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  • greenmenace
    25.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Here's my personal favourite outfit that combines both the handsome disheveled hair and the Goblin colours, it's Norman in his raggedy clothes! He looks absolutely adorable and my heart is going nuts.

    My heart is also hurting, because of how distraught and completely lost he looks.

    And then he's smiling in the last photo which then made me better. :D

    #willem dafoe#norman osborn#green goblin #spider man no way home #spider man #I HAVE THE MY COSPLAY ALL SORTED OUT I JUST NEED TO POST PICS WHICH ILL DO SOON #i cant wait to show you guys :D #honestly norman looks so wholesome and happy that peter is helping him #btw i reached 17 pages and 7686 words on my octogoblin fic and i am still not done lmao
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  • 666kaktus666
    25.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    Ну, как-то так🙃

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  • redladydeath
    25.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    hc that norman completely reinvented himself right before he started college. in high school he'd just been this sullen, bookish, poor kid who came to school with bruises and never spoke to anyone, but once he got into MIT, he saw an opportunity to start fresh, so he completely changed everything about himself so he could become the charismatic, ambitious, successful person he’d always wanted to be.

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  • 666kaktus666
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
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  • s1lvervultur3
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Monster Hunter Spiderman AU

    Hello! I have decided to make a monster hunter x spiderman AU! This AU will involve Dr. Strange cuz NWH plot is mostly involved, as well as Tony stark. This post will be a few characters and their monsters, armor, and weapons. This is not every character, only the important ones.

    Also, they are Riders, not Hunters. Side note, all three spidermen will be in this so I will call them by their actor names, not Peter Parker. (Example; Tom Parker, Tobey Parker)

    I am open to questions, and I do roleplay this AU so if you have questions or just want to roleplay, reach out!

    Characters below the cut. Enjoy 💖

    Stephan Strange:

    Armor: Stephan wears red Teostra armor with blue undertone. He only wears the helmet during battle.

    Weapon: Stephan wields a Teostra Bow, and uses dust from his Teostra as blast element arrows.

    Monster: If you couldn’t guess, Strange rides a Teostra into battle. The Teostra’s name is Akihito. Akihito does not tolerate most people, but he is forever loyal to Stephan.

    Tony Stark:

    Armor: Tony wears gold Rathian armor, with a red undertone to match his red and gold colors.

    Weapon: Tony wields a Gold Rathian Long Sword, but he has some knowledge in the light bowgun. He prefers his sword.

    Monster: Tony has a Gold Rathian named Hera. She is fierce, and often is on the defensive around her rider.

    Adrian Toomes:

    Armor: rivaling Tony, Adrian wears Silver Rathalos armor with a black undertone.

    Weapons: Adrian wields a silver Rathalos long sword.

    Monster: Adrian’s monster is a Silver Rathalos named Vulture. Vulture is extremely violent to anyone, and often picks fights with other monsters.

    Tom Parker:

    Armor: Tom wears simple beginners leather armor. (NOTE) Tom does not start as a rider, he starts as a hunter and is guided to be a rider.

    Weapon: Tom is a little unique. He has an insect blade, but I also uses wire bugs to swing around.

    Monster: for now, he does not have one. The story is a long way from him getting one.

    Otto Octavius:

    Armor: Otto wears Namielle armor, with a black undertone. Instead of a helmet, he wears dark tinted sunglasses.

    Weapon: Otto wields a Namielle Sword and shield. Otto also has a clutch claw in his right arm.

    Monster: Otto’s beast is a magnificent Namielle named Abyss. She is cunning, and uses her wits to defeat enemies and defend her rider.

    Norman Osborn:

    Armor: Norman wears Bazelgeuse armor with a dark green undertone.

    Weapon: Norman wields Bazelgeuse duel blades for quick movements. He tends to use his monster’s explosive scales as weapons too.

    Monster: Norman has a Bazelgeuse named Goblin. Goblin is fierce and ferocious, always on the attack and ready to fight. It is rumored that Norman has tamed a Valstrax, but no one is certain.

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  • greengoblinswifey
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    His Cherry- Norman Osborn x Fem!Babysitter!Reader

    Summary: You're his cherry. His addiction and he can't get enough of you.
    Warnings: Praise kink, Daddy Kink, Creampie, Breeding Kink, Cheating, Age Gap, Oral sex(f+m receiving), dirty talk, Kinda rough sex, dirty talk, mentions of anal.
    A/N: I'm a huge lana stan and I was listening to Cherry last night and it inspired me to write this :)
    Ao3 link

    Of course it was wrong but in Norman's eyes, wrong was always right. His marriage be damned, from the moment he saw you, he knew he needed to have you and from the moment you saw him, you wanted him to be your daddy. You were his cherry, he called you that because cherries were his favourite fruit and he was addicted to you both. You weren't just his four year old son's babysitter, you were so much more. His plaything. His little slut. His cherry. To soften your guilt you always told yourself his and Emily's marriage was on the rocks before you entered the picture. She was unfaithful first and they only stayed together for Harry. 

    It was a typical day for you at the Osborn mansion. After much hassle, you finally got Harry down for a nap and just as you did, the large front door slammed, signaling Emily's departure. As soon as the door slammed, Norman pounced on you like a predator hungry for its prey and pushed you against the wall. He pinned your arms above your head and kissed you hungrily. You relished in the taste of his favourite fruit and mint on his tongue as it brushed over yours before eventually sucking on it. 

    "I missed you my little cherry," he said into the kiss.

    "Mm- we had sex in your car yesterday," you chuckled. 

    He moved to your neck, sucking and licking as you shivered and moaned at the sensation. This had been your routine for a few months. He was your drug and you were addicted. You couldn't keep your hands off him and he couldn't keep his hands off you. He fucked you against every door and on every surface in his mansion. Who knew a married man could be this irresistible?

    By the time he was done with your neck, it had a trail of hickeys you'd probably have to cover up later. He hiked up your red and white flower dress and smirked seeing that you had on no panties underneath.

    "My dirty cherry. No panties and you're dripping down your thighs," he mocked. You whined in response as kneeled and licked your thighs wet with your slick then moved up to your pussy. 

    "Oh daddy, right there!" you whimpered. He flattened his tongue on your pulsing clit and lapped at it slowly before speeding up the pace of his skilled tongue. "So sweet my cherry, and you're all mine," he groaned. You loved how demanding he was--how he exerted his dominance. It was only right you called him daddy, and the fact that he was older and rich topped it off. He was never afraid of claiming you as his even though there was no legality binding you. In his eyes you were his. 

    His mouth practically engulfed your pussy. He wanted to devour you, make love to your-- no, his pussy. You gripped his slicked back hair tightly as your legs turned to jelly. Your eyes squeezed shut and all you could focus on was the way he was eating you out. Licking your pussy from your entrance to your clit then pushing his tongue inside you.

    "Just like that daddy, fuck," you cried out, tears now forming in your eyes. His tongue now focused on your clit, flicking it and nipping softly as he put one of his long fingers inside you. 

    "So tight and wet," he purred. It was almost embarrassing hearing how wet you were and your own moans but with your daddy, you had nothing to be ashamed of. He loved every sound your body made and he prided himself in making you so wet he could hear the squelching.  

    He pumped his finger in and out of you as you mewled daddy and tugged on his hair. He curled his finger inside you as he continued to suck on your nub. "Daddy! Fuck, daddy! I'm- I'm gonna cum," you whimpered. He sped up his movements, pumping his finger inside you faster and rougher. "Cum for me my pretty cherry," he commanded. 

    Your back arched off the wall, tears streamed down your cheeks and your pussy gushed into his mouth as he continued finger fucking you and lapping at your clit. He licked and slurped every drop before pulling his finger from your pussy. "Good girl. Such a good girl for daddy." He stood up and smeared the wetness that was on his finger on your lips before licking it off. You captured his tongue in a messy kiss, greedily going deeper to taste yourself.

    "Daddy please, I want your cock so bad," you begged, pulling away from the kiss.

    "Being greedy gets you nowhere my cherry, you know that. Now get on your knees and show me how bad you want daddy's cock," he said. His eyes were dark with lust and his cock strained against his dress pants. Keeping your eyes up at him just the way you knew he liked it, you unbuckled his pants and pulled it down along with his boxers. His painfully hard erection sprang free. Precum leaked from the pink tip and you practically drooled. 

    He took his bottom lips between his teeth as you licked from the base to the tip. Your tongue ran over the slit, sucking the precum off before taking half of him into your mouth. Using your hands, you stroked the rest of his cock you couldn't fit in your mouth but he was having none of it. He took your hands off and thrusted into your mouth making you gag.

    "Just like that princess. Choke on daddy's dick. You look so pretty when you do," he groaned. He moaned at the dazed and lustful look in your innocent eyes. Those innocent eyes that easily fooled his wife. You pressed your hands on his thighs and he stopped his movement, allowing you to move your head on your own. You sucked the sides, making love to his cock as he did your pussy. You spat out the saliva and precum on his balls, and took them each into your mouth, humming and sending vibrations throughout his body. 

    He felt his balls tighten and his cock twitching but he wanted to cum inside your pussy first. To fill you to the brim and breed you. He pulled you up from your knees and kissed you sloppily.

    "Do you want daddy's cock now?" he asked.

    You looked up at him towering over you and nodded frantically. Your clit was throbbing profusely and you needed his cock for the feeling to subside.

    "Use your words cherry," he said.

    "Yes daddy. I need your big cock so bad. Please fuck me," you pleaded, throwing your arms around his neck.

    He seemed to be satisfied with your answer and he lifted you up, pulling your dress back up again. You wrapped your legs around him and as you did, he slowly lowered your quivering pussy onto his long cock. 

    "Daddy!" you mewled, "stretching me so much, you're so big." He slammed you down on his cock fully, giving his sweet cherry no time to adjust to his size. No matter how many times he fucked you, you couldn't get used to how big his dick was. He moved your thighs over his forearms and began pounding into you, leaving you moaning and unable to speak.

    "Awww, my poor little cherry. Can't even form a single word, you're so cute," he chuckled.

    His strength aided him in walking to his master bedroom and fucking you as he did. He walked with you pass Harry's room where he was sound asleep and arrived at his, his cock still rutting in and out of you as you moaned in his ear. 

    He sat down on the edge of his bed and fucked up into your warm, gushing pussy. You were so wet that your juices were all over his forearms. 

    "God, I'll never get tired of this pussy. Daddy loves it so much. You were made for daddy," he smirked. 

    "Oh fuck! Da-daddy, I'm gonna cum," you whimpered. You buried your face into his neck as he thrusted up into you roughly, brushing against your cervix as he did. As he hit your cervix, your orgasm washed over you like a wave. You mewled daddy continuously as tears of pleasure rolled down your cheeks and he fucked you. 

    He stood up and placed you on your stomach. You tried to get on all fours but you were too weak to do so. 

    "It's ok my cherry, stay just like that. Daddy will take care of you," he said. You absolutely adored when he told you he would take care of you. It made your pussy clench around nothing.

    He slammed back into you, the new position making you wetter and creamier than the last. He got even harder, watching your ass jiggle as he fucked you from behind. Later, he'd lube you up and fuck you in it, hard. He was thrusting into you, making the bed shake and your stomach began to hurt from the impending orgasm.

    "Clenching around daddy's big cock so well. Cum for daddy princess," he groaned, mesmerized by his cock moving in and out of you. At his command, your pussy squirted onto his cock.

    "Oh God! Yes, yes, yes, yes!" you screamed. The orgasm made you shake and your eyes turned white. He placed a kiss on your back before putting one foot on the bed. 

    Norman easily slipped back into your soaked pussy, ready to have his own intense orgasm. His strokes were hard, animalistic as his mind tried to grasp how tight you were squeezing him. He squeezed your ass cheek and moaned, watching as his cock came out sloppier than when it went inside you.

    "God," he moaned, "I know you're ovulating but daddy has to cum inside you." Your mind was too fuzzy and focused on pleasure to protest. You just laid there and allowed him to use you, as you should.

    "Gonna cum and you're gonna take daddy's cum in this tight pussy. Can't wait to see you swollen with my babies," he groaned, rolling his hips. You moaned in response, drooling all over the stain sheets.

    "Tell me how bad you want it. Beg me to put a baby into you cherry," he growled.

    He didn't need to repeat himself. "Please! Please daddy, want you to fill me up so bad, please cum inside me, fill me with all your babies. I'm all yours daddy. Please make your cherry a mommy," you cried.

    That did it or him and long ropes of his white cum spurted inside your pussy. You moaned, feeling the warm stickiness fill your walls. He stayed inside your pussy, allowing you to milk him of all he had. He was serious about breeding you. 

    "Oh fuck," he moaned, "that's it cherry, milk your daddy's cock, it's all yours. Take all of it."

    He was about to fall on top of you before he stopped himself. He slipped out and you whined at the loss of him but you were content again when he laid on the bed, pulled you on top of him and buried his cock deep inside you.

    "Daddy's gonna keep his cock inside you my pretty cherry. Can't let any of daddy's cum go to waste and then later, daddy's gonna fuck your tight little ass."

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  • willemdripfoe
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    whats the name of the guy that norman just keeps in a lab room in one of his work buildings? he removed part of his brain when he got bored. who was that? genuinely looking to know because i forgot

    #norman virgil osborn #norman amberson osborn #norman osborn #the green goblin #thunderbolts#marvel comics#norman 616
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  • huffle-ego
    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Here is a horrible sketch on how I think Norman and Goblin's Spidey-suit would look like. I thought as a tribute to his Green Goblin costume design, he'd would dawn a long purple hood and I could see him wearing jester like boots and gloves with claws on the end

    And here is a better sketch of his Spider symbol. Someone in the comments suggested to do both a spider and a pumpkin bomb and so I mixed them and really like the design ^w^:

    Here's the reference I used for the drawing:

    I may make a better sketch of the costume later 😊

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  • genactive
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Avengers: The Initiative #26 - 29 // Cover art by Matteo De Longis

    #s: avengers the initiative #a: matteo de longis #e: dark reign #c: taskmaster #c: norman osborn #c: parker robbins #c: robbie baldwin #c: emery schaub #c: vance astrovik #c: joseph green #c: greer grant #p: marvel
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  • timaeuslover00
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Norman Osborn Headcanon

    His wife Emily Lyman Osborn (AU) was a rising starlet and met Norman at OSCORP  company Anniversary party. 

    She was 24 and He was 24.

    Her parent s had been pressuring her to find a man to marry with money and her friends who were also on the same gold digging trail convinced her to not go for just the ball players and male models but find longer sustainable money. 

    She approached him at the bar eating some cocktail shrimp. He didn't believe it for a LONG time that she was flirting with him, he never got any woman attention in school or college.

    Little did he know she was just using him.

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  • huffle-ego
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Just had a hilarious idea: What if Goblin (after the whole being yeeted into another universe) was given a nerf gun?

    It was meant as a tool to keep him from actually acting out any harmful pranks and such on the Parker brothers so now he often uses it to mischievously ambush/annoy them for fun.

    But ever since Norman decided to get the brothers their own for Christmas the boys and Goblin have regular nerf wars in the living room/around the house and its allowed them to better get along.

    Norman is happy with the results, Otto is a little annoyed at how often he finds the nerf ammo in unexpected places.

    I love that!! 🤣🤣. I could see Goblin becoming really good at aiming and skilled at combat because of it and is always one step ahead of the brothers who try to make plan to beat him but ultimately fails most of the time.

    Then they break out into a nerf war like once a week and the house would he littered with nerf ammo while MJ, Aunt May and Otto watch them shoot at each other.

    I could see MJ being like: This is good for them. It's also a much healthier outlet for Goblin the release all that pent up energy he has. Then May looke from the mess to Otto: I hope it's not too bothersome for you. And Otto would just be sitting there with two nerf bullets suction cupped to his glasses drinking from a coffee cup while his actors endlessly try to pick up the bullets and reload them for the Goblin and the brothers and is just like:... this is fine. 🤣

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  • bcssbitchs
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    NORMAN REMEMBERED WHAT HAD HAPPENED NOW. and yes, he hated himself for what he had done to that boy’s aunt, because.. nothing could be worth that, that was for sure. then again, he hadn’t exactly been in control of himself by then, but.. no, he couldn’t use that as an excuse. what had happened had been his fault - same as everything that happened when he was under the goblin’s control. it was his fault and always had been and right now, if the boy wished TO FINISH THE JOB - he wasn’t going to be the one to stop him. as of now, he didn’t see how he could, because.. no, peter parker deserved to take his life, after what he had taken from him. and if he was here to do that? well, norman didn’t see why he should stop him, for sure. “IF YOU’RE HERE TO FINISH THE JOB? i.. i don’t i’d have it in myself to stop you. not at all. please go on, i.. i’d deserve it.” and yes, he very much would, for sure. and right now? well, norman would let him do whatever he needed to.

    @ragdclls​ // norman & peter

    #(sorry i’m late. work was murder. || norman osborn) #i had to sghdghsghdsd #death mention tw #mental health tw
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  • huffle-ego
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Peter 3: *Looking at Otto's trench coat on a hanger* Octodad's trench coat is awesome.

    Peter 2: Yeah, his outfits are usually pretty cool.

    Norman: Indeed. I especially love it when he wears hawaiian shirts when its summer.

    Peter 1: Wait, why?

    Norman: *Looks at Otto across the room*

    Otto: *Cleaning his actuators, wearing a red hawaiian shirt that is unbuttoned, revealing his bare chest*

    Norman: *Smiles* ... Reasons 😏

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  • rrodgers
    24.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Uhhhhh some of those hcs its finals time and im not Thriving so 💔💔💔

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  • wtfhasmy-lifecometo
    24.05.2022 - 17 hours ago



    Stephen Strange

    Stressed Out

    Let Me Sing to You

    Otto Octavius

    Surprising Otto with b-day Cake

    Loki Laufeyson

    Wanda Maximoff

    Bucky Barnes

    Natasha Romanoff

    Steve Rogers

    Tony Stark

    Norman Osborn

    Peter Parker/Spiderman












    Hello loves! This is my current masterlist as of right now, when I start writing more stories, it will get updated each time!

    #otto octavius x reader #dr strange x reader #norman osborn x reader #stephen strange x reader #thranduil x reader #lindir x reader #peter parker x reader #tony stark x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #haldir x reader #elrond x reader #loki laufesyon x reader #loki imagine #bucky barnes x reader #steve rogers x reader
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  • redladydeath
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    random idea: octogoblin wicked au

    it’d be like if elphaba and glinda swapped personalities. norman tries way too hard to be charming in order to overcompensate for being green, meanwhile otto is unsociable and stubborn.

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  • thessm04
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Otto, sweating: Can you get me the screwdriver, Norman? The actuators and I have our hands full.

    Norman: Sex.

    Otto, wiping his forehead: I’m sorry?

    Norman: LETS HAVE SEX!

    #me too norman #doctor octopus#green goblin#doc ock#norman osborn#otto octavius#doctor osborn #dr otto octavius #octogoblin #octogoblin incorrect quotes #marvel incorrect quotes #octoblin#octoborn#ottoborn #otto x norman #otto octavius x norman osborn #doc ock x green goblin
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  • glitter-and-gasoline
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Aftermath (Norman Osborn x Female Asgardian Reader)

    Norman Osborn x fem!reader

    Requested by @manalg14: Hey 👋 I’ve got a Norman Osborn x female reader idea where in No Way Home when Tom!Peter and the Goblin are fighting the last one on the Statue of Liberty when Goblin whistles it’s meant for the female reader who came out of nowhere who is a beautiful Asgardian Goddess sister of Thor and Loki wearing her armor and both Norman and Goblin are smitten and awe of her. Please and Thank You!

    TW: canon typical violence, etc.

    WC: 700

    A/N: Did I take some liberties with the MCU, demi-gods, Norse mythology, and the how the rules of attraction work?? Yes. But it's cute and angsty. Enjoy!

    The fabric of reality tore as Y/N dashed New York. As if you hadn’t seen your brother attempt to tear the city to pieces before, the wreckage at least seemed manageable. Statue of Liberty now lacking that stupid shield, the goddess dashed to see Peter pummeling an unknown man into steel.

    Charging to the scene with a sharp gust of wind, a sheathed arm pulled the young man back before another blow could land.

    “Peter!” Howling above the chaos, doe eyes met yours with a fury. “Stop! This isn’t you.”

    “You weren’t there.” Gaze breaking, his bottom lip wobbled, “He killed May.”

    Processing the mess that had unfolded without your knowledge, another Spiderman was on the green assailant, pushing a syringe into his neck. What chaos ensued swiftly ended as Stephen struggled to keep the timeline from ripping apart.

    Two other Peter Parker’s stood to the side, watching the sun rise and speaking fondly of the timeline they’d ended up in while your Peter Parker rushed to the doctor’s side. Cape flapping in the wind, your eyes fell on the crumpled shell of a man.

    Dejected, confused, and utterly alone.

    “They have capes here too?!” The taller of the ‘new’ Peter’s said as Y/N glided past the spider before crouching beside the stranger. Eyes of suede blue met your own, a glimmer of hope quickly fading back to hopelessness.

    “They have angels here too?” Chuckling darkly, he looked away as though you were the sun itself.

    “Do demi-gods count?” Plopping down beside him, Y/N pulled a sliver of cape over shivering shoulders. “I’m not very famous. But my brothers are.”

    “Oh yeah? Zeus and Hades?” Scoffing, one spindly knee knocked into yours.

    “Close.” Leaning in closer, you inhaled the smell of smoke and sugar that permeated from him. “More of the Norse gods of thunder and mischief.”

    Brows raising into a messy hairline, this prospect was considered coolly. Stiffening as he suddenly reached into a coat pocket, you were relieved to see a rather messy donut.

    “What doesn’t this place have?” Silently, he offered Y/N a pastry.

    “No thanks. I’m cutting back.” This earned a genuine laugh before his expression fell into one of fear. “Everything alright…”

    “Norman,” the stranger completed the sentence, eyes falling on the shorter Peter. The superhero clutched his side, breathing shallowly, “No, everything is far from alright.”


    He sat there for what felt like hours, basking in the warmth of Y/N. His gut wrenched, tears dripping down craggy cheeks as he eyed Peter. The closest thing he ever had to a son…

    A second son.

    Wounded, speared because of the goblin. Speared like he had been a lifetime ago…

    Now a goddess kept him company as the man who kept he, Octavious, and the others behind glass like zoo animals struggled to keep the entirety of life itself from unraveling like cheap wrapping paper.

    Gorgeous and thoughtful, your sympathetic grin was as bright as the sun. Why you didn’t see him as a villain, Norman hadn’t a clue. Hell, he deserved everything he got now. What would he do now? It had been twenty years. Where would he live? Where did Harry live these days? What about Oscorp?

    Heart aching, he looked at Y/N like a drowning man eyeing a buoy.

    “Come back with me.” Desperation was carved into his face, worrying you further. There was the potential to start over. Loki was dead, Thor missing. With your own powers being a limitation, it was hard enough to even…

    “Okay.” Surprising both, you were suddenly back on sure feet, “I have to do something first.”

    It would drain you, leave you stranded…

    But you could help Stephen mend this from the other side. Start over with the first person who looked at you with a wholesome interest. What was left in your timeline?

    Maybe there was a life with Norman.

    Mortality, normalcy, admiration.

    It was a rather easy decision. Immortality meant nothing if you were alone.

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  • mcseggsy
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    That’s it. That’s the whole post.

    #alfred molina#otto octavius#doc ock#norman osborn #dr otto octavius #doctor octopus#green goblin#fanart #norman x otto #alfred molina x reader #doc ock x green goblin
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