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  • a-sandwich-cult
    16.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    some original character work. she is definitely not done and the shading on this piece is shitty, but i adore her

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  • watanabes-cum-dump
    16.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Yes I simp over my own avatar deal with it

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  • lostdemonchild
    16.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Here are four of my many ocs ;v;

    Untinted Ver. under cut

    #ocs#original characters #tesoro cappano; oc #bellezza noir; oc #azrael noir; oc #alucard utterson; oc #digital art#my art
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  • nisha-tea
    16.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago


    •Random sketches of my characters

    •Bocetos raros de mis personajes.

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  • itz-arianna-lunar
    16.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    An oc that I redesign in picrew

    She/they doesn't have a name yet :/

    #it'z arianna lunar blog #it'z arianna lunar art #malaysian artist#malaysianartist#original character#original art
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  • nowavyr
    16.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    Welp, I finally finished the animatic I was working on :DD the link to see it is here!!

    here's some of the drawings I liked most, some are just backgrounds bc I actually took the time to make 'em :'D

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  • sailoraspie90
    16.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    Cam monster high gargoyle oc Robert

    #doll photo dump #this poor boy doesn’t have a wig #part 2 of the ocs #I was originally going to make home based on the book original character from the monster high book #and I still might #his character development #was cute and I wish it was cannon in the animated series
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  • faithdragon36
    16.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    Don’t mine at night…

    Reblog, don’t repost!

    #my art #faith the cat sized dragon #ocs#original characters #yes this is art of me playing minecraft shush I can enjoy things
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  • official-project-creation
    16.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    Cousins, amiright

    I'm trying to flesh out Kat more because I do not have anything on them. S, s = $, I, I = ? in Shades section


    CW/TW: Swearing bc new character = more swearing, mention of cannibalism

    Take a seat and let's begin.


    IndependentIntellectual $tarted chatting with ChaosIncarnate.

    II: Leo. Do you remember that job that you gave me?

    II: The one about your di$tant cou$in$?

    CI: Yes, I do. Why?

    II: One of them i$ named Clover. Clover F. Greene. He'$ the olde$t. Hi$ be$t $en$e i$ hi$ hearing and i$ very re$pon$ible.

    CI: Is that so? So how many are there then?

    II: The younger one i$ named Azure F. Bleu-Greene. He'$ a total flirt There'$ nothing el$e really $pecial about him be$ide$ that he $tay$ in$ide all the time becau$e he ha$ a really bad illne$$.

    II: Clover i$ 16 and Azure i$ 7. Although Azure $eem$ to have a really clo$e friend named Ruby Redd who'$ 6.

    CI: Okay, then. Is this Ruby anything special?

    II: They're only good friend$ with Azure becau$e the Redd'$ are maid'$ for the Greene'$.

    II: Ruby i$ extremely good at a$$e$$ing their $urrounding$ and can recreate a $cene in her head in an in$tant. It'$ quite an impre$$ive ability. E$pecially for $uch a newly developed ability.

    CI: How newly developed is the ability? A few months or what?

    II: A few week$ actually. Three if I'm being $pecific.


    II: Ye$ but you have a very advanced ability. Which mu$t've been a pain to develop. After all, it i$ a mix of your mother and father$ abilitie$. And didn't you get it from the development game$?

    CI: Yep, the development games were such a pain to go through though. In one of the games, we had to eat another contestant alive. We had to hunt them while they were awake.

    II: I've never been able to watch one of the live$tream$ becau$e they're $uper brutal.

    II: Oop$ I gotta head out for a bit. But $hade want$ to talk $o I'll let you talk to them.

    CI: Sure.

    IndependantIntellectuals name changed to Myster?ousBats.

    MB: H? dude! What's up?

    CI: Shade! Me and your younger sibling were just talking about my distant cousins.

    MB: Oh, n?ce!




    MB: Oh! ? see! ? guess your look?ng ?nto the Greenes because they're the ones that broke out of your fam?ly awh?le ago?

    CI: Yes, you're correct.

    MB: That's so cool! Your mother ?s The Great Emerald Lady ? guess?

    CI: Wait... HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT???

    MB: LOL. A Bat never tells the?r secrets. But ?f ? have to tell you then... ? guess ?ts because your mother ?s famous all around the world!

    CI: Oh yeah. She is.

    MB: But her ab?l?ty ?sn't a normal one. ? th?nk thats because of all the art?cles that have been wr?tten about her strange ab?l?ty.

    MB: After all, a blood controll?ng ab?l?ty hasn't been seen for a few hundred years now.

    MB: ? guess your ab?l?ty ?s classed as a sub-ab?l?ty of hers. S?nce yours does control some type of blood. ?f ? remember correctly you can control the po?son ?n your blood. And the po?son ?s naturally occur?ng.

    CI: Yep. That's all correct.

    MB: Oh! My package just arr?ved so ?'m gonna leave now. See ya!

    CI: Okay then, see ya Shade!

    MB: Bye Leo!

    Myster?ousBats has ended the conversat?on.


    Wow, this actually feels like it was written decently. Good to know.



    #~Leo/🚂#project: creation #~Leo/🚂's mini chat's #project: creation story #writing#original character#original fiction #writers of tumblr #story writing
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  • pyrsrcool
    16.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    party time

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  • phantasmagoricl
    16.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    finally posting my 6 page comic i developed over the course of the semester! I'm very happy with how they turned out and I hope to color these sometime this summer

    #oc comic#ocs#original character#comic#ink#fantroll#traditional art#drawing#Vanlis#Xaster#Artwork #Sorry I haven't posted in a bit #My computer is busted #Trying to post on mobile in desktop mode #Hopefully I can get it looked at soon
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  • solarsavoy
    16.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    I wanted to draw a more detailed picture and got stuck on the colors because I hate colors. >_< Anyway, been itching to get back to my novel instead of doing fanfiction. Please pray for me. ^^;

    Without further ado, the main character of Krystar, Deshi Gushiken in chibi form! Enjoy!

    #Krystar#Deshi Gushiken#solarsavoyart#chibi #need more tags #please reblog #this is my form of procrastination #I'm supposed to be writing right now #fantasy#original character
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  • higgyhascharacters
    16.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    JANNA TREFOIL character bio universe - Spider

    Janna Calla Trefoil she/her - female 13 years (in the sequel bit)

    -all about that middle school drama -dates Ross simply to see if he's good enough for her friend who has a crush on him -understandably, this causes a falling out with her friend -super nosy and invasive. wants ALL the gossip -wants to be the "popular" girl. -if she lived in a normal universe, she would definitely think high school is just like the movies -knows that Ross' idea is dangerous and life-threatening, but goes along with it to see where it will end up -usually holds the brain cell in the relationship, but she's just so irresponsible with it that it's hard to tell there is a brain cell present -sometimes I draw her with a green hair streak, but considering this takes place in a minimal, isolated town, I'm not sure there would be hair dye.

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  • august-grey
    16.05.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    hi don't need your closure | chapter 10

    read on ao3


    May 1985

    “Honestly, Steve, stop being so dramatic. You can do so much worse than scooping ice cream for the summer.” Stepping out of the brand-new Starcourt Mall into the late-Spring sun, Alice slid her sunglasses onto her face. The day of job hunting had gone well, if she did say so herself. Claire’s certainly hadn’t been her first choice, but it was better than nothing. Plus, she thought, self-consciously, if you stood on your tiptoes in just the right spot by the earring racks in the front of the store, you could look directly into Scoops Ahoy on the lower floor of the mall. Alice chose not to dwell on why this fact was so relevant to her.

    “Are you kidding me? This is bottom of the barrel stuff, Alice. You didn’t see the uniform they’re making me wear. Look at this!” Steve threw himself onto a bench and dug through the brown paper bag he’d been carrying before brandishing a white sailor’s cap in Alice’s face. She took it from him and swatted his hand away. Oh. Yeah, this was pretty bad. “Also, I’m pretty sure my coworker hates me already even though she barely knows me, so that’s gonna be fun.”

    Alice bit her lip, fiddling with the fabric in her hands. Something was up with Steve lately. He’d been alarmingly moody the past few weeks. She had chocked it up to end of the year stress; they both had been swamped with finals and graduation prep. Alice was barely keeping it together, but she had never seen Steve so stressed over school before. But when finals had passed and graduation was just on the horizon, Steve was still on edge and Alice was starting to worry. 

    “I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Alice tried to console her obviously distraught friend. “This is just a stepping stone, Steve. We’ve gotta start somewhere.”

    “Easy for you to say, you’ve got that cushy job upstairs selling scrunchies to preteens. Meanwhile I’m going to be in the trenches, slinging ice cream to hoards of hot, hungry customers.” 

    “Think of the tips, though! People are going to be so grateful to you for providing respite from the heat, you’re going to be swimming in that sweet, sweet ice cream money.” Alice plopped down on the bench next to Steve, straightened out the cap in her hands, and placed it on his head. He immediately yanked it off and shoved it back into the bag out of sight, but not before Alice caught a flash of bright blue polyester. “Besides, it’s just for the summer, right? In a couple months we’ll be off to college and have to start the job hunt all over again.”

    “Yeah, about that.” Steve’s voice lowered and she had to lean closer to hear him. “Turns out I’m going to be stuck in Hawkins a while longer. I didn’t get in, Al. No one wanted me.”

    Alice’s stomach dropped. Oh god, she was an idiot. When her acceptance letters started coming in, she’d ignorantly assumed Steve’s were similar. He hadn’t mentioned anything to the contrary, at least. Regardless, she should have known something was off. Alice knew he’d been anxious when applying, but he’d worked so hard this year. Certainly the admissions offices could see how much improvement he’d made, why couldn’t that be taken into account? This was completely unfair. After what Steve had gone through…everything with the demodogs and the bullshit with Nancy and being bullied by Billy...Steve deserved so much better than feeling rejected yet again.


    “No, no. It’s okay. It doesn’t matter, really.” The catch in his voice gave away the fact that it did, in fact, matter to him. It pained Alice to see her normally overconfident friend like this; shoulders hunched, eyes fixed on the concrete sidewalk. She laid a comforting hand on his back and felt him lean into her touch. “Don’t blame them, honestly. Just didn’t have the grades. Probably should’ve started caring before my last year of high school, huh? My parents are pissed, obviously. Which is why I’m going to be working a fucking dead end job instead of starting with my dad.”

    “Screw what your parents think, Steve. This isn’t the end.” Absentmindedly patting Steve’s arm, Alice wracked her mind for a solution. “First of all, don’t think of Scoops as a dead end job; it’s a jumping off point. It’s experience to add to your resume. Secondly, have you looked at the community colleges around, or maybe a trade school? You don’t even need to go to school, really. We can look for apprenticeships or get you in at an entry level position somewhere. We should grab a paper and check the classifieds, do you have any change?”

    It looked like Alice had a mission now; there was no way she was letting Steve feel this badly about himself without exhausting every resource. Spotting the newspaper vending box near the entrance of the mall, she sprang from the bench, digging through her purse for a few coins. Before she could rush off, she felt a hand snake around her wrist, refocusing her attention. Steve was looking up at her, amusement and something else she couldn’t place was sparkling in his eyes. Heart beating a bit faster, Alice let herself be pulled back down onto the bench.

    “Jesus, Alice, calm down. You don’t need to solve my problems all at once. God, you don’t have to solve any of my problems, that’s not on you. Besides, it’s not so bad. At least I’ll be able to keep an eye on Dustin and the kids next year. Make sure they don’t get into much trouble without you here to wrangle them. Let’s just enjoy the summer for now, yeah? We can take a couple months to have some fun and work our minimum wage jobs and take advantage of not having to literally fight for our lives. We can just be teenagers for once.” Steve slid his hand from it’s gentle grip on Alice’s wrist, shifting to lace their fingers together. “Then we can figure out the future, okay?”

    Shit. Alice seemed to have forgotten how to breath. This was just some friendly, casual hand-holding, right? All friends did this, didn’t they? Of course they don’t, you moron. She shook away the thought. This was really beginning to become a problem. 

    She had tried. Truly, honestly tried. For months. But despite her best efforts, Alice had continued the long and deep decent into a full blown crush on Steve Harrington. Of course, she outright refused to admit it to even herself, let alone Steve. Alice genuinely didn’t know what she would do if the relationship they had built over the past several months was suddenly gone because she did something stupid like admitting her stupid unrequited feelings for him. There was no way she’d even consider jeopardizing their friendship over that.

    So instead Alice chose to ignore the butterflies in her stomach that stirred up every time she had any sort of physical contact with Steve. Which, to both her pleasure and dismay, seemed to be happening much more often lately. The occasional hug or accidental brush of limbs had evolved into much more purposeful touches. Ones that lingered maybe a tad too long. Thighs pressed against each other during movies or while studying. An arm draped over her shoulders or guiding hand on the small of her back while walking. And now, apparently, holding hands for no reason other than to just…touch.

    “Okay?” Snapping back to reality, Alice nodded enthusiastically, giving him a tight-lipped smile. Steve grinned and squeezed her hand; Alice had to take a breath to center herself. She really had to sort herself out. “Speaking of being normal teenagers, what are we doing after prom?”

    “Prom?” Alice parroted, brain not quite caught up yet. “You literally told me last week that prom was boring and overrated.”

    “Well, yeah, it is. But I was mostly trying to make you feel better about being too sick to go last year. It won’t be so awful this year, not with you.” Catching the skeptical look on her face, Steve’s tone became more serious. “Alice…we can’t not go to our senior prom.”

    “I don’t know…it’s only a week away and I don’t even have a dress or anything.” Alice bit her lip; it wasn’t that she didn’t want to go. Between college prep, extracurriculars, finals, and job hunting, prom had been the farthest thing from her mind. By the time she realized how quickly it was approaching, she thought it felt too late to consider going. “You really don’t have a date, already? No one asked you?”

    Steve looked a bit sheepish before brushing off the question, “I mean, someone might’ve asked. But I don’t want to spend the night with some rando when I know for a fact I’d have an infinitely better time with someone I actually like.”

    The fact that Steve had turned down going with an actual date for her did not escape Alice’s attention. Trying not to let it go to her head, she extracted her hand from Steve’s and stood up. 

    “If this is your way of asking me to prom, I pity your future fiancé.” Steve rolled his eyes at Alice, biting back a smile. “She won’t even know you’re proposing. Very roundabout, Harrington. You could’ve been like, ‘hey Alice, let’s just go prom together as friends ’ and I would’ve been like ‘sure, Steve, sounds great’ and this would’ve been settled a lot quicker.” 

    “Yeah…as friends…” Steve grumbled under his breath. 

    “What was that?” Alice asked, not quite catching what he had said.

    “Nothing, don’t worry about it. So…is that a yes or are you going to drag this out for the rest of the day?” 

    It was Alice’s turn to roll her eyes. Obviously she’d go with him. There wasn’t any part of her that would say no to Steve at this point. She was long gone, even if she wasn’t ready to reconcile that with herself just yet.  

    “C’mon. I wasn’t kidding when I said I had nothing to wear.” Steve scrambled up from the bench, following Alice back to the entrance of the mall. She slid her sunglasses to rest on the top of her head. “We’re shopping, Harrington.”


    How the prom council managed to transform the high school gym into an Under the Sea  fantasy completely mystified Alice. She had to admit, it was pretty impressive. Metallic streamers covered the walls and hung from the ceiling, papier-mâché jellyfish and cutouts of tropical fish bobbed above their heads, and the whole gymnasium was cast in a pretty, blue-green light that truly made it seem as though they were in whimsical underwater world instead of small-town Indiana. 

    Overall, prom really wasn’t as awful as Steve had made it out to be. The food left something to be desired, but Alice was actually having fun. When she wasn’t dancing wildly with her friends from band or drama club, Alice was being swept away to graze at the snacks laid out and gossip about their classmates with Steve. Honestly, she couldn’t remember the last time she laughed so much. Steve was right, this was exactly what they needed after everything they’d been through. 

    The ending notes of a Pat Benetar tune rang through the gym, making way for the beginnings of a much slower song. Alice extracted herself from the small group of girls she’d been dancing with, face-flushed and fixing the straps of her dress, as her classmates began to pair off. Just as well, she needed a breather; her feet were screaming from inside the heels she’d naively convinced herself to wear, and she desperately needed a drink. She had somehow lost Steve a few songs ago and she scanned the crowd for him as she made her way over to the punch bowl.

    Suddenly Alice felt a hand slide into hers. Before she had time to react, her arm was lifted above her head and she was being twirled straight into Steve’s chest. The emerald taffeta of Alice’s dress swished around her calves as she tried to regain her bearings after the sudden, full-body contact with her best friend.

    “Dance with me?” He grinned down at her, wrapping his free arm around her waist to place his hand on the small of her back. He was gorgeous, almost ethereal, cast in the artificial light. His classic black tuxedo turned to a rich, deep midnight blue and the tie they’d scoured three different stores to find the exact shade of her dress, more teal than green now. 

    “We’ve been dancing all night, dummy.” She took a half step back, moving her free hand to rest on Steve’s shoulder. They really had been dancing, if you considered hopping around like maniacs and shouting lyrics at each other when their favorite songs played as dancing. But Alice wasn’t an idiot, she knew this was different. This felt different. 

    She swore she felt something shift as she and Steve swayed together to the beat of the music. Steve pulled her closer so that their bodies were flush with one another, so close that she could feel his heart beat against her own chest. Adjusting to the lack of space, she twined her arms around his neck. His hands settled on either side of her hips, holding her tight. Alice’s entire body was on fire. 

    “You really do look beautiful tonight, Alice.” Steve leaned down to whisper in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. 

    “Well, you clean up pretty well yourself, Harrington.” Alice bit back her smile, playing it cool. He didn’t make it easy on her, however. 

    Alice’s mind spun as Steve’s head tilted, angling his face toward hers. He paused, gaze flickering from her eyes to her lips, as if waiting for Alice to grant him permission. Oh god, this was happening. Suddenly extremely grateful for the few inches her heels added to her height, Alice would only have to lean in to close the small gap between their mouths. If she did this, if she kissed Steve Harrington, everything would change. Their friendship would never be the same. But God did Alice want it. She wanted it so badly she could scream. 

    Fuck it. There was no way she could know what would happen after, but there was only one way to find out. Not giving herself another second to overthink, Alice rose to her tip toes and gently pressed her lips to Steve’s. 

    Or, at least she would have if someone hadn’t violently shouldered Steve as they passed by the pair. The sudden impact nearly knocked Steve off his feet, but Alice, already unsteady in her shoes, slipped and lost her grip on Steve’s neck, sending her toppling to the unforgiving gymnasium floor. 

    Landing hard on her elbow, Alice stifled her grunt of pain. Steve was upon her in a second, crouching down to help her sit up and scanning her for injury. 

    “You good?” Alice nodded, feeling a little embarrassed. She made to smooth out her skirt and make sure everything was covered when a shadow fell over them.

    “Ooh, nasty fall, Henderson. My bad.” A voice drawled from far above her. Alice looked up into the smug, smirking face of Billy Hargrove; tie hung loose around his neck, dress shirt unbuttoned to show off a generous amount of chest. His date draped over his arm at least had the decency to throw Alice a look of pity. The couples around them had stopped dancing, finding more entertainment in the storm brewing in front of them. 

    “Fuck off, Hargrove.” Steve growled, wrapping a protective arm around Alice and hauling her to her feet. Alice steadied herself, cradling her sore elbow. That was surely going to bruise by the morning. 

    “What? It was an accident.” Billy feigned remorse, turning toward Alice. “Right, Henderson? You forgive me, right?”

    “Leave us alone, Billy.” She muttered, just wanting to be done with him. Alice was so sick of this man. He’d already done enough damage, how much more could he possibly do to her and her friends. 

    “Aw, c’mon now. Don’t be like that.” He crooned, condescendingly. Alice pressed her lips together defiantly, not willing to give him any more satisfaction. “I’m hurt, Alice, truly. I thought you’d be a little more understanding when you consider our, uh, intimate history.”

    That last dig had the tears Alice had been swallowing down finally fight their way to the surface. She was absolutely mortified. There wasn’t a day she didn’t regret her drunken tryst, if you can even call it that, with Billy. Unfortunately for Alice, not only did he know it, but he found some sickening pleasure in taunting her with the knowledge of how much it bothered her. He’d shown his true colors that awful night at the Byers. Threatening physical harm to literal children, nearly killing Steve. Her stomach turned every time she thought of the genuine terror in Max’s eyes when she heard the revving engine of Billy’s car. As far as Alice was concerned, Billy was a monster. One that was somehow proving to be much harder to get rid of than the actual monsters she’d seen. 

    Alice could feel the judging stares of her classmates on her. A few hushed giggles and whispers rose above the music, and her face burned with shame. The music and commotion of the gymnasium soon gave way until she could only hear the pounding of her heartbeat in her ears. What once felt magical, soon turned almost claustrophobic as the room closed in on her. She could only think of getting out of there.

    Seemingly satiated by the few, humiliated tears leaking down Alice’s cheeks, Billy gave her one final arrogant grin and sauntered back into the crowd, pulling his date along with him. 

    Fists balled at his sides, Steve furiously made his way after the boy, but Alice clutched his arm, pulling him back to her. The fire in his eyes melted as he caught her expression, his attention torn between Billy’s retreating back and the pathetic girl before him.

    “Can we get some air?” She sniffled, hastily wiping her face just for new tears to replace the old. He just nodded, jaw clenched. 

    “Let’s get out of here.” Gripping her hand tightly, Steve wove his way through the throngs of teens toward the exit, pulling Alice along with him. He didn’t let go until they had safely pushed through the double doors in the back of the gym. 

    Alice hadn’t realized how overheated she was until she was met with the cool, late spring air. Head spinning, she frantically searched the area for a private place to have her breakdown. Small groups of people littered the courtyard and parking lot; couples making out in the shadows, a trio of boys passing a flask back and forth, a gaggle of girls comforting a crying friend. 

    Steve hot on her heels, Alice settled on a well-hidden spot behind a low brick wall. Deeming it far enough away from prying eyes, she plopped herself on the concrete, buried her face in her hands, (knowing fully well that she was ruining the makeup she’d spent so long perfecting that evening), and let herself truly cry.

    What was wrong with her? There was no way the Alice of a year ago would have let a glorified bully get under her skin like Billy had. She did what she could to avoid him, but it was a small school. As if the taunts and snide remarks he threw at her in the halls weren’t enough, just the sight of him brought her back to everything that happened that fall. Everything that Alice was doing her best to put behind her. But there Billy was; a constant reminder of the horror they all had faced. Graduation couldn’t come quick enough if it meant seeing the last of Billy Hargrove. 

    She felt Steve settle in next to her, his body pressed against hers from shoulder to thigh. Alice was suddenly struck with the memory of that first night when everything had gone to shit, at the hospital after she, Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan had fought the demogorgon. She’d almost broken down then, too. But Steve had been there, offering a light and anchoring her reality. Things had been so different then. She had barely known Steve (or any of them for that matter) as anything other than the douchebag constantly interrupting every class they had together with pointless questions. Now, Alice couldn’t imagine her life without him.

    Back then they’d been so sure that the worst of it was over. That the monster was dead; gone for good. How were they to know that the worst was yet to come? 

    Even now, after once again narrowly escaping death via horror-movie monsters, Alice wasn’t convinced that their otherworldly troubles had come to pass. Hawkins had been so quiet since Eleven closed the gate between their world and the Upside Down. But deep in her bones, she knew it wasn’t over. Alice was sure that the others felt it, even if they didn’t say so. There was a kind of tension, as if they were all just waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

    But that wasn’t the current issue. For now, at least, Alice could focus on a problem much less deadly and more grounded in the present: fucking Billy Hargrove. Not only did Billy basically physically assault her tonight, he had interrupted the perfect moment between her and Steve. 

    “I hate him.” She let out a shuddering breath, strategically wiping her face in an attempt to minimize the carnage of her eye-makeup. “Just one fucking night to forget everything and I let him ruin it. He shouldn’t be able to get to me like this. I’m so fucking stupid.”

    “Stop that, c’mere.” Steve scooted over, angling himself toward Alice and gathering her in his arms, practically pulling her into his lap. Alice allowed herself this moment of weakness and melted into his side. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she took in deep, steadying breaths; Steve’s familiar scent of aftershave and salty sweat grounding her.“Hargrove’s an asshole, that’s all he’ll ever be. Don’t let him be what you remember from tonight. You had fun, right?”

    She nodded, her cheek brushing against the slippery material of his tuxedo jacket. 

    “Well then, there we go. We’re not going to waste our time on losers like him, okay?”

    She nodded again.

    “You feel any better?”

    “I guess.” 

    Steve sighed, his breath rustling her hair. Guilt ate at Alice. Billy may have ruined her night, but here she was ruining Steve’s. She couldn’t let that happen. Time to put on a brave face and endure the rest of the night. 

    “You wanna skip Tammy’s afterparty and just go back to my place? We can forget about stupid prom and…I don’t know…raid my dad’s liquor cabinet, order a pizza, and watch movies all night.”

    Alice shook her head, turning so she could properly face him. “No way. As tempting as that sounds, we’ve gotta go. What kind of friend would I be if I made you miss the last good party of high school?”

    “We’ve got Sixteen Candles at home.”

    “Seriously, Steve. I’m just overreacting. It’s fine, let’s just go and-”


    “-I’m not going to make you miss out on-“


    That made her give pause. An offering of Annie from Steve didn’t come lightly. Alice had made him watch her favorite movie about a half-dozen times since they started having regular movie nights. She’d been extremely hesitant to bring it up for the first time, knowing the musical wasn’t quite Steve’s speed, but she’d been having a particularly rough week and needed the comforting wholesomeness of Little Orphan Annie. And Alice was right; Steve hated it. But since then, any time Steve noticed her getting more stressed out or upset than usual, he’d put on a brave face and pop in the well-worn VHS without complaint. Alice liked to think he was coming around to it. 

    “Are you sure?”

    “There’s quite literally nothing I’d rather do, Al.”

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    16.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    Made a goofy little character that I might use in a comic series I’m working on

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    MerMay Day 15: Pet

    Cute and cuddly pets even under the sea

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  • higgyhascharacters
    16.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    ROSS CURTIS character bio universe - Spider

    Ross Aiden Curtis he/him - male 13 years (in the sequel bit)

    -dumb (affectionate) -comes up with silly ideas and schemes -learns of a funky mystery and decides to solve it, putting himself and his middle school girlfriend in mortal peril -yes, this involves going into the scary woods infested with terrifying spiders that killed his Grandpa -the son of Alexa and Michael Curtis -just wants everyone to like him -wants to learn heroic and cool in front of his new girlfriend

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  • farcrying
    16.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    um…so anyway here’s my riverdale OC……..

    meet Sonny Sommers! A second generation serpent who likes to dress a little more colorful than her fellow gang members. She’s paired with Sweet Pea and their relationship mostly happens in an AU where riverdale is a little less convoluted (jesus christ). I affectionately call her “dark betty” because Sweet Pea’s character description was “dark jughead”. except she’s probably a little bit less fucked up than betty let’s be honest.

    wanna draw her and sweet pea bein cute

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  • theoutsanityshoppe-artblog
    16.05.2022 - 59 minutes ago
    #watching the new Batman movie [not a fan] and wanted to doodle so page dolls? I guess? #lol#my art#art#original character#neo oldesville#detective flint#oc
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