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  • askpanandherfriends
    16.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    *boops ur organs*

    Pan: ..... what...? why.... wth...

    ( Mod: I'm lazy to draw digital art oof)

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  • ask-victor-grantzcampbell
    16.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    hello, there victor I am a new survivor here but are you sad? I can play a song for you if that comforts you though...i don't know how to comfort someone..but hope a song of mine i make comforts you

    "Sad might be a bit extreme. I am feeling a bit better however, thank you. Welcome to the manor however, I hope you haven't found things too difficult."

    #janetheguitarist#idv oc #idv oc ask blog #idv survivor oc #big brother norton #victor grantz campbell
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  • sky-blue-memories
    16.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    [e. gif]

    Only e character i have in my list rn is ellie who i haven’t talked about in a while!!

    She’s kat’s older sister who works as a primary school teacher. She has resting bitch face but is also very nice around kids bc she has an ocean’s worth of patience. She’s strict but fair, and likes telling jokes with a deadpan face. A lot of her experience handling kids comes from taking care of kat when she was younger, which involved a lot of push and pull but they’re very close

    Ellie works on car restoration and repair as a hobby. She likes doing physical work and letting her mind wonder while her hands move. A lot of her experience came from working a part-time job at a garage during high-school (she is also kinda based on the brother from fish in a tree if you know that book)

    She’s also trans! Had a bit of a rough transition during the tail years of high school but she’s come out of it all the better and feels much more confident in herself now

    Also fun fact i came up with ellie after kat so it is pure coincidence that her name is alliterative (ellie evans)

    #the e gif takes up more space than i would like but that’s what you have to do for the bit #i tried to make this longer since i have less e characters than i thought! #a surprising about of c guys actually #oc#ellie#boatslut#asks
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  • hollyfluffs
    16.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago


    <:( <:( <:(

    #theres more u didnt react to the other oneeessssss :( :( :: : ((: : (: ( #BHSJDNBLJBKLJBKJLBG #*miette voice* i KISY u!!!!!!!!!! and u dont reciprocate the kisy???????????????? #jail for wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jail for wife for 1000000 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #KJSDJKLLKKLG #IM KIDDING IM kididng no jail for wifey <3 #i hold wifey clos an i kis her an snugl her.......... caus she is skunkly #(i am talkign about u because u are my wifey) #((also cutely looks at the ask game i just reblogged. u should send an ask or two maybe perhabsp.......... abt my ocs.........)) #but anysysays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aguhg i lov u. did u know that #did u kno???????????? did u?????????????????????????? know that i love u so very muche??????????????????????????? #that u are my skunkly????????????????????? my gloopy ooupy??????????????????????????? #my baba booey???????????????????????? my sglumply????????????????????????? #augh well u are just my SKRUINLY WUNKYLY andi lob u :] #sorey this is short i am . hoogh. slow brain momence no thought head empy only gf and warrior cat #SHJDBDSBLKBLKBKLG #i lov u tho........ seepie wifey........ snugy wifey...................
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  • can-of-pringles
    16.05.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    When Rosie is a member of the X-Men, have Marigold and/or Peter ever (had to) come out of retirement and fight alongside her?

    Yeah. Especially for more dangerous missions, they'd want to be there with her.

    Or if a mission turns more dangerous then I think they'd want to show up and help immediately.

    On the other hand, I think for a few of Rosie's first missions I think one of them would come mainly to not exactly supervise, but just keep an eye out for her. Wouldn't step in unless it was really necessary. The "babysitting" as Rosie refers to it does eventually stop once she gets the hang of her job.

    But can you blame them? Being an X-Men is difficult.

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  • ionicexpressions
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Most beloved hello,,, your thought,, hand em over

    👔- Doublebounce

    ❄️- Morning Glory

    ☀️- Duckpaw

    🦋- Ladybug


    Picrews I have done of Double that pretty much show how I picture her! I think her style would be pretty flamboyant. She wants to be noticed, more often than not, and so she goes for bright colors and patterns to show off. Of course, she would have her heterochromia and scars in human form as well, I dont think she would set to covering them up with makeup or contacts. After all, the more unique she looks, the more people will look at her!

    What would you call this style? Punk chic? Alternative?


    Morning hates Winter because there's less to do outside of camp and it forces her to be immobile more often than not. I think she would like Spring just because it means an end to that nonsense and perhaps also because flowers start to come out. There is still a child locked in there somewhere, after all.


    Duck is well on his way to achieving his goals! He wants to be important and helpful to Scaleclan and becoming the healer's apprentice was a big step in that direction.

    On a smaller scale, he's been working on getting over his hatred of water and mud. Though he'll always be OCD and i dont think he'll grow out of cleaning himself too much after touching the stuff, he's getting to the point where he can consciously touch it at least. That's a big step! And he knows he has to get over it if he wants to be the clan's main healer someday, as Mossgaze can't always be the one collecting reeds and water-based herbs.


    UM. What doesn't make her beautiful?

    No but seriously, she's kind of plain from a design standpoint, I think. Standard fluffy Maine Coon tabby. Green eyes. There's nothing special there realistically.

    I think it's really her heart that makes her so likeable and gorgeous to others. She carries herself with a youthful confidence, despite the hard times shes been through and the terrifying things she continues to see. She's an optimist through and through and not a lot in the clans are, so i think others really appreciate that energy from her.

    #my ocs #oc ask meme
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  • myopic-bastard
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    fuck it making chapter titles sound like tabloid headlines NOW

    #title prompts#writblr#writing #writers on tumblr #writer problems#fanfic writers#writer’s block#writing inspo#inspiration #fuck i sure hope so #if anyone sees it please ask me about my ocs please i’m about to go feral
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  • toothed-raven
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    do your ocs (solon specifically) have lore?

    Yep! I still should work about as always lol,he lives in a big fleshy cave/home,he dig into flesh for walking well (because he d'oesn't have feet!) he hails from ancient Athens, having the blessing of a Greek deity of eternal youth. Pericles is his cousin,he loves playing the bass with Solon and singing some blues or jazz,aaaand I should work to the others,thanks for asking!! :]]

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  • ionicexpressions
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    YESSS Coarse - 🔍💥☀️, Duck - 🤍🌪, Double - 🎨🌹


    🔍 Coarsepurr was always known for being smart and calculating, so he would have been great for investigations had he ever really needed to do so! His only issue is that sometimes he gets a bit too emotionally invested in the results of things.

    💥 Coarse, as mentioned above, is pretty emotional although most would not guess this from his cold exterior. He holds grudges and is very quick to anger with people he dislikes. Overall, he's stuck in the past and doesn't know how to get out of it.

    ☀ Coarse...honestly never had goals for himself. He lost a lot of motivation when his mother died, feeling like there was no one pushing him to be better any longer. In a lot of cases, he really just focused on surviving. Living was his main priority in a clan like Scaleclan and so he never really tried to do anything crazy like most of the cats there do. He really focused on protecting the clan from their own stupidity and as a kitten he wanted to be deputy. Those dreams faded fast when his older, beloathed sister became deputy and he was given a name he hated though. He grew quickly to dislike any idea of power, for himself or anyone else, thinking it only brought the worst out of individuals.

    So perhaps his real goal was to take down the clan structure lmao. Although he would have talked openly about his dislike for the system, he likely would not have done anything to fix it knowing few agreed with him. A fool's errand, that was.


    💟 Duckpaw just wants to be safe and to be useful. As a warrior's apprentice he always felt he annoyed everyone bc he wasn't good at the tasks or interested in them. Now, as a healer apprentice though, he's engaged and important to the clan. So he's...kind of where he wants to be. Although he knows he can always stand to improve.

    🌪 Many outside of Scaleclan do not know this, and perhaps many inside of it. It's not something he likes talking about, after all. But he was the one to find Shallowbeach's body at the Moonstone. He was only...6 or 7 moons then I think? Mossgaze and Patchmaw were with him, but he basically shut down any other information of that day because of what happened. The image is locked away into the far corners of his mind. The sight scared him terribly and he felt very uncomfortable about having to go back to the Moonstone when he actually changed training paths. He shuts down whenever the other healers mention him, his mind always going back to how distorted his figure was at the bottom of the canyon. He hopes and prays he will never have to talk to him in a dream.


    🎨 Double is very good at fighting, despite her small size. This is something that stuck out in Tideclan when she was young and made some see her as troublesome, given she was a bit to aggressive in training and hunting as a youth. Scaleclan respects it though and she's praised for her skills despite it being more commonplace in her new clan.

    🌹Double is pretty quick to fall in love. She has attachment issues from her childhood and so positive attention from others will always send her into a daze, even if she doesn't show it. She's always open about these feelings though when she actually recognizes them, but she might have a hard time actually finding the words to confess. She's not great at voicing her feelings, even though she tries to be honest about them with those she cares about.

    #my ocs #oc ask meme
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  • ack-cough
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    No where near as good as the ridgedcoatl but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Take a very long rushed nocturne mirror

    #oc#original #ask me anything #flight rising #flight rising headcanon #flight rising ridgeback #flight rising oc #fr art #flight rising mirror #fr mirror#fr nocturne #flight rising nocturne
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  • friend-of-giants
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ooo I forgot to send you a thing for the random encounter prompts, but 14 or 17? you pick!

    xoxo from @reachfolk

    Thank you Cozy!! Seeing as Wren is an ex-bandit herself, I chose the "finds a bandit left for dead" one to show a different, maybe unexpected side of her (although that list of yours is making me want to write ALL OF THEM, this was hard to choose just one!).

    Tags: @vilkas @cwahsont @qah-naarin and @duo-kun i think you might like this one lol.

    Warning: paralysis, death, and a very abrupt ending i didn't feel like writing more after that lol

    The fresh, crisp air of the pine forest gave way to something dark, tainted.  A potent aroma burned in Wren's nostrils as she rode along the worn cobble path, and as it grew stronger, curiosity overtook her.  She brought her stallion to a halt and slid down from the saddle, her fingers already grazing the ebony axe at her belt.  

    The smell of piss was strong in the air, but there was something else with it, an undertone of something bitter and delightful to her soul—fear.  It sent a predacious ripple through her veins, and she stepped silently into the tall grasses at the side of the road, into the forest beyond, in search of the prey.

    Just ahead near some bushes at the base of a tall pine tree was a man on his back, facing the sky, his chest barely rising as he took rapid, shallow breaths.  His eyes snapped to her as she approached, wide with terror, yet the rest of him did not budge.  

    That instinctual urge Wren had been feeling to chase and kill quickly faded as she realized he would not - could not flee.  "You're hurt," she noted, as if that weren't obvious.  She was filled with a newfound pity, and knelt next to his crumpled form to get a better look.  

    "They left me," the man whispered, "left me to die."  

    "Who's 'they'?  What happened?"  

    "My clan," he said, licking his dry, cracking lips.  "Went up the tree to scout ahead, and lost my footing.  The fall broke me, I… I can't move, can't feel my body." 

    "Clan...  Bandits?" she asked, not at all surprised that they would have abandoned him.  She would have likely done the same, but would have had the decency to end his suffering first.

    He made a little noise, seemingly in agreement.  "I've been here since sunrise.  Help me, please. "

    "I'm no healer," Wren said softly.  "You're broken.  There's nothing anyone can do to fix you."  She fiddled with a loose end of one of the leather straps of her axe's handle.  It needed to be re-wrapped.  She made a mental note to stop by the smithy when she got back to town.

    "Then kill me," he groaned. "I don't want to suffer here any longer."

    "I will," she promised.  

    His eyes locked with hers and he let out a wavering sigh.  "Thank you.  Send me to Sovngarde with what dignity I have left." 

    No-one dies with dignity, she mused, but shot what she hoped was a gentle smile at the dying man, hoping to make him feel some semblance of comfort in his last moments.  Wren wouldn't take any joy from taking his life; she knew it was what needed to be done.  It's what she would want for herself, a better alternative to wasting away or being torn apart by wild animals come nightfall.

    She placed a hand on his shoulder, unsure if he could feel it at all, but it seemed like the right thing to do.  "I'll make it quick.  I'm sorry." 

    "Can I ask you one favor," he murmured, the corners of his mouth lifting into a faint grin as she listened.  "One last drink."

    Wren smiled with a nod, and headed back to dig through the bags she had hanging from Dagon's saddle.  "Mead or ale?"  He could only whisper his response, but her sharp ears heard him anyway, and she returned to him with a bottle of mead.  Taking great care not to touch the bottle to his lips, she carefully poured some into his awaiting mouth.  

    A small look of delight look grew on his face as he swallowed it down.  "Thank you.  May the Gods watch over you, Elf."  Casting one final look into her eyes, he blinked them shut and took a deep breath.  "I'm ready."

    "Aye.  Now don't move."  Wren pushed herself to her feet and chugged down the rest of the mead, and pulled her axe from its holster.  She twirled it in her hands as she stepped backward, her eyes focused on the center of his forehead.  The spike should fit there nicely, she thought, and it did. 

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  • holocene-sims
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    🌳🏳‍🌈🧸💓 for Grant :D can we also have a cute lil photo of him, Please?🥺

    hiii thank you so much for the ask 😭❤️ sorry for the slow response! i was waiting to answer until i could hop in game and snap a few pictures of him just for this ask :D

    local camera-shy man poses for one photo 🥺

    (+ a bonus baby pic just because)

    now for the questions :D

    🌳 - what’s their extended family like?

    depends on what side of the family! grant isn't that close with his dad's family but that's a long story. it's one of those things where the cousins follow him on social media and if he were there in finland, he would meet up with his dad's family (now that he and his dad are speaking again), but he has not seen these people since he was like twelve years old, so...the relationship is friendly but just nonexistent

    grant is super close with his mom's family and they're crazy but in the best way possible. miss mother mary is sort of the outlier in the family. she's the only one everyone hates and that everyone has cut off.

    the callahans basically just do everything big. they're a huge family (grandma and grandpa have three kids, nine grandkids, and a bunch of great-grandkids) and that's just the core family. that's ignoring the great-aunts and great-uncles, because grandma aoife is like the second oldest of twelve kids and grandpa joseph has five sisters.

    so they're a big family with big personalities, big hearts, big social events...everything. they often describe themselves as a "clan" and that's very true. you basically don't need outside friends if you're in the callahan family because you have PLENTY of social interaction and contact with each other 24/7. the family group chat is always popping, they're always hanging out with each other, planning parties...

    and the funny thing is they can't get enough of each other. it is true that the family is more scattered now as they're all adults (although in the story, you'll see the big migration home for everybody) but even the most physically distanced family members are around multiple times a year and for at least one holiday, and still these folks act like they haven't spoken to each other in ten years

    and don't think you have to be blood related to be included in this. god forbid you marry into this family or if you're adopted in, you'll almost forget you were never related to these people in the first place. the callahans do NOT know what a stranger is

    🏳️‍🌈 - what do they identify as? what are their pronouns?

    grant is very openly bisexual and has been for a long time. in terms of gender, he considers himself to be a dude and is okay with he/him pronouns, but honestly...sometimes he isn't that sure about it in the end. he feels generally more comfortable associating himself with femininity but he's not sure if that's because he's just secure in his masculinity that he doesn't need to perform it at all OR because he doesn't feel fully like a guy after all

    but i don't think he has the motivation to explore that all. he thinks about it every now and then but he's quite content as he is. he doesn't feel the pressure to figure it out one way or another

    🧸 - do they have any stuffed animals? if so, are they decorative or do they sleep with them?

    grant unfortunately does not own any but he would love to own one now 😭 his stuffed animals and really everything he ever owned as a child is rotting in some dump. he very much wishes he had even one item from his childhood but according to his father, after grant stopped speaking to his mom and dad after the big post-graduation family implosion, his mother went in and threw EVERYTHING out that belonged to him except for the items that had any significance or relation to his sister who died

    his dad said he would have stopped her, had he been at home when she completed the task, but that's a conversation for another day...

    dear undecided, mystery sim who will eventually be grant's new love interest, please buy this man a plushie 😭😭😭

    💓 - what are some of the signs they've fallen for someone? how do they show their affection?

    grant is very very affectionate tbh and he likes to be open about it. he doesn't believe in hiding feelings, but he wouldn't gush about them to someone he thinks isn't mutually interested. likewise, grant isn't very shy anymore but sometimes his old shyness does peak back out and he worries about getting it all wrong or misreading people. one of his biggest fears is trying to flirt with someone and reading it all wrong and offending them or bothering them. and he wants to trust someone first. sure, maybe everything's going right and the signals are clear, but he is afraid of being hurt. so he might delay initial affection. once the relationship is a real thing, he'll be as soft and affectionate as the person is comfortable with. he's guilty of going over the top accidentally but he means well 😭

    but you know he's fallen for someone if he does actually flirt with someone. the thing is, grant is a really charming dude. when he wants to be social or flirty, he can pull it off with ease. he's good with people, good with compliments (aka he's never going to just say you're beautiful, it's gonna be something SO cheesy but heart-meltingly sweet like "the moon wishes it could be half as gorgeous as you are"), a total gentleman, and very sincere about everything he says and does.

    BUT like i said above, grant doesn't want to get hurt and he doesn't really like flirting. it makes him very nervous. he's the kind of guy who gets to know you on a friendly level first, and it is exceedingly rare that he would flirt without knowing someone for a few days or weeks. flirting is not fun or flippant for him, so if he's doing it, he is 100000% legit serious and absolutely interested in someone

    #asks #sorry too much information LOLOL #but you gave me amazing questions #especially the last one because that is going to pop up in the future... #hlcn: oc info #hlcn: grant #hlcn: story extras
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  • askthegoldencircle
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    How long have you been learning octarian? Have you tried using any of it?

    The clawed hand apparently materializing out of thin air behind Cupid manages to evade his sight while he monologues to himself. judging entirely by skin tone and the appearance of claws- one could guess that the hand in question belongs to the UFO. Clever girl.

    #canon#splatoon#splatoon2#splatoon OC #splatoon OC Askblog #Splatoon OC ask blog #Splatoon OC art
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  • ask-vice-admiral-raelynn
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Are pirates forgiveable for you?

    #ask-vice-admiral-raelynn#moreau raelynn#one piece #one piece oc #one piece ask blog #one piece oc ask blog #hi exams start tomorrow and i dont know how to feel-❄ #by tomorrow i mean by Tuesday if i don't post this as the time I'm writing this-❄
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  • satelliteduster
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    r! if you dont have any, then n! :-)

    for r we got:

    > rayna & riff (his actual name is rafael, he just likes the nickname and it happens to also start with r <3), rand, riptide & ramiel >:3

    and for n we got:

    > the one and only niobe 💖

    #ask#cinnimani #finally a letter that ALOT of my ocs names start with
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  • staryarn
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Here's also just the current lynh reference masterlist (newest to oldest. However newest / first two are for an au so it doesn't properly represent their actual form but is the closest to a 'human' look)

    #lynh ref#my art#lynh soliayre #top two are for my fakemon stuff and fake reigon so yeah #dont ask what the reigon is based on bc idk man #i do have other ocs and in fact i was drawing two before the brainrot hit so yeah #ill get back to them whenever bc damn
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  • shimura-niffeler
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hey all! This is a test for future plans! This is my baby Tonic! Their a demon aaaannnnd super funky with great friends and a “special” friend anyways thank you guys and have a good whatever ! -nex

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  • askpanandherfriends
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    How about a stuffed fox? Would you like one? I give them to everyone. It's free and very soft to cuddle, oh one more thing you can also travel with it anywhere you go. * She holds out a stuffed fox while hoping that you would say yes*

    Pan: OMG YES GIVE IT TO ME!!! she takes it happily and and hugged him very much from happiness, she really likes this stuffed fox

    but out of curiosity she wanted to know the name from this pony that gave her a stuffed fox and she said

    Pan: Thanks so much for this gift! May I know your name? I just didn't expect such a nice gift from you!

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  • crankygryphon
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    for the oc prompt: F G or S?

    Ohoho, in fact I have all three


    Ok the names silly but this one is literally based on my favorite childhood stuffed animal..

    She doesn’t have a very concrete story developed but she’s a very headstrong child with big protagonist energy (SORT OF like a rabbit girl Naruto?? I guess??)

    Her best friend is an equally strong but much shyer mouse boy named Zipper

    And here are headshots of her family: she’s triplets with her sisters Liz and Linky, Her older sisters Cole and Crystal are twins, Snowy is her mom, and BBE is her estranged father.

    Grizelda Oighrig Murray

    This ones an old DnD PC!! (that I want to revisit someday)

    She’s a selkie ranger with abandonment issues and a habit of trying to befriend as many animals as she possible.

    78 (aka Sev)

    Ok THIS ONE would be my main oc if there ever was one.

    Sev is a dog like creature called a Dalsuta with severe aggression and OP telekinesis who gets nerfed and transfigured into a human (instead of killed oops)

    My goal is to eventually write a comic about them and how they get their powers and original body back (and perhaps learn that murder is bad along the way)

    They’re an old self insert character from high school that morphed into something else, so they’re very very important to me. And tbh MOST of my most drawn and developed ocs come from their story world.

    #ocs#asks #tried to keep each desc breif to keep this post short but follow ups are welcome
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  • satelliteduster
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    v for the oc ask thing

    MY GIRL VERDANA... a swiss mountain dog & a talented photographer

    #ask#vzm #i should draw her more <- says this about all their ocs
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