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  • serenityslutt
    27.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    Could you do one like un abrazo but ot7?🥺 readerxTae, and she’s like a sister to the other members, and everyone notices that she’s been really down and try to make her feel better (angst+fluff)

    I’d love too thank you for the cute request!

    I know I said I was going to take the day off because of my school work but I can’t help but post I have so much motivation rn!




    ~ te quiero

    Pairing: taehyung x f!reader x ot7

    Genre: lovers, friends, fluff, slight angst , overthinking reader

    No warnings

    “Y esa nube nublada sigue tus pasos”

    You’re having one of those moments where you bury yourself in your head and remember all those bad memories with hurtful words and sad tears. You don’t know how or why you got here but those memories will always be fresh on your mind. Nothing can make them disappear no matter how hard you try. Someone had said something to you that made you over think and you didn’t like that. Some days you push it aside some you reflect on it. Both aren’t good for you also brushing your feelings away isn’t good.


    “____” you snap out of your thoughts looking at tae “are you okay” you smiled nodding “I’m fine” when in reality you feel like shit inside. He looks at you not really believing you. He grabbed you pulling you closer to him “lay with me” you smiled nodding against his chest. If you’re having a bad day he wants to make you feel better with his love.


    “____” jimin looks at you wanting to cheer you up “yes” you slowly smiled at him “what’s up with you” you laugh “nothing im fine” he taps his finger on his thigh “you lying” you shake your head “yoongi” you tried to stop him “n-no” they all might be your boyfriend friends and they care for you as a sister but yoongi really is your brother he can pull what’s in your head right now. “I’m not kidding jimin don’t” jimin seeing the scared and annoyance in your eyes. You quickly get up before yoongi got the chance to reach the both of you.

    You know jimin is just worrying about you but you feel dumb. You feel like everything that’s running through your head and hurting you is stupid. You already feel dumb for feeling and thinking this way you don’t need your own brother telling you that too. You know he will never say something like that you’re his baby he just wants to see you happy and smiley. His little ball of happiness he will always protect.


    After that day jimin still talked to yoongi, yoongi isn’t surprised with the way you’re acting this isn’t your first time feeling like this. He’s just sad you still choose to hide and not tell him how you feel. So he planned to have a little intervention.

    This is how you got stuck in a room full of your brothers and boyfriend “I’m fine” taehyung hugged you closer “baby you’re not fine” you play with the ring yoongi gifted you years ago “you have that look in your eyes ____” yoongi gets closer to you “you can lie to them but you can’t lie to me” your heart breaks you love your brother too much to ever lie to him. “Flower it’s okay to tell us how you feel” he squeezed your hand in encouragement.

    “____ talk to us” jin smiled at you as you look at all of them seeing they are really worried “guys it’s not that serious just my thoughts”. “What are you thinking about” you try to explain but you can’t you don’t know why “i don’t know I cant explain it you know I suck when explaining what I feel” they nod. Tae kissed your cheek “we don’t want to see you sad” you smiled “I know I’m sorry I made you guys worry I’ll stop thinking these stuff for you guys ” jungkook looks at you “you can’t because of us you have to stop for yourself too” jimin nods. “You cant keep letting your thoughts mess with your feelings” jimin look at you as he said that.

    “You know we all care about you” you nod as you smile at hoseok. They’re slowly making you feel better “so no more thinking about mean stuff _____” you nod at namjoon. “Ohhh look at us being good big brothers” hoseok laughs making the mood even lighter. “I love you ___” yoongi hugged “me too” you smiled against your brother warm hug. Taehyung kissed your cheek “I love you so much my flower” you smile as you kiss his head “I love you” you hugged Both of their heads.

    “Hey we love you too” they all jumped on the three of you making everyone laugh. “Im hungry” they all look at you “so what we in the mood for” they pull there phones trying to find what you feel like eating. “Whatever you know I’ll eat whatever you guys get” Jimin shakes his head “not whatever you have to want something” oh this will be a long night.



    「 -ㅅ-「 ㄱ -ㅅ-ㄱ

    Y’all seen this in the bangtan bomb🥹

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  • finelinevogue
    27.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    what about y/n and harry picking out clothes for the baby? i feel like that would be so so adorable!!

    ohhh for sure!! okay so they’d be in gucci….

    January 2nd 2023

    “Bub this is far too expensive.”

    You were stressed that you had no clothes for your fast approaching baby and Harry had decided to take the day off to go shopping with you. Turns out he didn’t mean Primark though, he meant Gucci.

    Your pregnant waddle was getting more obvious as you reached the 8 month mark of your pregnancy. Your baby girl was getting heavier now and you couldn’t wait to finally meet her, and not just because it would stop her from breaking your back.

    “How much is it?” Harry asked, standing nearby looking at shoes whilst you were holding a jumper he’d just picked up.

    “You didn’t even look at the price before handing it to me?”

    “Don’t need to. Don’t care how much it is. As long as m’girl looks adorable, she can have whatever.”

    You rolled your eyes and tucked the label back into the jumper. It was cute. It was a lemon yellow colour with brown ducks walking across it. Harry loved it because it matched the brown cardigan with yellow ducks on it, that he owned.

    “But H, she’ll wear this for one week and then she’ll be too big.” You groaned, not finding a valid reason to justify spending this much money on a tiny amount of material.

    “But she’ll look great.” Harry argued, raising his eyebrows and smiling like that was going to instantly change your mind.

    “But it’s the same price as a family holiday to Greece.”

    “But she’ll look great.” Harry stepped closer towards you.

    “But she’ll wear it once.”

    “But she’ll look great.” Harry stopped in front of you and held onto your shoulders. You took a deep breathe, his touch relaxing your anxiety over baby clothes shopping away. “Simple question, do you like the jumper? Yes or no?”


    Harry took the jumper from you and put it into the little basket that you were pushing around. You laughed at how careless he had just been to the priceless jumper, but carried on anyways knowing that your baby girl was going to be the most loved girl in the whole world.

    #harry styles #harry styles x reader #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles x y/n #harry styles fanfic #ask finelinevogue#finelinevogue#harry blurb #harry styles concept #harry oneshot#harrys house #harrys house masterlist #harrys house fluff #harrys house finelinevogue #harry styles blurbs #harry styles masterlist #harry styles gucci
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  • jims-fanfic-writer
    27.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    💚Stanley Ipkiss x !Fem reader Oneshot💚

    A/N: Hello everyone! This oneshot was requested by @its-okay-bruno-madrigal . Thank you so much for requesting, this is my first one so far!! ☺💕 It means a lot ya know. 🥺 Anyway, this was such a fun time making this. <3

    Stanley Ipkiss is from The Mask and is of course played by our beloved Jim Carrey. He’s a timid person in general sometimes, and when it comes to talking to girls, he can be get clumsy. Even though he’s a good person, he often gets bad luck. He’s also one of my favorite characters. :3

    Now why don’t we start reading! >:)

    (P.S: This oneshot will be in Stanley's POV as requested.)

    His Moment 💚💐

    ❥ Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Fanfiction, Fluff, ✨Adorable✨, and a little bit of Comedy

    ❢Warning?: None 👍

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    As the day went by stilling working in the bank, Stanley just sits there, bouncing his leg. He looks around and sighs out of boredom.

    "What's up Stanley!" Charlie says, putting his hand on Stanley's shoulder.

    Once Charlie put his hand on Stanley's shoulder, Stanley gets startled.

    "Oh- sorry bud, I didn't mean to scare you." Charlie laughed.

    Stanley just gives him a small smile, "It's fine."

    "You ok Stan? You seem to be in the blue."

    "Yeah, I'm ok...just tired."

    "Oh come on buddy. Cheer up, you're almost done with your shift."

    Charlie looks up at the entrance and suddenly his eyes widened. His jaw drops and he takes his hand off of Stanley.

    Stanley looks at him, "What?"

    "Hot babe at 3 o'clock..."

    Stan looks in that direction and couldn't believe his eyes. A young woman walks into the bank.

    -"Holy shit!"- Stanley thought as he admired the woman.

    He first looks at her legs and travels up. Her thights, her waist, her chest, her amazingly soft looking breasts, her neck, all the way to her beautiful face. She was wearing a red dress with spaghetti straps, a shiny leather jacket, and black combat boots. Her make-up was a natural look, along with light red lipstick, a touch of highlight, and rosey pink cheeks. He knew right then and there, that he had just fallen in love with the women.

    She then walks in both Charlie and Stanley's direction.

    "Now why don't you just sit there and watch the master do this." Charlie said confidently, walking over to help the woman.

    "Oh hello." The woman said.

    "Why hello there, is there anything that I ca-"

    "Can you hold this for me?" The woman said handing her purse and jacket to him.

    "Of course, I can carry anything for you." Charlie said in a cheerful yet disappointed tone.

    "Can you help me?" The woman said as she sat down in a chair, facing Stanley's desk.

    Charlie then feels a little jealousy but didn't mind.

    - - - - - - - -

    Stanley's POV:

    "Can you help me?" The woman said as she sat down in a chair, facing Stanley.

    As soon as she sat down, Stanley started to get nervous and tries to fix himself up by organizing his desk. After that, he turns to the woman. Once he looks at her, he then again admires her.

    -"T-Those licious lips... t-those green eyes, h-her brown silky hair... oh my god..."-

    He then tries to speak normally, "Uh'd, uhm, w-what um, what kind of account would you want to make?"

    The woman smiles, "Just a regular one, that's all."

    "O-oh, ok, that's good. N- not that it's a really good one, erm or a bad one. It's just uh- what I mean- what I'm- *clears throat* Is it uhm- is it hot in here or is it just me?" Stanley said trying to not act stupid, waving his shirt up and down.

    The woman laughs, "It's alright uh-" She looks at his name tag, "Stanley, I just need it made."

    He then blushes and quickly turns to his computer & starts typing, "O-oh, ok um, let's get it made, right, right."

    As he tries to act normal, he grabs a pen and puts it in the pencil sharpener. He realized that it was a pen and pulls it out.

    He chuckles nervously, “Uhem, eheh, just checking if the pencil sharpener works. Good thing it works.”

    The woman laughs, “Hey um, Stanley?”

    “Yes?” He said quickly, giving her all of his attention.

    “So I know we just met and this is like a really weird question or whatever but um…do you maybe wanna hang out or like go out somewhere?”

    Stanley froze, eyes wide, speechless…

    -“Oh my god…is she asking me out??”-

    “Uh- uhm-, erm I mean, wait, arh- *inhales and exhales* Yeah, sure. It’s not a weird question.”

    “Oh okay, phew.”

    “…So um, I should’ve asked earlier but um, what’s your name?”

    “Oh, It’s Y/N”

    “I like your name” He said, blushing a little.

    “O-Oh, thank you.” She said, kinda blushing as well, “Well, I feel like I don’t need a bank account right now actually.”

    “Oh that’s alright, it’s ok to change your mind.” He said smiling, “O-Oh um, c-can I uh, get your phone number??”

    “Sure thing Stan.”

    Stanley starts smiling big and gets out a notepad and a pen. He hands her the notepad and waits patiently. She then writes down her number and draws a little extra something next to it.

    She then hands it back to him, “There ya go. I’mma get going now.” She says, getting up from the chair.

    “O-oh, ok. Uhm, have a great day!”

    “You too!” She said, walking out the door.

    As soon as she exits the bank, Stanley sits there confused, not knowing what just happened. Suddenly, he realized that he got her phone number and quickly grabs the notepad. He looks and sees the phone number and a heart by it.

    -“Am I seeing shit right now?”- he thought, looking closer at the phone number, “Holy shit!”

    He then sits back in his chair, starting to get all happy and blushing.

    He then covers his face with his hands, thinking about Y/N.

    “Oh. My. God~.”

    “Heyy bud!” Charlie said, walking towards Stanley, “So~, how did it go.”

    “Mmmmmmmm~” Stanley mumbled.

    Charlie laughs, “I’ll take that as great. Or should I say perfect?”

    “Shut up.” Stanley muffled, getting flustered.

    Charlie then grabs the chair that Y/N sat in, puts it next to Stanley, and sits down, “Wanna talk about it?”

    The End!

    Hope you guys enjoyed this oneshot!! And thanks again for the request @its-okay-bruno-madrigal . I had so much fun making this!! <3 Until next times my Carreys.


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  • ddejavvu
    27.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    can you write a smut where sirius using a vibrator on y/n in public?

    this post is 18+, minors dni.

    ugh he'd be such a little shit. he'll have gotten a silent one, for subtlety's sake, but there's nothing subtle about the way your muscles clench and you nearly topple over in the middle of the grocery store

    he waits for the most inopportune times too, like if you're reaching for something super high on a shelf?? up the intensity, and you're falling perfectly into his arms. what a coincidence that he was right there to catch you.

    one time he did it while you were driving but you nearly launched the car off of the road and he learned his fucking lesson

    #sirius black #sirius black x reader #sirius black imagine #sirius black scenario #sirius black oneshot #sirius black one-shot #sirius black one shot #sirius black fanfiction #sirius black fanfic #sirius black fic #sirius black headcanon #sirius black headcanons #sirius black hc #sirius black hcs #sirius black blurb #sirius black drabble #sirius black dialogue #sirius black x reader fanfiction
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  • beneathashadytree
    27.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago


    Warnings : a few curse words, ableism is absolutely not tolerated as someone who is disabled myself, Johnny’s mobility aid is a fancy walking stick that I wish I could afford, Johnny is an ass but we love him, reader is gender-neutral!

    Genre : domestic fluff because I’m a sucker for that <3

    Word count : 0.8K words

    Synopsis : There’s a certain feeling of love that swells inside him, and he can’t bring himself to push it away.

    Requests : Are closed for the time being.

    Want to support me financially? Here’s my CashApp!


    Calloused hands, skin worn down by the constant ever-so-firm grip on leather burning with friction, reached out carefully, brushing back a loose strand of hair from their face. The gesture might not have seemed like much, but to someone who knew Johnny far better than anyone did, they could clearly read into the affection he was offering.

    Unconsciously they leaned in, reveling in the brief skimming of his fingertips against their forehead. His lips slyly curled up, their actions not going unnoticed by him.

    “Awake yet?” he asked, voice a little gruffer and more lilting, accent seeping through his words as he pushed through the initial drowsiness of the day.

    They hummed in return, lifting their mug to take another sip of their (quite necessary) morning coffee, “Yeah, thanks for the special brew.”

    “Just didn’t want to have you whinin’ all throughout the day,” Johnny snorted, waving them off as he made his way to the counter, taking his own mug and downing it quickly, earning a judgmental look from his lover, “What?”

    “No sane person chugs their coffee. How do you even savor its taste?”

    “I don’t,” he gave them a pointed look as they wrinkled their nose at him, “I don’t exactly give a shit about caffeine. It’s just somethin’ to keep me alert.”

    “Unrefined palate,” they grumbled, before taking both of their mugs to the sink, “What’s on the agenda for today?”

    Johnny went silent for a second, leaning against the countertop as his fingers drummed against the surface, “For what?”

    Arching their brow at him, they gave him an incredulous look that translated into “Really?” and flicked his forehead, “Quit being a dick. You know what for.”

    An air of obliviousness surrounding him, Johnny shooed at them with his star-embossed stick, “No I don’t. Ain’t got time for decipherin’ crap.”

    Leaving them to scramble after him as he made his way to the living room with an imperceptible smile on his lips, he could almost hear the cheeky grin in their voice as they asked, “Oh? So Gyro’s just spouting bullshit about you having planned a fancy outing for our one year anniversary?”

    Stilling in place in front of the couch, Johnny mumbled under his breath, “Gonna cut that fucker’s loose tongue off of him,” clearing his throat, he faked nonchalance with his back still turned to them as he fiddled with the couch pillows, “Dunno what you’re talkin’ about.”

    “Sure,” from the drawn out syllable, he could tell without turning to them that they didn’t believe his feigned ignorance one bit and were only grinning wider, “You don’t fool me one bit, Joestar.”

    The blonde only grunted in reply, feeling his cheeks burn a little. He was thankful that he wasn’t looking into their bright eyes then, because he knew for a fact that his resolve would crumble the moment they looked at him the way he knew they always did; the way he never quite understood.

    (Or perhaps he did. After all, he’d always looked at them with the same bizarre mix of longing and incredible fondness; even after all this time had passed.)

    Before he could think of another flimsy excuse to pretend he knew nothing of what they were talking about, a pair of arms snaked around his midsection, startling him to the point where his grip on his stick faltered and nearly sent him tumbling onto the couch.

    Johnny didn’t even have the time to utter a protest, his stomach flipping as they gently leaned into his back, their chin nuzzling into his shoulder as they did, their eyes closed in a rare expression of bliss. He could feel his own emotions bubbling in his gut in a way that felt larger than life, the sheer affection swelling in his heart threatening to spill out from his eyes.

    Blinking back the tears whose timing seemed rather odd (he didn’t feel any particular melancholy, but something tugged at his chest so harshly that his breath caught in his throat, and the tears seemed nothing but a mere byproduct of those turbulent feelings), he carefully let his free hand pet their head gently, brushing their hair back deftly as it tickled his jaw. With a thick swallow and a shuddering breath, he finally spoke up, voice uncharacteristically small.

    “I, uh… ain’t been hugged like this in years.”

    Curious eyes peeked up at him, though he evaded looking into their eyes, lest his steely resolve to stay strong crumble, “Oh? Like what?”

    His hand stilled, stopping in their ministrations. Some far off memory clinked in his brain, like a forgotten penny falling out of his pocket and reminding him of its existence. The realization of just what this felt exactly like had the wind knocked out of him, and his brilliant blue eyes shone at the epiphany. He could only choke the next words out, too overwhelmed with how much he’d missed this cherished feeling.

    “Like I’ve got family.”

    #imagine#oneshot#fluff#anime#jjba #jojo’s bizarre adventure #domestic#jojo#johnny joestar #johnny joestar fluff #johnny joestar x reader #johnny joestar oneshot #jojo x reader #jojo fluff#jojo oneshot #jojo part 7 #steel ball run #jojo’s bizarre adventure steel ball run #gyro zeppeli#gyro
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  • farfromharry
    27.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    The bet | Harry Holland fic

    Summary: Harry Holland was a dick, a dick that agreed to make a bet against one of the sweetest people he’d ever met. However his conscience got the better of him and he had to let you know, but you took it better than expected and of course you had a trick up your sleeve that let everything work out for the both of you.

    Frat!Harry x Reader

    Word count - 9672

    Warnings - language probably, i think thats it

    Harry Holland wasn’t very bright. He should have known that when his roommates brought up the topic of Harry’s dating abilities, it was not a good idea to entertain them. That was exactly how he found himself in the centre of a bet to win your heart. He should have known from the get-go it was a horrible idea and usually he never would have done it, but then they offered him a large amount of money between them and he couldn’t turn it down. They were just rich frat boys who wanted entertainment, and apparently he was the way for them to get it.

    They all made their bets on how long he could keep a fling going with some girl before she broke it off or figured out the whole thing wasn’t real. The time periods were rather insulting, none of them thought it could last longer than four months at most. The lowest being three weeks. Maybe his agreeing wasn’t just about the money, part of it was also that they had bruised his ego and of course a man with a bruised ego was never good.

    You were only made the target because you were the first woman they saw, but with the way they found you you seemed like the perfect candidate. You had been sitting alone on the grass, doing some last minute studying for one of your classes. Apparently to the group of men you were an obvious target for all of those reasons. But to Harry you just looked sweet.

    He prayed that you were mean, that you were a terrible person so he wouldn’t feel bad, but when he approached you with a spontaneous question he was proven wrong. His roommates couldn’t have picked a more terrible person for him to do this to. You didn’t deserve it by any means.

    “Hi,” he started with, simple but effective. You raised your head. He noted the confusion on your face but you still acted kindly towards him. “This might sound strange, but uh– I’m a photography major, and you just look really beautiful in this light and I was wondering if I would be able to take a few pictures?”

    He visibly saw your entire demeanour change. You suddenly got very flustered and nervous upon the sly compliment he gave you. You had never seen him before, though he was cute, even though he had yet to tell you his name. For a few seconds you were just caught off-guard. You found it hard to believe anyone just wanted to take pictures of you so you were a little sceptical of his intentions, although you agreed.

    “Yeah, yeah I guess. As long as you make me look pretty,” you teased.

    He smiled, shrugging his shoulders as you watched him fiddle with his camera. “I don’t think I’d have to try very hard.”

    Your jaw gaped and he felt a momentary sense of pride flutter in his chest. He truly did think you were beautiful. The fact he was able to make such a pretty girl so flustered really helped to repair the damage that had been done to his ego. “Smile.” Nothing else was said as he lifted his camera to his eye, snapping a few pictures. You didn’t know how to act and you knew you were stiff and awkward, all you could muster up was a smile. He just thought it made you look cuter.

    Each one of the pictures he took captured something different. The way the wind blew your hair to perfectly frame your face, the flattering colour of your sundress against your skin. In one of them you were gazing at him differently than the rest and it gave him a sense of hope. With each snap of the camera you were getting more comfortable, and all too soon he was done.

    You were nervous when you watched him lower the camera, looking down at the pictures with an expression you couldn’t decipher. He was flicking through the various ones, his features completely unreadable to you.

    You just had to speak up. “So, did you get ‘em?” He nodded, eyes still fixated on the screen. He couldn’t help but think maybe this was going to be easier than he originally anticipated. If he truly had feelings for you then it wouldn’t even feel like a bet anymore, it’d be a breeze. “Can I see?”

    He lifted his head to smirk at you, cocking his head. “I might need some incentive,” he teased. You didn’t know what he was talking about at first, not until he pulled his phone out of his pocket with that same smirk. “Can I get your number?”

    You grinned, ignoring the heat on your face. “Do I at least get to know your name first?” He hadn’t realised that during your entire interaction he hadn’t given his or gotten yours until you pointed it out. He chuckled, holding out his hand for you to shake so he could formally introduce himself. “I’m Harry.”

    “Y/N,” you told him, taking his hand. He handed you his phone after that, letting you put your number in as a new contact. He was like a kid in a candy store as you were doing so, basically bouncing on his heels with anticipation. “Pretty name for a pretty girl.”

    You laughed, shaking your head. “Very cliché.” You handed his phone back with a small grin, unsure of what you were supposed to say now. Contrary to what Harry may believe, you didn’t get asked for your number pretty much ever. This was a new thing for you and you weren’t sure how you were meant to act. “What can I say? I’m a sucker for the classic tropes.” It was actually very ironic for him to say that considering he was living one with you right now.

    “I’ll send these over as soon as they’re edited,” he told you, raising his camera slightly so you knew what he was talking about. You hummed. “I’ll look forward to it.”

    He offered you a goodbye as he left you to your studying, heading back over to where his roommates had been waiting for him, watching the whole thing unfold from a distance. They were too excited when he made it back, hounding him to tell them what happened before he even sat down. “Tell us everything.”

    He raised his phone for them to see, though the smile on his face didn’t reach his eyes. “I got her number.” He felt like a terrible person for doing this to such a sweet girl. But he only hoped what you didn’t know couldn’t hurt you. Though he didn’t see the suspicious look you were sending the groups way as they cheered for the boy you had just been talking with.

    You didn’t know if it was just typical boy behaviour, but something told you to keep your guard up with this one for a little while. You hoped he would prove you wrong though, he was exceptionally cute and you would hate for him to turn out like all the other boys on this campus.


    [ 2 days into the bet ]

    It was around two days later when he finally built up the courage to send you the pictures. He actually edited them right when he got back to his dorm the day he took them, but he didn’t want to seem desperate, so he waited. You were happy to receive the message though, replying back instantly without the same worries he possessed.

    The photos were exceptional and you understood why he picked the major he had, he was good at it. You felt beautiful when you looked at them. Your response was simply you gushing to him about his talent and it made his heart flutter and his cheeks turn red. He tried to be smooth with it, though that wasn’t really his strong suit, telling you it was all you rather than his camera skills.

    The way you were making him feel already had him assuming this bet would be easy, but he still feared what would happen when you found out. He’d seen the movies, lots of them, girls didn’t like when boy’s bet on them like this. It always went up in flames.

    But he couldn’t back out now, he didn’t want to lose all that money and you were making it so easy for him. You were even taking some of the steps yourself. You were the one to ask him out on a date, just for drinks or something you said. It’d be to get to know each other better, nothing more than that you insisted. He didn’t care what it was, he still took you up on the offer without hesitation.

    He was nervous before he left, his heart thumping extra hard in his chest at the prospect of trying to keep up an act the entire night, even when he was drinking. Knowing him and his loose lipped drunken self, he would be spilling all his darkest secrets to you before the night even ended. Maybe he’d have to limit the amount of drinks he had tonight. He couldn’t leave though without his roommates hyping him up, making a big deal over something that really wasn't. Harry goes on dates, sort of.

    Okay maybe he could blame the nerves on the fact he doesn’t go out on dates very often, with very pretty girls nonetheless.

    You were due to meet at the pub just off campus where you would spend your night. You made it there first, having found a table for the two of you to sit at, though you were waiting for him to show up before you ordered any drinks. You were nervous, just as he was, and you didn’t like it. You told yourself you were keeping your guard up, frat boys could never really be trusted. But now sitting here waiting for him, you felt like you desperately needed to attempt to impress him. It pissed you off a little, you didn’t want to seek his approval, but you couldn’t tell you nerves otherwise.

    He took you off guard when he arrived, calling your name with a quiet hello to catch your attention. “‘S nice to see you again,” he told you honestly, sliding into the booth across from you. You offered him a bright smile, your entire demeanour lighting up when you saw the familiar face. “You too. I haven’t ordered yet, didn’t know what you’d be drinking.”

    It was awkward at first, the two of you not exactly the most social of people. You struggled to get a good conversation flowing considering you were still technically strangers. Your conversation may have gotten off to a slow start, but when it finally got going it was like talking to an old friend. You didn’t think you would have gotten along with him this well. The two of you shared stories about every little thing you could think of. He made you laugh, you made him laugh and by the end of the night you were cuddled up on the same side of the booth, his arm around your shoulders and you leaning into his side comfortably.

    When your eyes caught the clock on the wall behind the bar and saw how late it was, it wasn’t that you necessarily wanted to part with him, but it was getting late and it was already dark outside. Plus you had work you needed to do tomorrow.

    “We should probably head out,” you said, running your hand over your face. He didn’t protest and didn’t complain, just agreed. The two of you made it out of the booth, the curly haired man’s hands shooting to your waist to catch you when you tripped over your own feet. Your little giggle was music to his ears, his own smile springing to his face at the joyous sound.

    Even if this bet didn’t go too great, he knew he was going to enjoy spending time with you for as long as you would allow it.

    By the time you left the pub you had certainly had too much to drink. Harry thought it was precious, his arm around your waist to keep you steady so you didn’t go stumbling all over the pavement. He did it the whole way back to your dorm, knowing you probably would have yelled in his face if he let you embarrass yourself out in public while drunk.

    It was nice to just talk with him while you were walking, though your thoughts were all jumbled from the alcohol so it was more like you just rambling randomly about whatever you saw in passing. Just up until you recognised your dorm building. The two of you came to a stop.

    “Thank you for walking me back,” you said, straying from the man’s side to stand a little bit in front of him. He liked it better like this, he could study your face from where he was standing. The way the alcohol was making you sway slightly and the wind was causing your nose to scrunch up from the chill it caused you.

    “It’s no problem. Have to make sure you get home safe, wouldn’t exactly be gentlemanly of me to leave you to fend for yourself in the dark,” he said honestly. “Especially when you’re drunk.”

    You scoffed, shaking your head. “‘M not drunk, Harry. Slightly tipsy at most.”

    He cocked his head, pausing for a few seconds as he very clearly watched you sway and struggle to stay standing still. “Oh yeah? Walk in a straight line.”

    You looked down at your feet, feeling your head spin slightly at the sudden movement. Looking back up at Harry you found him watching you with a smug smile, his arms crossed over his chest knowingly. “I don’t have to prove anything to you.” You wished you could prove the smug son of a bitch wrong, but you couldn’t.

    He chuckled, nodding his head. “That’s what I thought.”

    You huffed. “You know what, you’re kind of an arsehole.” You were supposed to intimidate him by stepping closer, but he was finding much amusement in your drunken state. In fact he wouldn’t have been mad if you got even closer.

    That you did, stopping when you were chest to chest with him, your eyes staring directly into those sweet brown ones of his. “Am I?” he mocked.

    You were subconsciously pushing your face closer to him. “Mm-hm,” you confirmed, tilting your head to the right as his lips ghosted over yours. You hadn’t intended to end the night kissing him. But you weren’t angry this was the way it had gone.

    “Are you really going to kiss me if I’m such an arsehole?” he teased, his large hand cupping your cheek. Your noses kept brushing against one another, the two of you so close that one of you was sure to close the gap any second.

    “Be a shame if I did.”

    He was the one to finally initiate the kiss, moving your lips against one another's sweetly. It was a pleasant first kiss, one you wouldn’t mind having more of. “Shame on you then, Y/N.” He barely got his tormenting words out before you were stealing his lips again in another kiss. Now that you had one taste of his lips, you couldn’t get enough.


    [ 3 weeks into the bet ]

    After your first date you and Harry started to spend an exceptional amount of time together. It never mattered what you were doing, you just really enjoyed each other’s company. Sometimes you’d study while he just sat with you, others you would be his muse when one of his assignments required him to go out and take some pictures, they quickly became some of his favourites. Sometimes things escalated to the two of you making out in your dorm, but whatever you were doing you had fun.

    You began to look forward to the days you would spend with him, and before you knew it three weeks had passed by and the two of you were quite close. He told you he wanted to take you out for the night, saying you deserved to be treated after a long week of non-stop studying for some upcoming tests you had. You could afford to take the night off to spend with the very cute boy you were very fond of. It didn’t take much persuading on his end.

    The redhead had told you to meet him at the frat where he stayed at six. You were going to go get dinner and then see a late showing of a movie he’d been telling you about for the last few weeks. He had been raving about it during the build up to his release and he hadn’t even seen it yet. But you were finally about to.

    You got there a little bit early, but you found him preoccupied and didn’t exactly know what to do. He was talking to who you assumed must have been one of his roommates, though he looked rather annoyed with him. You were confused when you heard your name dropped into conversation, but it wasn’t by Harry. Instead it was by the man you didn’t know. They were talking about something to do with money, you didn’t know what, but you also saw the brunette in front of him slip quite a few notes into your date's hand.

    You decided that was the time to make yourself known. You didn’t like feeling like you were eavesdropping, so you made your presence known with a quiet clearing of your throat. It caused both men’s heads to whip around to look at you, Harry’s expression softening at the sight of you.

    You approached him with a small smile, letting him tuck you into his side with his arm around you. “You ready to go?” you asked, eyeing the man that stood beside him smirking at you. The look made you uncomfortable, and you couldn’t put your finger on it but it was like they knew something you didn’t. Whatever it was you would certainly figure it out but for now you just wanted to enjoy your night with Harry. He nodded. “Let me just get my jacket.”

    You were only briefly left alone with the other frat boy but you hated every second of it. He looked like he was itching to say something but was holding himself back from it as well as he could. All that he did manage to say to you was a simple, “So Harry, huh?”

    You were unsure how to respond, pursing your lips and nodding your head awkwardly. He felt as though he was taking forever and you couldn’t possibly think what he was doing that would be taking him so long. You were mentally begging he’d hurry up though wherever he was.

    Thankfully he came back soon. “Alright, let’s go pretty lady.” You locked your fingers together, the redhead offering you a smile and a disgruntled wave to his roommate before leaving the house with you. Only then did you speak up about whatever the hell had happened inside. “What’s his problem? He was being really weird.”

    You didn’t notice how Harry’s entire body tensed up at your words, and he was glad. If you noticed he didn’t think he would have been able to give you an explanation as to why. But as for a lie about his ‘friend’, he could easily create one of those. “Frat boys, they’re… strange, what can I say?”

    You grinned, squeezing his hand. “Tell me about it,” you teased. He scoffed, shaking his head as any complaint died on his tongue at the sound of your laughter. He just stuck to rolling his eyes as the two of you headed to dinner.

    The dinner was pleasant. You hadn’t really spent much time in a formal setting with him where it was the two of you, but with so many others around. You were used to ordering in to your dorm or attempting to cook together in the frat house when everyone was gone for the night. But it was a positive change. It meant the two of you could really make conversation rather than just getting distracted making out or something. That had happened one too many times which usually always resulted in burnt food.

    After dinner you headed straight to the cinema, indulging Harry’s excitement to see the film that was to be played soon. It made you happy to hear his giddy rambles as you walked along the pavement together. Most of the duration of the film was spent with you curled into his side in the uncomfortable seats, occasionally stealing his popcorn when he wasn’t paying attention. The way he got so invested was adorable to you, and you could feel something blooming in your chest for him that you never imagined you would have felt for some frat boy. Though he wasn’t actually like any other frat boy you’d ever met.

    Despite having spent hours that night with Harry, coming out of the cinema late into the night, you still didn’t want him to leave yet. Like the gentleman he was he walked you to your dorm, the two of you stopping outside the building where you usually parted.

    Your arms were tight around his neck as you gazed at him, his firmly planted on your hips to keep you close to him. You enjoyed being so close. “Don’t want you to leave yet,” you murmured, brushing your lips against his ever so lightly. He hummed, nudging his nose against yours, tilting his head to the side like he was going to kiss you. “You could invite me in.”

    It was merely a suggestion, but the tone of voice he used told you he really wanted you to take it. “Is that something you’d like?” The proximity was killing you, you desperately wanted to close the gap and just finally kiss him.

    He raised his brows, pursing his lips to hide his grin. “I wouldn’t be opposed to it.” He attempted to do just as you wanted and kiss you, but you dodged out of the way at the last minute, forcing a groan from his throat. You just laughed at him, intertwining your fingers so you could lead him inside the building.

    He followed behind you like a lost puppy. By now he’d been in your dorm countless times, but he always seemed to forget which room it was. The dorm building was like a maze to him, much different than a frat house where he knew his way around. Luckily though, unlike him, you didn’t have a roommate. You were one of the few lucky ones that had managed to get a room to yourself. That was one of the things he envied about where you stayed.

    “Home sweet home,” you announced, flicking on the light beside the door that lit up the room. You noted that he was still stuck in your doorway when you looked at him, the boy surprisingly feeling rather shy. You tugged him inside with a cheeky grin, raising your eyebrows teasingly as you led him further into your room. “You’ve been in here before, dummy. Y’don’t have to be so stiff and shy.”

    He rolled his eyes at you, going lax as you motioned towards your bed for him to sit. You shuffled a little awkwardly for a minute, trying to decide what the pair of you could do in here. He wasn’t expecting anything from you but the way his hand was brushing over your back as he waited for you to speak made it so your words wouldn’t come out. “Uh you can decide what we do. W-We could just talk, or watch another movie. Maybe cuddle a little,” you suggested. If you were being honest you really wanted him to choose the latter, you were craving his arms wrapped around you right now but you were much too embarrassed to outright ask. Thankfully he made the correct decision for you. “How about all three?” he winked.

    You beamed, basically bouncing on your feet as you grabbed your laptop and set everything up for the two of you. All he had to do was climb into your small twin bed and open his arms for you.

    Before you knew it you were finding yourself back in the warmth of his embrace like you had been a few times over the past few weeks. It was quickly becoming one of your favourite places to be. He would hold you so gently but so securely at the time and it made you feel safe. Sometimes it got a little too distracting, just like now. You were supposed to be watching the movie he’d chosen, but you couldn’t help but get completely lost in him.

    The film on your laptop had been long since abandoned as you cuddled closer into the warm man. He was still invested by the looks of it, his lips routinely brushed against your forehead everytime one of the characters said something loving to one another. It made you feel adored, your heart warm in your chest. But just like you it wasn’t much later that he found himself losing interest in what was playing out on screen, instead shifting his undivided attention to you resting against his chest.

    “Hey,” he whispered, nudging his nose against your head. It was supposed to be a signal to look at him, he wanted to see your pretty eyes looking back at him.

    You followed his wishes, shooting him a lazy grin as you locked eyes. He looked like he was dying to say something, words right on the tip of his tongue as he traced his fingers down the side of your face gently. “What’s on your mind?” you asked, tilting your head to press a kiss to the palm of his hand.

    You could feel his heart beginning to pound against his chest as he realised you caught him in his moment of deep thinking. He was speaking honestly. His friend’s bet long gone from his thoughts. “I really like you. I’ve loved spending so much time with you over the last few weeks.”

    He paused for a few seconds, trying to gauge your reaction as best he could. You didn’t know what he was doing though, so you just urged him to continue with a hum. You didn’t know what you were supposed to say back to him in the moment. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him back, you certainly did and hearing his confession was making you swoon. Distracting you from any rational thought you could have had. “And I wanted to know what we are? If you’re ready, I want to finally label us.”

    You felt shy under his harsh gaze, but you didn’t want to let him know that. “Well, you’d have to ask me if you want my answer,” you teased. He groaned, burying his face in your neck for a few seconds. The heat coming from his skin told you that he was embarrassed, maybe even scared to put his feelings out there in the open. He was scared of rejection. He was taking time to build his courage before he said anything that might make him look dumb.

    Though when he finally did it he wanted to make it as sure as possible that you’d say yes, taking to pressing his lips against the skin of your face when he finally felt brave enough. Maybe he could persuade you with a flurry of kisses.

    “So, what d’you say? Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked between kisses. You were in complete bliss. You may have told yourself before this all started that you needed to keep your guard up but he was making that increasingly difficult with how perfect he was being. Apparently you were just a sucker for his kisses. “I’ll have to think about it,” you teased.

    He scoffed, his hands trailing down to your sides to press into the areas he knew were ticklish. The only way you were getting him to stop was to give him a serious answer, one you probably would have given if you could breathe. You were too busy laughing loudly, stomach hurting from the excessive motion. “Okay, okay. Stop,” you wheezed.

    He raised his hands in defence, backing off a little and flashing you a smile. He was taken off guard though when you pulled him back, arms around his neck so you could kiss him again. This one was different to the others, it was slow and soft, something you could definitely get used to. “I’d love to.”


    [ 12 weeks into the bet ]

    Before you knew it you and Harry felt like you were getting serious. You went from spending a few days a week together to nearly all of your time outside of classes together. The bet hadn’t crossed his mind since that night he took you to see that film, it was still at the back of his mind but when he was with you he was so distracted by everything about you that he didn’t even think about it. Not until one of his roommates came to bring him his portion of the money, telling Harry he surprised him. Apparently he had bet on you lasting nine weeks, and you were well past that point now. You were getting closer and closer to that three month mark everyday and his roommates were beginning to get restless knowing they were going to have to pay out soon if he didn’t fuck up.

    Him on the other hand, he was confident you’d make it the whole stretch, and farther if you didn’t find out. But the more it was brought up, the more money he was accumulating, the harder he found it to sleep with the guilt plaguing his mind. Even his dreams resorted to all the awful ways in which you could react. Each was worse than the last and he knew he had to come clean before he exploded.

    That weekend Harry was taking you to meet his family. You had the week off from Uni and he thought it was time, time for quite a lot of things actually. On the drive back home he decided he was going to tell his brothers about the bet and see what they thought he should do. And maybe before you left he would end up telling you about it for himself. Surely it wasn’t going to go great but it would be better to tell you now rather than later before he truly fucked everything up.

    You noticed how quiet he was in the car, rather confused considering usually he’d be chatting your ear off about some random thing. It concerned you. “You okay?”

    He took his eyes off of the road only to shoot you a quick glance and a reassuring smile. “‘M fine. Just nervous I guess.”

    The fact that he was nervous terrified you. Surely that meant he didn’t think it was going to go well, or his family wasn’t going to like you. Before now you hadn’t been worried, you were sure you’d be able to make a positive impression. If his family were anything like him then the weekend would go swimmingly. But now you were rethinking all of that. “Shouldn’t I be the nervous one? I am meeting your family for the first time.” You finished your sentence off with a strained laugh. It alerted him of your sudden anxiety.

    He tried to laugh it off, feeling the need to reassure you that he was positive his family would love you, but they’d only cause problems for him not you. “I’m nervous my brothers are going to be weird. They like to tease and who knows what they’ll tell you about me that I didn’t want you to know.” The words made you grin and Harry knew he’d fucked up in bringing that point up. It was likely now even if they didn’t tell you anything unprompted, you would now be the one to ask and they’d spill all his secrets.

    You poked his arm with your smile still firmly planted on your face. “Things like another girlfriend or just embarrassing stories?”

    He rolled his eyes, lifting one hand from the wheel to flip you off. “I already have one incredible girlfriend, I don’t need another, my love.” You verbally awed, dramatically in order to tease him further. It was all making his cheeks heat up and then made you smile brightly. You loved making him shy and flustered like this when you got the chance, just like he enjoyed doing to you. “A true sap, Holland.”

    “Only for you.” That was completely truthful. Before you he didn’t ever think he could be this way with a girl, but now he couldn’t imagine himself being any different. Especially not with you. The rest of the drive to his home was pleasant, now that his ‘fears’ were out in the open the two of you could relax with each other again.

    It didn’t take much longer for you to arrive, a whole new swirl of emotions erupting in your stomach as you climbed out of his car. He noticed, ever the observant boyfriend, taking your hand in his and placing a kiss to the back of it. He waited until you were ready before he led you up the path to his home.

    “My parents are out at the minute, should be back sometime later.” He slipped his key into the lock of the front door while you waited patiently behind him. “Welcome to my humble abode,” he greeted, motioning for you to enter first like the gentleman he was. You stepped inside with curiosity, surveying the inside of the house. He noted the way you were studying your surroundings, guiding you forward to somewhere you could sit.

    “‘M just going to go talk to my brothers, I’ll be right back,” he promised, pressing a kiss to your head before he was jogging up the stairs. You didn’t really know what to do, you felt awkward considering you had never been in his house before and you didn’t know when his parents were going to be back.

    You were shocked when you felt something cold against your hand, turning your head to see it was a small grey dog nuzzling against you. You smiled brightly, not having known he even had one, but she was adorable. You fussed the precious pup up until Harry came back downstairs, looking considerably paler than he had earlier on. “You didn’t tell me you had–” You words caught in your throat when you saw the look on his face. “Is everything okay?”

    It was risky to spill everything before dinner even happened, but he wasn’t sure he could survive pretending nothing was bothering him for that long. Telling you at this point could go one of two ways. Either you exploded and left, leaving him to explain to his parents everything going on. Or dinner was very awkward and then you exploded after it was over. Both ways he felt there’d be a similar conclusion.

    “I-I have to admit something,” he said. He sounded too serious for your liking. You were unsure if he was joking or not. He surely wasn’t going to break up with you when he’d just brought you all this way to meet his family. So what could he possibly have to tell you?

    You tried to lighten the mood. Test the waters a little to see if he was kidding. “Uh oh, you want to own up about that secret girlfriend now?”

    When he didn’t laugh you realised he wasn’t kidding at all. You could see the discomfort growing on his face and it made you shuffle awkwardly in your seat. You were starting to grow uncomfortable yourself. “Harry, you’re scaring me. What’s going on?”

    He didn’t realise the way he was acting was making you just as scared as he was in the moment. He briefly apologised, though he barely even knew what he was saying. “Sorry, I um, I’m just worried you’ll hate me.”

    You couldn’t have made yourself any smaller where you were sitting. You were practically waiting for the couch to open up and swallow you to avoid whatever conversation you and Harry were about to have. When he didn’t say anything you realised he’d been waiting for you to respond. He needed a little bit of reassurance even if it didn’t last long. “I could never hate you.”

    That started his long explanation about the bet his roommates created and everything that started it and followed. You were quiet the entire time, a little too quiet for his liking. But he couldn’t be picky right now, you weren’t screaming at him and he supposed that was a good thing. He couldn’t gauge your reaction while he was talking. Your face was too stone cold for him to tell.

    He trailed off towards the end of his story when he made sure to add that he didn’t have the same view as when he started the bet, by now he truly did have feelings for you and he wouldn’t trade that for the world. In a way he was grateful for it because it gave him you, but of course he knew how it must’ve hurt your feelings to be seen as a prize or an obstacle he needed to get over to win the game. “But Y/N, all my feelings for you are real. I promise, and I’m so sorry.”

    You were silent for a few minutes, until suddenly you just hummed. “Let's outsmart those bastards,” you said simply. That wasn’t what he had been expecting at all, you hadn’t even gotten angry at him. Something definitely wasn’t right about this whole thing. “What?” he questioned, brushing the tears from his eyes. In the time it’d taken for him to explain everything to you he hadn’t noticed that he began crying.

    You sighed. You were mad, of course you were, but not as mad as he expected you to be. “I knew something was up. Ever since that night we went to the cinema a few weeks back, I got there earlier than I told you I did and I heard something about me and money– I guess I just worked it out and my feelings outweighed my sense.”

    He frowned. You basically knew this entire time and never said anything to him. Why hadn’t you said anything or blown up at him before now? Why weren’t you showcasing your anger now everything was out in the open? He just didn’t understand and it was driving him mad.

    The confusion was written all over his face and you could clearly see it. Clearing things up for him. “Look, I’m not happy about this by any means. But if you want to, we can work through this and at least give them a taste of their own medicine.”

    He still wasn’t really understanding what you meant by that. “What do you mean?” All that properly registered in his mind was that you were willing to work through this with him, he hadn’t lost you because of his stupid decision. “We continue to play along. You said four months right, then you get the money? We can do that.”

    His mouth gaped. “Are you sure? I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Although he would have liked the money, it would have been helpful to him, he didn’t want to continue this if it was going to hurt you. “Oh come on. Let them think it’s going how they want, get your money and then I’ll channel my inner Kat Stratford, maybe write an angry poem about how much I hate you; put on a show for them to make it believable.” He was just staring at you in utter disbelief. He knew you were perfect but he seriously underestimated the extent to which you were.

    “Have I ever told you how incredible you are?” he asked, bringing his hand to your cheek. He intended on kissing you, and you may not be overly angry but you still weren’t planning to make this easy for him. If he wanted your forgiveness he was going to have to earn it, you appreciated hearing the confession from him, but you weren’t letting things just go back to normal right away.

    You turned your head last minute so his lips landed on your cheek, grinning to yourself when he complained with a whiny noise. “Why can’t I kiss you?”

    Thankfully you were saved by the bell. You heard his parents announce they were home, preventing you from having to entertain a childish Harry. Instead you had to get ready to meet them and ready to eat. “Looks like we’ve got to go.”

    Dinner went surprisingly smoothly. You got on well with his family, specifically his brothers who refused to let up on the teasing of him. And it didn’t seem as though there was any awkwardness or bad blood between you. Although you told him he was going to have to make it up to you even if you weren’t outright mad at him, the two of you seemed okay. If it was all an act then it was good enough to fool everyone at the table including him.

    He still felt like he was walking on glass around you though. Certain things he would have done before, like wrap his arms around you when you were beside him, now he felt like he needed to ask your permission in case you got angry. So when you and his family moved from the dinner table to the living room to talk for a while, he checked with you before slinging his arm around your shoulders so you could cuddle into his side. “This okay?” he asked.

    You nodded, shuffling closer and resting your head on his shoulder. To anyone else in the room it was just a sweet gesture that they were sure the couple partcipated in all the time. But to Harry it was confirmation and to you it was an admittance that you meant what you said. Everything was okay between you. The simple, sweet affection continued for the remainder of the night, until everyone decided they were too exhausted to stay up any longer.

    You followed him up the stairs with a sigh, feeling a wave of tiredness hit you that wasn’t there before. He heard your yawn and glanced over his shoulder to look at you. “Tired?”

    You nodded, wrapping your arms around him from behind when you made it to the top of the stairs. His hands settled over yours on his stomach.

    His mum startled you when she suddenly appeared behind you. “Harry, you can sleep on the floor,” his mum said. You tried to hold back your laughter as you watched his face delve into shock, a scoff falling past his lips as he made every excuse under the sun on why you should be able to sleep in the same bed. He tried telling her you were both adults and could be trusted but she wasn’t having it. Which resulted in the pouty boy tossing a couple pillows and blankets on his bedroom floor nearly an hour later while you made yourself comfortable in his bed.

    He tried everything not to sleep there though. “Come on, Y/N/N, she’ll never have to know. I’ll get out and on the floor again before she wakes up.” His voice was whiny even though still a whisper. You didn’t believe him for a second, Harry slept like the dead, so you knew he’d never wake up in time and then you would both be in trouble.

    He could barely see you in the dark but he could tell you were shaking your head at him. He thought you would have jumped at the chance for him to sneak into his bed for you to cuddle. “I think it’s a fair punishment considering what you did. Wouldn’t want your mother finding out about your bet would you?”

    He gasped, shocked by your sudden blackmail. “You’re cold, Y/N Y/L/N.”

    You chuckled, making yourself comfortable against the pillows of his bed, gazing down towards where he laid on the floor. You only felt a tiny bit bad about him having to sleep down there, it was his bed after all. He did kind of deserve it though. It was like his mum had a sixth sense and just somehow knew he’d done something wrong.

    Although you didn’t plan on defying his mother’s wishes, not wishing to make a bad impression already when you had to continue to spend the remainder of the weekend with her, you just offered him your hand.

    You waved it slightly so he’d see it in the dark, hanging over the side of the bed. “Harry,” you whispered. He acknowledged it by linking your fingers together, lifting his body upwards to place one last kiss to your skin, this time on your wrist. “Goodnight, my love.”

    You smiled lazily as you pushed your head into his pillow, squeezing his hand in your grasp. Your voice sounded tired as you replied. “Night, H.”


    [ 16 weeks into the bet }

    When you got back to campus, Harry spent everyday making it up to you like he said he would. He did everything he could possibly think of. He cooked for you, bought you flowers, took you on dates, basically waited on your hand and foot until you said those words he needed to hear. It took a couple weeks but he got there in the end. ‘I forgive you.’ It was bliss, for you at least.

    All of it was all leading up to the four month mark, the final goal post of the bet.

    Today was finally the day in which Harry would be collecting the last and largest portion of money from the bet. He overheard them all talking about how they wanted to make a big show of it, showing up to the place you were going out for dinner to give him the money rather than do it in private, like they had every other time, just to stir the pot so he had to tell you what was going on. It meant your plan would go how it was meant to, but he couldn’t help but think they really were dicks. How he hadn’t noticed before and done something about it.

    He was at your dorm while you got ready, being the doting boyfriend he was helping you whenever you needed. He helped zip up your dress, fasten the clasp of your necklace and of course showered you in compliments while you got ready. He could barely even take his eyes off of you.

    Before you left you were looking yourself over in the mirror one last time, seeing Harry approaching you from behind. “You’re sure this will work?” he asked, brushing your hair from over your shoulder so he could place a sweet kiss to your skin. You looked at him through your mirror, offering him a positive smile. “I’m sure. And think of all the things you could do with that money.”

    He shook his head. “Think of all the things we could do with that money,” he corrected. You tried to stop the heat that rushed to your cheeks, but it was impossible. There were so many possibilities when it came down to it, and each sounded better than the last. A big fancy getaway with no one to bother you both? Sounded like heaven. “I’m sold.”

    You didn’t waste anymore time, needing to make your reservation on time. If you waited any longer you would have certainly been late, with all your boyfriend’s distractions you took a little longer than you originally intended to but it didn’t matter in the end. You made it eventually.

    You were at the restaurant for a while before they showed up, you nearly forgot about the whole plan, finding yourself caught up in Harry and everything about him. It was so easy to find yourself lost in the moment when it came to him. But then you saw the infuriating sight of smirking frat boys heading your way, the group of men claiming they just so happened to be getting dinner in the same restaurant, some freaky coincidence as they coined it.

    It was time to put on the act of your lifetime, the two of you sharing a quick knowing look as the men’s demeanours changed slightly. They made simple, harmless conversation with the redhead at first, acting as though they weren’t here to attempt to ruin your relationship. They barely even acknowledged you while they were doing so. But then when they did finally turn to you it was only to be patronising. If you could have wiped the smug smiles off their faces then you would.

    “So, what’s the occasion?” One of them asked.

    You looked towards Harry affectionately, that was a real look, real feelings. “Four month anniversary, thought we’d do something special.”

    They all dramatically awed. If this was any normal situation you probably would have felt incredibly embarrassed in that moment, frat boys just had a way of making people feel bad. But this wasn’t a normal situation by far, no you couldn’t care less what they thought.

    You were still anticipating them to start off the drama, but it seemed as though they were relishing in every individual moment. You didn’t like how long they were dragging it out. Despite being with Harry for months now you hadn’t spoken to the men more than just a few words, but tonight they were really showing their true colours. They could lie their asses off and it shocked you a little bit, though it probably shouldn’t have considering they were the ones that made the dumb bet for their own entertainment in the first place.

    “So, do you have anything you need to get off your chest, Harry?” one of them prompted. Oh, there it was, the inevitable beginning of what was sure to be a shit show to them. You offered Harry a sweet smile, playing the innocent act where you assumed it was something pleasant. “Here’s a couple hundred extra,” they mocked, tossing a few notes down on the table where your food was. Even if you knew everything, Harry was still angry at how amused they were. They truly were horrible people. “Just so we can watch this all go down.”

    You forced your brows to furrow, acting as though you didn’t know what they meant. Harry feigned nerves, gulping loudly as his eyes flickered between all three of you. You leaned forward so you were closer to him, lowering your voice. “What are they talking about?”

    He tried to tame the situation while you were still in the confines of the restaurant, faking a laugh that was supposed to make them go away. But it didn’t, so he offered to take you outside and explain. You had a confused expression on your face as you took his hand, following the redhead out of the building while his roommates trailed behind you. Their twisted smiles never left their faces. “What’s going on?” you asked as you stepped outside.

    He may have already told you the story of the bet once, and that should have been harder to do then than now considering you already knew, but he couldn’t find the words. For some odd reason he was more scared telling you now than when he told you at his home. He had to make it realistic at the least.

    He was still thinking when his roommates started urging him to hurry up. They apparently didn’t like that it was taking so long. He just began with the first thing that came to his mind.

    “A few months back, I uh– was offered a lot of money to try and prove how long I could make a relationship last.” Hearing the words coming out of his mouth phrased like this was making him realise how awful it was. He knew it was bad, he told you he was aware it was a terrible thing to do to a person, but he was feeling an entire new wave of guilt right about now that he would feel responsible to make up for.

    He could see your features contorting on your face. From confused to hurt, a range of things. Real or not it made his heart clench uncomfortably in his chest as he watched your face. “It just so happened that you were around when it happened, and you were picked as the uh.. target.”

    You were quiet, for a little bit longer than he would have liked had he not been in on what was happening. But for the others they hated that you weren’t saying something, weren’t lashing out at him. They paid for a show and they weren’t currently getting one.

    They decided to poke at the fire a bit more. “How does that make you feel, Y/N?” Amusement was all that could be heard when they spoke.

    You scoffed, looking as though you only just tuned back into the situation, sudden rage plastered all over your face. “That’s all I was to you?” you asked, scrunching your nose in disgust. “A fucking bet.” You jabbed your finger into his chest. Not hard enough for it to hurt but hard enough for it to look realistic to your spectators. You were honestly having the time of your life, living out every teen movie you’d ever loved as a young girl.

    You did all you could to bite back the smile threatening to take over your face, and it worked for the most part. Part of him was actually scared that this was the anger you’d been shoving down coming out to bite him, but if Harry looked hard enough he could clearly see the amusement in your eyes. Maybe you should drop your current academic major and go into acting or something. “At first, b-but it’s not like that now, Y/N.”

    You shook your head, glancing between the men watching you. “Did they do this?” Your eyes were back on him now, a stray tear falling down your cheek that almost broke his resolve. He wanted nothing more than to wipe it away, to check this wasn’t hurting you. You watched him look over to them, one of them even daring to give him a mocking thumbs up.

    “It was dumb, I know. But it was different from the second I talked to you, I was actually glad it gave me the opportunity to meet you.” He was being honest, but it was something you had already heard before. “I know I shouldn’t have agreed to it. It was horrible, b-but I love you.”

    You shook your head, letting the tears fall. You had to ignore his confession or else you would have caved. Your heart was racing a mile a minute, he loved you, Harry loved you and yet you still had to pretend to hate him. “Maybe if you had any decency you would have thought about that in the first place.”

    He called your name weakly. “Fuck you,” you stated, pushing on his chest harshly. That was enough for the group of men, thinking they had ruined the relationship you built enough and any credibility Harry had. They’d established the power their money gave them and they were happy to move on with their days now like nothing happened.

    After they walked away you brushed away the tears from your cheeks, painting a smile on your face as you stared at Harry, reaching your hands out for him to welcome him into a hug. The tears weren’t entirely fake, they were at first but then he said he loved you and suddenly you were crying tears of joy. “Did you really mean that?” you asked.

    You felt him nod into your hug, tightening his arms around you. “Of course I did. I-I don’t know if it’s too soon but, you-you’re something else Y/N Y/L/N.” He pressed his lips to the side of your head and you couldn’t stop how your lips were spreading into an even larger grin than they already were.

    He didn’t know if you were against the idea, if he’d made things even slightly weird with what he said, he couldn’t see your face right now. So he just had to hope for the best.

    “Harry,” you muttered, coaxing him to look down at you. When he did he felt his heart skip a beat, surely this meant you felt the same way. “I love you, too.”

    He pulled you in to kiss him, your lips melting together with a passion you had never felt with him. This was new, this was the kiss of a man who outright loved you, one that you loved too. You were the first to pull back when he started getting a little handsy, giggling to yourself at the way he was trying to chase your lips so you didn’t go just yet.

    You took a few steps back from him, holding his hands at arms length, looking at the man you just admitted out loud you loved. Four months ago you didn’t think you would have fallen for him like you did, or have been putting your heart on the line like this. “So, what d’you say we go spend some of that money. We could even get good champagne to celebrate,” you suggested. He grinned, tugging you that final distance into his arms so he could hold you. “My god, you’re perfect.”

    harry holland taglist → @call-me-baby-gir1 @icyhollands @hollandbroz-n-haz @givebuckyhisplumsnow @wizkiddx @hopeless-romantic-baby @thehumanistsdiary @dummiesshort @itsbieberxholland @lillucyandthejets @bvttercupbby @captainamirica @annathesillyfriend @multixfandomwriter @hallecarey1 @avengers-hamiltrash @aayaissaa @edmundspevensea @lovehollandy12 @the-girl-in-the-chair @mcushvft @hogwartsmarvelmommy @elishi03 @delightfulmuffinclamauthor @safeplaceholland @peter-parkers-gf @ccosmic-illusion @kayasholland @inthegetawaycarwithtaylah @wildholland @thollandgf

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    h and y/n are like cuddled on the sofa having deep convos and they’re like massaging eachother?? super duper fluffy please!!🌷🍰

    okay for some reason this is both sad and fluffy, and idk how we got here
    warnings: touches on sensitive topics in the current news

    May 24th 2022

    The BBC News was playing in the background and the clock struck 10 PM.

    You and Harry were snuggled down deep on the couch, Harry spooning you from behind. One of his arms was helping keep his head up to peer over your body, whilst his other draped casually around your waist. You were both facing the TV, but neither of you were actually watching it.

    Brixton ONO had finished a couple of hours before and you couldn’t be more proud of him and what he’s achieved. The rest of the band had gone out in London to celebrate, along with crew and some members of management, but Harry decided to come home with you instead.

    He would always come home to you.

    “The news is so sad at the moment.” You pointed out after watching the headlines.

    “It’s because the world is so fucked up at the moment. It’s just, we don’t see it daily because we live on our little familiar bubble.”

    “I just struggle to live every day freely when those people are suffering in Ukraine and there’s school shootings to innocent children. Then the cost of living crisis in the UK. It’s all just so fucked, H, and it makes me terrified to bring this one into the world.” You took his hand and rubbed it over your still flat belly.

    You were only a few weeks into your pregnancy so there’d be no bump for a while. Harry couldn’t wait for it to start showing though. So much so he would make you wear the tightest top he could find and judge whether there was any difference in bump from the day before. You kept reminding him that it was just your extra belly pouch. He loved on it all the same though.

    “I would hope that our love for this little one would be enough to keep them safe and healthy.” Harry answered, calming you down by kissing along your neck.

    “You’re going to be such a good dad, H.”

    “Yeah? And you’ll be an even better mum. In fact, y’already are. Keeping them all safe and warm.” Harry squeezed your belly a little tighter, as is he were giving the baby a hug.

    “H, it’s a literally just a blob right now.” You laughed.

    “A blob that I love.” He laughed back, kissing your cheek because he couldn’t quite reach your lips.

    “Okay, off topic, but that reminds me. Have you seen all that shit with the abortion laws in America?” You felt Harry’s arm tighten around your stomach.

    “Yeah. It makes me feel so sick that men in high powers think they can just take away womens rights, as if they’ve ever owned a uterus before.” Harry shook his head.

    “And if we’re raped it still doesn’t constitute an excuse for an abortion? I mean what kind of sick and medieval law is that?” You exclaimed, feeling yourself get riled up over this issue.

    You turned so you were now laying on your back instead of your front and turned your head to face Harry, who was looking at you with awe. His hand stayed placed on your stomach and your hands went and sat on-top of his.

    “I know, baby. It’s fucked, I’m sorry.”

    “Harry, it’s not you who should be apologising. I mean of course I, we, have a voice in this, but we shouldn’t be louder than the people who actually have been through these situations. Their stories need to be heard and they are the ones that deserve apologies.”

    “You’re right. Do you know anything that we can do?” Harry asked, always wanting to be the first one to join the rally.

    “Spread awareness on the media. Sign petitions and call up local offices. Voices need to be heard, so make everything as public as possible.” You explained and Harry nodded his head in agreement.

    “I could donate to some women’s rights visitors too.”

    “We both can.” You raised your hand to cup his cheek, because you wanted to remind him that it were a team and you’d face all of this together. “Sorry, by the way.”

    Harry’s eyebrows furrowed and he slid his hand underneath your t-shirt so he could softly rub the skin there. “What for?”

    “For you having to lay here and listen to me rant about sad issues, when you could be out with your friends celebrating your success.”

    Harry chuckled, leaning down to kiss your lips softly. It had been ten minutes too long since you’d last tasted his lips and you couldn’t help but moan at how good he still tasted. He was so perfect and his plump lips fit perfectly between yours.

    “You could never be sorry for that, baby, because I would rather be here, with you, than out there, with them. I celebrate my success by spending time with you and getting to be happy. Seeing that smile on your face is success enough.” He kissed your lips again and you let it last a little longer this time.

    “You’re the best, ever.” You smiled up at him.

    “And I thought that was you?”

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    I love me some ✨aesthetic✨

    DO NOT STEAL. Like and reblog

    #sirius black oneshot #ben barnes#fluff#rail me #sirius black fancast #why is fetus ben so cute i'm sobbing #ben barnes hot #ben barnes x reader
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    Hello! I was wondering if you could do a yandere poly class 1. (As a whole). With a reader who is very over powered, like she’s the scarlet witch. How would the love struck people reacting to the readers powers for the first time? (Bonus points if we save them)

    Sure :)

    Pic from: Pinterest

    You were a really powerful person and it was because of your quirk. You had pretty decent chances of getting to be the number 1 pro hero. However this quirk wasn't inherited from any of your parents, it was a genetic and quirk mutation which was a pretty rare scenario and case around these days. Your father had a mind reading quirk and your mother had a quirk that made purple light come out of her hands. You on the other hand inherited those as well as other abilities as well like energy manipulation and etc

    You were sent to UA for the entrance test and when you reached there, you bumped into an ash blonde with red eyes and he snarled at you "OI extra, look where you're going would ya?" and you huffed back "You should be the one looking where you're going'' and his eyes narrowed and he was about to say something till a blue haired boy with glasses asked the blonde haired guy not to yell at others especially girls. He turned to him instead and started venting out his anger but mostly because 4 eyes interrupted his time with a cute and beautiful girl like you

    Soon it was time for the entrance test to start and you took a deep breath and you tried to calm your nerves. You heard the ash blonde haired dude bragging about how he'll score the most number of points and you couldn't help but roll your eyes Would he EVER stop showing off? Like seriously, what was his deal, you thought to yourself but you listened to the instructions and you went in. You were facing robots and had to a series of challenges but however a girl with brown hair was about to get really hurt by a robot and you used your powers to lift the robot and sent him flying in the other direction. The girl looked amazed and spoke "Wow, my quirk is similar to yours in a way and I still can't do that, you were amazing and thank you so much for saving me'' she gushed at you and introduced herself as Ochako Uraraka. You were glad you made a new friend and the other pro heroes were keeping track of your performance, you were quite impressive indeed. You received many compliments after the rest was done and heck, even the blonde haired dude called you badass and introduced himself as Katsuki Bakugou. "You better remember it sweetheart, you're looking at Japan's number one hero'' he cockily smirked at you and you snickered to yourself and you rolled your eyes and replied "Sure'' just to amuse him

    You were also introduced to other people like Kirishima, Iida, the brother of Ingenium, Todoroki who was the son of Endeavor and Deku. You could see Katsuki glaring at you with such intensity that you felt there could be holes at the back of your head when you were talking with Deku. Deku asked you if he could drop you home and you accepted after all, he was your friend. However now that Deku knew where you lived, he was pleased that he could see you everyday from now on. He already started growing obsessed with you, he's watched you use your quirk and interact with his childhood bully and something in him just snapped. He needed to find a way to deal with Kaachan and prevent him from stealing you away from

    Pretty soon you were accepted into UA and when you sat next to Uraraka, you could feel some people glaring at you and as for Uraraka, she was smug that she got to sit next to you. You got along with all of your classmates and they were soon growing to be fond of you, or rather TOO fond of you to be precise. They were starting to develop an unhealthy obsession for you in the name of a simple crush and it turned out to be like the freaking Hunger Games in the class since everyone wanted your love and affection and attention. They'd get jealous whenever you'd hang out with one of them or the Bakusquad or the Dekusquad but everyone in the class will team up with each other if the see another person trying to get to you and steal you away from them. When Monoma was flirting with you even though you told him you weren't interested, your classmates realized they had to save you from him. "Look at that copycat loser, talking to Y/N like she's a piece of meat'' snarled Bakugou and growled something about how he'll blow him up to the moon but Iida put a hand on his shoulder and replied "No, we need to wait else Y/N will accuse us for being mean and that's something none of us want I'm sure'' and everyone else could see he had a fair and valid point. They didn't know what they'd do if you stopped talking with them, you were far too important and you were the glue that held them together, so they needed you

    Suddenly the girls from your class came towards you when Monoma was busy talking and Mina asked you if you'd like to hang out at the new cafe that opened near the block. You've been wanting to try it out since a really long time and as much as you thought Monoma was annoying, you didn't see why he couldn't come as well so before you even about to invite him the girls told you it was girls only. You shrugged at Monoma as a form of apology and promised you'd talk later with him but your classmates 'dealt' with him and threatened him to stay the hell away from you. "You touch my puppy one more time or even dare go next to her I swear upon All Might I will use OFA 100 percent and kill you and hide your body'' snarled Deku. They've successfully managed to keep any sort of pest who wanted to steal you away from them at bay and made sure they learnt their place

    However one day some villains attacked the school one day and it was during Aizawa sensei's class the alarms around the school blared indicating that there were villains in the school. "Stay here everyone and DON'T go out of the class, let the heroes handle this and 13 will come to get you all in a few moments'' said Aizawa and he went out. Your classmates immediately decided to protect you. You heard some blasts and firing sounds outside and you started getting worried. "Guys, don't you think we should do something?" you asked them and Iida replied "No L/N san, sensei told us to stay here and let the heroes handle it'' and you spoke "But we're heroes too, we need to assist them'' and as much as they appreciated your kind gesture to save the others and your concern for the other pro heroes, they would NEVER let you step out there when things were as dire and grim like this

    Sero told you he'd tape your arms and legs if you even thought of stepping out and Bakugou was prepared to restrain you as well but suddenly the doors of the classroom burst open with blue flames and you could figure out it was none other than Dabi. Some villains came in and you were prepared to use your quirk to defend yourself till you saw Shigaraki leering at you and he said "Well, look who we have here, Y/N L/N. You'll be useful to us. Get her'' he ordered Toga, Dabi and Twice but your classmates pushed you back and Bakugou blew up some stuff for giving you all time to escape. However the villains caught up with you and cornered all of you

    "Another step, and you ca say bye to her'' said Shigaraki who was holding Momo at gunpoint. You couldn't tolerate it if someone harmed your friends and you channeled your inner rage and you unleashed all your anger into your quirk and you blasted them away from Momo. The other pros caught up in time and after asking you all if you were all right, Momo hugged you and thanked you for saving her. You told her it was no problem and she felt herself developing even more deeper feelings of love for you. Your other classmates were spellbound about the way you used your quirk and when you weren't around, Kirishima spoke "You guys do realize that those villains could have harmed Y/N today?'' and Tokoyami replied "True, we need to up our game in keeping them safe and protected'' and they all promised they'd do a much better job of protecting you. After all, what sort of heroes would they be if they couldn't protect the person they love?

    #yandere bnha #yandere bnha x reader #yandere bnha scenarios #yandere class 1a #yandere class 1a x reader #yandere class 1a scenarios #yandere class 1a oneshots #yandere class 1a imagines #yandere class 1a headcanons
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    ★ Perfect Date

    Ruggie Bucchi x GN!Reader
    Reader will be referred to as MC.
    Genre: Fluff oneshot
    Summary: Ruggie and MC are cleaning Leona's room together, and yet still count it as a "date".
    WARNING// I didn't proof read this. That's the only warning.

    ── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──

    "I don't ask for much! The least he could do is say thank you!" Ruggie had a little melt down as both him and his s/o, MC, cleaned Leona's room.

    MC folded the housewarden's clothes whereas the heyena boy sweeped the floor below. Dust flew everywhere as the bristles of the broom brushed across the ground. "Honestly. This place is a mess! Filthy!!"

    "Perhaps he purposely makes it messy to spite you?" "He better not be doing that because I swear...."

    The human chuckled softly at their boyfriend's reaction at the adult man. They watched as his ear flicked at the dust touching it. "I feel like I may end up graduating before him at this rate. He's 20 years old and still in high school!"

    Leona wasn't the best housewarden, but he definitely isn't the worst.... A lot of the students at NRC consider Riddle to be the worst with his strict and mean attitude.

    "You're so sweet, Ruggie...." "I am?" "Mhm. You'll make the perfect husband one day."

    MC turned to see the sophomore's ears straightened and his tail wagging. His tanned light-skin face was flushed with a soft red. The teen looked down at his feet and poured while saying, "Yeah.... Well.... I'm sure you'll make a wonderful spouse as well...." "Really? How so?"

    Ruggie stopped sweeping for a moment to think. He sucked at his teeth to look up at his head, almost like he was trying to talk to his brain. "Well you're a good listener. You're sweet, caring, and you've saved all our butts maybe once or twice. You're someone to look up to and I really like that.."

    It was Mc's turn to blush now, stopping what they were doing to look at their boyfriend with wide eyes. When Ruggie saw their reaction to his words, he gave a toothy grin. "That's in my eyes at least. You're just... Perfect...." He went back to "his" chore, almost acting as if that didn't happen.

    They finally finished cleaning Leona's room, knowing it'll be messy again in less. Than a week. MC sighed before stretching their arms. "Well this date was half decent."

    "Date?! You considered this a date?" Ruggie flinched at MC's words, turning to look at them. They had that soft smile that he was so familiar with. It felt like he was falling in love again.

    With a close-eyed smile, MC said, "Well of course. Anywhere by your side I'd consider a date. Whether that's at school or doing work around the dorm. I just need you next to me."

    Ruggie didn't know what to say.

    He will admit, their first official meeting wasn't the greatest. They caught him in the act of ruining the Magift Tournament and they were instant enemies. Back then, he would've never have seen himself end up dating the person that once hated him.

    Well.... MC didn't hate him. Just was more disappointed in his actions. But they're all fine now.

    Once again, his tail started wagging. He couldn't help but leap into his s/o's arms with joy at their words. They laughed for a moment, only to have the moment ruined by a gruff voice saying, "Move it, lovebirds..."

    They both separated to step aside and out if the way for the tall man to walk past. Leona then flopped on his bed and immediately got comfortable. MC grabbed Ruggie's hand and pulled him away with a goofy grin on their face.

    The boy tripped over his own feet for a moment put of surprise, but picked himself up and walked at the same pace as them. "Let's get some donuts for you. Okay, Ruggie?" They turned back to show another smile of their's to their boyfriend. Both teens gripped on to each other's hands tighter almost afraid that the other was going to let go.

    Yeah. It didn't matter where they were in that twisted wonderland.... They needed each other. That was something both of them knew for a fact.

    ── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──

    I rise again from the dead to bring this wonderful Ruggie x Reader, requested by my good friend. Yes. It's fluffy. I hope it is to your liking, my friend.

    Yes. This was a request from my friend. I will only be taking requests from my friends, I'm sorry. It's only to calm myself down. Thank you.

    I may end up dying again. Who knows.


    #ruggie bucchi #ruggie x reader #twisted wonderland ruggie #ruggie x mc #ruggie x y/n #ruggie bucchi x reader #twisted wonderland#savanaclaw#x reader#fluff oneshot#fluffy#fluff#oneshots#oneshot#requests closed #Ruggie deserves the world. OMFG. #gender neutral y/n #gender netural #gender neautral reader #yuu twisted wonderland
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    “You know, we do need customers to keep the business afloat.” His facial expression remained serious, but there was a sparkle of amusement in his eyes.

    “Hey, you’re the one who chooses the opening hours. I’m just enforcing your rules,” I smiled cheekily up at him. 

    #va#rose hathaway#dimitri belikov#romitri#otp#answered#anon#vampire academy #the book shop au is like a oneshot idea purely to write smut lmaooo #byeeeee
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  • princessandtheflea
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    Sex and Candy 18+

    Summary: Timmy has a plan to get you on your knees. A plan that involves great news.

    Warnings: smuttttt, fingering, oral both receiving, leg riding, unprotected sex, cum swallowing, daddy kink kind of. this is naughty okay.

    Accidentally deleted this from the tags so here this is again. Please like it over there if you enjoyed :)

    #timothee chalamet smut #timothee chalamet oneshot #timothee chalamet x reader #timothee chalamet fanfic #timothee chalamet imagine
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    8:06 pm

    Lee Felix / 561 words / smut

    10. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” & 146. “Were you just masturbating?” “U-uh..no, I was just..” “Want some help?”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    You felt extremely hot and bothered and it didn't help that the guy across the hall you've been drooling over for the past few hours at this party kept looking at you. You attended this frat party in the hopes of hooking up with a random stranger to fulfill your needs, yet no one seemed to catch your eye. Although, you were hoping that one guy in particular would be there tonight. 

    A few months ago, Lee Felix caught your eye. Once a shy and nerdy boy who you worked on projects with, now had a major glow up and was the most popular jock in college. All the girls fussed over him and how good he was in bed, yet he knew how to treat a girl well and not run out on them after sleeping with them. He gave them the aftercare they needed and gave them the attention they deserved.

    That's where you found yourself now, at some random frat, feeling horny at the idea. It wasn't like you to get off in random places, you were usually able to contain yourself till you got home, but right now, you were aching to be touched. You ran up the halls and into a spare room, forgetting to lock the door on your way in. The bed was comfy but not like that mattered much.

    You laid flat against the mattress, your skirt around your waist as your fingers began to rub circles on your clit. It felt dirty to be doing this here, but gosh, you needed to imagine it was Felix fucking you with his fingers instead of your own. As your fingers entered your tight pussy, the door opened wide and you were met with a handsome figure. 

    "Fuck! Felix!" You squealed, sitting up from the bed and pulling your skirt down to cover any of the last modesty you had left. 

    "Were you just masturbating?" Felix smirked.

    "U-uh..no, I was just..” You trailed off, trying to find a valid excuse but none that could justify your actions right now. 

    Felix grinned at your dazed state before locking the door behind him, "Well, don't stop on my account," He grinned as he made his way over to you and sat on the end of the bed, "Want some help?"

    "What?" You stuttered, feeling shy under his gaze now that this could actually happen. 

    "Oh come on, Y/N!" Felix chuckled, "I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice. I want you as much as you want me, but I'm a gentleman and won't ever do that until you give me permission to."

    "Lix," You mumbled softly, avoiding eye contact , "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you recently."

    Felix giggled cutely at you before taking a hold of your chin, "Neither have I, but I didn't know how to talk to you after so long. I usually like to take a girl who I like out on a date first, but for you, there's an exception."

    You were caught off guard when Felix pushed up against the bed, his lips pressing soft kisses to your skin and his hands roaming your sides before touching you through your wet panties, "Just lay back and relax, baby. Let me ease that tension you've built up in that silly head of yours. 

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🌶️

    #stray kids smut #lee felix smut #skz smut#stray kids#skz#lee felix #stray kids lee felix #skz lee felix #stray kids lee felix #stray kids felix #skz Felix#stray kids suggestive #stray kids reactions #stray kids boyfriend #stray kids blurbs #stray kids imagines #stray kids oneshot #stray kids timestamps #stray kids scenarios #stray kids angst #stray kids fluff #stray kids fics #stray kids drabbles #bang chan#Lee Minho#seo changbin#hwang hyunjin#han jisung#kim Seungmin#yang jeongin
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    1:01 am

    Im Jaebeom / 503 words / angst / fluff

    66. “I’m never leaving…I promise.”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    It was late, but you were hoping your boyfriend would return home soon. He had moved companies to finally create the music he wanted without being constantly criticized for his unique taste. It was one of the happiest you had ever seen Jaebeom, even though he would be parting from the boys for a bit to create music alone, he knew it would be worth it and you would be there to support him until they returned.

    You opened Twitter to see a shocking headline, ‘GOT7’s JB seen at the airport to move to the US after signing with Universal Records’. You felt your body begin to shake with anxiety. It had been a few days since you last saw Jaebeom since he was at the company making music, but you never once thought he would leave for the States without telling you? You jumped up from your shared bed, grabbing your jacket and purse and running out the door. You looked like a mess yet you could care less. You knew he had signed with Universal Records after leaving JYP, but moving to another continent? He wouldn’t, not without telling you.

    You tried calling him over and over again, only to be met by his answering tone each time, “What the fuck is going on JB?” You quickly made your way into this company building, scanning your pass before moving towards the elevator to find which room he was in, hoping to god he actually wasn’t at the airport.

    “Jaebeom! JB! Where are you?” You cried, feeling the hot tears rolling down your pink cheeks, “Baby, where are you? Please tell me you didn’t actually leave,” You continued to sob as you fell to the ground in the hallway.

    You heard a door open before a pair of hands were placed on your back and then wrapped around you, “Y/N? Y/N, what are you doing here? It’s so late. Are you okay? Why are you crying baby?” You lifted your head to see your boyfriend staring down at you with panic in his eyes as he examined your face to make sure you weren’t hurt.

    You threw yourself into his chest, tightly holding onto him as if he was to leave and never come back, “Please don’t leave! I saw the headline of you leaving to the States and you didn’t answer my calls.”

    “Baby, I’m so sorry,” He hugged you even tighter, wanting to show you how sorry he was, “That was a rumor the media outlets made up since I was at the airport recently to get a new passport for when we go and visit Mark next. I wouldn’t just leave like that, especially without telling you,” He pressed a kiss to your forehead as you sniffled up at him.

    “Please never leave me. I’ve never been so scared in my life,” You tried your best not to cry anymore.

    Jaebeom smiled down at you before placing a piece of your hair behind your ear, “I’m never leaving…I promise.”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

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    7:45 pm

    Park Sunghoon / 650 words / angst / fluff

    91. “Don’t go on that date.” “Why?” “You know why.” “Say it.”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    You were thanking the gods right now that night class was finally over since Sunghoon had continued to badger you no matter what you did or how you would answer in class. It was always a debate with him, not wanting to seem like he was ever wrong, no matter how absurd his remarks were. If you were being honest, he gave you a headache. No matter how handsome he was, he was annoying.

    “Hi Jay! I’m on my way to the cafe now, I’m excited for our date tonight!” You told the cute guy in your morning class as you hung up the phone.

    Before you could take another step, you felt a hand tightly grasp your wrist, pulling you backwards as you gasped slightly from the surprise. You turned around to see Sunghoon holding onto you as you tried to pull away, but ultimately was unsuccessful.

    “What are you doing Sunghoon? Let go of me!” You pushed his hand off of you as you glared at him, “What is your issue? Was making night class hard for me not enough?”

    His facial expressions lightened up at your sudden harsh remark, “I never meant to make it difficult for you. The class was about negotiating, it seemed appropriate to find someone worthy enough to argue with me all day and you were that person,” He chuckled to himself as he rubbed the back of his neck, “I always enjoyed arguing with you, even if it got heated at times.”

    You scrunched your face in confusion as you swore he didn’t like you. There was something about his jock-ish appearance and chic attitude that gave of the impression he was not interested in you, not one bit.

    You stepped closer to him to see his face better in the setting sun, “I thought you hated me?”

    Sunghoon sighed before grinning at you, “I don’t think I could hate another human being even if I tried,” He chuckled before looking down at you with a softened expression, “Don’t go on that date.”

    You were taken back as your eyes widened, “Why? Were you listening to my conversation?” You blushed lightly, trying to turn away out of embarrassment, even though you had no reason.

    “I may have been eavesdropping, yes, but don’t go,” He said as he looked at you with sadness in his eyes, “You know why.”

    “Sunghoon, if I knew why, then I wouldn’t have asked you to explain yourself. You should know that better than anyone. Say it,” You moved even closer to him, unconsciously encouraging exactly what you thought he wanted to happen.

    You could read people well, but until Sunghoon put down his fake persona he masked in class, you weren’t able to see his true self, his true feelings. For some reason, you weren’t upset with it. You weren’t upset that Sunghoon liked you and you could clearly see it written on his face. For some reason, you were happy about it. The butterflies in your stomach wouldn’t cease until their desires were met.

    Before you could encourage him further, his soft lips were pressed against yours in a gentle embrace as he lightly held your cheek in his palm. You slowly closed your eyes to take in the tender kiss and touch. You felt like your legs could give out any minute and your body was on fire. Whether you knew it or not, this is what the both of you had wanted for so long. All those arguments only fueling the desire and love blooming between the two of you.

    “I thought it would be better to not discuss this matter, but to show you instead. I’ve done enough talking,” Sunghoon smiled down at you before reconnecting your lips as the two of you smiled into the kiss. Whatever date you originally had was clearly called off, and you were perfectly fine with it.

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

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    “I’d so take you down in a riff off.”

    yoongi x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 1.9K

    a/n: Hi lovelies! Here we have Yoongi and Kid getting a little too wrapped up in each other in front of a few of their friends. It’s just a little bit of pda among friends, it’s cute, they’re embarrassed, I hope you like it <3 this fic features Jin x Poopsie (oc girlfriend) Namjoon x Daisy (oc girlfriend), and Jungkook. (There’s also a reference to an early min/kid fic <3 I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 

    p.s. Happy birthday @aurorassadprosee​! I love you the most <3 

    Ever since you’d met Yoongi, your apartment started feeling like what you assumed home was meant to feel like. Warm and comforting, vibrant and full of life; safe. Before Yoongi, the walls of your apartment acted as a barrier, fencing the outside world and its possibilities out. With Yoongi, however, the walls began providing security, protecting the sanctity of your new shared life, the life you had fallen deeply in love with.

    This particular night, you did not miss how the feeling of belonging intensified with the friendly and now familiar faces occupying the living room. As their voices filled the space, you glanced from person to person, appreciating each of Yoongi’s friends. They were honestly the greatest people you’d ever met, making you wonder what you did in a past life to gain the privilege of loving Yoongi and all of his friends. Well, your friends now too.

    “What about Pitch Perfect?” Jin’s girlfriend proposed amid a debate over which movie you all should watch.

    The suggestion was met with an eye roll from Namjoon, your eyes catching the gesture and immediately making you scoff. “Namjoon,” you started, raising your eyebrows in judgment. “Don’t tell me you don’t like Pitch Perfect.”

    As his girlfriend cocked her head at him, awaiting his response, Namjoon looked from person to person, gauging the response he was about to receive. “It’s- fine,” he said simply, a small smile curving on his lips when his girlfriend scoffed at him.

    “It’s objectively a good movie, if you don’t like it you’re lying to yourself and that’s just sad,” you began ranting, Yoongi chuckling beside you. “You should stop denying yourself enjoyment.”

    “I like it,” Jungkook interjected from his spot on the floor.

    “That’s because you have taste,” you told him, internally cooing at the boyish smile he flashed at you. “Sometimes,” you added, warning him to not get too comfortable with the compliment.

    “Hey, I like it too,” Jin then said, defending himself against no one, his girlfriend patting his face with a coo.

    “We know you have taste,” she told him, squeezing his cheeks together to push his lips into a pucker. “You’re dating me, love.” You giggled at the comment as she leaned in to kiss him softly, just before your attention was stripped away from the group entirely, your eyes darting toward your thigh where Yoongi’s large hand was suddenly resting.

    And just like that, the voices, which previously filled the room in all their charming and entertaining resonance, faded into a low hum, taking a backseat to Yoongi’s touch. Your gaze lingered on his hand as he squeezed your flesh, just once, through your jeans. The material was tight on your muscle, allowing you to feel the drag of his finger tip as he began drawing invisible patterns on your leg.

    Bringing your lips toward his ear, the man instinctively leaned into you. “Do you like Pitch Perfect?” You asked, observing the way his mouth curved into that gummy smile you adored so much.

    “I do actually,” he confirmed with a grin, his eyes still on your leg as he scribbled unseen musings into your jeans. “Who doesn’t love a good riff off?”

    “I’d so take you down in a riff off,” you playfully boasted, Yoongi shaking his head as he sucked air in between his teeth.

    “I wouldn’t be so cocky,” he teased. “I do rap for a living.”

    “You don’t know what skills I’m hiding, Min.” Yoongi’s gaze lifted from your lap, his orbs scanning over your smile before meeting your eyes. “Maybe I’m the chosen one who can take down the Genius Min Suga, Agust D, Mr. Tongue Technology in a rap battle.”

    Lightly scoffing at you, he flashed that fucking smile again, your heart pounding against your chest in pure adoration. Yoongi then brought his hand toward your face and collected a strand of hair that dangled at the side of your face. Tucking it behind your ear, he swiped his tongue over his bottom lip before directing a confident smirk at you. “Come on, Kid,” he cocked his head to the side, his eyes lingering on yours. “You know better than anyone just how good my tongue technology is.”

    You really did try to bite back the smile that formed on your lips, but how could you really conceal it? He was so cocky, and that quiet confidence about him, his casual self-assuredness, always had your body tingling. Averting your eyes, you let out a small scoff. Yoongi’s lips curved into a victorious smile, which you caught in the corner of your eye.

    Rolling your eyes, you directed your gaze back on his, just before you raised your eyebrows challengingly. “Don’t forget that you know exactly how good my tongue technology is too. Do I need to remind you how much you love my mouth?”

    If Yoongi had been taking a drink, he surely would have choked on it, your comment taking him by surprise. It was then his turn to direct his eyes elsewhere as he held back his grin just barely. His gaze latched onto the strings on your hoodie, your boyfriend reaching out to tug on them, attempting to make them even, pretending to care about the length of them.

    “You can’t just say shit like that,” he complained cutely, a small pout forming on his lips. “That’s not fair.”

    “You started it,” you defended yourself, smiling in amusement at his flustered state. Yoongi’s mouth curved into a smile as he shook his head in defeat.

    Twisting one of the strings around his finger, he slowly looked up at you, his expression taking on a soft adoring one as his eyes met yours. And just like that, the teasing tension you two had been toying with shifted into one of sweet intimacy, the man’s orbs filling with honey-soaked adoration. His hand moved toward your neck where he gently stroked his thumb across your skin, his eyes bouncing around your face, trying to take in every feature at once.

    As he moved his hand to cradle your jaw, your hand made its way to his wrist where you gripped onto it. It wasn’t until then that you both slowly realized that the room hadn’t just faded away because of your infatuation with your boyfriend, but rather it had gone completely silent because no one was talking anymore.

    Your focus shifted to the group of people surrounding you, meeting all their eyes one by one as they stared at you with amused smiles on their faces. There were differing degrees of amusement, Jin’s girlfriend looking rather soft and smitten with you and your boyfriend, whereas Jungkook wore a bratty grin, ready to tease at a moment’s notice. Yoongi’s attention followed yours, finding your audience just after you.

    As you felt your body heat in embarrassment, a sigh left the man, the reaction making a small giggle slip from your lips. His hand left your face, but not without slipping into yours and intertwining his fingers with yours. Tugging your hand against his thigh, he looked at the crowd with a disinterested expression.

    “Are you guys bored or something?” He asked, feigning as though he was totally unaffected by being caught in your moment of intimacy. Perhaps these walls of your apartment had been providing you both with too much privacy, making you both forget that you weren’t alone that night. As his free hand traveled to his neck, rubbing the spot as a nervous response despite his aloof act, you damn near cooed at the man.

    “How could we be bored, you’re giving us a whole show,” Jungkook teased, a bratty giggle following his words as a few of the others laughed along with him.

    “You guys are so cute,” Namjoon cooed exaggeratedly, raising the pitch of his voice as he played up the comment.

    “You guys can keep going, I’ll just make some popcorn,” Jin added with a squeaky laugh, his girlfriend desperately trying to hold onto her laughter, though small snorts slipped out.

    “No but seriously, fuck Pitch Pefect, you two are more than entertaining enough,” Namjoon’s girlfriend jumped in, adding fuel to the fire.

    “I’d give you a solid ninety-nine percent on Rotten Tomatoes,” Jin’s girlfriend then added cheerfully, taking her turn  as she wore a teasing grin.

    As you laughed at their teasing, covering up the bashfulness you felt under their watchful eyes and clear amusement, Yoongi looked to the side of the room, holding back a smile as he pretended to be unbothered and utterly unamused.

    “Does anyone really want popcorn though?” Jin then asked, standing up to head to the kitchen. “I made myself crave it,” he admitted, flashing a slightly shy smile to his girlfriend, the girl beaming as she followed him.

    “I’d take some,” you called out. “For Pitch Perfect,” you added. Glancing around at everyone once more, you scrunched your nose in protest. “Stop looking at us,” you whined.

    As everyone else agreed to the popcorn, shouting out their own excitement for the buttery snack, you turned back towards your boyfriend. Smiling at him, he let his gummy smile breakthrough as he shook his head.

    “You’re adorable when you’re embarrassed,” you cooed quietly, leaning toward him and pressing a kiss to his soft cheek.

    “I’m not embarrassed,” Yoongi complained, slightly leaning into your lips.

    “So, so cute,” you mumbled against the plushness, ignoring his protest.

    “What the hell?” Jin then interrupted from the kitchen, loud enough for everyone to hear as he peered toward the living room, looking directly at Yoongi. “Is this our microwave?”

    Yoongi’s mouth fell into a pout, his eyes widening as he feigned ignorance. “Huh?” It took everything in you not to burst into laughter at his act of innocence.

    “This is our microwave. From the dorm,” Jin told him, no longer asking.

    “It is?” Yoongi asked, holding back a grin that was threatening to burst at the seams.

    “Yoongi,” Jin exclaimed, lowering his chin toward his neck as he gave an expression of disappointment and reprimand. “You acted so shocked when it went missing. You stood next to me in the kitchen as I pointed out the empty spot on the counter. You even encouraged me to grill the kids on it. ‘I bet it was Jungkookie’,” Jin mimicked Yoongi’s supposed comments. Apparently the man was a better actor than you thought. As you watched the scolding in utter amusement, Yoongi simply sat there with a small smile, knowing he was busted and relishing in the rage Jin was releasing.

    “Hey!” Jungkook called out in complaint from the floor at the mention of his name and the false accusation. “That’s why Jin came barging into my room looking around like I was hiding something?” He questioned in confusion. “I’m literally scared of microwaves.”

    “You’re scared of microwaves?” You gawked at the youngest, watching as he nodded with his big bambi eyes.

    Yoongi simply shrugged at the sets of eyes on him, wearing a proud smirk. “Kid’s microwave broke. She needed to eat her cup of noodles.”

    As you giggled at the comment, your boyfriend leaned toward you, pressing a kiss to your shoulder. Squeezing his hand, you turned to look at Jin who gawked at you both. “You should be thankful, Jin. If he hadn’t brought me that microwave, you wouldn’t be able to make popcorn right now.”

    A breath of air fanned over your neck as Yoongi lifted his face from your shoulder, chuckling in amusement at your sassy comment. He then squeezed your hand twice, reciprocating your gesture.

    And in that moment, you felt so utterly at home. You were at peace. You were happy. And fuck, you loved these people.

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  • sentinelpri
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    Obey Me Oneshots Masterlist

    Hello, everyone! This is the masterlist for all of my Obey Me oneshots (which is only one right now, but I’ll try to write more in the future lol). If you’re interested in seeing my other works or making a commission, check out my pinned post.

    Character x Reader:

    All There Is (Beelzebub x Reader)

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  • sentinelpri
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    BNHA Oneshots Masterlist

    Hello, everyone! This is the masterlist for all of my BNHA oneshots. If you’re interested in seeing my other works or making a commission, check out my pinned post.

    Character x Reader:

    Divined (Shouta Aizawa x Reader) (NSFW)

    Character x Character:

    Good Friends (Shouta Aizawa x Hizashi Yamada)

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    Pairing: Marc/Steven/Jake x Fem!Reader Summary: In the midst of a panic attack, the moon boys help you through it. TW/CW: descriptions of a panic attack, anxiety, highly emotional, fluff A/N: I'm sorry I've been absent, but ya girl has been going through it this week. I hope you'll take this little drabble I wrote after a bad night and that maybe it could help someone that also struggles with anxiety/grounding. Currently working on Part 2 of El Amor Duele, so be looking out for that soon ♡


    "I just need you to breathe," Marc said with persistence, holding onto your shoulders. "That's it, that's all I'm asking, baby. Just a big, deep breath," he said more gently this time.

    You struggled but eventually took a large, shaky inhale that turned into a stuttering, audible exhale.

    "There we go," he said as he traced his fingers up and down your shoulder blades. "Can you do one more for me?" He asked, to which you quickly shook your head no, feeling another huge sob building in your chest.

    "Come on, yes you can! I know you can," he said eagerly as one of his hands moved to your hair to stroke it softly.

    You swallowed back your cry, forcing another big breath in to replace it as Marc talked you through it.

    "That's it, that's my girl," he cooed as he rested his forehead against yours, bringing his hand up to wipe your tear-stained cheek.

    "I know you don't feel like it right now, but you're doing a kick-ass job. I am so proud of you," he praised as he pulled you into his chest, wrapping you in a huge bear hug.

    You exhaled into his T-shirt, sighing as his strong arms caged you in and made you feel safe. You were gut-wrenchingly sad, but you felt protected and knew no matter how big your feelings were - Marc was there. He wouldn't let them get you.

    "Th- thank-" you tried to choke out, but Marc shushed you, hugging you tighter as he pulled you into his lap, helping you curl your legs up against your chest.

    "I love you so much," he says gently as he rocks you back and forth. "I will never let you go through anything alone ever again"

    You continue taking more breaths as they start to come easier now, your chest feeling a little lighter and your lungs burning less and less.

    "There you go, love" Steven says as he softens a bit beneath you, moving to brush your hair from your face. "You're doin' so great," he adds sweetly with a smile.

    You sniffle as you fall into his chest, hugging him closer as if you wanted to burst into tears all over again, eager to tell him everything that had happened.

    But he knew. He'd been right there all along, feeling your pains and heartache, willing Marc to wipe your tears and help him say the right words. It was a surprise that he let Marc front for as long as he did, with how badly he needed to break through and hold you.

    He hummed, pressing his cheek against the top of your head as you clung to him, rubbing small circles on your back.

    "My honey bee..." He said softly as he listened to your breathing even out, getting slower as your exhaustion started to set in from high emotions and the physical exertion that came with your panic attacks. "Let's get you tucked in, yeah?" he said in almost a question, waiting until you nodded to move.

    He swiftly helped you under the covers, slipping from the bed and quickly retrieving you a cold glass of water. He also brought you a wet washcloth to clean your face and soothe your sore eyes.

    He climbed in next to you, switching on some soft music and pulling you against his chest as you settled in.

    "Will you tell me a story?" You ask softly, feeling your heavy eyes already luring you into unconsciousness. Steven kissed your face longingly before you felt him tense momentarily, then relax underneath you once again.

    "So there was this princesa with a dump truck ass..." You heard Jake say comically above you, causing you to burst into laughter for the first time today.

    Marc, Steven and Jake felt their heart swell at the sound, Steven's slight annoyance at Jake's protrusion vanishing instantly.

    You looked up with a small smile, inviting Jake to kiss you and he did. Small pecks that turn into longer, passionate kisses. He looks deeply into your eyes before you lay back against his shoulder, breathing in his scent as you start to drift off to sleep.

    "We love you, hermosa, and we're right here." he whispers as you slip into unconsciousness.


    Taglist: @shirukitsune @rosaren2498 @kindnonny23 @booksandbenbarnes @sunnysidesidra @scarlettmoon98 @xcastawayherosx @buginktsworld @rand0m–fangirl @raging-trash-of-mind @natisren @kaqua @irethepotato @dev-angeline @marshmallow–3 @stormkobra-5 @treasureswordsgirl55 @chunkcook @stepasidefilth @brekkers-desigirl @lancaerialcotume @wintergirlsoldier2 @dalia-12-3 @trashpanda99 @chrisevansgirlfriendsposts @darklingbrekksov @dembiscuitstho @xcaptain-winterx @mixerya92 @djarinsgirl27 @moonlighting87 @dd242 @lots-of-love-anon @simping-master-69 @harrys-tittie @love-on-the-murder-scene

    #marc spector#jake lockley#steven grant #moon knight fic #moon knight fanfiction #moon knight oneshot #moon knight imagine #moon knight fluff #steven grant fluff #jake lockley fluff #marc spector fluff #steven grant x fem!reader #marc spector x fem!reader #jake lockley x fem!reader
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