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  • bastardbvby
    05.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    amaya i didnt know you were so fucking pretty what the fuck !!!!! gorgeous!!!!!!

    MWAAAAAAAAH thank u anon literally woke up this morning and was like damn life is good i need to dress up and go out and so now im doing that and instantly feel better than i have all week

    #asks #thank u anon <3 #you’re so niceeeeeeee
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  • nicodaws
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    AAA AJ !!!!

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  • crazyw3irdo
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    hehehe sneak peek at corrupted Gem fic I'm writing

    “You’re making it really hard to kill you right now, do you know that?”

    Her question was so sudden that he let out a startled laugh, though he winced at her glare.

    “I’m sorry?” he said, shrugging as much as he could. “I can insult you if you’d like.”


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  • beepbeepsan
    22.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    “Not even the devil himself could catch Primo.”

    #niceeeeeeee #what a line #trust fx#primo nizzuto #beep watches things
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  • nicodaws
    18.12.2021 - 5 monts ago


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  • khaleesiofalicante
    05.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    ~sigh~ seems like i'll read it in the morning (in between classes but who cares)

    my curfew's 1 now, pray for me 😔😔

    sending love for Anjali 😔😔😔

    rafeeee my bebe, Dani must u do this to the Lightwood-Banes?

    "Haven't they been through enough?"

    You will see Anjali in this chapter. I'll give her your love.

    Goodnight, bebe.

    #I am niceeeeeeee #lbaf
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  • shumistar
    26.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Alright so i think i'll just post my art here and see what will happen

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  • sohstudiescode
    05.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    maybe some nice men do exist !!

    #why are people SO niceeeeeeee
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  • gar-trek
    14.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Playmates Star Trek The Next Generation Tricorder 1993

    #NICEEEEEEEE #YEAH BABY WOOOOOO!!!! #i found this at the second hand store #still in the box never opened baby #payed a little more then i usually would on trek stuff but i was so excited #and also i checked online after and i actually got a fair deal #paid a lootttt less then some people are askin for on ebay #i LOVE the next gen tricorders they are so fucking satisfying #i actually like them more then the TOS version #god im so glad i found this #my brother was like #........ why #also i had to use his money to buy it cuz i didnt have any on me #lol #they also had a pretty sick spock doll #and a worf one #but they put them in the case and i was too shy to get one of the workers #to let me inspect it #shoudl i go back tomorrow and look at the spock doll they had ? #i think maybe someone had this baby one hold or they hadnt set it out yet #cuz it wast even on a shelf it was on one of their tables #so if i nicked it from someone who had it one hold #im not sorry #this shit is sick #oh man and the box art #you guys should hear the little beeep beeeeps it makes #star trek#90s#aesthetic#thrifting
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  • princess-ditzy
    19.04.2021 - 1 year ago


    #this day was very pog ngl #it's making up for the shitty week i had like #last week lmfao #I mean like #I talked to somebody and i can't stop thinking about it?????? #like he was so niceeeeeeee #and it was a vibeeeee #and please sir come back i wanna talk more #kind of strange because like #the last time i remember interacting with him was like #in 6th grade but YEAH #I'M SO UNUSED TO THIS MANY EMOTIONS THIS SHOULDN'T BE THAT EXCITING #and practice is back on now which is fucking sick #and chicken nuggets???? #for dinner??? #epic #just rhonda thoughts #god i hope the rest of the week isn't shit again
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  • ihatebiden
    01.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    the uber eat delivery guy i just had my beloved ❤️

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  • rjalker
    24.03.2021 - 1 year ago
    #buy plants online #buy seeds online #niceeeeeeee
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  • champagne-coys
    04.03.2021 - 1 year ago
    #Ben Godfrey#niceeeeeeee #this man needs to stop being so sexy #ben godfrey is different gravy 🥵
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  • freyjaofthenorth
    20.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    i used the little money i had left to buy the rice game

    #my kinda game #it has platforming (nice) #traditional japanese peasant aesthetic (Nice!) #and painfully in-depth and realistic rice farming (NICEEEEEEEE!!) #sakuna of rice and ruin
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  • joyfultimetravelbanana
    14.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    How!! are!! you!! doing!! today?!!!


    hulloooooo :DDDDDDD 

    im pretty oki! ive been binge watching twitch streams all day which was cool i guess and i have a really soft blanket bc ive decided that sweatshirts are just too warm and i just want The Blanket tm it's really nice and fuzzy and cool and i've been in a p good mood all day :D its pog i have math test tomorrow and im going to ✨fail✨


    #im very unusually happy and its very niceeeeeeee #we just vibing :)))))))))))
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  • amatopunk-beeduo
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    That sounds nice! What do you plan on doing?


    mostly playing video games, and doing chores since we need to do some laundry and our weekly chores are mostly done on fridays, nothing crazy lol

    #H anon#asks #seb says stuff
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  • kaminarili
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    very good very niceeeeeeee

    are you drunk

    #♡.lija #the eight Es 😭
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  • i4hyck
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    PARING: Mark x reader

    GENRE: Fluff, crack (I tried), slightly suggestive.

    WARNINGS: Swearing, Jaemin deserves better. Haechan and renjun are third wheeling. Mark is jealous, y/n just can’t sleep and thinks shit.

    WC: 2-3k.

    A/N: This is my first fic, please excuse any grammatical errors. feedback is appreciated! Also lmk if I missed any warnings! Tbh I was so nervous to post this but it’s here!

    SONG REC: Boyfriend — Ariana grande, social house.


    It all started when haechan introduced you to Mark. Your first impression about mark is, he’s a nice guy, a respectful one. That’s it. It was not like those ‘love in first sight’ impressions. You do admit that, you like him. All you do is drop hints that you like him, every time you both hang out and all he does is not picking hints. Are your hints that faint that he doesn’t pick any of them or is it that he does realise your hints but just ignoring them Because he doesn’t feel the same way? But there is no way. The things you both did, tells a whole new different story. Is he playing with your feelings? Or does he really like you?

    But, After numerous attempts of dropping hints, you gave up. Haechan did encourage you to drop some more hints and not give up but, you just didn’t care anymore, you are just hoping somehow, some way, mark will pick those hints and maybe try asking you out? Is that even happening? Your thoughts were interrupted when your phone buzzed.

    Oh, boy it was a text message from mark.

    Mark — 11:30 PM y/nnnn are you free tomorrow 4PM?

    That exact moment, You almost screamed but you realised you might wake up your parents up. But wait, what is about? Is he going to ask me out? Nope, no fucking way. Okay first I need to calm down and reply, you thought to yourself.

    You — 11:32 PM tomorrow 4PM? Oh yup I’m free
    Mark — 11:32 PM okayy niceeeeeeee can we play basketball tomorrow?

    “Fuck.” You swore, you thought he was going to ask you out but nonetheless, you get to hang out with him.

    You — 11:33 PM ofc, also is haechan coming?
    Mark — 11:33 PM No, but I can invite him if you want him to come :)

    haechan is not invited, for the first fucking time! So does it mean that he’s giving me hints that he likes me or picking them up?

    Woah. I need to stop, one girl and a boy hanging out doesn’t mean it’s a date, it can be a platonic date, right? You sigh.

    And invite haechan? Fuck no, he’ll just expose you…

    You — 11:35 PM no no don’t- I just asked and haechan… he’ll- It’s nothing
    Mark — 11:36 PM LOL don’t worry, I get you

    You sigh. He knows, he knows what he does. For now, you just needed some rest.

    You — 11:36 PM thank for understanding LOL Well Good night mark, see you tomorrow
    Mark — 11:37 PM Anytime, good night! Sweet dreams see you tomorrow too!

    You smile at mark’s message and switched off your phone. Heading to sleep.

    02 — JEALOUSY.

    You woke up, you looked at the window and sighed.

    “Fuck, is it the devil’s hour rn?” You mumbled. Reaching out to your phone on the nightstand next to the lamp, the only source of light in your room. You checked the time, it was 12:48 AM, You groaned. So, I didn’t even sleep for a two hours? You thought to yourself.

    “I hate my life so much.” You mumbled while try getting sleep by closing your eyes and you still couldn’t sleep. You opened your eyes and started to stare at the ceiling. All you could think about now is the past moments in your life, that you don’t even regret or maybe you do. Getting jealous and angry over mark kissing your best friend. Well, who wouldn’t? like, imagine your best friend kissing your fucking crush. Who wouldn’t be mad and jealous about it? and it just got worse that day. You tripping in front of him and his friends, also your friends. Mark didn’t laugh, unlike others. He was actually concerned and asked if you were okay, which made your heart flutter. Well your best friend or should you say your ex best friend, is an absolute bitch. She used you so she could get close to mark and haechan. You just sigh, it’s waste of time thinking about her. But the moment where mark actually dragged away his friend Jaemin when he was flirting with you? that moment was shocking. Jaemin was flirty that day, it was a gift from heaven, because you had a crush on him but your feelings for him didn’t even last a week. Just like your other ex-crushes. Mark was the only guy, who you loved for years. In-fact 5 years to be exact. You love him, a lot. Haechan somehow got to know you have a crush on mark. He did kinda blackmail you about it but he also did encourage you a lot. Which made you hate and love him for that, you are so grateful to have a friend like him, but You are too tired to think about anything now and just needed some sleep, you close your eyes. Hoping you would eventually fall asleep soon.


    You still couldn’t sleep, it’s 1:20 AM and you don’t know why the fuck you get intense flashbacks when you can’t sleep. It just gives you mixed feelings, once it’s embarrassing, then angry, then sad, then regretful. You hate it and is it normal for friends to steal kisses from each other? well, you don’t know about that but sometimes I did that. Mark calls it ‘kissing your homies’ it never fails to make you laugh. The list of crazy things you both did wasn’t really something friends would do, it was something lovers would do. Well at least, that’s what you think. Stealing kisses, flirting with each other, calling each other babe for fun, getting jealous if someone flirts with one of you, and yet you both aren’t dating. What even is this friendship? or should you call it a relationship? It’s complicated, you hate it. You were tired of everything, is he playing with you? does he like you? You don’t know. It feels like a disguise relationship, naming it a friendship. For sake of others, when it really wasn’t the case. You don’t know anymore, thinking about this again and again, you drift off to sleep.


    You woke up to your phone buzzing, You reach out to your nightstand and grab your phone to see a text message from your mom as you were reading the text message from your mom, you turned off the lamp and got out of bed.

    Mom — 8:23 PM Y/n me and your father are going to your grand mom’s house and I won’t be back for two days, so please take care and don’t make a mess, Love you hunny
    You — 8:24 PM alright mom, take care! have a safe journey and I promise I won’t make a mess, love u too

    You turn off your phone to get ready. Soon after, you got ready and ate breakfast. The house was so silent which made you happy but kinda scared for some reason. But you ignored all those scary thoughts and proceeded to watch your favourite show playing on the T.V. Your phone buzzed, You got a text message from Jaemin. When you read it, your jaw dropped. “Fuck fuck fuck.” You cussed.

    Jaemin — 10:39 PM hey y/n are you free today? like 4PM so maybe we can hangout?
    You — 10:40 PM Well I’m hanging out with mark at 4PM so yeah I might not be able to hangout with you if you are okay with hanging out with us, I’ll ask mark
    Jaemin — 10:42 PM oh, I would love to but I dont think its good to yk kinda ruin your date with mark, it’s fine
    You — 10:42 PM Nonono- we arent dating Jaemin- It’s a platonic date and you would never ruin our date, come on don’t think like that, you are a friend of ours too :(
    Jaemin — 10:43 PM oh my bad- I’m sorry and dont feel sadd, thank you for being wholesome <3
    You — 10:44 PM awww don’t be sorry and okay I won’t be >:) thank u for being a sweet friend too jaemin

    Your heart melted, he’s too nice, he really is.

    Jaemin — 10:45 PM Not more nicer than you though and lmk when your free, take careee
    You — 10:46 PM oh please- not more than you and I’m free like 5PM Or 6PM I guess, I’m not sure but I’ll be free by 5PM I think
    Jaemin — 10:46 PM nope, not more than you and I see, I’m free at 5PM so I’ll meet you that time
    You — 10:47 PM alright

    You turn of your phone and resume to watch your favourite show. After 1 hour, the show was over and it was time to order food, all you are craving for now is pizza. “Time to order bitches.” You told to yourself.

    “wait so, I’m home alone so there is no one with me, means no bitches, damn.” You paused and realised, that you were home alone.

    And you heard the door bell ring, you know what it means… Your food is here! You opened the door and paid for the food. You closed the door and headed to your living room, to start eating while watching a movie. Right after you finished your pizza, you washed your hands and threw the pizza box at the dustbin. You almost finish the movie and slowly drift off to sleep. You woke up and you reached to your phone on the table. “Shit, I’m getting late.” You immediately got up and hurriedly got ready and then headed off to the basketball court, and there is mark, waiting for you. “hey, mark!” You wave at him.

    “hii y/n.” He waves back, you smile at him while walking towards him.

    “So, before we start playing I have an idea.” You told to mark while standing in front of him.

    “ohh, what is it?” He asks.

    “well I’ve been thinking about a challenge, you have five chances to score a goal and I’ll be just watching you, If you can’t score a goal, There is a penalty.” You responded.

    “woah, that’s a great idea!” Mark exclaimed making you excited and happy.

    “Let’s do it then.” Mark told and you nodded.

    “You go first.” You told and mark nodded.

    “Remember you have five chances to score a goal, if you can’t score a single goal, you will have a penalty.” You told.

    “I know, I know.” He responded back while looking at you.

    You were so concentrated, hoping mark won’t score a goal. The first try he failed, the second and the third time he failed again. The fourth time, he almost did it making you stressed. You wanted to win so bad but then your luck sucked, making him score a goal at his last chance. Making you whine while he smirked.

    “Why are you smirking idiot?” You asked.

    “nothing babe, Good luck.” He said while he walked away to take a seat. You just paused, babe? fuck not this again. Your thoughts were interrupted when mark asked if you were okay.

    “Are you okay?” He asked.

    “oh, I’m fine, it’s nothing.” You lie. You weren’t fine, you were internally screaming, Trying to look like you are okay.

    “Oh alright, continue.” He told making you nod. All you need to do right now is, focus on scoring a goal. Your first chance, you failed. The second one, you failed again. The third one, you almost scored a goal, the fourth one was the same as the third one. The last chance, You failed, miserably.

    “FUCK NOOOOO.” You screamed while mark started laughing.

    “what’s so funny? I hate you.” You asked him while you sulked.

    “You sulking. I never saw you sulk, It’s cute, you’re cute.” He responded, making your cheeks heat up, you genuinely didn’t know how to respond, you all you did was stare at him and he was staring back at you, then suddenly he pulled you by your waist making you gasp, but then sadly it wasn’t going to as romantic you thought this would go, You tripped and fell on mark and you kissed him, an accidental one. You pulled off immediately, you both stared at each other as if this was the last time you would ever be able to see each other, you immediately flinched when you heard haechan’s and renjun’s voices.

    “haechan seriously? Let them enjoy, they are probably busy being lovely-dovely and we will have to third wheel them, if we find out.”

    “whatever, those both are just so cute together! It’s fun knowing both of them like each other.” haechan responded, You gasped. so mark really does like you? You felt like the world stopped, You just couldn’t describe how happy you are. All of your thoughts were interrupted when you heard haechan voice, again.

    “They are here, oh my fucking god. You were right renjun.” Haechan said as he turned back making you immediately try standing up but mark’s hands stopped, your eyes widened.

    “oh my god, i knew it.” Renjun exclaimed. Mark let you go and you got up immediately while mark got and acted like nothing happened, making you glare. “Date already please!” Haechan cooed and renjun nodded. Mark immediately turned towards you and stared at you.

    “I love you, I really do and do you mind if I call you mine?” mark spoke as he hold your hands.

    “I love you too mark, but that line was too cheesy.” You mutter, Making haechan and renjun bust into laughter, Mark was embarrassed making you laugh. Then you checked your phone. It was 4:56 PM. “Okay I got to go, I have a date with Jaemin, bye!” Before you could go, mark held your hands and making you turn

    “Not too fast, you lost so there is a penalty.” Mark told as he looked deep into your eyes.

    “But mark, I have to go, it’s getting late-” you were cut off by mark before you could continue your sentence.

    “The penalty is that you shouldn’t go on a date with Jaemin, today.”

    “Mark and his jealousy will never change.” Renjun muttered while you sigh.

    “I’m going home then.” You spoke.

    “no, don’t. Let’s four go outside to eat something.” Mark responded making you shake your head. I shouldn’t go on a date with Jaemin but it’s okay to go on a date with these idiots, my life…

    © i4hyck. Please do not repost, plagiarize, or translate my works.

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  • 0oolookitsme
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    @fishnets-fingers REST OF THE PART 18 FEEDACK IS HERE!!!!! <33333

    [“Okay. This is a prime college make out hotspot but,” he pauses, looking around] wait those are real?? i didn't think so!!!

    [“You did tell me you were bored from painting from reference pictures of the internet. So, I had to bring you out to the best spot in a college town,” he shrugs.] AWWWWW

    [Birds chirping, a dull buzz of crickets from the trees.] all i can think right now is that it'd be fun to take a nap over there lmao

    [“Phoebe?” She suggests hesitantly. She’s not an idiot. Phoebe went to school in Chapel Hill and she must have been the one to show Harry this.] who she? *squints*

    [ “Don’t be mad I’d rather be here with you right now in the sun rather than come here when it’s dark and-“] i mean it' defo not pleasing to hear but why would she be mad?

    [“Please you have to be blind to not notice that she’s very very attractive. Light blonde, upturned button nose, legs that could go on for days. Please if you had passed up on that, I would smack you,” she laughs.] ahhh, why is t always some blonde chick??

    [“What do you have planned for the flower braiding ceremony for your Aunt?”] oooh that sounds good!

    [“Oh, like prayer things, lamps, and utensils for the ceremony and all. My grandmum shelled out money to buy those in silver and it’s got an antique look to it. Pretty cool. She insists that we now use them for every little thing so she can justify the money she spent on it,” she chuckles.] hahaha! niceeeeeeee!!

    [“Sure I’d love to. I’ll even swing by early to get pictures of all you guys before it starts.”] not surprised <3

    [Harry had just texted her out of the blue asking her to get ready for a date and to get her paints ready.] *grins*

    [She envied women who could work with their bangs] there are those kind of women??

    [Truth be told Harry had already got a peak at her work when he was sitting up straight, feeding her carrots dipped in hummus when she became snippy. He couldn’t help it, she was tiny and he had a better vantage.] heart: fluttering

    [What he didn’t get to see was her reaching for her pencil again to sketch him in the paper, lazily lounging on his car as he soaked up the sunshine] i absolutely adore this woman

    [“You don’t have to. I’ve been thinking of upgrading to something else and I wouldn’t have thought about doing it if you didn’t do that. So in a way, you’ve helped,” he says, not wanting her to spend her money. Plus, he was looking into getting something in gold after seeing all the gold she wears.] interesting. WAIT. THE GOLD CHOICE IS INSPIRED BY HER???? FUCKING AWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    [“So that’s settled then. We’re not going.” He smiles in victory.] damn that was smart

    [He always had this need to fill in uncomfortable silences. They most often felt awkward to him. But the silence with her was like falling asleep in the warmth of a sunbeam during the harsh winters. He was at ease. Although poets and movies described love as rainbows, a bolt of lightning, sparks flying, universe halting sensations, he came to the conclusion that the best kind of love was slow. Not like that fiery passionate displays of affection he was so used to watching in his precious romcoms.] shut up or else i'm gonna cry at 4pm.

    [What he felt with Layla was like watching the sky slowly become dark with the promise of flickering stars. Like they were stitched together at the seams of a universe that ultimately didn’t belong to them. Like watching a flower bloom. Or watching a pot of stew bubble at the stovetop. Slow. Gentle. Sure. Peace. Fervent. Steady.] *tears up* *re-reads* *cries*

    [She’d painted him. He feels his heart soar. He occupied a third of the art board. She got him exactly right. He could even make out the small Gucci on the frame of his sunglasses. His soft brown curls, the mole near his mouth, the tattoos on his arm, the floral design of his Fleetwood Mac t-shirt, the black stipe that ran on his baby blue trousers, his rings, everything was there. Her attention to detail was incredible. She’d captured the bustle of the college town without actually experiencing it, all from a distance.] Honestly, if I could, I would throw Harry off the stage and play the role of Layla's boyfriend.

    [ “You’re so talented baby,” he coos.] I agree.

    [He liked peeling masking tape from her artwork] same!

    [“I’m taking you to an art museum for our next date] not me already looking forward to it.

    [“Come here,” he mutters, grabbing her waist and pulling her to his chest. She walks backwards, so she’s trapped between the cold shiny body of the car door and Harry. He leans down to press his lips to the top of her head, whiffing generously at the concoction that he was frankly getting addicted to - baby soap, coconut, cocoa butter and Charlie Red. “I love you.”] *tears up*

    [“Thank you,” she whispers, face flushing a warmth at his admission, it still somehow made her want to pinch herself.-His body reverberates against hers as he laughs, head thrown back. Boyish and carefree.-“What?”-“Thank you?” He sputters between giggles. “Who says thank you after someone else I love you?!?”-“Shut up!”] fucking crying.


    [“Hello hellos,” Layla beams at the screen, as her friends’ faces fill up their designated rectangles] I literally memorized this half as 'The one with loads of socializing' lmfao

    [Susan and Heidi] SUSAN!! HAHA HEYY GURL!

    [Granted the calls were fewer but it didn’t stop them from sending random memes on the group every single day.] we love some good memes 😌

    I bet Susan seems a little too gentle to people at the first sight but then they're like: ah, so I was just breaking down a shield since these last 6 months? lmao, just my thoughts on her

    [“That’s really sweet of you. Is it that middle aged Lebanese woman?” Layla asks.] I love that you used 'Lebanese' here

    [“Lails, when are you leaving for New Orleans?”] *flashbacks of The vampire diaries and The originals*

    [“Have you met her? She’d probably be there before they open up,” Grace comments and it makes them laugh.] 😂😂

    [“Nice. I hope you land it, bitch. This way when you tell your family about Jake, you can throw a government job at their faces,” Susan says] YASSS!!!

    [Grace reaches for her juul and takes a big puff, letting out the smoke.] wait what's that??

    [Her asthma kicked up in minutes and it happened that she’d forgotten her inhaler at home that day] ohh :(

    [“Yeah. It comes in loads of flavours and it’s basically vapour.”] I still didn't get it but okay 👍

    [“Babe!” Jake calls out. “I got the Maggi you wanted.”] I already like him

    [Jake pops up behind Grace. Hands coming to rest on her shoulders, massaging them. ] nods

    [“No no. It’s Maggi,” Susan states. She pronounces it like the name ‘Maggie.’] *snorts*

    [“Shit. He’s right.”] wait fr?? ...oh wow, my whole life was a lie

    [He also fingered me right there in the open. There was no one there but still,” Grace grins proudly.] alright. now I believe that there love is deep deep.

    [“I also managed to rip out the necklace from his neck. He was in dude heaven because of his job well done,” she laughs and the others join in too] 😂😂

    [“Shut up. You literally have sex until one of you taps out. With dudes it’s over after he comes. Like if Jake comes too soon, he fingers me but he’s the only guy that’s ever done that. The other dudes I slept with just come and collapse without a care about you,” Heidi explains.] hmmm

    [Not Harry. I literally have to push Harry away when he’s going down on me,” Layla says with a smug face.] *grins with narrowed eyes, if you know what I mean*

    [“Oh no. They didn’t force you to take drugs, did they?” Heidi asks, sitting up straight.] it better not be that or else I'm jumping in through the fucking screen of my laptop

    [She’s an architect and she’s just this gorgeous person you know. She’s this hard core queer activist, she is a professional kuchipudi dancer, and she’s very humble] ooooooooooohhh i like her

    [“Both. I’ve been crushing on her quite hard and she came over to my house, along with her friends, when my parents were at work and we somehow ended up in the kitchen and I just kissed her.”] 🎶kiss in the kitchen like it's a dance floor🎶

    [“Does Meghana know?” Heidi inquiries.] ...who dat?

    [“Meghana says she wants a break for a while,” Ramya continues. “She wasn’t mad or anything. She’s just sad.”] that's not any better than her not being mad if I say so

    [“I’m just scared that I’ll have to choose and I don’t know.”] ah

    [“Why can’t I love both Meghana and Krishna?”] I mean- there is something like a poly relationship..

    [“Guys, I think I might be polyamarous. I’m not just saying things because I can’t choose. But I’ve been the kid who had so much love to give to others. I’ve tried the monogamy route with Meghana and you guys know, it’s something I don’t side with. Meghana gets jealous when I talk or flirt with others but I’ve never really cared when she does it, even if the flirting leads to more. So yeah, I know you bois don’t agree with-“] OMG YAYY

    [“Just because we don’t side with something doesn’t make us any less proud and you any less loved,” Grace reassures.] :)

    [“Yes, bitch. Go be yourself unapologetically. That’s all we want for you,” Layla chimes in.] YASS!!

    [“Thanks ladies.” Ramya wipes her nose with the back of her hand. “I was just scared you guys would be disappointed in me.”] aw :(

    [Layla notices something moving and finds a paper airplane flying into her room and landing softly at the foot of her bed.] :D

    [Will you be able to come over and spend the night with me??

    You won’t be here for five days and I just want a good cuddle that’ll keep me going that long.

    I’ll even throw in a shoulder massage and let you scratch my back to help you doze off.


    xox] ok now. I need to calm down.

    [“Aiyo! How precious!” Heidi squeaks, with her hand on her chest.] LOVE THE AIYO!!


    [These are Harry’s favourite types of mornings. When he wakes up to see his sweet girl deep in slumber beside him. She woke up with a jerk today and rolled over to his side, and he took that as an opportunity to ink some kisses on her skin. Secretly, he prefers morning sex. As much as Layla pouts to go brush her teeth beforehand, there’s something about the lazy, uncoordinated, unhurried gentleness of it all. He noticed that she was very reactive and sleep warm in the mornings, from having burrowed under the covers all night long. That’s how she ended up on top of him now, catching their breaths, basking in their post-coital bliss. Both bodies covered in a sheen of sweat they managed to work up. Harry found having her full weight on him to be comforting, like having his personal weighted blanket that was warm - her ice cube feet and hands being the only cons.] 💖💖💖💖💖

    [“Har,” she props her head up, so she can look him in the eyes. “Please don’t make me feel guilty for wanting to experience things.”] aw hell naw

    [“No, listen to me. I’ve dreamed of going to [New Orleans ever since I watched the Princess and the Frog. When we got to planning the trip, way before I booked my plane tickets for spending time with Auntie and Uncle, I just knew that Halloween and New Orleans together were right up the things I love. I mean think of me going cemetery tours at this time of the year and watching the Halloween parade at the French Quarter. Plus, the food. Ever since Earl and I made that gumbo from his wife’s recipe book - I was in love. I would love for you to join us. I really do. I had so much fun at the Smoky Mountains and Vermont but we’ve booked this months in advance.”] dayum

    [“The grill bar downtown is hosting a horror movie trivia contest and I just thought about how much fun we would have. With you as my partner, I’m sure that coupon gift has our names on it. And there’s the town’s fall fair in Chapel Hill. It sucks that you’re not here, that’s all,” he tells her. His accent was much thicker with his sleep raspy drawl, it never failed to make Layla melt.] ohh

    [“How about we have a trivia contest of our own? We could do it with Mitch and Sarah when we FaceTime again. We could do boys versus girls or couple versus couple. It could be fun,” she proposes.

    “We could, I guess,” he replies, warily.

    “Why do I have a feeling this is just not about the trivia contest?” She sighs, pushing a brown ringlet that stuck to his forehead because of the sweat.

    “I just stupidly thought that we’d spend all our time together because you’ll be leaving in a soon,” he mumbles.

    “It’s not stupid. I do really want to spend all my time with you too,” she reassures him. “I promise once I’m back from this trip, I’m all yours.”

    “I’m sorry that I’m going to be leaving soon,” she continues. “I told you this before, let’s take it one day at a time, yeah?”

    He nods. “I’m going to miss you so much, baby.”

    “I’m gonna miss you too,” she coos, as she closes the distance between their lips] okay. this whole last half made me tear up. pass me a handkerchief, will you?



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    14.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    So basically the succubus comes to some guy to do the usual fuck to death sort of deal but instead the succubus accidentally falls in love with their host. Honestly this could work for any host and parasite type AU


    #cherry answer #its- that- guy- again #succubus
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