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  • pupkitties
    19.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    sosleepy...i have to eat dinner soon but not for a bit anywayssss :)) i like you.......

    #💫 #nodding off WAIT NO i need to eat soon i cant gosleep!!!
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  • euphoricfez
    19.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I’m gonna take a break from family fluff after this I SWEAR ! on the outside ash has little to no reaction when lexi announces she’s pregnant.. on the inside however he’s almost upset ??? and he’s not exactly sure why. he likes the little family the three of them have created. he is the the happiest he’s been- besides the few memories he has before grandma got sick. surprisingly lexi notices the change in his mood first and she gets straight to the point “ash you know just because I’m having a baby, fez isn’t going to love you any less- WE aren’t going to love you any less, right?” and it’s in that moment ash curses lexi for being so fucking smart. that fuckin geeky kid knows him better than he knows himself sometimes. he feels like a fucking two year old worried about getting less attention from the new baby mommy and daddy bring home and he tells lexi that. lexi doesn’t laugh at him or tell him he’s being immature she’s understanding as always and explains given what he’s been through it makes perfect sense for him to feel like he’s going to be abandoned. again. ANYWAYS THO EVERYONE HUGS AND ASH ENDS UP BEING THE BEST UNCLE !!

    #why is this post so long lmfao #im embarrassed #everyone smile and nod
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  • hsinvega
    19.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    seriously need to force a friend to read tsc because my mom just caught me at a bad time by accident and had to listen to me go on about chot release and the timeline until the wicked powers for over an hour

    #she just smiles and nods 😭 #it’s getting bad forme #okayyyy but cover drop today. I THINK it’s pretty i think it fits well but i still woulda liked a james cover#abbey talks
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  • crimesnewronan
    19.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    nevermind a girl hit on me in the grocery store garden center, my confidence is restored

    #it was a little awkward because i like... have to mentally prepare for conversations and i was just like nodding along #trying to figure out why she was still telling me about how bad she was with plants #and then i realised 20 min later she was flirting #and i was trying to give her tips on how to take care of her cactuses #she was like haha i have nooooo idea what im doing so what are you buying?? #and im there like oh well that one is pretty easy to take care of you just need to make sure it gets sun and dont water it until it #completely dries out and #im the worst #BUT im hot enough to talk to so
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  • laf-outloud
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Is there anyone having guts to ask Jensen how could Dean went for the ride in impala alone without sammy sitting at his side?

    And with the 'samulet' hanging from the mirror.

    I guess we'll find out at the next convention. I know con goers are generally nice and try to avoid conflict, but someone please, for the love of Jack, roast him for this.

    #anti spn prequel #anti sam erasure #anti jensen #all the spn nods do is make me mad #ask box
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  • untilthelightsgodown
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


    #★egotistical ramblin★ #//smiling and nodding and I open my mouth to speak but I do nothing but scream and wail//
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  • crossingxheart
    19.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I was not put on this earth to talk to people. The words are a fun bonus though.

    #I was put on this earth to make my silly little noises and to make faces at people and to nod enthusiastically when I agree with something #- and to shrug when I couldn't care less or just don't know or for swinging my legs around happily. #not to eloquently explain my choice of actions #it is very funny that this is coming from someone who is either ''body language only'' or ''can't fucking shut up'' no in-between #but yeah as said I wanna talk when I want to talk and not because people here are apparently too dumb to understand body language #>:( #anw imma make food now
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  • campingwiththecharmings
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    the hate that the star wars sequel trilogy gets reminds me of the hate that the prequels got when they came out 20+ years ago and pm everyone seems to love those now so. 🙄

    #i mean look #are the sequels perfect? no. #but i personally had a blast watching them and finding all of the nods to the original series #i won't go into the things i didn't like bc who cares? #there are plenty of things i don't like in the prequels AND the originals #but it doesn't lessen my love for the series overall #nor does it mean that i can't still enjoy all 9 films for what they are #basically #people are fickle and in another 20+ years they'll probably realize that there are plenty of things about the sequels to enjoy #okay i'm done #ignore me#/rant
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  • kunikyuzushi
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
    the composition of Azul and Jamil's union groovies are similar, save for their contrasting reactions, and it is worth noting that both their interviewers are first year students.

    ╰┈➤ my interpretation of the caption, with the help of @pianostarinwonderland's translations

    as OP had pointed out, the layout of their groovies actually parallel each other, with the main difference of the two having opposite reactions towards the "Gifts of Good Fortune."

    for Azul this meant being mercilessly pied by the menace, and for Jamil it meant getting to strike back in vengeance. good for him!!

    #twisted wonderland#twst#jamil viper#jamiazu#azul ashengrotto#azujami #jp twst has a lot of great 2C content <3 #also this took me Way too long to make bc ive been so exhausted the whole day #i kept drifting off from what i was doing lol. too much happened today & im v tired #heres content of the two to help ease some worries so that i can finally nod off
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  • longshankstumblarian
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Source: pInterest.com

    #Wynken Blynken & Nod #illustrations
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  • sainthey
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    saw my first tumblr blaze post. it's a bread recipe

    #;  &     𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘭   .   out  of  character #nods in satisfied german
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  • cantquitu
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Harry looks like pillow candies


    #yes I'm writing this while nodding knowledgably along to the meeting on zoom while the Legal dept do their update
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  • 3isoptrophobia
    19.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    If Paramount wanted an AU halo show so bad they should’ve contacted me about MY amazing lore accurate yet different AU

    #when I was playing HCE I noticed that the Sangheili models have hollow abdomens and prominent rib cages #which are typical signs of starvation #my friend said they could’ve designed this to be more alien and weird looking BUT #it got me thinking about Halo where the San’Shyuum treated the Sangheili like they did the grunts #instead of the writ of Union it was pure subjugation and the Sangheili are starving slaves #who are desperate to activate the halos to finally reach heaven and be free of their oppression #they wouldn’t kill the San’Shyuum since they would’ve convinced the Sangheili they are the gods’ messages #and hurting them meant no access to heaven #*nods* I think about this a lot
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  • inkyquince
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Hey, you're gonna give pigeons a bad reputation. Shuu is a chukar partridge....I'm not making a particularly good case for myself but hear me out: there is an ending where he cuts off the main characters head, refuses to give your head over to the shady organization he works for, asks your head if you love him with the only options being "yes," then jumps off a bridge to escape the shady organization and presumably dies from that

    ....I don't think I made it better, uh, oops

    .....you know, the fact that hatoful boyfriend was probably one of the first dating sims I ever played and I latched onto Shuu on sight during his creepy intro really explains a lot about me, oh no ><"

    - quiet

    ... quiet... is that a good end or a bad end? Cuz i can't tell babey

    Cuz, shoot me, i grew up reading homestuck and shit, that had an impact

    holding onto a decapitated head? shit bitch, that's romance

    #but u right u right #shit makes an impact #your pigeon boyfriends explain a lot #nodding head snapping fingers nodding head #fun fact! my first fanfic was a 18+ america x russia kink fic that was like 40 chapters long and super fucking dark #*First fanfic that i ever read #sooo #that made an impact #that and the 2p hetalia fics #if you know you know #w**** s****#my beloved #wonder if it ever updated #probably not #yes my first anime was hetalia #yes my second anime was black butler #what are you getting at #it explains a lot? #how dare you #ask #quiet the beloved
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  • bestworstcase
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Imho Cass has, at this point, earned the privilege of using whatever surname she vibes with at any given moment. Like, she could introduce herself as Haroham to one person and then immediately introduce herself as Morgenstern to the next and everyone should be fine with this (or even NO surname if she's in a Mood), fight me.

    forbidden post-bitter snow lore is that to people she dislikes cassandra is Lady Morgenstern Ghealȧch Hárohȧm Rièndhoish and she expects it to be pronounced correctly and said in full. this is her favorite method of making obnoxious people not want to talk to her ever again

    #bitter snow #( ghealȧch being her maternal name ) #loosely i think the saporian custom doesn’t draw very firm distinctions between like #given vs family vs ternary names #in the sense that there’s a really high level of cultural comfort for like #choosing a different surname just because #& like kids esp in strongly traditional areas like socona #get a lot of ‘oh which of your four family names do you like?’ type of stuff #WHICH IS TO SAY #cass doing this would be very saporian of her #and it would make the little old ladies of saporia nod approvingly #look at that nice young woman #so polite! #such a fine role model for little edhna! #it’s so lovely to see the youths respecting the old ways :) #and cassandra #who has never been approved of by a little old church lady before in her life #is like what the FUCK is happening right now
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  • msookyspooky
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    I'm changing the vehicle Billy thought he saw to a dodge durango after seeing a 2000 model in person and it's BIG and could pack a punch if it hit something and looking it up it's goes from like 0 to 60 in 7 seconds versus a Land Cruisers 13 seconds to get there.

    I know no one is gonna give a shit but I'll have that one car nerd in my comments telling me I'm wrong so just bc I saw one at my uncles shop and thought "Wow, big car. Very beefy. Extra thicc. 10/10 could ram something with this." We're going with a Dodge Durango versus our like 1997 Honda CRV in chapter 8 onward 🥴

    #terrible trilogy #maybe of crv was a 98? idk lolol its a 97 now #90% of u are just gonna nod ur head and not give a shit im just a perfectionist for details like that
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  • lovepropaganda
    19.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    i think someone is crying

    #was starting to nod off and heard a guy crying
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  • angelburnt
    19.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    i used to take my ssris with apple juice

    love that for u ! apply juice is keeping u tethered to the world

    #nods like kermit the frog
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  • shumaicore
    19.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    me going to tumblrs' talkative enstars blogs and just going AUGHFJGH I WANNA KNOW ABOUT [insert character they produce]

    i will willingly read everyone's essays on their favorite enstars characters i am here to rot my brain :3

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