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    Always been you: Part 2 - DRxfem driver!reader


    Summary: Some snuggles and some future plans are all they need as they hide from the world in their own little world.

    Pairing: Daniel Ricciardo x fem driver!reader

    Warnings: Some angst, swearing and all the fluff in the world.

    Word count: 4.7k

    A/N: Holy shit this took me forever. Okay, keeping it short, 246 notes on part 1? Are you all insane? Cant even start to describe how happy that makes me, so I’m just gonna say thank you! It means the world to me for real. Okay, part 3 its gonna be the last one and is on its way. Let me know what do you think that will happen?? 👀 Also should I make like a general taglist?? Let me know that too?? Kay, bye, kisses in all your foreheads and see u soon!♥️✌🏻


    Part 2.

    Everything was perfectly fine between her and Daniel. Everything was easy when they were together. Everything just worked out perfectly, as if they were just meant to be together from the beginning. Being so terrified of admitting her feelings for Daniel felt silly, and she really didn’t understand why she wasted all that time when she could have done it back then when they were teammates. It was so easy that sometimes it was scary, but she loved every single second of it. Everything was easy as it was falling in love with Daniel. She knew it was gonna happen at some point, so after so much time trying to avoid it, she finally let it flow. It happened and didn't take her by surprise at all, especially now that they were together. Besides, loving Daniel was probably the easiest thing she ever did besides driving. It felt like she was meant to drive, but also meant to be by his side and love him. Everything was working perfectly fine, except for work and their schedule, obligations, events, contracts, publicity, filming, photoshoots, interviews and everything that came with being a Formula 1 driver. Between her spending most of her days at the factory in Switzerland, race weeks where they would normally be in different hotels, and then race weekends where they would barely see each other for counted minutes where they would be never alone, it was nothing but hard to spend time together.

    Sometimes they would act like they casually stayed in the same hotel and as carefully as possible they would sneak into each other's rooms to at least sleep in the same bed, all knowing their teams had their backs to cover them. Sometimes they would do the same thing in their trailers on some European circuit, saying that if the rest of the drivers could do stuff together, they also could have dinner together. It was almost normal to find Daniel at the door of the Alfa Romeo hospitality to talk to her in the same way he did it more than once going to the Redbull building to talk to Max. It was already a regular thing to find them standing together as they went around the track during the drivers’ parade on Sundays, talking with some other drivers but mostly joking between them. She was normally the one giggling uncontrollably at his silly jokes because he was clearly doing it to make her laugh. But all that always lasted some short minutes, and then it was to work, forgetting they were a couple for the next few hours. It was like switching to a weird flick that made them go from being a couple to being just friends until they left the paddock on Sunday night. It was hard. It was really complicated when they weren’t really doing anything wrong, but it was worth every time they were together. When they managed to sneak some days or even some hours together, it was just pure beautiful bliss and happiness and nobody could take that from them. Sometimes they would manage to spend some days away in some other place, like a week in New York, some extra days in Miami or Montreal, or even one week of the summer break in LA. But besides their little getaways, they were always together in Monaco. The nights they didn’t have plans or things to do, they would normally stay in one of their apartments having dinner, watching tv, fucking each other until they were exhausted and then sleeping tangled in the sheets. It was easy and simple and she loved it. But probably nothing was as easy as seeing Daniel coming home to her. Nothing was as beautiful as to read a text or hear him say over the phone ‘I’m on my way home’ and know that he wasn’t referring to his apartment or hers, he was referring to her. He was coming home to her, not really mattering where she was or where they were going to be. Things were like that from the beginning. After their first kiss and especially after their first dinner –which ended up being their first date and first time together– in her place, they got stuck together and there was nothing anyone could do about it. They started dating that exact same day, not really wanting to play games simply because they were too tired to run around trying to chase each other. From that day things moved fast, probably for the fact that they got counted minutes to be together. They started dating the week after the Imola incident; she managed to run away with him to New York before the Miami race and then stayed with him there until they had to fly back to Europe. In June they sneaked onto the terrace of the hotel, they were ‘accidentally’ sharing in Baku, and she finally admitted that she was in love with him right there, and everything became way better when Daniel said that he loved her too. They spent their first week of summer break together in LA and then they got to meet each other's families and friends as an official couple and something more than just teammates like they did back in their Renault times. It happened fast, but somehow it didn’t feel rushed. It felt right and somehow on time, so they were happy.

    But from all that long list of things they did together, her favorite one was when Daniel gave her the keys to his apartment. He did it one day as she was joking about how stupid it was having to wait until he buzzed her in. She didn’t make the comment with double intentions or waiting for something from Daniel; she just threw it out because she really thought it was silly. In fact, she was waiting for some silly joke as an answer, but instead he got up from the couch, came back with the keys in his hand, ready for her to take it. She did take it, but in exchange she gave him a kiss and the promise to give him the keys to her place, whispering in his lips a sweet ‘What’s fair is fair’. That’s how Daniel went to her apartment that night, opening the door with his own keys on one of the counted free weekends they had, right before they left for Singapore and Japan. He came and found her in the kitchen making dinner, and the smile on their faces when they saw each other was just too big, even when their lips were together. The first thing he did was to give her a kiss, but then he wrapped his arms around her waist, letting her finish what she was doing as he covered her neck and shoulders with kisses. They were just too happy in their little bubble of love and happiness, not letting anything ruin it. She promised to herself and to Daniel to not let anything ruin what they had; not people, not racing or anything at all was gonna get in the middle of them and their relationship, and they were keeping their word so far.

    They were doing a good job so far, and it was being an easy job to keep their love for each other and their relationship safe in the middle of a crazy bumpy ride, but some days it was harder than others, at least for some minutes. One of those counted moments happened once dinner was done and they were talking, all cuddling on the couch with two glasses of red wine in their hands. Everything was perfectly normal as they were kissing and watching some NBA game that Daniel put on the tv, but then he asked if she had plans for the weekend before they left for Singapore, and she remembered that in fact, she had plans. “Why don’t you come with me? It's just dinner with friends. Antonio is gonna be there and you know him and my friends, so it won't be that bad” she asked, stroking his cheek as she practically begged him to go with her. Normally she wouldn’t don’t do that, but knowing how complicated everything was going to be from that moment to the end of the season, she just wanted to spend as much time as possible with him. “It's just dinner and maybe some drinks but no big deal”

    As soon as she saw Daniel’s face, she knew what his answer would be. He didn’t even have to speak for her to know what he was going to say, but she let him answer after he gave her a sweet, short kiss that tasted like nothing but love and fine wine. “I would love to, but if someone sees us we are screwed, babe. Besides what would I be there doing with you and your friends?” Daniel asked, stroking her legs that were resting over his as she was snuggled right by his side and almost on his lap. "We’re friends too. We’re just hanging out with friends. Having dinner ain’t illegal, right?” she shrugged, and even if it was a joke for Daniel, it really wasn’t. Normally he would drop some silly joke about the issue, but this time he just let his head fall over the back of the couch. “Hey, we’re not friends. I spent too much time being your friend and I’m not doing that again. I love you too much to do that” I love you too much to do that” she assured, covering his cheek, jaw and neck with kisses to prove her point. The whole ‘We’re just friends’ thing was probably as hard as hiding. She hated those words as much as Daniel did, but days like that one, it looked like he hated it a bit more. Maybe it was the fact that they were in the friend zone for three long years, but now, every time one of them had to describe their relationship as ‘friendship’ it was like a knife going to throw their hearts. It was nothing but weird to hear people talk about them being one of each other’s best friends when they were planning a future and building a life together.

    She could feel his body tense when she said the world ‘friends’, but he relaxed again as soon as the ‘I love you too much’ left her mouth, and then he was back to normal when she kissed his skin, but she could see a little almost imperceptible frown on his forehead. “I love you more” Daniel affirmed, squeezing her waist a bit, turning his head to give her a kiss. It was his brown eyes that could make her do anything. She couldn’t with that warm chocolate color. She couldn’t with the way he looked at her, just as if she was the most precious creature in the universe. She just couldn’t when he looked at her and all she saw was love and adoration. She couldn’t ruin one of the counted free weekends they had, so she took a very easy choice. “I’m gonna reschedule” “No fucking way, babe. We can see each other later. Why don’t you come over when you’re done?” Daniel offered, trying to keep her from doing something silly, but heaven knew that she was damn stubborn, even worse than him. “We could do that, but I’m gonna reschedule” she insisted, snuggling even closer to him if that was even possible, all while she rested her head over his shoulder. “I’m not letting you. I’m calling Antonio myself”

    “What if we meet at whenever we go after dinner? You can go with the boys and we pretend we just ran into each other. But no flirting with girls because I’ll kick your ass” she proposed, trying to find a solution to the problem. But her favorite thing was feeling Daniel smiling against her forehead when she dropped the silly comment. She felt his grip around her tightening as he kissed her head, and for a second every single preoccupation disappeared and was replaced with nothing but love no and adoration for the man by her side. “How could I flirt with anyone when I got you? And how am I supposed to keep my hands off you in public?” Daniel asked. Her first response was a little shrug and it was followed by a little kiss on his neck. They had been doing it for a while, but after months it was still hard to keep their hands away from each other when they were in public. Touch was their love language, not matter if it was just hugging, holding hands, or kissing. It was the most normal thing for them to be sitting together and have one hand over the others leg or Daniel’s arm around her waist or shoulders. It was so normal that it was almost impossible to stay away from each other while they were in the paddock. It was normal for her to suddenly feel Daniel’s fingers ghosting over her waist, acting like he was casually resting his hand in some place behind her or to have him standing too close to her, pretending he had no idea what person space was. They really had no idea what personal space there was between them, but she loved it. She loved Daniel with every single fiber of her body, so having him all around her was just too wonderful, just like it was terrible hard abot being able to touch him when he was away, even if for some hours.

    “Same way we do it while we work, but we have enough of that bullshit at the track, so that’s why I’m canceling” she insisted again, kissing his neck once more. “No fucking way I’m letting you do that” he repeated, but this time he tickled her, making her lay down on the couch. “I don’t want you to cancel your plans for me, so I’m going with you. I’m telling Michael and Blake to come with me and that’s it. Its not like they don’t know your buddies”. It was that simple answer that made her warm even more. It was the fact that he didn’t want her to change her plans for him and that he was ready to change his so they could spend some extra hours together. She knew it was absolutely normal, but bad luck, bad decisions and clearly a bad taste -that was clearly over- for men made her always pick up the wrong boyfriends. She wasn’t used to having that because somehow all her exes wanted to be the center of her attention, not really understanding how busy her life was and how she was trying to do her best with her life outside racing tracks. Then it was Daniel who just understood everything because his life was even busier than hers. Daniel, who was trying to do everything in his power and putting everything from him so they could make it work together while also trying to protect her and their relationship. Daniel, who was the center of her universe but never wanted her to take time away from her family and friends. Daniel who loved her so much that he was ready to do anything for her, even risking getting caught. “Just know I’ll kick assess if someone gets too friendly with my girlfriend. I won’t care who’s watching” he stared, laying down beside her on the couch, opening his arms so she would get closer.

    “Same if someone gets too close to my boyfriend” she smiled as the word ‘boyfriend’ left her lips. She still couldn’t believe Daniel was her boyfriend, so a little smile appeared on her face every time she said it. “You know, the worst part it’s pretending I’m not in love with you. All the time I think someone’s gonna realize and that we’re gonna be screwed” she murmured, placing both hands on his chest while she looked at the pair of brown eyes that she loved so much. “Don’t even mention it. Blake says I need to stop looking like a love-sick puppy all the time. Maybe Netflix makes a whole episode about us” Daniel joked, kissing her forehead and then her nose. “Why do you think they asked us about the other last week?” she asked in case Daniel forgot about what they called ‘The Netflix incident’.

    Just like any other weekend, the Netflix team was around doing interviews and filming material for their new season. Everyone was used to seeing cameras and people around the circuit following different teams or drivers, but that last week was particularly different. That week she was supposed to have the Netflix crew with her around the track and going from one place to another in Monza. It was okay after all; she agreed with it because Daniel convinced her it would be fun, but then she found out they were following Daniel, too. Then she realized they were pretty much following them. She tried to ignore it, and that Thursday afternoon she really thought she was going to answer the same all questions about her team, about a particular event or a particular race, but she didn’t. The straightforward question was ‘Are you and Daniel together?’ and she froze. She laughed out of the nervous attack she had at that moment. She laughed in front of the cameras of one of the biggest stream services that existed. She laughed, and she lied and knew if looks could kill, then the big part of the room would be dead and gone. She answered with a simple ‘No, we are not together. He’s just one of my best friends’ and the answer should have stayed there, but it didn’t. The politically correct answer was that, but then she had to add a very serious ‘Did you ask this to someone else? Did you ask Pierre and Charles or Carlos and Lando? Or is it just with me because I’m a woman? Wanna ask if I’m with someone else? Wanna ask about the other eighteen drivers?’. The room went into absolute silence as she stood up and left the room, followed by her team and the Alfa Romeo team. Her team just wanted her to stop for a second; the Alfa Romeo team wanted her to go back, but all she did was turn around and tell them to leave her alone. That was one of the lucky times where she and Daniel were in the same hotel, so it took her no time to go straight to him because she needed to hide from the world. It took Daniel a long hour to calm her down that day and now they could laugh at it, but back then it was one of the worst days of her life, and she was nothing but thankful to have Daniel by her side.

    “And how fucking hard it was to keep my face straight when they did” Daniel joked, because he had the exact opposite reaction to the tricky question. Since he was warned by her about the question, for Daniel it was all about payback. He went into that room and answered the question with a serious face that was nothing but weird on him. Suddenly the joker was gone, and nobody in the room knew what to do except keep it short and change the subject of the questions. Daniel said that if they made his girl feel like shit, then he was going to make them feel like shit and that’s exactly what he did, even if deep down the grin was fighting for coming out and screaming in front of those cameras that yes, she was his girlfriend. Daniel wanted to yell that she was his Cherry, but he kept it quiet. “We’ll figure it out one day, y’know? We won’t keep it a secret forever, but meanwhile I’m happy I get to kiss you here at home” he affirmed, just as if he was reading her mind and the questions running wild inside it. And what he also did was answer them with a sweet, slow and perfect kiss that eased her mind. Just as she kissed Daniel again and again without a hurry in the world was when an idea came to her mind. She knew it was going to be hard to make it happen and that it was perhaps impossible, but she couldn’t help but drop the question as she stayed with her lips ghosting over his. “Why don’t we go somewhere? We can take some days off, maybe go to Italy”

    “We just came back from Monza” he remembered, and damn, she knew, but she couldn’t care less about it. “You wanna go to your secret cave in Verona, Juliet?” “You’ve never been there, so I still gotta show you my little secret piece of heaven in the form of a villa by a lake” she murmured, stealing one last kiss in some way to convince Daniel. Even when they lived between Monaco, London, Switzerland and whatever country they were in for a race, she had a secret house in Italy that counted people knew about. She had been promising Daniel to invite him there even back when they were together in Renault, but it didn’t happen. Now that they were together, they talked a couple times about going and she had been dreaming about spending some days there with Daniel, but again, it never happened no matter how badly they wanted it. “You got a lot of little secrets, Cherry” Daniel murmured, moving down on his place to bury his face on her neck and place some kisses around her skin which helped make her relax more than any other thing in the world.

    “But you’re the best of all of them” she whispered, closing her eyes and letting herself go in the feeling of his lips over her neck, his stubble scratching slightly at her skin and his fingers moving under her shirt to stroke her waist. “C’mon, babe, let’s get out of here, even if just for the weekend” she purred as she practically begged. And she hated to beg, but he could even make her do that. “Sounds like a little piece of heaven indeed, especially because you’re gonna be there” It was then when she realized it was impossible, and Daniel was just probably looking for a way to remind her that they just couldn’t do it. He was looking for a soft way to say the words than none of them wanted to say, but she had to do it, even if it hurt. “Yeah, I know, we can’t. I gotta fly to Switzerland this week, we are going to Austin the week before the race, then the next free week it's between Mexico and Brazil, and then the season it's over and you go home” she listed, remembering how the next couple months of their life were absolutely planned and nothing could get canceled or changed. “Forget I said anything” she whispered with a little shrug and a kiss on his forehead, trying to ignore how it broke her heart a little. The sadness in her voice was all Daniel seemed to need to move from his spot and look at her. She tried to put a little smile on her face, but looking at Daniel’s expression, she was failing miserably. “Hey, don’t put that pout. We can go the first week after the season it's over. I won’t have to be locked for two weeks in a hotel room in Perth, so we have time before Christmas” Daniel offered, clearly desperate to make her feel better. “No, babe, it's okay. I don’t wanna take time away from your family. I was just daydreaming. Wishful thinking, I guess” she stated, stroking his cheek with the back of her hand. “You’re not taking time away from anyone because you’re my family too, baby girl” Daniel affirmed, grabbing her right hand to kiss her knuckles, her palm, and then her wrist. “What if we cancel our week in Austin?”

    “We are not canceling Austin. You love Austin, so it's a no” she shook her head, and she might sound like a stubborn, but there was no way she would ever let him miss those days that he was waiting for so long. Besides, she was also expecting that weekend, so canceling their small getaway there wasn’t even an option.

    “Then we cancel whatever we were going to do between Mexico and Brazil” he offered again, kissing the back of her hand and giving her his best puppy eyes.   “And deal with the jet-lag just because?”   “Cmon, Cherry. When we are not jet-lagged, baby?” he asked with a smile on his face trying to convince her, and even when she knew her boyfriend was right, she just didn’t want to say yes because it was useful to travel without reason. “Hey, I just wanna make you happy. If Italy will put a smile on your face then we’ll find a way”   “You make me happy and you put a smile on my face. I don’t need an Italy getaway to be happy” she insisted, stealing one long and loving kiss trying to make him drop the topic.   She really thought she had made it. She really thought it was forgotten between sloppy kisses, soft strokes, and little whimpers, but then Daniel moved apart to look at her. “Let's go when the season it's over. We spent a week there, just you and me. What do you say?”    

    “I say that I love you more than anyone in the world” she whispered, absolutely lost in him, finally a smile appearing on her face because she really couldn’t believe he was doing such a thing to make her happy. “I love you more, but I have two conditions for that trip” he stated, kissing her nose before he kept talking. “After that you come to Perth. Not for Christmas because you’ll spend it with your family, but for New Year. I think some farm life would be good to make us relax” Daniel negotiated, making her smile even more. “Deal. What’s the second condition?” she wondered, kissing his lips a couple times as both of her hands rested on his cheeks. “Let's move together”

    She could have sworn she was imagining things. She could have sworn it was all because of the wine they were drinking before. She could swear it was a joke, but Daniel wasn’t laughing. There was no ‘I just made a bad joke’ smile, it was a genuine smile. It was an ‘I’m very serious’ smile, and that’s how she knew Daniel wasn’t playing games with her, but even then, she couldn’t help but whisper an imperceptible ‘What?’ that she even though Daniel didn’t hear. “You hear it. Let's move together. Let's get a nice place here in Monaco for, you and me. We can get an apartment together and make it our place when we’re not working” “You’re not kidding, aren’t you?” she asked again to be sure, as her jaw was still hanging, trying to understand what was happening. Daniel wanted to live with her and for them to have a home together.

    “No, I’m not. With our job we don’t have much time to be together, but the time we spend here, I wanna spend it with you. We can see if it works, and if it doesn’t, we’ll figure it out, but let’s do it, Cherry” he repeated, grabbing her chin between the long fingers of his tattooed hand. “It’ll work” she nodded probably too hard and too fast. “We’ll make it work. We’ll come home together and it’ll work. I promise it’ll work, babe” “So that’s a yes?” Daniel asked with the biggest smile on his face, and she couldn’t help but smile back. “Its a fuck yeah” she giggled, placing her arms around his neck as she kissed him as many times as it was possible, and then some, but it felt like it was never enough. “Oh God, we’re insane” “We drive the fastest cars in the world, so what’s new with us being insane?” he asked with a little shrug before he went back to kiss her, but even when their lips were together, none of them could help but smile because they were going to get a place to live together, but they were already home.

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    The "Enhancement" Pill

    a/n: This isn't a request but this idea has been lingering in my mind so I thought why not write it!

    prompt: The boys come up with stunt where they all take sex pills and see who caves first, unfortunately (and fortunately) Johnny has you..

    warnings: SMUT! swearing, sex pills, fem!reader, sub Johnny kinda?!?

    "Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville and this is the Enhancement Pill." Johnny sighed as he held the small pill in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. "Man do we really have to do this?" Dave asked with a pain looked on his face. "Yes just take them already." Jeff spoke annoyed. "Well the whole world is about to see my ding ding harder than a turnbuckle." Johnny said with a laugh, everyone else joining him.

    The whole idea of the stunt was that five of the Jackass boys, which in this case was Johnny, Dave, Steve-o, Chris, and Bam would take sex enhancement pills and whoever was able to keep it together the longest would win the challenge. Though there was no prize, just bragging rights.

    "Fuck it dude." Steve-o said as he quickly downed the pill, not even having to take it with water. At that point the rest of the guys didn't want to seem like pussies so they all downed their pill. "God this is going to fucking suck major ass." Bam said as he realized what he just did, rubbing his hands down his face.

    "Who takes sex pills at 10am?" Chris said with a goofy smile, "Idiots like us do." Steve-o laughed.

    It was only two hours later and the cameras were rolling as the five boys sat inside the office at a table in a circle. A blush spread across all their cheeks.

    Bam laid with his head rested down, Steve-o laid back in his chair staring at the ceiling trying his hardest to shift his mind to something else, Chris sat stiff and still for the first time in the history of Jackass, Dave had his head in his hands every so often shifting his hips, and lastly Johnny sat with his hands covering the tent in his pants and his sunglasses covering his face.

    "This sucks!" Bam said muffled into his arms, laughs being heard through out the room. "It isn't even enjoyable it just hurts." Chris said as he rubbed his hands down his face. "God I really hope my mom doesn't watch this movie." Johnny said as the camera panned over to him, trying his best to make light of his situation. His hands remanded over his boner trying his best to stay modest in this situation.

    "Come on it can't be that bad." Jeff said with a cocky snicker, "Shut up Jeff!" The whole table said in union. "God I don't think I've ever been this turned on over nothing in my life." Dave said, audibly in pain. Jeff jokingly ran his hand down Dave's back which was quickly slapped away by Dave. "Dude I'm not even kidding do not touch me right now." He snapped. Chris couldn't help but chuckle.

    "Shit I don't think I can sit here much longer." Steve-o laughed breathy as he began to tap his foot. "Same here." Bam said with his head down. "You two would be the first to cave." Ehren said behind the camera. Bam's head snapped up to look up at Ehren with a angry confused look. "What the fuck does that mean?"

    Johnny was cancelling out the bickering of all the boys as he only had one focus which was you, his girlfriend. His pants seems to tighten more uncomfortably as he pictured you in that white lacy matching bra and underwear you wear that he loves, or when you whine into his mouth when you two kiss, and the noises you make when he is going down on you.

    If Johnny kept thinking of you there was no way he would be able to last in this challenge.

    "Whatcha thinking about Knoxville?" Wee-man chuckled, the focus of the cameras panning over to him once again. "I have no shame in saying my girlfriend." Johnny said with a smile that told the viewers what kind of thoughts he was thinking about you. "Good thing she's coming in today to bring lunch than right?" Wee-man laughed.

    Johnny's face went pale as it set in that you were bringing in lunch for everyone today since it was Friday. "Ah fuck." Johnny said quietly. "What's the time?" Johnny turned and asked the crowd of people behind the cameras. "Almost 12:40." Someone said, Johnny groaned loudly as he realized you would be here at any moment.

    You were the first and last person he wanted to see right now. Johnny put a hand on his face. "Tell her not to come in here with the food I can't see her right now-" "You don't want to see me Pj?" Johnny's head whipped to the familiar voice of you. He saw you holding four pizza boxes that were meant for lunch. "No that's not what I meant I-" "He took a sex pill and can't cave or he loses the challenge." Ryan said with a devilish smirk.

    The room was silent until it was soon filled with your loud laughter. "Oh you're fucked." You said between laughs, Johnny's face a bright red. You reached over your boyfriend and set the four pizza boxes on the table. Johnny's hand went to your lower back by habit, rubbing up and down slowly. "Handsy?" You said poking his cheek lightly and walking away from the table. Johnny's hand staying on your lower back till you were too far away for him to touch.

    Chris was the first to grab a pizza box and open it Steve-o reaching over to snag a piece from the box. Everyone soon began to grab slices of pizza, everyone but Johnny. He was too focused on you and how great you looked today even in just a Jackass t-shirt and jeans. He watched as you exited the room, most likely to go find paper plates for everyone to use. Johnny was quick to stand up and head to the door.

    "I'm gonna go use the bathroom." Johnny said to everyone, okays were heard through out the room really not caring where Johnny went since they all were focused on the pizza right now, the other four boys who took the pills finally not focused on nasty thoughts. But that was until Chris realized Johnny had a hard on just like him and the three other guys. "Hey wait is he going to jerk off?" Chris said with a mouth full of food. Bam began looking around the room for Yn. "More like fuck Yn." Bam chuckled. "Lucky asshole." Steve-o grumbled.

    Johnny sped walked down the long hallway, his hands still covering the tent in his pants. He peaked into each room he past praying that you'd be in one that was empty and had a lock on the door. Johnny hit the door of the supply room where he saw you just like he expected looking for paper plates.

    "Oh Johnny! Do you think you could grab the paper plates off the shelf for me? I can't reach them." You said to your taller boyfriend. Johnny walked into the supply room and shut the door behind him using the hand that wasn't covering the tent in his pants. You heard a small click from the lock on the door signaling that Johnny had locked it. "Uh Johnny?" You asked, furrowing your brows at him.

    "Listen, doll, I am harder than a bolder right now and all I want is for it to go away- could you help me out, please?" You looked at your boyfriend, seeing your refection in his black sunglasses. "In here?" You said gritted through your teeth. "No one will hear I swear! They all are in the room way down the hall." Johnny said as he pointed in the direction of the room.

    You stood there for a minute thinking of it, it's true that no one would hear unless they came down here. But even if they tried to get into this room the door was locked so there wouldn't be a way for them to see you and Johnny.

    "Well are there cameras in here?" You asked quietly, "No there isn't, they took them out last week cause they were planning on getting new ones." Johnny quickly responded to you. You rubbed your lips together realizing that it was private and no one would really see you two. Plus you couldn't lie, Johnny begging for you like this was really getting you going.

    "Ok but it has to be quick." A weight was lifted off Johnny's shoulders as he heard your words. "Oh you are the best." Johnny said as he walked over to you, crashing your lips together. Johnny wasted no time deepening the kiss quickly making it messy and needy. Johnny's hands running up and down every square inch of your body he could easy access.

    Johnny began to push you both back till the back of your knees hit the back of the old table causing you to sit on the table. You wrapped your legs around Johnny, tossing your arms around his neck. Johnny pulled away from the kiss and began to undo his belt, "I'm sorry doll but I can't wait much longer." He chuckled softly. You began to unbutton your jeans as Johnny pulled his belt off of his pants and move onto the button on his pants.

    You pulled your jeans down to your ankles and Johnny did the same. You looked down at his boxers to see his very visible boner. Then looking up at Johnny who had taken his sunglasses off and put them onto his head. A blush spread across his cheeks and his eyes hung low, he looked like he was craving something.

    "You're so beautiful, so so beautiful." Johnny said as he pulled his boxers down, not breaking eye contact with you. Johnny's hard sprung up out of his boxers, his tip was leaking with pre-cum and was a angry red color. You swallowed the lump in your throat as you felt Johnny's hands pull down your underwear.

    "This won't take long." Johnny breathlessly laugh. Johnny moved closer to you as you put your hands behind you on the table offering more support. He rubbed his cock slowly between your folds as he let out a whine, tilting his head backwards. Johnny then slowly entered into you, a groan coming from his lips as he looked down at the sight of you taking him in.

    "Sh-shit." Johnny said as he dropped his head into your shoulder. You decided to take action and move your hips up and down groans coming from Johnny's lips as you did so. "Just like that- ah! You treat me so good doll." Your bottom lip sucked between your teeth as you listened to Johnny's words, your face becoming hot.

    Johnny began to move in and out of you at a steady pace, not to fast, not to slow. The sound of skin clapping and breathless moans quickly filled the room, the idea of being quiet was quickly thrown out the window.

    "Feels so good Johnny." You said as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. Johnny didn't respond to you he only let out a moan as he quickened the pace of his thrusts.

    "Oh god doll, I'm so close." You could tell he was close from his high pitched moans and whimpers. "Keep going Johnny don't stop."

    "Oh god doll you feel so good- I'm gonna cum-" Johnny said, he began to babble about how good you felt and how much he loved you. Saying stuff like:

    "I love the way you make me feel, I love it so much."

    "You are the best thing that's ever happened to me."

    "Wanna make you feel good too doll."

    Johnny's hips buckled, as he finally hit his high. Moans and whimpers coming from his lips as you began to move your hips onto his, trying to help him ride out his high as you hit your high; a high pitched moan coming from your throat as you did so.

    Johnny and you both sat there for a minute panting as you both tried to get the energy to begin to clean up. "You're lucky I'm on birth control." Johnny laughed at your words. "I am very lucky."

    Johnny picked his head up from your shoulder and slowly removed himself out of you. Johnny looked to the shelf to his left and grabbed several tissues from an open box. Johnny gently cleaned you up before he cleaned himself up, pulling his boxers and pants up along with putting his belt back on.

    Johnny gave you a peck on your lips as he gently helped you off the table, he bent down to the floor and pulled up your underwear and jeans up for you. Even buttoning up your pants for you. Johnny gave you another kiss but this time on the cheek.

    "I love you." He smiled, "I love you too, horny bastard." Johnny laughed as you both walked to the door. Johnny paused and reached back to the shelf grabbing the paper plates you had originally gone in the supply room for. You opened the door, the lock clicking open as you did so. You were expecting a empty hallway but when you opened the door you saw a group of people and camera pointing in your face.

    "Oh god." You said as you covered your face from embarrassment. Johnny was behind you holding a stack of paper plates. "So what were you two doing?" Bam teased. "Grabbing paper plates." Johnny said with a cocky smirk that gave away what you two were really doing.

    "You must think I'm stupid if I'm eating off a plate that you just touched after fucking!" Wee-man said earning a large laugh from the group of people, everyone but you.

    "God this is so embarrassing... wait don't put this in the film! My mom is going to watch this!"

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    Why do I get so exhausted when I try to do legit anything even remotely fun after work this is so frustrating

    It's not even 8pm and I feel like I need to get ready for bed soon

    (The answer is probably 'well bud because you wake up at 6am because you work full time'; thanks capitalism)

    #can't even do a dnd one shot #im so fucking tired #of being so fucking tired #personal! #yes i know i have sleep apnea but ... hrngh #i am doing all i can for that
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    Word Count:

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!OC

    Warning: Swearing, Altercations, Fluff and feelings uprooted. mentioning of drugs!

    Summary: Bucky is blinded by love from his girlfriend who is secretly just using him for good looks and money. Elara loves Bucky as a friend until she hung out with him more and the feelings for him grew.

    A/N: It’s been a month or two. Writer’s Block is a pain the ass and this time I’m prepared. ( E-Lar-rah)

    mf: motherfucker ( too lazy to keep writing it)

    *Characters are 18 and older!*

    Elara & Bucky

    “Trying to make it to school kills me Corell.” Elara sits on the edge of the couch putting on her black and white dunks. It’s 7:30 in the morning, school started it at 8:30 sharp.

    “Girl it’s just 2 more months of school before you graduate. Don’t let senioritis consume you whole.” Corell poured hazelnut creamer into her coffee. Elara fixed on her red curls in the mirror. Her outfit was a black romper.

    “Sis that mf done swallowed me already. Where my keys ?”

    As Elara walked past Corell pointed at the hook near the door. El kissed her big sister on the cheek and grabbed the essentials that she needed then left for school.


    “bestie what it do!” Elara walked up to her bestie as she does every morning near the 600 lockers. It was a lot of students that attended her school which why they found somewhere link.

    Kaylee Jinsu had been Elara best friend since 9th grade. “I’m convinced Thor is into me.”

    The pair walked side by side to breakfast. “Why you say that?” Elara looked up from her phone every so often so she wouldn’t run into anything.

    “He messaged me on instagram on some friend type shit. Wait-“ Her phone buzzed and it created a little smile on her face. “Ignore that bullshit I just said. I met Thor last year because he was friendly to me first. We’re in the friend zone and I really like him.”

    Elara furrowed her eyebrow in confusion,”Why are y’all still in the friend zone? Have he shown you energy that he’s feeling you back?”

    Kaylee scratch the side of her next, “He’s fingered me, we’ve made out-“

    “I’m going to stop you right there bestie. That’s a red flag. He’s toxicccc.” They walked in the cafeteria deep in conversation joining the line of students that also wanted breakfast.

    They sat down at the table after being served two waffles, sausage, eggs and apple juice. “Oouh bestie today they got us right on breakfast.” Kaylee dipped her waffle in syrup as Elara ate on her eggs a bit.

    “Girl what! I’ma be so sleepy in first block.”

    “Elara!” A deep voice that belonged to Bucky made his way closer to the table. El’s smile grew seeing her other best friend who she have yet to talk to today.

    “James you was real M.I.A this morning. Surprised you still my bestie.”

    “I’m sorry Elara, I was busy this morning doing some shit with my pops.” He kissed her cheek, “I just came to talk to you, grab a juice then head to class.”

    Elara’s cheeks turned red, “Okay Bucky enjoy your day.” Bucky ruffled Kaylee’s hair, smirking. “I will. Oh and Kay? Thor said Good morning.”

    Kaylee cheeks grew red while swatting his hands away, “Bye Bucky, you play so much!” She thought he was being petty but in honesty Thor asked him to say that.

    After Bucky left, The girls sat there for a minute talking. Their conversation died down a bit after hearing her best friend name in someone’s mouth.

    “Bucky’s girlfriend been posting on her close friends that he is the example dude on how use them for only money and arm candy.”

    Elara’s leg shook in anger hearing that shit. Bucky loves Rydee because they’ve been together since 10th grade year. Kaylee grabbed Elara’s hand pulling her from the table before anything broke loose.

    “Kaylee you heard that shit ? Rydee been using Bucky for his money. I’m going to beat her ass.” She rubbed her lips together trying to calm down but it’s not working.

    “Yeah I heard that shit. She wrong as fuck for that because Bucky actually likes her. When you planning on beating her ass?”

    “At Lunch.”


    Eventually the best friends separated for classes until it was time for seniors lunch block. “Hey Steve!” Elara kissed his cheek then dapped up the rest of the gang around the table. “Where’s Bucky?”

    “Sitting with Hoedee.” Clint pointed his fork in the direction of Bucky sitting at a lunch table with Rydee hugged up to him and all of her friends over there. It was only Loki, Clint, Steve and Tony at the table.

    “Should’ve known.” Elara sat in the empty space between Loki and Tony. She glanced down at their plates trying to see which one was appetizing.“Which station you got the chicken nuggets from??” She pointed at Tony’s plate.

    He dipped a chicken nugget it in ketchup then plopped it in his mouth, “Near the pizza but I forgot the name of it. Want one?” He held out one towards her.

    “Yeah I wanna see what they taste like.” When she went to grab it, Tony plopped it in his mouth with a devious smirk growing.

    Elara jaw dropped for a second then she glared. “You greedy mf!” She reached forward trying to grab one as same time Tony tried to block it.

    “Stark give me one !”

    “No! I want all of mine!”


    “Elara!” He mocked back.

    They looked like little kids with chicken nugget crumbs over their hands from fighting over it. Amused, Steve held out an chicken nugget from his plate “Here El.”

    The glare went from Tony to Steve, “You had one this whole time?!” She huff not even wanting it anymore. Steve laughed, “Because you didn’t ask me, you asked Tony out of all people at the table.”

    Elara smacked her lips, “You do be making points Steve.” Her phone buzzed grabbing her attention.


    we’re walking in now


    who tf is we?

    As soon as the message sent, Elara looked up to see her bestie & Thor walking in. Wait for it…

    holding hands.

    This is the end. Elara happiness dropped seeing her best friend off the market. I mean yeah she’s happy for her best friend but she couldn’t help feel alone. Kaylee wasn’t going to drop her but it probably meant she wasn’t going to always be available. El cleared her frown and put on the best smile for her best friend.

    “Kay?? What in the hell is going on today? Like it is so eventful on this Thursday.” El pointed at their joined hands. Kaylee blushed,

    Kaylee blushed, “I’ll tell you later Elara, you know I am.” Thor flexed his muscles to the guys and the cheered for him.

    “Congrats on the relationship dude!” Steve dapped up Thor. Kaylee sat down by Elara getting comfortable while Thor sat beside Loki after doing their handshake.

    “What’s up Loki!”

    “Hey Thor!”

    “Where’s Bucky?” The long blonde asked for his other brother. The whole table in unison, pointed behind them.


    Kaylee snorted and the whole table burst into laughter. El glanced over at her best friend, honestly missing him. He’s been busy all week with his dad til they’ve barely facetimed each other. She saw Rydee rub up and down his arm, she couldn’t help but feel jealous.

    Jealous? Pfft Elara is the type of person who is far from jealously. Or is she ?

    In slow motion, she watched Rydee place a kiss on the corner of Bucky’s lips. That’s it! She couldn’t sit there and watch some gold digger kiss on her man. That shit sent her over the edge and hating to admit it herself she knew why.

    All she saw was red.

    El slammed her book bag down on the table getting up. “Lara??” Kaylee got up from her seat following behind her. “Oh we ready??”

    “You damn right we is.” Lara made way over to Rydee table. Kaylee crossed her arms, not losing eye contact on Rydee. Bucky glanced up to his best friend from his phone, “Best? Hey, I was just finna text-“

    Elara and Kaylee stared down on Rydee but Ry wasn’t going down without a fight so she stood up too.

    “Bitch you think you’re going to use my best friend for his money and not think I’ll do anything??!! Are you fucking dumb?!?!”

    “Elara shut the fuck up cause you’re not going to do anything about it!”

    “Oh baby we gone do everything about it, don’t fucking play!” Kaylee spoke up, taking her ear rings out. Another one of Rydee’s friend stood up too. The cafeteria was still rowdy from the other kids so not a lot of people was aware of what was going on.

    The boys watched from afar, completely confused on what the hell going on. Bucky stood up, just as confused as his friends. “Elara what is going on? What’s the reason on why you walking up to Rydee like this??”

    Elara pointed at Rydee, anger written all over her face.“Tell him Rydee! Tell him that you been using-“

    Rydee lurched forward aiming to Elara’s face but El’s fist connected to Ry’s face first. Punches were thrown left and right but Ry slipped on a bookbag so she fell backwards which had Elara on top.

    Rydee’s friend inched closer to the fight but Kay kept watched the whole time. She went over to the friend “Oh bitch you trying to jump in?!” Kaylee grabbed her hair, pulling her to the ground. “Bitch don’t you ever think you can jump in my best friend fight!”

    The two fights caught everyone attention and the cafeteria erupted into a lot of commotion. Bucky had enough of the fighting from Elara, he grabbed her waist trying to get her off. “Elara let her go!”

    He didn’t understand what was the whole fight about. Bucky was upset that El fought Rydee for nothing. He had a lot of questions to ask both of them. “El stop!”

    Bucky’s strength successfully pulled El off but it wasn’t enough to contain her. “Bitch I’m not finished with you!!” Rydee yelled as a teacher held her back. Both girls had a scratch or two on their faces.

    “I’m forever ready you stupid bitch. You knew you were fucking wrong to do MY best friend like that!!” She thrashed around in Bucky’s arm cause every piece of her wanted Rydee head tore off.

    It be them damn light skins that wanna fuck over the good guys. Bucky held on to her waist, with all the moving Elara was still in his arms. He pulled her into the hallway, not upset because he wanted to know what’s going on.

    “Elara calm the hell down and tell me what happened? What is you talking about with Rydee?! I’ve asked that question about a thousand times and no fucking answer! Plus you’re fighting her over this means this some deep shit so what is it?”Bucky ‘s angry but determined expression stared into Elara’s chocolate eyes.

    She closed her eyes taking in a deep breath, not knowing how he will take this. Now realizing that she cause this mess without even knowing how Bucky would react. Shit! All because she was jealous.

    The guys walked out the cafeteria excluding Kaylee and Thor. Steve wanted to speak up but the argument looked heated.

    “This morning I overheard some girls say that Rydee has been using for you money and good looks. I went a little deeper and found out she’s still with Martin.”

    Bucky heart sank, he didn’t know if it was true or not. He didn’t want to believe it. “Th-That doesn’t makes sense El. Rydee didn’t-” Ry was Bucky’s first relationships since he had lost his arm in a car wreck. Yeah Elara was in the picture but only as friends.

    What El told him stuck in his head, “You can’t believe stuff you hear Elara. Why are you trying to sabotage my relationship? You fought her for no reason!”

    Elara looked at Bucky in disbelief “I had a reason! No don’t you fucking dare take up for that gold digging bitch!” The anger kicked back in. “Bucky ain’t no fucking information like that is just going to float around school as a rumor.”

    “Everything’s a fucking rumor. A real best friend would’ve just told me personally instead of fighting my girlfriend. You don’t have to fight all the time Elara!” Bucky got closer and their eyes never broke contact. He was angry for not knowing if this information was true and he’s taking out on the wrong person. His heart was telling no but his head just wanted him to keep going.

    “Buck!” Steve jumped end cause they’re friendship was on the edge. “Both of you just chill out on this right now.”

    “You hear your fucking self right?! You know what everybody can’t handle a real bitch like me so I’ll do you a favor and leave. She did you dirty, I took your side and beat her ass cause I’m your best friend plus overprotective of you and you’re mad with me?” She shook her hands trying not to put her hands on him. Elara’s heart was just torn from what he was saying. “I’ll chill out when he take his head out of Rydee’s ass.”

    “Fuck you Elara cause you don’t know how I really feel!” Bucky balled his fist, and that’s when everyone intervened. Tony held back Elara who fist were balled as well.

    “Fuck you Bucky!” She tried to move but Tony got in the way. “Stark you can move cause he’s pushing it!”

    “No you two need to cool it. You guys obviously need some time apart!” Feeling in defeat when Tony didn’t move, El flipped Bucky off. She nodded her head as her eyes filled with tears.

    The principal opened the door pointing at El, “You come with me.” Elara followed her without protest to the office.


    Elara laid into bed, her feelings for Bucky were everywhere. She liked him but the way he acted today, obviously showed that he wasn’t into her.

    Her love life was hard and not being with her parents made it harder. In her side nightstand, El reached down grabbing an old coach purse which held what she needed. 5 minutes later she was done rolling up.


    Done rolling up…

    When your love life and losing both parents is hard, something has to take the pain away.

    *Incoming call from bestie4L*

    The facetime call answered with Kaylee sitting on her back porch.

    “You done rolling up?”

    “Yes, just looking for my lighter.” Elara always losing her damn purple lighter. After finding it under her pillow, she made a walk to her back porch.

    “You always looking for that damn lighter!”

    “Hush cause you be losing yours too!” El laughed, then sat down in a chair.


    The world echoed around Elara as the grass became interesting. “Elara what happened between you and Bucky?” She heard Kaylee’s voice from beside her, honestly forgetting that she was on the phone for a second.

    “He took her side with his confused ass and how I know that was true about Rydee cause when I was making her ass confessed, she cames towards me first that’s why I took the first lick.” She hit the blunt against the ash tray to knock some off.

    “I was there on the second part slow ass , keep going on the first part when I was in the office.” Kaylee laughed at the slow moment Elara just had. “El you high as fuck. He took her side how?”

    “Man he said he didn’t know if it was true or not so he don’t know whose side to take and plus it was wrong to fight her. All that pure bullshit.”

    “How the fuck he can’t believe you? You were here first so he should know you by now. You took his side and he still chose hers. Men.” Kaylee shook her head then inhaled the smoke through her nose. “I had to hit the blunt for the stupid shit, you just said.”

    Elara laughed putting out the blunt. Kaylee always know how to put a smile on her face and Elara’s forever grateful for that. “Girl ima be there in 2 minutes so we can smoke these together bye!”

    “Bye bitch!”

    After smoking, Elara regretted nothing from today but he was still on her mind. The way his eyes stared into hers…


    Yupppp my ass wrote this while high and sober. my first post since a month or two ago. I’m out for the summer so I should be more active.

    stay slutty my friends 💗

    #marvel #bucky barnes fluff #captain america#bucky barnes#bucky fanfic#bucky imagine #steve rogers fanfiction #bucky barnes one shot #bucky x poc!reader #bucky barnes x black!reader #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x you #tony stark x oc #thor x black!reader #steve rogers x original female character #marvel fanfiction
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    'the sound of magic' based au? maybe? I mean very loosely based tho

    #I might of already started writing smth #it would only be a one shot tho #I just really enjoyed the show #💭
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    The forest, the rain, the green, the cold, the warm, the air, the trees, the earth, the dampness, the heaviness, the peace, the serenity, the birds, the clouds, the white sky, the thunder, the puddles, the mud, the wood, the hut, the glass, the coffee, the petrichor, the crispness, the timelessness, the way the world should be. 

    Every element that surrounded me wrapped me in a peaceful hug full of quiet moisture. I listened intently to the drumming of the rain around me, the low rumble of thunder rolling over the tops of high trees. My eyes filled with green from every angle, save for the soaked wooden porch I stood on. My lungs filled with satisfaction with every clean breath, it’s like every movement brought me closer to the Earth. What a proper day for the Earth indeed, as I stood still in peace she worked methodically around me, fulfilling every need for every living thing. I looked up at the heavens blessing the ecosystem with the beautiful reality of water raining down like each drop was dancing with glee to give life to the world around me. 

    I couldn’t help but notice with every observation the reality of how life was always meant to be, that when surrounded by living breathing things of every different variety one knows that life is beautiful beyond our wildest imaginations. The thunder served as the steady, powerful reminder that those who dared to off-put it would face the quick wrath of the natural world.

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    Journies to new Horizons

    #horizon forbidden west #gaming#virtual photography#hfw photomode#hfw#yocalio#mistress-light#my stuff#aloy#tallneck #probably one of my favorite shots from this game
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    the boston brute series: pt. 14 - is this enough for you?

    The Boston Brute Series: Pt. 14 - Is This Enough For You?

    Pairing: NHL!Chris Evans x Athletic Trainer!Reader (female character)

    Summary: When you graduated from Northeastern University, you had your sights set on the West Coast. And then you were offered a position with the Boston Bruins Athletic Training Department. And then you met Chris. A 6′3″, ruggedly handsome hockey player dead set on making your life a living hell by pushing every button and getting on every nerve. Despite your obvious disdain for each other and the ‘No Fraternization’ clause in your employee contract, you’re drawn together in a passionate, fiery love affair that seems to burn everything in its wake.

    Warnings: Crude language. Lots and lots of angst. Crying. Mention of smut, but nothing like graphic (still 18+ only). Communication issues. Fluff. Brief mention of the reader not eating/losing appetite. Please do not read this series if you are not a fan of asshole Chris or fics with a lot of angst. As always, let me know if I missed anything!

    W/C: 7.2k

    A/N: you guys. i was not ready for this series to end. the amount of support and love i’ve gotten in the past few months has been mindblowing and while this series is over, i have a lot of great fics coming your way! And a 2 part epilogue for this series coming soon. Thank you so much for following along with this series, i love you guys to the ends of the earth and back. 

    Additionally, i would be remiss if i didn’t give a shout out to the two people who have constantly been there to bounce ideas off of and have provided the best support. @blizzspeaks and @tis-thedamn-season. I don’t tell you guys enough, but i love you forever and always ♥️

    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All players and scenarios are made up completely. This story does not reflect things that actually happen in the NHL or with its players. Additionally, I talk about Chris’s family in this fic. Again, work of fiction and is no reflection of his parents or grandparents in real life.

    I do NOT give permission for my work to be translated or reposted on here or any other site. Reblogs, comments, likes, and feedback ALWAYS appreciated ❤

    series masterlist

    time-for-a-lullaby masterlist

    I no longer have a taglist. Give this page a follow and turn on your notifications!

    Chris: What are you wearing?

    You snorted out a laugh, bringing the crumpled-up tissue in your hand up to wipe your nose. Ever since your move, Chris has the tendency to text you the wrong thing at the wrong time. 

    A suggestive text while you were still at work, some sarcastic remark, or a poor excuse of a joke while you were in a meeting. If you were in Boston, the texts would’ve come through while you were home after work, but given the 3 hour time difference, Chris was home for the night while you were still stretching and handing out ice packs to sweaty men. 

    Tonight it wasn’t an inappropriate text for your location, per se, you were laying in bed after all. But the tearstained pillowcases and a small mountain of crumpled-up tissues on your bed didn’t exactly have you in the best mood for a ‘what are you wearing’ text.

    Your face was puffy, your nose somehow stuffed up and runny at the same time, the reality of being across the country from the only family you’ve ever really had was weighing heavy on your chest tonight and as soon as you got home from the game, you threw on a pair of Chris’s sweats. You set a timer and gave yourself one hour to sulk, cry, and be angry at the world, and then you would suck it up, shower, and call Chris. 

    It’d been two weeks since you made your move to Los Angeles and started your job with the LA Kings and Chris kept promising that would get easier, but you weren’t finding that to be the case. 

    Everyone at work was fine, you’d even been invited out for a few happy hours by the staff, but you couldn’t get yourself to feel excited about things like that when you’d rather be at home. Chris was always waiting for you to finish up, his thumb hovering over your contact name while he counted down the seconds until you were off of work and on your way out to your car. 

    The more time you spent out, the less time you got to spend catching up with Chris, Connor, and Marlowe. You’d even started chatting with a couple of other people from the Bruins who had just reached out to check up on you and then just sorta… never stopped. 

    There weren’t any complaints from you, though! Every text from Derek or Brett was a teeny little reminder of your home in Boston and the family you’d gotten to know while living there. Sure, sometimes it was a little painful, but savoring those memories and reminders was more important.

    You were starting to run out of excuses to keep you home, though. 

    There were a couple of days where you truly did start feeling like maybe this wasn’t going to be so hard after all, but this week, every day was harder than the previous one. 

    You’d come home from work, your lonely 1-bedroom apartment a constant reminder that you didn’t have a roommate, the constant text messages and phone calls reminding you that the love of your life was three thousand miles away.

    Even the kitchen counter, free of any forgotten jugs of milk, reminded you of Connor. 

    This week, you were missing everyone terribly. 

    Thankfully, you only had around a week before you were back in Boston and you couldn’t wait. Even if it was just for one night. 

    You pulled back the comforter on your bed and snapped a picture of your current outfit, ignoring the two-day-old Chinese food stain, and sent it his way. He had to love you, dirty clothes and all. 

    You: Nothing exciting, sorry.

    Next thing you know, your phone is vibrating with an incoming call from Chris. 

    You sniffled, wiped your nose again, and cleared your throat, hoping to hide the fact that you’d been upset. Your hour wasn’t up yet, so you hadn’t given yourself a few minutes to calm down before talking to him like you planned on doing. “Hey, babe.” 

    He hesitated and you could almost see his brows furrowing like he was sitting right in front of you instead of 3,000 miles away. “Everything okay?” 

    Chris knew you too well. You could pass it off all you wanted but he knew. 

    You smiled to yourself in the dark room. Fake it until you make it, right? “Yeah, just laying down.” 

    Chris sighed and you slumped back into your pillow.

    “Sorry if you were wanting something else out of this call.” You broke the quiet with a small voice, feeling a little guilty that your attitude was probably making him feel guilty for wanting you to transfer. While you didn’t understand the reasoning behind him pushing you to transfer, you did now. Chris just wants you to be happy and he truly believed that you would be here.   

    Honestly, if Chris had talked about LA as much as you had and had the option to transfer… you would’ve done the same thing in a heartbeat. 

    Love is about sacrifice. And both of you would sacrifice your own happiness just to see the other person thrive. 

    The phone shifted in his hands and for a second, you let yourself imagine you were there with him. You could see his fingers raking through his hair as he tried to figure out what to say, his biceps flexing as his arm raised. You could see the tattoos on his chest, and smell his cologne. “Just wanted to hear your voice, princess.” Both of you sat in silence for a second trying to figure out what more could be said about the situation.

    You played this game almost every night. Chris would call or FaceTime, he would see the sadness in your eyes or hear it in your voice and remind you that it was only a little bit longer until you were back together. There were only so many words that conveyed the same message, especially if it was repeated every day. 

    He tried to help the best that he could and while his reminders did give you an ounce of hope that you would see each other soon, it also just reminded you that you would be doing this back and forth for another hockey season. 

    Sure, he’d be spending as much of the offseason with you as possible, but the hockey season was so long, especially if they did well in the playoffs and if Chris played for another year…. You didn’t even want to think about it. 

    How could you hate being in the place you’d once longed for? The entire time you were in college and really up until you’d gotten to know Chris, you couldn’t wait to move to LA. 

    And after what seemed like an eternity, you made it. You were here. 

    But you weren’t happy. You were miserable.

    “Well, I like hearing your voice, too.” You smiled softly, wishing that Chris was actually laying next to you in bed instead of just a voice over a speaker.

    “Did you eat dinner?” 

    You chewed on your cheek for a second because… no. You hadn’t. But you weren’t hungry. Though Chris would lecture you either way. “I had something small when I got home. How’s your cheek?” 

    He knew you were trying to deflect but decided to save his lecture for another day. “It’s okay. Kip isn’t as gentle as you.” 

    You laughed, imagining the way you’d trace your fingers over his cheek to make sure he was healing okay. It was the little things like that that you missed the most.  “Good, I think I might be worried if Kip was touching you like I did,” your tone lighter as you teased him. 

    Chris pulled the phone away from his ear and placed you on speakerphone, his fingers tapping against the screen while you talked to him about your day. You told him all about how Jordan had apologized for coming on too strong and that he realized he was behaving like a dick, which took you by surprise. 

    You tried your best to sound positive and happy when telling him about work, but you were so worn down, and it was hard to put on a happy face. 

    20 minutes after you started babbling about how your desk chair was more comfortable in Boston and your bed didn’t smell the same, your head jerked towards your apartment door, a few knocks rapping against the wood. 

    “Get the door, princess.” 

    Your heart skipped a beat, suddenly realizing that Chris had decided to call instead of FaceTime. Could he be here?

    You stumbled out of bed, dropping your phone onto the nightstand and rushing to the door. You yanked it open with force, the smile on your lips instantly falling. 

    A man, no older than 19 stood at your door. “I’ve never seen someone so disappointed to get Mexican food.”

    You smiled at him softly, ignoring the disappointment that was crushing your chest. It was silly to think Chris would be here. He had a game tonight! “Sorry, I just.. thought it might be someone else.”

    His hand extended towards you, a plastic bag that smelled of Tuesday nights at El Maguey with Marlowe, dangling from his hand. “It’s been paid for, tip included.” 

    “Thanks.” You replied quietly, taking the bag from his grip and walking back over to your bed. 

    Why would you let yourself think that Chris was here? 

    You sighed, grabbing your phone. “Thank you, baby. It smells good, wish you were here to share it.” 

    “You… sure?” He paused. “You sound… disappointed.”

    After plopping back against your pillows, you laughed humorlessly. “I let myself believe you were here.” 

    “Ahh.” He responded, neither of you talking for a minute. “I’m sorry, princess. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you.”

    The two of you stayed on the phone for another hour before the need for a good night of sleep started to weigh your eyelids down. Chris could tell that you were getting sleepy and normally, this is the part of the call where he would tease you about falling asleep and offer to let you go, then promise to call tomorrow after his game or practice. 

    But tonight, he knew how much you needed him. 

    “Go to sleep, I’ll stay here until you do.” 

    You smiled, snuggling into your pillow. “You don’t have to.” 

    Chris shrugged. “I know, but I kind of miss hearing you snore. It was like white noise. I have to play snoring sounds on YouTube every night just to sleep.” 

    “Oh my god, I hate you!” You laughed, shaking your head. “I hope you don’t actually do that.” 

    He chuckled. “No, I don’t. But I still miss your snoring.” 

    You rolled your eyes, setting your phone down and placing it on speakerphone so you could still his voice as you dozed off. “Talk to me. Tell me about your run this morning with Townsend.” 

    And he did just that. Chris began to recap his morning job, starting with Connor showing up at his door at 5:30am this morning and by the time they were on the elevator, you’d fallen asleep. 

    Maybe the people that say watched pots never boil are on to something. 

    This week has passed so fucking slow, you were ready to yank your hair out one strand at a time by the time the plane finally took off. T-minus 6 hours until you were in Chris’s arms again. Luckily you were traveling to him so there was no curfew that he had to follow and since you weren’t a player, they didn’t really care what you did. 

    The team had booked a hotel room for you, but you were desperately missing Chris’s California King 

    You shot him a quick text to let him know you were taking off then turned your attention to the book in your hands. 

    You were obviously so excited to see everyone again, but there’s still a tiny part of you that was a little nervous that being back in Boston would only make the trip back to LA harder. You hadn’t even gotten used to being away yet and now you were going back home only to head to New York after 36 hours. 

    It wasn’t fair. 

    You wanted the chance to see everyone but Marlowe has already called you to tell you that if you don’t spend every second with Chris, she’d stab you. 

    And who were you to not take Marlowe’s threats seriously? 


    Your arms flung around Chris’s neck as you collided with his chest, fresh linen and his signature woodsy aftershave flooded your nostrils. The feeling of being in his arms and feeling his warmth against you could’ve brought tears to your eyes. 

    A possessive hand came up, gripping the back of your neck as he held you close, his other arm securing around your waist and you savored every single second, every single touch you shared in this brief moment at a busy airport.  

    You were home. 

    Home wasn’t a place anymore, home was a person. This person that clung to your body like you were going to disappear at any second. This person that was so excited to see you, you could feel his heartbeat thumping wildly in his chest. 

    Chris was home. No other person or place could give you this feeling of security that surged through your body the second you were within eyesight of him. 

    You felt Chris smile against your neck as he inhaled, savoring the smell of the shampoo he’d come to know and love. 

    There were whispers and side-eyes thrown your way, a staff member of the LA Kings was currently clinging to a member of the team they were there to play, but neither of you cared. 

    It wasn’t in your contract that you had to keep your distance. It wasn’t in your contract that you couldn’t date someone in the NHL. He was all yours. 

    Every little secret moment,  longing stare, or stolen kiss when no body was watching played through your mind while you held each other. Chris had loved you silently and in secret for so long; you weren’t prepared for the feeling that accompanied being loved so fearlessly out loud. 

    “I love you so much.” He whispered against your hair, your eyes squeezing shut to keep your emotions at bay. 

    You both ignored the looks and the flashes from the cameras that captured the moment, pulling away and finally meeting those ocean blue eyes. “Hi.” You grinned as Chris set you back onto the ground. 

    “Can I kiss you?” 

    “Well, jeez. At least buy me–” 

    Chris rolled his eyes, lowering his mouth to yours and capturing your lips in a kiss entirely too intense and intimate for an airport, but the second your body melted into his, the buzz of the room around you completely faded. 

    There were no more whispers, no more clicks of cameras or flashing lights. 

    There was just Chris.

    Your fingers tangled through his hair, his lips still bruising against yours when someone cleared their throat from beside you. 

    Chris growled under his breath as he pulled away, turning to look at your new boss and coach of the Kings. 

    You stood up straighter, gently jabbing your elbow in Chris’s side. A silent warning to behave. “Hey, Tim!” 

    Tim snickered under his breath. “Can you be at the rink tomorrow around 9am?” 

    “Absolutely.” You nodded eagerly, giving Chris a stern look as he pouted and scowled next to you. “Thanks again for letting me catch my own ride.” 

    He shrugged, looking at Chris and then back to you. “Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve had a choice.” 

    Chris huffed in agreement and you jabbed his side again. 

    You smiled at Tim, reaching down to grab your bag. “Well, thank you again. I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow.” 

    After the coach excused himself, Chris reached down, swatting at your hand and taking the bag from you. “There are paps everywhere. You really think I’m gonna let you carry your own bag?” 

    “Oh, well, for the paps sake, of course.” You snorted, rolling your eyes. He wouldn’t have let you carry your bags if the airport was empty and void of human life. 

    His arm secured around your waist, pulling you into him once more. The sigh that escaped your lips was involuntary. The comfort of being around Chris again after almost a month apart was filling every single void you’d had in your life recently. 

    It felt… wrong to think about going back to LA. You didn’t feel as though you fit in anywhere or with anyone at work. Sure, everyone was pleasant and nice, but it wasn’t anything like Boston. 

    Was it really Chris that changed all of this for you?

    You’d been toying with the idea of asking Chris to buy out your contract so you could move back, but he was so adamant that he wanted you to at least try and enjoy LA for the next year. At first, you thought that was a promise you could follow through on.

    These days, the confidence in your ability to love anything about it was slowly dwindling. 

    He pressed his lips just below your earlobe, his breath making you shiver. “Let’s get you home.”

    Your insides melted right there on the spot. Home. 

    Several hours (and orgasms…) later, you lay sprawled out in Chris’s bed, taking up every single inch that you could. “I missed this bed. I mean, I missed you, but this bed... I’m gonna marry this bed.” You mumbled, your face buried in the down pillow. 

    Chris chuckled beside you, rolling over after finally catching his breath and slinging an arm around you. “Next year, this bed is wherever you are.” 

    You wanted to smile, but the words ‘next year’ repeated in your head, snapping you back into reality. You only had this weekend with Chris before you were back to missed FaceTimes and dirty text messages while you wrapping ice around some stranger's shoulder or knee. 

    His hand lifted, tracing the curve of your hip before resting on the small of your back. “What’s going on in that head of yours?” 

    You sighed, shaking your head and relaxing your naked body against his. “Nothing, just… I miss it here. That’s all.” 

    Chris kissed your shoulder, his grip on you tightening. “It won’t be like that forever.” 

    The confidence in his voice made you want to believe him, but you just couldn’t. You offered him a sad smile, reaching up to brush an eyelash off of his cheek. “My heart will not feel whole until we are living in the same city again,” you whispered. 

    His face softened as he pulled you closer, your face burying into his chest. “I love you, Princess. We’ll figure this out.” 

    You sighed. “I know, I know. Sorry, I don’t wanna bring down the mood. We only have today.” 

    “We have forever, princess. This is just a minor setback. A little bump in the road. I know this is hard for you, it’s been horrible for me, too. Especially because I’m the one who forced your hand. I hate seeing you like this. But do you remember what I told you?” 

    “That’s very unspecific, Chris,” you laughed, “you’ve told me a lot of things.” 

    He rolled his eyes, jabbing a finger into your ribs with a grin on his face before he sobered up, a serious look taking over the playfulness that was just dancing in his eyes. “I’m planning on loving you for the rest of my life. 12 months compared to a lifetime? That’s nothing. It might seem like hell while we’re doing it, but it’ll fly by and then the rest of our life starts.”

    You lifted your chin, finding his lips with yours. How the hell were you supposed to top that? You couldn’t the first time he said it, you certainly couldn’t now.

    Chris’s thumb stroked your cheekbone as he pulled away. “I love you.” His voice is low and thick with emotion. 

    “I love you, too, baby.” You snuggled into Chris’s side again, your mind racing. 

    He was right. It was one year. 12 months. 

    You could do this. You didn’t want to, but if it would make Chris happy to know he gave you a chance to thrive in a city you’ve loved since you were a teenager, you would do it. For Chris.

    The night with Chris flew entirely too fast and before you knew it, the overwhelming sense of dread was constricting your chest once again. 

    It was 8:45am, you had to be at the rink in 15 minutes and then after that, you wouldn’t have Chris all to yourself.

    It would be back to the stolen smiles and secret winks when no one was looking. 

    And then you were on the road again. 

    This day that had been keeping you going for weeks, was almost over before you knew it. 

    You stood at Chris’s vanity, watching him watch you brush your teeth. He always got this look on his face when he watched you brush your teeth. 

    A small little crooked smile, his blue eyes came to life, almost like he was mesmerized by you brushing your teeth. 

    “What?” You asked, wiping your mouth after you rinsed and packed away your toothbrush. 

    He shrugged, finishing up and dropping his toothbrush back into the holder. 

    You hated seeing only one there. 

    “I never thought before you, I’d find someone so ridiculously adorable while brushing their teeth. But every single time you do, I’m pretty sure I fall in love with you even more.” 

    You stood in the bathroom, staring at Chris in amazement. Sometimes it’s like your brain can’t even connect that this Chris and the one who accused you of sleeping with the hockey team were the same person. 

    Sometimes you think this Brute persona is all just in the imagination of the fans. 

    You reached out, pinching his forearm and earning a confused look. “There’s no way you’re real. You’re not real.” 

    Chris chuckled, extending his arms towards you and pulling you into his chest. “You gotta go, princess.” He kissed the top of your head, lingering for a second while he smelled your shampoo. “I’ll see you for a few minutes after the game, ‘kay?” 

    You nodded, allowing yourself to be wrapped up in his arms for just a few more seconds before pulling away. “I’ll see you there.” 

    He lowered his lips to yours, offering one last goodbye kiss before you started towards the bathroom door with your suitcase in hand. 

    You knew you were going to see Chris today at the game. You knew that realistically, you’d see him after the game for a brief goodbye before you headed to the airport. But walking away was just so damn hard. 

    Every step you took away from him created little fissures in your heart, each one threatening the integrity of your will power. You made your way down the stairs, Chris’s footsteps following almost silently behind you as you walked towards the front door. 

    He wanted you to stay in LA. He wanted you to try and enjoy it. As you made your way onto the elevator, you turned to face Chris, who stood in the hallway, a small smile on his lips. 

    “Love you, princess.”

    You blew him a kiss, which he pretended to snag from the air and stuff into the pocket of his sweats, making you laugh. “Love you, baby,” you responded as the doors shut. 

    You leaned back against the elevator wall, exhaling slowly through your nose. The fact that you’ve gone from hating Chris to trying to figure out how you were going to function without him was laughable. 

    The one night you had with Chris had only just begun, yet it was already over. How were you going to do this for a year? 


    You looked over at Tim, then back to the dimly lit hallway you’ve walked a million times. Nothing here has changed except one thing.

    The light still flickered, and the off-white walls were still scuffed and yellowing. The one lone string of ribbon waved in the breeze from the vent on the wall. 

    But it was no longer yours. 

    The Kings logo embroidered onto your polo made that abundantly clear. 

    You weren’t ready to leave the familiarity of TD Garden. But the coach of your new team stood behind you, eyebrows lifted expectantly as he awaited your response. 

    Chris was running behind. 

    You were supposed to be able to spend a few minutes with him after the game to say goodbye before leaving again, but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. Normally, he took his sweet time getting showered and dressed, but he knew you were on a time crunch. He should be out by now. 

    “I– uh..” You glanced down the hallway one more time, hoping to see Chris rounding the corner. “Yeah.” You sighed, grabbing your pack from the ground and tossing it over your shoulder. “Let’s get out of here.” Despite the want to see Chris, you couldn’t hold up the entire team. You had a flight to catch and you were just the athletic trainer. 

    You turned to walk away, sparing one more look down the hall before following Tim out to the bus. The two of you ignored the press, pushing past the line of people waiting. 

    “Sorry you missed Evans.” 

    You lifted your shoulder in a shrug, hoping to not show that it bothered you. “It’s okay.” 

    Tim’s fist knocked twice on the bus doors before they split open. “Still. I’m sorry we didn’t have more time.” 

    You swallowed the emotion building in your throat, not wanting to be so vulnerable in front of your new team. “Next time.” You croaked out, mustering up the weakest smile you could. 

    The driver stepped out, taking your bag to store underneath and you heard your name being called. 

    “Y/N! Princess, wait!” 

    You spun around, Chris jogging towards you, his damp hair sticking to his forehead. 

    “Sorry, I got caught up.” 

    Before you could respond, he was throwing his arms around your waist and lifting you slightly off the ground. Someone was clearly in a good mood after the win. “I gotta go!” You laughed, gripping his shoulders. “Everyone’s watching!” You whispered as he set you down, his hands sliding to rest on your ass. 

    “I don’t care,” Chris responded, smiling your favorite crooked grin before pressing a lingering kiss to your lips. “I love you, Princess.” 

    Your lungs constricted, and every emotion you’d been trying to hold back scorched white-hot through your body. “I love you,” you responded, dropping your hands from his shoulders as he pulled away. 

    Chris stared down at you, the words he didn’t have time to say sitting at the tip of his tongue. “I’ll call you, okay?” 

    Nodding, you blinked a few times to stop the tears and cleared your throat. “Okay.” 

    You hated this. For a lot of reasons. But especially the helplessness. 

    At every point in your life since your mother passed away, you’ve done everything you could to make sure you had control of what was happening and every single emotion that accompanied it. The only time those things have been compromised was with Chris and while you knew it was good to be vulnerable and spontaneous, you hated that you couldn’t control this situation. 

    You locked eyes with Chris and before you could stop yourself, the words were already bubbling out of your mouth. “Buy out my contract,” you blurted out, holding your breath and waiting for his response. Also, silently thanked the gods that Tim was already on the bus and couldn’t hear this.


    “I’m not happy, Chris. Not without you. I’ve been independent my entire life and I’m so tired of it. I hate falling asleep alone, I hate eating dinner alone. I hate it. Being in LA isn’t a priority to me anymore. You are. And you are here, in Boston. So, buy out my contract and let me come home to you.” 

    Chris stared at you and you stared right back, your chest heaving from your confession and fear that he might turn you down. Everything that you said was true… You weren’t happy. You were trying to convince yourself you could be happy for him, but in reality, it would just be a year of awkward silence over the phone because he can only tell you so many times that everything will be okay. 

    He blinked a couple of times, his mouth parting in surprise before he responded. “Y/N…” 

    “Please… I should’ve said please…” You said quietly, his widened eyes still on you. 

    Chris shook his head, dragging his head down his beard. “No.” 

    You stared at him in disbelief, the sting of his rejection washing over you like a cold shower. Fucking no? He had offered this countless times and you’d turned him down. Now that you were asking, it was a no?

    “You deserve a chance to be happy in LA, princess.” 

    “But I’m not, Chris,” your hand gripped his forearm, trying to get him to see that. “I’m not happy. But I want to be. Here, in Boston. With you and with Marlowe. I just– I wanna be happy Chris and that’s not something I can get from LA.” You replied, your voice pleading. You knew that you were running out of time to have this conversation, the flight to New York was only an hour away.

    He shook his head. “No, Y/N–”

    “Chris, you promised! You promised that we would make this decision together but you chose LA for me and I’ve tried. I have tried so hard to be happy and put on a brave face so you don’t feel guilty, but I just can’t anymore.”

    You stared at your boyfriend, tears in your eyes as your bottom lip began to quiver. “You— Chris you promised… how many times have you told me that all I had to do was ask?”

    Almost every single time you talked to Chris on the phone since your move, he’d made it clear to you that the moment you decided to come home, he would pay to break your contract. 

    It was hard to wrap your head around the fact that he was just turning you down so simply and without hesitation. 

    “Please,” you whimpered.

    Chris sighed, his chin dipping to meet his chest while his hands found his hips. “It’s just… it’s not that simple, princess. I can’t—“ he swallowed the knot forming in his throat and looked up at you, “— I can't be the one to hold you back. You love LA…” 

    “Loved. Or thought I would at least. But people and circumstances change.” 

    He shook his head slightly, “I can't.” 

    Your heart shattered, more tears clouding your vision. 

    “It’s only a year.” He tacked on, his voice was small. 

    “Right.” You responded breathlessly. Chris stood in front of you, so close you could feel his breath against your lips, but he’s never felt so far away. 

    “I don’t wann—“

    You turned on your heels, walking quickly towards the bus. “I gotta go,” you called out over your shoulder.

    Hurrying towards the bus, you tapped on the doors and waited for them to open again. 

    Running away from this was a stupid decision, you felt like such a hypocrite.

     How many times had you told Chris that all you needed from him was communication and you were running from this? 

    “Princess, we can’t leave it like this.” 

    You ignored him, the hurt in your chest strangled your lungs, each breath coming and going in short pants as you tried to hold back the sobs building in your throat. 

    The bus door split open and you hurried inside, closing your eyes as it began shutting behind you.


    The doors closed, leaving Chris outside of the bus and a myriad of confused faces staring at you from their seats. You swallowed, keeping your eyes down and taking a seat across from Tim. 

    He told you every day for the past few weeks that you could come home whenever you wanted. 

    Apparently, that wasn’t the case. Maybe Chris just didn’t want you here. 

    The entire next day, you went through the motions, your mind completely numb.

    You’d texted Chris to let him know you landed in New York and that was it. 

    He texted you back and said “okay, thanks for letting me know” and that was it. 

    Sounds like neither of you is broaching the events that occurred last night first. 

    The frigid February air in New York made you miss home. And just for a second when you’d slipped on some ice in the parking lot, you let yourself miss LA. 

    You were entirely too clumsy to live somewhere covered with snow and ice and honestly weren’t too sure how you had managed to survive it this long. 

    Everyone could tell that you were off. The whole team knew the second you stepped on the bus last night, but everyone was too polite to wonder if you were okay. You were too new to have that kind of relationship with these men and it didn’t help that you were the only female. Everyone was too uncomfortable to approach you, especially because you were dating Chris. 

    They weren’t just afraid of the Boston Brute on ice. 

    You sat on your designated stool in the corner, your leg bouncing for almost the entire game. Based on the annoyed glances the players closest to you were throwing, your nervous habit was starting to drive them crazy. 

    It took an insane amount of willpower to stop yourself from turning to them and asking them to focus on the game they were currently losing. 

    Guilt tugged at your chest while your mind circled back to the conversation you’d left so unfinished with Chris. Obviously, you were still upset that he had turned you down so quickly, especially after telling you that he would buy out your contract in a heartbeat. 

    But you still felt like a hypocrite. 

    All you wanted from Chris was communication, regardless of how tough it was for him to be open with you and here you were shutting down the first time that it really mattered.  Maybe it wasn’t just him who sucked at communicating.

    You couldn't stop yourself from wondering if Chris had realized that and what it meant for your relationship. 

    Would he start questioning everything? 

    What if he changed his mind and didn’t want you back in Boston?

    The buzzer sounded as the game came to an end, momentarily snapping you out of your downward spiral. You would have time to sulk later… But right now, you needed to do your job. 

    The players filed off of the ice one by one, scowls etched onto their sweaty faces. Clearly, they weren’t pleased with the loss. 

    You’d heard them whispering a couple of days about you being the cause for their losing streak. They’d been doing just fine until you joined the staff and now they were heading back to LA after their 5th loss in a row. 

    Maybe Tim would hear and just fire you so the team could start winning again. 

    A girl can dream.

    You walked into the locker room, keeping your eyes on the ground as you headed to the small office you’d set up shop in to wrap and stretch some of the players. These men didn’t give you the same courtesy the Bruins did, they just stripped on the spot instead of waiting for you to exit the room. 

    After another half an hour or so of wrapping and icing grumpy and sweaty men, you were ready to pack up your bag and get the hell out of here. It was going to be a long ride to the airport and a long flight back to LA.

    You’d stuffed the last roll of athletic tape into your bag when Tim tapped on the door. “You have a visitor.” 

    With furrowed brows, you closed the zipper to your bag and slung it over your shoulder. “Who?” 

    He jerked his chin towards the hallway. “Come find out.” With that he turned, the sound of his dress shoes fading down the hallway as he headed towards the bus. 

    You stared at the doorway for a second before walking through it, immediately looking to your left and seeing Chris. He stood against the grey concrete wall, his legs crossed at the ankles with his hands shoved into his pockets. 

    He was staring at the ground, his eyes closed. 

    “Chris?” You called out softly, your stomach instantly dropping. You were trying so hard not to jump to conclusions, but the fact that he was here… in New York… It didn’t feel like anything good. 

    He looked up, his eyes somehow exhausted and brooding at the same time, making your heart pound an uneasy rhythm against your chest. “Hey, Y/N.” 

    Red flag number 1. He said your name. Not princess, not baby. 

    You swallowed against what felt like sandpaper in your throat. “What are you– “ You paused to clear your throat. “What’s up?” The voice that came out of your mouth sounded foreign and strained, unlike your normal happy-go-lucky attitude. 

    Chris’s hand scrubbed his beard as he pushed away from the wall and walked towards you, the only noise in this empty hallway was the squeak of his rubber tennis shoes against the finished concrete. 

    He closed the distance between you in a few long strides, freeing his hands from his pockets and catching you off guard by using them to frame your face. 

    His brows furrowed, a familiar line forming in between them, and almost involuntarily, your hand reached up, smoothing it with your thumb as you’d done a hundred times before. 

    “I’m sorry.” He murmured, his voice hoarse and thick with emotion. 

    You shook your head, your eyelids falling closed. “If anyone should be sorry, it’s me,” you whispered. 

    Chris took a deep breath, tilting his head so his forehead rested against yours. “I wanted you to hate me. For so long, I did everything I could to make you hate me.” 

    Your eyes filled with tears as your hands came up to rest on his hips. “Well, mission accomplished. I did. You were like the human equivalent of a wet sock.” 

    Chris snorted, shaking his head slightly. Your eyes were still closed, but you could picture the small smile playing on his lips. “I still am.” 

    You shrugged. “You’re not so bad.” 

    “Obviously I didn’t try hard enough, and I think after a while… I didn’t care. Because whether you realize it or not, I am a better person when I’m around you, Y/N. I’m the man that I want to be whenever I’m near you and I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t thought about buying out your contract and flying you home every second of every single day since that plane took off a month ago.” 

    Your breath caught in your throat, your lips quivering. “Then why did–” 

    Chris’s mouth lowered onto yours, cutting your sentence off. His lips lingered for a moment before he pulled away, stepping back ever so slightly so he could look into your eyes. “I know that you say that you’re happy and that you feel at home with me… but what happens when you change your mind and you feel like you’re stuck with me because I paid off your job?” 

    You shook your head, your eyes dancing between his, trying to get him to see the sincerity you felt behind the words you were getting ready to speak. “Chris… You are everything to me. And I’m not going to change my mind about that. I am completely head over heels in love with you and one day, when we’re telling our grandkids about how we met, we’ll look back on this and laugh over how silly it was.” 

    You gripped his wrists in your hands, squeezing gently. “I will never get bored, I will never feel stuck, I will never not love you, Chris. My whole life has been a chaotic mess of loss and heartbreak and in the midst of that storm, you came along and I feel a calm in my… in my soul that I have never felt before. As long as you let me, I will love you until the day I die.” 

    Chris’s blue eyes glistened in the low glow of the fluorescent lights. “Are you sure this is enough for you? Are you sure that I’m enough for you?”

    The hesitation and doubt that laced Chris’s words shattered your heart. 

    Sometimes after seeing how much he’s changed, it was hard to remember the negative relationships that he’s had his entire life. Now that you were actually talking about it, his insecurities and reasonings made a little more sense than they did yesterday. 

    You stretched up, placing a soft kiss against his lips. “Anywhere that you are, is enough for me, Chris. You are enough. You are everything.”

    Chris’s hands dropped from your face and secured around your waist, crushing you against his body. His face buried into the crook of your neck as your arms flung around him, holding him with the same intensity that he held you. 

    From the outside looking in, you and Chris were an unlikely pair. But superficial bullshit aside, the two of you were just two adults with a wounded inner child that left you with doubt and insecurity around every decision. 

    He needed you just as you needed him. 

    You stood in that hallway for an unknown amount of time, completely wrapped up in each other before Chris pulled away, his eyes immediately finding yours. “I’ll pay whatever I need to pay to get you home to me. I need you home with me.” 

    A sob bubbled up to your throat, the relief that you felt from those words, catching you by surprise. That’s all you wanted.  

    Your arms flew around him again. “Thank you, Chris. Thank you.” 

    He squeezed you tighter. “Thank you, princess. Forever never sounded good until I met you. You could completely shatter my heart and leave me high and dry and I still wouldn’t be able to find it in myself to regret having a chance at forever with you. I used to think the ice was my home, but I was so wrong. It’s you.” 


    You blinked back tears, holding him so close you could feel his heart pounding in his chest. 

    It felt amazing to have those words understood and reciprocated by someone you loved as much as you loved Chris.

    If a year ago, someone told you you’d be throwing in the towel at your dream job, you would’ve laughed until you ran out of breath. Especially if you were told that the person you were leaving your job for was fucking Chris Evans. 

    But right now, that’s all you wanted. You didn’t care where you would work, you didn’t care where you would live, you could figure all of that out later. What matters the most was the Brute holding you in his arms, promising you a lifetime. 

    Chris pulled away just enough to be able to look you in the eyes. “I plan on loving you for a lifetime, Y/N.” 

    “Promise?” You asked, smiling softly. 

    Chris nodded, his forehead resting against yours once more. “Promise.” 

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    Olly Olly Oxen Free!

    #dnd oc#oliver aeric #he's from a wild west / fantasy fusion setting and i am so excited to play some one-shots with him!
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  • parkdatjimin
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    hi give me some jimin angst :( i need to cry lol. jm x reader having a sneaky link relationship only for reader wanting more but jm doesn’t until she distances herself idk just hurt me 😭

    Warnings: explicit sexual content, table top sex, nudity, swearing, so much jealousy and regret, angsty ending to make you hurt
    Wc: 4.1K

    "How's that?"

    His warm breath sends chills from your neck down your spine and into your toes. He's so good to you. Just like he promised he would be.

    "Deeper please, sweetheart."

    He just recently gave you permission to call him that. Jimin was never one for nicknames, but after close to a year of casual sex, he was gracious enough to make the exception for you. Only when you're alone, of course. He can't risk the chance someone might hear.

    Obviously, this special nickname treatment isn't because he likes you. Jimin doesn't catch feelings. He's just not the type.

    You on the other hand...

    It didn't take long to fall for that smile, those eyes, those hands that would regularly feel up your thighs and sit you on his kitchen table, only to slip between your knees and slot his body against yours like it was made to. Those lips that worship up and down your skin and send sparks of fire to every fingertip, every joint.

    He pulls you to the edge of the table, angling your hips so he can find a better degree at which to fuck you ruthless, bottom lip trapped between his teeth.


    "Mhm," you manage to answer at the last moment, the moment before he gives you everything you've waited all day for.

    You'll never be used to this. You think about it all day. You think about him all day. He thinks about the stock market and lack of genuineness in today's society. And even though you're a very small, insignificant part of his day, you still want to know all about it.

    "How's your day so far?"

    He looks at you with a playful smirk because he knows you don't particularly enjoy talking during sex. Although he'll admit, he likes watching you try to keep a clear head while he's drilling you harder. It must be entertaining for him, your fumbling words and mixed breaths. How cheeky and obnoxious. He's so cute.

    "We've been texting all day, silly. You know how my day's been," he whispers against your neck.

    "Right." Your eyes shut and your head falls back. "I mean, how was the drive here?"

    "It was fine."

    "I know traffic has been pretty crappy lately and, fuck your lips are soft..." He counters your compliment with a particularly rough thrust of his hips, one that knocks the words right off your tongue.

    "What's wrong? Can't think straight with my dick inside you?"

    You shake your head and swallow the moan behind your lips. "Just wanna know how your day was. Really."

    His hips suddenly pause, sending your heart into practically a full blown attack. "What's wrong?"

    "Nothing," you answer quickly.

    He's not convinced. "Something must be wrong. You're acting really weird."

    "No, I'm not."

    "Why won't you look at me?"

    "I am..." you answer with unsure eyes slowly coming to meet his strong ones. But only for a moment before your attention is captured by the vivid shape of his jawline and the perfect placement of his bangs and the smoothness of his skin. Your finger traces the lines of his face, gently enraptured. "I am looking at you. And you look as handsome as ever."

    His smile is your favorite but you'd never tell him directly. Even telling Jimin he's handsome is crossing a line when you're stuffed with his cock and dripping all over the dining room table.

    His fingers massage the muscles around your hips when they start to swivel, silently pleading him to move. He gives in just enough to satisfy your body's need for friction, but not enough to make you squirm. Yet.

    "What's on your mind, ___?"

    He rarely asks you personal questions, so his words resonate deeply in your chest. He had to show genuine interest in your mental well-being while your pussy is laughingly soaked and your tummy is contracting every time he rolls against you. Don't fuck this up right now.

    Trying to play it off nonchalantly and casual (just like your relationship), you shrug and push your lips downward. "Just that, it's been a really fun ride, right?"

    It actually hasn't been that long, but you two have made the most of it. Texting in secret, telling white lies to your friends, staying up late when you really should sleep, helping each other fall asleep when you just can't.

    Jimin agrees with a smile and a kiss to your jaw. "I'm enjoying myself. Aren't you?"

    "Of course I am," you answer quickly, hands sliding over his and up his firm biceps. "Always."

    From the very first night together, you two were explosive, like fireworks going off behind your eyes when he kissed you and between your ears every time he whispered. It was perfect and wonderful and addictive and...he didn't want anyone else to know about it.

    Okay, your confidence took a hit from that one. But you understood, and at the time, you kinda wanted that too. Secrets. Sex. More secrets. It sounded fun.

    He assured you it's not because he's embarrassed of you or thinks less of you. Basically, it came down to perspective. And perhaps you should have had more self confidence to tell people you like having casual sex with your friend, but Jimin didn't want that and you wanted him.

    This is strictly sex. With the occasional date before or cuddle session afterwards. But the most important part never changed. If you wanted to sleep with Jimin, you would have to keep your mouth shut about it.

    The real problem came when the word "casual" didn't look so appetizing to you anymore. Jimin is worth more than that and you want more than that now.

    "I'm gonna cum," he whines to you, cute and absolutely intoxicating, his teeth on your shoulder and his hands gripping the edge of the table.

    It's up to you to hold onto him while his hips do the heavy work. Both your legs hook around his waist, ankles locked and breath held deep in your lungs until it's over in a rush of beautiful blurry vision and overstimulated nerves.

    Jimin always cleans up his mess like a good boy. A glistening chin and glazed eyes meet your exhausted expression. He kisses you once and helps you to the couch despite his energy spent.

    "Here," he dresses you in some of his boxers and a t-shirt.

    It's things like this that haunt you. He should be more careful. The jerk.

    "Let me hear it."


    "Whatever's on your mind. You're clearly thinking about something important."

    You shyly shrug. "Is it that obvious?"

    "Little bit."

    Fuck that beautiful smile of his.

    "Actually, there is something I've been meaning to tell you...but I kinda don't want to."

    He chuckles at that, shoulders bouncing in amusement. You're amusing. How nice.

    "Is it bad?"

    "No. Probably not." At least, he won't think it is.

    "Then just say it." As if it's that easy.

    "Okay, umm, here it goes."

    You clear your throat, more so taking the time to ready your heart than your voice. Because you know that once you say it, all this --- the sex, the smiles, the secrets --- it all stops.

    "I'm falling in love with you, Park Jimin."

    You look deep into his eyes, the smaller part of your heart crying when you notice his smile disappear. He just figured it out. The seriousness of the moment.

    And then he says the exact thing you were so desperately afraid of.

    "We need to break up."


    He's never known someone so inconsiderate in his entire life.

    You were fine. Better than fine. You were great. Fuck, you were so great. He thoroughly enjoyed sleeping with you and talking to you and eating with you and watching movies with you and playing games with you.

    And then you had to fall in love with him? He can't even be annoyed at you because you were the best he ever had. Every inch of you was perfect until your heart went and did that. How inconvenient.

    You want more. That's the reality of the situation. But Jimin can't give you what you want. Or rather, he doesn't want to.

    The most he can say is oh well. He hates to hurt you, but there's not much he can do at this point really. He's not in love with you.

    You still run in the same circles so he'll see you around sooner or later. None of the guys knew about your secret relationship so they would suspect something if you just suddenly stopped coming around.

    The bowling alley is Jungkook's favorite place to destress after work and the rest of the gang has taken a liking to it as well. Jimin isn't sure why he's surprised to see you here. You said you would be coming before your break up. Thankfully, you're a mature adult who can walk the walk even without feeling in your legs.

    What surprises him the most though isn't the smile on your face or the skip in your step. It's the guy on your arm.

    He's taller than Jimin. His hair is shinier. His teeth are straighter. His arms are bigger. His smile is brighter. You seem happy. Well...happier than you were a few days ago.

    "This is Kai."

    You introduced him as if you're familiar. There's no way you can be more familiar with that guy than you are with Jimin. It's gotta be impossible.

    Whatever. As long as you're happy.

    The group exchanges greetings for a brief moment and then moves on towards the main event.

    Of course, everyone wants Jungkook on their team, but he ultimately sides with you and Kai. It's not personal. Jimin and Jungkook are like brothers; they're fine.

    You're a decent player so don't think for even a second Jungkook has to carry the team on his own. You bowl a strike, immediately bringing Jimin to his feet.

    "A strike! Wow, ___, great job!"

    He turns to catch your excitement, but you've already fallen into Kai's waiting arms, gifting you with a congratulatory embrace. He lifts your feet from the ground and spins you around, the sound of your giggles just barely being heard over the sound of heavy bowling balls being dropped. It's funny because Jimin is the one feeling a little dizzy.

    Whatever. As long as you're happy.

    "Great job," he repeats when you finally give him your attention.

    "Thanks, Jimin."

    That's it. Short, sweet, and then you go back to your team. The one Jimin is not a part of.

    The game doesn't last for much longer. You and Jungkook are officially not allowed to be on the same team anymore, that's simply too much power in one lane.

    "Yeah yeah, y'all are just upset because you lost."

    "You guys cheated at least twice," Namjoon playfully accuses while bringing pizza to the table.

    "We did not!" Jungkook giggles. "___ has just gotten better, you have to admit."

    "Yeah," Jimin answers, catching your attention again for the first time since the game, "she did really good."

    "Good? I wasn't expecting her to be that much of a badass," Kai comments with his arm around your shoulder, "but damn, that was pretty cool what you did out there."

    "Shut up," you blush when he kisses your cheek.

    Jimin looks away. Is this what it's like when your relationship isn't secret with a guy? You play this kind of small, irritatingly shy character, jumping into his arms when you're happy, giggling when he says something cheesy, blushing when he says something even remotely nice? How annoying. It's really cute.

    Whatever. As long as you're happy.

    "Okay," Jungkook says through a mouthful of cheese pizza, "who's down for laser tag?"

    Everyone's hands shoot up in agreement. Except Jimin's.

    "I'm kinda tired."

    "Oh, don't be such a downer," Jin gives his shoulder a nudge. "Come on, it's been forever since we played. I'm sure once we get in there you'll have fun."

    With no way out, Jimin is strapped into a vest, given a gun, and sent onto the battlefield. His stomach sloshes with pizza and soda, unsettled and churning with a sickening feeling. The darkness of the arena makes for a spooky vibe, stream lights and barriers he doesn't notice until he's running into them head on.

    There's other players to his left and right but he keeps his eyes peeled for one in particular. The thumping in his chest isn't coming from the speakers' bass or the stomping of Namjoon's feet behind him. It's coming from somewhere else, somewhere deeper.

    Half-way through the match and Jimin hasn't seen you yet. He's heard your giggles, caught glimpses of your colored vest turning corners. But you haven't crossed paths somehow. He checks his records.

    4 deaths

    6 kills.

    None of which belong to you. Which can only mean one thing.

    You're avoiding him. Remarkably well for that matter.

    He starts running. Any direction, anywhere, everywhere. His eyes stay searching for your bright vest, completely ignoring the flashing red of his own vest signaling he's been shot more than once. There's no way he's winning at this rate, but he doesn't really have concerns about that right now.

    Until he spots you, finally. He manages to stop himself before he completely turns to the corner, keeping his back to the wall as he peaks just past the barrier.

    You and Kai are stuffed in the back shadows. He got you pressed against the wall, head tilted back, and tongue down your throat. It would be one thing to see him kissing you, but there's no denying you're kissing him back. With your arms wrapped around Kai's neck and your fingers lightly playing with his hair.

    Something snaps inside Jimin's chest. Loud and obvious.

    He waits until Kai lets you shoot him for the points and then walks away, leaving you alone in the corner to defend for yourself.

    That's when Jimin appears and you immediately point your gun at his vest.

    "Go ahead."

    You pull the trigger and his vest turns red with a familiar chime.

    "I shot you."

    "I know."

    "Run away," you tell him, "before your vest turns green again and I shoot you again."

    Instead he walks closer, pushing you further into the corner without a single touch. You watch him inch towards you, steps without regard and expression determined.

    He's right up on you now, leaning over your frame pressed to the wall. Jimin feels his blood pressure rise every time you breathe, your vest rising and falling with your chest. He's so close you don't need the overhead lights. The red from his vest illuminates his skin just enough.

    "What is this?" Jimin asks.


    "You're avoiding me."

    "It's laser tag, Jimin, I'm supposed to," you say with a shrug, eyes unblinking in the dark.

    "No, not in the game," he says in a low voice. "There's this distance between us that wasn't there before. What's up with that?"

    "It's what you wanted," you remind him with another shot to his chest to collect the points. He doesn't notice. Or he just doesn't care.

    "I didn't want this."

    "You didn't want me to fall in love with you. So I'm going to fall in love with someone else."

    He finally blinks at you, head tilting slightly. "Kai?"

    You nod. "Maybe. I don't know."


    "Why not? He's a good guy."

    "Well, yeah but..." That's not the point. You don't know him as well. You already fell in love with me.

    The game ends at that moment with a loud siren and a robotic declaration of your team's victory. When the lights flash on, your eyes flutter as they adjust to the brightness. Jimin watches you closely, taking notice of the specks of gold in them he never saw before.

    "___! Where are you?"

    You push past Jimin's body to catch up with Kai around the corner.

    Jimin follows, but he can only seem to make his feet move so fast. His mind has all the speed, racing through your words, the look on your face, and all the things he could have said.


    His doorbell hasn't been rung in a while, but when it does today, he's quick to answer it. Your hair and shirt ruffle in the wind when he whips the door open, causing you to shuffle backward.

    "___," he says your name and it hurts that it feels unfamiliar.

    After all, it's been a few weeks since he last spoke to you at laser tag. You've done an exceptional job avoiding him since then, despite his many attempts to see you. Unread texts, unanswered phone calls, and the ever so popular 'oh sorry man you just missed her' brush off from all your friends.

    Your signals couldn't have been more clear, you're not interested in seeing him. Whether that's attacking his pride or whatever, it doesn't feel good. For the first time in weeks, you're standing in front of him and his useless mind can't think of any words to speak. It's all a blank. Just like your expression.

    "Jungkook said he left his phone here."

    An excuse, maybe? Anyone could have come here to collect the maknae's phone. Why you? If it weren't for Jungkook's clumsiness and your selflessness, you wouldn't be here at all. Or would you? God, his head hurts. Why does your distance make him overanalyze everything you say?

    "Oh, umm, it's probably in here somewhere. Come on in."

    You could wait outside. You should wait outside. But you step over the threshold anyway and even take off your shoes. Old habits die hard.

    "I'll check out here if you wanna check the bedroom?"

    "Sure," you agree and make your way down the short hallway, trying not to reimagine memories of being carried down the hallway last time you were here.

    Amongst the clutter of dressers, on the floor, between the mattress, behind shelves, and stuck on spare chargers, you look everywhere but his phone isn't here. Jungkook really lost it this time, you think.

    In a final attempt, you drop to the floor and check beneath the bed. There in the back corner of the room, hidden in the dark, is a large, purple sequin phone case upside down on the carpet.

    "Found it!" you shout and Jimin's quick footsteps make their way to you.

    "Where is it?" he asks upon entering the room.

    You're already on the mattress with your arm stuffed between the crack of the bed and the wall. "Down here."

    Jimin examines the situation, trying not to smile. Cute was never a word he used to describe you (although recently it's become a more popular adjective), but with your ass stuck up in the air and your cheek squished on the wall and your arm wiggling back and forth as you reach blindly into the depth behind the bed, Jimin thinks you're kinda cute.

    "I can't reach it," you sigh.

    "Here, let me help."

    The bed moves beneath you for a split moment, creating more space for you to reach down and pick up the lost phone. Flustered, you wrap your fingers around the square gadget.

    "Got it!" you cheer as your head comes back into view.

    Jimin grips the bottom of the bed and pushes it back into the corner, his arms bulging for only a moment and your body rocking off balance at the sudden movement.

    "Thanks for the help," you tell him softly, flipping the touch screen in your hands.

    "Not a problem."

    It's odd to see you on his bed and fully clothed. The setting doesn't seem right since he's not crawling into bed with you. The last time you were sitting on that mattress, you were reaching to pull him on top of you with a beautiful, teasing smile. Now you've got this awkward frown on your lips and it's not pretty at all. The distance you've put between you two feels larger here than anywhere else, much to Jimin's dismay. You crawl off the bed and he feels like heart sink as if it lost an opportunity to be happy.

    "___, wait."

    You turn at the sound of your name on his lips, shoes slipped over your heels already.

    "What are you doing later?"

    "Kai is taking me out."

    "So you're dating him?"

    "We're seeing where things are going. Nothing's official but," you blush and it's like a slap to Jimin's face, "I know he likes me."

    "Do you like him?"

    "Yeah," you say with a lift of your chin, as if preparing to defend your answer, "I do."

    "Did you sleep with him?"

    No, he shouldn't have asked. But he did. Because as much as he won't admit it out loud, it's all he's been able to think about. Much to his surprise, you answer without giving him too much of a death glare.

    "Not yet." Whether you're being honest or lying for the sake of his ego is yet to be known.

    "Are you going to?"

    "That's too far."

    Jimin frowns and stuff his hands into his pockets unapologetically. "Didn't realize we had a too far," he chides.

    "We didn't," you reply, turning the knob and opening the door to the wild, strong wind outside, "but now we do. Thanks to you."


    Thanks to him, huh?

    Jimin doesn't think so. It's not his fault you fell in love with him. He's the one who made it a point not to fall in love with you. Beautiful, sexy, funny, intelligent you.

    You started sneaking around under the pretense that neither of you would develop feelings. Seeing as Jimin had never developed romantic feelings before, he figured it would be easy to stay in his lane. And he did! You were the one who screwed everything up! It's thanks to you that there's a "too far" now.

    It's thanks to you he can't seem to sleep since he broke up with you. He never struggled with insomnia before, but lately his search history is filled with tips on how to fall asleep, over the counter medication suggestions, and failed ASMR YouTube videos.

    Even now, he's laying in bed past midnight unable to sleep a single wink. All I can think about is that stupid distance. That stupid "too far" nonsense. It all sounds made up to him. Boundaries have never been a part of his vocabulary when it comes to you, why should he have to add new words now? Because he broke up with you? You knew that he would, it's your fault for confessing.

    But the obvious question is still there, no matter how much he wishes it would go away. He's not nearly as good at avoiding things as you are.

    Why is he bothered by it so much? The thought of you with another guy never even crossed his mind. But seeing you with another guy, now that does not sit right with him. Something is very, very wrong with the concept of another guy kissing down your neck, holding you in the dark, being the reason for your smile. That was Jimin's job. He claimed that position. You were his and ONLY his.

    If you were to ask him, he would tell you that no, he's not the possessive type. But Jimin's exhausted brain can no longer deny the reality of the situation when he hasn't slept in three days.

    He wants you back. He wants the title of your secret boyfriend back. No, you know what, fuck secret! He just wants to be your boyfriend. He wants to cut the distance with a knife so there's nothing stopping him from getting to you, picking you up and spinning you around, making you laugh, making you blush.

    God, his chest actually hurts. Physical pain! Is this what heartache feels like? Yearning?

    At least he knows what the remedy is. He needs to go to you, kiss you until it doesn't hurt anymore. He can think of what he'll say on the way there, or maybe he'll make something up on the spot.

    There's no telling how you'll respond, but if Jimin is lucky, you won't have thrown him away completely yet. If Jimin is lucky, he won't have missed his chance.

    It's past midnight and Jimin puts on his shoes and grabs his jacket to slip over his pajamas and heads for the front door. With his keys and phone in one hand, the other reaches for the doorknob.

    Just as it turns, his phone lights up with a notification.

    ♡ ___ and Kai Jongin are in a relationship ♡

    He missed his chance.


    #thanks for the request! #jimin angst#jimin fic #jimin one shot #jimin drabble #jimin x reader #secret relationship #lovely anon 🌻
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    dr. van helsing in horror of dracula
    #everyone points out blood transfusion scene #i love this one #his little kill-a-vampire kit #confidence in his look #slightly messy hair in the last shot #ahhhhh#peter cushing#hammer horror#dracula #horror of dracula #50s horror#horroredit#mine#my caps
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    band!y/n and one night only london please 🧎‍♀️


    harry x band!reader



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    harryfan3 they make me feel lonely…

    harryfan6 WHY DID I OPEN THE APP TODAY 😭

    harryfan8 i wanna be y/n and get lifted by harry styles

    harryfan5 his whole album is about her…sobbing

    harryfan9 excuse me ma’am, not to be disrespectful or rude but could you please take post down

    harryfan7 baby this is keke palmer

    harryfan9 enough.

    harryfan11 the way mitch and sarah are cropped out

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    user225 had an amazing opportunity to meet y/n before london’s one night only show. i am still in shock. typing about this feels unreal. truly y/n is an angel, our conversation lasted over an hour which she didn’t have to do but she did. she’s such the nicest person i’ve ever talked to. best day of my life ever.

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    harryfan10 i. am. screaming.


    harrystyles So glad you got to meet her.

    user225 thank you for making it possible harry!

    harryfan14 y/n looks so happy

    harryfan16 this is so cute, idc what anyone says

    yourinstagram i love you so much, i can’t wait to see you again!

    user225 i love you too 😭 gonna cry again

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    stylesnews Photos of Y/N on stage tonight at London’s One Night Only show.

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    harryfan17 oh my god


    harryfan21 she’s gonna put harry in retirement

    harryfan18 no but…if she releases her own album, harry’s done 🤭

    harryfan20 harry was staring at her the whole time…

    harryfan23 gemma and anne looked so proud of y/n and harry

    harryfan25 it was so cute the way they were recording them

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    harrystyles You are the love of my life.

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    harryfan22 tears are steaming down my face

    harryfan24 THIS IS MY LAST GODDAMN STRAW…harry count your days

    yourinstagram i love you so much!

    harrystyles Love you more darling.
    harryfan26 my parents 😭

    pillowpersonpp excuse me, where are the photo credits?

    harryfan28 welcome home cheater

    paulithepsm you guys are my favorite couple ever

    harryfan30 harry’s caption are his song lyrics…he’s so sick 🥲

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    yourinstagram I LOVE YOU LONDON!

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    harryfan29 y/n really said: harry is my man and my man only

    harrystyles Who is London? And why do you love him?

    yourinstagram why did i actually laugh…
    paulithepsm don’t worry i kind of did too

    harryfan31 crying and throwing up 😭

    stevienicks i miss my cherry baby

    yourinstagram please visit soon, she wants to see her godmother!!!
    harryfan33 hold up, cherry has y/n and harry as her parents…now she has fucking stevie nicks as her godmother…lowkey cherry is an icon

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    harris_reed on babysitting duty (she fell asleep right after this)

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    harryfan32 this is so adorable


    harrystyles My princess.

    yourinstagram she’s such a daddy’s girl
    harryfan37 i am sobbing

    mitchrowland should’ve put on harry’s favorite show the real housewives

    harryfan35 she’s destroying the internet…again

    florencepugh cherry is the cutest ever 💞

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    harryfan40 i love her so much


    harryfan39 you met her?
    harryfan44 yes! she was leaving with harry after the show and we had like a ten minute conversation 😭
    harryfan41 you are living my dream

    harryfan45 she literally has harry styles child, is the lead guitarist in his band…i wanna be her

    harryfan47 going into my y/n era 🤗

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    helenepambrun.photography In honor of one night only, here is a unseen photo of my favorite guitarist ever. I miss you Y/N!

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    harryfan42 i don’t know if i wanna be y/n or be with her

    harryfan46 now i understand harry

    yourinstagram my darling helene i miss you too, can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

    harrystyles Thank you for the invite.
    helenepambrun.photography you’re welcome

    harryfan48 loving the way everyone is crushing on y/n 😭

    vicdeangelis SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL

    harryfan50 i would write an album about her too

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    paulithepsm a video i took of the lovebirds in new york after the show

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    harryfan49 this video is keeping me up


    harrystyles Always a gentleman.

    yourinstagram gotta thank your mother for that
    harryfan54 y/n really said: shout out to anne 💅

    harryfan56 when will it be my turn

    gemmastyles the lovebirds of new york city

    harryfan53 i am now streaming jack harlow…this is your fault harry

    brittany_broski can’t believe i witnessed this?

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    pleasing Y/N applying our Acid Drops Lucid Overnight Serum where you could find on our website. Find your pleasing.

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    harryfan51 y/n said run me that paycheck


    harryfan57 it is, look at the rings 😭

    annetwist such a beauty!


    yourinstagram omg my first ad

    harrystyles Next you’re on a billboard.

    harryfan61 just thinking about how y/n gets all the pleasing things for free along with harry’s merch…i wanna be a rockstars girlfriend 😀

    billieeilish only buying because of her


    tag list : @harrysmatcha @harryspinkpillow @helen-with-an-a @florencepughily @peterparkerbae @toji-dabi-wife @fallonx @drphilssoulmate @cherriesrae @alienorknight @valluvsu @ivegotparticulartaste @ayeshathestyles @hazgoldenstyles @eiffelmezarry @tsukishimawhore @renatavieira @michellekstyles @eleanordaisy @shawnsblue @academiaghosts @japanchrry @agustdpeach @hannahnikohl @hrryscherrys @whoscamila @ch3rryrry @msolbesg @newyorker14 @futuristicpalacegardenpsychic @youusunshineyoutemptress @eunoiamaa @kaitieskidmore1 @gublerscherry @cherryfragrancx @ssuziess @milkiane @teenidlemuse @golden-hoax @flwrmuse @leah2002 @sunshinemendes8 @your--sweetest--downfall @melllinaa @iluvjj @bisouma @tenaciousperfectionunknown @vodka-is-gay-and-so-am-i @cashtons-wife @harryistheonlyoneforme

    #harry styles x reader #harry styles #dad!harry #harry styles au #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles x y/n #harry styles x you #boyfriend!harry #harry styles fake social media #harry styles fake ig #harry styles fake instagram #harry styles one shot #harry styles fan fic #harry styles blurb
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  • storiesforallfandoms
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    stealing my stuff ~ eminem

    word count: 1554

    request?: yes! (i combined two requests for this one actually)

    “Hi there! Could I request a Eminem x reader?

    The reader is a pop singer and is dating Eminem. And the reader goes on a Instagram live and Eminem just annoys/teases the reader, causing fans to go crazy in the comments. Just something fluffy 🥰

    Thank you 😊”

    “I could request Eminem, eminem x reader, reader steal some of Marshall's t-shirts and jackets and fans go crazy because they love reader ... thanks !!”

    “I could request Eminem, eminem x femreader, reader steals some of Marshall's t-shirts and jackets and also defends him on the internet for some stupid thing they said about him and their relationship and the fans go crazy because they love reader and send him lots of love . I love your works <3″

    description: in which she goes live wearing his clothes, so he decides to embarrass her about it

    pairing: eminem x female!reader

    warnings: swearing

    masterlist (one, two)

    The number one rule in any relationship is that one person has to be okay with the other stealing their clothes constantly. It’s a given in any relationship, especially when a girl is dating a guy. It’s just a scientific fact that men’s clothes, specifically their sweatpants and hoodies, are so much more comfortable than women’s clothes. Plus, women love to have things that smell like their boyfriend.

    Or maybe that’s what I told myself to justify stealing Marshall’s clothes.

    Most of my wardrobe consisted of Marshall’s clothes. It wasn’t uncommon for me to leave the house in one of Marshall’s shirts, hoodies, ball hats, sometimes even a pair of his sweatpants despite the fact that they were way too big for me. They were just comfortable and they reminded me of him.

    Fans loved seeing me in his clothes. Every time a pap would snap me in his hoodie, or I’d post a picture of video on social media in one of his shirts, our fans would go wild for it.

    So I knew exactly what I was doing when I decided to start a live stream one day when I was bored and wearing the hoodie Marshall had been pictured wearing the day before.

    The chat was immediately filled with everyone going crazy over me wearing the hoodie. I couldn’t help but laugh at their reactions.

    “It’s such a comfortable hoodie,” I said. “It’s so warm and, since Marshall wore it yesterday, it still smells like him. No one tell him, but I might keep it for myself.”

    Everyone in the chat was agreeing to the secrecy when the message “eminem is watching” appeared on my screen.

    “Oh shit, we may be caught guys.”

    It wasn’t long until Marshall sent his first message in the chat: “Nice hoodie. Looks familiar, though 🤔”

    The chat filled with “oh no”s and “busted”s and laughing emojis.

    I playfully rolled my eyes. “Don’t act surprised, babe. You know this is bound to happen like 99% of the time.”

    I had started the live stream because I was home alone while Marshall was working. I didn’t expect him to be home until later on in the night. That’s what he told me before he left for the day, anyways.

    But the sound of the front door opening and slamming shut told me otherwise.

    “Oh no,” I said as I heard footsteps approaching. “I think I’ve officially been caught, guys.”

    The bedroom door swung open and there stood my boyfriend, his usual serious look on his face. I couldn’t help but smile at him, glad to see him home so early, even if it meant I was caught doing a stream in his clothes.

    “What the fuck is this?!” he exclaimed in an accented voice.

    I giggled. “It’s a live stream.”

    “What is that on your body?!”

    My giggles started to pick up to full laughs. “You know what it is.”

    “I had that with my dirty laundry this morning. You’re really okay with wearing a dirty hoodie?”

    I turned back to my stream and playfully shook my head. The comments were coming in so quick that I could barley read them. There were many messages saying hello to Marshall, excited by his presence, as well as talking about how cute we were together. There was even a couple people playing along with Marshall’s claim that the hoodie was dirty.

    “You wore it for like twenty minutes while out running errands yesterday,” I argued. “That’s not dirty. You can wear it again. Hoodies don’t get dirty that fast.”

    “Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.”

    I rolled my eyes again. “Okay, that’s enough out of you. Go away now.”

    Of course, he did the exact opposite of what I asked and walked further into the room. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned into his embrace, thinking he was just giving me a little hug. I realized that was my biggest mistake when I felt his arms tighten around me and suddenly I was picked up from where I was sat and thrown onto the bed.

    Through my fits of laughter I managed to call out, “Fuck off! You’re so annoying!”

    He started laughing as well, making sure he was out of frame from the camera before doing so. I looked over and, even though the small screen, I could see that I was a bit of a mess. My hair was wild from being thrown, my face was a little flushed, and the hoodie was significantly bunched up.

    I glared over at Marshall as I got up from the bed. “Why do I even tolerate you?”

    “Because you love me,” he responded. “Which was your biggest mistake.”

    I stuck my tongue out at him and in response he flipped me off before walking out the bedroom door and finally leaving me alone.

    I sat back down in front of my phone, dramatically sticking my tongue out at the door again for the benefit of anyone watching.

    “Guys suck,” I said. “Why do I like them so much?”

    The chat was still flooding with messages about how cute we were. Everyone was going wild over a quick Marshall appearance, especially one that included me being teased by the man I loved so much.

    I swear, he really is lucky that I love him.

    Through the dozens of messages coming in every second, I noticed one that was less than nice. My brows furrowed together as I read just a short snippet of the comment before it disappeared into the sea of nicer comments.

    “Okay, I know I shouldn’t focus on negative comments,” I started. “But someone just said some fucked up shit about me leaving Marshall and I don’t think it was a joke. So, I just wanna say to that person specifically, fuck you. I don’t care what your thoughts on Marshall are, if you’re a fan of mine you will respect my boyfriend and my relationship. If you’re gonna be bringing that negativity around here, kindly unfollow me and stop listening to my music.”

    Messages of love and support filled the chat after that.

    It wasn’t too much later that I decided to end the stream. As much as I loved my fans, knowing that Marshall was home made me want to go spend as much time with him as I could. It was rare for him to be finished working so early in the day and for both of us to have the same time off to spend together.

    I took off his hoodie and threw it back with the pile of laundry where it had been that morning. After the throwing incident I found myself becoming incredibly warm and no longer in need of a hoodie.

    I found Marshall in the kitchen, making himself a sandwich. I reached around him and grabbed half of it off of his plate and took a massive bite out of it.

    “Hey!” he said with a smile on his face.

    “What? I’m hungry,” I said with an innocent shrug.

    “First she steals my clothes, then she steals my food. Nothing is sacred here.”

    “If it’s such a big deal, make another sandwich. This one can be mine now.”

    He chuckled and grabbed another two slices of bread to start making another sandwich. I pulled myself to sit up on the counter next to him and continued to eat the half that I had swiped from him.

    Marshall glanced over at me for a brief second before saying, “You’ve taken off the hoodie, I see.”

    I nodded. “Yeah, something about being picked up and tossed onto a bed made me really warm all of a sudden. Too warm for a hoodie.”

    He smiled to himself. He continued to make the sandwich in silence as I finished the first half and reached for the second. Before I took a bite out of that half, I looked over at Marshall.

    “Does it bother you when I take your clothes?” I asked.

    “What? Of course not. I don’t care.”

    “Are you sure? I do it a lot. I know I joke about it, but if it’s actually bothering you or anything I’ll stop.”

    Marshall looked over at me and put a hand on my knee. “(Y/N), I don’t mind that you take my clothes. I think it’s cute that you want to wear my stuff all the time. You look much better in it than I do anyways.”

    I chuckled. “That’s debatable.”

    He ignored my comment, although I did see a smile tug at his lips. “Whenever I say anything about it, it’s all said as jokes. You’re free to steal my stuff anytime. As long as I wasn’t planning on wearing it anyways.”

    “You have so much clothes, you can make changes if you were planning on wearing it.”

    “You also have so much clothes, yet you keep stealing mine!”

    I hopped off of the counter and walked out of the kitchen towards the den. “Can’t hear you! I’m not in the same room anymore!”

    I could hear him chuckling to himself as I plopped down onto the couch. I smiled as well, taking a bite from the sandwich as I waited for him to finish masking his and join me in the living room.

    #eminem#eminem imagine #eminem x reader #marshall mathers #marshall mathers imagine #marshall mathers x reader #imagine#one shot#request#fanfiction#fanfic#fandom
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  • minim236
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    Sir Philip Crane meets the Duke and Duchess of Hastings.

    Set in my Simon and Marina au

    Simon walked back to his carriage as quickly. He found most days in the Commons long and useless but it was his duty. He would prefer to be at home with the twins and Marina. It was the thought of seeing them at the end of the day.

    "My Lord Hastings!" He stopped hearing someone call him and suppressed an annoyed look. He wished to go home, not be asked for political favour. He turned and plastered on a polite expression to face the man.

    "My name is Lord Philip Crane." He introduced himself and Simon shook his hand.

    "What can I do for you?" Simon asked.

    Philip seemed to hesitate before speaking. He didn't exactly know how to go about it all. But he was a man who kept his word and he promised George that he would look after Marina.

    He was surprised when he learned she was the Duchess of Hastings now.

    "Well, it is complicated. It is well, about the Duchess." Philip said, "You see, I knew her when she was younger. She knew my brother, George. Before he died."

    Simon realised who he was. That George Crane. This must be "You should come with me,"


    Marina was sitting in the drawing-room reading in a rare moment of peace as the twins were napping. She thought she would hate being back in London but she was able to spend more time with Lady Danbury. She got to see Penelope, Eloise and Daphne. Moreover, she was looking forward to observing the festivities in the new season.

    "Your Grace, your husband is home," Their housekeeper, Alice announced with a smile.

    "Thank you." She said, standing up and placing a marker in her book.

    Simon brightened upon seeing his wife, "Good day, my dear."

    "Darling," Marina smiled and leaned up to kiss her husband before noticing the stranger standing awkwardly in the doorway.

    "This is Lord Philip Crane." Simon introduced and her face fell in surprise, looking back and forth from each man.


    There was a considerable silence as tea was brought. Philip sat across from the couple at the tea table.

    "I am going to look in on the twins. I am sure one is awake by now." Simon said, kissing his wife's cheek and nodding politely at their guest. She was both surprised and thankful that he recognised

    "I did not come here to disrupt your life or happiness. I am... fulfilling my brother's wishes." Philip said nervously

    "He told you about me?" Marina tried to hold back tears. Philip was travelling when she and George met.

    "He wished to marry you. But in his final letter, close to his death, he asked that I would take care of you." Philip told her, "He detailed it all in his last letter to me. I returned to England only recently to take over the family title. I was surprised to learn that you had married the Duke of Hastings."

    "I thought he had forgotten me. Then I received his last letter with the notification of his death. One of his fellow officers sent it to me." Marina said, remembering when the letter came to the Featherington house. It was funny, she thought, that it was the same day on which Simon asked for her hand in marriage.

    Philip nodded, "I wanted to see, as George had asked me to and for my own consciousness, that you were well. Looked after. Content."

    "I was with child." Marina admitted and he looked surprised, "George did not know. I only realised after I arrived in London

    "Did you... Is the child...?" He was genuinely concerned.

    "It was one of the first reasons the Duke married me. We became friends last season and he knew I was with child." Marina explained.

    Philip was pleasantly surprised, "And he is good to you?" He was a blunt man.

    "I am happy," Marina assured him, "Truly. Simon is a wonderful father and husband. A part of me will always love George. But I am lucky enough to have found another fulfilling love."

    Philip smiled, "I am glad. Truly." He stood and she stood with him, "It was very good to meet you, Your Grace."

    "Sir Philip." Marina stopped him as she played with her hands nervously, "Would you like to meet them? The children?"

    He blinked, surprised and touched by her offer. "I would be honoured."

    She led him to the nursery, where Simon had been calming Amanda who woke up in tears. He was gently bouncing his daughter in his arms, rubbing her little back soothingly as she rested on his chest, softly whimpering.

    "I hope you do not mind," Marina said when he saw her and Philip

    Simon smiled gently in understanding. These children were the last blood link to his brother. He could not find it in himself to refuse him, "This is Amanda Sarah. She is having a bit of a moment."

    Philip smiled, leaning in closer to look at her, "Hello there, Amanda."

    "This is Oliver." Marina introduced the infant standing in his crib, wanting attention as well. She picked him up and he gave the new person a toothless smile

    "Hello, Oliver." Philip was more like his brother and he found himself choking up at the sight of his niece and nephew. He looked at Simon and back to Marina and smiled.

    "They are beautiful," Philip said truthfully, "And I do not believe they could wish for a better

    "Will you be in London for the season?" Simon asked, "We will be. My godmother's friend is returning with her daughters. We would enjoy having you?"

    "I am not one for the season," Philip said truthfully, "But thank you, Your Grace."

    "Well, then you must come to Clyvdale for our ball near the end of the season. Please?" Marina asked and he smiled and nodded.

    "I would be delighted." The two had lost George, but that did not mean they could not be friends. He would never be the twins' uncle in the same way but this was more than enough.


    That evening when they were getting ready for bed when Marina leaned on the doorframe connecting her dressing room with their bedroom and smiled at Simon who was sitting on the chaise at the end of the bed, reading.

    "Yes?" Simon asked with a smile. He always knew when she was looking and looked up at his wife.

    "You are a good man. Truly, the best man." Marina said truthfully.

    Simon shook his head, "I did what I hoped would bring you both some closure. That is all."

    "It is more than that." Marina pressed walking towards him, "Thank you. For being so, understanding. Kind."

    "May I admit something to you?" Simon asked and she nodded.

    "I was afraid that... you may have preferred a life with Philip to me. He is a gentleman and has fewer skeletons than I do."

    Marina squinted at him confused, "I do not know Philip. I only know what George told me. He is a good man, yes. But I am truly happy."

    Simon smiled, "I am happy too."

    "If I wanted a gentleman, then I would have waited for him," Marina smirked.

    "Oh?" Simon challenged playfully pulling her in his lap. She steadied herself, wrapping her arms around his neck.

    "Oh." Marina echoed, giggling as he kissed and nipped at her neck and décolletage before she pulled away, cradling his face in her hands.

    "I love you. So much." Marina told him, kissing him gently. He could feel her love.

    "I love you too."

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  • tamminknops
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    A new Start

    Twilight belongs to @/ TwilightSage 12 on Wattpad

    Aurora Hikari belongs to me

    Warning: child abuse, cannibalism, rape


    It has been a while since Twilight Tsubaki was saved from her Yakuza family. It was really traumatizing of what they forced her to do.

    Twilight was forced to kill people and had to watch of how her 'parents' killed them if she didn't want to.

    A creature that they made a deal with would even EAT those people that they have killed. It was truly disgusting.

    One day that creature took it way to far. He actually raped Twilight because he had caught her interest. It was a living nightmare.

    Twilight then had enough and had ran away in the middle of the night and had bumped into the pro hero Lumina. Aurora could easily see that Twilight had troubles at home due her shivering way to much.

    Aurora immidiatly caught Twilight when she collasped. She brought her to the hero agency in an instant.

    "Miss Lumina, why do you have a kid with you?" Best Jeanist said.

    "No need to explain. Call UA and tell them to bring Recovery Girl here!"

    No one had to be told twice when they saw in what state Twilight was in.

    From that day, the goverment has decided to put Twilight under the care of Lumina and Hawks.

    Lumina wasn't really sure. But she agreed. Hawks did to after a while. They didn't really know anything about parenting but they did their best.

    Izuku was the first one to befriend her. At first, Twilight didn't say much,  but after a while she slowly started to talk to him. That made Izuku happy.

    "Twilight, are you hungry? " Aurora said to her.

    "No" is all what Twilight said. She still needs to get used to having lovely parents and that people are asking her nice things and not forcing her to do anything.

    "Alright, tell me when you are ok?" Aurora added before leaving Twilight her room.

    After a few days, Twilight opened up more to her friends. They let Twilight meet the others from class 1-A. Yes even Katsuki.. His mom actually forced him to do that.

    Her and Izuku were getting along just great. But Twilight didn't know how long she could hold her tears back of all what happened to her.

    Izuku hugged her before he had to go home again, but she didn't let go. Izuku was red in the face, but that soon dissapeard once he had heard her crying. Izuku already had a feeling of why she is crying. And he completely understood why.

    Izuku just held her close, giving her all the comfort that she needs.

    "I will always be here for you if you ever need me." He said to her while stroking her head. Twilight just kept crying.

    "Thank you" Twilight said starting to stop with crying.

    Izuku felt warm. He knew what this feeling is. He was in love with this girl. Despute them only knowing for a few weeks, he was sure of it. But this propably isn't the time to confess. Maybe one day he will.

    As the day went on, Izuku eventually had to leave. Lumina then had joined her.

    "Hey kid.. are you alright?"

    Twilight looked at her. And slowly shook her head.

    "No, i'm not.. everything in my life has been hell! And now i finally know how a real family is like, and i am scared that my birth parents are gonna take me away!" Twilight said with fear in her voice.

    Aurora immidiatly embraced her. "We make sure that that doesn't happen. I promise you that" she said rubbing her back.

    Twilight hugged her back in an instantly.

    'So this is what a mother hug feels like.. i like it' Twilight thought.

    Keigo was watching them from outside the door.

    'I better not ruin the moment by saying something...' he thought. He shrugged and joined the hug.

    Twilight smiled and Aurora smiled. The 3 can be a fuctional family. If Aurora and Keigo actually get together at some point. Which they will. Hopefully.

    The next day, Izuku arrived early. The 2 heroes smiled at him and let him in. Izuku knocked on Twi her door.

    "Twilight? It's me Izuku!" He said happily.

    Twi shot her head to the door and opened it, being happy to see him. Izuku happily walked in.

    The 2 talked again for a long while. And Izuku loved loved seeing her smile after sucha long time.

    And before Izuku knew it, he softly kissed her on the lips. He was completely red. He went even more red when he felt her kiss softly back.

    'Wow.. her lips are so soft..' he thought. He then had to pull away for air.

    "W-ow.." he said. Twi just smiled and hugged him. Izuku hugged her her back while smiling.

    The 2 pros had seen everything and made a :'i'm watching you' motion. The 2 really see Twi as their own daughter despite not being related in any way.

    Izuku quickly nodded and wanred them to leave. He finally has a moment with the girl he fell in love with. The 2 pris gave a smile and left the 2 alone

    This was it. Twilight her life was finally becoming normal and niw finally has the family that she truly deserves.

    Oh? And about the Tsubaki Yakuza? Lumina and Hawks had the pleasure of beating them and bring them to prison.

    And about that creature? They made him see the daylight. This creature would burn to ashes if it met daylight, he had a painful death. Of course Heroes shouldn't kill but court decided it once they knew the entire thing.

    Now a new chapter of Twilight her life is about to start. And she couldn't be more thankful

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    I get the most insatiable cravings for carribbean food- largely insatiable bc it’s for specific shit you can’t get just anywhere

    we have a big carribbean population here but mostly bori, haitian, jamaican but like

    I constantly want doubles and I just remembered curried conch w buss up shot..

    #the jamaican places round here don't do enough seafood #theree's a great antilles place here tho #they have conch at least #but ofc not buss up shot #and no one by me  has doubles #I should make them myself but frying stuff... #ugh
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    Gone forever

    Pairing: Rachel x Eijiro

    A/N Rachel belongs to me

    Trigger warning: suicide


    He couldn't safe her could he? Of course he couldn't. This was her choice to make, not his. He wished that he could have stopped it though...

    Everyone knew that Rachel didn't have the best life, but that she would actually do something like this is something no one saw coming.

    'To anyone who finds this stupid letter, please don't cry.. I absolutely hate it when people cry because of me.. But you all gotta understand why i did what i did.. I didn't do it because i hate i all.. i did it because my sister is dead...

    Let's be honest here, we all know i was useless anyway, i couldn't safe Eri even though i promised her.. And even though my dad is in jail right now , eri didn't got justice.. Her justice would be that she finally got to live ! I wanted her to live a life full with happiness! But now she can't anymore! I am the worst person that walks on the goddamn planet.. or rather walked..

    While i am writing this letter, i am already in he bathroom, i am gonna die alone.. but the good thing is that i die only 2 regrets..

    I guess that one regret of mine is already obvious. I regret that i didn't safe Eri while i had the chance. I hope that she can forgive me in the after life..

    My second regret is that i never got to tell Eijiro how much i love him.. I deeply regret that he and i never got to marry... God i am so sorry.. But even he would never be able to let my depression go away completely.. shit, now i am crying as well.

    I hope that  you all can live without me though.. i hope that you all can get happy lives and be the greatest heroes in the world! Something that i was never be able to become.. Anyway, live the live that you always wanted.. and please.. don't make anyone ever say that you aren't worth it.. cause you are..

    I will always watch you from hell.. or heaven i don't know what death has in store for me.. i end this now..


    -Rachel Chisaki'

    Once the class and heroes knew about this, they wanted to safe her and run to the bathroom as fast as possible, only to see Rachel her dead body in the thub with her wrists being cut open. Once the police arrived, they had stated that Rachel was already dead for 5 hours. That made everyone cry in an instant. They had lost their friend and no one had suspected a thing..

    At her funural , the entire UA school ad pro's where crying at their loss. Yes, even Neito and Katsuki are crying. And no one blamed them. They might never got along but none of them actually hated her. People couldn't even finish what they wanted to say about her cause they simply cannot hande the loss of such a young teen.

    Once everyone was away, the police had let Kai to her grave. The police was actually surprised that he out of all people had demmanded to bring him to his daughter's grave. Seems like he isn't completely heartless after all.

    Once he heard the news of what happened he didn't want to believe it at first, he already lost his boss and now her? Yeah, he didn't pay attention to her as a kid and didn't wanna raise her or even let her go in his plans. He wasn't meant to be a father is what he always told himself.

    Truth is, the only 3 people he actually cared about was Thr boss, his former lover and Rachel. And now he had lost all 3. He is now even more mentally broken then before. And this is exactly what the villains wanted. Kai had let a few tears fell. "i'm sorry Rachel.."

    And then we should not forget about Eijiro, he didn't stop crying for an entire week and only left his room if he had to eat. He wished he could have saved her. He wished that he could have told her how much he loved her but that now isn't possible anymore. But he did what she had asked him to do and stayed strong and lived the life he always wanted.

    and that is how Rachel Chisaki died due Suicide

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  • murphy-kitt
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    patiently waiting for day 30 of dannymay,,, corpse au time!

    #danny phantom#corpse au #ive like dropped off the face of the planet for Dannymay but I promise I am still wanting to write #it’s just postponed by like two months bc of my exams #so like yeah expect a spontaneous burst of dannymay one shots in the middle of like July or smth #wow damn I say like a lot
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  • ap-kinda-lit
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Genius in Love

    cutesy NejiTen drabble. Neji is one of the best shinobi, a genius and a stone cold stoic. He's fantastic at everything he does...except for trying to court the girl he really likes.

    He cleared his throat and began in his serious, all-business tone, "Tenten. Would you-" He was cut off by rich brown eyes with long lashes and rosy cheeks. In a milisecond, all his confidence and determination went out the window. Neji froze with his mouth open. He again cleared his throat and said, "Would you…train me with me today?" "Of course! Let me get my scrolls!" she beamed and spun around to go gather her scrolls.

    Mentally, Neji smacked and called himself every name in the book. He was so close, but then he saw that damn precious face of hers and he went and screwed it all up. It was so ridiculous. He was Neji Hyuga, for crying out loud. If he was a natural as a shinobi, then he should have little problem asking a girl out on a- "Alright, let's go!" Tenten's chipper voice broke him out of his self berating. Neji sighed and followed. Staring at the back of her head, he wondered to himself if training sessions could count as a date.

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  • ap-kinda-lit
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    just let me adore you

    Tenten-centered drabble, with a mention of a certain ship

    Tenten watched on with annoyance. Even though she was more of a tomboy with almost no interest in romance, she had her moments where she did feel somewhat envious of the attention Sakura, Ino, and Hinata got from boys. The letters, the cards, the flowers, the small gifts…she didn't care about those. It was the admiration that got to her. As happy as she was as the weapons expert kunoichi, she still found herself from time to time wishing she was half as beautiful or as alluring as her fellow girl ninjas.

    To put it simply, she wanted to feel loved, special, adored.

    Sighing, she slung her bag over her shoulder and got up and left, completely unaware of the masculine pale eyes watching her attentively with a faint glimmer of longing and fondness.

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