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    I can't BELIEVE that he doesn't factor into the endgame events, it's really a fucking tragedy. My personal headcanon is that he and Calia took a Myrad to Qyra to warn the Queen and they were able to defeat the High Ones properly and along the way they fell in love, bonding over their mutual friend and the fact that they both got a weird fucked up second shot at life and they're not gonna waste it being sad or rejecting what makes them who they are <3

    HUGE crush on his character but as he relates to the PC, it makes more sense to me that he doesn't fall in love with his savior lmao... the PC helps him adjust to regular life and from there he's better able to make good decisions for his mending heart~ (probably there were mutual feelings of i-could-love-him with him and my PC but, i still think it's better this way) And I think he and Calia would be so sweet and gentle with each other ;w;

    #god he's so fuCKING COOL i love him #great pick#tharael narys#enderal #changed to purple for him bc he's the purple guy #also he's not deeper than he seems he seems very deep and then IS very deep so. yeah lol
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    I checked my setting and also googled and it said the same thing but there was nothing there was no follower button or smth like that or maybe its bc no one follows me 💀

    oh really ? that’s weird bc it should be there for everyone ,, i’m sorry i’m not really sure what’s wrong ☹️ hopefully someone who knows sees this and can answer bc thats really weird 🙏

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    if i had the url superseoker i wouldn’t be evil

    #or maybe i would be #evil nary be like ohh i am not emotionally constipated and i love applied physics 😁 #signed nary
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    Stella girl… you’re a trendsetter every story I done read on tumblr every oc/yn name is either nari they have a friend name nari or it’s another dilf story and their child is name NARI!!! 😭😭

    perhaps it is nari who is the trendsetter, not moi 🤨

    #cannot take credit for that #it is all her <3 #nari really is everybodys fav character 🥰 #ask#anon#stellanswers <3#tao jk
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    Drinks at the bar lead to a certain couple being a little bit irresponsible...
    #sims 4#simblr #sims 4 legacy #sims 4 gameplay #familydynamicschallenge#family dynamics#na legacy #na gen 1 #nari na #jesse by sgc #adrianna by sgc #rishad by sgc #junta by sgc
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    #আমাদের মৃত্যু কিভাবে হবে | শুনলে ভয়ে কেঁপে উঠবেন ✅ mohila waz ✅ mohila der waz ✅ Nari Bokta 2022
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    Relationship with NCT 127

    Main Masterlist
    NCT 127 // NCT Dream // NCT U // WayV
    A/N: Haechan will be in the Dream post, and WinWin's will be on the WayV post

    The chill older brother with the younger sister that looks up to him and his talent

    Together, they are a powerful vocal duo

    The Vocal King and Queen in NCT

    A very underrated duo

    Taeil loves her very much and is one of the few members Nari can truly lean on without having the pressure of being one of the leaders of NCT that the members look up to

    The support and pillar that no one knows about

    Nari really loves him and admires him for his vocals - always going to him for tips on how to improve

    Always tries to make sure that he gets some attention on the screen and that his solo works are promoted well

    Always communicating in English unless they're doing schedules with members

    Because Johnny entered SM before her, he was there to guide her and help her around. He was one of the first people she met, and she’s grateful to have him with her throughout her Kpop journey

    Very protective of her, vice versa

    Each other's hypers

    Very close besties, always trying to roast and embarrass the other - but also show support when needed

    The older siblings for Mark to look up to

    Many English slang battles

    They are actually so close to each other, that their parents consider the other member as their own child (ex. Johnny's mum sees Nari as her daughter and the same with Nari's parents toward Johnny)

    They entered SM the same year and had similar struggles with dancing and being pressured by the staff, so they became close through that

    Really depend on each other, and can be vulnerable to each other without fear of judgement

    Nari stuck at his side throughout all his struggles relating to scandals, hate, insecurities and self-hate, and because of that he really cherishes her and would do anything for her

    Taeyong is her pillar as well, the one she can lean onto as well if needed

    Both are considered the leaders and parents of NCT because of how well they work together and how they treat the members similar as well

    Originally, fans loved how total opposites they were of each other: Taeyong being the 'badass, cold-hearted' member, and Nari being her usual positive, bright self

    But as the years went by, when Nari taught him to self-appreciate and self-love himself, thanks to her he became the bright, cute, Bubu person he is now who is more confident in himself and the work he does

    Both are very grateful to have each other in their lives and be able to grow together in their skills and relationship-wise (and since they're lovers, it's further proof and teasing from members that they are the leaders and parents of NCT)

    Because Nari could speak Japanese, Yuta clung to her pre-debut, and that's how they became close friends as well

    The only one Yuta confesses all of his worries and fears and is able to express himself freely without the language barrier

    The two bonded over the fact that they were foreigners in a foreign country trying to reach the same dream

    His top loves are Nari, WinWin, and Mark - but if he had to pick, he would actually pick Nari simply because of how close the two are

    Close to the point he talks to her mother from time to time, since her mother is Japanese

    Although Nari is a few days older than Yuta, he acts like the older one, protecting her and making sure she's okay

    Very affectionate with each other, people have mistaken them as couples sometimes, but they're simply platonic

    They learn a lot from each other and are always there to support each other when needed

    Despite Nari being older than him, he acts like the older brother sometimes when it concerns her health and safety

    Since she's busy being a leader and looking after the other members, she forgets to look after herself, so Doyoung is there to swoop in and nag her if needed

    Because of this, she can lean on him if needed without the pressure of trying to look strong in front of everyone

    Because of how caring and nurturing the two are when it comes to NCT Dream especially, they are the 2nd set of Parents for them

    Outside of being a nagging older brother, they're quite good friends and love to tease one another lightly (or tease Taeyong hehe)

    Very supportive of each other in solo works and encourage one another

    Nari helps Doyoung when it comes to his cover songs since she has experience in producing songs, and she can easily arrange things for him

    Their vocals together are also 👌👌👌

    As most know, for a while Jaehyun was considered the maknae during early pre-debut times - so he was an adorable maknae towards Nari Noona - a very tall maknae

    He was quite sensitive and emotional back then (remember the prank they did on him?) so he would go to Nari a lot for some support and love

    Even as the group grew, they became older, he still leans on her and depends on her - when they're alone, he especially becomes like a younger brother/maknae to her, and fans absolutely love it seeing him let loose with her (and since he treasures her a lot, if someone messes with her...oof, gotta prepare your funeral, guys)

    Because of both of their visuals, they tend to be paired up a bit during comebacks and photoshoots, nicknamed Prince and Princess of NCT (though all of NCT are visuals as that one SM staff mentioned hehehe)

    Thanks to Nari, Jaehyun's position changed from being a rapper to a singer because they were hanging out once and Jaehyun started to sing - you bet she went to the staff and demanded that they give his vocals a chance

    His baritone voice and her sultry alto voice together 👌👌👌 more reasons to call them Prince and Princess

    Despite being younger than her, he treats her like a gentleman that some fans wish that they would date because they look so well together and the fact that he treats her like royalty

    They like to be gym buddies as well and show off their abs, lol

    Nari helped this adorable mess before he debuted - hyping him up, giving him tips and advice, etc.

    Truly looking out for him like an older sister - Doyoung and her are usually the ones to be there for him when he's feeling emotional

    She is whipped for him, and he knows it and will use it to his advantage if needed

    Always makes her laugh, one of her happy viruses that makes her relax and laugh - and he's proud of it

    Smiles so softly and proudly when she looks at him and when he speaks during interviews - cuz he grew up quite well, character development is 👌👌👌

    Thanks to him, she eats a lot (because she sometimes forgets to eat) and gets to try out new foods with him since he loves food - they love going to chicken restaurants as well

    You see them try out some places when they tour in the US

    They're very cute and are always there to support one another if needed, so much uwu-ness between them ajdfkjbk

    These two are Johnny's dorks

    Yes, she is the older sister to Mark Lee, but at the same time...they're dorks

    Nari is one of the first people he met at SM, so he has a close connection to her just like how she has a close connection to Johnny - so those three are linked together, in a way

    They love chilling together, playing the guitar and singing - sometimes with writing as well, Mark helps her to express herself in words

    Christian buddies as well, they pray together and talk about their religion together without fear of judgement - support each other in their beliefs

    Because of their religious background, it's another reason that they're so close - cuz they're spiritually close to each other as well...if that makes sense...like, no one truly knows them deeply unless you have that spiritual connection...I feel like I'm making no sense so I'm gonna move on, hehe

    He looks up to her, and always asks for her opinion, "Noona, am I really leading the Dreamies well?" "You're leading them just fine, Mark, trust me."

    These two have debuted more than once, they're considered the Aces in SM/NCT as well

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    okay maybe i’m better at analyzing scenarios than i am at creating them 🥸

    #seriously i am throwing down these big ass word count fic reviews like its nothing #granted its been for the same fic #but getting me to write that same word count of my own fic is like pulling teeth #and also its always been more relaxing for me to sit and analyze #not just w lit but with any subject i enjoy tbh #like the satisfaction of all of your lab data fitting perfectly to convey your hypothesis in the lab report #unparalleled #is that an intj trait? probably but ill look into that later #damn im awfully chatty tonight LMAO thats my cue to go to bed #signed nary #← yeah im purposely posting this on my fic rec blog and not on main bc these are secret thoughts
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  • multifandom-01-rewrite
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    Comparing Nari's Height to NCT

    Main Masterlist

    NCT 127 (Haechan's height is with Dream, WinWin's with WayV)

    NCT Dream (Mark's height is with 127)


    NCT U

    #nct 127 female addition #nct female member #nct 127 female member #nct female oc #nct female addition #wayv 8th member #nari:: wayv #wayv female addition #wayv female member #nari:: nct u #nari:: nct 127 #nct 24th member #wayv female oc
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    24.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Thinking of taking a small break from SN for a bit. I've been obsessed with some other stuff recently and I never want this game to feel like a chore, so I'm not gonna push myself to open it if I'm not feelin' it.

    Also I'm on summer break from both my college and my job currently so I have a lot of like... errands and housekeeping to do T-T

    #real talk I played 8 hours of solitaire yesterday and i can do that for free #nari bom text
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    Ive always looked at Grian's entity as Nari's titan from Trollhunter: Rise of the Titans

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    Main Masterlist

    Nari's Profile // Closer Look at Nari's Personality // Comparing Nari's Height to NCT // Idols' Opinion on Nari

    Relationship with: 127 // Dream // U // WayV // Other Idols

    Nari's Story in Chronological Order // What If...

    Social Media Posts // Broadcasts

    Timestamps // Incorrect Quotes // Nari Extra Facts

    NCT 127


    NCT Dream


    NCT U




    All Members

    #nct female member #nct female oc #nct 127 female member #nct 127 female addition #wayv female member #wayv female addition #wayv 8th member #nct 24th member #nct 22nd member #nari:: masterlist #nct 19th member
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    yknow sometimes i forget that its canon that 3tan yoongi wears glasses and every time i remember i am on the verge of passing out (ALSO PLS EXPECT A LONG REVIEW OF DALO FROM ME BY THE END OF THE WEEK BECAUSE HOLY SHIT YOU REALLY OUTDID YOURSELF WITH THIS CHAPTER 🫂)

    LMFAOOO YEAH. HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL?? I slowly pass every time..

    WJSKDLLD WAIT AHHH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM???? I AM NOT KIDDING WHEN I SAY YOUR 3TAN7 REVIEW IS PHENOMENAL‼️😫 I absolutely read it from time to time and you don’t even know how right you are on a lot of it… I just.. ugh I am just so excited😭 thank you so so much in advance!!

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    yes ill add u !! 🤭

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    Hi uh i just wanted to ask how do you see who collows you like i wanna be mutuals with you but i dont wanf it to be awkward and i dont even know if you also follow me so. I just asked this on anon so i dont make a fool out of my self for not knowing 🤡

    hi! you can go into your settings and itll show you all ur followers! hope that answers ur question <33

    and haha dw about it being awkward im usually open to being mutuals with people !

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    Nari Profile

    Main Masterlist

    Stage Name: Nari (나리)

    Korean Name: Park Nari (박 나리)

    English Name: Nari Park

    Chinese Name: Bei Nu-ren (貝努仁)

    Japanese Name: Koen Yuri (公園 百合 or パークユリ) -> Koen: Park / Yuri: Lily

    Nationality: Australian

    Ethnicity: Korean-Japanese-Chinese

    Birthday: 1995.10.12 (12th of October, 1995)

    Zodiac sign: Libra

    MBTI: ENFJ-A (Protagonist)

    Height: 157cm (5'1'')

    Weight: N/A ("People don't need to worry about something so mundane and unnecessary." - Nari, Vlive)

    Blood Type: O

    Sub-unit(s): NCT 127, NCT U, WayV, NCT

    Position: Main vocal, sub-rapper, main dancer, co-centre, co-leader

    Nari Facts:

    Nari was born and raised in Sydney, Australia

    Her mother's ethnicity is Japanese-Chinese and her father Korean - which makes her Japanese-Chinese-Korean (Vlive)

    Nari is an only child

    Nicknames: Eomma, the Glue/Bridge (Ten, Vlive)

    Languages she can speak fluently: English, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin

    Because of her ethnic background, she has family in three countries - which means she technically has three homes around the world - four including Australia

    She got accepted into SM through Global Auditions in 2012 at the age of 17 (international age) - the same year as Taeyong, Mark, Yuta, and Jaehyun

    She only started dancing after she became a trainee, and became one of the main dancers after debuting

    Was originally meant to join the line-up for Red Velvet but didn't make it in the end because she did not match the concept, and had better teamwork chemistry with NCT (Weekly Idol)

    Talent(s): Playing many musical instruments, producing music, art

    In high school, she played the clarinet, piano, and alto clarinet - but after joining SM, she was able to extend and learn more instruments

    Favourite subject(s) in school: Music, Art, and History - whereas the subject(s) she hated the most was Maths, Science, and English

    Favourite Food(s): Chicken, chocolate milk, bubble tea, lamingtons, vegemite on toast, sausage sizzles, sausage rolls, mango, watermelon, black bean noodles, sushi, takoyaki, hot pot

    Favourite colour: Blue

    Favourite season: Summer

    Favourite artist(s): Seventeen, SHINee, EXO, Ateez, BTS

    Considered as one of the top aces in SM

    Debuted three (3) times (NCT 127, NCT U, WayV)

    She is the only idol in SM who is Korean-Japanese-Chinese

    Hobbies: playing musical instruments, producing music, learning new languages and choreographies

    Currently trying to learn Thai, German, and Cantonese

    Considered the mother figure and sister-figure in NCT, depending on the members

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    PLS ADD ME TO LOVE DIVE'S TAGLIST I BEG 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

    DONT BEG ill add u !!!

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    It's a Spooky night out for the gang
    #sims 4#simblr #sims 4 legacy #sims 4 gameplay #familydynamicschallenge#family dynamics#na legacy #na gen 1 #nari na #jesse by sgc #adrianna by sgc #rishad by sgc #junta by sgc
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    i🧍‍♂️ would you like to be mutuals? i know we follow each other but 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️ i just think you are really cool

    awhh ofc !! i think ur really cool too ,, i love ur layout 😄😄💓💓

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