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  • torncast
    27.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    ‘ i am yours, no refunds. ’ - nadia

                   “ you say that like i suggested wanting to get rid of you or something. ” which of course, she didn’t.

    #railsniper #「 𒆨 ⸺ ; ANSWERED 〕 #「 𒆨 ⸺ ; ORIGINAL CHARACTER; BENNETT 〕
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  • manzamillion
    27.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    “TIFU by thinking my son was having gay sex when he was just eating Hummus”

    #bede#original character#pokemon bede #oc x canon #digital art #FINALLY GOT AROUND TO DRAWING IT LMAOO #i. have been meaning to finish this but didnt know how to x.x BUT BONK #dempu/cogs stuff
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  • myearts-uwu
    27.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Expectations: Myra being a responsible driver who follows the rules and is a generally good driver.

    Reality: Myra being a responsible driver who follows the rules and is a generally good driver... who for some reason is really good at drifting. 

    I like to imagine Myra taking Anastacius and Jennette out on a scenic drive and she decides to do a bit of drifting because Jennette wants to see what drifting actually is.

    In the end, Jennette’s the one who’s chanting for Myra to do it again and Anastacius is melting in his seat, trembling in fear.

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  • mofi-archives
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Mofi Archives

    Hello and welcome to the Mofi Archives! This is a blog where I will upload my Original Characters (OCs) for ALL the fandoms that I am in! This is still a work in progress blog, however I will create a masterlist and link to it here. It will take you to separate posts with a list of the multiple versions of my OCs for the fandoms! KINDLY IGNORE MY TWO OTHER POSTS OKAY THANK YOU

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  • pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid
    27.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    For the Seb Game

    Saw you're dad at it with some mortal woman, have a few pics. Want?

    Sebastian: 100%

    Octavian knows lmao

    #tw ns/fw #my art 🌸 do not repost #leonidashotstuffvaldez 🏷#pjo oc#ask game #sebastian son of eros #seb son of eros #percy jackson oc #oc#my oc #my oc tag #original character #pjo original character #oc art
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  • trashmoneky
    27.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    The Special Doctor

    Chapter 5

    "My names Edward and I need to ask you a few questions before I go get Miss Peregrine for you, is it ok for me to ask questions?" Slowly the boy settle back on the bed as he realized his back in the Manor and he shyly nods at my question. I kindly smile at him before I sit back in my chair with my clipboard and pencil in hand.

    "I'll ask same simple ones first, how many fingers am I holding up?" I hold three and he gets it correct.

    "How many now?" Once again he get it correct.

    "Now what color is this?" I hold up a small blue piece of paper and like last time he get it correct while proofing my theory that he can see fine without eyeballs. I quickly write the process we did to proofing my theory as I make a side note that the next time I go out to get some eyeballs for him so he doesn't scary everyone.

    "I'm going to ask some more to see if you remember everything, so tell me your name?" He answers correctly and I continue on with the questions while writing everything done until he finally got tired with the questions.

    "Thank you Victor for answering my questions and now I'll go get Miss Peregrine to explain somethings to you." I quickly walked out the door before shutting it behind me as I jog down the stairs not realizing I still have my clipboard in hand. I open Miss Peregrine office door without knocking causing her and Millard to jump.

    "Mr. Edward you need to knock when entering." She said with strictness in her word as she put down her tea cup on her desk.

    "I'm sorry Miss Peregrine but uh......." I glance at Millard who is siting in one of the chairs in front of the desk causing Miss Peregrine to sigh before dismissing the boy and once the door is shut I spoke.

    "Once again I'm sorry for coming in here like that but he's awake." I smiled at her as she quickly stood and walk out the door with me following behind as she goes up the stairs.

    "Don't be alarmed with his non-existing eyes, he can see perfectly fine without them but next time I go out I'll get him some so he doesn't scary everyone." I wishpered to her as we stop at the door and she nods before stepping into the room as I shut the door behind so they can talk privately. So for the next few moments I stand against the wall waiting before I catch the door handle slightly moving in the corner of my eyes.

    "Millard." I call out making the door handle go back to its original place as Millard trys to get pass me and down the stairs.

    "Millard." I call out again as I quickly step in front of the stairs.

    "I know you are here so please stop sneaking around." I once again call out but this time I finally got an answer back with a thump on the floor and a sigh.

    "How did you know?" He asked with what sounds like him pouting causing me to chuckle.

    "I saw the door handle moving and please go get some clothes on." I said as I step slightly to the side and once I felt him move pass me I spoke.

    "Millard please keep what you saw here a secret, just for few more days. Miss Peregrine wanted it to be a surprise for everyone." I can hear Millard stopping for a few seconds before he continue on his way down the staircase. I sighed in relief at the close call before the door open suddenly as Miss Peregrine stepped out with a small smile but I can see the corner of it pulling down, I step forward.

    "Millard almost found out but I stopped him in time and send him on his way before telling him to keep what he saw here a secret for a few more days." I wishpered to her while covering my lips with my clipboard in case he's still here without my knowledge.

    "I don't know how long he'll keep quiet." I wishpered to her before she nods.

    "I'll deal with him after dinner. I told Victor he'll be in your care for the next few days and that the children will not know about him being awake until you let him go." I nod in understanding.

    "There's a few things he needs to know and I think you need to know them too." I wishpered as I gently lead her back into the room before locking the door so Millard can't get in if he wishes without alarming us first. I sit back down in the wooden chair and noticed that Victor had moved into a sitting position.

    "I hope Miss Peregrine has explained and why I'm here?" He nods to confirm that she did.

    "Ok good because there are somethings you need to know about my peculiarity at this stage but first I must explain how my peculiarity works." Miss Peregrine nods from her seat next to Victor which she have provided for herself when she was talking to Victor earlier.

    "I have a necromancer peculiarity, which I can reattach a soul to it's body for different amounts of time with what I call a contract. A contract is when I draw on the bodies back with blood or ink." Before I continued Victor speaks.

    "Is there a difference between blood and ink when you use them, who's blood did you use?" I smiled and nod.

    "Yes there is a difference, blood will let the contract stay longer then ink and size is also a big factor. The bigger the contract the longer the soul will be attached, I have used the whole surface of your back while using my blood for the contract." Miss Peregrine asked a question that been with her since the contract been put on.

    "How long will his soul be attached to his body?" I shifted in my seat while adjusting my glasses that slid down my nose.

    "Since I covered his whole back and used my blood, he should remain attached for a month or so......" I paused so they can ask any more questions but didn't so I moved on.

    "For three days you'll stay in here so I can help you get readjusted in your body once again." They nod at the knowledge.

    "At this stage the person that has their soul reattach can't eat,drink or sleep." I paused to let the information sink in but before they could ask any questions about it I continued.

    "Another thing about it is that your body will not heal you, if you break a bone it won't heal. Your body will always believe it's dead because it is. But....." I hold a finger up to stop they from speaking before I tell the last bit of information.

    "I have that solved, my mother was a witch when she was alive and I have inherited one of her abilities. I can use a healing ability and heal any injury you have, not sickness but injury."


    #fanfic#male oc #male original character #miss peregrine's home for peculiar children #mphfpc
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  • lycanthrop-ee
    27.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    I LOVE WHEN THERE ARE CHARACTERS.. have a bunch of different kinds of sides and one (1) former side

    from right to left: two of my canon janus, an adult thomas from my inn au, @haysgrove s canon logan, my canon logan, inn au virgil, haysgrove's character vee, and current-age inn au thomas :]

    #eliza arts kinda #inn au#sanders sides #sanders sides fanart #original post#logan sanders#janus sanders#virgil sanders #character thomas sanders #character thomas#thecampfirestory #tss inn au
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  • jojos-wafflehouse-parking-lot
    27.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    Got bored last night and my hand slipped-

    Or perhaps you'd prefer...

    All affectionately and in jest, of course ❤

    #part 5 #I did a thing #I've never watched Morbius so... :t #Erasing the movie characters originally on there was a painnn there wasn't a blank version ;~; #But no seriously I DO like all of these characters it's just for the meme
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  • rqmdae
    27.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    At least the palisman survived

    Anyways yeah here's the smallest hint at lore I've done so far related to my TOH oc, Vex

    #the owl house #digital art#my art#art#toh oc #the owl house oc #toh fanart#oc art#original art #toh original character
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  • azortoonz
    27.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    new weirdcore oc bc i was bored

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  • ghoulishpencil
    27.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    “Finley Meier happens to be lacking in common sense,” Mr. Fischer added to Cassian with a chuckle while Finley pouted. “Now, for payment.” 

    “Right.” Cassian quickly paid Mr. Fischer, pausing. “Um, I’m sorry for asking, but do you have any hair ribbons? Mine are getting a little worn.” 

    “Of course my lad. Come this way. Fin, don’t go picking that fencing up until you’re preparing to leave. I’ll give you some gloves to borrow so you don’t cut up your hands.” 

    “Yes sir,” Finley continued to pout, but he trailed behind the storekeeper and Cassian to what could be called, for lack of a better word, the woman’s section of the store. That’s how Cassian thought of it at least, walking by bolts of fabric to a shelf full of products he’d seen his sisters use. It was almost like he was back in Bristol, the flowery smells and giggling behind him making him feel a little more comforted. How many times had he been sent out with a pocketful of change to purchase lotions and perfumes? 

    “Hair ribbons here. Just put your payment on the counter when you’re done Cas.” Mr. Fischer dropped a heavy hand on Cassian’s shoulder before walking off to check in with the giggling girls a few feet away. 

    “So, hair ribbons?” Finley dropped his chin comfortably on Cassian’s shoulder — at least until the latter jumped nearly out of his skin, dropping the ribbons he’d picked up. Then, Finley could only dance away to rub on his jaw. “Ow, fuck.” 

    “Why did you do that? I thought you were still at the counter.” Cassian’s voice remained low and flat, but he was flushing hard as he bent to clean up. Fuck whatever he’d picked up. He’d just wear them. He sped walked to the counter to toss a few coins in place and right out the door for fresh air. 

    He only stopped when he was by the bridge, winded, realizing he’d started running at some point. He looked at the ribbons crushed in his hands, frowning at the pastel yellow thing that’d snuck in with his usual plain brown and black. 

    He was shoving the ribbons in his pocket when Finley caught up, bare handed and clutching the fencing against his chest. “Cassian! Wait up.” 

    “I have been waiting,” Cassian pointed out, frowning at his bare hands. “Where are the gloves?” 

    “Mr. Fischer was still helping Molly, so I just grabbed and followed.” Finley stopped, huffing and puffing as he set the fence down. “You’re really fast.” 

    “Had to be,” Cassian said, catching the fence when it started rolling away and unraveling. He nearly immediately let go at the sensation of oil on the wire, quickly scrubbing his hands clean on his pants. “He should’ve given us something to keep it closed. He knows how far of a walk we have.” 

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  • fosterscribbles
    27.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    Finished art of my bfs oc Milo (left) and my sona Mikey (right) <3

    #max ocs#original character#fursona#furry#sfw furry#anthro#ocs: mikey#bf: milo#ocs: fursonas #this was originally for his bday but i made other stuff too n couldnt wait for this one #i was weak 😔😔😔
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  • weremagnus
    27.05.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    SW celebration this weekend has got me remembering my old Star Wars OCs. Upero Opadda is my gungan smuggler. It's a real gamble whether I finish personal art these days so please accept these sketches in case I never come back to these drawings.

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