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  • kpopsnowball
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Hi ✨🤎

    I would love to participate in your Kpop exchange game

    I chose : I’m hoping you can do Heeseung from enhypen but if not Yuta from NCT127

    Your person : Lay Zhang

    Your exchange :

    “ Reaction them being jealous “

    Lay when he’s jealous he might shutdown or get angry quickly, because you might ask , “ are you ok” ? and he will ignore you and go on a ranting spiral but it’s crazy because he might try to cling to you he might he even make you guys leave the area that’s triggering him , he might tell you what’s wrong once he calms down but he’ll do it in a passive aggressive defensive way , and he might also try to make you jealous in a way he knows it’ll affect you and if you ask him about it he’s gonna be like , “ what’s wrong because you asked for this ?” . Or he’ll hold it in but then when you guys leave or when you just continue without noticing his behavior he’ll do something shady later to make up for it , but he’ll only apologize once he realize he affected you

    Thank you soo much for this love!:) it was beautiful!☺️♥️also, lay please don’t do that🥺♥️

    Hello!!:) I am not familiar with enhypen love, so I hope you like yuta from nct:)☺️♥️

    Idol: Yuta from NCT127

    Topic: Reaction them being jealous

    He would be boiling from within but wouldn’t say anything. He would simply give you guys his death stare and you’d immediately know that something is wrong. He wouldn’t do anything but if it exceeds then he would walk upto you and pull you closer to him. You might think that why does he behave this way and he himself would know that he shouldn’t act like this but then he would let the moment take the best of him and pull you closer like you are his possession. If you try to refuse he did give you the death stare and you would simply freeze. You wouldn’t be the type to quiet down but for the moment you would and wouldn’t say anything. While going back home, he wouldn’t hurt you or anything but simply drop you home, help you remove your heels and then walk out furiously.

    Let me know what you think love♥️

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  • purpleflowerwolf
    24.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Thank you so much for the 60 followers so far. 💜💜💜💜💜 I appreciate everyone of you.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  • blu-joons
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    The Confession ~ Mark Lee

    Your eyes looked across in the direction where the ball that hit the top of your head came from, glaring at the boy who held his hands up innocently, rushing towards you straight away.

    “I’m so sorry,” they told you, picking their ball back up that was just beside your feet. “I wasn’t looking where I was kicking, are you alright? Can I get you anything to take the pain away?”

    Your head shook as you kept your hand pressed to the side of your head. “Maybe just be more careful next time,” you suggested back to him, feeling the sting of the ball in your cheek. “How do you not even know how to kick a ball in the right direction?”

    “I blame the wind,” he joked, pointing up, although there was no breeze at all. “At least if I try and blame the wind it makes it look like I’m not just a rubbish footballer,” he laughed, somehow managing to bring a smile to your face too as he spoke.

    Silence soon descended upon the two of you, with neither of you quite knowing what to say to bring the conversation to a close. You didn’t know where to go, and the guy didn’t want to just run off too, not after he was the one who had ended up hurting you.

    “Why don’t you come and play with us?” He offered, pointing to a few of his friends who were just behind him. “If you want to laugh at my footballing skills, why don’t you come over and show us how it’s done? That’s unless you’re too scared to be beaten by me?”

    A laugh came from you as Mark reminded you once again of your first meeting several years ago as you sat yourselves down not too far away from where the old football pitch used to be. Your story of first meeting always left you embarrassed, but not as humiliated as Mark was to have still managed to hit you in the side of your face.

    “I’m pretty sure sometimes I can still feel the ball hitting the side of my face,” you laughed, nudging against Mark’s arm, “I don’t know what you were thinking back then, you’ve been rubbish at football no matter how many times the boys and I have shown you what to do.”

    “It’s not my fault that you were just in the wrong place and the wrong time to get booted by me.”

    Neither of you could still quite believe that the incident had led to the two of you becoming the closest of friends a few years later, often heading back down to the park to reminisce.

    It was something that you never let drop either, every single time you approached the football pitch, you always liked to guilt Mark over what he had done to you.

    “You know, I’m very glad that I got to kick you in the face for one reason on that day,” Mark suddenly told you, bringing your eyes across to stare at him in surprise.

    His smile immediately grew at the look of slight offense that was on your face. Unlike Mark, you failed to see a pro of being smacked in the face by a football, especially when the one behind it ended up being your best friend too.

    “If I hadn’t have kicked you, we would have never met,” Mark told you, “I’d be without my favourite person in the world if I hadn’t had miskicked the ball.”

    “Favourite person in the world?” You asked him.

    “Obviously,” he sniggered as if you shouldn’t even need to doubt the role that you had in Mark’s life. “I mean you’re the person that I rely on, you’re always the person that I turn to for anything because I can always rely on you.”

    “Where’s this suddenly come from?” You asked Mark in confusion, “you’re never normally this nice to me, I think our first meeting proves that too.”

    Mark’s head shook as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, bringing you into his side. It wasn’t something that he found himself sharing with you too often, opening up to you usually left Mark feeling red faced, anxious always over how you would react to him.

    “I’m just saying, you mean a lot to me,” Mark smiled, feeling your eyes stare across at him. “I really don’t think that I could be me without you, you do so much more for me than you ever realise that you do Y/N.”

    “What’s going on with you?” You asked Mark, beginning to worry as to why he was being so nice to you. “Have you brought me here to tell me something? That you don’t want to be my friend?”

    His head couldn’t shake any quicker in reply to you, “I’ve not come to tell you that I don’t want you to be my friend, in fact, I’ve brought you back here to where it all began for the complete opposite.”

    “What’s the complete opposite?” You asked, full of intrigue as Mark looked away from you and let go of a deep breath to try and compose himself for a moment.

    “The complete opposite is me bringing you here to tell you how much I like you Y/N,” Mark informed you, “how I want for the two of us to be more than just best friends.”

    “W-what?” You stuttered, looking across at Mark in surprise as he shyly looked across at you. “Are you for real?” You added, staring at him in disbelief.

    Mark’s head nodded in reply to your question, not quite knowing what to do. Your reaction was full of surprise, but as for how you felt for Mark, it didn’t tell him a thing, leaving him to fret that perhaps he had done the wrong thing.

    “If you don’t like me, then that’s alright,” he assured you, “but I just wanted to tell you how I feel, because I’m really struggling to keep it bottled up from you these days.”

    “I can’t believe you fancy the girl that you kicked in the face,” you teased, nudging Mark’s side. “I can’t believe that I fancy the guy that kicked me in the face too.”

    “Wait, you like me too? You’re not just saying that, are you?”

    Your head shook back across to Mark straight away, “as irritating of a best friend as you are, I also couldn’t imagine life without you.”

    “Me too, you’re the one person that I always want around.”

    The two of you relied on each other, much more than you wanted to admit that you did. Whilst you couldn’t smile as much without Mark, Mark knew that his career would never be as good as it was if it wasn’t for your support.

    “Who would’ve thought all those years ago that this is how we’d end up?”

    “I hated you that day,” you laughed, “I never thought in the end that I’d like you.”

    Mark’s grip around you tightened as he pulled you closer into his side, pressing a kiss against the top of his head. Secretly, he knew as soon as he saw you on that day that you made his heart race, although the timing definitely wasn’t right at that moment to tell you that.

    “This must be the stupidest story ever for how two people get together.”

    “Why?” Mark chuckled back across to you, “doesn’t it feel like one of those cliché stories that you see in the movies? Guy messes up and ends up getting the girl.”

    Your hand pushed against his frame once again, “how about guy wears girl down as his best friend before confessing?”

    “I bet you were obsessed with me deep down from day one.”

    “Keep on dreaming Lee, keep on dreaming.”



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  • writemekpop
    23.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Beg for Me | Kim Jungwoo

    5K Follower Series Ep. 10

    Summary: When your boyfriend Mark stands you up, your best friend Jungwoo comes to the rescue. Oh, but he’s madly in love with you, and has been for years. 

    Genre: Angst, friends to lovers 

    Prompt: “If you called just to get off on my voice, i’m hanging up.” & “You remembered?”

    You’re sitting on the curb outside the restaurant, beneath the cold, unforgiving stars. This is where you were meant to meet your boyfriend Mark. Icy rain snakes down the back of your glittery dress. You re-read Mark’s text.  

    Sorry, couldn’t make it. Work thing.

    You feel tears rush to your eyes. It’s one little dinner. So why do you feel like a hole’s been punched through your chest? The last few months, you’ve been feeling so alone. 

    The only number you know by heart is your best friend Jungwoo’s. 

    Jungwoo picks up on the first ring. "If you called just to get off on my voice, I'm hanging up,” he says, jokingly.  

    You laugh a little, but it comes out a sob. Jungwoo always knows what to say. 

    His voice is suddenly serious. “Where are you, Y/n?”

    You name the restaurant. 

    “Sit tight. I’m coming to get you.” 

    The cab of Jungwoo’s truck is warm and dry. You and Jungwoo are squeezed next to each other – but you relish his warm shoulder pressed against you.  

    “He stood you up, didn’t he?”

    Jungwoo’s voice is hard with anger. 

    “Don’t say it like that.” You pout. “You’re acting like Mark did it on purpose or something.”

    “He did do it on purpose, Y/n.” His fingers flex against the wheel, like he wants to form fists. “Can’t you see? He doesn’t give a damn about you.” 

    “I know you never like my boyfriends, but-“

    Jungwoo grits his teeth. “You think I’m saying this because I don’t like him? Sure, he’s a smug little jerk, but-“ he notices you glaring at him, and his voice softens. “My feelings don’t matter. What matters is that you let him walk all over you.” 

    “What do you know?” You scoff. “You’ve never been in a relationship. They need compromise.” 

    Jungwoo’s voice wavers with emotion. “You would never have to compromise with me.”

    Not this again. 

    When Jungwoo first confessed his feelings for you a year ago, you refused him. You wished you could be friends, like before. 

    You should’ve known he was too stubborn for that.

    Jungwoo looks deep into your eyes. His are the colour of autumn leaves, flecked with gold. You know that colour so well. 

    You realise you’ve parked in your street. You have no idea when the truck stopped. When you’re with Jungwoo, time ceases to exist.  

    “I would never stand you up, Y/n. I would never tell you who to hang out with. I would never make you feel any less than the beautiful person you are.” Jungwoo stares into your eyes, so intensely it makes you nervous. “I would bring in candied cherries for you every day.”  

    Those are your favourite food. You only told Jungwoo once, years ago. “You remembered?”  

    It’s impossible to think with Jungwoo’s eyes on yours. So you screw your eyelids shut.

    “Just… stop,” you beg. “Stop doing this. I can’t give you what you want… but I can’t bear to lose you.” 

    “Are you happy with him?” 

    You can’t lie. Jungwoo knows you too well for that. 

    “Mark… gets me, Jungwoo. It’s not all proposals and roses, like in the movies. He accepts all my imperfections. Not… many people would do that.” 

    Jungwoo smiles sourly. “I can’t believe he made you feel like you’re not perfect.” 

    Your heart flutters. You realise how close he is to you. His ragged breaths are audible in the silent truck. 

    Jungwoo moves closer, till his lips are almost touching yours. To your surprise, every part of your body screams at him to move closer. 

    “Say it,” he murmurs. “Say you feel nothing for me.” 

    The heat from his body radiates over you. He moves a fraction of an inch closer.

    You can’t say it, because you can’t lie to Jungwoo. When Jungwoo touches you, you can’t talk, can’t breathe, can’t do anything but burn. 

    “Say you don’t want me and I’ll walk away,” he says.

    “I don’t-“ you start, even though your eyes are hooded with pleasure and your lips brush his. “I don’t want…” 

    Unable to hold back, you press your lips to Jungwoo’s. 

    The kiss clouds your brain like alcohol, destroying all your inhibitions. Without thinking, you’re kissing him deeper, his hands running through your wet hair. You’re straddling him on his car seat, sparks shooting wildly around your body. 

    Every moment was leading to this. Every time you glanced at Jungwoo and realised he was staring at you, every time your hands brushed and it set you on fire, every time you hugged and neither of you wanted to let go. 

    It feels so right. 

    That is why you barely feel guilty for cheating on Mark. Jungwoo is who were you were meant to be with. How can you regret your destiny?  

    When you pull back, Jungwoo’s face is flushed and his hair is a mess. Realising you probably look the same, you both start laughing. 

    “Sorry to break it to you, but you’re in pretty bad shape,” you whisper, resting your forehead on Jungwoo’s. 

    “Speak for yourself,” he answers. 

    He lifts his chin and kisses you lightly on the lips. “God, I love being able to do that.” 

    “Don’t get too used to it.” You say, teasingly. “I’m sure I’ll get bored of you soon.” 

    “In that case, I’ll just keep fighting for you.” Jungwoo’s face is serious now. “I’ll never stop fighting for you, Y/n.” 

    “Good.” You kissed his lips. “Because I’m never letting you go.”  


    Let us know what you thought in the comments or on anon! 💋

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  • holdinbacksecrets
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    𓏸𓂃boyfriend things╰𓏸 grocery shopping is a love language

    ◞✧𓏯 ⸝⸝⸝ in that yearning state 💌 for my fellow nct, bts, svt enthusiasts ⊹◞✿

    ♡is so confident in his ability to pick a good watermelon. “do you see this yellow spot? the way it’s slightly flatter on this side? beautiful”

    ♡immediately heads to the opposite end of the store to cut the trip in half

    ♡pushes the cart, checks items off the list, and makes fun of your messy handwriting

    ♡straying from the list is his favorite pastime. “i’m fine with three boxes of cereal, but we do not need grape seed oil”

    ♡eats all the samples

    ♡hates how cold the freezer isle is

    ♡shares random endearing, childhood stories about going grocery shopping with his family

    ♡greets the cashier like he’s known them his entire life

    ♡gets embarrassed when he’s recognized

    ♡kisses you in empty isles

    ♡only wants to go to the store an hour before its closing time

    ♡treats grocery shopping like a date. i think we should dress up… wouldn’t that be fun?

    ♡always going to the grocery store after the saturday morning market and making a lovely brunch for your friends

    ♡stops by the store after work and calls you in case there’s something you need

    ♡hates the grocery store, but you make it tolerable

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  • 1-800-kpopland
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    heyyy i hope you're doing good! I loved your writing, so I thought about sending this request. Could you do a(?) an(?) NCT dream reaction to when their s/o accidentally smiles during an argument or fight? like more fluffy than angst! sorry for my english! have the best day!

    hi! thank you so much for your request! I'm so sorry this took a while. your english is great! I hope you have a good day/night! feel free to send more requests!

    nct dream - their s/o accidentally smiling during an argument

    cw: arguing, caps (please let me know if there's any more!)

    mark - he was stressed over practices. he hadn't meant to start arguing with you, he just wanted to blow off some steam. so whenever he walked into your shared house, he started nitpicking at the fact that a picture, that is hanging on the wall, isn't centered.

    "it's not in the center!" he exclaims. throwing his hands up in the air. "ugh. that makes me so annoyed." mark shakes his head before fixing it. he turns to you, "did you know it was messed up?"

    you have to hold yourself back from smiling. "no, I didn't." he gives you a look that shows that he doesn't believe you. "uh huh. i'm sure you didn't. honestly, it's not hard to fix the picture." the temptation to smile was to hard, so you did. mark runs his hand through his hair, "are- are you smiling?" he questions, wide eyed.

    you start laughing, having to lean against the wall to hold yourself up. "you're getting annoyed over a picture.." you trail off. the tips of his ears turn red as he looks down. "yeah, it's kinda stupid isn't it. sorry i got annoyed." you finally stop laughing and grab his hand. "it's fine. it was quite funny."


    renjun - the fight had started over a few jokes, from both sides, that went too far. "I can't even believe you said that!" renjun exclaims. he throws his hands up and sighs. "they were innocent jokes at first, but they got out of hand."

    renjun starts to walk over to you. as he's walking over, he trips over the rug. he stumbles a bit, but catches himself. you can't help but laugh. "are you laughing right now?" he asks, trying to hold his own laughter in. you point at him, "you're trying not to laugh!" finally, he laughs. "I'm sorry for arguing with you. I said some jokes too. to be honest, the jokes weren't even that bad."


    jeno - he was late to a date. a few weeks ago, you two had planned an at home date (you were going to watch movies and cook dinner together). instead of coming home at 5 like promised, he arrived at 9. the worst part is that he didn't message you that he'd be late until it was already 7. so when he got home, you were quite annoyed.

    "really jeno?" you tilt your head. "really what? I had practice, so I was late," he shrugs and sits on the couch. you stand in front of him. "I'm not that upset that you were late, we can have the date another time, I'm upset that you didn't message me until seven."

    he takes a minute to answer. "you wanna know the real reason I was late?" he asks. quickly, you nod. "there was this family of puppies on the side of the road. I couldn't just leave them there, so I took them to the vet to make sure that they were healthy. they're supposed to be taking them to the shelter."

    you take a few seconds to register what he said, then you laugh. "you could've just told me that!" when he hears you laugh, he starts to smile widely. you sit beside him. "did you take pictures of them?" he scoffs, "of course I did."

    "well then show me!"


    haechan - it was a joke fight. you two came up with this game were y'all "fight" then the first one to break character and laugh, loses. "yeah, well your shirt has a hole in it!" you point to the hole. he gasps, meaning to place a hand on his heart, but placing it on the other side.

    "that hurt me!" he whines. you roll your eyes, "wrong side, hyuck." quickly, he switches side. "that hurt!" you purse your lips to not laugh. he leans in closer to you. "your... hair is uneven." you can't contain your laugh anymore. "my hair??"

    donghyuck claps his hands and jumps up. "YOU LOST!" you groan and hold your face in your hands. you'll never hear the end of this.


    jaemin - the boys had dared him to prank you. he, of course, agreed. what he didn't know was that you were having a bad day. so whenever you got home, all you wanted to do was cuddle with your boyfriend. what you didn't want was to be covered in milk head to toe. so when that's what happened, you were not happy at all.

    "JAEMIN!" you scream. he jumps slightly in surprise at your shouting. "why would you do that?" you ask, voice lower now. his voice wavers as he says, "the boys pranked me to.." you take a deep breath to calm yourself. "I've had a bad day at work and now I have clean up this mess. great, just great."

    you go to say something else, but the sight of a shoe sticking out past the half wall catches your attention. then suddenly, a loud crash is heard. you burst out laughing when you see mark laying on the ground, the other members either on top of him or beside him. jaemin visibly relaxes after hearing you laugh. after checking that they were okay, you talk to jaemin.

    "I'm sorry for blowing up on you," you tell him. he shrugs, "it's understandable. you had a bad day then got milk dumped on you. how about you go take a shower while I clean this mess up?" you nod then go to the bathroom.


    chenle - you hadn't meant to spill your drink on the couch. you just wanted to go sit down with your cold drink and watch tv. instead, you slipped on the rug and your drink went everywhere on the couch. chenle had a stressful day at practice, so just seeing the mess on the couch added more stress. to add fuel to the fire, he got home right after you spilled your drink.

    "are you serious?" is the first thing he says as he walks into the living room. you freeze, "umm..." he scoffs. "seriously? you really spilled your drink over our couch?" he crosses his arms. he looks at you expectantly, wanting you to answer.

    "to be fair, I tripped," you reply. you can't help but smile. you see his eyebrows lift up as he notices that. before he can answer back, you say, "and we were wanting to get a new couch anyway, right? so we'll just get that couch earlier than planned." his mouth forms an 'o' shape. "right.. I forgot about that. I'm sor-" you cut him off. "I know you're stressed. I also know that you're sorry. let's just move past this and start looking for new couches."


    jisung - you weren't answering his messages. you usually always answer his messages. he had sent you messages asking how you are, wondering what you're doing, and if you wanted to hang out. after 30 minutes of you not answering, jisung started to get upset. he had had a long and stressful day, he just wanted to hang out with his s/o.

    as soon as you walk into the dorms and jisung knew you were there, he bombarded you with questions. "why didn't you answer me? huh? why didn't you reply to my messages?" you raise an eyebrow at him. he starts waving his hands around, "well??" out of nowhere, you start to laugh.

    "are you actually laughing at a time like this?" he asks. you stop laughing, confused as to how he hasn't figured out why you didn't answer yet. "jisung, the reason I didn't answer was because I was driving here. why else wouldn't I answer your messages yet come to the dorms?" you inform him.

    his face starts to go red, "oh. I'm sorry for bombarding you with questions. I was just worried." you nod, "it's okay, I get it. now come on, let's go make dinner and go to bed."

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  • nct-jennie
    22.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱͏ #Meet PARK JENNIE

    Profile | What’s in my bag | Phone & What’s In My Phone | Jennie’s Look Book |

    ꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱͏ #Ships Within NCT & w/ Others

    ꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱͏ #Era — Her Lines & Outfits + Other

    ꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱͏ #Modeling

    ꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱͏ #Jennie On Social Media

    ꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱͏ #Written Chapters

    ꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱͏ #Jennie Incorrect Quotes

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  • fly-forever-young
    22.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    aahhh hiii, so umm can I request a chenle smut. nothing in particular, it's up to you. thank you in advance if you answer it <3

    stay safe and have a good day ♡

    here is your request, I hope you like it sorry it took me some time but I am a slow person and procrastinator, thank you and have a nice day too ❤🌹

    Chenle 22:34 Smut ⚠️


    Chenle has been needy all day, touching you all the time hoping you get the hint, but you have decided to make it difficult for him. Along the way in the car with the other members Chenle sat next to you in the back completely isolated from the other members.

    He puts his hand on your thigh and squeeze it.

    Chenle: "Y / n you know what I want"

    You: "What?"

    Chenle: "Don't act stupid or I'll finger you here in the car in front of everyone"

    You widen your eyes surprised and also scared that he really does it so you give in.

    You: "Ok understood"

    Chenle: "So come and sleep with me"

    You nod awkwardly as he put his hand higer on your thing enjoying your reaction.

    Arrived at the house Chenle doesn't say goodnight to the others members but drags you by the arm to his room.

    Chenle: "Undress"

    He says this by loosening his belt with speed. You do what he tells you also because he doesn't seem in the right mood to joke. Chenle sits on the edge of the bed and you know what to do right away.

    You kneel in front of him while maintaining eye contact, his dick is half hard. You grab the base and lick the tip.

    Chenle: "Don't play baby, put it in your mouth"

    He brings a hand behind your head squeezing your hair is a pleasant pain.

    You take his dick in your mouth and immediately you hear him moan, the rest that you can't put in your mouth you pump with your hands.

    You increase the speed and Chenle's grip on your hair gets stronger forcing you to take more of his dick in your mouth.

    Chenle: "I'm - about to cum -cum"

    A few seconds later he comes inside your mouth, you swallow his cum looking at him proudly and then show him your empty mouth.

    Chenle: "What a good girl, you deserve a gift"

    Chenle makes you lie down on the bed and then put his head between your legs, with his arms holding your legs.

    He starts licking your pussy, just the touching of his tongue makes you moan. He keep giving light licks until finally he licks harder, his nose comes into contact with your clit increasing the pleasure.

    You: "Oh my God- Chenle"

    Your moans are getting higher and higher.

    Chenle: "Sssh you have to be silent otherwise the others will hear you"

    He talks with his mouth next to your pussy sending vibrations.

    Chenle knows perfectly well that it is impossible for you to remain silent but he love to see you try.

    To increase the pleasure he put two fingers inside of you.

    You: “Chenle! -Fuck "

    His fingers move quickly in and out of you as his tongue plays with your clit sometimes biting you.

    You: "Chenle- I- I-"

    You can't finish the sentence but Chenle already knows what you're going to say.

    Chenle: "Cum for me Y / n"

    Orgasm hits you, soon after Chenle removes his fingers and licks you more slowly until he clean you.

    You: "Oh my God Chenle!"

    You take Chenle's head away from between your legs as he looks at you confused.

    Chenle: "What's going on?"

    You point a spot in the room and Chenle turns his head.

    Chenle: "Oh shit Deagal"

    #nct imagines#nct reactions#nct oneshot#nct drabbles #nct dream imagines #nct dream drabbles #nct dream reactions #nct scenarios#nct timestamps #nct dream oneshots #nct dream scenarios #nct dream timestamps #nct smut #nct dream smut #chenle nct dream #nct chenle#chenle drabbles#chenle smut#chenle timestamps#chenle oneshot#chenle reactions#chenle imagines#chenle scenarios #chenle x reader #chenle x y/n #chenle #nct x reader #nct x y/n #nct dream #nct dream x reader
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  • svtcarat-exo-l
    22.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    NCT Dream: Teaching you how to ride a hover board

    A/n: Hello everyone! It has been a long hiatus, but I’m finally back! Everything in my inbox should be out over the next few days and requests are open! I have some really cool stuff in the works - so stick around! Love, M.


    Mark: A disaster. You asked him to teach you after the boys finished dance practice and he agreed easily despite internally panicking because he didn't know how to teach you. The quick explanation you got was basic at best. When you got on the board he tried to hold your waist and somehow walk backwards while you rolled forwards, but that turned out to be a bad strategy. Your balance shifted too quickly making the board shoot out from underneath your feet. Mark caught you but the sudden change in direction sent you both crashing to the floor. He was scared you were hurt until you laughed and settled into his chest for a moment with an embarrassed groan. Mark helped you off the ground, brushed off your clothes, and scanned you for any obvious injuries.

    "Does anything hurt? Okay, Um - I saw that going differently. Maybe we should try another way?"

    Renjun: Honestly, he would be worried about teaching you. He remembered how long it had taken for him to stop falling over constantly, and he didn't want you getting hurt. Eventually, he caved in to your pouting with a playful huff and wrapped you up in all the protective gear he could get his hands on. (Seriously, hide the bubble wrap.) Without time to make an instructional Powerpoint he settled for a 20 minute explanation instead. Renjun wouldn't show you anything fancy - just get you up on the board going forward and backwards while keeping a cautious hold on you the whole time. While he went to grab some snacks you figured out how to spin on your own and he proudly cheered you on when he returned.

    "That's my baby! Maybe you can take off the elbow pads now."

    Jaemin: The best coach. A smile lights up his face when you ask him. He would recruit the others for a few minutes in the beginning to help him explain what to do. Jaemin would hold your hands firmly and also let you use his shoulders to balance. The entire time he was talking you through it calmly. He mixed a few tips in with his usual joking around, but it was expert advice on how to control the board. You got the hang of it quickly and he switched to having you hold just one hand to steady yourself - eventually letting you go on your own after he was certain you wouldn't hurt yourself. When you did a lap around the room and stopped in front of him he pressed a playful kiss to your forehead.

    "I'm gonna fall, Jaemin!"

    "For me? Nope, you mean really. Hang on!"

    Jeno: He wanted to teach you before you even asked. Jeno was always looking for fun new things the two of you could do together and hover board games fit the bill. First, he gave you a slow demonstration while explaining everything he was doing - pausing every so often to fully answer your questions. When you repeated it all back to him - he helped you onto the board. You quickly found your balance with his assistance and put his lessons into action. And immediately had to be swept up into his arms to avoid breaking your face on the floor. He only had to catch you a few more times before you got it. Jeno would be patient with you and give constant gentle encouragement until you had the confidence to go on your own.

    "Try one more time. You're doing great!"

    Haechan: Absolutely teases at first when you ask him to teach you, but when you threaten to go to Mark for lessons instead he quickly changes his tune. The bravado was just covering up the worry that you'd get hurt, but thankfully you caught on quickly from the get go. Haechan is a talker, so he thoroughly explains how the board works before even letting you near the thing. You really surprised him by being such a natural. All too soon he started teaching you bits of the chewing gum choreography for fun - cracking jokes that you could probably replace Chenle. After the lesson he would be super proud of you and brag to the other boys about it (complete with video proof).

    "Y/N is so talented I didn't even have to try. Watch out, Chenle."

    Chenle: Disaster: The Sequel. He wouldn't think twice about teaching you when you asked, but he wouldn't really take it seriously at first. The lesson started off with him loosely breezing through the gist of what to do, which unfortunately made you believe it was going to be easier than it actually was. Chenle had gotten so used to the board over time that he forgot how hard it was in the beginning. After he sent you on your merry way - you promptly took a header. He barely pulled you into his arms before you face planted. Then his teaching method swung back to the other end of the spectrum from hands off to very hands on. He'd become over cautious after being too nonchalant.

    "Alright, let's take it a bit slower this time. Here, hold my hands."

    Jisung: Jisung would love that you asked him and has an absolute blast teaching you something he enjoys. Getting to spend quality time with you and have fun is a good combo. Like Chenle, he doesn't take it super seriously, but that's only because he doesn't want you to feel intimidated. Overall, he is better at explaining what you need to do. Jisung would never let you fall - his long limbs are super useful for pulling you up when you loose your balance. Once you get the hang of it he borrows another one of the boys' boards so you can race each other around the practice room. The lesson naturally evolves into more of a date night full of playful competition.

    "Come on Y/N! One more race - loser pays for dinner."

    Thank you for reading! 

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  • yellowsbuttercup
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    wayv reacts to

    a/n: idea from @byeolhyesisi. did not include lucas because im still unsure of his situation hope u understand


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  • wondersung
    21.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    they walk past you and you catch a whiff of their cologne and they smell heavenly. you only saw their face for a brief second, but the smell of their cologne is enough to let you know they’re attractive.

    jaehyun, johnny, yuta, winwin, taeyong

    walks through a door, but looks back to see if anyone is behind him and there is. you’re a few steps away and he holds the door from up high, making it so you have to go below his arm in order to get through.

    jeno, jaehyun, sungchan, johnny

    you’re both at the party of a mutal friend. you’d never met each other before then. stolen glances and flusteres smiles hint at an attraction towards each other. too bad you never get each other’s name. 

    mark, shotaro, doyoung, winwin, jeno, jisung

    TAGLIST: @perhapsthanatos @fcxryzen @catscoffeeandkpop @azxswl @1800-love-me @wtfyuta @kyoneko @blaqpinksthetic @fairyjunn @koishua @fkwplctmjz @cookydream @my-soft-sunshine @squiishymeow @psycho-nightrose @leavethemonsteralive @jenoslov @luvmarissaaa @whyyvess @nurenciye @gigilame  @odetoyeonjun @lilykitt3 @eggoyu @keemburley @itzsora @jaehyunsjasmine @legbouk @blearis @junglewoos @brxght-world @anonjyxd @soobsfairy444 @notbeforelong @allaboutthedongs @miriamxsworld @asianhawkeye @love-4-keum @thesunsfullmoon @irene-my-beloved @vanthom @hyuckrec @w3bqrl

    (tba fill out form on pinned post)

    #basically if you open a door for me im gonna think you’re the loml #nct reactions#nct scenarios#nct fluff #nct dream imagines #nct dream scenarios #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 scenarios #nct imagines#mark scenarios#jeno fluff#jeno scenarios#jaemin scenarios#jaehyun fluff#taeyong scenarios#jaehyun scenarios#johnny scenarios
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  • writemekpop
    21.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Heart Stop | Dong Sicheng (Winwin)

    5K Follower Series Ep. 9

    Summary: Your best friend Winwin finally admits to having a crush on you, but you get scared and reject him. Only, you're starting to think you love him, too...

    Genre: Friends to lovers, angst, high school AU

    Prompt: Are you ashamed of me? & Was it worth it?

    You can’t remember the last time Winwin touched you. 

    You’ve been best friends your whole life. You and him - you’re polar opposites. Winwin wears steel-rimmed glasses, dark overcoats and sarcasm, you wear sunny smiles, hairbands and cake icing. 

    But you’re happiest when you’re together – rolling around on the sofa playfighting, tugging each other’s hair. The two of you live in your own secret paradise.  

    At least… that’s how it was, till a few months ago. 

    All of a sudden, Winwin changed. 

    He began to wince every time you touched his hand, ignore you for days on end, blush beetroot red if you walked in on him changing - though he never cared before. 

    It was like he’d been possessed. It made no sense. 

    That was when you realised how much you needed Winwin in your life. Without his wicked jokes, school grew boring. Was food always this bland, walking this exhausting, sleeping this impossible? It was like you’d been living in colour, only to realise that life was actually in black and white.   

    The one time you managed to corner Winwin – at the end of Maths class – he just avoided your eye and mumbled, Can I please get past? It was so painful you almost wished you’d never approached him.

    Now, it’s Christmas Eve. As much as you protested, your mum insisted that Winwin’s family come and stay in your house for the holidays. Winwin is forced to share your bedroom, sleeping on an old air mattress at the foot of your bed.  

    He’s sitting on the air mattress, hugging his knees, frowning darkly. When Winwin is upset, he writes the numbers of pi on his arm till he calms down. An inky line of digits stretches up to his elbow. 

    “Winwin, I can’t do this anymore. Just tell me what’s wrong,” you sigh. 

    “Nothing,” he snaps. 

    “It’s not nothing.” You bite your lip. “You’ve… changed.” 

    You’re struck with agony again. Winwin has changed. Maybe he’s got bored of you. Maybe he’s finally realised that you’ll never be as smart, or as ambitious, or as cultured as him.    

    A long sigh leaves his lips. It quivers, catches in his throat and turns into a groan. 

    Instinctively, twine your fingers in his hair, the way you always do. A flood of pleasure fills you at the familiar touch of his soft mahogany curls. You stroke his hair gently, and feel him rest his head on your leg like always. 

    At the back of your mind, some idea is forming, something that could explain all of Winwin’s odd behaviour. But it’s too dim to make out.   

    It maddens you that Winwin is in so much pain, so close to you… yet he’s impossible to understand. He may as well be a thousand miles away.   

    “Just tell me!” you beg. “I promise I won’t be offended. Even if you don’t want to be friends anymore!” 

    Winwin laughs, the cold, cruel laugh he does when he’s angry. “If only you knew how wrong you were.”

    “Then put me right,” you insist, crouching down beside him. 

    He looks at you, his eyes softening. He takes a deep breath.

    The room is as silent as the moment before the Universe was born. 

    His brown eyes flashing with passion, he whispers, “I love you.” 

    A laugh bursts out of your mouth. You’re amused. Then, you’re shocked. Then, and strongest of all, you’re disgusted. 

    “Winwin, don’t be stupid. You don’t love me. You’re my best friend, for god’s sake. You’re like a- like a brother to me! I mean, I don’t blame you, I know you don’t know a lot of girls, and we are close, I guess-“ 

    Winwin’s face is dark. “Are you ashamed of me?” 

    Your mouth opens, the word No on the tip of your tongue. You can’t quite say it. 

    Winwin’s lips shrivel up tight. He springs up, runs out of the door, bangs down the stairs and is gone. 

    “Wait!” You call. “Winwin!” 

    Your Mum rushes in. “What’s wrong, love? Have you had a fight?” 

    You shake your head, slumping down on the bed. “It was nothing.” 

    And at first, it feels like nothing. 

    Then, slowly, you start to feel a slight regret. It’s impossible to understand, but you feel like you’ve failed Winwin. 

    You kiss your parents goodnight and go to bed. Everyone can hear Winwin stomping about downstairs, but no one says a word.  

    In bed, the regret starts to grow into pain. It’s not pity for Winwin, or regret that you had an argument – it’s more than that. It’s a gnawing in your chest, impossible to ignore. 

    As you toss and turn, rain starts to beat on the ceiling, making sleep impossible. The pain has become agony. It tears up your insides, again and again, till you wonder how there are enough pieces left to tear.

    You try to force the pain down, dull it with sweet memories of Christmas and mulled wine in your belly and the beauty of snow… but that only makes it stronger. What did you do to deserve this? Where has it come from? 

    You writhe in the blanket, sweaty, half mad. Thrashing and writhing, you grab the framed picture of you and Winwin on your bedside table and smash it against the wall. 

    The crash startles you. You hear a creak as your Mum gets up from bed at the other side of the house, but after a few moments, things are quiet again.  

    The shock has made your head fall silent. And then slowly, like the sun peeking over the horizon at dawn, you have a realisation. 

    You are in love with Winwin. He is the only boy you’ve ever loved. 

    And you might have just lost him. 

    Without caring for your ruined hair and sweaty face, you fling open your bedroom door and run downstairs in the dark. The floorboards are hard against your feet. The air crackles with electricity. You check in the living room, the kitchen, but Winwin is nowhere to be seen. 

    Your heart misses a beat. 

    Then – you spot him through the kitchen window, standing in the front garden in the pouring rain. His hands cupping his eyes, he’s staring up at the stars. 

    You hurl open the door, not caring as the icy rain slides down your back and makes your flimsy daisy-patterned pyjama top cling to your chest. 

    You run up to him and grab him by the shoulders. Your need for him is so intense it’s hard to speak, hard to do anything but burn. 

    “Winwin, I’m in love with you. I didn’t know it then, but I am,” you say, panting. 

    Winwin laughs cruelly again, turning away. “Don’t say things you don’t mean.”

    You shake your head, your heart racing. Why can’t you make him understand? 

    “No, Winwin, I’m not just saying it. I feel the same way.”

    He scoffs. “Look, it’s nice of you to try and make me feel better, but I can handle it.” 

    Frustration claws at your insides. Winwin is a child genius, so why is he being so dumb? Time is running out. If you can’t convince Winwin in the next few seconds – he won’t ever believe you. 

    “I mean it, Winwin, I mean it!” 

    His face hardens into a scowl. “Enough now. It’s starting to feel like you’re mocking me, and I don’t like it.” He sighs. “You’ve already broken my heart, must you trample on it too?” 

    Not knowing what else to do, you pull him close and kiss him. 

    For a second, Winwin’s eyes are wide open. A little squeak leaves his throat. Then, he softens, and the kiss becomes the best one of your life. His lips are icy cold against yours, but they set a roaring fire alight inside you. 

    As you run your fingers through those magnificent curls, you feel a little strange. The last time you touched them, Winwin was a friend. Now, he is yours. Yours to kiss, to hold, to love. Yours for life – at least, you’ll be his for life, whether he feels the same way or not.  

    A spark shoots through your mind, fusing all the isolated memories together. His deep blushes… his shyness when you saw him changing… his flinch when you touched his hand – it all makes sense. All this time, he was in love with you.  

    Winwin’s hands move down to clasp your waist, his rough palms heating your wet skin and sending tingles all through you. 

    The spark in your mind grows, spreads, back through all seventeen years of memories. Every single one was leading towards this moment – right from that first day a boy in nursery destroyed your sandcastle and Winwin helped you rebuild it.  

    You always dreaded the day you would get a boyfriend and you and Winwin would fall apart. A thrill runs through you as you realise - that day will never come. Winwin is your soulmate!

    When you pull apart, your body is blazing so hot you can’t feel the rain. 

    “You… you really feel the same way?” Winwin gasps, his brooding demeanour gone. “Seven billion people in the world, an infinity of planets. The chances…” He is grinning like a fool.  

    You nod. “I was the world’s biggest idiot not to know it.”

    Winwin’s face creases. “Those last few hours were agony.”    

    You half-smile. “Was it worth it?” 

    Winwin hugs you tight, knocking the breath out of you. He smells like rain, earthy and rich and sweet. “You will always be worth it.” 

    “I love you, Winwin.”

    Winwin leans down and presses his lips to your neck. He whispers, “I love you too." 


    Let us know what you thought in the comments or on anon! 💋

    TAGLIST: @nominsgirl @heyychannie @anonjyxd @theficblog @dazaiosmooooo @kpoploverxx-12 @johleeh-blog @legbouk @silent-potato @nctdom @gigilame @bubutaeyongie @unknownnctizen​ @minaamhh @hii-yongseul @xxxx-23nct @joepomonerof​ @jypeee

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  • saintlyhyuck
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago


    • 𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐉𝐔𝐍 — it wasn't by intention that he found out he loves corrupting you. it was actually a mistake. when you got together, you were a virgin, and as much as he enjoyed being the first guy you had sex with, he never knew it would've turned into a full blown kink of his. "what's that? hm? you've never sat on a face before... fuck, baby. now you gotta sit on mine." renjun would be buzzing inside knowing he gets to take very. single. first of yours and to your surprise, you love it too. "i really want your tongue all over my pussy, junnie." that would send him over the edge. he wastes no time in getting you out of your clothes and on his face, his tongue immediately lapping at your cunt until you can't stop squirming. "god. fuck, you're gonna make me cum."

    • 𝐉𝐄𝐍𝐎 — things get heated very fast when you tell jeno that you haven't been eaten out before. now, before things get confusing between the two of you, he made some ground rules on claiming that it's just a friend helping out a friend with a new 'experience'. "fuck, y/n, your pussy is so fuckin' pretty." never in a million years would you have guessed your best friend would call your pussy pretty. "hurry up, please." you get very impatient when jeno starts taking his time by giving you the taste of your first head. he'll remember this moment forever. he was the one who made you cum by his tongue. no one else. "this pussy belongs to me now. only i get to do things to you that no one else has. i will always be your first." looks like the friend helping out a friend situation has long gone.

    • 𝐇𝐀𝐄𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍 — "what do you mean you've never squirted before? didn't i make you squirt the last time we hooked up?" haechan looks at you dumbfounded by this new information. he could've sworn he had you screaming his name as you squirted all over his bed sheets. "nope." you shake your head. "never squirted in my life. not by you, or myself." okay. now haechan will make it his mission to make you squirt. and to be the first, only, and ever person to do it. if he hears that someone else has made you squirt, he'll make you tell him the things you've never done before just so he can be the first person to do them. "take off your clothes and get on all fours. i'm gonna make you squirt all over my cock."

    • 𝐉𝐀𝐄𝐌𝐈𝐍 — jaemin loves trying new things with you, and he loves the feeling of being your first for things, and you being his first for things. it fuels his drive knowing you haven't been touched by another apart from him. "shower sex? you want to have shower sex?" you blink at your boyfriend, confused by his sudden request. "it'll be both our first time doing it in the shower, isn't that hot?" normally you'd turn him down at this time of night, but with one quick glance at his painfully hard cock against his grey joggers, you took him up on that offer incredibly quick. "i want you to fuck me until i can't stand by myself, can you do that for me?"

    author’s note: i should actually be writing my jeno fic, but ive had this sitting in my ask box for agessss & i think it’s time i ought to have got it posted. that probs doesn’t make any sense but oh well. i hope you enjoy reading, and feedback is much appreciated !!! <3

    extra: im very welcome to accept requests for any reactions !! i write for dream and some 127 members :)

    Copyright 2021-present. Legal action will be taken if saintlyhyuck’s work has been taken without consent. Do not plagiarise.

    #nct smut #nct dream smut #renjun smut#jeno smut#haechan smut#jaemin smut #nct renjun smut #nct jeno smut #nct haechan smut #nct jaemin smut #huang renjun smut #lee jeno smut #lee haechan smut #na jaemin smut #nct x reader #nct reactions #nct smut reactions #nct dream reactions #nct dream smut reactions #nct dream imagines #nct imagines#renjun imagines#jeno imagines#haechan imagines#jaemin imagines #nct 127 smut #lee donghyuck smut #donghyuck smut #renjun x you #nct jeno x reader
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  • lattaeyongs
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    sugar (jjh)

    original gif

    → pairing: jaehyun x reader

    → word count: 4k

    → genre: ceo/single dad!jaehyun, secretary!reader, friends to lovers!au, fluff

    → summary: they say it’s lonely at the top, especially for jung jaehyun, owner and founder of jung industries. as a single dad who just wants to be the best father to his daughter, he realizes that his life is a little sweeter when you’re by his side.

    → warnings: none


    The aroma from the steam billowing out of your cup of coffee is enchanting as you rapidly type on your computer. Displayed on the screen is your boss’s schedule for the upcoming week, and if you had any way of describing it, it is nothing less than hectic, filled with meetings, brunches, charity fundraisers, and public interviews.

    You almost jump in your seat when you see Jaehyun standing beside you, having left his office which is placed behind your desk.

    Jung Jaehyun is your boss, the owner and chief executive officer of Jung Industries, but you also consider him a friend as well. Despite being at the top of the corporate food pyramid, he treats you like an equal and trusts you; when he left his former company Neo City Tech, where you were also his secretary, to start Jung Industries, he asked you if you would like to move with him, in which you happily agreed. Something told you he was going to be big someday. And looking at his schedule, at how nice his corner office looks, at the financial reports, and at what people say about him in their publications, your instinct was right. Moving your gaze away from your computer screen, you look up at him.

    “How can I help you?” You ask. 

    He holds up his phone. “Mrs. Kim called my cell. She can’t look after Yeona today due to personal reasons,” he says. Mrs. Kim, the babysitter. She is usually the image of reliability, which is what got her hired to herald Yeona from school and watch her until her father got home from work. Today was the first day she canceled since she was hired two years ago.

    “Can you call another babysitter?” Your boss asks.

    “Jaehyun,” you say looking at your watch. “Yeona’s school lets out in forty-five minutes. There’s no way I can arrange for any other babysitter to come now.” 

    Surprise paints Jaehyun’s expression when he looks at his watch as well. “You’re right,” he says, sighing. He blows raspberries, running a hand through his hair. He shakes his head. “Then it seems that I’ll have to take care of Yeona tonight. I think you’ll have to cancel whatever else I have today.”

    Your eyes widen. “But that meeting with Huang Shipping Co.!” You say. “The Huangs are notoriously busy, I had to fight tooth and nail to get this meeting,” you say drolly. 

    “Then what do you suggest?” He asks. 

    “Um,” you say, tapping your fingers against your desk. You’ve had many problems, especially problems that appear last minute in your line of work, but this was certainly out of your wheelhouse. But eventually, your eyes light up with an idea. 

    “Why don’t I watch Yeona?” You ask. 

    Jaehyun raises an eyebrow. “Are you sure?” He asks. “That’s not exactly a part of your job description.” 

    “Well,” you shrug your shoulders. “My job description is to make your life easier. Watching Yeona today will give you peace of mind so that you’re focused,” you say. 

    Jaehyun still looks a little wary of this idea. 

    “Besides,” you continue. “What other choice do we have? If I start driving now then I can pick her up from school on time.”  

    “Alright,” he says finally. 

    “Your schedule for the rest of today and tomorrow is already printed out and is here,” you point to a collection of papers stacked on your desk. “Do you think you’ll need me for the rest of the day? My phone will be on.” You add at the end. 

    “No. I think I can manage.” He says. “I think that’s because I have the best secretary in the world.” You smile at the flattery. Jaehyun inhales deeply. “But in all seriousness, thank you for doing this Y/N.” 

    “I’m just doing my job.” You smile.


    The last time you babysat was in high school. Considering your years of corporate experience along with attending college, that was a long time ago. And you used to babysit for the neighborhood kids who knew and respected you pretty well. You’ve never actually met Yeona before, only seeing a photo of her and Jaehyun together on his desk when you would hand him his schedules. You couldn’t believe it, but you were actually scared of meeting a six-year-old. Six-year-olds can either be one of two ways: adorable and cuddly or rowdy and not listening to anything you say. 

    The one word you could use to describe Yeona’s school was grand. Of course Yeona would be going to a very nice private school given her father’s status as CEO of Jung Industries. She would be surrounded by others who are like her, whose parents have equally important jobs. The children of doctors, lawyers, judges, and all the like would be attending this school. 

    Taking a deep breath, you enter the building. As your shoes meet the marbled floors, they make an echoing sound that makes you feel… sort of small. Your elementary school did not look like this. Heading to the main office of the school, you knock on the door, and a woman waves for you to come in. 

    You show her your ID and a note from Jaehyun himself that would allow you to pick up his daughter from school today, and the administration seems satisfied enough with this. Since you recognize how Yeona looks from all the times you’ve been behind Jaehyun’s desk, you’re able to spot her in the waiting room, most likely waiting for Mrs. Kim. 

    “Hi Yeona,” you say in a friendly tone, in your best voice suited for talking to a child.

    The girl looks at you in question. “Who are you? Where’s Mrs. Kim?” She asks, her words strung together quickly. 

    “I’m Y/N, and I work for your daddy. Mrs. Kim had to cancel today, so I’ll be babysitting you.” 

    Yeona stares for a few moments at you, her grip on the handle of her lunch box tightening. The explanation seems to make sense to her after she processed it, so she smiles. 

    “Okay. When we get home, can I show you my dolls?” 

    “Absolutely,” you say, smiling. 


    Your worries about what type of six-year-old you were going to deal with were unfounded; Yeona turned out to be the adorable and cuddly type. Once you got home together, she practically dragged you into the playroom that was filled with all sorts of dolls and toys. If you thought the school was grand, so was the Jungs’ residence. Your little apartment downtown could fit into this penthouse at least three times. 

    After entertaining you with her dolls and toys, Yeona showed you her legos, and you put some together to make a lego castle. Eventually, she got hungry, so you grabbed something from the pantry, and you both watched her favorite TV shows together. Yeona would narrate what was going on, describing the characters in her own words, which ones were “good,” which ones were “mean.” You listened carefully, enjoying the ecstatic look on her face and asking further questions to keep her engaged. 

    As the sun sank lower in the sky, so did Yeona’s energy, and she fell asleep on the couch around thirty minutes before Jaehyun came back home.

    “Where’s Yeona,” he asks, briefcase in hand once he enters his home to meet you near the elevator. 

    “Sleeping on the couch.” Leading him to the spot, Jaehyun bends down, hoisting his daughter up, and Yeona’s head finds its place in the crook of Jaehyun’s neck. 

    “Daddy?” She asks drowsily. She brings her little arms to wrap around Jaehyun’s manly frame.

    “Yeah?” Jaehyun responds in a soft voice. 

    “Can you read me a bedtime story?” 

    Jaehyun smiles, pressing a kiss on the crown of her head. 

    “Of course I can. Let’s start off where we left off last night.” 


    You come to work again the next day, and you already find a cup of coffee sitting on your desk. You smile. It was in one of those cups with a large plastic dome on the top, filled with whipped cream and chocked-full of sugar. 

    You turn around and look into Jaehyun’s office surrounded by glass doors. He’s looking at you too, a ninety-watt grin starting to emerge on his face as you sip your drink. 

    Walking in, you point at the drink. 

    “Was this your doing?” You ask, your lips forming a small smile. 

    “Maybe,” he says, shrugging his shoulders with mock nonchalance. You continue to stare at him, with your brow raised.

    “Alright,” Jaehyun sighs. “So it was me.” He shrugs his shoulders, sighing. “I don’t understand why you like those coffees with skim milk when there’s sugar and whipped cream anyway.”

    “Hey,” you say, cocking your head. “I’m able to have whipped cream and sugar because there’s skim milk.” You make sure to emphasize the ‘because.’

    Jaehyun only snorts, but slowly, his expression becomes more serious. 

    “I wanted to thank you for being with Yeona yesterday.” 

    You chuckle. “Jaehyun, you’ve thanked me a million times. I told you that it’s my job to help you. Like right now, for instance,” You step closer, placing your hands on his tie, which was crooked. Yesterday was a long day for Jaehyun, so you aren’t so surprised that his tie looked off. He lifts his chin up as he lets you fix his tie. 

    “Thanks,” he says, the light in his eye dancing.

    Grinning, you put a hand to your hip. “We can’t have your tie looking bad when you have important clients to take care of today.” 

    “You went above and beyond,” he says, “with Yeona I mean. And she really likes you. More than she likes dolls.” You both laugh. 


    This year, Jung Industries wanted to start its first take-your-kid-to-work day. It’s considered a field trip for children, and the whole point would be to give the youth a glimpse of the workplace and its culture. The only requirements for a parent would be that their child or children had to be of school age (this wasn’t daycare) and they had to be well-behaved. 

    As expected, the office today is swarming with children; those who are in elementary and middle school are adorned in little suits and dresses as they follow their parents around and listen with wide and star-struck eyes to what their parents do all day, from listening in on phone calls to watching their parents participate or conduct meetings. The teenagers, though, were in more casual clothes, most likely of the sentiment that this is a free day off of school. 

    “Daddy, your job is so cool! You get to tell people what to do and they listen!” You hear a few footsteps away. Prying your eyes away from your desktop, you see Yeona, dressed in a striped frock as she stands with her father, looking at him with amazed eyes. 

    Jaehyun leans down, getting on face level with her. Ever the doting dad he is, he smiles, putting a hand to her cheek.

    “That’s only just the beginning. Being the boss has a lot of other jobs too.” Yeona only continues to stare, excitement in her eyes. 

    “Sir?” You see two other guys stand by Jaehyun and Yeona. They both look young and seem nervous; from the looks of it, this is probably their first time dealing with the CEO himself. When Jaehyun turns his attention to them from where he’s kneeling, one of them clears his throat. 

    “Sir, we need your urgent attention at marketing. Alone,” he adds. 

    “Alright,” Jaehyun sighs. “Sweetie,” he turns his attention to Yeona. “Why don’t you go and see Y/N right now?” Yeona’s gaze shifts to you sitting at your desk, and she smiles, running to you. 

    “Y/N!” She says. Jaehyun and the two other guys walk off into a hallway. 

    “Hi Yeona,” you reply. 

    “I miss you,” she pouts. “Are you going to come over to babysit again? I had a lot of fun with you when you last came.” 

    You click your tongue. “It’s been pretty hectic at the office recently, so I haven’t been able to come. I’ll try to find time for you in the future.” She nods slowly. “How has your day been?” You continue.

    “It’s been great!” She says with a big smile on her face. “Daddy took me to a meeting and he looked so cool talking to everyone!” Her excitement is contagious because now you feel a little happier just looking at her happiness. 

    “I’m glad it’s going great,” you say. 

    “I showed Daddy my report card yesterday, and he says that I’m going to be something big like him one day!” She chirps with joy. 

    “I agree,” you say. “You’re growing up fast.” 

    Yeona nods surely. “Yeah. I am. I’m almost seven.” She straightens her back when she says this, making herself seem as ‘grown-up’ as possible. 

    “Wow,” you say with awe. “When are you gonna be seven?” 

    “Two weeks,” she replies. “I’m a big girl,” she states proudly. “When I went shopping with Daddy for a new dress to wear today, I told him that polka-dots are babyish, so he got me stripes.” Yeona twirls around, showing off her new dress. 

    “I think you look like a big girl,” you say. 

    “Big girls drink coffee, don’t they?” She asks. Her eyes wander to your mug sitting at your table, a curious look on her face.

    “They do,” you say smiling, knowing what she’s going to ask next. 

    “Can I try it?” She asks. 

    “I drank most of it. Let’s get you some fresh coffee,” you say, extending your hand so that you don’t lose her among the teenagers and adults grabbing a sip of coffee before heading back to work.

    Yeona cheers, grabbing your hand. “I want it just like Daddy has it.” 

    Following you out from your desk into the break room, you both stand in front of the coffee machine, where you turn it on, grabbing a disposable cup and watching the coffee drain from the machine into the cup. You only take a very small quantity; you don’t want Yeona to be wired for the rest of the day. Jaehyun only has his coffee black with a little sugar, so you mimic what you make for him, being sure that the concoction in the disposable cup is proportionate to what you usually make for Jaehyun.

    “Make sure you blow on it more so you don’t burn your tongue.” Yeona nods, blowing on her coffee a few more times before taking a sip. She grimaces. 

    “Yuck!” She whines. “That’s gross.” She puts the cup on the counter, sticking her tongue out with disgust. You go into the fridge where there is some water, and she drinks it willingly. 

    “How does Daddy even drink that every morning?” She asks.

    “As you get older, you’ll like the taste.” 

    “I’ll never like it!” She exclaims.

    You laugh. You probably shouldn’t hang around in the break room for too long since you still have a lot of work to complete today, so you grab Yeona a snack from a cupboard before migrating back to your desk. You grab another chair for Yeona and sit down by your desk while you type vigorously.

    Munching on her food while silence hangs between both of you, Yeona looks at your computer screen curiously. 

    “What do you do for my Daddy?” She asks. 

    “Well,” you start off, “I arrange what he does for the week, answer phone calls for him, make reports, and organize meetings,” you say. 

    “That sounds like a lot,” she says. 

    “Yeah, it is,” you say. 

    “Do you ever get to relax?” She asks. 

    “Sometimes.” Silence ensues between the two of you. Yeona takes her index finger and places it on her chin thoughtfully. You watch from the corner of your eyes when you stop typing, picking up the phone on the desk. 

    “Jung Jaehyun’s office, how may I help you.” As you grab the details of the caller and respond back (Forbes, who wants to interview Jaehyun as one of the youngest CEOs to be on the top 50), you notice a big smile appearing on Yeona’s face.

    Putting down the phone, Yeona starts talking again. 

    “You should come to my birthday party,” she says, thrilled. “There’s going to be cake and ice cream and ponies and princesses. Daddy is hosting it, and it’s going to be lots of fun.” The look on her face is bright as she waits for your response. 

    Her excitement is childish and endearing, warming your heart. What else could you say?

    “Of course I’ll come,” you respond, grinning. 


    Despite Jaehyun’s multiple assurances that he wouldn’t fire you if you really didn’t want to come to his daughter’s birthday party or had some other weekend plans, you only brushed him off. He would probably need you around as emotional support anyway; a few hours of boisterous six to seven-year-old girls would probably take a toll on anyone.

    So you come to the venue for Yeona’s birthday party, stepping out and locking your car. It’s a very large private park with lush green grass and beautiful flowers that felt like they could go on forever. As the timid rays of the sun kiss your skin, you can hear children shrieking in excitement as they go inside the bouncy house, jumping energetically. 

    There’s a sunshade standing at a corner of the park and a table under it where there are presents stacked high, and you add your gift as well. Most of the girls attending Yeona’s birthday party are far richer than you can ever imagine being, so your gift, just a cute princess doll you found at the mall the other day, probably seems small compared to what everyone else brought for Yeona.

    “You didn’t have to bring a gift. Trust me, Yeona already has enough toys,” a voice says from behind. In an instant you know it’s Jaehyun, so you turn around. He’s dressed casually, just in some jeans and a t-shirt, and he has a hand on his hips. 

    “I know but,” you shrug your shoulders. “It feels strange coming to a party without a present.” You smile. 

    “You’re finally here!” Yeona says. Dressed in a blue frock, she runs to you, wrapping her little arms around you for a hug. 

    “Did you really think I was going to miss this?” Delightedly, Yeona pulls away, grabbing your arm and dragging you to where the other girls are playing in the bouncy house. 

    “Everyone,” she says. Their attention turns to Yeona, the birthday girl. “This is Y/N. She’s really fun,” she says proudly.


    Jaehyun really outdid himself with this party. There was ice cream, cake, carnival games, princesses… 

    And ponies. 

    When Jaehyun announced that the ponies were here, all the girls practically sprung from their seats like jack-in-the-boxes, running to the eight instructors handling the ponies. As soon as all the girls are settled down, either riding a pony or waiting for an instructor to assign one, you and Jaehyun stand together, watching. 

    “Look, Daddy, I’m doing it!” Yeona yells from her horse as an instructor keeps pace with her. 

    “Good job!” Jaehyun responds back loudly, a big grin on his face. 

    “You seriously have the softest spot for Yeona,” you chuckle, crossing your arms as you look from the girls talking with excitement to Jaehyun. 

    “I do.” He says in agreement. Jung Jaehyun, the man who is able to prioritize his family and work, the same man who wears the bracelet his daughter made in art class last year, the same man that asks you to schedule meetings and events around Yeona’s dance recitals. 

    In your gaze is a bit of admiration…

    Maybe even a bit of adoration. 

    “Hey!” You and Jaehyun’s heads move in unity to identify the source of the voice. It’s one of the instructors jogging up to you. He smiles at you both before he starts speaking. 

    “We have a couple of extra ponies here. Do any of you want to take a spin?” He asks. 

    “I’m good,” you respond. “I prefer watching.” After noting your answer, the instructor looks at Jaehyun curiously. 

    “Sure, why not?” He replies. You quirk an eyebrow at this response. 

    “Good. I’ll set up the pony and bring it to you?” He asks. Jaehyun nods. 

    As the boy runs back to where the extra ponies are, you stare at Jaehyun curiously. He seems to be entertained by your look.  

    “I used to ride in high school. I was a part of the equestrian team.”

    From the time that you know Jung Jaehyun, you didn’t know about this. All you knew was that he was relatively wealthy growing up, taking a huge grant from his parents to start Jung Industries. 

    Jaehyun is amused by your surprise. “Did you think that I always just sat in a room full of other rich people all day?” 

    You raise a brow. “That’s pretty much what I organize for you.” At your sarcasm, Jaehyun snorts a little. 

    By now, the guy is back, holding a pony by the rein. 

    “Need any help?” He asks. 

    “No, I think I’ll be fine.” The guy acknowledges, running back to check on the girls.

    You watch Jaehyun as he puts a foot in the foothold, gripping the rein of the pony as he leaps on. Watching you at ground level, Jaehyun smiles. 

    “Do you want to get on?” He asks. You look a little nervous. “Come on, just try it! It’ll be fun!” Jaehyun continues in an attempt to convince you. 

    Sighing, you look up at him. “Fine. But you better not kill me.” 

    “I’ll be extra careful.” Holding out his hand, you take it, placing your foot on the foothold. You look hesitant.

    “Just spring up and get on,” he says in a calming voice, further instructing you. Doing as he says, you swing your other foot around the horse.   

    “There you go,” he says. “Now, hold onto me tight.” Shaking the reins, the pony starts. You gasp at the sudden movement, holding onto Jaehyun for your dear life. Your nose burrowed into his back, you think he smells kind of nice. 


    After opening all of Yeona’s gifts, it was time for everyone to go home. This four-hour birthday bash was finally over, leaving you and Jaehyun very exhausted. As the hired help loads Yeona’s presents into the car, you and Yeona stand in the park, where the setting sun dips in the sky. 

    Yeona smiles at you. “Thank you for coming Y/N,” she says. 

    “No problem. I had a great time.” As odd as it sounds, you think you had more fun at this party than you expected. 

    “Sweetie, why don’t you get in the car?” Jaehyun asks after talking with the help. 

    “Okay.” Yeona waves at you before heading into the Porsche, in the backseat. Now, it’s just you and Jaehyun together. 

    “We should do this again sometime,” Jaehyun starts off. 

    “Yeah. I had a lot of fun, surprisingly,” you say. 

    Silence ensues between you both. Out of curiosity, you turn your head to look at Jaehyun standing by your side, thinking deeply about something.

    “What could you be thinking that deeply about on a Saturday?” You ask jokingly. He looks at you, his previous expression wiped off.

    “Just thinking about a nice restaurant to take you some time.” 

    “By ourselves?” You ask a little dumbly. He nods. 

    You gape. “Jung Jaehyun, are you asking me out on a date?” 

    “Yeah,” he smiles. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Ever since I’ve seen how great you’re with Yeona…” He trails, a little smile on his face. “Maybe next Saturday?” He continues. 

    You gaze at Jaehyun with a little smile on your face. “I think I would like that.” 

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  • dive-in-the-blue
    20.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Savior by AB6IX just confused the fuck out of me musically. Individually all of the parts were great but the switches between them were so abrupt and felt like they were from different songs. And like, I’m an nctzen so you’d think I’d be used to that 😂 it’s probably gonna grown on me just like Conextion (Age of Light) by NCT U did tho.

    #savior#ab6ix#nct#nct u #conextion (age of light) #rae’s real time reactions
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  • kpopjust4u
    19.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Can I please, please, PLEASE, get a Jeno jealousy smut with prompts 33, 37, 51

    Hey! Thank you so much for the request, I really hope you like the scenario! <3

    Click here for it!

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  • kpopjust4u
    19.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Don’t test my patience.

    Post Date: 19th May 2022 Content: Smut/Angst - NCT Dream & U Jeno x Reader  WC: 1639 TW?: Hard Dom Jeno/ Possessiveness/ Greed/ Minor fight/ DDLG / Dry-humping/ Fuck doll/ choking/ overstimulation Request?: Yes

    Masterlist                                    Prompt list

    Prompts: 33 - “Make me” 37 - “You’re mine” 51 - “Touch them (pronouns), and we’re going to have problems”

    You’ve never known Jeno to be the jealous type, he’d have his moments but those would be very rare; when he’s not feeling very well and wanting your attention for example. But he’s never jealous, or even possessive for that matter. He didn’t feel the need to constantly remind everyone that you’re his, he trusts you and everyone else to keep their paws off you. Though since you’ve been hanging out with him and some of the boys a lot more, this slowly starts to become a thing.

    Quite often, he’d pull you onto his lap, and kiss your cheek in front of the others, or if you’re out, he’d have his arm around you, or holding your hand, giving it little pecks to make you smile - making sure that everyone else saw it. You didn’t understand where this was starting to come from but you welcomed it, not everyday you had an affectionate Jeno in front of people. 

    Until one day, he loses his shit. 

    You’re in the dance studio with Jeno, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta, Jaemin and Johnny, on one of their days off so they decided to have fun, using the studio to practice and/or play around. It was expected that you were in Jeno’s lap once he manages to take a seat on the floor next to you, smiling at you sweetly, and admiring you like he’s never seen anyone or anything as pretty as you. He couldn’t help but get jealous or protective of you today, you were wearing a nice top with a skirt, you looked incredible. 

    The laughter form the boys fills the room as you sweetly smile at Jeno, kissing his lips gently with a peck before getting up off him to dance yourself. Everyone is always impressed with how quick you picked up dancing, especially since you learned a few of their choreographies really quickly, basically absorbing all the movement in one go before trying it out yourself. Jeno admires you moving your body to the beat of the song, loving the fact you knew how to move your body, winking at him when you catch him heart eyed. 

    Quickly, the heart eyes turn into rage, with steam coming out of his years when Yuta thought it’ll be funny to dance right up against you, as Trouble Maker comes on, it was yours and Jeno’s duo song but he was just ejoying you dance he didn’t want to move, but once he saw Yuta put a hand on your waist, he picks himself up off the floor and grabs you to pull you away from him. 

    The laughter in the room turns into silence as the music is paused, “What do you think you’re doing?!” Jeno bites, getting up into Yuta’s face, pushing him as Jaehyun and Johnny watch closely, ready to intervene if things get out of hand. “Answer me!” he bites again as the Yuta’s smile drops, shaking his hand and his hands towards his friend, “I was just dancing with Y/N, I meant nothing by it. I promise.” he attempts to reassure Jeno but he wouldn’t have any of it, but tries to cool himself down as he then comes face-to-face with Johnny, blocking his view of Yuta before he gets himself into some major trouble. “Touch her again, we’re going to have problems” Jeno growls, storming off, grabbing his bag and taking hold of your hand, escaping the studio to your flat. 

    Before you could even get through the front door, Jeno is pushing you up against the wall, pinning your hands above your head as he aggressively initiates the kisses, tongue fighting for dominance, coming out for a breath before driving in again. Your arms drop to your side as he decides to run his fingers along your thighs, running them up under the skirt you were wearing, reaching around to grab your ass. 

    After moments of heavily making out, getting you all hot and bothered, he pulls away, smirking as he walks off, you following like a lost puppy behind him, struggling to pull a sentence together at his sudden out burst, “Babe, what’s wrong?” you question softly, your index finger running over your bruised lip from him biting it whilst making out. All you recieved as an anwer was a hum and a shrug of the shoulders. He’s standing in the middle of the living room, facing away from you as he claps his hands together, not knowing how to feel, but he knew he shouldn’t have lashed out at Yuta like that, but you’re his, you’re only his. He didn’t want other men near you, touching you, enjoying you. You weren’t even doing anything wrong but he wanted all of that for himself. He hated the fact that he knew the others found you attractive too, though he knew you were all for him, he just wanted the boys to know that.

    You repeat the question as you slowly walk up behind him, running your hands up his back to his shoulders, attempting to turn him around to face you. He looks at you with a raised eyebrow, head lowered, and with piercing eyes, like a hunter finding it’s prey. “Jeno?” you softly whisper, going to put your hand up to cup his cheek but he grabs it, smirking as he flips you around, pulling your arm behind you, and pulling you towards his body, his member through his jogging bottoms poking your ass. “You’re mine, only mine, no one elses. I hate the way they all look at you, admiring you. You’re only for me to... admire” he growls lowly in your ear as a whine falls from your lips. 

    His possessiveness over you made your spine shiver, something you wouldn’t usually want but this was welcomed, not often would he get like this and you were so happy it’s come to this. However, you didn’t understand what was in store for you.

    With a swift movement, you’re on his lap on the couch as he positions you over his clothed tip. He growls as he pulls your head down so he could bite your neck, the pinches of the bites sends vibrations through you as you moan in his hear, causing his hands to roam your body, “You’re my baby girl, my princess... my fuck doll,” he hisses, as you grind up against his erection. You hum in response, your mind going blank from the mixture of his tongue against your neck through his kisses, as well as the friction caused from grinding on him. 

    He stops the kisses as he grabs a handful of your hair into his fist, jerking your head to look at him, his eyes piercing through your as he lets a smirk crawl onto his face before it dropping into a face of hunger. “Get your underwear off, now!” he barks, ordering you as he pushes you off him, as you stumble onto your feet. You’re tempted to play with fire as you stood there, legs and arms crossed, “Make me”. 

    You gulp hard when his eyes turn again, pulling you towards him and with a swift movement, your underwear was off, “We’re going to do this my way, or we’re going to have a problem. Understood?” he grabs your throat, as you nod, trying to catch your breath. You’re back on his lap again, as he pulls his trousers down a little to expose his tall erection. 

    Hovering over his tip, your soaking core tenses around nothing as that mischevious smirk crawls back on his face. As you try to lower yourself, he pulls you back up just before the tip could even enter, “Someone’s eager for it today, beg and you shall recieve”. You tense and shiver, realising that you would never have the ball in your park, you had to play by his rules, so you do. You beg and whine, as he scoffs, realising how he makes you. With a swift movement, he fills you up with his cock, making you wince at the size and feeling of it reach all the way up instead. 

    His head throws back in satisfaction as you bite into his shoulders from the pleasure taking over your body, causing you to be unable to even concentrate on riding him hard, as he slams you down on him. Both getting hot and sweaty, the sounds of skin slapping fills the room alongisde the grunts and moans that leave your mouths.

    “Cum for me princess, just for me, only for me!” he grunts through gritted teeth as you slowly come to your climax, wanting him to be rougher with you to do so. Before you could reach your high, he lays you down on the couch, and slams into you hard with quick and aggressive thrusts, pinning you down by your throat, “Cum!” he demands, as the knot in your stomach builds up. “Daddy! I’m going to cum!” you cry, tears falling down your cheeks as you try to catch your breath, he smirks as he fucks you hard until you’re frantically shaking under him. 

    Keeping you pinned down through your high, he continues to keep going to reach his own climax, “Daddy please, I can’t take no more!” you cry again, but he bites, practically spitting, “I’ll stop when I want to stop, take it like a good little fuck doll”. You nod at his orders, crying through moans from the overwhelming pleasure as your core burns up again. Within minutes, his cock jerks inside of you as he fills you up to the brim with his cum, followed by another one of your climaxes as his thrusts become choppy, and he tries to steady his breathing. 

    He removed his hand form around your throat, letting you cough to get your breath back, as you whine when he slowly pulls out his cock, his warm cum oozing out of you as he happily scoffs at the sight, biting his lip. He hovers himself over you, as you stare into his eyes, “You’re mine! you get that?” he asks, in a softer tone than he’s been giving you, “Always and forever”. 

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  • hwanchaesong
    19.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    10:34 PM

    You watched as Mark continued to pluck the strings of his guitar, creating a soothing melody matched with his deep, angelic humming.

    When he made eye contact with you, the spike in your heart beat was enough to make your spine tingle.

    He beams at you, that damned bright smile and shiny eyes directed at you, does he want you to die at such a young age?

    "Stop staring at me and do your job there." you said shyly, the tips of your ears reddening as you chucked a pillow at him.

    He chuckles a bit, easily deflecting your half-assed attack.

    "I will, just let me be for a moment."

    You raised an eyebrow, "And why is that?"

    "I am gathering some inspiration from my lovely muse."

    #nct dream #nct dream imagines #nct 127 #nct 127 imagines #mark lee #mark lee imagines #mark lee fluff #mark lee smut #mark lee angst #mark imagines#mark fluff#mark angst#mark smut #mark lee scenarios #mark lee x reader #nct dream smut #nct dream fluff #nct dream fanfic #nct dream scenarios #nct dream reactions #nct dream x reader #nct 127 smut #nct 127 scenarios #nct 127 fanfic #nct imagines#nct fluff#nct smut#nct fanfic#nct drabbles#nct scenarios
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    Lips are Sealed | Jung Jaehyun

    5K Follower Series Ep. 8

    Summary: You’re fucking the school’s bad boy Jaehyun in secret. What happens when people find out?

    Genre: Smut, High School AU

    Warnings: Sexy times

    Prompt: “They’re gonna hear us if you don’t be quiet.” “Good.”

    It was the night of the school prom, and sex was in the air. 

    You strutted down the half-dark school hallway, followed by your gang of the most popular people in school. They were the Untouchables – and you were their queen… the most beautiful girl Mount High had ever seen.

    Everyone at school called you the ‘Beauty’. With your long dark hair and smooth skin, you were the object of everyone’s desire or envy. 

    Some people said you were descended from angels… others said you’d had plastic surgery. Either way, you had your pick of every boy in school.

    Suddenly you saw Jaehyun. With his motorcycle and murderous stare, everyone called him the ‘Beast’. 

    “I heard he fucked his own cousin,” Taeyong whispered. “At a wedding.” 

    Jaehyun gave him the middle finger. “I heard that, jerk.” 

    Taeyong elbowed you in the ribs. “He’s disgusting, isn’t he?”

    Everyone’s eyes were on you. Oh god. You had to say something savage, quick. 

    Smirking, you said, “So disgusting. They ought to just expel him. I mean, he’s gonna wind up in jail eventually, right?”

    Two minutes later, you and Jaehyun were in the maintenance closet in the hallway, secretly hooking up. 

    You kissed Jaehyun hungrily, twining your fingers in his long, dark hair. Your need for him was insane. It almost killed you that you had to be totally silent. A thousand times, a moan had risen up your throat – but you had to resist, or the whole school would work out your dirty little secret. 

    The air smelled like sawdust and fireworks. Tight. Explosive. 

    Usually, you would never imagine being with a guy like Jaehyun… but then he was there, with his heat and his scent and his muscled body shoving air arrogantly out of the way. It was almost embarrassing – the way just one word in his bass voice made you weak at the knees. 

    You started to unbutton his shirt, your fingers slipping with eagerness. Soon, it was off, and you could place wet kisses down his golden-brown skin. 

    Just sex. That was the deal. 

    Yet, recently, something weird had been happening to you. Jaehyun popped into your head, unwanted – first thing in the morning, last thing at night. A few days ago, you scored a modelling contract and the first person you wanted to tell was… him. 

    Obviously you could never be together. You were from different worlds, heaven and hell. 

    Your core singing with excitement, you reached for the belt buckle of his jeans. 

    “You better be quiet,” you whispered, your mouth dry. “They can hear everything through that door.” 

    But, all of a sudden, Jaehyun grabbed your hand. He slowly but forcefully pushed it off him.

    “Actually… I don’t want to.”  

    Jaehyun started buttoning his shirt up again, turning away from you. 

    You frowned, your body still burning. “What? Why?”

    “Obviously I’m bored of you, idiot.” Jaehyun snapped. He squeezed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. 

    You flipped your hair, smirking smugly. “No one gets bored of me. Tell me the truth.” 

    He sighed. “Fuck, Y/n, just leave me alone.” 

    But you crossed your arms, making it very clear you were going nowhere. Jaehyun tried to push past you out of the maintenance closet, but you blocked him with your body. 

    “Can I just leave?” he cried. 

    You nodded. “Yep. Once you tell me what’s up.” 

    Jaehyun  groaned, squeezing his hands into claws. “Fine.” He sighed and sat down on a step stool, hard. “Did you really mean that thing about… me ending up in jail?” 

    It sounded like he was forcing every word out, his voice husky. 

    You gasped. “What? Of course not! You know how it is, I have to be mean, or they’ll-“

    “Realise you’re sleeping with the school whore?” 

    You gritted your teeth. “No, not that-“

    “It’s fine,” Jaehyun said, hanging his head. “You’re ashamed of me.” He paused, sounding a little uncertain. “Well… I wouldn’t be caught dead with you, either. You’re so... shallow.” 

    There was a long pause as you sat like that, in an uncomfortable silence. 

    Then, you thought of something. 

    You started to kiss Jaehyun again. 

    They were soft, wet kisses, working up his jawbone till you finally touched his lips. He was annoyed at you, but you knew he couldn’t resist you. 

    Soon, his hands were stroking your back underneath your sparkly crop top, and he was kissing you slow and dirty. 

    Jaehyun grabbed your butt under your thin skirt, and you felt the familiar sensation of a moan rising in your throat. 

    But this time, you didn’t resist. 

    “Ugh!” Your moan was deafening in the tight silence of the closet. A spark of excitement shot through you at the idea of people hearing you outside. So you moaned again. And again. 

    Jaehyun stopped kissing you. “What the hell are you doing?” he hissed. “They’re gonna hear us if you don’t be quiet.”

    You smirked. “Good.” 

    Jaehyun stuttered, “W-what?” 

    You caressed Jaehyun’s hair, rubbing your hands over his shoulders. “When I’m with you, it’s amazing. We’re incredible together. I… I feel things I’ve never felt before. I’m done hiding.” 

    Jaehyun held your gaze, and for the first time, you detected a hint of vulnerability in his speckled ochre eyes. “Do you mean it?” 

    You raised your voice triumphantly. “Jung Jaehyun, I want you to fuck me right now!” 


    A while later, you and Jaehyun emerged from the closet. His denim jacket and joggers were creased like hell, and his sweatshirt was inside out. With his face glowing and his bird’s nest hair, he’d never looked so gorgeous. 

    You were perfectly dressed (I mean come on, you were Y/n.)

    Half of Mount High was standing in the hallway, staring at you two, their mouths gaping open. As you strutted down the hallway, Jaehyun’s hand in yours, whispers and wolf whistles rippled beside you. 

    At the end of the corridor, you turned to face the crowd. You squeezed Jaehyun’s hand. 

    “If you didn’t already know, I’m screwing Jung Jaehyun.” 

    There were cheers and more whistles. 

    You went on. “But… I really like him. Like, a lot. And I’m hoping it might be something more.” 

    You faced Jaehyun, kissing his hand. 

    “Beast, will you be my boyfriend?”  

    A smile – perhaps the first smile he had ever smiled – spread across Jaehyun’s face. 

    “It would be my pleasure, Beauty.” 


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  • kpopjust4u
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Reacting to seeing you eat their cake that they’ve saved (NCT 127)

    Post Date: 18th May 2022 Content: Fluff (a little joking angst) TW?: N/A  Request?: Nope Masterlist                                    Prompt list


    Taeil: He’d probably think to grab another one just incase this situation occurs, he’s not that stupid. “You’re eating my cake” he’d say, as he walks past you, but as you go to apologise, he’d pull out the one he’s hidden, “It’s fine, got my backup”.

    Johnny: “Hey that’s mine cake! Stop eating it!” he’d shout, tackling you to grab the fork before you take another bite, ripping the cake away from your prescence as he scoffs the whole thing. “Don’t. Touch. My. Cake”.

    Taeyong: He’d instantly pout at the sight of his cake disappearing into your mouth, “I was saving that~” he’d say so softly with a little whine as he sits down.

    Yuta: You’d hear a loud sigh as he purposely wants you to know he’s there, pouting as he tries to grab the fork to take the rest of the cake, “How dare you eat my cake” he’d whine, giving you a last bite before finishing it off. 

    Doyoung: He’d just stand there, shaking his head, with a dissapointed look on his face. “Oh I’m sorry, do you want the rest of it?” you ask as he shakes his head, yes he would but he’d rather you enjoy it.

    Jaehyun: He’d want to be annoyed, but he’d just laugh as he sees you put the last of the cake in your mouth, “You know... you should ask who’s cake that was before you eat it, dummy”. He’d just get you more of the same cake now and again and would label his slice(s).

    Winwin: He wouldn’t be annoyed at all, he’d just shrug, happy seeing you enjoy it and would get one of the boys to grab him another one. But he’d bring it up later to let you know.

    Jungwoo: He’d stand there, pouting at you as you offer him a bite, shuffling over to you as he quietly lets out, “I was saving that...”. A small smile would appear on his face when you apologise profusely, “I’ll buy you another one”, he’d forgive you instantly.

    Mark: He’d stand there, looking at you with wide eyes, mouth even wider. A little giggle would leave his mouth seeing you with a mouthfull, confused on why he’s acting like this. “But that’s my cake” he’d let out quietly, still giggling, forgiving you slightly when you push a mouth of cake on a fork to his face. 

    Haechan: He wouldn’t believe the sight of it , scoffing as he walks over, pulling the plate from under you and walking away with it. Not saying a word to you until you apologise even though you had no idea it was his. 

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