart from his cheeks to his neck. you can’t help but wonder if his chest is the type to become splotchy as well. you desperately want to find out. the longer you stare, the more you see the vein on his forehead bulge. you try to bite back a chuckle but it doesn’t work very well. you hope he didn’t hear but you know he did. You can tell by the way his shoulders tense further.

    He moans your name like a curse, like a burden. You feel your stomach dip uncomfortable. Guilt wades through the mess of emotions filling you, trying to ruin your bit of fun. You try to squash it, stomp it out, chewing desperately on the inside of your cheek until you draw blood.

    “Tell me something,” he finally says in a guttural whisper. 

    “Mmm?” you’re distracted by the taste of iron in your mouth, by your own thoughts. perhaps you had gone too far–again. perhaps this will be the last time. the real last time. 

    “Do you not see me as a man?”


    the question was unexpected. you find yourself unable to respond. Static noise fills your brain. there's a vague sense of urgency. You feel as if you need to say something, quickly, before he is offended.

    “An old man, maybe,” you finally say with a crooked grin.

    “Am I a joke to you?” 

    no. absolutely not is what you wish to say but once again the words remain stagnant in your throat, choking you and depriving you from air. It was all you could do to blame your sudden stupidity on. 

    “You’re a man, Nanami Kento,” you sigh and glance out the window. It is your attempt at ignoring the blazing heat scorching the skin of your cheeks. “Do you really have to make me say it out loud?” you mutter, drawing nonsense circles on the passenger door window with your finger. “So embarrassing.”

    there was silence after the confession. your heart plummets to freezing depths. you wish you could take the words back. you try to think of a solution. maybe you can jump out of the moving car and pretend nothing happened. maybe die? both situations seem infinitely more favorable than staying in this steel ton death trap with a silent and pensive nanami kento.

    “Good,” his voice cuts through the silence, deadly and icy. “Since you’re aware,” he drags his vowels. Your eyes dart from his face to the road, to his hand sliding towards your knee. “You understand the consequences.”

    “What consequences?” you question quickly. it was in your nature to question, debate, to doubt even now as Nanami’s warm hand, large and calloused, grips your knee.

    the car swerves, cutting from one lane to the next. your head snaps to glance at the rear view mirror, and to look behind you. fortunately, there was no traffic to be seen.

    “You’re driving kind of–” you don’t finish your sentence. Nanami’s hand is sliding higher up your leg. his thumb is drawing slow large circles on the outside of your clothed thigh.

    the car comes to a stop at the side of the road. Behind Nanami you can see the stormy sea, brewing, thrashing and deadly–so was the look in his eyes.

    your instincts scream; they kick their legs and draw their claws. your throat seizes as you swallow back the smart remarks, the funny quips threatening to bubble out; your defensive shield at whoever dares to intrude on your vulnerability. intimacy was a forbidden subject; taboo. you always skittered around it, chasing highs while they were uncomplicated and moved on to the next victim without a goodbye. the last person you wanted to become entangled with, despite what your night fantasies would say, was Nanami Kento.

    you felt safe with him. it would be too easy to stay.

    he moves slowly. you can see the muscles of his shoulders rippling under his shirt; lethal and lithe, like a large feline. you want to smile at the realization but his hands start treacherous fires where he touches your thighs. he grips them and pulls you towards him—in a quick move—he turns you and your back slams against the passenger door. You’re not sure when he had the time to unbuckle himself, or to measure the distance between you and. All you know is you can’t move from where he has you—trapped between the blistering heat of his body and the passenger door.

    “Should we–Should we talk about this?” you stammer, lightly placing one hand on his chest. Your fingers fiddle with his tie; ever so formal. You smile and pull at it with both hands, tightening it just enough to cross the edge of reason. Nanami’s eyes narrow at the tightness around his neck, gagging and choking slightly. He groans after clearing his throat and  slaps your hands away only to seize your wrists with thick fingers.

    “No,” he says in a disbelieving tone; one hand keeps your wrists at his mercy, the other undoes his tie. “You’re already breaking rules.” You frown, confused more at these supposed rules than at the fact that he was tying your wrists together with the tie he had removed.

    “What rules? You didn’t tell me there were rules,” you complain petulantly. Your bottom lip sticks out in a dramatic pout. You feel nanami’s  eyes landing on it. Heat pools at the bottom of your belly. You shift your weight in your seat, feeling a pleasurable wetness starting between your legs. Your thighs rub together in anticipation. If he didn't kiss you soon you thought you might just catch fire. He must have read your thoughts. His mouth clashes with yours in a tight lipped kiss; a little clumsy and more forceful than you expected. He pulled away enough to punish your bottom lip between his teeth.

    “Must I spell everything out for you?” he asks, nipping at the corners of your mouth, dropping soft feathery kisses on your cheek. His hands had found your neck and they held you in place, as if you would run away from his affections. you smile derisively at your thoughts, even as goosebumps rush up and down your arms at the feel of his hot open mouth on your neck. 

    he fights intoxication. The taste of salt on your skin becomes his newfound obsession. Tongue pressed flush against your pulse. His eyes flutter as he feels your heartbeat getting quicker and quicker. Lashes flutter at the feel of your breasts under his hands. He had dreamed of this. He wasn’t proud of it. Not at all. In fact he was quite disappointed in himself.

    How could he lack such imagination? 

    Not a moment of his dreams could compare to the weight of your breasts as he palmed them under your bra. They couldn’t compare to the warmth and softness he felt as he kneaded them. You mewl gently, wriggling underneath him. His mouth becomes hungrier, he devours what’s near it, biting and sucking. Fingers are adept at finding your weaknesses, pinching hardened sensitive nipples between thumb and index fingers. He twirls his fingers gently, and sometimes with a little more force.

    Your legs move in an attempt to get closer. It's all you can do. Your hands are tied, and you begin to hate it. You hate the way his face is buried in your neck, sucking and biting and  you can’t bring him closer to you; can’t run your fingers through his thick dark blond hair the way you’ve always imagined. You can’t run your palms down the length of his back, feel the muscles that keep him alive. Want piles and piles inside of you in a perilous tower, tilting and swaying, waiting for the least opportune moment to collapse.

    “Nanami,” you hiss, as he rips what’s left of your shirt. You wanted to tell him he owed you a uniform but you loathed it anyway. He pushes your bra up to expose your breasts. Whatever you had wanted to say is already forgotten. You are entranced by the way his eyes darken at the sight of your breasts, the way his tongue dips out to moisten his bottom lip as if preparing for an unexpected feast. Pleasure gnaws at you again, pulling at your navel making you feel as if you could plummet to whatever darkness hid behind Nanami’s eyes.

    Whatever it was, however dark, you wanted to follow him through.

    His mouth met your breast like a long lost lover. Your back arches at the feel of his tongue pressing and sucking against your nipple. Moans leave you before you can even think to hold them. Fire burns between your legs, and you feel yourself getting wetter and wetter. You crave him. This is not enough, he holds one breast with one, opening wide to suck in as much as he can. His free hand holds you up, pressing against the small of your back, trying to bring you even closer to him, as if he could devour you whole if he tried enough.

    Your fingers curl and close trying to clutch and hold, but they grasp nothing.

    “This isn’t fair,” you whine, tossing your head as he rips another olundating moan from you. He releases your breast with a pop and looks up at you through blond lashes. His face is flushed, eyes dark with lust, lips moistened by his own saliva.

    He couldn’t look more delicious if he tried.

    “I told you there are consequences,” he says, rubbing one scruffy cheek against your sensitive breast. The prickly sensation makes you squirm, and you swallow a gasp, trying to keep your composure.  He kisses the bruise he left on his current favorite breast, and moves on to the other one, leaving a wet trail behind him. “If you had been good, things would be different.”

    You roll your eyes. Just as well, since he takes your attention deprived nipple between his teeth and tugs. “Ah!” you yell, and your back snaps. You feel him smile against your breast before he kisses around it, leaving your nipple alone. He bites, and sucks, using a hand to expose the underside where he becomes stubbornly obsessed with leaving a hickey. “Don’t just—” why would he stop? 

    Nanami sucks his teeth. His hands are under you as he sucks on your breast, he finds the curve of your ass and grips. He mumbles against you. His words don’t register, you’re just trying to keep him where he is, hands tied, pressing against his back.

    His hand is fumbling with your back pockets and for a moment you wonder what he is up to. Was this some other trick of his? He releases your breast, drool hanging off his chin. He lifts up the hand that had been in your back pocket and he holds up a lighter.

    You feel slightly embarrassed but find it impossible to care for long. After all, you were itching for him to continue. You rub your legs together and whine.

    “Yes, yes I know,” you say, aware of the inflection in your voice; petulant and childish. “Smoking is bad. Can we get on with it?”

    “We’ll talk about this later,” he says, not so eager to let it go, as he wiggles the lighter in the air, dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s in his sentence. You watch as he tosses it unceremoniously on the dashboard. You quickly grow distracted. His mouth is back on your breasts and you shudder, feeling the heated coil within you tightening and tightening. At this rate, you were about to plummet into ecstasy before you could lay a single finger on Nanami. His fingers slip under your waistband and he pulls down your pants, roughly tugging until you are free.

    You see him toss them to the back of the car where your blazer had disappeared earlier. Heated fingers dance over the skin of your thighs. They press against the inside of them, pushing your legs apart. You try to hide your face, somehow finding the energy to feel embarrassed. You want to beg. You want to ask him not to say anything about how wet you are but his fingers are reaching out, pushing against the wet stain on your panties. You bite down a whimper. 

    “Look at you,” he breathes, using his thumb to draw a line up and down on your covered slit. “So wet and I’ve barely started.”

    You gasp as he presses against your clit. He rubs lazy circles over your panties with his thumb, his free hand teasing, following the wet slick trail your cunt left on your underwear. You try swallowing your moans but it’s no use. He takes them from you with little effort, and you choose to stop fighting. 

    He leans forward and presses his mouth against the inner side of your right knee, then left. He kisses sloppily up your inner thigh with a hot open mouth. You feel him leaving his scent on your skin and the thought somehow makes you hornier. You want to feel him everywhere. You want to go home and smell him on your skin, in your hair. Hot mouth finds  the space where your hip meets your thigh and he licks up and down before sucking, eager to leave his mark there as well.

    After having his fill, he pulls your panties to the side, and dives into your heated pussy. Another moan, louder than before, forces you to arch your back. You hook your tied hands over his head as he laps at your pussy, tasting your wetness, taking in your musky scent. Your fingers aren’t long enough to reach where you want them so you grasp at bits of hair in hopes of grounding yourself. He slips his tongue between your lips, teasing your entrance, and your hips buck. You want him more than anything at the moment. You want to feel him inside you. You gyrate your hips as he works his tongue up and down your slit, wanting to take control. He laughs and grasps one hip to push you down.

    “That’s enough,” he whispers to your clit before sucking it. You scream out at the sensation. You can feel it throbbing, aching. You’re so close. Your fingers tug on his hair and pull as you push your hips up, chasing the high of your orgasm. You cry out, his name a song on your lips. He smiles against your pussy and hums.

    “Good girl, I’ll give you what you want now.” His voice is a low growl and it brushes your skin. You are aflame. You hold your breath as he unties your wrist. You remind yourself to breathe in as he unbutton his shirt. His smile is crooked and wicked as he leans forward, guiding your hands to his chest. You are beside yourself. The warmth under your palms makes you shiver. You feel the quivering in your thighs as your hands draw down, fingertips rolling over chiseled abs. You trail the sharpness of his muscles with both hands,  that form together to create a villainous V. 

    Oh how you despised it and the way it made you want him more and more.

    You look up in time to see his dark gaze on you. There is a soft smile dancing on his lips. He leans forward and captures your bottom lip, sucking it in, grazing his tongue across it.

    You melt under the heat. He is on you, feverishly leaving kisses all over your face as he gathers you in his arms. He pulls you on his lap and helps you straddle him. Your hands are grasping everything in sight, everything they saw and wanted but could not have. You grip his biceps, admiring the thickness of them. Your hands comb through his hair as you kiss him, tongues clashing, teeth clumsily biting and scratching lips. You allow fingertips to dance around his jawline, committing it to memory. 

    He tries to catch your fingers, nibbling at them when they get close to his mouth.

    “Are you almost done?” he asks impatiently, pushing up against your crotch. You hum, feeling yourself bush. You hide your face in the crook of his neck, biting down on his shoulder. You can feel him, hot and hard, ready. This isn’t your first time. Far from it, yet why did anxiety flutter in your chest?

    “N-not yet,” you stall, grinding your hips as if to keep him satisfied. He moans, holding your head closer to him. You drop kisses on his collarbone and allow your hands to roam around his lower back. You’re busily suckling on the hollow of his clavicle when you hear him hum and sniff. You lick your way up his neck and to his pulse, where you suck greedily. You too are eager to leave your mark. His hand is in your hair and he tugs at it.

    “Smell that?” he asks. 

    Your sniff, unsure if this was a trick question. You pause and smell it: smoke.

    “What’s that?” you ask, sitting straight up. Nanami moans as he holds your thighs and gives you a look that reads–don’t do that if you plan on stopping. “I’m serious.”

    You glance behind you and see a tiny gray trail of smoke growing bigger and bigger on the dashboard. Your mind is foggy. Your lips are swollen, and your sensitive vagina is throbbing, aching for release but there was smoke in the car. Your brain couldn’t click the thoughts together to form the complete puzzle.

    “Get out,” you hear Nanami say close to your ear. He is reaching behind the driver’s seat. He grasps a black blazer and opens the driver’s door with his other hand. You’re pushed out of the vehicle and stumble forward braless, in soiled panties on to the road. You run towards the side, hoping no traffic comes.

    “Nanami!” you hiss, covering your tits. “What the fuck?”

    He is following you, putting the blazer around your shoulders. He gives no answers as he speeds up, and drags you along, a quick sprint.

    “Move. Fast,” he says with urgency and your legs, weak and trembling, carry you as best as you can. The smell of smoke intensifies and you dare to look over your shoulder.

    The rental was on fire.

    Your eyes widen even as Nanami urges you to keep going. Your legs pick up the pace. A resounding boom fills the open space by the sea, and you can hear the ocean pushing back. You lose your balance, and Nanami is quick to hold you, pulling you up by your arms. You look past him, and see the sad remains of the rental vehicle, still on fire.

    “How much do you think that costs?” you ask him with a sour taste in your mouth. He looks down at you and takes in your downturned lips, and wide eyes.

    “I don’t know, several thousand?”

    “There goes my whole paycheck,” you whine, covering your face. “Was it even worth it?” A split second after speaking you realize you might have misspoke. An apology is about to fly out of your mouth but Nanami’s still face suddenly changes. His lips split and he laughed, a hearty belly laugh. The corners of his eyes crinkled. Your hands found his chest and let them rest there, feeling the rumbling underneath them. You allow warmth to spread through you.

    “Oh,” he sighs, pressing his forehead against yours. “Nobody’s ever made a laugh like that in a long,” he pauses to brush his nose against yours ever so lightly. “Long time.”

    His hand rests on your cheek and you take it in between yours. You have no funny words, no smart remarks. No defensive tactic is left to hold him back.

    “That’s still coming out of our paycheck.”

    You groan and reach inside the pocket of your blazer. You pull out a pack of smokes and smack it on your hand repeatedly. Nanami’s eyes are heavy on you. You glance at the ground as you pull out a cigarette.

    “Might as well,” you suggest with a shrug, tilting your head back to appeal to Nanami. You grab another cigarette and offer it to him. “You blew up my lighter so…” You walk towards the fire and reach out to light your cigarette. Nanami sighs beside you and plucks the other cigarette from you.

    “Just this one time,” he says with a pointed stare.

    Cigarettes lit, you both stare at the fire. 

    “So, absolutely no chance in writing this off as a business expense?” you ask Nanami, cigarette hanging from the corner of your mouth.

    “Am I a joke to you?”

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  • heavenvessel
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    @dciisies​ asked:     delicate hands brushed against her collarbone, brushing away her hair as he was reaching around her neck. clipping the necklace properly, he then set his hands atop her small shoulders. smiling, tokiya peeked over and gestured to her phone. ' i thought i looked nice, and that it would suit you well. ' he then reached up to his own ears, revealing the very similar styled pair he had put in. he couldn't let her just have something for herself.

    meme,   n/a.

    haruka stayed perfectly still as he clasped the necklace into place,   feeling the cool metal set prettily amongst chest and neck.   eyes are wide,   in awe of the beauty of the necklace.   fingers reach up to brush over it gingerly,   lips parting as cheeks begin to dust with the lightest shade of pink.    “  it’s beautiful,   tokiya but you simply did not have to buy me anything.  ”    haruka said firmly as she finally lowers hand away,   phone being set around and she spins to face him now,   eyes zeroing in on the similarly styled pair of earrings.   cheeks deepening in color,   tears brewed in ducts.    “  oh toki-chan...  ”    haruka mumbles as the female practically flings herself into his arms,    “  they’re beautiful!   thank you so much.   i love it.  ”
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    hello there!! i hope your having a fantastic day, do you mind taking thsi reqest? if not feel free to skip this one and thank you so much for existing, im glad i get to see more danganronpa blogs but anyways i better just say this now...

    can you do with a reader Sayaka Maizono, Chiaki Nanami and Tsumugi Shirogane with a reader who has a natsuki personality?

    i hope im not annoying you in any way, thats the last thing i would want :( but i hope you have a great night/day and make sure to rest!! you deserve it :>

    helloo! i don't mind it at all! and don't you worry, you didn't annoy me, at all! i actually get excited by receiving requests!<3

    sadly, I don't write for tsumugi (since I'm still quite bitter abt her being the mastermind and i just don't enjoy her that much) but I'll gladly do Sayaka and Chiaki!

    also, i love love love natsuki so much!!

    🎀 ⊹ sayaka maizono ..

    she's so understanding and supportive of you!

    which is probably the reason why you got close to her in the first place, considering how you'd act around others

    respects you and your interests to a maximum.

    she probably annoyed you atleast once or twice before you got all that close to eachother

    she loves loves loves how caring you are!

    also helps you in dealing with your emotions

    🎮 ⊹ chiaki nanami ..

    she has always been nice and overall very patient and understanding with you, just like sayaka!

    treating you well and being overall respectful which obviously drew you in to her!

    her calm attitude would bring you comfort

    oh and you probably scolded her for her unusual habits many, many times

    would always help you whenever you acted impulsively or spoke without thinking, just backing you up overall

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    Imagine Nanami Kento coming home to you after a long stressful day, just to bend you over the couch and fuck and breed your poor cunt while he is still in his work clothes.

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