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  • svogliata-mente
    22.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i had to resucitate my very old faithful pc that does not remain on unless it's constantly attached to an outlet because the noise from the other one was driving me mad and oh what a fucking trip it is to find all the little stuff my middle-school self thought would be a good idea to hide in random folders just in case this is exactly like cleaning your room and finding old notebooks and shit and spending most of the time down on a trip to memory lane instead of actually get anything done

    #god i can't wait for the new vent to arrive the old pc is so slow what with not having used it in three years #and to think i used it for ten years without a single itch while this new one has broken so soon #the amount of fanart i had downloaded from google images... you can not even begin to comprehend #at least i already eliminated the folder full of facebook memes (in my defense. i was 12. tua madre è leggenda /was/ the intended target) #me medesima
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  • sugarbubbleslove
    22.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Back in Dragon Age Hell

    I had been getting the urge to replay the series because I thought up a new look for my Qunari and, well, I wanted to start from the beginning lol

    1 - As my Amell who romances Leliana but sleep with Morrigan in order to have the DR child, do you think Leliana knows of it? Does the Warden tell Leliana? Does Leliana guess when she sees the child? I'm just curious to if it was ever stated at some point.

    2 - Was Shock supposed to be the starting lightning magic? Because I had a quick look and noticed that Lightning required 18 magic to unlock (despite every other starting magic doesn't require any points) yet Shock is basically free? Mix up at some point?

    3 - I really wanna punch Jowan. I'm gonna help him because yeah, my Amell doesn't know the truth and believe that his best friend isn't lying to him but I still want the option to punch him (Especially since I HC that my Amell had a crush on Lily and was heartbroken to discover that she was the one Jowan was talking about the entire time).

    4 - Does anyone else wish Senior Enchanter Leorah was a companion. No, I don't care for Wynn. Yes, I tell her to eff off. But Leorah seems so interesting that I really wished she had been an option.

    How do you think could it have happened? Wynne died so Leorah takes her place (of course, the spirit healing spec would have to come a different way since I don't really see Leorah having that ability.)

    #Dragon Age Hell #starting from the beginning #just for my Adaar #cause I thought up a new look #and then started thinking about everyone magic mastery #Damien Amell is lighning #Serena Amell is Ice #Melinda Hawke is Earth #Asala Adaar is Fire #Hmm #Should be fun #Dragon Age
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  • scrumptiousstrumpet
    22.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    One of these things is not like the other...

    As previously mentioned I have had my fair share of wannabes and fuck boys. Clearly I had a type and maybe I was desperate for someone to pay attention to me. I would love to blame it on being young and dumb but when you're still falling into those old patterns as short as a few months ago? Yeah....desperate. Without going into too much personal detail and not trying to defend my pattern, my past has been filled with me not being good enough.

    That's an entry for another time, this one has a different purpose. When I was 15 I had the pleasure of meeting someone who would set me on this path. He lived hours away from me (about 8 hours) but our mutual friend was someone I attend HS with. Z, as I'll call him, was a wonderful and sweet guy. We caught feelings for one another, tried to make it work, but my pattern of needing more kicked in. I broke the poor guys heart and I feel like he was never the same again.

    We tried to maintain some sort of friendship on and off through the years. No matter what was going on in our personal lives however didn't stop us from sexting, cybering, and even phone sex. This is when he began introducing me to the idea of the Dom/sub dynamic. I found it fascinating, intriguing, and arousing...the way he described it would be the only thing I knew about it for years to come.

    Every time we talked he'd go on and on about his latest sub or how he wanted me to be one. When I resisted, as I do a lot, time and time again he would then turn the conversation to finding a suitable Dom for myself. Let's be clear...I had zero interest in this but he seemed to think otherwise. Sure it was a slight turn on the way he'd talk to me and try to command me but I would laugh. Finally he got married and I thought that would be the end of it....funny right?

    His being married to someone not at all into the lifestyle only made him reach out more. It was getting to the point where if I saw his name on a messenger app I would roll my eyes and ignore it. I was flattered and infatuated when I was younger but at this point in my life? The last thing I needed was the pressure of whatever he was trying to impose on me. Finally one day about two years ago I snapped on him. Telling Z I was never going to have time, has zero interest in finding a Dom and that he needed to find some one else to bother was freeing. In that moment I realized why I had continued to entertain his advances...I felt guilty for breaking his heart. The way he responded spoke volumes about how I was only in his life for one thing. We haven't spoken a single word in two years.

    Fast forward again to my intended. The massive mutual respect, honesty, and understanding is night and day from my years long ordeal with Z. It was only through vetting and questioning my intended that I realized my ex was just another fuck boy in the cluster fuck that was my sex life. The thought "One of these things is not like the other...." literally floated through my mind as things clicked. I resisted Z because I could never be what he wanted. He wanted to take his anger, heartbreak, and so much more out on me through what he presented as a D/S situation. Clearly I have since done research and had my misconceptions washed away.

    This, written above, is what I thought about while showering this morning. I work through things in the shower or when I'm washing dishes...do you?

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  • opal-owl-flight
    21.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    I have decided to think about more Resolution content (post-Back to Zero Aftermath) today bc a whole week of angst is NOT doing me any favors WSESKSKS

    Mags and Meta eventually getting back on good terms and Mags walking back in the door he left through (a door Meta’s always kept open, this whole time)…. Them realizing that despite everything, they enjoy doing things together and want to keep doing so…

    Fluff and payoff content. Good for the soul. I already wrote a bit of dialogue and Im not sure if Ill post it as it is or doodle it out, but it really helped me feel better about this whole thing SISOKZKSSN

    #back to zero #….what is back to zero but a reset a new beginning?
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  • breakiebunny
    21.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    New beginnings Jungkook 🥺🥺🖤🖤

    #fic: new beginnings #dilf jungkook #jungkook x reader #jungkook smut
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  • maresyluna
    21.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    A New Year, A New Plan

    The white horse trotted along the quite and tree-filled Elwynn forest while its rider observed carefully for any impending dangers. It was the same path that the horse had taken over and over to get to its final destination. Meanwhile, the rider sat tall with a blue cloak over his left shoulder, the Stormwind sigil covering his body. Beneath that cloak, he wore a simple linen taupe outfit. He wasn’t incredibly dressed for a Winter Veil dinner, but then again, no one expected him to be. 

    He and his horse approached the farm house close to the river’s edge. Two children ran out past the pumpkin patches and toward the gate. “Uncle! Uncle Alex! Come on!”

    Alessandro Mares smiled, his brown hair a mess, as usual. He waved at his niece and nephew and as he approached the gate, he slipped off his horse. “My loves!” He knelt and the children ran toward him, hugging him tightly. “Go tell your momma that I’m here.” He saw the children running toward the home while he moved his horse toward the barn. He escorted the mare to a stall and he closed it. “There you go, girl. Enjoy your night.” With a gentle pat, Alessandro walked out of the barn and toward the home. Upon entering, he heard a woman calling his name.

    “Alex! It is you! Ay, these kids! They kept saying ‘guess who’s here!’ Over and over!” Lucrezia, or Lucy, as Alessandro called his sister, ran over and hugged her younger brother. “You look skinny. This is what happens when you don’t come visit us often. Francesc told us you parted ways! Where did you go? Ay, Alex.” She shook her head and walked into the kitchen. “Francesc told you what?” Alessandro called out as he followed his sister. “I told her you just walked away from us one day and went off on your own damn path,” a man responded from the kitchen table. He leaned on his arm as he looked up at Alessandro. “And we didn’t hear from you. At all.”

    “Francesc, I didn’t….”

    “You didn’t want us to follow you? Or know what you were doing? You could have gotten killed out there,” the gnomish woman said from the table. Alessandro turned and sighed. 

    “I’m not dead, Antoinette, am I? I’m here.”

    “Enough with this dead talk. It’s Winter Veil and we will be happy. We’re all here. You three can catch up later. Help me set the table.” Lucrezia pointed at the plates and silverware on the table and the three of them picked up something and walked into the other room.

    As they set the table, Mark, Lucrezia’s husband, walked into the room. “Alex! There you are. Hey, France, he’s there.” Mark laughed and Francesc rolled his eyes. Antoinette giggled and as soon as Mark walked into the kitchen, Francesc looked at Alessandro.

    “You could have been killed. The Syndicate was questioning us.”

    “I told you not to deal with them,” Alessandro whispered back.

    “Well, thanks to Toni here, we dodged that bullet. And sword. And dagger.” Francesc sighed. “Yeah, thanks to me. And thanks to me, I have another meeting with someone who may be some help.” Antoinette smiled and placed the napkins on the table. “What did you do, Toni?” Alessandro murmured. “I am not going to be part of any other deal. I was thinking of going back to Stormwind and ask the Cathedral to be reinstated.”

    “Perfect!” Francesc said, placing the last plate down. “The next meeting is in Stormwind. We’re meeting with the infamous Evan Fox.” Alesandro stared at them both. “You know, the great Stormwind philanthropist? That one should interest you, huh?”

    “Rumors have it that it’s all a front,” Alessandro said. 

    “Well, it must be a good one because the city loves him.”

    “Loves who?” Lucrezia said, bringing the food into the dining room.

    “No one,” Alessandro said quickly.

    “Evan Fox,” Antoinette said.

    “Fox? He helped with that farm two miles down when the bandits attacked. I hear he’s done wonders for Stormwind. Kids!” She called out and went into the back rooms. 

    “See?” Antointte said with a smile. “It will be great. Let’s meet with him and if you decide that no, he’s not gonna need our help, then you can go back to being a man of the blessed Light.”

    Francesc chuckled, “He never stopped. He visited every holy man and woman he could find while we were out there.”

    Alessandro sighed. He walked to the couch and removed his cloak, folding it carefully over the couch. He smiled when the children ran in and he reached out to Lucrezia as she walked in with baby Gerardo. 

    “Sit down. Alex is going to say a few words.” They sat around the table and turned to look at Alessandro, who still held the baby in his arms. 

    “Um… Blessed Light, protect us as we enjoy this joyful gathering. We ask for your guidance and warmth on this day and the days to come. Blessed be.” He opened his golden eyes and noticed a soft trail of light in his family members as they held hands. He sighed in relief. The blessed Light was still within him.

    Lucrezia opened her eyes in time to see the faint gold in her brother’s eyes fading away. She smiled and reached for the child. “You should go back to the church, Alex. It suits you.”

    “Not before we talk to Fox,” Francesc said. Lucrezia sighed and waved at the food. “Eat! Happy Winter Veil!

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  • vancethesnekdad
    21.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    🛍️Chapter 13 of "The Eye of the Storm" Now Up On My AO3!🛒 Also, I can't believe that the story as a whole (including part one, "Explosions Lead to New Beginnings") has gotten up to 4,000 views! That's huge! I appreciate everyone that has viewed/kudoed/bookmarked my story, and I hope you continue to enjoy 😊 The Eye of the Storm - Chapter 13 - VancetheSnekDad - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes [Archive of Our Own]

    💜Make sure to catch up on "Explosions Lead to New Beginnings" if you haven't already💥 Explosions Lead to New Beginnings - Chapter 1 - VancetheSnekDad - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes [Archive of Our Own]

    #explosions lead to new beginnings #the eye of the storm #fanfic#fanfiction#writing #writers on tumblr #ok ko #ok ko lets be heroes #voxman#ao3 #archive of our own #professor venomous#raymond#lord boxman#boxman
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  • loveandthepsyche
    21.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Necessary Endings

    If you are struggling with letting go of someone and desire completion, Michael Mirdad offers a unique perspective on soul contracts and the completion of soul contracts—not just feeling like you are going through the motions & rituals, but achieving full completion and closing timelines with those who no longer align with who you have become and the unfolding of your highest potential.

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  • bobbiedlifeinphil
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #New video. When they I love you but-- it's the beginning of the end.
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  • basavraj95
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • skeletal-kittens
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #I wish I could fast forward through parts of my life and keep rewinding to the past #I want to go back and live through my life up until the beginning of ninth grade #then I’ll fast forward to the part of life where I’m happy again #it’s also kinda funny that when I first moved here I hated this house because it wasn’t my home #and it still isn’t I don’t think I could ever consider this place a home but #if I think about leaving it or living in another house I feel sad because I don’t want things to change again #I’m still healing from the last big change that happened more than 6 years ago how much longer is this healing thing going to take #moving again would just be pouring salt in an open wound that was already infected #I hate being attached to places but the only to stop being attached is to cut off all emotions and make myself a zombie #being numb with no feelings is so much than pain of being attached to a place and having to leave it #I want to go home but somebody else lives in my home now and trying to go back there would be ‘’trespassing’’ and ‘’breaking and entering’’ #even tho my family was the first people to live there and been since the 80s #my family owns that house more than anyone that lives there now #we were there for almost 40 years #I’m tempted to drive there in the middle of the night and tell everyone to get the fuck out of my house and take it back as mine #my family and my freinds and their families literally owned half the neighborhood that was out home and I still don’t understand why #I don’t understand why it had to change. I don’t understand why we all had to leave our home. it was perfect why did it have to change #I’m gonna marry a rich person and use their money to buy the entire part of the neighborhood that belongs to my family and freinds #I’ll live in the home I grew up in and I’ll invite my new family and freinds go live in the other empty houses #I’m going to make that place my home again someday somehow #I’m going back. one way or another. #if that doesn’t work then I’ll come back as a ghost and haunt the whole place the entire half of the neighborhood that was mine #I’ll roam the road and my home and my freinds houses and scare everyone away and keep it all to myself #I’ll curse and haunt anyone that’s not my family or childhood freinds their the only allowed in my home #because their the only ones that didn’t try to steal it from me. it was their home too. it’s not fair they had to leave too. #I’ll invite them and their families and I’ll protect them I won’t let anyone steal our home #and we can all be happy again
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  • capncassas
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Snippet # 1

    The only thing separating them was the polished mahogany desk. Moonie was the proverbial the doe caught in the eyes of a hungry wolf. Was it the wisest decision to appeal to Garik Chaliceman for a job, to use the tension that was always between them by flaunting her feminine wiles? No. Absolutely not.

    She was desperate. That’s why she was sitting in his office.

    “It’s good to see you, Moon. Although, I’ll admit, your call surprised me.”

    Garik was playing it cool, but the amber glint in his eye and the tick of a muscle in his neck told the witch that he was anything but calm. He looked like he was ready to devour her.

    “It’s been a longtime since Elle and Marik’s wedding,” Moonie nodded gingerly, a splash of honey colored blonde hair falling like silk over her shoulder.

    His eyes sparked and betrayed himself by sitting forward.

    Crap. Why did she have to bring up the wedding? It wasn’t like she hadn’t relived that night in her fantasies over and over.

    “A longtime, yes.” Garik said. His pink tongue flicking out over his lip, wetting the bottom petal. One of his fangs was on display. He was salivating. And if she allowed herself to think the lewd thoughts that were trying to barrel through the barrier protecting the forefront of her mind, she knew he was hard behind his desk.

    Stop. Don’t think about that night. Don’t remember what his lips felt like or his hands when he held her hips, or when he pushed her thighs apart.

    “I’m sorry,” she shot out of her seat like a cork. “I shouldn’t have come here, Garik. I’m so sorry.” Her pulse thundering through her veins as she clutched her bag.

    Blood rushed to her head, and she knew what came next.

    Garik was standing in front of her, a tissue held between his fingers before she could blink. People thought vampires were fast, werewolves were just as startling in their speed.

    “Sit,” he ordered.

    Even for a cross breed like her, the command of an Alpha was hard to disobey.

    Her bottom settled into the chair and held the tissue to her nose. The warm rush of blood ruining the carefully painting makeup she applied this morning.

    “Why are you here, Moonie?” For now, the lust in Garik’s eyes died and Moonie was safe to look at him.

    Here goes nothing, Moonie thought. She dabbed her nose once to see the bleeding stopped and cleared her throat. “I need a job, Garik.”


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  • yeagerbombs
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i'm gonna get so much writing done tomorrow let me tell u

    #nat shut up #IM SO STUCK AHAHAH I HATE BEGINNING OF FICS/CHAPTERS THEY DRIVE ME INSANE #and its like the beginning of a new scene that feelsl ike the beginning of a chapter #and im losing my mind #i think i need to change the direction of it like same concept for the scene just different execution you know #ill figure it out hopefully tomorrow 🤡
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  • britishchick09
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    the chandelier is back in the rewrite! :D

    “Please join us as the chandelier rises once again!” the managers said in unison.

    They raised their arms as the chandelier rose through the air. One by one, its lights flickered to life. The chandelier joined the angels in the sky, bringing sunshine to their painted world on the ceiling once again. Christine gazed in awe alongside the crowd. The auditorium was bathed in a warm, golden light and a feeling of Elysian peace surrounded all within the chandelier’s sight.

    “May its splendor never fade!” the managers exclaimed together.

    Applause sounded through the auditorium.

    The chandelier has returned at last! Christine thought in relief as she clapped with the audience. It truly feels like a new beginning.

    #red death: 'oh i'll show you a new beginning good messieurs... ;) ' #elysian peace and 'may its splendor never fade' are references to the poto masquerade song #it's not my favorite but it has some great lines! ;) #it's great to finally see the chandelier again! :D #now the masquerade can start! (and the spice...)
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  • softjjong
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    lady gaga you made me watch top gun


    #the new one looked so cool on the mv so i thought #why dont i watch the original #so i did #and it sucked ASS from beginning to end #got less sucky within the last 25 minutes or so #but still sucked #i guess lady gaga was the only cool thing in that mv #mypost
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  • forcefully-employed
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    *they blink slowly and tiredly for a moment.*

    "...wwait, shouldn't i pick like. an anon(tm) name? I don't think I ever did."

    He shrugged a bit. “If you want then yeah, go ahead.”

    #a new beginning red #demanding stranger ask #suspicious individual anon #event: the grieving process
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  • forcefully-employed
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I don’t know, it helps with stress?? Neither of you have to fully break it just..bend it??

    “That- that is not what I meant.”

    “But wouldn’t that do something bad to Ben?? That’s not what I want! That’s the OPPOSITE of what I want!!” She is Distressed, and is letting off a low crackling hum.

    #a new beginning red #broken and beaten apollyon #demanding stranger ask #suspicious individual anon #event: the grieving process
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  • forcefully-employed
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    *a soft, contented sigh.*

    "...I missed you, too."


    Snuggle indeed! She be snuggling <3

    #a new beginning red #demanding stranger ask #suspicious individual anon #event: the grieving process
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