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  • shumaicore
    19.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Finally listening to your body my temple will wood and Yeah this fucking rules

    #star's playlist 🎵 #it takes me forever to get to new stuff oopsies
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  • sewickedthread
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Costuming story

    For reasons that are unimportant, I needed a vaguely Ren/Medieval shirt. I had gotten a book on costumes for theater and found a 'pattern' that would work well.

    It was a shirt that was more or less a fashion staple for 6-700 years in Europe. And it was all rectangles, with some additions to make it wearable by various sized people.

    One of these was to sew a ribbon or tape into the collar and a matching one in the sleeve cap. To shorten the shoulder (& fit the more narrow-shouldered wearer) would be to tie those together, to the appropriate length. Drawstring in cuffs & collar.

    Rectangles used were 1 for back, 2 for front, 2 for sleeves, 2 strips for cuffs, & 1 strip for collar. Easy peasy. I don't remember the measurements now (although I think the shirt back was the fabric width, because who cares if the shirt is blousy), except the sleeves were 1 yard, which I misread as 1 yard each.

    Reading comprehension is very important, fyi.

    I cut the 1 yard for the sleeves into 2 pieces, 1 for each sleeve. Everything went smoothly. And the flexibility of the shirt pattern meant it could fit me (5'2") & my 6' boyfriend. It was just tunic length on me & shirt length on him.

    Then I tried it on. The sleeves hung down to my knees. If I flapped my arms it looked like a late 19th century attempt to fly.

    All was not lost, however.

    If I tied the ribbons so the shoulder cap was right at the collar, the sleeves only hung down just past my hands. And it made a neat 'overhang' shoulder. Once I tied the cuffs, the sleeves hung down just past my knuckles, which is fitting imho.

    And we could both wear still wear it; kind of a new twist on 'the boyfriend shirt.'

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  • princewished
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    just went through half my likes and found a BUNCH of old stuff that I never drafted, so.... oomfka HSAJKDFHKASD

    #✧ °  σff тнє ѕтrєєтѕ | ooc · ° ✧ #KDASJFLASKDF OOPSIES #time to queue a bunch of stuff
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  • nottiinrosso
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    i am about 2 b unbearable this weekend so if u dont wanna see that lol block the tag: jgps

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  • nervousbreadpuppy
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Am I normal or do I have no idea what normal actually is and never truly know who I am and what's real and rely on what others tell me is real

    #Vent#Kinda #Now that I actually write this out it's probably kind of problem #Oopsie daisy
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  • smoothestjazz
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    being adhd is great because sometimes you'll say "boy I just feel terrible, what's going on with me?" and look at your daily pill container and see that you haven't taken your daily pills in several days because you kept getting distracted

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  • tarotmantic
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    i love reblogging copious amounts of posts from media i love but super haven’t finished

    #inspired by all the umbrella academy posts i just rbd #I’ve seen s1 but not s3 oopsies #i finish almost nothing #except hannibal <3333 #tarot.txt
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  • humble-merchant
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago


    #THAT'S SO FUCKING FUNNY HOLY SHIT!!!! #TWIR LS HAIR IN THE BISE XUAL TRANS MAS C WAY... I LOVE funny men... #GOD one of my favorite jokes teehee #There's a lot of jokes I like in this show oopsie <3 #Toon Patrol 🚨
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  • thoughtsofaginger
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    I was at the mall a little while ago with my mom and we were in a shoe store

    I was thinking about jorts (jean shorts) and jirts (jean shirts/skirts), when I saw a pair of denim shoes

    So I held them up and declared “Joes” (pronounced rhyming to shoes)

    And she was like “SHUSH Why did you say that so loud”

    I was confused until I realized oh shit Jews is a word and I probably shouldn’t have said that so loud without context

    Anyway I fucked up but it was funny in retrospect

    #time I screwed up #whoops #words of mine #wrong timing #wrong thing to say #oopsie #oops oh well
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  • nottiinrosso
    19.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    BDBDBDJSNS just found out pitwalk is also an AUTOGRAPH SESH?????? oh no

    #i switched bags and dont have any lipstick i am gking to KILL MYSELF #but also the besties r probably 2 cool 2 q up so i'll just hope i trip and fall into alex labons arms or smth #the dichotony between knowing everyone will immediately fall in love with me vs the requirement to go through every day without being #percieved#etc etc#jgps#jpegs#oopsie
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  • n4namins
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    d-delancy devins.....shes so pretty...

    #IM SORRY FOR PUTTING BARBIE MOVIE SCREENSHOTS ONTO YOUR DASH #but may i present....HER #DELANCY DEVIN #LIKE??? OKAY sure shes the villain in the story but i think its all her moms fault do not get me start5 #started** oopsies #i could AND i will stare at delancy for days #💀💀💀
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  • sticksadworld
    19.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    never weigh on ur period that shit WILL kill you

    #did an oopsie #tw 4n4#ed diet
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  • elenacarey
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Well, I WAS going to write, but I smoked a blunt, soooo…….

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  • kazooiesart
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    would yall be interested in a askblog for whoopsy

    #here i go again #a care bears comic #care bears#oopsy bear
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  • cryptidcaptain
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    motivation for picking up my webtoon once uni is done: more people might care about my lil guys

    #slight redesign for both of them bc im gonna redraw everything ive done so far anyway #and im getting towards a more consisten comic-y style #for the actual comic itself. looks cleaner than my regular style i think ? #my art#my ocs#brightspark #you can read it under that name on webtoons atm but theres not much out and its art i did well over a year ago. #over two years ago in the case of chapter 1 i think #im gonna redraw it all and try and get into it proper ya feel #ig this art could count as spoilery. oopsie
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  • suguyu
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Can you tell us writers who characterize your favorite characters really well? I'd love to read more of your recommendations ;>

    YES OF COURSE i love screaming about my favorite writers !!! i'll do them off the top of my head but i also really wanna make a longer, more detailed recs post bc i am very passionate about good characterization hehe


    @kewrai -> ru's keiji literally got me into writing he writes keiji SO INCREDIBLY WELL it's insane to me i really do love his characterization so so so much !!! this is my favorite keiji fic by him. it holds a really special place in my heart and i can go on and on about it :((

    @134340am -> i'm new to yuna's writing, but i'm in love with her keiji >.< THIS FIC WAS SO CUTE I THINK ABOUT IT 24/7. GENUINELY. ONE OF MY FAVS EVER. and i read a lot of keiji


    @kentoangel -> LOVESICK TSUMIE SUPREMACY !!! roma's characterization of tsumu has genuinely made me fall even harder for him. all of her lil hcs and drabbles make me go CRAZY i recommend all her works


    @somisamu -> THIS FIC. changed the trajectory of my life. REINA'S SUNA IS SO CUTE AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. he's playful, chill, touchy, and a little annoying [affectionate]. what more could you want???


    @detetsu -> do i have to say more. did you guys see me spiral yesterday bc of hannah's kuroo fic???? other than that one, this one is ALSO ONE OF MY FAVS omg i had to go look in my tags for it >.< HER CHARACTERIZATION OF KUROO IS LIKE NO OTHER


    @antihajime -> i don't read much for hajime, but when i do, it's always sav's writing. she just KNOWS him. I LOVE HER IWA SO MUCH HE'S SO [disgruntled noises] oh my GOD. and her writing is INCREDIBLE i've been a fan of her writing ever since i started my own blog sobsob


    @somisamu -> reina's SO GOOD PLS THIS FIC HAD ME TWIRLING MY HAIR AND LOOKING UP MORE OIKAWA FICS i didn't realize how much i liked him until i read this fic

    @134340am -> i think i'm yuna's number 1 fan bc i could put her in multiple categories she's so good at writing so many characters i wanna scream THIS TOORU FIC WAS SO CUTE IT'S ONE OF MY FAVS FOR HIM

    #I'LL MAKE A MORE DETAILED POST ONE DAY #i also need to read more fics i have 150+ in my to-read list oopsies #THIS LIST WILL DEF GET LONGER #one new message! #from: anon
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  • sithluke
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    first day of work after almost 3 weeks sick note ourgh honestly the urge to just show up and be like "hi i quit btw"

    #like i wont bc i dont have a backup plan and wealthfare money is a fucking joke here. #but also. #oh the urge is there.... #itd be SOOO fucking funny tho bc the only other competent worker quit to the 01.06. and if i quit #itd just be boss and the apprentice thats too stupid to even fold letters after w years of practice #and my boss does that weaponized incompetence where he on purpose just puts shit in wrong places or doesnt save things in the correct #folders etc etc 'forgets' to finalize contracts or damage reports 'forgets' a customer needed this worksheet that takes 3hrs of my day to #make so pleeeease can i just squeeze that in half an hr before i leave aha <3 #imagine if i was just. gone. #like im not gonna pretend that im the most important person in this office but i would literally give him 3 months max lol #soph txts#txt #well. at least apprentice is also sick this week apparently so i dont have to deal with her <3 #miss 'idk what i did but the paper shredder just stopped' 'oh did i threw a metal clip in? ahaha oopsie' #this happened 6 times already btw. like. its important for you to know this was not a mistake that she made once and then learned from it #she made it six times
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  • made-nondescript
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ok im partly through Mumbo 's episode and just. Thinking about Tubbo's reaction to Doc's worldeater. somewhere between incredibly impressed (bc the kid HAS been trying to make nukes) and abject horror (bc Doomsday flashbacks)

    It would have to be explained to Tubbo why Doc would even build one of those on a server as peaceful as HC. Like don't get me wrong he definitely sees a world eater's usefulness because it's pretty much just a weapon of mass destruction and Tubbo has a few of those himself. But like, they don't do wars on HC like they do on DSMP. Either way, were it not for the fact he already figured out how to build nuclear bombs on his own Tubbo might ask Doc to give him the blueprints or whatever. (Maybe he would ask anyway.)

    But digging a really big fucking hole really fast is pretty sick too. It's oddly satisfying to watch in a way he didn't really expect: just a simple, repetitive motion with a sound to match, neatly contained within its perimeter. It's terrifying, but it's also kind of beautiful. And mostly safe! Which is nice. He likes not getting exploded, generally.

    Sidenote: Tubbo and Doc would talk bombs together. Tubbo's proud of what he's figured out on his own and it would be nice to share that with someone who would understand what he's talking about when he explains the process of building the nukes. Plus Doc has some wicked (as in, awesome and also evil) advice to contribute too.

    #dsmp x hc #hc x dsmp #tubbo#docm77#tubbassador au #an answered ask prior to 11pm! astounding! i am caffeinated #this is timeline divergent but either way by the time anyone shows tubbo something this destructive #he already understands that this is not a threat against the dsmp or himself or any of the hermits #and thinks of it more as an engineering marvel #because tubbo has to be a nerd to have figured out nukes on his lonesome #i think it was alone. i dont know. i already wrote this im not checking the wiki now #but if theoretically someone did an oopsie and showed week 1 tubbo a wmd he would freak the fuck out #like break down in the lmanburg cabinet room type deal #because like why would you show an official from another server/country your wmd unless the message youre trying to send #is that we can and will blow you up if we deem it favorable to us #ENOUGH TAG RAMBLE. thank you for the ask #horizon-penblade#nondescript ask
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  • formerly-hp-magical-girl-au-lmao
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Do you ever just. Reblog something on the wrong blog?

    ‘Cause same.

    #it’s happened so many times #it’s not even funny #reblog#oops #I did it again #I made an oopsie #I could delete it #but that would be the coward’s way out
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  • belphieslilcow
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So I'm sure I'd get shot on sight if I told makeup enthusiasts this irl but I always wet my eyeshadow brush a little before using bright/light colors. Then it's like using watercolor paint, and it seems to be more vibrant when actually applied. Idk the effects it might have on the pallet but I'm always satisfied with the results, so I recommend that. I'm sorry it didn't turn out how you wanted. I'm sure you still look amazing 🥰

    ooo wait that's actually a really good idea, i have a lot of trouble with vibrancy so that could super easily solve that problem

    i don't imagine it'd have too much effect on the pallette, at most you might just get some clumps since it's just water and they're pretty easy to fix

    also ehehe thank you -w-

    #it was the type of thing where i saw an eyeshadow look and tried to replicate it oopsies #gotta save that wetting the brush thing in my brain cause i've never thought of that but it makes a lot of sense
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