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  • devil-kindred
    22.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    Unusual Muse Associations

    tagged by the every lovely: @preachercuster @jackiesarch @cameronburke and @florbelles

    tagging: @ma-sulevin @shallow-gravy @adelaidedrubman @shellibisshe @chuckhansen @chyrstis @blissfulalchemist and anyone else who would like to join in

    SEASONING: cinnamon, cloves

    WEATHER: the in-between of spring and summer days, in those fleeting moments where there’s a soft breeze and the temperature is just right.

    COLOR: verdant greens and bright gold

    SKY: the glow of early morning, when the sun has begun it’s ascent but bathes the earth in still gentle light.

    MAGICAL POWER: shapeshifting, prophecy

    HOUSE PLANT: pothos, cat palm, succulent

    WEAPON: a golden dagger embossed with jewels; a length of chain— weathered but still strong.

    SUBJECT: botany

    SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram— a handful of photos; all of plants

    MAKEUP PRODUCT: lipstick— dark red, eyeliner— sometimes black, sometimes white

    CANDY: lemon— suckers, sour candies

    FEAR: imprisonment; being trapped forever— never to feel the freedom to run barefoot across the land or feel the warmth of nature again.

    ICE CUBE SHAPE: round— spheres from a fancy ice mold

    METHOD OF LONG-DISTANCE TRAVEL: flying or driving

    ART STYLE: abstract

    MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURE: elemental, nymph

    PIECE OF STATIONERY: faint green paper— delicate to the touch but tough enough, with darker green leaves swirling around the corners.


    CELESTIAL BODY: the sun

    #oc: ilariya #character tag meme
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  • mwolf0epsilon
    22.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    🌽 and🍟 for Conch~

    🌽: How does this OC feel about acts of affection? What's their favourite act of affection, physical or emotional?

    Conch is a rather socially awkward person, so he's a little on the fence about acts of affection in general. It's not that he hates affection (far from it), he's just not a super touchy-feely kind of clone and doesn't really like to do stuff like talking or hugging it out.

    For him it's all about comfortable silence, personal space, boundaries and (of course) gift-giving. He's known for giving people he likes seashells and sea glass as little tokens of appreciation.

    🍟: What does your OC admit to be their guilty pleasure? What actually is their guilty pleasure?

    Conch isn't much of a talker so he doesn't admit it per say, but people know he's very much into needlessly pointless collections. If he could, he'd have boxes full of the same kind of shell just so he can admire the slight variations in patterns.

    He's also the sort to glue shells to stuff (Ever gone to thrift stores and seen bizarre shit with shells glued on to it for no reason? That's what I mean), even if it's impractical or ugly.

    #ask meme#ask game#star wars #the clone wars #clone ocs #scuba trooper conch
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  • virtuouswhitehatorganization
    22.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    White Hat Punches Out Black Hat

    I was thinking since it’s been confirmed that in all his existence he’s never gone up against someone he could match, then it would be amazing that someone finally is able to punch him and take him down in a fist fight. I put this image of Luffy punching a Celestial Dragon because this would be what it’s like which is finally someone able to punch the unpunchable even though they are a great evil in this world. I like to think that even though White Hat is assumed to be a pushover just because he’s nice and caring that he won’t get angry if you mess with him. So when he’s finally pushed then for the first time Black Hat would know the fear of a nice man who you shouldn’t press too far or they finally give you the smackdown you rightfully deserve. White Hat avoided confrontation in the past so that the world wouldn’t be dragged in but if Black Hat messed with one of his precious subordinates then White Hat can show him that he’s not the most powerful being anymore and their are others like him that would gladly throw him down; Red Hat (Chaos); Grey Hat (Neutrality); Blue Hat (Order). It would finally make Black Hat stop being so smug and actually get him to see that the other beings won’t tolerate his bullshit if he tries pushing too far. Also if he punches him in front of many villains then it shows that even Black Hat can succumb to the fist of a hero. 

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  • meihouwangsmassivehonkers
    22.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Ok so an rp on digimon game on roblox

    Credit to @wishing-for-you-and-me for the image for the last one

    #digimon#digimon memes#digimon ocs#digimon rp #digimon masters roblox #lucemon #lucemon falldown mode #omnimon #omnimon merciless mode #megidramon
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  • divine-adeline
    22.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    this is the second playlist for my fic. it’s not as slow and dreary and definitely hornier. the link to my fic is my pinned post ! enhoy

    #skyrim#skyrim memes#skyrim fic#tes skyrim #the elder scrolls #elder scrolls#miraak#skyrim miraak#tes miraak #the elder scrolls miraak #miraak x oc #miraak x ldb #skyrim oc#tes oc #the elder scrolls oc #inigo #inigo the brave #inigo skyrim #did i mention miraak is in this
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  • divine-adeline
    22.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    the next chapter is up just like i prommied


    #elder scrolls skyrim #skyrim oc#dovahkiin#skyrim#elder scrolls#skyrim memes#miraak#tes oc #the elder scrolls memes #serana#tes miraak #miraak x oc #tes serana x oc #serana x oc #inigo the brave #inigo skyrim #im so tired
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  • itsnicstylus
    22.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    too bad he doesnt live past 20

    #grow up meme #drawing#art#sketch#oc#stylus #draw the squad
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  • str8aura-no-not-that-one
    22.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    i skip the MST3K sketches just to get to the movie. can i be forgiven for this father

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  • neutralkilling
    22.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    explodes you

    just kidding, how about 17 + Gene (the scroingly. my beloved) :0 or if u wanna draw someone else (

    i will do gene eventually bc i need to draw him or ill go to hell BUT ok so i was gonna turn in for the night but i went to my spotify to see what songs these would be and when it landed on evil eye for skuggy i got REALLY excited and wanted to do something bc thats his fucking jAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways theres this trend on tiktok where u try to draw something using only the lasso tool and heres my shot at that. i drew it using only the lasso tool and then i colored the background without it. hope this helps

    send me a number (1-100) and a character and I’ll draw them based off of my spotify top playlist

    #i have many musical thoughts about my ocs. hope this art meme gave you a glimpse into that #anyways OUGHHHHHHH. literally just. OUGHHHHHHH skuggy song moments #both mendel and skuggy share this song #one more literally than the other #but anyways 'im a freak im a weirdo have you eevr seen me without this stupid eye motif on thats weird' the song #also yes ive drawn him in this pose before. i just like skuggy and eyes man #doodles#ocs#skuggy #SORRY FOR NOT DOING GENE ILL DRAW HIM EVENTUALLY i just. froths #digital
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  • anxiety-mode
    22.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    As per results of a recent roleplay with my OC HyperBlaze and Unicron 😂😂

    He really needs to stop going after homicidal bots

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  • ask-theoverseer-max
    22.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    (Mun Hands a ref of Maxwell and Simon)

    Mun: Why isn't it possible?

    BeHavior: It's just Not.

    Maxwell: Why not, you stupid bastard.

    #dbd #dbd the overseer #dbd oc #dead by daylight #dbd overseer #dbd oc blog #dbd funny#dbd meme#dbd simon
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  • justcallmemoss
    22.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    When you can't find a good class for your OC to be so you create you own ENTIRE class

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  • posstrophe
    22.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    33, 46 and 89 for Dogmeat and Strafe :)

    OC Ask Meme [here].

    33. What is their biggest fear? How would they react to having to face it?

    Like all good military working animals, Strafe was desensitized to most stimulus in infancy. Loud noises like blasterfire and explosions don't bother her, and she's fine with small spaces, water, scary people in costumes, other working animals, strangers, etc. She's a super stable massiff. If she was fearful of anything, the AHU worked hard to countercondition the behaviour.

    Dogmeat is also pretty fearless. Like Strafe, he and his cohort were all desensitized to most stimulus in infancy and through their development into fully trained, elite soldiers.

    Before the animal attack, Dogmeat would say that his biggest fear was failure. Failure meant the mission objective, the lives of his brothers, etc. After the animal attack, he spent a good amount of time being jumpy around sudden noises while in the field, and would often see large predators lurking where there weren't any. He also may have almost shot his squadmates a few times, which definitely didn't help.

    He wasn't ever fully able to countercondition the response, but having Strafe definitely helped lower his alert level to something manageable. He learned to trust her to tell him if there really was something there, since she had better senses than he did.

    46. How easily can they express emotions? How easily can they hide emotions?

    Strafe is a massiff, so by default she's not very "emotive" in the anthropomorphic sense. Her face doesn't flex that way! That being said, if one learns how to read massiff body language, one might find that she's actually very expressive. It can be argued that massiffs don't have the ability to hide their emotions or lie; it does them no favours. (Dogmeat will counter that Strafe might not be able to lie, but she can definitely tell a good practical joke and has a great sense of humor for a massiff.)

    Dogmeat was blessed with the "can't lie for shit" gene and has difficulty schooling his features and body language. He's quite expressive, although he doesn't have the vocabulary to talk about what he's feeling most of the time.

    The only time Dogmeat is ever able to "hide" his emotions is by overriding them with a stronger emotion; usually fear/anger/determination.

    89. What is their D&D alignment?

    Strafe is Lawful Neutral. She's got a strong set of rules that she follows, and generally doesn't deviate... because cookies. And training.

    Dogmeat began his story as Lawful Good, but as the war went on, his faith in Law and Order began to erode and he eventually found himself growing into Neutral Good. He hopes everyone makes it, but he also doesn't live and die according to the Republic Law. He'll steal, cheat, and lie (lol) if it means his own survival as long as he's not hurting innocent beings.

    #possum answers #oc ask meme answer #see look i was drawing stuff!! #strafe the massiff #clone trooper dogmeat #clone trooper oc #possum draws #arf trooper dogmeat
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  • cjsees
    22.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    s, o, u and/or p for the oc ask :3

    P is for the so-called "praxis" e altiora!

    he's a devoted, honourable, and passionate lawful good paladin, and for some mysterious reason all of his spells have been dealing necrotic damage, which is definitely super fine and normal! seriously he's so normal. incredibly normal, even. don't doubt him he has a cleaver

    #aaaaaghhgh I want to talk about him so much more but I can't because some of my fellow players follow this blog #also nice :] soup for the soup ask #ask meme#body horror #posts about praxis e altiora #surprisingly I don't actually have any ocs who start with o or u?? I thought I did but apparently not #and I had some 's' characters but they're all fairly old and in need of new art #synard vesper is one of them‚ it's a totally super regular and human doctor! please ignore its strange mask!
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  • supersweetlyuniquebouquetstuff
    21.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    🌈, 📔, 🌠

    (Tysm for the ask 💖)

    More memories

    (🌈 Answered here!)

    📔- A memory from a journal/diary entry

    "I've never wrote a diary before, perhaps this may be the one and only time I'll do one, I just want to read this further in my life, to speak with myself... I dunno if you know what I mean, maybe the future Tomoky will.

    In case you're a stranger reading this... Hmm, I guess it's okay, but what are you doing with my notepads?


    So, tell me about you, pretend you're with me, pretend you're with 18-year-old Tomoky right know, what do you want to ask her? Present yourself first, how old are you? What are you doing? Are you... happy? I think that that last question is the one that scares me the most. I hope that, whatever the answer is, you don't start crying because you'll ruin the rest of the journal.

    You know me well, you're me, so you remember vividly how bad of a month I was having right now, right? In case you don't, the date is on the top of the page.

    But it feels like you're talking to someone else, no?

    I hope you left this crap job, and... I dunno, find someone who loves you, recently, that's been really confusing in our minds, I hope you cleared yourself up respect that, you know what I mean.

    I hope you finally forgot him too because I haven't been able to get him outta' my mind yet, I'm too concerned about everything and his actions back then don't help me... (Damn, we gotta' get rid of that guy, really.)

    Well, I think that my reflexion ends here because that's everything I wanna' know, that's everything I wanted "back then". Those are my wishes, Tomoky, please make them come true."

    🌠- A time they wished upon a falling star

    — Onee-san!! Look at that! Oh my god!! —Kyra happily got up the grass and started running in circles, very excited to see it. It was rumored that this was going to be a special night, so Tomoky decided to go out with her beloved sister and take a nocturn picnic, because, why not?

    — No way... It's beautiful. —Tomoky chuckled, what was better than seeing her sister get so amazed about silly things? She wasn't very aware of the falling star, though, untils her sister said something.

    — Make a wish!! Quick!! —Kyra suddenly stopped and got her hands together, wishing something very strongly in her mind. Tomoky thought of it for a second before getting her hands together too and closing her eyes.

    — "I want my sister to be happy always..."

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  • scpeenis
    21.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Random shit idk lol.

    #oc art#horror oc#tw gore#meme art #i dont think ive introduced oggie yet #hes the redhead #hes a fucking idiot #myart#leo#oggie
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  • tomatoteddy
    21.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Uploaded a new Animation Meme on my channel today! Go check it out!

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  • fizzyssonicposting
    21.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Y’all remember Coldsteel The Hedgeheg? This is him now.

    Yes I turned the dumbass meme into a legit thing yes he has proper backstory now yes his name is Colt now yes he’s a GUN experiment yes his experiment thing is named Project Coldsteel deal with it

    #he’s also a tenrec now cause. I like tenrecs #also blah blah story significance blah blah #sonic #sonic the hedghog fanart #sonic oc #coldsteel the hedgehog #colt the tenrec #sonic memes
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