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  • islandtales
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago
    soooo  as  peter  parkers  mun  i’ve  got  some  news  about  the  character !!  there’s  minor  spoilers  for  nwh  so  i’m  gonna  put  it  under  the  cut  but  ...  if  u  play  peter  i  encourage  you  to  read
    basically  ,  i’m  going  to  follow  the  no  way  home  canon  and  allow  two  more  peters  .  mine  is  garfield  based  so  we’ll  be  accepting  holland  and  maguire  .  keep  in  mind  that  this  exception  of  multiple  characters  only  applies  for  peter  parker  as  it’s  currently  canon  / i’m  the  mun  and  have  okay’d  it  !!
    #discord rp#multifandom rp#fandom rp#marvel rp#appless rp #pls i just think this would be so fun #nwh spoilers #just in case
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  • queervintagedreams
    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    if you have the symbiote in the mcu and not allowing it to infect tom holland with him becoming emo and doing the spider-dance in the process then whATS THE POINT

    #tom holland #marvel cinematic universe #marvel#mcu#nwh spoilers #no way home #spider man#venom #spider man no way home
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  • imyoursavinggrace
    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    *wins best in progress Irondad award*

    *completes the work 3 days after*

    We’re here kids. It’s done. End of the line. Plz enjoy and I love you all

    Summary: At 23:37 Doctor Strange casts a spell to make the universe forget Peter Parker.

    At 23:36 Tony Stark's heart stops for three minutes. When he comes to, no one remembers his kid, but you best believe he's going to do everything he can figure out why. He isn't going to lose his Spider-ling again.

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  • letterstotheflre
    15.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    i feel like enough time has passed that i can finally say this: i don’t think it peter catching mj in nwh was emotional enough

    #the way he just boinks on the floor after catching her ruins it #i had to bite my tongue to stop laughing at the cinema cause everyone was crying #plus i feel like it the catch just… wasn’t it?? #it felt kinda rushed #or maybe it’s the suspense music in the background that ruins it too #i just think it could’ve been better okay #keeping up with tina #nwh spoilers #< just in case
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  • just-an-animatronic-bunny
    13.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    since sony and marvel were bullshitting about the “only 3 movies” thing if i don’t get peter watching mj and ned’s lives through social media posts and stories like i do with my friends that don’t talk to me anymore i will be very disappointed

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  • nyeddleblog
    12.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Reader coming out as a bisexual to Peter? (Andrew, or all of them, whatever you decide) 💜💜💜

    Pairing: Andrew! Peter Parker x Reader. (Platonic relationship) Warnings: family reunion gone wrong, inferred awful parenting, mentions of biphobic comments, comfort, angst with a happy ending, peter is a lovely friend. Summary: Rumors made you sick. A/N: This is a request I wanted to do for a long time and I completely forgot about it! It's kind of personal, and I wish I had a Peter Parker to comfort me every time someone judged me or invalidated me. So I really hope this helps someone out there that is struggling because of social stigma! I love you, and Peter Parker loves you. I promise it will get better.

    Just yesterday Peter had dropped you off at your place and, even though you knew he wouldn't say no to you, you hesitated before giving him a call again. Your hands were trembling, and you were scared that they may realize what you're doing before he answers.

    "Miss me already?" his characteristic playful tone struck you with relief. You sighed, your altered breathing alerting him. "Everything alright over there? Is your family okay?"

    "I-uh... I need you to pick me up." Your voice sounded weak and unfamiliar. You heard him inhale sharply, as you tried to explain. "I'm just... I'm not having a good time here, do you think you can come over quickly?"

    "Yes-yeah, of course!" You heard him jiggling his keys and you couldn't help but smile at his sudden rush "I'll be there in ten minutes, Y/N. Want to stay on the phone?"

    "Yes, please" you whispered, tears starting to well up in your eyes. You could picture him right now, struggling to get down the stairs of his apartment as he put his keys on his pocket and held the phone to his ear. "Can you tell me about your day?"

    "About my day?" he hummed, you heard a door click. "Well, I went to visit Gwen at the cemetery, left her some flowers I bought on the way..." He inhaled, you bit your lip at the memory of her "Then I went to stop some... Idiot from doing idiotic things."

    "Oh yeah, I heard about that. Vulture, right?"

    "Yes." Finally, you heard the beep of his car as his door opened. "I ate some... Pizza? I think it was pizza... Whatever, thing was delicious. And then I went to a meeting..."

    "Wait, you ate pizza for breakfast?"

    "I ate pizza, because it was pizza Y/N. Now shut up and let me finish" he declared firmly "After class, I studied because I have to write an essay by Monday and I completely forgot. Then I ate the rest of the pizza and went to check on aunt May, and I was about to leave but you called me so I'm driving to your parents place right now."

    "Oh, so you're close?"

    "I'm seeing you right at his second, Y/N"

    And, as you hung up, reality came crumbling down on top of you. You didn't want him to find you crying, but you weren't able to clean up your tears before he arrived.

    The man, your friend, parked right in front of your old house, which now felt like any other dark alley in the city; dangerous, waiting to attack you. He stared at you and you shook, standing awkwardly.

    "Get in, let's get you home."

    Stiffly, you walked around his car to take the seat right next to him, but you didn't say a word as you got in. He understood that you couldn't explain yet, that you needed a moment.

    But the longer you thought about it, the more you convinced yourself that something was incredibly wrong with you; and Peter had to hold his anxiety as he saw you break down in tears twice by the end of the trip.

    You hated doing this, making him wonder what happened; not being able to form words before a sob came out of your mouth. You hated crying, you hated how it left your eyes swollen and red, and your nose filled with mucus, and you hated how fucking evident it was that you've been crying.

    "And... We arrived" he whispered in an optimistic tone, trying his best to brighten the mood "Do you want me to get you upstairs?"

    But you didn't move, all you could do was let the tears out and think about everything they said. How unfair it was, how insecure it made you feel; you always visited, you were always a good, you always shared an unbreakable connection, yet your family chose to be selfish and treat you like shit for an inoffensive joke about your sexual orientation.

    No laughs, no smiles, no celebration for you coming out. Just that disgusted stare the whole family shared, followed by a wave of disapproval.

    "Y/N?" Peter barely took you out of your head, and he was a few inches away from you "What's wrong?"

    You sniffed a small "no..." and realized that he may react the same way. That you haven't told him yet, that you wanted to tell your family first and that had gone the worst way possible. That he may reject you to...

    "Peter..." Finally, you breathed out. He looked deep into your eyes, the warmth in them sending the comfort you were looking for "I'm bisexual."

    He frowned in concentration, nodding and encouraging you to continue, but your cheeks turned red, because that was all. That was all.

    "And, what's wrong?"

    Surprised, you giggled. For once, however, Peter seemed to be genuine about his reaction. His frown deepened.

    "Y/N, there's nothing wrong with that" he declared fiercely, slowly starting to smile at the realization "Why are you crying, sweetheart?"

    Your giggles quickly became a bittersweet laughter of relief, cleaning up your tears with the back of your hand. "Don't call me sweetheart, Parker."

    His soft, and surprisingly cold, hand took a string of your hair, playfully pulling it as he pronounced the reassurance you desperately craved from your family "I'm so happy that you trust me enough to tell me. And I'm so proud of you."

    And the tears came back to your eyes as he hugged you.

    TAGLIST: @[email protected] @kirishimas-wife @haroldpotterson(remember to message me or comment if you want to be added to my permanent taglist)

    #peter parker#marvel #peter parker x reader #peter parker imagine #spider-man x reader #peter parker one shot #peter parker smut #peter parker fanfiction #peter parker fluff #spider man: no way home #spider man no way home #spider-man: no way home #spider-man#spider man#spiderman#nwh#spoilers#andrew garfield #andrew! peter parker #tasm! peter parker #andrew! peter parker x reader #tasm! peter parker x reader #andrew garfield x reader #andrew garfield smut #tobey maguire #tobey! peter parker #tobey maguire x reader #tobey maguire smut #tom holland #tom holland x reader
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  • sonnyleaf
    12.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Tobey!Spiderman has such dad-energy that I legitimately hope he and MJ had a kid in his universe. Whether it’s preferably MayDay his daughter or Ben his son, I just hope one of them exists!

    He’s such a caretaker to both of the alternate Spider-men! He talks to Andrew with such concern when he’s getting down on himself, dissuades his negative self-talk and assures him of his worth. He’s patient with Tom, understanding of his rage and desire for revenge but firm in the plan they’re making (curing Osborn too, like all the others). And when Tom is in danger of crossing that line and taking that revenge, he steps in to stop him. He doesn’t take the glider away, doesn’t fight him for it, he just holds it back and looks him in the eye. Not with anger or disappointment, but with a look of pure empathy. 

    Ideally, a parent’s job is to support and love their child, but to set limits and pull them back when they’re in danger of getting in over their heads. To be there for them when they make mistakes or when they need help, to teach them lesson’s where they can and to try and shape them into being good and decent people. I don’t know, I can just totally picture Tobey being a dad in his universe. Taking all the experience he’s gotten from raising his own kid and being there for his younger alternate selves in that same way.

    Uncle Ben was his father figure. Now Tobey!Spiderman gets to BE the father figure. And it’s beautiful! 😭

    #no way home spoilers #nwh spoilers #spider man: no way home #spider man nwh #spider man now way home spoilers #sm nwh spoilers #sm nwh #tobey!spiderman #is a spider-dad #you can’t change my mind
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  • rikareena
    12.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    In Spiderman: No Way Home...

    Spoilers: Why did (the writers/producers) make everyone forget Peter Parker even existed, rather than just making them forget Peter was Spiderman.

    Like, I wasn't expecting them to wipe EVERYONE'S memeory of PETER.

    I thought his classmates (MJ, Ned, etc.) would remember, "Oh yeah. Peter--you're in my XYX class!" And that they just wouldn't know he was Spiderman...like before.....like, that would make morse sense. Not that they wouldn't know Peter at all.

    And the fact that the spell was to fix the breach in the multiverse, and that Dr. Strange included HIMSELF in forgetting Peter--that would essentially mean none of the rest of the Avenegers should remember him now either...because it was a universal spell Strange casted.

    So the thing that hurts the most...is that Peter is a kid who is literally ALL alone no. With NO support.

    He's doing this from scratch, by himself.

    I'm personally not a fan of this route (I think he should have SOME support, from like 1 adult at least and/or 1 friend), but it'll be interesting to see how they work this angle in the movies for a while.....

    #random #spider man: nwh #spoilers
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  • veetlegeuse
    12.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Peter Parker & Cleo Xiao ✽ No Way Home

    “I swear to God, Peter. I’ll find you again.”
    “I’m not worried. We work together, remember?”
    #oc: cleo xiao #ship: pao #pao is not a strong ship name but my other choices were peo or cleter 🥴 #spiderman: no way home spoilers #nwh spoilers#honeyvee
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  • optimisticrunawaygalaxy
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Love how everyone is going wild over Daredevil/Matt murdock showing up in nwh so casually while i, who has never watched any of the MCU movies, am just kinda sitting there like :| Hes pretty tho

    #wait didnt someone say something about a netflix show?? #I have no clue who he is honestly #still cute #no way home spoiler #nwh spoiler
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  • therealtsk
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    so i know i've shouted about how much I hate the mcu before but this would just NOT leave me alone

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  • hypnoticcastiel
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    #spider-man nwh #spiderman no way home #spider-man no way home #tom holland#zendaya#spoiler#interview#mcu
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  • the-winter-spider
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Love You More | (Sneak Peek)

    “Are you sure?”

    All his attention was on you, like the two of you were the only ones here, which you most certainly weren’t. His eyes gazing into yours like they held the whole god damn universe, which they didn’t but to him it was so closest he would get to the stars. Like how could anything else possibly matter besides this exact moment. He was waiting so patiently but eagerly for the words to flow out of your mouth. Like your lips held the key to world peace — his world.

    “I’ve always done what was asked of me, what i thought i was supposed to do. Everyone has always made my choices for me but… this time — this choice is all mine. I am choosing this, i am choosing you”


    #tasm! peter parker x reader #tasm!peter #tasm peter x reader #tasm #tasm!peter x reader angst #tasm andrew garfield #andrew garfield#spiderman #the amazing spider man #spiderman fic#spiderman fanfic #spiderman x you #nwh fic#nwh spoilers #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes x reader #bucky fanfic#the avengers #the avengers x reader
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  • cleastrnge
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I hate that the studios changed the release order of MoM and NWH because it would've made perfect sense for America to be the one who brings the other peters and villains from the other universes by casting the spell wrong since she's just beginning her training at kamar-taj and combined with her powers, it makes more sense than having doctor strange in it (even tho i loved him in it). That and the interactions between her and the spiderman characters would've been so much fun.

    #also... her asking THAT question lmao #and now that time has passed... it's kinda silly that stephen lost a 'fight' to peter? trapping him the mirror dimension so easily? idk #specially when we saw how skilled he was in MoM... #and it would've been great to see America get better at her magical skills #but oh well #that's my OPINION #dsitmom#dsitmom spoilers#nwh
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  • kitkatdoodlez
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    You know it’s not the same....

    #spiderman no way home spoilers #spiderman fanart#spiderman #spiderman nwh fanart #spiderman no way home fanart #spiderman no way home #spiderman art#ned leeds#michelle jones #peter parker x michelle jones #peter parker fanart #peter parker and mj #mj fanart#art#marvel#marvel fanart#fanart#spiderman nwh #spiderman far from home #spiderman homecoming#zendaya#tom holland
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  • duskholland
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    well multiverse of madness sure was a film that was made !

    #some like rlly vague spoilers ahead i guess ? nothing specific tho lol #but like. #what did i watch. what was that ? i don’t know. it was an experience #didn’t enjoy it #what did they do to wanda #the only good part was wong i love that guy #other than that . too many eyes. + what did they do to wanda . #the only thought i remember having was thinking that the tentacle lovers would love the opening #can’t stand the mcu ! u guys suck !!!! strange i haven’t forgotten nwh !!!!!!!!!!!! ;( #mom spoilers #multiverse of madness spoilers #doctor strange spoilers #spoilers
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  • goldenavenger02
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    you made me hate this city

    Multiverse of Madness and No Way Home spoilers!

    After all, he had been having the same dream for the last week where he had gotten May to a hospital in time and waiting for hours on end only for the nameless man to tell him that she was okay but being full of anxiety and dread in the elevator only for it to open into darkness and subsequently, his living nightmare.


    "She's going to be okay Mr. Parker. You got her here just in time."

    Peter let out a sigh of relief before turning back to the nameless man in the white coat who looked so proud of himself and asking, "can I see her?"

    "Yes, you can. She's in the ICU, but I'll take you up to her."

    Peter nodded and followed the man into the elevator, his clammy palms clasped together as he watched the numbers go up slowly while they ascended. Despite going up, he could feel his stomach drop with each light flick indicating he was closer towards her.

    'What's wrong with me? She's alive, I saved her. I should be relieved.'

    But when the doors opened, everything went black for a brief moment.

    Peter awoke with an anxious start, his body heaving with sweat and his cheeks wet from tears that were still lingering in his eyes. He tried to shake the anxious feeling and the pounding in his chest away, that 'it was just a dream', but he couldn't.

    After all, he had been having the same dream for the last week where he had gotten May to a hospital in time and waiting for hours on end only for the nameless man to tell him that she was okay but being full of anxiety and dread in the elevator only for it to open into darkness and subsequently, his living nightmare.

    But by now, Peter knew the rules. Get up, wipe the tears away and study as much as possible for his GED before he had to go to work and then go out as Spider-Man. He looked over at his clock, which read '9;45' before looking at the calendar and realized that it was a Thursday, meaning he had an hour before he had to start his walk to work in order to get there for the lunch rush.

    He walked into the bathroom and wiped his face off before changing into his work uniform and his socks so he could slip on his shoes before leaving; after that, he grabbed a cup of the cheapest coffee he could afford and opened the textbook.

    He had grown up in New York, so he was used to studying to the sound of the hustle and bustle in the background; what he wasn't used to, however, was the sound of a female scream passing by his window.

    Peter didn't hesitate to spring from his desk and open the curtains; he had expected to see some sort of harassment, but when he saw a girl that had to be only a few years older than him in a jean jacket being chased by a horrific looking octopus thing with one eye.

    If it wasn't thoroughly terrifying, he would have compared it to one of the monsters in that one live action Scooby Doo movie; but he shook the inevitable movie reference out of his mind and started to suit up.

    That was, until he saw Doctor Strange fly past his window which made him freeze with one arm in the suit; he wasn't upset with Doctor Strange, after all, he had been the one to tell him to do the spell both times, he just did what he was asked.

    But at the same time, Peter knew he couldn't go down there if he was fighting that alien thing; for one thing, he had a feeling that he would get mad at him for what had happened just a few months ago but for another, he knew it would just be too painful for him.

    'I can't fight with Doctor Strange and have him not know me under the suit.'

    He peeled the suit off and turned back to the textbook, his eyes scanning the pages slowly because his stomach was sick with worry about that girl; even if he couldn't bring himself to help, he still felt way too guilty about not saving her.

    Peter forced himself to look out the window again because he wasn't absorbing any of the information on the pages and let out a sigh of relief when he saw the octopus laying dead in the street, followed by a gag when he noticed its eyeball was detached from its head.

    When the nausea dissipated a few moments after he closed his curtains, he sat back down at his desk and read the page again.

    It stuck better this time, but he was still focused on that girl and all he could do was hope that things went better for her then it did for him when he got mixed up with Stephen Strange.

    #doctor strange: multiverse of madness #multiverse of madness spoilers #mom spoilers #spider-man: no way home #spider-man: no way home spoilers #nwh spoilers#peter parker #mentioned america chavez #mentioned stephen strange #angst#mcu#marvel
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  • bishops-severed-torso
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    trying to find marvel fic on ao3 without hitting spoilers for whatever movie just came out is like playing russian roulette i swear

    #yeah this is about nwh and doctor strange #you exclude all the tags you think you need and some idiot still drops spoilers without tagging the movie #ao3#mcu#marvel#fanfic#fanfiction
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  • slothymellow
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    . …


    in the god damn fuck



    #Doctor Strange spoilers #mom spoilers #multiverse of madness spoilers #doctor strange multiverse of madness #anyway I loved it JSHDHDHFJFJF #marvel#much #Very good movie. So far this and NWH have absolutely SLAPPED for me
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