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  • peachoolong
    18.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    ok finished s1 of new who in like. two days.

    #:’(( i love nine so much he was my fave for a long time #eleven is probably the most nostalgic for me tho i was sooooo in love with him heehee 💗 seasons 4-6 i rmbr being my faves #eleven was just sooooo goofy and silly i have a soft spot for him :))) can’t wait to get to his seasons ehehehe
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  • simsloverxyz
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Sonic The Hedgehog Hat

    I made this last month, but never got around to posting it yet for some reason. lol! So here it finally is! 

    *Discover University Required*


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  • myselfsurviving
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    Nadie murió por empezar de cero otra vez (Podrías morir si te quedas donde estás)

    00:45 a.m.

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  • beevean
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Mega Man Zero 3

    Resistance Base (Prismatic)

    #megaman#megaman music#mm music #megaman zero 3 #music of the day #what an upgrade compared to the former resistance base themes imo #it feels almost nostalgic #i spent a lot of time trying to find disks and messing around with my new chips #the previous two emphasized the state of the resistance base #but this one seems more fitting of the dire situation overall
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  • bibiana112
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    (whips out entire deck of cards like yugioh and they all have numbers for comfort character ask game) aoi um 2 4 6 7 12 13 15. CAN I ASK HALF THE GAME i like talk about him you see

    I took forever on this!!!! I hope that's okay aah

    ★ Comfort character ask game!

    2. whether or not they’ve ever made me cry

    Surprisingly I don't thiiink so? For all the hot girl summer breakdowns I do indeed be having and no longer feeling shame over crying it's still actually pretty difficult to move me to tears? If I say certain things or scenes made me cry it's probably not hyperbole it's just me highlighting it cause it was surprising and made me more fond of whatever it was for it, but that said, on my second playthrough I was like okay this is totally gonna get to me about like both the safe ending stuff and the true ending backstory stuff but,, then it didn't, I got all mushy and couldn't speak to my friend right but no tears. so like yeah I need a lot of preexisting investment on a character and surprise at new developments for it to get to me like that usually and it's so close to the last stretch of the game that you can really fully understand his character for it to count so what I'm saying is if he was in another game ever I'd probably definitely have cried

    4. what about their personality i like

    That's such a fun question about him since so much of what we see is an act lmao but like, even with that I still like how easily he seems to convert skin crawling anxiety into am angy energy despite not genuinely wanting to antagonize most people in there, like the character he's putting on is argumentative and very aggressive sounding but he's never like shown to be in any way physically violent when push comes to shove, putting the planned gun stuff aside and also like yeah less of a stretch that he'd have no qualms about hurting Hongou if need be, but even then with like when Door 3 happens for example and he has every reason to follow through when he threatens Junpei he immediately just drops it after Akane's outburst cause it's not his real response to the situation (also she'd be sadder if they fought), also I like how he has some slip ups here and there that like he recovers from pretty instantly but they're still more noticeable than whatever Akane ever has going on for example but okay, allll of that aside my favorite bit is definitely the little we know of him before everything we know he worked really hard to be a good sibling to Akane and was really considerate when taking care of her to the point of keeping up the Santa thing even through the harsh circumstances

    6. the moment of theirs that made me the saddest

    Good question, difficult question, you were right he's such an upsetting character to think about, uh hardly anything good happens to this guy doesn't it, I'm torn between hearing him over the speaker on the safe ending and well obvi the incinerator thing but also like, not exactly an Aoi moment, but Snake explaining how him and Akane were never reported missing always gets to me a lot too like hhh yeah I could be all day listing every instance that comes to mind couldn't I, hmm. I'll say. It's very especially heartbreaking to get to the part with tiny them in the lifeboat because he's just so damn relieved that whole nightmare is over but we know it's not,,,

    7. the moment of theirs that made me the happiest

    Reunion huuuug!!! That was the one I was the closest to actually crying during and like scenes that are like this that are happy and a relief are the ones that most get to me everytime but also honestly I can't think of any other genuinely happy moment we get from him

    12. what i like about the way the fandom portrays them

    I am trying to phrase this in the nicest most family friendly possible way but. I really like how we all decided his vibes are manipulate manslaughter manwhore with an emphasis on the latter akasjksnk probably the one time I took a look at fanon, nodded and said yeah I'll incorporate that into how I perceive the character, I think it works lmao

    13. what i dont like about the way the fandom portrays them

    THERE'S NO REASON FOR US TO BELIEVE HE IS A RUDE JERK WITH ZERO COMPASSION FOR OTHERS OUTSIDE OF THE ACT C'MON PEOPLE HE RAISED ANOTHER KID WHILE GROWING UP HE'D PROBABLY BE A CHRONIC MOM FRIEND UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES AKANE DOESN'T EVEN CURSE Okay but in all seriousness I guess the best way to put it is that I don't like how fandom portrays him as impulsive? Like, that was one of the traits he put on but that out of every other one I can't really see him genuinely being at all, no matter how you stretch it, like I do think he's more emotionally driven than Akane but they both are very much aware of everything they do, the stuff they both pull off are complex and intricate and have not inches of space for mistakes that acting like that on the regular could bring, even if he's being reckless I don't think he'd default to do stuff without thinking y'know he's not like Junpei who jumps no thoughts head empty into any fist fight out of a sense of justice or something I think it'd be out of being too antsy and anxious and needing something to physically happen and thinking okay this won't end well but I'm doing it anyway, like I've even seen people having him snap at Akane at the drop of a hat like?? Because of him feeling guilty no less??? I really don't like interpretations where he's not entirely on board with all the manslaughter too like c'mon people the thing that's weighing on him is not protecting his sister from these people plus the innocents that need to get involved, I think seeing the executives bodies genuinely gets to him but only in like a physiological sense cause he didn't get a preview of how gorey it'd all get but, like that has nothing to do with regretting the actions that lead up to it in any way shape or form, they kind of kidnapped and tortured him and other kids who no one actually cared enough about to get justice for and one of them brutally killed his sister in front of him I really don't think he gives a shit there but also c'mon that doesn't at all mean he doesn't give a shit about any human life other than those guys like c'mon guys some nuance here for him too pls people act like Akane's the only one allowed to have any

    15. what i dont like about the way canon portrayed them

    Actually I don't like how canon forgets to portray him at all more than anything, also the staircase comment thing really really bothers me but I'm willing to pretend for a second Uchi's horny bullshit doesn't apply and it was just a dumb thing for him to say while in character

    #I am holding out hope that playing on my nostalgic ass ds is gonna make me finally cry about the Kurashikis #it's part of why I don't want to rush to any endings #about the last one I swear though that Door 6 at times it feels like he's just putting words together cause he's starting to run on fumes #like there's stuff that's scripted and then there's the offhand comments and jokes that legit kind of give me that impression #these were really fun!! thank u I like talking about him too akjsks #a tag for asks #ask game
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  • hijustcallmeadisappointment
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I watched Mewtwo Strikes Back and Pokémon: I choose you for the first time the other day. It was the first time I had watched Pokémon since I was a kid. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. Enjoy your childhood. Even in your adulthood. Watch that show you miss or never got a chance to see as a kid. Watch the movies you used to watch growing up. Do what made you happy as a kid. Because it can also make you happy as an adult. As we get older I feel like we see it as obligatory to form “adult” interests. “Oh that’s for kids.” Says who? Be yourself and just enjoy things.

    #pokémon#Pokémon #mewtwo strikes back #Pokémon I choose you #I choose you #ash ketchum#pikachu#childhood#nostalgic#nostaliga #be a kid again #heal your inner child #enjoy things #be a kid #be yourself
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  • victastuffblog
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I get in the living room, my dad is watching a movie.

    Me: what are you watching?

    Dad: oh, it's legally blonde, an old guilty pleasure of mine.


    We are watching legally blonde.

    #and thats how i went from having the option of sleeping at a reasonable time to going to bed close to 1am #i always down to watch that film #i actually have a friend that discovered that wanted to be a lawyer (and studied&graduated) thanks to watching that film as a kid #she is an ellen woods irl #its seems im in the mood for nostalgic stuff these days
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  • shineelightss
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    no one asked but these are the first images of SHINee/taemin i ever consumed almost 4 years ago. s/o to pinterest for making me figure out who this was 🙏🙇

    #i’m feeling nostalgic #i love & miss shinee so much?! #t:ginger speaks
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  • bijjou
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Rose Quartz Screenshot Redraw! :-D

    #steven universe#rose quartz #rose quartz su #screenshot redraw#digital art #I’ve wanted to redraw this frame since like. middle school so I finally did it !! #been listening to some su songs lately an it got me in the mood #made me nostalgic man I really truely loved this show I need to rewatch soon and show my bf he’s never seen it :3 #my art#procreate
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  • thegoodmemories
    17.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Idk y but moments like this bring me moments of calmness. I just don’t know how to describe it

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  • sleepcities
    17.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    to me you have big rina sawayama vibes… maybe comme des garçons specifically 🤔 also there’s this song called inni mneeh by the band mashrou’ leila that gives you vibes as well heh

    this is the greatest honor you could possibly have bestowed upon me omfg? i love rina so much and comme des garçons absolutely goes... i just saved and downloaded inni mneeh too i ADORE the guitar line it's so so gorgeous and i will be listening to more of mashrou' leila's works thank you SO much 🥺🫀

    #khlood time #i love you!!!! i hope you're having a good day!!!! #i think you have very calm and lightly melancholic/nostalgic vibes... #for some reason i am thinking of uchiage hanabi but the yonezu kenshi solo version ... #:} <3 #ask meme answers
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  • da-vinci-qoutes
    17.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Watch "My Chemical Romance - The Foundations of Decay (Lyrics)" on YouTube

    They're Back. 🤴🖤

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  • nostalgicfun
    17.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    80s sleeping angel 🌈

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  • theneonfennec
    17.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Hmm thinking of doing a stream in an hour or so. Would be playing Bugsnax, Subnautica below zero, or Bully. Anyone have any opinions?

    #now that im out of class and not sharing a student bedroom i am much more comfortable doing some casual streaming #but yea i got games and i wanna play em #id be just starting the first two games but im already about a quarter through Bully scholarship edition #its a nostalgic game for me #but yeah it would be in an hour or two #stream announcement
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  • screamingthename
    17.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    And on the Sunday, kokom said let there be rice pudding.

    #Cree things#indigenous #im lonesome for home #and my coworker ordered a tray of rice pudding #so I’m eating some feeling nostalgic
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  • fffaronovich
    17.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    once im done re-reading khr i will re-read slayers,...and then w.i.t.c.h...and then berserk.........

    #i dont need new content i can jsut re-read the nostalgic OGs... #txt
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