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    26.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    ੈ✩‧₊˚ 𝗰𝗹𝗼𝘀𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗲𝘆𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿𝘀𝗲𝗹𝗳 𝘁𝗼 𝘄𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵 𝗱𝗶𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗺𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝗱𝗶𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿𝘀. 𝗲𝘀𝗰𝗮𝗽𝗲 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗮 𝘀𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗱 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵 𝗱𝗶𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗺𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁’𝘃𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗱 𝗶𝗻 𝗮𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝘂𝗻𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗲.

    𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝘀 𝗮 𝘀𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘁𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗶𝗻𝘀𝗽𝗶𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗱𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺𝘀 𝗶’𝘃𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝗱. 𝐥𝐞𝐭’𝐬 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲. *:・゚✧*:・゚

    one-shots coming soon…

    #head in the clouds☁️ #stray kids imagines #nct imagines#txt imagines#currently: dreaming
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  • justalildumpling
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    chapter 8: ✨matcha latte w/ oat milk✨

    masterlist || previous | next

    pairing: jaemin x fem! reader

    synopsis: after getting ghosted by your crush in high school, you swore off dating in university, earning yourself the title of ‘the unattainable’. after 3 years you were convinced that there would be no way the two of you would ever cross paths ever again. well, that was until he announced that he was your boyfriend at a party.

    genre: social media au, fake dating au, college au, fluff, crack, mutual pining, acquaintances to lovers

    warnings: swearing, murdering jokes

    taglist: open! feel free to send an ask or comment to be added :))) ~ @w0nderr​ @qghosty​ @luxebeautystyle​ @mafegarcia​ @watermelonxes​ @carelessshootanonymous​ @finmls​ @sassy-author​ @haechansgfreal​ @smolpeyy​ @cupid-yuno​ @pckeia​ @icecreamjaem​ @xxxx-23nct​ @euphoricjaemin​ @calssunflower​ @fullsunld​ @dandelionxgal​ @luvrboyjeno​ @simtone @yutensoul​ @tamakofever​​ @yoonrimin​ @viagumi​ @rinrinslovebot​ @kkotjia​ @000rpheus​ @iwouldbangchan​ @leeknowsredeyeliner​ @chocopie16​ @hem-lyss​ @bbnana​ @im-just-trying-to-survive-man​ @hyucupid​ @studywoo​ @luvenshiti​ @philanarose @uglyratlmao

    can't be tagged: @kudzzzz @user103843 @abcd-fghijkl-nopqrstuvwxyz  @purpleheejin @her33n @strdaydrp 

    #jaemin fluff #jaemin social media au #jaemin smau#jaemin crack#jaemin#na jaemin#nct dream#nct#nct jaemin#jaemin imagines#jaemin scenarios #jaemin x you #student jaemin #nct dream x reader #nct dream x you #nct dream imagines #nct dream scenarios #nct x reader #nct x you #nct imagines#nct scenarios #nct college au #jaemin fanfic #nct dream smau #nct dream social media au #nct smau #nct social media au #fem reader#kpop #jaemin college au
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  • atlanticwhore
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    need you ࿐ nakamoto yuta

    [ includes ] ・ boyfriend!yuta, bedroom sex, rough sex, unprotected sex, fucking from behind, hair pulling, yuta teasing you a little, spanking, breeding, fingering.

    [ warnings ] ・ swearing and some errors maybe.

    [ plot ] ・ none

    [ disclaimer ] ・ this is for entertainment purposes only!

    a/n: i’m terrible at updating lol. but yuta is the standard 🫶

    𝐘𝐨𝐮 ran your hand down his chest, clamped your hand onto his bulging clothed cock which made him groan into the rough kiss. your other hand was placed on the side of his neck, caressing it.

    you brought you hand back up and gripped the side of his torso and pressed your throbbing, clothed needy folds again him, rocking against him “need you” you whimpered into the kiss. Yuta chucked “need what, baby?” he asked with a faux look of confusion.

    you whined and continued to move your hips against his until he placed his hands on your waist to stop you from moving which made you pout. he then tugged on the string of your thong before moving it to the side, showing off your glistening wet folds.

    “So wet for me already, princess” he smirked while spreading your labia apart. the air that came from the AC blew against you making you shiver and moan.

    Yuta ran his fingers up and down your folds, stopping at your clit and started rolling it around at a slow and sharp motion which made a loud moan escape your lips “Y-Yuta” you whined as your back arched off the bed.

    his fingers moved down to your hole, slipping them inside of you. he groaned lowly at the way your walls sucked his fingers in and at the way you felt around them “Princess” he breathed out before moving them into you at a slow pace which made you groan “faster” you requested but he ignored you and bent down, wrapping his lips around your hard nipple while looking up at you.

    you moaned again, placing your hands in his hair “fuck” you mumbled.

    his tongue twirled around your nipple and over it before sucking on it before removing his mouth from your boob making a ‘pop’ sound then licked over your bud, making you whimper. he placed his thumb onto your clit, rolling it in the same motions as before.

    you bucked your hips forwards against his fingers “O-Oh fuck” you cried out. the rhythm of his fingers matched with the rhythm of his thumb which is also what made your head spin.

    you reached down and grabbed his wrist “M-More” you begged but he just slowed down which made you whine “Ask nicely, princess” he said, glancing down between your thighs and watching as he fingered you.

    his fingers were completely covered with your juices already. the gushy, wet sounds of his fingers pumping into you filled both of your ears “P-Please” you cried out more.

    Yuta then leaned down and wrapped his lips around your clit, while looking up at you. your hands went to his hair and gripped his hair “y-yuta!” you moaned, bucking your hips against his mouth.

    he groaned against you, moving his head back and fourth making you let out another sweet moan that were music to his ears.

    he removed his mouth from your clit, looking up at you as his fingers went deeper, making “yuta!”. you felt the pace of his fingers fastened, causing you to gasp and moan.

    your pulsing hole, clenched around his fingers as your toes curled before you came all over them causing his eyebrows to raise while slowing down his pace helping you ride out your high as your eyes began to close.

    yuta then slipped his fingers out of you, giving your thigh a smack which made you wince and wake up “ow! was that necessary?” you asked him, pouting but he just chuckled at you before flipping you over on your stomach.

    “maybe” was all he said while unzipping and unbuckling his pants before pulling them down along with his boxers.

    you raised your hips for him, showing off your ass which made him give it a smack. you looked back at him watching and waiting.

    yuta leaned down and pressed his lips against yours, while lining himself up with your wet core before slowly sliding himself into you carefully.

    you both let out a moan against each other’s lips at the way your walls wrapped around him so perfectly. “you okay?” he asked softly watching your facial expressions and reactions trying not to let out any sounds.

    you nodded your head “y-yes” you whimpered softly, gripping the sheets underneath you. you closed your eyes for a second, whimpering as he slipped all the way in with ease.

    “oh fuck” he groaned lowly, into your ear placing his hands on both sides of your head. his lips moved to your shoulder, placing kisses on it as his hips were pressed against your ass for a while letting you adjust.

    his hips began to slowly move into yours which made you let out a loud but soft moan “m-more” you requested which made him look at you “you sure?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “y-yes, please fuck me!” you didn’t know you were gonna regret those words until he sat up and reached forward to grip your hair, making you look up at the ceiling.

    you felt his hips began to smash into your ass at a rough and hard pace as his thrusts were short and sharp which made your mouth fall open and louder moans releasing from your mouth.

    “oh y-yuta!” you moaned, gripping the sheets harder as your eyes rolled back. you reached underneath your body and placed your fingers onto your clit, rolling it in fast, sharp circles.

    “princess” he grunted, letting go of your hair and placed his hands on your hips as he watches your ass bounce off his hips repeatedly.

    you felt his hand collide with your ass which made you, yelp before he gave it all a squeeze. he looked at you as you looked back at him, making eye contact “love it when i fuck you like this, hm?” he smirked before giving it multiple smacks “ah! y-yes, so much!”

    your eyes rolled back as you bit down on your bottom lip, whimpering “h-harder!” you moaned, moving your hips towards his. yuta granted your request and moved his hips much rougher into yours “like that!” you whined softly.

    the room was now filled with the sounds of your skin clapping together, moans, groans and the wet sounds of his cock moving rapidly into you as his hands grip your hips tighter, feeling his nails dig into your skin.

    “Y-Yes!” you moaned, throwing your head back on his shoulder “y/n!” yuta grunted, not looking away from the action between you.

    with a few more hard and sharp thrusts, you felt your body freeze as you released onto his cock moaning “y-yuta!” you whimpered. his cock continued to move into you until his thick ropes of cum filled your cunt.

    “fuck” yuta groaned, slowly rocking his hips into you helping you both through your highs.

    once you both came down, he carefully removed himself from inside of you and your body collapsed on the bed right after feeling his cum flowing out of you.

    your eyes started to slowly close until you felt something wet against your folds which is what made your eyes fly open and you looked back seeing yuta gently cleaning you up which made you smile softly at him.

    “didn’t mean to wake you” he smiled back and you shook your head “it’s fine, i wasn’t asleep yet”.

    after he was done, he walked back to the bathroom and your eyes began to close again slowly falling into a deep sleep.

    yuta then came back to the bed, climbing onto it and laying down beside you. he pulled you onto him cuddling with you and placed a few kisses on your forehead.

    you smiled in your sleep and laid your head on his chest “goodnight, angel” he hummed, falling asleep with you.

    “goodnight, baby”

    unedited .

    #nct#nct 127 #nct x you #nct smut #nct x reader #nct imagines#nct fanfic#nct yuta #nct nakamoto yuta #yuta nakamoto smut #nakamoto yuta #nakamoto yuta x reader
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  • pastelsicheng
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    NAMELESS nineteen.   soobin soobin soobin soobin soobin

    Eighteen. ← Masterlist → Twenty.

    SUMMARY. SMU and HYBEU are infamous for being rivals in everything, and that competitive spirit extends to the schools’ cafes as well. As the social media manager for Moon’s cafe, you’re constantly going at it with Cafe 7 DREAM’s social media accounts. It doesn’t help that the cute guy behind the account had previously rejected you when you drunkenly asked him out. When accidents and problems begin plaguing your cafe, you assume that the SMU students are behind it all. Until they admit they aren’t. Whoever it is, has it out for you, and you need to find a way to stop them, ideally without the help of SMU’s cafe staff.

    GENRE. college au, barista/cafe au, rivals au, childhood friends au, stalker au, mystery, fluff, comedy, angst

    PAIRINGS. jeno x reader, yeonjun x reader, soobin x reader (gn!reader using they/them pronouns)

    FEATURING. the rest of nct dream (OT7), the rest of txt (OT5), johnny and taeil from nct

    WARNINGS. cursing, food, medicine/pill usage (just some good old acetaminophen, specifically Tylenol lol. no hard drugs), mentions of feeling unwell

    WORD COUNT. ~2.51k

    AUTHOR’S NOTE. dark mode is y/n’s pov and light mode is jeno’s pov. also pls ignore all timestamps, they aren’t relevant to the plot. 

    (send an ask if you would like to be added to the taglist)

    TAGLIST. @lcvekdy​​ @h0ney-el​​ @blank-velvet​​ @eggoyu​​ @mxrcayong-main​​ @jaeminsorbit​​ @baekybaeky​​ @soonwoosz​​ @rein-deer-stuffs​​ @biuebinnie​​ @nar-nia​​ @rikisnotforsale​​ @luvrseung @0606love​​ @juune04​​ @dulceamar​​ @kiyokoism​​ @huskyhunny​​ @carayat​​ @en-boyz @dwld1​​​

    *cannot tag crossed out names. please let me know if you change your username. after three updates i will automatically remove you from the taglist.

         When Soobin opens the door, you weren't expecting him to look so… well, dead. His hair is unkempt, his face is pale, his eyes are bloodshot, and he sways on his feet as if he's about seconds away from passing out. Considering that you've known him since you were a kid, you've seen him in a worse state than this. Still, it doesn't make you worry any less.

         “Soobin!” you exclaim, entering into his shared apartment. You lock the door, slip your shoes off, and push him towards his bedroom. “What the hell, dude? You look like shit.”

         “I feel like shit,” he grumbles, his voice gruff with tiredness. Both of his hands clutch his head, and his feet drag on the floor as he lets you lead him to his bed. Once there, you lightly shove him onto it, helping him lay down and then pulling the blanket over him. From the corner of the room, you hear Odi’s tiny footsteps as he tries to find a hiding spot in his cage. 

         “I bought Tylenol from the convenience store downstairs,” you tell him, slipping your backpack off of your shoulders and unzipping it to take out the medicine. “You don't have water here, do you?”

         Soobin shakes his head as best as he can with his hands still clutching his forehead. “No.”

         “Okay,” you say, resting the pill bottle on the bedside table and your backpack on the floor. "I'll go get some for you. Be right back."

         He doesn't say anything as you leave the room to grab a glass of water from the kitchen sink. You note that the garbage bin is overflowing with empty Ramen containers and Coke cans. As a fellow college student, you can relate to not having enough time for a proper meal. As his friend, though, you wished Soobin would take more care of himself and eat better. Really, you wished the same for all your friends, but especially Soobin and Yeonjun. Living with Beomgyu meant you could easily cook meals for the two of you or give him some of the food you made during your classes. Kai and Taehyun could buy proper meals from campus since they lived in the university dorms and had a meal card. However, Yeonjun and Soobin survived off food Yeonjun cooked, dishes their moms brought them from time to time, and any leftovers you gave them. Admittedly, Yeonjun only knew how to make variations of ramen, so it was literally just you and their moms feeding them.

         “I should cook something for them later,” you mumble to yourself. “Maybe rice and a bunch of side dishes, or maybe some soup…” Just enough food to last at least a day if not more. You make a mental note to check their fridge later. For now your priority was getting Soobin to sleep.

         Returning back to his room, you hand him the glass of water. “Here.” 

         “Thanks.” He sits up and takes it from your hands, then you open the Tylenol and take one out for him.

         After he swallows the pill, you take the glass of water from Soobin. He lies back down and you adjust the blanket with one hand so that he’s tucked in. 

         “Should I turn the lights off?” you ask, starting to walk out of the room so that you could return the glass to the kitchen. 

         “Yes, please,” he replies softly. You switch the lights off then head out to place the glass of water in the sink.

         When you return to his bedroom, you make sure to close the door halfway so that the hallway lights aren’t shining into the room and his face. Then you make your way to him, and kneel on the floor by the edge of the bed.

         “Did you at least finish the assignment you stayed up for?” 

         “Yeah, thankfully I did. I think I’d cry if I still had to work on it.” He shuffles on the bed, creating some distance between you and him, then pats the empty space he created.  “Come sleep with me.”

         The offer slips out casually from his mouth, but it has your heart beating faster and heat crawling up your cheeks. His sleepy, deep voice paired with the small pout on his lips— Why the hell was he so ASDFGHJKL?!? You’re glad the room is dark and he doesn’t have his glasses on so that he can’t see the flustered expression on your face.

         “Uh–Um–With my outside clothes?” you stumble over your words. “I don’t wanna–I mean, won’t your bed get dirty?” It’s a surprise that your brain is still functioning rationally, because deep down you desperately want to jump onto the bed right beside him, especially since he had asked you like that. However, you had worn these clothes out the whole day, and you and Soobin both tended to be a bit germaphobic. In his tired state, he might not have been thinking straight.

         “Hm? Oh… right.” Were you deluding yourself or did he sound a bit disappointed? After a pause, he suggests, “You could go down to shower and change, and then come back?” 

         You could, but you didn’t want to leave Soobin’s side. You also worried that once you went down to your own apartment, Beomgyu would distract you and you’d take way longer to come back. 

         Plus, was it really a great idea to sleep next to him? You had done it several times before, but with the way he was looking at you with hooded eyelids, you wondered if your heart could handle it. Your brain already felt like it was melting into mush. Despite your friends telling you that Soobin returned the romantic feelings you held for him, you were still afraid. Of what exactly? You weren’t sure. You were just scared. If you stupidly said something or if he did something… 

         You shake your head to rid yourself of the thoughts. Soobin didn’t like you like that. Your friends were just annoying. 

         “It’s fine,” you answer him finally. “I’ll leave after you go to sleep.”

         He shifts once again so that his body is closer to the edge of the bed. His face is close to yours, and you can’t meet his eyes because you’re distracted by his jutted lips. “Won’t your knees hurt from sitting on the floor? At least kneel on a pillow or get a chair.”

         “I–Okay.” You stumble a bit as you stand up. With the minimal light that shines through the doorway, you grab the spare pillow that is on his desk chair and set it on the ground before sitting back down. “Happy?” you ask him.

         “Mhm,” he hums. “Can you massage my head? It still hurts a lot.” His voice is whiny, like a little kid who was sick.

         “Okay.” Your hands instinctively go to the top of his head. You brush his hair back from his forehead and use your thumbs to put pressure on his temples while Soobin closes his eyes in relief. You expected him to fall asleep, or at least try and keep the silence that was in the room, but Soobin seems to want to talk to you. 

         “How was your day? What did you do today?” he asks, words slurred from exhaustion.

         “It was good.” The conversation is a good distraction from the mess happening in your brain. For a moment, you’re able to stop overthinking about your relationship with Soobin. “I slept late last night because I was watching Netflix with Beomgyu, and I had my 8 A.M. today too, which is why I drank three cups of coffee. Then– oh yeah! Remember Haechan? Donghyuck? That guy from SMU?”

         “Mhm, yeah.”

         “Well, he’s been tryna befriend me for a while now, so I said ‘fine, we can be friends as long as you are nice to me and buy me food.’ So we went out for lunch. He’s actually pretty funny. I think he’d get along great with Yeonjun and Beomgyu.”

         “Really?” Soobin opens his eyes to peer at you unconvinced. 

         “Yeah. I know you’re probably suspicious and think he might be trying to do something, but I promise he isn’t.” You pause for a moment, hands also stopping the massage on Soobin’s scalp and forehead. “Well… at least, I didn’t get any bad vibes from him. I mean– yeah, it’s kind of weird that I actually kinda like this guy when I’ve been annoyed by him for so long, but I guess that’s why they say don’t judge a book by its cover. I didn’t like Beomgyu when we met too and now I literally live with him. Anyway, maybe next time we can have lunch with him together and you can see how he is and do your psychology reading on him.”

         “Psychology reading?” Soobin lets out a laugh. “Sure, we can have lunch together. Free food, yeah?”

         “Of course! We don’t have to leech off of Yeonjun and Kai anymore.” 

         “You don’t have to leech off them. I live with Jun, so I’m still stealing his credit card and making him pay for everything.”

         “Cheapskate.” The insult is said jokingly as you poke Soobin’s cheek. 

         He snorts, taking your hand into his and holding it to his chest. Your other hand remains in his hair. “So are you. You’re practically finding new bank accounts everyday. Like this Haechan dude.” 

         “Hey, I’m not a cheapskate, just a gold digger.” You giggle, and Soobin laughs with you. 

         There's a moment of silence after you both stop, which Soobin breaks by sighing. “I guess you wouldn’t marry me then since I’m not rich.”

         His words have you freezing. “H-huh?”

         Realizing what he said, Soobin stutters. “I–uh–I mean we’re friends so obviously you wouldn’t like me like that or marry me. I’m kidding. I’m just joking.” He tries to let go of your hand but you grip him tighter.

         “Right, just a joke. I wouldn’t–” you swallow, “I don’t have any feelings for you and you don’t for me either. Just platonic stuff.” You’re aware that you’re squeezing his hand a bit too tight, but you’re afraid that once he lets go, he’ll make you leave and then things would be awkward between you both. And, maybe you were hoping that he was implying something. If he confessed right now… maybe you could tell him how you truly felt too.

         “Can I ask you something?” he blurts out.

         “Yeah?” You can feel your palms start to sweat. What was he going to say? A love confession?

         “Your tweets… um… they’re all jokes then? You don’t mean anything by them?”

         That was definitely not a love confession. You mentally beat yourself up for being so delusional all the time. Of course, he wouldn’t just confess out of nowhere. And you should have expected Soobin to eventually question you stupidly outing yourself several times on Twitter. 


         “Um… What if I said I meant what I say on Twitter? Like the stuff about liking you and stuff…” 


         You release Soobin’s hand and use the edge of the bed to help yourself stand up. “Nevermind! I think I’m gonna go down to my place. I have some readings to catch up on. You should–”

         Soobin sits up (with some struggle because even though you’re sure he’s wide awake from the topic of this conversation, he’s also been awake for more than 24 hours) and grabs onto your arm before you can leave. “Do you really like me? Like more than a friend?” 

         Your heart hammers in your chest and your voice is stuck in your throat. You can’t say anything. You don’t want to say anything. What if you fucked everything up? You couldn’t lose Soobin as a friend, and if things became weird between you two, then the rest of the group would also become split up. You didn’t want to make the others pick sides. 

         Your hands are shaking, and as if he noticed your state of anxiety, Soobin pulls the blanket off his legs so he can hang them off the edge of the bed, and pulls you into a hug. He rests the side of his face onto your stomach while his arms wrap around your back. You’re pretty sure he can hear your heart hammering in your chest, just as you can feel his hands shaking too.

         “I think I’m only brave enough to say this because I’m kinda delirious right now and because Yeonjun told me you like me too, but I like you. Like more than a friend. We don’t have to do anything about it if you don’t want to right now, but I just want you to know how I feel.”

         Your heart feels like it’s about to explode. You pull away from the hug and stare at Soobin incredulously. “Are you serious?”

         “Why would I joke about this with you? I’m not Yeonjun.” His hand finds yours and you let him intertwine your fingers together. You have to bite your bottom lip to hold back a stupid smile from creeping onto your face. 

         “Yeah… Right… You’re Soobin.” You squeeze his palm. “I like Soobin a lot, not anyone else.”

         “And I like (Y/N) a lot.” He gives you a smile. You wonder if this would be a good time to kiss him. Maybe a small peck, or maybe one that lasts a few seconds… The thought is cut short by Odi’s hissing on the other side of the room. You turn your head, though you can’t see him properly in the dark room. 

         Stupid hedgehog ruining the moment…

         Soobin lets go of your hand and lies back down in his bed. “I think my head feels a bit better now. I’ll go to sleep.”

         “Do you want me to stay?”

         “You should shower and change and go finish up your readings.”

         You frown. You really wanted him to let you stay. You hadn’t even talked about what you were now. Were you dating? Could you call him your boyfriend? Or were you still technically friends who simply had feelings for one another? “I can always do the readings tomorrow.”

         “You still need to shower, stinky. You’ve been outside the whole day.”

         “Fine,” you sigh grumpily. “I’ll go now.” You pick up your backpack from the ground and swing the strap over your shoulder. 

         “Thanks for always taking care of me, (Y/N).” He yawns after saying that.

         You wave your hand dismissively. “Yeah, yeah. Go to sleep now, dummy. You’ve been awake for too long.”

         Soobin giggles sleepily. With his tired voice, he bids you goodnight. “G’night. Love you.”

         “Yeah? Like more than a friend?” you ask teasingly.

         “You already know the answer. Just go.” He sighs exasperatedly, but you can see the shy look on his face.

         So adorable! He makes you go ASDFGHJKL!!!!!! You should leave before your brain decides it wants to squish his cheeks and leave kisses all over his face and baby talk to him.

         “Love you, Binnie.” You wave goodbye then head out.

    #neoturtles#akademia net#ficscafe#nct-writers#neowritingsnet #soobin x reader #soobin imagines #choi soobin x reader #choi soobin imagines #choi yeonjun x reader #choi yeonjun imagines #txt imagines #txt x reader #txt imagine #txt social media au #nct dream x reader #nct dream imagines #nct x reader #nct imagines #nct x gender neutral reader #nct dream imagine #nct dream smau #nct dream social media au #nct x y/n #jeno imagines #lee jeno x reader #lee jeno imagines #jeno x reader #jeno x y/n #jeno x you
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  • xolilith
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    80s - Jeno Lee

    Oie, essa aqui é inspirada numa cena da 2 temp de boneca russa.

    avisos: uso de drogas, não usem drogas, galera!

    Boa Leitura!

    Apoia as mãos nos ombros desnudos do homem, o peso dele sobre você não é incômodo, te faz sentir ainda mais extasiada pelo beijo que recebe. Jeno se afasta de você, ergue o corpo, sentando-se, corre os dedos sobre os fios macios, morde os lábios, arfando pela sessão de amassos. Você apoia os cotovelos sobre o sofá, ergue o tronco e encara o homem fazer uma linha fina do pó branco sobre a mesa e cheirar. 

    Jeno mantém os olhos fechados por alguns segundos antes de sujar o indicador com mais um pouco de cocaína, inclina mais uma vez sobre você. Você entreabre a boca para que ele pudesse enfiar o dedo na cavidade e espalhar toda a droga na sua gengiva. Quando o fez, permanece com o dedo na sua boca e, sem precisar de um comando, você envolve o dígito, sorvendo devagar, limpa qualquer resquício do alucinógeno. 

    Ele retira o dedo ensopado de saliva e o desliza pelo queixo. A mão como um todo envolve seu pescoço, exerce pressão. Os olhos de Jeno brilham, é nítido na pupila dilatada todo o sentimento folgaz  que eles cintilam. Ele sorri, daquele jeito doce demais, mas você sabe o que ele esconde por trás. 

    – Abre a boca e coloca a língua pra fora. – Ele manda, a voz sai num tom grave e suave. Você obedece, abre a cavidade e expõe o músculo a ele. Então, Jeno cospe na sua língua, sua buceta pulsa com a ação. Mesmo sendo difícil pelo empecilho na sua garganta, você tenta engolir o que foi dado a você. – Boa garota – Ele graceja, aproximando mais seu rosto do dele. 

    – Jen, eu quero você... – Ele beija seu queixo, mandíbula. 

    – Minha garota quer me beijar? –Ele roça a boca na sua, observa seu rosto. Você assente e tem os lábios envolvidos outra vez. A língua de vocês parece um pouco dormente, o que torna o ósculo lento e extremamente molhado. Sobe um frio na sua barriga. 

    – Eu quero foder você, doçura.. – Ele aperta um pouco mais seu pescoço, observa seus lábios úmidos de saliva captando o ar com dificuldade. Jeno a deixa livre por um momento e você não demora em se despir, fica completamente nua sob olhar cobiçoso. Ele se levanta, desfivela o cinto e a calça jeans sai de cena. A visão te faz suspirar. O pau bate tenso no abdômen, o membro espasma de desejo. Ele te olha por cima e apesar de ambos estarem nus, você se sente mais exposta, pequena diante dele. 

    – Vira pra mim, quero te comer por trás. 

    Você apoia as mãos no encosto de sofá, empina o quadril, ficando de quatro. Jeno se põe atrás de você, desliza a mão pela lombar e entra sem delicadeza, de uma vez só. Você sente a ardência, uma pontinha de dor pela violência, mas todo a sensação inicial é substituída pelo prazer de tê-lo todo dentro. Você aperta em volta, toda tesudinha. 

    – Você é tão boa, muito gostosinha, doçura… – Elogia. Ele alisa sua bunda, aperta a carne entre os dedos, empurra o quadril primeiramente numa cadência vagarosa. A carne macia e molhada em volta dele era aprazível demais a Jeno. O coreano sentia as bolas pesadas, tão tenso em você que parecia doer. Ele começa a ganhar, posteriormente, uma cadência mais intensa.

    O pico de energia corre pela veia de ambos. Os corpos parecem ainda mais acesos, o sangue segue pelas veias sanguíneas rápido, assim como os batimentos acelerados. A pressão se eleva. Ele bate os quadril mais forte, expreme os dedos na sua cintura. 

    Seus joelhos ardem pelo atrito no tecido do sofá, mas o incômodo parecia ser nada comparado com a sensação entre suas pernas. Se sente grudenta, quente demais.

    Jeno te puxa pelo cabelo, cola suas costas no próprio torso, envergada. O nariz serpenteia pela pele do seu pescoço, respirando forte. O barulho erótico do encontro dos corpo reverbera pelo cômodo. 

    – Gosta quando eu te fodo forte assim? Como a putinha que você é merece? 

    Choraminga afetada pela forma como ele a chamou: – Jeno, sim. – Murmura desorientada. –  Sua putinha... 

    – A putinha do Jeno, então. 

    Você geme pela violência empregada nas estocadas, uma das mãos dele desce, massagea entre suas pernas. Jeno grune sobre sua orelha quando você se aperta em volta dele, acerta um tapa sobre o nervo e você grita, enlevada, porque a ação te faz gozar, tremendo as pernas. 

    Seu corpo faz menção de cair sobre o encosto do sofá, mas ele rodeia o braço na sua cintura, sustentando-a até que ele chega lá. Aperta mais os dedos na sua nuca, antes de soltar os fios. O esperma quente e grosso do Lee a preenche. Seu corpo, sem o aperto tão forte nos seus cabelos e na cintura, volta à posição inicial. Você deita a cabeça sobre o encosto do sofá, a bochecha amassa e escapa um fio de saliva da sua boca. Ambos permanecem ofegantes. 

    Jeno se retira, ainda de joelhos, vê a porra escorrer de você, inclina o corpo sobre o seu, os dedos descem e voltam a empurrar todo o líquido de volta. A voz grave soa: – Você é minha putinha obediente, vai segurar toda minha porra aí até que eu te foda de novo, não vai? – Roça o nariz na sua bochecha, a voz saindo melodiosa, embora a rispidez nas palavras. Você contrai mais, tentando manter sem escorrer, ofega, como a putinha que Jeno queria que você fosse.

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  • nctsplug02
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    mr jeong stop being so reactionless 🫤🫤


    genre: suggestive
    warnings: arguing, sexual talking

    jaehyun huffs when hearing the front door being knocked on. after checking the cameras, it was jen.


    he climbs out of bed, telling you to stay in after accidentally waking you up, and goes to open the door for jen.

    “jen, it is late. you need to stop showing up to our place when you’re wasted.” jen stumbles in, giggling as she falls into the man’s chest. “i’m sorry, mr jeong. this’ll be my last time, okay?” she says with a pout.

    “jen, im serious.” she pushes herself off his chest and closes the door, locking it and then pressing her back against the door. “i am too, mr jeong.” she pushes herself off the door and walks towards the man.

    “i’m so.. in love with you,” she says slowly. “but you’re so blinded by mrs jeong— you can’t even see the love and affection i try to show!” she cups his face.

    jaehyun holds onto her wrists and pushes her off. “stop— jen, that is enough.” his voice firm which stills jen.

    “i’m a 28 year old man who isn’t interested in a 19 year old. i am happily married to the sexiest women who is sound asleep in the next room. i have a baby in the other room who is also sound asleep— they don’t need to hear this shit.”

    jen doesn’t even notice the wet streams down her cheeks as she cries listening to jaehyun raise his tone at her.

    “but i love—?”

    “no,” he roars out, “stop trying to break up y/n and i’s marriage. it isn’t going to work, no matter what you do— we’re happily married. 8 years and still going.”

    jen sputters and dramatically falling onto her knees. “m—mr jeong.. please,” she hiccups, “please forgive me? i’m so sorry, mr jeong. i’m so blinded by loving you i never.. realize how crazy my obsession was getting.”

    “jen, get— get off your knees. stop crying. let’s take you to the guest room.” jen shakes her head, shoulders shaking as she cries.

    “mr jeong? can i, can i get a hug? i’m so sorry— i’ve been feeling so emotional lately. i mean— my dog died a few days ago so to get over it i went out and go wasted.” jen blabbers as jaehyun pulls her up.

    jaehyun sighs, giving in and wraps his arms around the girls neck. “i’m sorry, jen.” she shakes her head, holding the smile as he rubbed her back.

    “let’s take you upstairs, yeah?” jen nods and takes ahold of jaehyuns hand as if she was a lost child. he leads jen upstairs and into the guest room.

    jen climbs into bed and tucks herself in. “all right— goodnight, jen.” he flicks the lights off and heads to his room.

    he sees you still sleeping just turned around this time. he climbs into bed and takes you into his arms again— or at least he attempts to.

    “i saw you hugging jen,” you frown, “and holding her hand when walking her to the guest room.” you add.

    “my love,” he takes you into his arms. “can we not talk about this? especially right now? it’s really late and i’m tired.” you shrug, pulling yourself away from him and pulling the blanket up to your shoulders.

    he takes you into his arms again. “stop— im sorry, okay?” he hugs your waist. “sure, i guess.” you shrug again.

    “okay, let’s talk. cmon, get up.” you groan as he sits up and turns his lamp on. “noo,” you whine, pulling the blanket over your head. “nope, cmon. let’s go, get up.” he yanks the blanket off your body.

    you were in his boxers and in his t-shirt.

    you roll over giving him your big eyes. “carry me?” you ask while half laughing. he moves to the end of the bed and grabs your ankle, then yanking it until he was between your legs.

    he pulls you up by your hands and carries you downstairs with you hanging onto him like a kola.

    he flicks the kitchen light on and brings you to the counter where he then sits you still. he starts the coffee machine and makes a cup for you and him. he hands a cup to you and props himself between your legs again.

    “now, im gonna explain why i hugged and held hands with jen.” you sigh heavily when hearing the mention.

    “jen came knocking around at four and when i told her she had to stop doing this, she confessed and said she loved me.” you wince.

    “then,” he sips the coffee first. “i start telling her that she just.. needs to back off.” he shrugs. “then she breaks down crying and says that her dog died or something.” you frown at the mention of a dog being dead.

    “yeah, i know.” he cups your face with a hand. “then she asked for a hug so i gave her one and took her upstairs— i didn’t know she’d be holding my hand while i took her to the guest room?” you lean against his palm.

    “so that’s why i hugged her and held her hand. i’m sorry, my love.” you sigh, setting you coffee mug down and then his. you wrap your arms around his neck. “no, im sorry. i shouldn’t have made you apologize. i just, felt jealous? i let jealousy get to the best of me.” he chuckles softly, rubbing your back.

    “i love you.” he says pulling away.

    “and i love you.” you kiss him.

    once pulled away, you hum. “by the way, you forgot my extra creamer.” you frown, tilting your head. “i’m sorry, baby. i’m just so tired that i forgot to.” he leans his head onto your shoulder.

    “let’s go upstairs and fuck this out, maybe that’ll wake me up.” you gasp and giggle when being yanked off the counter and brought upstairs.

    he ended up falling asleep after three rounds.

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  • nctsjiho
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    You Need Us

    cw: strong language, consumption of alcohol, minor injury || era: early 2019

    ❀ Being strong-willed and independent is usually a good thing, but in some cases Doyoung strongly believes it can also be JiHo's downfall

    “Chug it in one go!” Johnny beamed, looking at the boy who had just come of age. Haechan could only chuckle awkwardly — something his members found adorable — feeling an unprecedented pressure he put on himself. Holding the glass, he eyed Mark questioningly; the older one responding with a comforting smile, telling him everything was okay.

    JiHo rolled her eyes at the hooliganesque hollers the boys let out as Haechan downed the drink. She watched, slightly amused with Haechan’s expression of disgust afterwards, while she sipped her own drink — although hers non-alcoholic.

    As a little celebration of Haechan and JiHo becoming adults, the group decided to go eat and drink together that night. Even though JiHo refused to drink, she still joined and had fun nonetheless; not needing the alcohol to have fun. Besides, seeing the boys this carefree was amusing either way.

    Laughing at another joke Taeil had made, JiHo noticed her phone by her side light up for the nth time that evening. She refrained from sighing out loud before declining the call and turning her phone face down on the table.

    “Here’s your drink, miss,” the sweet waitress announced and placed down an unfamiliar bottle in front of her. The girl must have been new, because it wasn’t the first mistake she had made that evening, but those previous ones were pretty much just her being a bit clumsy. However, when JiHo looked a bit closer at the bottle, the little number indicating the beverage’s alcohol content caught her attention.

    The idol really didn’t want to make her feel even more embarrassed than when she tried to take Doyoung’s still full bowl of untouched rice that he was saving earlier, but JiHo really didn’t want to drink the alcohol. “I’m sorry, I didn’t order this,” JiHo politely told the girl who immediately flushed red. “It’s okay, really, but could I get a lemonade instead?” JiHo asked.

    Next to her, Jaehyun must have noticed the conversation between JiHo and the waitress going on longer than expected. He turned around and immediately noticed the alcoholic drink that no one else in the group drank either. “It’s fine, I can drink this one instead—” he tried to ease the situation, but the waitress was quicker.

    She reached out to grab the bottle while apologising profusely, the same time JiHo reached out as well to give it to Jaehyun, promising JiHo she’d get her prefered drink instead. In the girl’s panic state, she managed to break the glass by bumping her metal tray into it and then dropping it. “OH MY GOD—” she gasped, watching as JiHo retracted her hand with a hiss.

    “Are you okay?” Jaehyun asked worriedly, assessing JiHo’s injury. Rather than it being serious, it was just 2 minor cuts, but the alcohol that poured over her hand made it sting painfully.

    The situation resolved itself soon enough. After the waitress apologised what felt like a million times and JiHo told her it was fine, JiHo and Jaehyun went back to one of the unisex bathrooms to clean up her hand.

    The two were laughing as they came back, not noticing the displeased look on Doyoung’s face. Only when they sat back down and JiHo looked for her phone did she notice Doyoung’s expression. “What are you doing?” She asked, earning Doyoung and Taeyong’s, who was looking over the former’s shoulder, attention. “That’s my phone—”

    “What’s this?” Doyoung turned the phone around, scrolling through the dozens, likely hundreds of missed calls. “When were you going to tell us about this?”

    JiHo scoffed under her breath, feeling a lecture coming from the older one. “Yah, JiHo,” he sighed, slightly ticked off by her reaction. “This is serious. Why did you never tell us these so-called fans have been bothering you like this?”

    “Because you’d overreact—”

    “I’m overreacting? You have at least 50 unread messages and calls from this one number on this night alone,” Doyoung explained.

    The room had grown a lot more silent than it had been before. Even though the boys on the other side of the table tried to mind their own business and continue their fun, they started to feel a bit uncomfortable at that point. “Yeah you are,” JiHo mumbled under her own breath, answering Doyoung’s rhetorical question.

    “What were you going to do huh? This person has been blowing up your phone for days now.” Taeyong placed his hand on his younger friend’s shoulder, telling him not to get too upset.

    “I’m dealing with it. I told them to stop bothering me and they did. It’s just that they started messaging again a few days ago—”

    It was Doyoung’s time to scoff as he listened to JiHo’s explanation. “You just told them to stop? Telling them isn’t going to do shit! These people aren’t respectful fans, they are intrusive stalkers who can be dangerous! It won’t stop here either. Next thing you know they follow you to work, or at schedules, or even to your home! You—”

    From not looking at the boy, JiHo turned to glare at him. “Why are you yelling at me?” she asked, voice still low and unwavering.

    “Because you are being so irresponsible! You can get hurt because of these kinds of people!” Doyoung’s tone was almost pleading, like he wished JiHo could try to understand his standpoint. “You can’t handle these things on your own!”

    “I am perfectly able to take care of myself—” JiHo began, but Doyoung cut her off once again.

    “No you’re not! Just because you became an adult doesn’t mean you can suddenly defend yourself from crazy bastards that have no sense of privacy! Right now, even! Look at you”—he pointed at her freshly bandaged hand—”you couldn’t even firmly tell the waitress no, and got hurt! You need us, Lim JiHo! You need us to protect you from these sasaengs because you don’t understand what they can do! We know! You don’t! So stop being little miss independent, because trying to deal with this sort of thing on your own will hurt you more than asking for help at least fucking once in your life!”

    Doyoung heaved heavily after yelling out all his feelings and concern at the girl. The others in the room eyed the two members, anxiously awaiting what would happen next.

    JiHo reached out to grab her phone that Doyoung had placed on his side of the table. She then blocked the number of the sasaeng that had been bothering her, making sure that Doyoung was able to see her doing it and then placed her phone back, face down on the table. “Are you done?” she asked, again not looking at him.

    “Yes,” he breathed through gritted teeth, sitting back on his chair when Taeyong pulled him down from his standing position. “But you’re getting a new phone number tomorrow.”


    masterlists: main masterlist || jiho.writings masterlist

    #jiho.writings #nct 24th member #nct addition #nct female member #nct imagines #nct additional member #nct extra member #nct female addition #nct additions #kpop!addition #kpop!oc
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  • mistiskie
    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    ᅟᅟ désir charnel


    Smut with Jaehyun.

    Avisos: jaehyun b!gcock! | Jaehyun hard!dom! | menção a oral masculino! | leve fetiche em saias e meias! | um pouco de dacryphilia! | tapinhas no bumbum! | apelido melosos! | traição! | e se tem algo a mais, leia por sua conta em risco!

    N/a: O SINAL DA VITÓRIA! KYRINHA VOLTOU PARA VOCÊS. Na verdade nem eu sei como consegui voltar com essa cara mais limpa depois de tanto tempo sumida, a única coisa que eu deveria dizer no momento é PERDÃO. Desculpa de verdade mesmo pessoal, eu passei por uns momentos tenebrosos esses tempo e minha rotina quase estava me sufocando (fiquei triste pois queria que o yuta estivesse fazendo isso no lugar do universo, mas tudo bem!) Eu não vou prolongar mais, deixo vocês com esse smut que eu adorei fazer, senti que minha escrita nesse foi impecável e estou bastante feliz com isso. ENFIM, boa leitura, eu amo vcs! ❤

    Contagens de palavras: 1,3k


    O choramingo contínuo no momento não irrita o Jung, pelo contrário, o instiga, infla o ego dele te ver tão rendida assim, se seu namorado soubesse que Jaehyun lhe fodia tão maravilhosamente bem comparado a ele seria uma certeza que não aprovaria a proximidade de vocês. 

    Para ser realista, uma parte dele já não aprovava, no entanto, o que faria? Conheceu Jaehyun bem antes de começar a namorar em meio ao campus da vasta faculdade. O casaco do time de basquete, aquela pose dominante e o sorriso casto foi o suficiente para te atrair ー mesmo sem perceber. ー e você, claro,  não ficava por baixo, era a caloura que não saia da boca do time, com a saia plissada e as meias apertadas que iam até metade da coxa, andando por todos corredores esbanjando o sorriso gentil nos lábios carnudinhos,  uma verdadeira tentação para todos e especialmente para Jaehyun. 

    Sonhava praticamente todos os dias quando poderia te comer, e não o leve a mal, Jaehyun era respeitoso quando se tratava de namoro alheio, no entanto não sabia como ou a que ponto deixou o sentimento carnal de te ter nos braços consumir seu interior. Era verdade, estava  fodendo sua boca sem piedade alguma agora e não sentia nada, culpa, remorso, receio, ele queria isso. 

    Os barulhos obscenos soavam por todo o quarto, o trabalho em dupla e toda a concentração nos estudos havia ido por água abaixo. O líquido viscoso, quentinho e pouco salgado foi despejado em sua boca lhe causando um pouco de surpresa, contudo engoliu o que pôde com muito vigor. 

    Agarrou seu maxilar com brutalidade apenas para te encarar por cima, estava uma bagunça e particularmente, Jaehyun amou vê-la assim ainda mais pelo fato de ter feito tudo isso. A boca vermelha e inchadinha devido aos maus tratos por conta de si próprio formavam um biquinho adorável causado pelo aperto excessivo, as bochechas meladas com resquícios de porra se misturavam com as lágrimas que caíram de seus olhos enquanto sentia o cacete do Jung tocar no fundo de sua garganta, por fim a parte preferida, os olhinhos aguados e brilhantes o encarando com carência, súplica e qualquer coisa que chegasse a comover Jaehyun a ponto de finalmente te foder. 

    "Eu adoraria que o Ian visse como a namoradinha dele se encontra agora… Esse é o trabalho que você disse que faria, princesa?" Antes que pudesse responder um tapa é desferido em seu rosto, arde na mesma intensidade que excita. "Engolir toda minha porra desse jeito, era esse todo trabalho e estudo que teria comigo hoje? Pois eu acho que não, não é?" 

    Esfregou as perninhas uma na outra sentindo o núcleo esquentar cada vez mais, odiava admitir isso mas a culpa que sentia era capaz de deixar mais instigada a fazer pior do que já estava fazendo, gostava de Christian, e isso era verdade, entretanto deixou de desejá-lo assim que Jaehyun apareceu fazendo de sua vida uma bagunça, te deixando incerta sobre ser uma pessoa correta, como sempre foi, ou então ultrapassar todos os limites do bom caráter. 

    "J-jae…" a súplica soou mais como um ronronar manhoso quase desesperado, no entanto o Jung não falou nada mas entendia bem o que toda aquela manha significava. 

    Agachou para que ficasse na sua altura sussurrando rente ao seu ouvido. 

    "Eu poderia te maltratar mais um pouco…" seus olhos acompanharam os dele parando no relógio de ponteiro na parede à sua esquerda. "Sendo que Christian chega daqui a 20 minutos." 

    O semblante de desespero em seu rostinho foi suficiente para Jaehyun sorri debochado, havia esquecido completamente que não voltaria sozinha para casa, tinham combinado de sair com Christian assim que acabasse o trabalho. 

    Antes que pudesse o implorar, seu corpo foi movido com tamanha facilidade para cima da cama, o contraste do chão gélido e duro comparado ao fofo confortável dos lençóis te trouxe uma sensação de paz momentânea, observou Jaehyun tirar a regata que usava e repetiu o processo com sua camiseta. 

    "Não. A saia fica e a meia também." 

    Incapaz de contestar, você apenas concordou deixando a tão queridinha saia e o conjunto de meia em tom pastel, o Jung não precisava admitir com palavras para você saber o quanto te achava gostosa assim, e era incontável as vezes desejou te foder exatamente do jeitinho que estava.  

    As mãos firmes seguraram sua coxa com rispidez abrindo suas perninhas e te deixando bem abertinha para ele. Movimentou o quadril na direção da sua virilha forçando o pau teso a entrar.

    Tomava espaço em seu interior devagar, causando uma ardência incômoda mas gostosa, e quando te invadiu por completo parou em êxtase sentindo as paredes internas o apertar, era uma delícia.  

    A delicadeza foi momentânea, Jaehyun não era assim, saiu de dentro para voltar com força tocando no limite. Seus olhinhos se arregalaram e o que era para ser um gemido saiu como um grito carregado de manha. 

    Jaehyun ri colocando uma de suas pernas sobre o ombro apenas para tocar na elevação em seu ventre causada por ele mesmo. 

    "Sente, princesa?" Você concorda tremilicando. " Está cheinha de mim, empanturrada de pau até aqui em cima…"

    "Me destrói, por favor…" 

    Não precisou pedir duas vezes, voltou a movimentar-se, jogando o quadril com brutalidade cada vez mais, te fazendo apenas dele por aquele tempinho.  Era tão rápido com as estocadas, Jaehyun podia visualizar muito bem os babados da saia se remexendo junto com o quadril pequeno debaixo de si,  não conseguiu aguentar, desferiu o tanto de tapas que conseguiu até ver suas bandas vermelhinhas pois gostava daquilo tudo, você estava perfeita para ele e apenas ele. Era o errado da situação somando com você, no entanto sentia raiva em pensar que não estava ainda no posto de seu namorado e o que o impedia era um homem idiota como Christian. 

    Raiva e ciúme em excesso naquele momento só servia para ser descontado no seu corpinho frágil e em sua bucetinha, o som de seus gemidos se misturavam com o barulho molhado de ambas intimidades se chocando. 

    Encarou Jaehyun bobinha apertando os próprios peitinhos em busca de aplacar toda aquela sensação inebriante, implorava em sussurros dengoso por algo que nem mesmo sabia o que era, a única certeza que tinha naquele momento é que estava pertinho de se desmanchar. 

    "E-eu… eu-u!" Tentou avisá-lo mas não precisou, a forma como o apertava o deixando cada vez mais lubrificado já denunciava.

    O barulho das rodas do carro te deixou alerta e o som do seu toque de telefone trouxe o desespero de minutos atrás ao ouvir as palavras sugestivas do Jung, agora tinha certeza que tudo o que ele falou se tornaria realidade. 

    "Encare a porta e não tire os olhos dela enquanto não tiver gozado, seu namoradinho meia boca pode entrar a qualquer momento, neném." 

    "J-jaehyun! M-meu Deus… m-meu d-deus!!" Remexia nervosa sobre o colchão na mesma intensidade que encarava a porta apreensiva, aquela cena era cômica e gostosa de se ver. 

    Era uma puta burra por pau e sedenta pelo mínimo de foda que conseguia ter, se odiava por dentro em saber a situação deplorável que se encontrava estava a excitando tanto, adrenalina e tesão corria junto em seu corpo causando a tão familiar eletricidade, gemeu alto o nome daquele que destruiua sua entradinha o molhando com o orgasmo mais intenso que já teve. 

    Chiou por conta da fragilidade que sua buceta estava e mesmo tendo ciência disso o Jung não parou até te encher com todo leitinho dele. 

    "Vai deixar minha porra bem guardadinha na sua buceta? Claro que vai, é uma princesa comportada e faz tudo o que peço, certo?" 

    "S-sim Jaehyun, faço tudo o que você pedir, tudo mesmo." Inclinou o corpo para selar seus lábios e deixar um carinho mínimo no seu rostinho sussurrando "boa garota". 

    "Jaehyun! Sou eu Ian, a _____ está aí?" A voz grave gritava debaixo da janela do quarto. 

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  • shishell
    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    [00:15] ten lee

    It was dark and the wind was cold. It feels like ice chips are being thrown at him due to the sharpness of the air, making him sigh. He looks at his watch, ah… just a few minutes after midnight, he notes. He brings out a bracelet from his pocket and holds it up against the light of the moon.

    “You said you’ll stay here and be with me forever… why are you up there then?” He asks no one in particular; his voice echoes into the night as he stares at the crescent moon and star charms on the bracelet. He breathes in a sharp trembling breath, eyes prickling with tears. “You’re so unfair… you even took our baby Loki with you.” He whispers quietly, tears finally free falling down his cheeks.

    He sobs, clutching the bracelet to his heart as memories of his love plague his mind. The time when he surprised them with a picnic date. The time when the two of them climbed up a tree just to see the fairy lights better and ended up stuck for two hours because they didn’t know how to climb down. Oh, sweet memories, he should have treasured them more if he knew that they'd slip away from his fingers so soon. He remembers the tears in their eyes when he finally gathered his courage to ask them out to be his significant other, the happiness that he should’ve protected and sheltered more. He also remembers the time when he surprised them with their own cat, naming it Loki and calling him their son, because if they’re going to live forever, better get a companion, right?

    He crumples to the ground, sobbing until his eyes feel like they are burning from the exertion and his lungs feel like they are being crushed by the amount of pressure he has to use them with as he cries. He doesn’t care that his body is screaming at him for bawling his eyes out; he should feel an inch of what they felt before everything fell apart. He deserves it, after all, he made them feel not enough.

    He knows he should have listened more; he should’ve held them closer when he had the chance, and maybe… just maybe they’d still be here, and Ten wouldn’t be alone, crying his broken heart out by the lake where they loved to sit by. Maybe they’d be here to wipe Ten’s tears away and tell him that everything’s gonna be okay and that they’re happy the two of them stayed together this long but Ten knows it’s all his wishful thinking, they won’t come back. Ever.

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  • heartj4yn0
    25.05.2022 - 9 hours ago


    PLAY : Ride - HYBS [ spotify // youtube ]

    It’s almost midnight. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be left alone again. It hurts like crazy. Why can’t I just have someone with me whenever nightmares come or whenever I need cuddles? I often question why it was hard for them to stay. Was I not enough? Was I too weird? Was I too clingy? I never seem to find an answer to my questions as they linger around me every single minute of the day. Every time they left, the other side of the bed would always feel cold.

    I’ve always imagined the other side would be warm just like sunshines and laundry being hung outside in the sun in the countryside with flowers swaying right and left. They always leave before the morning comes. This is what my life looks like. Everyone leaves, no one ever stays and I’ve learned that it’s the best for my fragile heart. When will I ever stop feeling like this? I just want to be cared for. Why is it that I always have to put in some effort? Why is it that I’m always the one giving? Why am I not receiving anything? At least a little bit of love and care, that’s all I ask for. It’s not much, but it’s so hard.

    But he’s different. He didn’t leave. Jaehyun didn’t leave before the sun rose. He stayed with me. I woke up feeling the other side of the bed warm just how I described it. In fact, he had breakfast with me. He had breakfast with me. It took me a while to accept that for once, someone is staying. Someone is staying for me. They made an effort for me. They’re giving me something. I’m receiving something. For once, I’m on the receiving end. I couldn’t help but smile and keep my sobs in.

    But it was too soon for me to believe that this would be permanent. What if he’s staying out of habit? What if he’s staying because he felt pity towards me? What if he’s staying because he felt the need to? Not that he wanted to but he felt as if he was forced to? I didn’t want Jaehyun to feel that way. I didn’t want him to feel like he had to stay. He had to stay out of pity. But then again, people said “if he wanted to, he would.” And at that moment, a light bulb appeared. It doesn’t matter if he was ‘forced’ to stay or not, what matters is that he’s still here. With that, I shall make the most out of it.

    “Just do it. Go for it.” I said to myself. “Don’t think about what comes after or what came before.” Here goes nothing. I tried opening my mouth, still hesitating to say those words that I long for. Jaehyun noticed how hesitant I was and he knew that I wanted to say something. This is the time, right now, just say it– I kept telling myself. You got this, I whispered to myself like a mantra.

    Inhale… exhale… you got this. We both started to talk at the same time that made us burst into a fit of laughter. It looks like a lover’s laugh. Except we weren't lovers. He let me speak my mind first as a gentleman he is and-

    “Would you like to have a homemade lunch with me?”, I softly inquired of him while looking down on the palms of my hands. Without a doubt, he immediately chimed a loud yes. Well, scratch that, he said yes, so loud that my home phone rang, signalling the lobby’s call to inform me of my ‘loudness’.

    I was glad I went out of my comfort zone. I should speak up whenever something’s bothering me or when I want my opinions to be heard. I told Jaehyun that he didn’t need to help me chop the vegetables, but he insisted so I just let him do whatever he wants. It felt amazing. Being with someone. He’s so sweet for always helping out. It felt so domestic.

    As I placed the last dish on the table, he whipped out his phone then took a flat lay of the dishes we created for lunch. My lips curved upon seeing his action. The lunch ended on a good note and we were able to talk about everything. It feels like fate. It feels like destiny.

    We never know what will happen in the future but at least we tried our best. Just hope for the best.




    #hjtime #nct jaehyun fluff #nct imagines#jeong jaehyun#nct fluff #nct jaehyun imagines #jaehyun fluff#jjh#jaehyun fanfic #nct 127 fluff #jaehyun angst #nct jaehyun scenarios #jaehyun timestamps#jaehyun#nct timestamps#nct jaehyun#nct fanfic #nct x reader #nct 127 jaehyun fluff #nct 127 timestamps
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  • hwanchaesong
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    ‘That One Thing’ NCT DREAM Mini Series Masterlist (Coming Soon)

    Synopsis: What is that one thing that either brought the two of you closer or farther away from each other?

    🦁Mark - "Grass"

    genre: culinary au, fluff, angst, smut

    “I don’t know. Maybe I am doing this for the sole purpose of garnering your attention on me.” 

    🦊Renjun - "Haechan"

    genre: enemies to lovers au, university au, fluff, angst, smut

    “It's always him, damn it. What role does he even play in this game?”

    🐶Jeno - "Ramyeon"

    genre: vacation au, fluff, angst, smut

    “In an innocent context? That doesn’t suit well to my hearing.”

    🐻Haechan - "Daegal"

    genre: university au, fluff, angst, smut

    “I have to go now, you know, to apologize to my wife because I just cheated on her.” 

    🐰Jaemin - "Laptop"

    genre: wedding au, fluff, angst, smut

    “We need to prepare for our own too, soon. For now, let’s enjoy this.”

    🐬Chenle - "Slippers"

    genre: rich au, fluff, angst, suggestive

    “You spilled coffee on me, accidentally threw a ball on my face, what's next? Kill me with a spoon?”

    🐹Jisung - "Candy"

    genre: strangers to lovers au, fluff, angst, suggestive

    “I don’t wanna say it, it’ll make you cringe. I always think of things like that when I’m with you.” 


    a/n:this will be my first project for nct dream, if y'all wanted to be in the taglist please don't hesitate to tell me. thank you lovely hoomans~ ✨💚

    #nct dream imagines #nct dream #nct dream scenarios #nct dream reactions #nct dream smut #nct dream fluff #nct dream angst #nct dream fanfic #nct dream masterlist #nct imagines#nct fluff#nct smut#nct fanfic#nct scenarios#nct angst #mark lee imagines #haechan imagines#renjun imagines#jeno imagines#jaemin imagines#chenle imagines#jisung imagines #mark lee smut #haechan smut#jeno smut#jaemin smut#renjun smut#chenle smut#jisung smut#nct masterlist
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  • neolubvr
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    what i associate with each member… 🐈🧺

    ⌗ mark - expensive sports jackets thrown on the floor, rushed kisses in the doorway, shaggy hair, diet pepsi, smoke filled concert venues, regret, old lyrics in a shitty notebook.

    ⌗ renjun - confiding in someone you know you can trust, smirking, vanilla lattes with extra foam on top, laughing so hard your stomach hurts, whipped cream, linked pinkies and unspoken promises.

    ⌗ jeno - pastel pink, christmas cookies in june, electric guitar, baguette (dont ask), old string bracelets that are fraying at the edge, kissing in the rain, the color black, adventurous love.

    ⌗ haechan - purple lights, exo, polaroids in your phone case, thrift shop dates, loud bass, skinny dipping, the moon, slow r&b, matching hats, long car rides, intimate cafes or bars, flirty glances, waiting for ducks to cross the road, hugs that you can never get enough of.

    ⌗ jaemin - petting zoo dates, long coats, butterfly kisses, bouquets, scarves, seashell hunting as the sun sets, a billion kisses, holding hands and giggling when his hands are freezing, a freshly cleaned kitchen, stealing his hoodies, ramen at 3 am, late nights and late mornings, dreamy vocals, bon fires, his green hoodie.

    ⌗ chenle - art museums (he wouldnt be that interested but you are and thats all that matters to him), camping, chalk, kissing each of your knuckles, mistakes, passionate conversations about music, jump rope, bacon lol, a playful foot stuck out to carefully trip you… it wasn’t careful, car rides by the beach, honey filled tea and sandwiches, colorful bandaids.

    ⌗ jisung - sharing earbuds, make pretend, study dates without the studying, studios, attention seeking, takeout food, simple kisses on the porch before the date ends, shaky hands, descriptive playlists, squeaky sneakers on pavement, playing in the rain and the sniffles the next day.

    #nct dream soft hours #nct dream fluff #nct dream scenarios #nct dream recs #nct dream reactions #chenle reactions#mark reactions#renjun reactions#jeno reactions#jisung reactions#haechan reactions#jaemin reactions #nct dream fanfic #nct scenarios#nct reactions #nct dream imagines #nct fluff#nct fanfic#renjun fluff#mark fluff#chenle fluff#jisung fluff#jaemin fluff#jeno fluff#haechan fluff #soft nct dream #nct u #nct u fluff #nct dream glitch mode
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  • neobubz
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    ✖ Quiet Down Pt. 4 (M) ✖

    ☆ okay, hi everyone! this story is a renjun x fem reader x haechan story. please look at the pairings to figure out who the part/chapter will be based around. also, the warnings will be based off each part/chapter as well, so please take notice to that too. i hope you enjoy the story! ☆

    PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 Word Count: approx. 11k Pairings (based on each part): haechan x fem reader x renjun Warnings (based on each part): mature audiences only, explicit language, fingering, oral (female receiving), sq***ting, oral (male receiving), co-worker relations, consensual relations Preview: For what feels like minutes you stare at Renjun. His face bright red from what you don’t know. Anger, embarrassment, shyness, lust? You can’t tell. His eyes just stare into yours unreadable and unreachable. He takes a tentative step forward. Eyes glued to yours as he makes his way up to you. Gulping you find yourself trying to cover up more. Hand clamping down between your legs while the other wraps around your chest. Coiling in on yourself trying not to show any unnecessary skin. Renjun stands in front of you. Hands at his sides, eyes still clouded over in uncertainty. Bringing his hand up he strokes down over your hair. Instantly tears well up in your eyes. Renjun wraps his arms around you pulling you close to him, shielding you from Haechan. Holding you tight he kisses the top of your head. “Did he hurt you?” He whispers into your ear.


    Your boss turns around from his assistant eyes wide. “Oh, no, please don’t tell me you were injured as well?! Ms. Johnson, please make note for next year to exclude Tug-of-War,” he sighs. “I can’t bare to be the one who causes you guys’ pain. Let me see,” he instructs Renjun and Charlotte to show him where they were injured.

    “I-Injured?” Renjun asks.

    “I-Injured?” Renjun asks.

    “Yes, that’s why the other two went inside. Seems like your partners’ hands got blistered and raw,” he shivers. “Poor dear…Haechan’s helping her to get all cleaned and bandaged up.”

    “He is?” Charlotte looks at Renjun. “Wh-What about the rest of the games?”

    “Ah! Yes! Charlotte, you can take your friends place for the rest of the games. I don’t think if she gets back in time, she’ll even be able to participate. I’d hate to have both she and Renjun lose out on a chance to win the luxury suit.”

    “It-It’s fine,” Renjun sighs. “It’s just a room, right?”

    “NO! I’ll do it!” Charlotte grabs hold of Renjun’s hand. “Thank you so much, sir.” She starts pulling Renjun away before he ruins your chances of staying in the luxury suite. “I know you’re worried about her but we can’t let her down. Last year she ended up in a shitty room. I won’t let her anywhere near a room like that this year.”

    Shaking his head Renjun slows down. “It’s not that. How could I have not known? I was behind her the whole time. I should have known…”

    “Renjun, calm down, it’s no one’s fault. If I know my girl, she was just trying to do her best and got caught up in the moment. She’ll be fine. Haechan won’t let anything happen to her.”

    Scoffing Renjun rolls his eyes, “no, he’ll just flirt with her the whole time.”

    Charlotte exhales deeply, hand resting on Renjun’s shoulder. “I know you’re pissed but like they say, ‘no use in crying over spilt milk,’ she’s with Haechan right now and you can’t do anything about it because we need to kick some major ass! I want to stay in that room too and with what we’re about to do,” she points to your boss setting things up. “You’ll both owe me big time!”

    Chuckling Renjun nods his head, “so exactly when am I being kicked out of the room?”

    “Tomorrow. All day long! From dawn till the next dawn! It will be your little girlfriend,” she wiggles her brows, “Sasha and myself.”

    Blushing Renjun walks away, “she’s not my girlfriend...”

    “Not yet, but I’m sure she will be…”

    Charlotte and Renjun join the others who have made it to the final two games. Jeno and Mia standing next to them looking at Renjun confused. Not able to ask what is going on your boss rushes forward excitedly.

    “Okay everyone! We’ve made it to the end! Now, this game is going to be a longer one. You and your partner will need to go over different obstacles and come out at the end either first or second. Ms. Johnson, please explain what they will need to do.”

    Stepping forward Ms. Johnson, your boss’ assistant with her large round black glasses and clipboard – that has every teams placements in the games comes forward. “You and your partner will start off here,” she walks to the first post. “One of you will need to grab the baseball bat, spin around exactly ten times, your partner keeping count – when you get to ten you need to run down here,” she jogs down the way where jump ropes are neatly folded. “You will then jump ten times and tag your partner. Then, your partner will need to take the soccer ball, maneuver around the cones and score a goal. Once they have done that, they will need to take the hula hoop by the tree and rotate around you ten times. The teams that finish first and second will move onto the final round.”

    Renjun and Charlotte stare at each other shocked. Suddenly, a second round of Tug-of-War doesn’t seem too bad. Charlotte going up to the first section sighs. “You two OWE ME HUGE for this!” She groans. “I’ll go first and you finish off, okay?”

    Renjun nods, “got it.”

    The other teams get in position, Jeno taking on the last part of the race along with Renjun. Already feeling the pressure Renjun wipes his forehead trying his best not to get psyched out. Keeping a close eye on your boss’ red bandana, Charlotte gets in position. Your boss raises his hand high in the air and just like during the other two games prior, he brings his arm quickly down to his side – the games starting off once again.

    Quickly, Charlotte grabs the bat. Twirling around two, five, eight times, until she turns around exactly ten times. Standing up she starts wobbling and tangling her legs together.

    “Come on, Charlotte!” Renjun runs alongside her as she rushes forward. “You’ve got this!”

    Rushing forward like a bull in a China shop, Charlotte manages to grab the jump rope and start jumping without stumbling. Her hair sticking to her forward as the sun starts to settle in its high noon position. Muscles sore and aching from the previous games she screams out, dropping the rope as she finishes her ten jumps. Tagging Renjun, seconds before Mia tags Jeno, Renjun rushes over to the soccer ball and starts dribbling the ball throughout the cones. Tripping a few times – Jeno takes the lead reaching the goal before Renjun.

    “HURRY RENJUN!” Charlotte shouts.

    Renjun looks back to find the guy who was your teams anchor during Tug-of-War hot on his trail. Going through the last cone smoothly he rushes the ball down the field stopping at a line that was laid out and with all his might he kicks the ball scoring a goal.

    “Great! Hurry! Grab the hula hoop!” Charlotte runs up to him. “Remember ten times!”

    “I know! I know!” Frantically, Renjun starts to swivel his hips, the hoop falling to the ground several times. Looking at Jeno, he wasn’t exactly doing mastering the intricacies either. Grabbing hold of the hoop again, Renjun calms himself down and starts swinging his hips, the hula hoop finally managing to stay up, he counts down along with Charlotte.

    “Five…seven…nine…ten!!!” Charlotte screams. “We did it!”

    Renjun stops the hoop looking over to their boss and assistant who give them both a thumbs up. “We did it!!!” He holds his hand up for a high-five. “Luxury suite here we come!”

    “Didn’t think you had it in you,” Jeno claps Renjun on the shoulder. “But you kept up pretty well.”

    “Thanks,” Renjun’s ears start to turn pink. “I thought I was a goner with the soccer ball.”

    “You were both amazing, Charlotte!” Mia rushes over. “I literally was playing catch up to you the whole time.”

    “Well, what can I say?” She shrugs, “lots of crazy drunken times during my university years helps to solidify my talent for walking around dazed and confused.” Both teams crack up at Charlotte’s confession.

    “But what happened? Why are you with Renjun?” Mia asks.

    “Yeah man, what gives?”

    “Uh, well, someone got hurt,” Renjun sighs. “It was during Tug-of-War.”

    “Wait, for real?” Mia gasps. “Is she alright? Why aren’t you with her?”

    “Haechan saw that her hands were missed up and is helping her right now,” he shrugs.

    Jeno’s hand falls from Renjun’s shoulder. Worried he bends down to his ear, “is it really smart to leave Haechan with her?” He whispers.

    “Like I had much of a choice…”

    “Okay! Our last two teams! Let’s finish these games off so we can all get unpacked and get some lunch!” Your boss shouts. Jeno, Mia, Renjun and Charlotte walk over to the starting line, your boss all the way down the field next to the soccer goal. “Okay, the final game is an easy one. It is, ‘Father, May I?’ A little take on the game ‘Mother, May I.’”

    “Well, this should be fun,” Mia sighs. “Nothing like playing a primary school game.”

    “Beats getting dizzy again.” Charlotte exhales deeply. “Well let the best team win.”

    “Okay, since Jeno’s team won, they will start,” Ms. Johnson instructs. “Whoever gets to the end and taps his shoulder wins.”

    Holding his hands to his mouth Jeno starts off the game, “Father, may I take five steps forward?” He shouts.

    “YES!” Your boss shouts. Taking exactly five, slightly larger than normal steps, Jeno gets closer to your boss.

    “Father, may I take four steps forward?” Charlotte shouts.


    “Four?” Renjun gawks at her. “Why didn’t you say six?”

    “There’s a certain skill required for this game. You’ll see.” She leaps as far as she can, exactly four steps, coming very close to where Jeno stands.

    “Father, may I take six steps forward?” Mia asks.


    “Shit…” she curses.

    “F-Father, may I take…” Charlotte holds up four fingers. “F-Four steps forward?”


    Shocked that he said yes, Renjun takes four steps. One-by-one, the game continues. Trying to figure out exactly how many steps they should ask, Renjun and Charlotte end up slightly behind Jeno and Mia at the half-way point. Their boss showing signs of stubbornness when both teams call out numbers for three rounds and he, saying no to all of them.

    “Father, may I take six steps forward?” Charlotte asks.

    “YES!” Your boss finally agrees.

    Again, Charlotte leaps forward six steps towards your boss. Mia asks to take four steps forward, and when your boss says, yes, Charlotte turns back to find that Mia is copying her leaping, but, unlike Charlotte, has longer legs. Now, ahead, Mia sticks her tongue out teasingly.

    “Cheater,” Charlotte whispers.

    “Grow taller,” Mia retorts.

    Both girls start laughing. The game continues on. Renjun now heading the two teams, mere feet from touching your boss’ shoulder. “Father, may I take two steps forward?” Renjun asks.

    Hearing how close Renjun is your boss starts chuckling, “hmmm…Renjun? Is that you?” He asks. Not answering Renjun holds in his laughter. “How many steps was the last time you asked?” Your boss tries to think. “Uh, yes?” He questions himself. “Yes, you may.”

    Stepping forward two large steps, Renjun can smell your boss’ cologne as a light breeze blows against them. So close to tapping his shoulder and winning the games.

    “Father, may I take five steps?” Jeno asks further back.


    Frustrated Jeno falls onto the grass, his hands gripping his hair. If your boss had said yes, he could have won the game.

    “Father, may I take four steps forward?” Charlotte asks squinting as she asks the question.

    “Uh…” Your boss starts fidgeting. “You may…”


    “Open this damn door now!” Renjun screams from the other side. Your eyes closing you relish in your orgasm. Body shaking, covered in goosebumps – mind and soul leaving you completely. Smirking at your fucked out state Haechan rushes over to the door unlocking it. “What?” He peeks his head out. “What the fuck is going on there?” Renjun’s face and ears burning a brilliant red. “Move!” He pushes against the door making Haechan back away before he gets crushed. Rounding the corner Renjun comes face to face with your lifeless form on the counter. Stripped of everything but your bra. “WH-WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!”

    Stunned beyond belief he moves closer to you. Arms glued to his side, eyes wild and jaw tight. “What the fuck did you do to her?” His hands ball up into fists.

    Haechan comes up to him from behind resting his palms on Renjun’s shoulders. Lowering himself to his ears a devilish smirk on his face he whispers, “just had a little fun with our girl,” he chuckles.

    Renjun tears himself away from Haechan glaring daggers. “Why did you do this?” He asks. “What the hell is wrong with you? I’ve been nothing but nice to you! I’ve shown you nothing but kindness and understanding and this,” he points to you as you start coming to again. “This is what you do to your friends? This is how you treat people who you’re supposed to care about? Y-You slither your way like a fucking snake into their relationships and fuck everything up? What is your problem?!”

    Haechan rolls his eyes stepping away from Renjun. Seeing you start to move around he walks up to you, being careful of your juices that still soak the floor. Moving your legs open slightly he stands between them opening his arms to wrap them around you. Limp in his hold he pulls you flush against him, his hand going up to cup your cheek ever so gently.

    “Baby,” he calls to you. Your eyes fluttering open to see him smiling down at you. “Are you still with us?” He asks chuckling.

    “Mmhmm…” is all you can manage to say. Resting your head under his chin he holds you tight in his arms.

    “We have some company,” he kisses the top of your head. “Can you wake up enough to say hi to them?” He asks you. “I believe they’re worried about you,” he looks over to Renjun.

    “W-Worried?!” Renjun marches forward his feet sliding under him. “What the hell?” He looks down the floor shining under the light. “What the hell is this? Water?”

    “No, that’s not water,” Haechan lifts up your chin with his index finger. “That’s from our girl here,” he kisses you gently your body starting to come alive as if he were a prince and you Sleeping Beauty.

    “Ge-Get away from her!” Renjun grabs your clothes from the floor shoving Haechan’s hand away.

    Paying Renjun no mind, Haechan holds you tight. “Baby, wake up. Look who’s here,” he turns your face to Renjun. Languidly your gaze goes into the direction Haechan points you. Eyes blurry mind still trying to move through the fog of ecstasy you felt from finally being able to cum, you see a familiar face.

    Eyes worried behind round glasses. Their brows knitted together in both anger and concern. Mouth hanging open words not able to come from their lips. The fog clearing. Your sight becoming less distorted, their face becoming clearer — awareness rushing toward you like a punch to the gut. Gasping for air you wiggle in Haechan’s hold. Flailing around frantically trying to move away from the person before you. Searching the ground for the clothes that were once on your body.

    “Re-Re-Renjun!” You squeak. “No! Please! N-No!”

    “Looks like someone’s a little shy,” Haechan laughs while keeping you in his arms.

    “Ge-Get off me you jerk!” You smack his arms. “Renjun, please! Th-This isn’t what it looks like!”

    You try to say but this is exactly what it looks like. Almost completely naked aside from your bra you’re still on top of the sink in the hotel’s bathroom, where you just came harder than you ever have in your life. Haechan, being the culprit, the seducer, the devil, and the man who has brought you to heaven and back with just his mouth, fingers and words. This is EXACTLY what it looks like.

    “Don’t be shy,” Haechan whispers as he covers you with his body.

    “Where are my clothes?” You look around the floor.

    “Right here,” Renjun mumbles holding up your clothes in his hands. “Here,” he looks away from you.

    His face so hurt, so saddened, it tears you apart. Your heart breaking again and again the longer you look at him. What were you thinking? Why would you let Haechan touch you? Kiss you? How could you be this stupid?

    “I’m so sorry,” you cry out. Tears falling onto your cheeks. “I’m sorry…”

    “Now now,” Haechan sighs snatching your clothes from Renjun tossing them down towards the last sink. “Enough of the tears, and don’t you dare look at her like that!” He shouts.

    “Like what?!” Renjun snaps. “I’m not looking at her because unlike someone I have respect for her!” His face darkening, eyes bloodshot as if he’s on the verge of tears.

    Scoffing Haechan props you up before barricading you from Renjun. “And I don’t? Look just because I’m not afraid to show how much I like her, how much I want to be with her, how much I need her — in more ways than one, doesn’t mean I have no respect for her. Because you know what, Renjun!” He steps forward poking his friend in the chest pushing him away from you. “I do! I see her as the beautiful sexy temptress that she is. I see her as a strong and independent woman that can boss me around and still make me fall for her! I’m not sitting on my ass trying to be the ‘good guy’ and play nice all the time. That’s you!” He backs Renjun against the wall, his body hovering over him.

    “You can call me anything you want! A jerk! An ass! A snake, I don’t fucking care because here’s the truth,” he leans down to his ear. “I’ve been having my way with her all day. What have you done? Kiss her?” He chuckles. “Tell me this, how long would it have taken you to see her like this? How long would you have waited to taste her? To fuck her?” He moves to the side giving Renjun a quick glimpse at your still almost completely nude form. Having since pulled up your bra so your nipples weren’t showing anymore, you have your hands blocking your most private area.

    Renjun’s eyes drift from yours down to your nose, lips, neck — seeing faint kiss marks from Haechan with what he just did and kiss marks from when the two of you were on the bus. His eyes continuing down your body stopping at your breasts. Seeing your chest rise and fall as you breathe heavily from his intense gaze. Traveling down your body he glosses over every curve his tongue sliding over his lips when his gaze stops just below your belly button.

    “Look at her,” Haechan goes to Renjun’s side. “How long would you have waited to see her like this?” He asks him his voice still a whisper. “Don’t you want to know how she sounds when you’re kissing her body? How she feels under your touch? How she tastes?” Again, Renjun wets his lips. Pupils dilating the more Haechan goes on. “She’s right here in front of you.” Haechan steps away giving him a full view of you from across the room. “What are you going to do, Renjun?”

    For what feels like minutes you stare at Renjun. His face bright red from what you don’t know. Anger, embarrassment, shyness, lust? You can’t tell. His eyes just stare into yours unreadable and unreachable. He takes a tentative step forward. Eyes glued to yours as he makes his way up to you. Gulping you find yourself trying to cover up more. Hand clamping down between your legs while the other wraps around your chest. Coiling in on yourself trying not to show any unnecessary skin. Renjun stands in front of you. Hands at his sides, eyes still clouded over in uncertainty.

    Bringing his hand up he strokes down over your hair. Instantly tears well up in your eyes. Renjun wraps his arms around you pulling you close to him, shielding you from Haechan. Holding you tight he kisses the top of your head.

    “Did he hurt you?” He whispers into your ear.

    Shaking your head, you cling to him for dear life. “N-No… I’m sorry, Renjun…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…”

    He pulls back shaking his head. “There is no need to say sorry. When Haechan was pulling you away I was worried,” he takes hold of your wrist that was covering your chest seeing your bandaged hand. “Are you okay? Does it hurt? Our boss told Charlotte and I what happened.”

    “CH-CHARLOTTE?!” Fear washes over you as your gaze sets on where the door is.

    “Don’t worry I came alone,” he pulls your attention back to him. “What happened?” He looks at you but then back at Haechan. “With her hand,” he clarifies.

    Haechan looks at Renjun questioningly. His eyes roaming over his face, brows knitted together as if he were trying to figure out a puzzle. “The ropes rubbed her hands raw,” he walks over standing next to you. “They were a little bloody but I cleaned them and wrapped them. She should be fine until later tonight.” He keeps his eyes locked on Renjun.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asks you. “I would have helped you,” he cups your cheek in his hand.

    “I-I didn’t know until Haechan pointed it out. I mean my hands were hurting but I didn’t think it was that bad. I’m sorry.”

    Renjun cracks a smile, “again, you don’t have to be sorry. I’m just glad you’re okay.” He looks down to the last sink where Haechan threw your clothes. “Why don’t we get you dressed?” He asks you.

    “What?!” Haechan shouts. “Are you kidding me?”

    “No!” Renjun snaps. “I’m not kidding.”

    “Dude she is literally in front of you undressed and the only thing on your mind is to put her clothes back on?!” Haechan scoffs rolling his eyes. “You know what, fine!” He marches down to the last sink grabbing your clothes. “You want to pretend like you’re the good guy here be my guest.” He shoves your clothes into his arms. “But I’m not buying it for one second! I saw the way you kissed her! Hell, all of us did. You want her just as badly as I do! Why don’t you just admit to yourself that you want her?”

    “Haechan, drop it!” Renjun turns from him clutching your clothes in his arms.

    “No! I want to know! Do you want to know what she was like when she knew you were behind the door?”

    Gasping you turn to Haechan, “stop!”

    “She was spread eagle for me while I was eating her out. Pussy dripping wet at just the thought of you coming in here and seeing her like that. Moaning like a little slut,” Haechan starts laughing. “Should have seen —"

    Out of nowhere your clothes drop to the ground as Renjun swings around his hand balling up into a fist, punching Haechan square in his jaw. Clenching his jaw, fumbling from the punch, Haechan barely holds himself up from falling onto the ground.


    “Renjun…” you whisper eyes wide. Never in a million years would you guess Renjun would do something like that.

    “I-I…” he looks at you stunned by his own behavior.

    “Little shit,” Haechan chuckles from the ground. “Didn’t think you had it in you…”

    “Haechan,” you whisper reaching a hand out for him.

    “I’m good,” he holds up his hands but then lunges forward punching Renjun. Falling back into the edge of the sink Renjun lets out a scream. Hands clutching his now busted lip and his side. He looks up at Haechan startled. Exhaling deeply Haechan rolls his neck loud cracks echoing off the barren walls. “Did that feel good?” He looks down at Renjun. “Feel good to let out what you’ve been feeling this whole time?”

    “Fuck you,” Renjun hisses. “Fuck that hurt…” he brings his hand down blood smearing on his fingertips.

    “Renjun!” Sliding down from the sink you go to rush to him but Haechan wraps his arms around your waist instead. “Haechan! Let me go!” You fight in his arms. “He’s hurt!”

    “And I’m not?!” He looks at you stunned. “Plus, he’s a big boy he’ll be alright.”

    “Don’t touch her!” Renjun stands up eyes wild and burning with fire.

    Quirking a brow, Haechan slides one of his hands up your body slowly. Caressing your stomach which makes you inhale deeply. Body trembling against his chilly fingers. “Oh, I think she likes it when I touch her.” He continues his journey up your body gripping one of your breasts in his hand. “Isn’t that right baby?” He lowers his head pressing his lips against your neck. “Had you moaning and begging for me to make you cum, didn’t I?” He asks you his other hand slipping between your legs cupping your core.

    “Haechan!” Renjun glares body shaking with rage. “I said don’t touch her!”

    Looking up, his face still close to your neck he snickers, “make me.” He taunts. “By the way, you should have seen how wet she got when she knew you were right outside,” Haechan starts to rub between your waiting folds. “Was dripping all over the counter. Had to slurp everything up.” He kisses your neck fingers rubbing over your clit.

    “Ah!!!” You moan your pelvis jerking forward.

    “You should come closer Renjun, she’s already getting wet. You like it when there are people around don’t you? Like being watched,” Haechan kisses from the base of your neck up to your jaw. “Want Renjun to play with you too, don’t you?” He asks looking at Renjun as he toys with your pussy. “You want to feel his mouth on you, isn’t that right?”

    “Haechan, please…” you beg for him to stop.

    “Look at her,” Haechan holds up his hand his fingers glistening with your juices. “Look at how wet she is. She’s waiting for you, Renjun.”

    Renjun stares at Haechan’s glistening fingers coated in your wetness. Gulping loudly his eyes trailing down to your face. Eyes half closed, chest rising and falling, all the way down to your exposed wet core. Never in a million years did he ever think he would have been able to talk to you. Far too shy to approach you. Only watching and wondering who you were and what you were really like from far away. Never in a million years did he think that you were going to pick his name. Praying that somehow you would pick him ensuring an opportunity to talk to you, to get to know you — miraculously someone from above must have heard him and decided to back him up because it happened! His prayers answered.

    Until everything shattered before his eyes seeing you and Haechan together in the backseat of the bus. Deceit from his best friend clear as day. Regretting ever admitting even in the slightest that he was interested in you. Especially, after Haechan thought you liked him. That was his biggest mistake. Haechan being the friend full of confidence. Haechan being the friend that everyone loved to be around even when he was acting like a dick –was still somehow entertaining and fun to be around.

    The way he holds himself, how he can talk to just about anyone — one of the reasons Renjun wanted to be friends with him in the first place. After almost half a year of friendship. Half a year of getting to know each other, spending time together feeling more like family then friends — the one person in his life who he trusted more than anyone was the person who has betrayed him the most.

    Watching Haechan’s fingers rub over your clit, your body wiggling in his grasp. Bandaged hand covering your mouth as you hold back moan after moan Renjun watches with impassive eyes. This was supposed to be him. He was the person who was supposed to kiss you, hold you, love you, and make love to you. And yet here he is. Standing in front of you as his best friend dips his fingers inside of you. A loud whimper coming from you that you just couldn’t hold back, not even for his sake.

    Then again…

    Renjun’s eyes lift to yours. Tears dripping down onto your cheeks. His heart breaking to see you look like this. His heart beating faster the longer he looks at you. Wanting so desperately to pull you away from Haechan, to wrap you in his arms, and show you what love is like and can be like — but Haechan was right. How long would it have taken him to talk to you? Would he have ever gotten the courage to do so? And how long would it have taken for him to kiss you? Your flirtations being brought on only because Haechan told you he liked you.

    If he kept his secret… Renjun steps forward, would you have even tried to kiss him? If you didn’t know he liked you, would you have even agreed to spend time with him on the trip? No matter how enraged he is feeling on the inside, Renjun reaches out cupping your cheek in his hand. Haechan made all of this happen.

    Leaning into his touch your lips brush over the palm of his hand. Inhaling sharply Renjun’s eyes finally soften. If it wasn’t for Haechan he wouldn’t have had the courage to talk to you in the first place, whether or not you picked his name out of the hat, his stupid bet being the main reason. If it wasn’t for Haechan saying that he told you he liked you, he would have never approached you at the gas station wanting to talk to you.

    You would have never linked your arm with his and he would have never felt like he was going to have a heart attack from the excitement he felt. If it wasn’t for Haechan he would have never kissed you the way he did. Hungry and desperate to feel your lips on his. To let you know exactly how he felt all those months pining for you. And if it wasn’t for Haechan, he wouldn’t have the courage to —

    Moving his hand from your cheek Renjun grips a hold of your neck. Ripping off his glasses, he tosses them behind you onto the sink and yanks you to him. Your lips landing hard against his.

    “About damn time,” Haechan smirks hopping up onto the sink.

    Renjun’s hold on your neck keeps you locked in place. His other arm wrapping around you, gripping your waist tightly. Your arms wrap around his small frame getting lost in the way his lips move across yours. Gently but with a strong sense of urgency and passion behind each kiss upon your lips. Moaning when he nips your bottom lip your mouth opens allowing him entrance. Without hesitation Renjun deepens the kiss his tongue swirling around yours. Turning things sloppy and wet. Making your legs clench together as you feel wetness start to trickle down your inner thigh. Clenching the back of your neck he shoves his tongue further into your mouth, your back arching, his arm keeping you steady as he drives you crazy with just a mere kiss.

    Pulling back gasping for air Renjun stares into your eyes. Pupils dilated chest rising and falling quickly he gives you another kiss this one softer. His grip on you starts to loosen. Hand falling from your neck giving you a chance to wrap your arms around his neck. His arms wrapping you in a tight embrace, hands resting at the button of your back.

    “Is it true?” He whispers against your lips.

    “Tr-True?” You stutter when he moves from your lips to your cheek.

    “Were you thinking about me?” His voice soft against your skin making his kiss burn hotter.

    “Yes!” You moan feeling him trail kisses down your neck.

    “What were you thinking about?” He sucks on your neck.

    “A-About you coming in,” you lean your neck back giving him access.

    “Mmmhmm,” he nips your neck. “Anything else?”

    “Y-You taking o-over,” your body starts to warm up. Cheeks burning brightly.

    Smiling against your neck Renjun gazes up at you. “Take over? What exactly did you want me to do?” He kisses a line back up to your lips.

    “T-To kiss me a-and touch me,” you look away embarrassment consuming you. “To f-feel your mouth on me…”

    “So naughty,” Haechan hops down coming up behind you. “Thinking of another man like that,” he wraps his arms around your waist. “I think we should give her what she wants. Don’t you think?” He asks Renjun.

    “We?” Renjun quirks a brow. “Haven’t you had enough of her already?”

    “Hell no, plus,” he slides his hand around your body to between your legs causing you to cry out. “I want to see her squirt again,” he slides his middle finger inside of you.

    Renjun steps back watching Haechan pump his finger inside of you. “What happens doesn’t leave this room?” He states instead of asks.

    “Of course,” Haechan pulls his hand away sliding his coated finger into his mouth sucking off your juices. “My lips are sealed. Don’t want to share her with anyone else,” he grips your chin turning your head to kiss you. “Well, no one but you,” he winks at Renjun.

    “So, what should we do first?” Renjun asks Haechan but his eyes stay on you.

    “Hmmm, how about we set you up again on the sink. Let’s show Renjun that pretty pussy of yours, shall we?” Haechan moves away from you.

    “Re-Renjun…” you whisper.

    He nods towards you his sweet gentle smile appearing on his face again. Haechan pulls you back to the sink and helps you up so you don’t put too much weight on your hands. Spreading your legs for you, Haechan squats down. “Don’t be shy,” he looks back towards Renjun. “Not like you’re a virgin,” he snorts.

    “Shut it, okay?” Renjun walks over to him. “I just didn’t think any of this would be happening, right now…” he whispers.

    “Well, it is…” Haechan pulls him down next to him. “She’s already soaking wet. Must really like you,” he rubs his thumb over your clit making you twitch.

    “How can you be so shameless?” Renjun places his hand on your knee to steady himself. Holding in a moan your legs start to close.

    “Man, what kind of hold do you have on her?” Haechan chuckles pushing your legs open. “You touch her and she reacts.”

    Renjun looks up at you shocked. Turning away from him you close your eyes. What Haechan said was true. Just a simple touch to your body from Renjun makes you react. Body sizzling under his cool chilly fingers. Both afraid and eager for him to touch you more and to touch you where you dare not say.

    “Go on,” Haechan moves away.

    Moving closer to you Renjun gets his first real glance at you. Eyes going wide, lower lip being gnawed by his teeth — his eyes moving over your puffy wet folds. Reaching out a shaky hand he places his thumb on your clit. Instantly your pelvis moves forward, a high-pitched whine coming from you.

    “Quiet down, babe,” Haechan chuckles. “Don’t want anyone walking in on us, do we?” He kisses the inside of your leg.

    “I-I can’t help i-i —"

    Another loud moan comes from you. A wet stripe being placed from your entrance up to your clit. Renjun’s tongue being the culprit.

    “Damn, okay,” Haechan chuckles.

    He gets up and sits next to you on the counter top. His arm wrapping around your waist, pulling you to him. “Like feeling his tongue on your clit?” He asks you.

    “Mmmhmm…” you whimper as Renjun once again slides his tongue over your pussy ever so gently. “S-So good,” your entrance clenches wanting to be filled.

    “You taste so good…” Renjun moans flicking his tongue over your pulsing nub.

    “She does, doesn’t she? Best pussy I’ve tasted,” Haechan lifts your chin up and dips down for a kiss. A slight sweetness entering your mouth when he swipes his tongue into your mouth.

    Renjun spreads open your folds your legs opening wider for him. Rubbing over your clit with his index finger he watches as your juices start to seep out of you. His mouth watering, he slurps up your wetness. “You were right, she’s soaking wet,” he chuckles giving your pussy a kiss.

    “Must love to get eaten out.” He mumbles against your lips. “You like having someone between your legs?”

    “Yes! I love it,” your hand finds its way into Renjun’s hair, running through his short locks. “Feels so good, Renjun.” You whisper. Eyes rolling into the back of your head when he flicks his tongue teasingly over your clit. “Fuck…”

    Kissing your sensitive nub, Renjun wraps his lips around it sucking gingerly. Your hand pushing him forward, urging him not to stop. Crying out in pleasure Haechan crashes his lips onto yours trying to keep you as quiet as possible. His hand grabbing onto your breasts massaging roughly. A beautiful contrast to Renjun’s softness. Reaching underneath your bra, pushing it upward, Haechan grasps your nipple — twisting it between his fingers, your body twisting and turning in pleasure.

    Never before have you been with two people. Always dating just one person who never wanted to add anyone else to the mix, the old you would have said no way to anyone joining you and your partner in bed — your mind changing slowly with Renjun and Haechan. Perhaps adding someone else to the mix isn’t that bad, especially when it feels this amazing.

    Groaning into the kiss you pull away gasping for air. Renjun starts to slurp up your essence his eyes landing on yours. His beautiful innocent eyes staring back at you while eating you out starts the churning in your stomach. Your orgasm building up.

    “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” You whimper. “Feels so good, don’t stop…”

    “Gonna cum for Renjun? Make him clean you up?” Haechan kisses your neck, biting your skin, your nipple still being twisted between his fingers.

    “Yes! Fuck!!” You start moving your hips against Renjun’s lips feeling your orgasm closing in. Body trembling and eyes rolling into the back of your head. “Shit!” You scream as your climax hits you. Twisting and turning uncontrollably, stars sparkling behind your closed eyes. Legs clenching around Renjun’s head making him push your legs open as he keeps licking over your pussy.

    “That’s our girl,” Haechan pecks your lips, “but I think we can do better don’t you think?” There is a dark smirk laced behind Haechan’s words. His hand traveling down to your pulsating nub. “Renjun, you may want to move off to the side,” Haechan chuckles. “Unless you don’t mind getting soaking wet,” he peers at you. “Isn’t that right, baby?”

    Still riding off the orgasm Renjun caused you, Haechan rubs over your sensitive nub gently, warming you back up. “Hae-Haechan,” you cup the side of his face in your hand.

    “I want you to show Renjun what you can do,” he kisses the tip of your nose the sweetest smile on his face, making him look like a kid excited to show his friend his new toy.

    “I-I,” you’re cut off with his fingers sliding into you. Your head falls back onto the mirror the feeling of finally being filled making you blank out for a second.

    Your walls clamp down around Haechan’s fingers. “So tight,” he twists his fingers around inside of you. “Want something else inside you, don’t you?”

    “Mmhmm…” you sigh at the thought of being filled up by both Haechan and Renjun. Them fucking you until your mind goes blank, body limp from being used. Their cum dripping from your pussy. A loud moan echoes off the walls. Your eyes flying open as Haechan hits your g-spot. “R-Right there!” You say in urgency. “Please don’t stop!”

    “Not gonna happen,” he pulls away slightly angling his hand better as he slams his fingers in and out of you.

    Your breath hitches as your third orgasm starts to build up. Arms propping you up, eyes closed tight. Squelching sounds from Haechan’s fingers and your soaking wet juices along with your whimpers the only sounds bouncing off the bathroom walls. Renjun rests his head on the inside of your knee. Eyes glued to your pussy; lip tightly buried under his top teeth. Hungrily waiting for you to show him your special skill. A groan comes from Haechan. The veins in his forearm pronounced as he continues to pump his fingers in and out of you. Sweat builds around his forehead, dampening the hair that touches his neck. Eyes laser focused on the task at hand.

    “I-I-I’m coming!” You scream as your orgasm hits you hard just like when Renjun was banging on the door. Your mind goes blank. Eyes rolling into the back of your head. Haechan slams his fingers inside of you once more when you feel yourself spray your juices out. His fingers pull from you, rubbing over your clit ferociously. “Fuck!!!!” You scream as you continue spraying onto the already wet floor.

    Haechan’s hand slows down as your wetness does too. Body shivering Haechan holds onto you the moment he sees you sliding down. Renjun standing up quickly, gripping your thighs so you don’t fall off.

    “S-So fucking hot,” Haechan breathes heavily. “How did we get so lucky?” He turns your head to kiss him. Your lips moving lazily over his. Still on cloud nine, mind body and soul floating above you in ecstasy.

    “Don’t forget about me,” Renjun pouts.

    Releasing you from his hold Haechan lets you fall into Renjun’s arms. He holds you tight, lips pressed against yours. Tongue entering your mouth your body comes alive at the memory of what he did to you moments ago. Pulling him closer to you, you push your pelvis against his — feeling how hard he was under his jeans. A groan passes Renjun’s lips when you rub your pelvis against his.

    “Fuck,” he pulls back. “Want more don’t you?” He asks grasping your face in his hands.

    “Yes. I want you,” you try to kiss him but he pulls back. “Re-Renjun!” You whine.

    Chuckling he shakes his head. “As much as I want to continue, we need to get out of here before someone really comes by looking for us.” Reaching into his back pocket he pulls out the card key to the luxury suite. “Plus, I’m sure we’ll be more comfortable in a bedroom as opposed to a bathroom.”

    “Fuck yeah!” Haechan grabs the card key. “Let’s get the hell out of here!”

    Stroking your hair lovingly, Renjun kisses the top of your head. “Who invited you?” He turns to Haechan.

    Haechan stops dead in his tracks. “Wait what?”

    Renjun reaches down and picks up your clothes. “I said, who invited you? I don’t think you won the luxury suite.” He helps you put your shirt back on then turns to Haechan. “If anyone Charlotte should be the one sharing the luxury suite with us,” he smirks. “She’s the one who helped me win it while the two of you were…taking care of an injury?”

    “Charlotte’s married! What the hell man! Trust me, you don’t want to get involved with a married woman!” Haechan rushes over. “Plus, how are you ever going to deal with this one?” He points to you; your panties now being pulled up your body. “Trust me it will take two of us to satisfy her!” He whines as you slide into your jeans, Renjun buttoning them for you.

    “I never intended anything to happen with Charlotte and I,” he grimaces. “To even think I would do that is disgusting. Also, I think I’m fully capable and equipped to handle our girl here,” lifting your chin with his index finger Renjun kisses you gently. “You should consider yourself lucky I let things go this far.”

    Grabbing your socks, Renjun bends down and slides them onto your feet. “Please, you’re kidding me, right? Also, why are you making it sound like the two of you are dating. You couldn’t even talk to her this morning! No way in hell the two of you are together!” As soon as your shoes are put on your feet Haechan grabs your wrist yanking you away from Renjun. “It’s both of us or no one,” he wraps his arms around you tightly. “If it’s with you I don’t mind sharing her! But if you even think about trying to take her for yourself, I can assure you I will do everything in my power to interfere every step of the way!”

    Renjun’s brows knit together. “Shut up,” he turns away. “Also, clean this shit up,” he points down at the wet floor. “Since you caused it,” he holds out his hand. “Come on, Charlotte is probably worried sick about you.”

    “What the hell!” Haechan moves you away from Renjun. “I didn’t cause this! Our little fountain did!”

    “I can’t clean it up!” You hold up your hands. “I’m injured,” you make sniffing noises like you’re about to cry.

    Trying to hold back a laugh Haechan turns from you. “Just call for a janitor and say that the floor is wet,” Haechan holds onto your wrist pulling you away from Renjun and around the soaking wet floor. “We’ll discuss sleeping arrangements later,” he wraps his arm around your waist.

    Renjun comes up beside you as you all exist the bathroom, first aid kit in hand. “Excuse me,” Renjun grips your wrist. “Your partner is probably in the lobby waiting to get your card key. We’re going upstairs. Lunch is going to be ready soon anyway,” he sighs. “We’ll talk about all of this after the movie tonight.”

    Haechan chuckles, “was planning on having a little fun during the movie tonight.”

    “NO!” Renjun stands in front of you. “You had your fun for now. Just let her breathe for two seconds. You’re like a dog in heat!”

    “So, what I have to follow your rules? Is that it? I can only be around her when you say it’s okay?”

    “No…” Renjun groans. “Like I said we’ll talk about it AFTER THE MOVIE! Just let her relax for the evening. She came twice already. You can’t be serious about wanting to fool around with her when we’ll be in a room surrounded by our co-workers and our boss! How dumb are you? Do you want to get fired?”

    “Okay, wow, rude,” Haechan scoffs. “I’m not dumb and we wouldn’t get caught at all. This is your first trip with all of us. Trust me, our boss falls asleep after the first part of the movie. People are talking and texting and chatting away. We’d be in the back corner away from everyone. No one would know at all. AND…technically, it was three times.” Haechan smirks. “Would have been more but I was having to much fun making her wait. Isn’t that right, baby?” He winks at you.

    Pushing you towards the elevators, Renjun glares in Haechan’s direction. “Stop calling her baby. She’s not your baby.”

    “I’ll call her anything I want to!” Haechan shouts. “See you soon, ba…by!”


    Haechan runs off towards the noise that was coming down the hallway around the corner. Renjun with his hand at the center of your back leads you to the elevators. A strange energy permeating from him. Unsure exactly what to say and feel after that rather intimate, spontaneous, and sensual moment all three of you just had. When Haechan told you that Renjun was interested in you, you didn’t know how to feel. Having told Charlotte you would absolutely pass on Renjun and even thinking he was gay — now wanting to know what he tastes like, what it would feel like to fuck and be fucked by him, wanting to feel his mouth and tongue on you once again.

    This isn’t what you expected at all. Glancing at Renjun as he presses the button for the elevator you can’t help but wonder if things didn’t progress this quickly what it would have been like to date him. A tiny smile comes to your face as you remember him walking up to you. Finally, looking at him for the first time up close — thinking how handsome and pure, he was and even now, still is. How he stuttered and twitched and avoided your eyes. The cutest person alive!

    Things would have gone incredibly slow. Secret glances towards each other. Small touches that made your hearts flutter. Whispering whatever was on your mind with each other leaving both of you in a fit of giggles. All leading up to hopefully Renjun, asking you out on your first official date. Most likely out for lunch and then a stroll through the park. Nodding you stare as the numbers descend down to the main floor. Renjun seems like a simple first date type of guy. Nothing extravagant but also nothing private and personal.

    Your first time, granted hasn’t happened yet, but with the way things were just now — only time will tell when that will happen. But if you’re thinking about things in a traditional sense, it would be a long time until the two of you would have sex. Absolutely after you were going out for a few months. Really solidifying the relationship. Perhaps even after meeting each other’s families at least for a short period of time, like picking up the other or dropping the other off. Now, you gulp staring at him, you only hope that by the end of this weekend you’ll be able to find out what it’s like to sleep with him.

    The elevator dings, the doors opening. Opening his arm gesturing for you to walk in first you go inside, Renjun following behind and pressing the button to the top floor. No one else in the elevator, away from prying eyes you start fiddling with your fingers. You need to apologize to him. An actual apology, not one when you’re almost naked and with Haechan around to butt in.

    “Renjun, I —"

    He sighs. “We’ll talk about everything when we get inside. Our bags are already in the room, so we’ll have a chance to talk before we head down for lunch.” He keeps his face forward towards the doors, not looking back at you.

    “Th-The games, what were the last two?”

    “The one after tug-of-war was a relay race. Charlotte and I needed to do two things each. She had to spin around a baseball bat ten times before jumping rope, while I had to dribble a soccer ball through cones, scoring a goal and then hula hoop. We finished second.” He glances back at you. “I would have asked Charlotte to take your place so don’t feel guilty at all,” he looks down at your hands. “Tonight, before we go to sleep, we’ll see how they look and change the bandages.” His eyes widen his head quickly turning back to the doors. “Th-The second game,” he starts shifting back and forth like he’s nervous about something. “Umm, the second game, was ‘father may I,’ well…mother but considering it was our boss,” he clears his throat. “And of course, we won with Charlotte winning it for us. She says you owe her a girl’s day and night in the luxury suite.”

    Giggling you nod, “as expected. I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t participate for the last two games. Because of Haechan or not, even if I got bandaged up and left, I would have felt terrible not being able to participate to help win the room for us. Next time we may not be partners and…I just wanted to make your first time was enjoyable,” you whisper lowly.

    Gasping loudly as arms wrap around you. Pulling you tight against him, Renjun rests his cheek next to yours. Your heart bursts through your chest, arms wrapping around him tightly, trying to fuse your bodies together. “As long as I’m with you I’ll be okay. Plus, Charlotte I think would kill you if you even tried to have participated in the games,” he chuckles.

    “I think you’re right,” you sigh gently as his sweet floral smell washes over you. “I am sorry, Renjun. I didn’t mean for things to end up like that. I don’t know what happened.”

    “I know you like Haechan but please know that I like you too, so much and I don’t want to lose you before I even had the chance to have you,” he kisses your cheek gently.

    The elevator dings the doors opening and Renjun pulls away quickly. Taking hold of your hand as gently as he can he pulls you out of the elevator and towards the last door in the hallway. As you draw closer to the door your body grows excited. Wanting to see what exactly a luxury suite really entails. A beautiful view and a gigantic bed waiting for you to jump onto and seep into its softness. Stopping at the door, Renjun presses the card key up to the lock, the light turning green. Opening the door, he walks in first, you tugging along behind excited, but when you get through the door — Renjun slams it shut, pushing your back against it.


    He slams his lips down onto yours. Mind going wild with this sudden change in Renjun’s manner, your arms wrap around his shoulders hoping this kiss doesn’t end any time soon. His lips move across yours hastily. Hands wrapping around your waist pulling you against him. Pelvis touching yours, his length poking against you. Pulling back a moan comes from you. Pushing your pelvis forward so you can feel his length again his hands falling to your waist.

    “Shit,” he hisses.

    “Renjun~~” you moan his name sweetly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    Eyes closing Renjun steadies himself. Hand pressing against the door, your hips rolling against his while he holds onto you with his other hand. “I-I didn’t want,” he grunts when you slide your fingers over his clothed girth. “Fuck…”

    Giggling you grip him through his jeans, “you didn’t want…what?”

    His breath catches in his throat as you palm his length. “I-I –” his hips start to move along with your hand. “I wanted to have more self-control than this.” Giggling at his sweet confession you rub your fingers over his length smiling up at him when his lustful eyes switch, something brewing deep inside. He grabs your wrist pulling your hand away. “NO! STOP!” He alarms you.

    “Wh-What is it?” You ask concerned worried you’ve overstepped.

    “Your hand,” he brings your hand up to his lips pressing a soft kiss on the tops of your fingers. “I don’t want you to make them worse. I already feel terrible that I didn’t take notice earlier…”

    “Renjun…” you whisper staring at him. His eyes down casted looking at your bandaged hand as if he were the one who caused you this pain in the first place. Cupping his cheek in your hand you lift his face up to meet yours. Leaning in, you gingerly place your lips on his.

    Even with himself in the state he’s in. Hardened cock, breathless and indeed of a release, his mind and priority are on you. Not wanting you to get hurt even more so than you already are. Wondering if you did something amazing in a past life to deserve someone as sweet and caring as Renjun – you pull him against you, hips grinding against his.

    “Thank you for worrying about me,” your lips tremble against his as his length rubs over your already dripping clothed core, “but I’ll be fine.” Your lips brush over his, hot breath mixing together with his.

    “No,” he shakes his head. “You need to heal first. My needs don’t matter,” he moves his lips from yours trailing them down your chin to your jaw.

    How can he say that his needs don’t matter? They absolutely matter! Suddenly, as if there was a lightbulb hanging over your head, an idea pops into your mind. If Renjun won’t let you touch him with your hands, well, there is still one way you can get what you both desire.

    “I guess you’re right,” you slide your body down his until your squatting, face level with his girth. Back pressed against the chilly door, your hands grip Renjun’s tiny but firm thighs. “I suppose my mouth will do,” you balance yourself and reach up to the front of his jeans.

    “Wh-What are –” he stares flabbergasted as you unbutton and unzip his jeans. “Shit…” he whispers when his eyes meet yours. With one swift movement you tug his jeans down his legs until they pool at his feet. Covering himself before you make eye contact with his length, Renjun looks away from you. Eyes shaking, cheeks and ears bright as the sunrise itself. “Y-You don’t have to do this… You should rest especially after –” he drifts off unable to say what happened in the bathroom.

    Placing your hands over his you shake your head. “I want to, Renjun… so bad…”

    “R-Really?!” He gulps loudly.

    Feeling your own cheeks start to warm you slowly move his hands to his sides. “Yes, you made me feel so good, Renjun. It made me think of doing a lot more with you. So so much more,” you bite your lower lip when you finally see the impression of his cock under his briefs. Instinctively, you lick your lips feeling yourself wanting to drool just looking at him. Precum creating a wet mark around his tip.

    Lifting yourself up higher you place gentle kisses along his length. A long soft sigh escapes him. His head leaning back, eyes closing shut. Heading for the tip you wrap your lips around the wetness sucking in his essence. Renjun whimpers hands resting at his side balling into tight fists. Your eyes roll into the back of your head as you slurp up as much of him as you can. A natural sweet taste dancing across your taste buds. Only the slightest bitter taste at the back of his sweetness. Wanting to taste more of him you pull back grabbing the waistband of his briefs. Pulling his briefs down you’re almost hit on the cheek by his cock springing forward.

    Giggling you look up at him. Eyes laser focused on you; you gently blow onto his swollen head. He shivers in your grasp making you smile and blow onto him again, this time going up and down his shaft. Eyes becoming hooded he gnaws on his bottom lip. Chest rising and falling quickly the longer you tease him. Wanting to hear him beg for you. Wanting to see him come undone you kiss the base of his cock moving up along his length until you place an open-mouthed kiss on the tip – your tongue just gracing over his slit.

    “Shit!!!” Renjun gasps hands slamming flat against the door.

    “Like that?” You giggle as you kiss along his length again.

    “Mmmhmm…” he hums lips in a hard line. When you get close to the tip of his cock you open your mouth again allowing your tongue to brush against him. “F-Fuck!” Renjun starts panting. “Pl-Please…” he whispers.

    “Please?” You look up at him, the head of his cock resting just above your lips.

    Peeling his hand from the door, Renjun strokes your hair gently, his hand sliding under your chin lifting your head so your lips are touching the underside of his tip. His hips jerk forward, cock rubbing against your lips. “Fuck! I need you…please!” He whines.

    Looking up at Renjun to see the desperation on his face. The neediness in his eyes and soft but firm touch of his hand against your chin – you only wonder what you looked like to Haechan. Completely at his mercy to get you off, how he kept teasing you when all you wanted to do was cum. Your heart starts racing imagining Renjun turning into a mess because of you. Body seconds from collapsing to the ground in need of a release. Clenching your legs together you open your mouth, your tongue poking out.

    Giving the underside of his swollen tip a lick, Renjun cries out in pleasure. “You need me?” You ask him, sliding the tip of your tongue from the base of his cock to the head. His cries getting louder and needer as you continue.  

    “Yes! Please!” His body starts shaking. Wrapping your mouth around the tip you suck gently. Tongue swirling around, sucking up the remnants of precum that glisten in the light. Whiny breathy moans come from Renjun as you focus solely on the head of his cock. “Fuck! Please…I can’t take it anymore!” His hand grips your locks, hips rolling gently. Trying to get more of your mouth on him.

    Opening your mouth more you slide down onto his cock. A drawn-out whimper making you look up at to find Renjun clenching his shirt with his free hand. Giving you a nice view of his flat smooth tummy. Bobbing your head up and down you take half his length, still teasing him – you use more of your tongue than your lips. Hips thrusting up to meet your mouth, Renjun finds a nice rhythm that has you rubbing your thighs together. Doing everything in your power to reduce the aching need between your legs. When Renjun starts to pick up his pace, wanting to feel more of his length in your warm wet mouth his free hand drops his shirt and finds refuge in your hair.

    Hollowing your cheeks, you start gulping him down. Immediately Renjun’s grip on your hair tightens. His moans getting louder and breathy as you take as much of him in your mouth as possible. Pulling back with a gasp of air, eyes on Renjun you kiss the tip before sliding back down around his length. This time opening your mouth wider taking all of him. Eyes getting watery. Nose starting to run, you move yourself up and down his length. Renjun’s eyes rolling into the back of his head.

    “Fuck…” He whimpers. “Feels so good,” he rocks his hips, cock going deeper into your mouth.

    Humming in response, your hands rest on the tops of your thighs while Renjun starts to fuck your mouth. Gently sliding himself in and out. Hands releasing your hair to cup the sides of your face. His eyes once closed open to see how beautiful you look with his cock stuffed in your mouth. His breathing increases as the feeling to cum starts to take over.

    “You’re doing so well,” Renjun praises, thumb caressing your cheek. “Your mouth feels so good around me…”

    Smiling as he fucks your mouth, one of Renjun’s hands drifts from your cheek to the back of your neck. Holding you in place he pushes his cock further into your mouth. Body curling in response, your hands shoot up to his thighs. His cock hitting the back of your throat.

    “So, fucking good…” he hisses.

    Moving faster Renjun dives his cock deeper into your mouth. Both hands now gripping the back of your head. Doing your best to hold your breath, he forces himself down your throat. His moans now deafening as he builds himself up for release. Back now pressed firmly against the wall. No means of escaping you have no other choice but to take everything that Renjun gives you. Your pussy soaking your panties wanting and waiting to taste Renjun’s cum – you suck on him as hard as you can.

    “Shit! Shit!” He bucks his hips forward your head resting against the door. Long thick strands of salivia dripping down onto your chin and the floor, you continue to gulp him down. “I’m gonna…” he moves faster. Throat getting abused by his cock. Tears pour down onto your cheeks. Your mouth sore from taking him. “Fuck! Fuck! I’m coming!!” Renjun thrusts far into your mouth, pulling your head forward as he spills into the back of your throat.

    Wriggling in his grasp you feel his hot cum pour inside of you. Choking you as some spills out of your mouth. More cum than you’ve ever had to take. Pulling out slowly you suck around him milking every last drop. Far gone, Renjun falls back to the floor panting. Moaning you swallow every last bit of cum he poured into your mouth. His naturally sweet taste making you crave for more. Wanting to taste him again. An aching need to have his cum inside of you, filling you up.

    “Fuck…” he whispers watching you lick around your lips where some of his cum seeped out from your mouth. Your fingers wiping up the residue from your chin – only to lick and drink up every last bit of it from your fingers. As he watches you lick your fingers realization sets in. Gasping he leans towards you an arm stretched out, “shit, I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

    Smirking, a devilish gleam in your eyes, you leap forward pouncing on him. Renjun falling onto his back – you climbing on top of him, straddling his now flaccid cock. His hands grip your waist, eyes trembling in fear and astonishment. Leaning down you kiss him fervently. Lips smacking against his still overcome by how sexy Renjun is. As you kiss him a lingering taste of himself has Renjun wrapping his arms around you tightly, deepening the kiss. The kiss turns sloppy, saliva smearing over your faces, tongues swirling against each other’s when you pull back giving his bottom lip a small bite. Laughing, Renjun sits up, hand going to your neck, as he gnaws gently on your lower lip.

    “You’re going to be the death of me, I swear.” He chuckles body falling back to rest on the cool hardwood floor.

    “Really?” You sit up placing your hands on his stomach. “I wouldn’t want that to happen. We’ve barely started having fun,” you wink at him.

    “I didn’t hurt you though, right?” He sits up holding you in his grasp as you slide down onto the floor, legs still wrapped around his waist. “I didn’t mean to lose myself back there. You just felt so good,” he rubs the back of his neck.

    “I’m fine, Renjun,” you peck his lips. “More than fine,” you kiss him again this time longer.

    “We should probably get down to the cafeteria before anyone starts wondering where we are,” he mumbles against your lips.

    Humming in agreement you trail kisses over his cheek and to his neck. “I’m ravenous,” you giggle sucking on his smooth pale skin.

    Grabbing your shoulders before you start up another round Renjun pulls back. A little kiss mark being left behind making you smile with glee. “Then let’s get something to eat. Afterwards we can relax for today until the movie?” He asks.

    Nodding you untangle yourself from Renjun. He sits up pulling his briefs and jeans up until he completely stands. Making himself look more presentable, he holds out his hands for you. Gripping your wrists, he hoists you to your feet then fixes your hair that he messed up.

    Opening the door for you he lets you walk out first, “I think a nice nap would be great! Also, a bath, after this morning, I could use one.” You head in the direction of the elevators.

    Closing the door behind him, Renjun’s body stiffens up like a board – including his cock. “Di-Did you say bath?!”


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  • aesthyuckic
    25.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    🩰📻 slow dancing! ┊͙✧˖*°࿐

    “I never went to prom.”

    The statement seemed to shock your best friend for some reason. It was oddly silent between you two as he just stared. It was embarrassing to confess for some reason, the fact that you never went to a school dance and you felt like you missed out on a lot of teen experiences that others had so much of.

    “Why?” Renjun asked before he turned his attention back to cooking the hot chocolate on the stove.

    “Because,” You sighed. “I never saw a point in it I guess. I had no one to go with, not even friends. The point of a dance… is to dance. I had no one to dance with and dancing by yourself at that age is embarrassing.”

    “I find that hard to believe.” He tsked. “The fact that you had no friends and no one asked you out in the span of four years with what? Seventeen different dance opportunities at least.”

    “Believe it. No one saw me in a romantic light in high school and no one saw me as more than acquaintance... I’ve never been very pretty so I guess I understand it.”

    “I think you're pretty. I’ve seen pictures of you from high school, you were pretty then too. The only real differences is the dyed hair that's shorter and the fact that you actually look happy now, I guess its makes you glow in a certain way... Even prettier.”

    “You think I’m pretty?”

    The blush on your cheeks was evident at what slipped out of your friend’s mouth. Only when you pointed out did he realize and become flustered as well. The atmosphere became quiet once again as you both stared at each other from across the counter. He cleared his throat before he went back to mixing the drink in the pan. 

    “We never had school dances back in China and Korea, so you're not alone.” Renjun spoke, softly while not being able to look at you.

    “You had friends though.” You pointed out with a smile. “And don’t tell me you never went out with anyone.”

    “Alright, I won’t then.” The boy laughed.

    “There's absolutely no way.”

    “I looked like a child in high school.”

    “Maybe because you were one?”

    “The point is, I’m in a similar boat as you. Oh, the hot chocolate is done.”

    He opened the cabinet above the stove and grabbed two mugs before he poured the drink into each of the white mugs. He handed yours first before he started on his own. The stove turned off with a click of the nob. The pot put to the side to cool with what remained.

    “Can I ask for why it upsets you?” He pondered You never going to a school dance that is.”

    “I just…” You sighed. “I always dreamed about slow dancing with someone. It seemed so romantic and special watching other people do it on TV and stuff.”

    “Is that all?” He chuckled before he took a sip of the drink he had just finished making. “You can still slow dance with someone now. Hell, you could do it with me, right here. If you wanted to that is.”

    He was quick to add the last part before you could respond to anything. A part of you wanted to. It’s something you always dreamed about, dancing with someone in a kitchen at three in the morning in their t-shirt. It was only eleven at night though and you imagined it being with someone you were with but Renjun was good too even if it was only a friendly thing. You sat in his t-shirt that he lended you since you forgot his pajamas. Not exactly the baggy you aimed for with the way it hugged your body either but you didn’t mind.

    “I want to.” You mumbled.

    Something in his eyes was a tell about how shocked and excited he way about saying you wanted to. He grabbed his phone rather quickly off the counter before a song started to play over the speaker that sat in the corner.

    You recognized the song almost immediately. You hadn’t listen to it in some time but you remember the late summer nights in high school you spent dreaming and crying to the song you loved so dearly. You don’t think you ever shared it with anyone in your life. It took you back.

    “You forget I have your playlists?” He chuckled. “Slow dancing at 3am… Very fitting.”

    There was a moment of awkward silence as he blushed a bit. He extended his hand out to you which you took as the music played softly behind you both. Your heart started to race as you tensed up and found yourself in front of Renjun. It was surprising when one hand of his found a place on your waist while the other held your hand gently. Naturally, your hand a place on his shoulder.

    You let him take the lead as you realized you really had no idea what you were doing. It felt weightless as he moved the both of you around the tiled floor, so close to one another.

    “Hey, you’re so stiff.” He huffed. “Loosen up, this is suppose to be fun.”

    “I’m sorry!” You exclaimed. “I don’t know what I’m doing! I’m afraid I’ll set on your toes or something.”

    You were ready to cry as you broke away from him abruptly. You sat down in the chair you were in before, only this time with your hands covering your face in attempt to calm down before you started to actually cry. The music continued in the background but the silence was deafening over it. You could see movement in the light through the gaps your hands left.

    “Y/n.” The boy called softly.

    He reached out to gently remove your hands from your face. He was bent down in front of you, just staring up as the kitchen light made his eyes sparkle in such a way.

    “It’s okay to mess up.” He reassured. “It’s my first time dancing with someone too… I’m surprised it went as well as it did. Can we try again, please?”

    You couldn’t resist after seeing the look on his face, “Fine.”

    He pulled you back into him. The previous song ended and another took its place. As you moved, he remind you in occasional, sweet whispers to relax. You listened every time. The both of you shared some giggles and playful exchanges. The love filled looks and smiles go unnoticed.

    He saw the way you were smiling as he moved you around with you. So lost in the scene, he didn’t realize he came to a halt. You looked at him, wondering why. Clueless, you found yourself lost in a stare he now shared with you.

    It happened rather quickly when he cupped your cheek to bring you in to share a kiss with him. Suddenly, your hands left his shoulders just to wrap themselves around his neck in attempt to bring him closer.

    It was overwhelming in the best way possible as he deepened the kiss, hugging you to his body. It was perfect in the way it seemed to last forever, that moment. Once he pulled away, his expression seemed blank as pink dusted his cheeks.

    “You’re cute.” You giggled to him.

    “I could say the same thing.” He responded, rather smoothly.

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    ♡: johnny fr nct icons. like|rt si los ocupas.

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  • sluttyten
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    my best friend is going to try to get us harry styles tickets tomorrow during the presale and I’m like.... praying that we don’t spend too much on these

    #like we'll be going to the chicago show if we do go #so that means travel and getting a place to stay in chicago for the night #on top of concert tickets and food and merch and stuff #and then i just had the realization that nct 127 could be announcing a north american tour at any minute #and like i swear to god i'm gonna be broke come the end of the year #but lowkey i hope if they do come here it's around that same time as harry's in chicago.... #like imagine getting a twofer of going to harry styles and 127 within the same couple of days #bc odds are I'm going to beg her to come with me to see 127 too even though she doesn't like kpop #but she went with me to superm and admitted that they put on a really great show and she enjoyed it #so i feel like she would really enjoy 127 probably #ANYWAY wish us luck in getting good tickets at a good price
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  • nctsplug02
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    helloo!! can i request mr jeong meeting mrs jeong's parents?? like mrs jeong is kinda ashamed of inviting him to their house because they not rich?? pls and thank uu😽🫶🏼


    genre: fluff
    warnings: kissing, messy house

    it was two minutes until you and jaehyun needed to arrive but he wanted to be early to make a good impression.

    you and jaehyun stood awkwardly together while waiting on your parents. “babe,” you call and he hums in response. “promise you won’t judge my parents home. please?” he tugs on your hand. “now, why would i, baby?” you look down at the ground.

    “just.. nervous, that’s all.” he cups your face and plants a kiss on your nose. “i know your background story and i know everything about you.” you frown a bit, too embarrassed to meet his eyes.

    “i understand where you and your parents come from. a dirty house will not determine my love for you— and your parents.” the door swings open as jaehyun leans in for a kiss.

    “oh, sorry! should i close the door?” your mom giggles when catching the two of you. “mommy! i’m sorry, we were uh, talking.” she wiggles her eyebrows and ushers the two of you in.

    “sorry,” your mom chuckles nervously as the two of you walk into the living room. “it’s a bit messy. i tried cleaning but.. this was the best i could do.” she rubs the washcloth between her hands.

    “it’s fine, mrs (y/l/n). the house is lovely. i love the curtains.” she tosses a hand towards him in a shy, giggly way. “aw, such a tease!” she giggles before leading the two of you to the kitchen.

    “please, sit. i made jaehyuns favorites! yours too, dear.” your mom says to you while watching as the two of you sat. “aw, thank you, mommy.” you frown and feel a hand on your thigh.

    “mrs (y/l/n), thank you so much. this is.. so much. i cant wait to eat.” he tilts his head in a charming way which melts your mothers hearts.

    “mommy, where’s dad? is he still at work?” she sighs. “he’s putting on his tux right now.” as soon as she says that, your father emerges from the end of the hall.

    “oh, hi guys. i didn’t hear you guys come in.” his eyes creased into a crescent moon shape as he grinned ear to ear.

    “aw, dad. you look handsome.” he tugs on his tux and chuckles, his belly huffing as he does. “thank you. i thrifted this yesterday— it was exactly perfect for our dinner.”

    jaehyun stands up and walks over to your dad with his hand out. “it’s nice to meet you, mr (y/l/n).” your dad shakes his hand and says the same thing before they both take their seats.

    “so, jaehyun. are you working right now?” your dad asks, picking at the greens on his plate. “yes, i’m working as a cashier over at marlins. it’s thirteen an hour.”

    your dad nods. “i also heard that you work as a part ceo with your parents at their company?” he inhales and looks at you. “uh, yes. i am.” your dad nods once again. “how’s it like working in a company? i’ve only been into a company once— it was so pretty and, and all white.”

    jaehyun chuckles softly. “actually, i rarely go to their companies. i only go for events.”

    “do you guys wear tux’s? like fancy ones—? oh, what a dream.” your dad practically squeals and your mom smacks the back of his head.

    “mm, yes. we dress up for the events.” jaehyun tilts his head side to side.

    “maybe someday we can go get some tuxedo’s together?” jaehyun suggests which your father immediately frowns. “is this tux.. not.. good?” he asks in a soft confused tone. “n—no, sir. i just mean that we could—?”

    your dad frowns and sets his spoon down. “no, no. i get it. i cant afford a suit like how your dad does for you and himself. you come from a wealthy family and you buy expensive things that we can not afford. i’m sorry this tux isn’t.. as expensive as yours but this is all i can afford.” your dad finishes with a hurtful chuckle.

    “but it’s okay, jaehyun. i get it. you don’t have to sugarcoat it.” jaehyun looks at you with sad eyes and a frown.

    “dad, jaehyun didn’t mean it like that.” you reach over the small table and you grab his hand. “please, listen to what he has to say. let him explain, please.”

    jaehyun shifts uncomfortably. “mr (y/l/n), i know your birthday is coming up soon and as a gift.. i wanted to take you tux shopping. y/n tells me that you are crazy in love with tux’s, so.. i thought that the two of us men could go tux shopping for your birthday.”

    your dad immediately flushes and turns pink. “why, um..” he stumbles his words and lets out a giggle. “oh, y/n.. you’ve spilt too much.” you chuckle at your dads giggly voice.

    “would you be up for that offer, mr (y/l/n)?” your dad fixes his tux and nods. “i’d love to.” he sounded like a giggly girl who was just asked out on a date.

    “gosh, are you a middle schooler who got asked out?” your mom sneers which makes you and jaehyun chuckle. “no, but tux’s! tux shopping?!” your dad whines.

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