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  • tsukina
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓 𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐂𝐇𝐔𝐏 𝐅𝐎𝐑: @therealpussybangs

    EX sakusa ຊ LOVER tendou ຊ ADMIRER kita


    #🏆: ina milestone! #wynn my love #ex lover & admirer #oh my god!!!!! cancer across the board i … 🫣🫣 #being that emotional water sign — whether it’s just your first or all — i believe your relationships out of bounds would be water signs #as well!! and that your true soulmate lies within the earth signs #you are an emotional person and i believe you bonded with sakusa on a personal level at a young age #perhaps you even went to nationals with him to cheer him on — meeting other players !! #but as much as you guys had that intellectual connection based off feelings #i believe you are too sweet for that man and as much as he hides his true thoughts — you deserved someone who took time to understand #your nurturing life more … which makes me believe that tendou had swooped in at the person vulnerable moment #he definitely is an analytical person as much as you stray from that but he had that welcoming and reassuring vibe that makes you melt #he sees the way you are always taking care of others and he wants to take care of you now #to give you rest and love that you need so bad!!! #and as he’s doing this; kita is watching closely. he isn’t a man to jump right into gear when he thinks something needs to be done #as much as he thought sakusa was good for you; he agrees that tendou is better #but there’s always something in him that makes him wish he could have a shot to show how tender you should be dealt with #sakusa and tendou don’t treat you like the fragile glass you are #or at least the fragile glass that kita sees you as #he wants nothing more than to show you your worth beyond your choice in men!! #what will ya do?
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  • everyonethinkstoomuch
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    “you can’t be addicted to a song” WRONG. i hope you know you look like a complete and utter fool right now. on an unrelated note look what random set of words totally not lyrics at all i just stuck on my wall

    #it’s boreas by the oh hellos #some songs have crack in them like green green dress #but this nurtures something deep inside me okay #the oh hellos #music
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  • leoniscareful
    25.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Ecology over economy

    'Why oh why,' Michael Jackson cried on his brilliant single 'Human Nature,' Life progresses and over three decades after the release of this song we feel that nature deserves a second chance over the human-like appearance that tend to fill up the streets and houses in the ghost towns we have all but become used to being a sherade. Not in these manners. A certain treshold is inevitably linked wirh quality of life and that treshold must be clearly defined, before life gets any worse for some. They include at the very least the basic needs as defined by the pyramid of Maslow, for human beings, they are acces to healthy and nutritious food, shelter and clothes as well as possibilitied for self-develoment.

    Being secured of basic human rights and have an understanding of reality and the functioning of the apparatus or systems of autoritities such as government, media and retail in the context of migration and populations are an addituonal requirement. With 'I have forgotten to menrion myself and my background,' becoming somewhat of a cell to many of us, we must have the capacity to take care of ourselves and that requires stability and emancipation and equal rigjts for all. In this art work Called 'Nurture Nature' I specificaly emphasised on the importance of women in having the sane oporunities in life in the jungles our societies have become and in their position of minorities in many fields. For the protection of their equal rights and needs and oportunities in the job market and representation in posts and dields of lavour, for exanple.

    Why oh why, is human nature, in the end, so endlessly selfish and prone to perversions when it comes to understandings that must be obvious and goals easy for every person to reach, wether by social system, or private charity and above all, common sense.


    54 x 17 cm., pencil, pastels and conté chalk on thick cardboard service. Unique handmade art work by LEONISCAREFUL and team. Signed and dated on the back.

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  • riseschool
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Ch.Harshitha Varshini | Planets | Rise Play School | Jagannaickpur, Kakinada.

    #Rise School Kakinada - Best Play School in India | Pre-School for Kids Rise Play School is India's best play school offering nurturing nvir
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  • earthgangs
    25.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    trauma is just that, trauma. it didn’t make me kinder, it didn’t make me gentler, it didn’t make me loving. i did that all by myself. i made myself this way. all that pain was just unnecessary, all it did was make me repress the person i actually am.

    #it didn’t make me a better person #i made myself a better person #i chose that deliberately everyday #loving and healing and nurturing #that was all me
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  • igobacktomay
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    me, who's never written any prose longer than a 10 page essay, mostly writes 10-20 line poems, hasn't written fiction since they were a teenager, and hasn't written any kind of prose at all in probably 4-5 years, yesterday: i'm going to write a novel

    #like idk where this idea came from but it's in there now #i'm trying to nurture the thoughts i have abt it but i have no idea where to start re:actually writing #which is strange bc usually since i'm not writing fiction i skip the nurturing lore & characters & vibes part and just do the writing #i have to do that part of the process first now but i've forgotten how to do it #i was originally planning to tell this story in poem form but i'm thinking maybe just. something Completely Different
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  • pinkpruneclodwolf
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sins of the Brother—The Magic of Curses.

    In light of Idia's OB and the curse that runs through his veins I came to the conclusion that magic is, in fact, Matrilineal.

    What I mean by this is magic is passed down by the mother rather than the father because of one thing.

    So, how does that tie into Magic in Twisted Wonderland?


    What I mean by this is by the 19th century ancient societies were dictated by matrilineal societies rather than patrilineal societies (which is why women in Savanah Afterglow are so influential). Evolutionary biologists, geneticists, and more have all came to that same conclusion that early human kinship was matrilineal—in which cooperative childcare being crucial in human evolution as well.

    The villains—out of the seven villains only three are male. No I will not be taking any reasonings/criticisms as to why because I'm using this for my own headcanon.

    You cannot tell me that Fae society is not dictated by matrilineal customs when Malleus is supposed to succeed the throne of his grandmother (who I don't believe is Maleficent but a descendant of her) not to mention the cact that he inherited his magic from his mother rather than his father (because his mother is a descendant of Maleficent as well).

    Twst can be whatever I want.

    Not to mention that Draconic fae are said to be rare which means either the women of these fae are possibly growing infertile or because fae feel as though they don't need to breed with such long lifespans.

    In Prehistoric (and now) Therianthrope women are dominant. Yes, men still have positions of power but women inherit proprietorships and chief positions depending on the tribe/classification of animal (see: Lions, Hyenas, Elephants, European bison, more...)

    Merman follow a mix of patrilineal and matrilineal customs depending on their species. Octopus women are top dog as well as Orcas, and even Dolphins (surprisingly.)

    Okay, enough fluff—Unique Magic is determined by the mother rather than the father. Like male pattern baldness. Which is why when the mother doesn't have magic there's a chance you might not get magic but your sibling will—or you'll get magic but it's weaker and more inconsistent than your peers.

    Meaning Azul's stepfather married into the family and inherited the Ashenhrotto name not the other way around.

    Riddle's Unique Magic could be similar to his mother's on the basis that genetics also play a factor into the development of a child's magic as well as the environment they were raised in. I'd even say that because Riddle's father was emotionally absent during his formative years he most likely developed a Unique Magic similar to his mother's.

    Riddle's Unique Magic is a display of his need to feel control and how hopeless he felt during his childhood as well as the idolization of the Queen of Hearts (yall can pry the belief that the Rosehearts are close to the Royal family from my cold dead rotting hands) purely environmental.

    And you're right for that.

    Which ties into the way he casts spells. Riddle uses the aura/innate magic in the atmosphere like Malleus or Idia! Which denotes his insane mana reserves not to mention the fact that he developed and honed his UM by the age of 10 and more that I'll explain in the next analysis.

    [His mom and dad are also known for being peerless in the medical field take that as you will.]

    So being called magicless is an indirect insult of your mom and her bloodline!

    Of course you're all side eyeing me about this because matrilineal denotes the passage of magic from mother to daughter and this is a game that takes place in an all boy's school where they have murderous mental breakdowns and shady ass personalities where they all thoroughly doubt each other to the literal grave (Chapter 6 yall!)

    Curses are Patrilineal! I don't believe that Idia's mom has the curse simply because curses and magic are one in the same—two sides of the same coin.

    Because I lied this is about how curses are Patrilineal and how Idia is descended from Hades (not directly) which is why he looks like That.

    Consider this: If magic is passed down from the mother what about curses? Hades is male presenting and I'd assume that when they refer to Idia's ancestor (the one who bore the curse) was male (they use male pronouns) which means!!!!!!

    It's why Vil's magic is essentially a curse/debuff that has specific requirements meant to be fulfilled which is why it's so powerful because UM needs extreme drawbacks as well which is why Malleus' UM is so highly speculated to be like Maleficint where if he shows up to a space that he wasn't invited to his UM automatically casts.

    Also sleep is conlfated with death which is why Thanatos and Hypnos are twin brothers and Ereshkigal's domain is called "The Great Sleep" which is why Malleus was able to reverse Vil's aging like that. [Idia and Malleus would be great friends]

    I also don't believe his mom doesn't have the curse because it's a curse that eats/burns blot essentially making them good stewards when it comes to sticking near blot monsters because even if they are able to be near them they won't blot themselves (Vil confirms this when he warns not to get too close to the OB monsters lest we get infected) qnd they can't escape their work so....

    Mom got shafted by proxy—

    Also the Shroud family is known to be nobility of some sort so they are very selective of the people they marry into so it's possible that Mama Shroud has a UM tailored to cleansing blot which leads to my next theory about Idia's role in Chapter 7.....

    #twisted wonderland#twst#twst theory #chapter 6 spoilers #in celebration of my sister graduating to.the next grade #i am mentally ill about the shroud family #i am mentally ill about the magic system in twst #nature v nurture is the shit yall can fight me #ortho you are the best #the girls who get it get it #and the girls who don’t don’t #open the flood gates the ppl have waited for too long
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