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  • rinskiroo
    27.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Today is closing! For the 10th time. This is the 10th date they have given us from the time we reserved our build back in September. I'm going to go put gas in my van, drive by the house to see if the toilet and power issue has been fixed. If not, the date will be moved for the 11th time. (Also for some reason my husband cannot access the closing documents that "MUST BE SIGNED BEFORE ATTENDING YOUR CLOSING".) This entire process has been an absolute cluster and even though we are so close to being done, it's still just never-ending.

    #rinny irl #i want this house so bad but it has been such a nightmare #and now it's way too late to find something else #there's nothing that fits our needs in our price range #we have 3 months left to get our stuff out of storage in washington #a year seemed like a really long time #and now it's almost gone
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  • theoddowldoodle
    27.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Honey Queen Fanart that I did this Week

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  • daydreamslug
    27.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    i had such a terrifying dream oh my god 😭 literally shaking

    #what is it with me nightmares amiright #(laughs nervously at my art handles) #oh if only a shinso were here to hold me LMAO
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  • holymakerel
    27.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    clone wars fans when it's 2 hours into the kenobi show and the flashbacks don't mention satine or ahsoka and the only mention is a clone cameo

    #gif #i was beyond happy to see temuera in 501st armor domt get me wrong but that nightmare scene...i was on the edge of my seat begging pleading #for even a overlayed voice like of ahsokas or satines or even an anakin line but from tcw #im on my knees here. #just like. SO much happened in tcw that was like crazy and monumental and horrifically traumatizing bit once the arc was over it was over #love of his life dead? back to work the next day. #stuck on a force planet and watched ur grandpadawan almost die and ur padawan get tempted by the dark? no need to talk it out #faked your death? didnt ruin any relationships #i just want this show to like..connect those threads. because if they HAPPENED its in this universe its real you can't just. push it aside #tcw#kenobi spoilers#star wars
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  • supernaturalsidepiece
    27.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    Me watching A Nightmare on Elm Street for the first time earlier today then now watching Stranger Things season 4, "getting big Nightmare on elm st vibes from this"

    #stranger things#spoilers #? #a nightmare on elm street
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  • trickstercr0w
    27.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    The tbh creature is giving me fear as a person with autism. Help me please.

    #tbh creature #is a fucking nightmare #autism#not yippee
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  • yourpaleddy
    27.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    had a nightmare that Bo Burnham became my stepfather and tried to be fatherly but was rlly awkward about it and then he started making ur mom jokes and laughed at me and then he grounded me just to see what it was like

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  • kunikidas-lost-glasses
    27.05.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    Small Gogsig playlist

    More of my very small playlists on here because someone from school is following me on spotify and I don't want that they either snoop around in my playlists or that they ask me in school why I blocked them from viewing my spotify profile.


    #unstable gays#bsd #bungou stray dogs hcs #bsd headcanons #Don't mind me throwing my nightmare before christmas obsession in here #bungou gay dogs #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs headcanons #nikolai gogol#bsd sigma#bsd nikolai #bsd nikolai gogol #gogsig#gogsigma#gogolsigma #nikolai x sigma #nikolai/sigma#gay#playlist#small playlist#Spotify#SoundCloud
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  • slasherchic
    27.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    "Sorry kid, I don't believe in Fairytales..."


    DIE BITCH! ❤💚

    #freddy krueger #a nightmare on elm street #80s horror#slashers #captain james hook #james hook#peter pan #peter pan 2003
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  • crowcussion
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    six my beloved

    #six#little nightmares #six little nightmares #six fanart #ok enough normie tags i just hurt my hand on the top of paper #like it felt like a paper cut but there’s nothing there #best not to question it #let’s hope i don’t die #if i do please play pop goes the weasel at my funeral #and then bang on the casket and play a prerecorded sound of a muffled ‘ow’ #oh boy that would be great #anyways i got 2 more characters imma draw so byeee
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  • star-can-wrecked-screenshots
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #starkid#starkid screenshots #nightmare time season 2 #nightmare time spoilers
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  • all-the-words-necessary
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    This is mostly just a PSA that every post below this was reblogged at least 8 years ago. I am a different person now, no comments at this time.

    #The fear that your old posts from highschool #Are going to REPRESENT you? #Nightmare territory
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  • redogekiddo
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    0.6 (First Warning) - Page 26-30

    Page 31-35 : (30/05/2022)

    0.1 (HATE) : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… 0.2 (The Button OVERWRITE) : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… 0.3 (Lab Rat) : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… 0.4 (Jail) : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… 0.5 (Oria) : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 1 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 2 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 3 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 4 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 5 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 6 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 7 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 8 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 9 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 10 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 11 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 12 : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 1 - Season II : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 2 - Season II : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 3 - Season II : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 3.2 - Season II : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/… Huntale Episode 4 - Season II : www.deviantart.com/antoine175/…

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  • caffeespresso
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    The path do keep Mordin alive is heartbreaking, but it never fails to impress me in a game design/story perspective. Like.... the LENGHTS you need to have fucked up to even make the option possible. How it’s consistent with Mordin character and absolutely tragic. The fucking confrontation. Everything is just **chef’s kiss** ME have flaws, but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a video game with so much... respect? for players decisions. Like, at the end of the day, I feel the team really gave us the chance to make the story our own. With Mordin’s sacrifice alone, you only have two choices in theory (sabotage the genophage cure or don’t), but how we get to the choices have as much impact as the choice per se. And then it influences in how the scene plays out.  I don’t know man, sometimes I get emotional. These games existing are just... such a gift. 

    #Mass Effect #mass effect spoilers #and like the game does have a lot of constrains #but still #have you ever tried to predict consequences in a branching narrative??? #it's a nightmare!! #they didn't have to give us so many possibilities #and yet #there are people in their 10th playthrough discovering things still #AND #I love that it isn't a game with so much side content that it takes forever to replay #most of it feels relevant u know
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  • awigglycultist
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Oh since it been a week I will no longer be tagging honey queen spoilers!

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  • em-writes-stuff
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Whump of May day 27

    @themerrywhumpofmay @badthingshappenbingo

    prompts used: ‘i’m sorry, i’m so sorry.” nightmares

    characters: whumper, whumpee, henchman, caretaker (they have names but this is the only story ill write them with)

    warnings: cursing, creepy whumper, female whumper, minor whumpee 

    words: 4256

    a/n: this was going to be a part one, but instead is part two to this fic here. if there are any inconsistencies, its because i wasn’t able to look back at this when i wrote part one and didn’t feel like changing anything minor when i was able to look back at it

    March 13

       Today was the day I finally got Whumpee. He was afraid at first, but after a few hours, he warmed up to me. Henry isn’t too sure about how well he’ll acclimate to life with me, but I think he’ll be just fine after a few days. I still need to come up with a name for him, I’m thinking Jewl since he’s such a treasure, but I’m not sure just yet. Henry had to set his arm because it got broken when I took him, but it should heal in a few weeks. 

       When I took him, I saw his older sister nearby, but since she left him alone, I knew she wouldn’t mind if I took him. You don’t leave someone like him alone unless you’re willing to share. 

       I also stopped by the farmers’ market again today and you’ll never guess what. They were all out of apples already, so I couldn’t make any apple berry crumbles to welcome him home. Oh well, I’ll go back next weekend and check again. 

    March 15

       I’m not so sure Jewl is happy here, I might have to spend more time with him since he’s not allowed outside just yet. I think he misses his older sister, which doesn’t make sense since she didn’t take good care of him. Not as well as I do, anyway. She never gave him what he needed. With me, he never wants anything. 

       Henry keeps telling me he hears Jewl crying at night, but I think it’s the wind. The wind is very loud this time of year. I think Henry just wants me to let Jewl go since he has to do all the “dirty tasks” now. But that won’t happen. I won’t let Jewl leave me ever. 

    March 27

       When I was shopping at the farmers’ market today, I saw Jewl’s older sister. She had a picture of Jewl with her, but it wasn’t a very good one. He was in a baggy pair of pajamas and his hair was in front of his eyes. His eyes are one of his best features, which is why I was so upset with the picture she chose. She was showing it to people, even me, but I didn’t tell her I had him with me. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her he likes being with me more than he ever did with her. 

       There were apples this weekend, so that’s exciting! Tomorrow I’m planning on baking my apple berry crumbles, I might even let Jewl sit in the kitchen with me if he wants to. 

       Henry’s warmed up to him a little bit, he seems to not mind sitting outside his room at night as much as he did. I’ve even caught him telling Jewl stories through the door before bed. I just hope he remembers that he’s mine, not his. 

       I bought Jewl some new clothes today, too. The ones he had were getting dirty. The cashier told me they were very cute clothes and that her son had the same ones, so I know I’m doing something right on that front. I’ll give them to him tomorrow, after I give him a bath. He hasn’t let me clean him since he got here, but I have a plan to do it tomorrow, so it should go easy. 

    April 17

       I saw Jewl on the news today, they say he’s missing. Jewl even saw it since I let him wander the house now. He started crying when he saw his older sister on the screen. I don’t think it was because he misses her. I just think he wishes she’d let him live in peace with me. 

       Henry’s out of town this week, so I’m putting a lot of trust in Jewl not to leave his room at night. He hasn’t done anything bad in almost a week, which is good. He’s acclimating really well. Just the other day, he didn’t even protest to me giving him a bath, he just let me clean him without any struggling. 

       I just hope he keeps calming down so I can let him outside for a few hours a day. He’s getting a little weaker than I’d like, but until he doesn’t pose a risk of running, I don’t want to risk it. If anyone sees him then he’d be taken away from me. 

    May 24

       Today was a close call. Jewl and I have been going on walks just before sunset every day without any trouble. I’ve been careful to avoid his older sister so Jewl doesn’t see her and get upset, but I almost didn’t see her. Luckily, she was walking her dog, who barks at every little thing. 

       I think she might’ve seen us, but there’s no way she recognized Jewl. He’s lost a lot of weight since he moved in with me, I tried to get him to gain some so he’s not so skinny, but he won’t eat unless Henry’s with him. And he’s been working more to keep on top of his mom’s hospital bills. 

       Speaking of Henry, I caught him looking up Jewl’s older sister the other day. He almost messaged her, but I stopped him in time. He promised she wouldn’t do it again, but I’ve been keeping an extra eye on him. Since he’s out of the house more and more, Jewl and I have been having a lot more time alone, which I think he enjoys. We watch movies a lot, and he always lets me pick them out. 

       During the day, we clean around the house and play games like hide and seek, obstacle courses, blowing bubbles and even iSpy sometimes. He isn’t very good at ones where he has to talk, so we stick to ones you don’t have to talk for. 

    Abby shut the diary and looked at the woman in front of her. She was smiling softly and her eyes were filled with sympathy. 

    “I’m so sorry. I just thought you should know so you can stop worrying about him. Maybe you can tell the news too, he always cries when he sees the news story.” she (what was her name again? Fuck, that’s the one thing Abby should’ve remembered) said. 

    Abby took a slow and deep breath and handed the book back, she knew she needed to navigate this carefully or else the woman would never let her see Toby again. She knew she thought he was actually happy with her, but Abby could see through the happy words that he was miserable. She’d spent months getting him to trust her after winning the custody case, there wasn’t a world in which he’d trust someone else so easily. 

    “Can I see him?” she asked. “I won’t let him see me, I just need to know he’s safe. I think I would feel better if I saw his house.” Thank god for those fourteen years living with her mom, that really prepared her for this. 

    The woman closed her eyes and held the diary close to her chest, arms crossed in front of her. She shook her head, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. He’s really perceptive of things. He might see you out of the corner of his eye and get upset.” 

    “Oh…okay, no that makes sense. Could I maybe meet with Henry and ask him a few questions? That way you can get back to To-Jewl. You could just give me his phone number and I can ask him about Jewl.” Abby said. 

    She was willing to bet that Henry might tell her where she could find Toby, since he was going to contact her before. 

    The woman bit her lip and nodded, “I guess that would work. You just have to promise you won’t come to the house.” 

    “I promise. I’ll stop worrying about him and tell the police he’s okay. Then he won’t get sad over the news again.” She said. The woman smiled toothily and took Abby’s phone from her. She tapped the screen a few times then handed it back. “Thank you so much, for taking such good care of him for me.” 

    The woman nodded and turned around, heading down the sidewalk and then turned a corner. Abby had to fight every instinct in her body to chase her, knowing she’d never go home before being sure Abby wasn’t following her. And Abby wasn’t very good at staying hidden for that long. 

    She called the number, expecting voicemail but instead getting an answer. 

    “Who is this?” the voice on the other side of the phone asked.  Abby didn’t respond for almost an entire minute. She nearly hung up, but the voice asked again, “Who the hell is this?”

    “Hi, sorry. This is Abby Hart. I’m…I’m Jewl’s older sister.” 

    “How did you get this number?”

    “The lady keeping him gave it to me. She wanted to let me know he was safe with her. She wouldn’t let me see him but gave me your number so I can ask a few questions about how he’s doing. Can we meet up sometime for coffee? Maybe tonight at 7? That’s when I get off work.” Abby said. There was no response for a long time and Abby had to check her phone to be sure he hadn’t hung up. 

    “Seven works for me. Just text me the address and I’ll be there.” 

    The phone chimed with the end call tone and Abby exhaled. She texted him the address of a shitty coffee place nearby and went back to work. 

    At 6:50, she rushed out of work and sped to the coffee place, looking for anyone she didn’t recognize. She could hear her heartbeat in her ears, when she saw someone at a table who she didn’t know. He was looking around the coffee shop and when he saw her he waved her over. 

    “Henry?” She asked. He nodded and she pulled a chair out and sat down. “Please tell me where he is.” She pulled her phone out and pulled up a picture of him. He was sitting on the floor, a blurry dog in his lap, he was smiling bigger than Henry had ever seen him. “Please, he deserves to be safe. You know she’s not taking good care of him. Why the hell are you protecting her?” 

    Henry bit the inside of his cheek, “She’s my sister. I promised my dad I’d protect her and for a long time, I didn’t. I moved in with my mom and left her with hers. For the longest time, I ignored her, but then she came to me. I’m not letting her get hurt again.” 

    “But you’re letting her hurt Toby. Do you know why he’s with me instead of a parent? It’s because my dad’s in prison for trying to kill our mom. And our mom’s in prison for trying to kill Toby and my dad. The only reason they’re both still alive is because my uncle called the police and somehow got custody of him. But he was terrible too. Toby’s had a string of bad guardians and he was finally safe with me. Then he was kidnapped. Please, just tell me where he is. She won’t even know you told me. I’ll get him while she’s out. I won’t involve the police or anything. Please, just let me get him safe.” She begged. 

    Henry rubbed his eyes and thought for a moment. “Okay. But you have to promise that there won’t be any police.” Abby nodded and Henry exhaled. “She’s at the store right now, come with me.” 

    Abby’s face lit up, “Really? You’ll take me to him right now? You’re not tricking me or anything?”

    Henry shook his head. “It’s better to go right away so you can’t get the police involved. And if we wait any longer then she’ll figure out that I helped you. Better for the both of us.” 

    Abby put a $20 bill on the table to pay for the coffee and stood up. She followed him out of the coffee shop and got into his car, throwing every cautious thought about getting into a guy’s car to the wind. She didn’t care about anything other than getting Toby back home. 

    The brakes squealed to a stop and Henry got out of the car and started walking up to the house, but stopped when Abby didn’t follow him. 

    “You comin’?” 

    Her eyes were glued to the front door of the house as she unbuckled and struggled with opening the door. “This is where he is?” she breathed. “I walk past here every day when I walk Sammie. He’s been here the whole time?” 

    Henry walked back to his car and closed the car door behind her. “You didn’t know.” 

    She knew he was trying to comfort her, but it did the opposite. She didn’t know. How couldn’t she know? The curtains were always drawn, a fence went up just a few days after he was taken. All the signs were there, she just ignored them. How could she have ignored them?

    Henry opened the door and Abby ran inside, it finally caught up to her what was happening. She barely looked around the house, ignoring the self-developed images of Toby. There were ones where he was on a bed, looking up at whoever was behind the camera with tears in his eyes, ones where he was in the backyard, standing with his hands at his side. There was a pile of clothes in the corner of the living room, all dirty enough to the point Abby guessed dirt would fall onto the ground if she folded them. In the kitchen, there were half full cups of spoiled milk and juice with dead flies in them. Plates with food still on them were sitting on the table in front of a chair with scrapes on the sides, from what seemed to be fingernails. 

    “This is his room,” Henry said. He turned a key and the door opened out. 

    Abby cried when she saw the room. It was so small. Barely big enough for a bed and dresser. The walls were covered with drawings, he’d drawn Sammie and her on nearly every paper. There were drawings with sunsets and trees, some of them had words on them, but the one thing she noticed about all of them was the dull colors. There were a few shirts on the dresser top, all of them still had tags. She looked around, but there was one thing she didn’t see. 

    “Where is he?” she whispered. 

    Henry looked down at the ground, “Try the closet. He has to stay in there most of the time he’s home alone.” 

    “Oh god,” she breathed. 

    The door was jammed shut with a book. Abby pulled it out from under it and opened the door slowly. 

    He was curled up in the corner of the closet, head between his knees and hands clasped tightly around his legs. He was so much smaller than he was before, his clothes pooled around him. 

    “Toby?” She whispered gently. “Toby, it’s me. Let’s get you out of here, okay? Then we’ll leave here so she won’t be able to find you again, okay?” 

    He looked up, brown eyes filled with tears, “Abby?” 

    She smiled, “Yeah, I’m here. I found you.” 

    He uncurled a little bit and reached a hand out to her. She took it and held it tightly. 

    “Can we go home?” He cried. 

    She nodded, “Yeah, yeah, buddy, we can go home. Come here.” 

    He crawled to her and she hugged him tightly. She stood up and held him close to her, her chin on the top of his head. She looked at Henry and nodded once, not thanking him, but grateful for what he’d done. 

    A car door slammed outside and Toby tensed up. 

    “Fuck,” Henry cursed. “That’s her. You have to go. I’ll distract her for as long as I can, but you have to be quick. There’s a gate along the fence on the east side of the house, it’s a standard lock, hurry.” 

    She hitched Toby up and ran to the back of the house, not caring about any noise she was making. The door opened with a little persuasion and she ran outside, nearly falling down the steps. The gate swung open and she ran down the driveway, not bothering to close it behind her. 

    She ran all the way home, losing both shoes on the way. She unlocked the front door quickly and locked it as soon as they were safe inside. She went around the house and locked all the windows and the back door before she set Toby down. 

    She pushed the hair out of his face and cupped his cheek, “Are you okay?” 

    He didn’t answer. 

    She pulled him close to her again and hugged him, “I’m sorry it took me so long to find you. I’m so, so sorry.” She wept. “But you’re safe now. I won’t let her take you again. I promise.” 

    He cried against her, her shirt slowly darkening with tears. She pulled away again and looked at him, “Oh, you’re so skinny. Are you hungry? Do you want anything? I can call for some takeout, or I can cook something, or we can go out and eat at a restaurant. Anything you want. Just let me know.” 

    He looked past her, eyes dull and unfocused. “Where’s Sammie?” 

    “He’s outside, do you want to see him?” She asked. 

    He nodded and she stood up. She walked through the kitchen and opened the door and called for Sammie. The pitbull ran inside and ran around the house, sniffing everywhere Abby had been since she got home. When he made it to the living room, he whined. 

    “Who is that, Sammie?” Abby asked, still in the kitchen filling Sammie’s food bowl. 

    He whined again and Abby poked her head around the corner to see what was wrong. 

    “Sammie? Where’s Toby?” She asked. 

    He whined at the couch, not moving until Abby stood next to him. She told him to go to his bed and he did. She looked around the living room, looking for Toby. 

    “Tob, where are you?” She asked. There wasn’t any response and Abby checked the lock on the front door. It was still locked and Abby let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. She went down the hallway, thinking he’d maybe gone to the bathroom, but she stopped when she passed his room. 

    He stood in the doorway, staring around the room. She sighed in relief and stood next to him. “There you are.” 

    He flinched and took a step back and Abby felt horrible. 

    “I’m so sorry. I thought you heard me. Are you okay?” She asked. 

    He just blinked in response. 

    “I didn’t change anything in your room, everything’s the same as it was before.” she said. He still didn’t respond. “Do you still want to see Sammie? He’s in the living room waiting for you.” She said, hoping to get some response from him. 

    He nodded, but didn’t move. Abby waited for him to do something, anything, but he stayed still. 

    Then, he whispered, “Can I leave my room?” 

    Abby’s heart broke all over again. “Yes, yeah, you don’t have to ask, you can go anywhere you want to anytime, okay? You can do whatever you want.” 


    He walked out of the room and into the living room. He smiled when he saw Sammie, and the pitbull did the same (in his own way) when he saw Toby. 

    Toby squatted in front of Sammie and pet him, scritching him behind the ears and rubbing his chin, smiling as the wiggly dog licked his face. 

    Abby stood in the hallway watching as the two played together. Toby got tired a lot quicker than he used to and Sammie caught on fast. He curled up on his giant dog bed and left room for Toby to lay next to him, just like he had before. 

    Toby looked back at Abby and she nodded, “Go ahead.” 

    She walked into the kitchen as the two fell asleep and cooked. She didn’t think he would eat tonight, but she could at least have something ready for him if he woke up hungry. And she needed something to do before the morning. She needed to call the police and tell them she’d found Toby and to tell them where the lady lived. She didn’t give a fuck about the promise she made to Henry, she deserved to go to jail. Or at the very least a psych ward. And if she called now then Sgt. Topple would answer, and she didn’t get along with him at all, he acted like it was her fault Toby was taken. No, she’d wait until morning and talk to Lt. McPherson. 

    The sun rose late and dissolved the fog that surrounded the neighborhood around the same time Abby finished off the last of the flour in the house making cookies. She peeked in the living room and smiled when she saw Toby curled up against Sammie, who had his head protectively over Toby’s chest. 

    She walked outside and refilled the bird feeder as she called Lt. McPherson. He told her he’d be over as soon as he dealt with his current call, so now all she had to do was wait. 

    She hated waiting. 

    The doorbell rang and Sammie woke up, but didn’t move, or bark for that matter. Toby was still sleeping, muttering something that Abby tried her best to block out. He’d tell her eventually if he wanted to. 

    She opened the door and walked outside, “Can we talk out here? Toby’s sleeping in the living room.” 

    “Of course. How’s he seem?” McPherson asked. Abby left the door open a crack in case Toby woke up while she was outside. 

    “Uhm, well, he hasn’t really talked much, but he seems pretty okay physically. He’s just a lot smaller than he was before.” She said. 

    He nodded. “You said you had the address?” 

    “Yeah, here it is, I wrote it down. Could you stay here though? I don’t really know where she is and I don’t know if she knows where I live or not.” She handed him a folded piece of paper and he snapped a photo of it. 

    “Sure thing, I just sent it to my partner, she’ll handle the arrest. D’ya need help with anything around the house since I’m here?” He asked. 

    Before she could answer, Sammie whined and pressed his nose against the door. 

    “Will you excuse me for a second? I’ll be right back.” Abby said. McPherson nodded. 

    She walked inside and looked around the living room. Toby was still in the dog bed asleep, but he was kicking his legs out and covering his face with his arms. 

    He cried out and his eyes opened. He looked around wildly with his chest heaving. Abby rushed to his side and sat down in front of him, reaching out to him. 

    He pushed himself back and his back hit the wall. She stopped and pulled her hand back. 

    “Hey, Tob. You’re okay.” She said softly. 

    His breathing slowed and he looked at Abby. 

    The front door squeaked open and Abby stood up. 

    McPherson looked around the room before stopping on her, “Everything okay in here?” 

    She nodded and stepped aside so he could see Toby, “Just a bad dream. Will you just wait here?” 

    He nodded again and Abby picked Toby up. She carried him to his room and put him in his bed, pulling the covers up to his chin. 

    “Just go back to sleep, everything’s okay here, I’m just doing some grown-up things.” She soothed. She brushed the hair out of his face and wiped his tears away with the pad of her thumb, “Just yell if you need anything, okay?” 

    He nodded and she walked out of his room, leaving the door slightly ajar as she left. 

    “Sorry about that,” she said. “I just had to put him in his bed. Has your partner made the arrest yet?” 

    McPherson nodded, “Yeah, they’re headed to the station.” 

    Abby exhaled, “Thank god, I was afraid she’d left town. Okay, I’m sure you have other things to do, you can go now. Thank you for staying with me. Will you take some desserts to the station with you? I was up all night baking.” 

    He nodded, “No need to twist my arm, I’ll take some sweets. Keep your phone on today, we’ll probably be calling you. You should also take the kid to the hospital today, just to be sure everything’s really alright with him.” 

    She handed him a bag filled with treats, “I know, I’m just letting him get some sleep before we do anything. I don’t know how much sleep he’s gotten.” 

    Lt. McPherson nodded and tipped his hat as he left the house. Abby locked the door behind him and let Sammie out, locking the back door again once he was out. She packaged up the rest of the desserts and put the majority of them in the freezer for later. 

    She cooked herself breakfast and started on some pancakes for Toby, his favorite kind with blueberries and chocolate chips in them. She put them in the fridge and cleaned the kitchen, sweeping all the crumbs from her night of baking into a dustpan and dumping it into the trash. 


    reblogs appreciated <3

    #whump of may #the merry whump of may #whump of may day 27 #whumper#whumpee#minor whumpee#female whumper #im sorry im so sorry #nightmares #bad thing happen bingo #bthb#em writes #em writes stuff #my writing
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  • bugbreach-cosplay
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Some more Micolash, awoo~

    #Cosplay#Micolash #Micolash Host of the Nightmare #Bloodborne
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  • doobler
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #bro #i had a pretty intense nightmare #and when i woke up i #i feel out of my mijd #like i had to take a couple minutes to recall who and where i was #i feel like im out of my body #i nearly t-boned someone in my apartment's parking lot because it looked like the car just blipped into existence #i feel like my left eye doesn't exist #and the world is at an angled tilt #im fucking SOBER wtf I didn't have a drop of alcohol last night so I'm definitely not hungover #huhuhuhhhhhh #i should be elated and dancing and singing #im working only 3hr today then i get a 3 day weekend #but instead im freaking the FUCK oit
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  • bowserscastleinthesky
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    unironically Love It when white people say the word "bussin". It has brought me nothing but joy this past year or so.

    #being 100% serious here. it always puts a smile on my face #whoever runs the Kitchen Nightmares youtube channel thank you for doing this irreversable damage from the botttom of my heart
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  • galaxyepiclysanstional
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Just finished the DTIYS by @itsxroxannex

    This is my first time I've ever drawn night mare oh and I added his head in his coffee ☕

    Ps I gave nightmare fangs if you can't see my writing lol 😆

    I changed to Ibis paint x I got annoyed with medibang

    Enjoy 😉

    If you can't read what they're saying read below

    N: What do you want !? >:[

    D: "flops onto the counter top annoyed 😑 😒 " (Nothing you grump)

    (Now I shall work on my other art projects UwU)

    Nightmare and Dream belong to @jokublog

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