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    20.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    IT'S THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

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    20.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac tonight

    via Vincent Perella on Instagram

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    20.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Il materiale di origine: @vincentperella (Instagram) / “Mom and dad 🙈”

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    20.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    Jessica and Oscar being way too cute!💗😍🥰🙌🏻 (credit goes to vincentperella on IG)

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    20.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    are we gonna ignore the bi lighting from episode 3


    they're such a power couple i-

    *faints in bisexual

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    20.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    acccidentally hit send before finishing but. justt i love u mwAHHBH


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    em eme em em m my oscar to my pedro my loml my lactate lad my


    hi drelio 🤭

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    20.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    “只要吃饭,辣椒做伴!“ 😤🌶 

    Oscar with 𰻝𰻝面 (”biang biang” noodles) in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month with Webtoon Canvas! ❤️🇨🇳🎉 

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    20.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago
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  • stormkobra-5
    20.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    The Heir of Djarin

    Episode 7: Unexpected Allies

    Summary: Laylah is recovering from a blastershot wound to the stomach, and Poe intends to keep her safe and recover the medical supplies so that this whole escapade hasn’t been for nothing. But there are a few unsavory characters waiting for them in Edda’s chamber, although allies seem to be closer than they think...

    A/N: So, once again, without Moon Knight, I completely forgot about Wednesday. It’s a little late, but... Here it is!

    Warnings: This story is rated 14+ for canon-typical violence, action, and   language. The main character is recovering from a traumatic backstory for the sake of the plot, so there is mention of distrust, social anxiety, self-doubt, and emotional damage. Later chapters may involve mature themes for drug usage (spice), excessive alcohol consumption, and clubs that imply adult entertainment (the main characters do not take part). Nothing explicit in any chapters.  


        It’s a damp rag on my forehead that wakes me up.     My hands come up to nudge it off, and for a second, I’m scared to open my eyes. I’m laying on what feels like a cot, maybe a hospital bed, and I don’t hear anything. Am I back on Earth? I don’t think I can deal with that. Not after becoming a Mandalorian and finding my father. Not after Poe.     “...Poe?” My voice cracks so badly it hardly sounds like his name. I hear somebody cross over to me in a couple of strides, slipping an arm under my shoulders to help lift me up.    “Hey Bez,” Poe breathes, relieved. BB-8 whistles somewhere nearby, and Grogu grabs my leg to hoist himself up onto my lap.    Oh thank Maker. Going back to Earth, after all this? I’d go crazy. “What happened?”    “You were shot,” Poe explains softly.    “...Phasma, that bitch...”    I hear him laugh softly. “Yeah, she’s a bitch. How you feeling?”    It hurts to breathe, but I’m alive. I can move and all my senses are working fine. I crack my eyes open, and I can see okay. “...Like I was stepped on by a bantha.” He smiles warmly, though he’s also kind of crying. I don’t see his face for long though, because he crushes me in a tight hug, burying his face in my hair.    It hurts a little, but I don’t have the heart to tell him. We sit this way for a few seconds-- I reach over to hold Grogu’s hand and give BB-8 a reassuring pat as he comes closer, nudging against my arm. “Thought I lost you there for a bit,” Poe manages.    “It’s gonna take a lot more than a blastershot to the stomach to get rid of me,” I cough out, then immediately contradict myself, “Speaking of, how come it didn’t?”   Poe presses a kiss to my temple, smoothing my hair down. “I took a couple of detours. I may or may not have stolen bacta injections for you, but it was from a First Order-aligned planet, so I’m perfectly fine with it. I was going to take you back to D’Qar and then go back for the medical supplies by myself. I might still.”   “Well, thank you-- and no, I’m fine. We’re both going to Tiersa.”   He leans back and stares at me for a second, then kisses me again. I have to smile, because Grogu gags and hides his face with his hands. BB-8 whistles and beeps curiously, like the droid equivalent of what the hell did I miss. “We can never say it,” Poe tells me, and I can’t feign surprise, because I know exactly what he’s talking about. “The L-word. We can never say it. No matter what happens. Because if we say it, then... then it’s more real, and if I lose you after saying that...”    “Poe,” I interrupt softly, bringing a hand up to his face; he leans into me, trying to stifle tears before they come. “I know. I get it.”    Before, on his X-wing, we’d talked about the L-word. About how we would never, ever say it to anyone, but for different reasons. He’s terrified that if he falls that hard for someone and says it, then he’ll lose them. He’ll jinx it. He swore to wait until the war was over. I’m terrified that if I fall that hard for someone and I say it, I’ll jinx the whole damn thing, and they’ll either die some horrendous death or abandon me, like everyone else. The fact that we’re having to say that we can’t say it speaks volumes, but... We’re both too scared of that damn word.     “When the war is over, I’ll say it to you every day,” Poe promises in a whisper against my forehead, “But I won’t say it before then.”    “Neither will I,” I say, realizing that I’m holding back tears, then I add with a smile, “Dad likes you, by the way. He just pretends not to.”    Poe keeps me from laughing by kissing me again, but we’re both smiling anyway. “Good. So I have your dad’s approval.” He raises an eyebrow, trying to look suave. “Just to make sure, you don’t have any anti-relationship laws like Jedi, do you? ’Cause I’ll convince you to break them.”    “No,” I laugh, though it hurts my wound to do so, “Mandalorians encourage relationships. I mean there’s a whole section about making sure your kids are Mandalorians.”    He makes a face. “Yeah. About that, they’re gonna be pilots.”    “With Boba Fett’s armor?” I counter, smirking.    He thinks for a second. “...Okay, fine... But I don’t think the helmet’s gonna fit on BB-8.”    We both laugh as Beebs makes an offended noise and pokes Poe with his arm. Grogu giggles and comes over for a hug, careful of my stomach. “So, where to now?”    “Back to Tiersa,” Poe says, wincing when he shifts so that I can lean on him. “Then home. To get our asses kicked. Though from the way you were mumbling in your feverish state, sounds like you expect Commander Djarin to be following us.”    I snort under my breath with amusement. “Oh. That’s ’cause I had a dream about Dad coming to see what all the First Order fuss was on Coruscant. Thinks it’s us. And with the Force...”    Poe laughs, putting his face in his free hand. “The fact that we caused so much chaos that your Dad knows it’s us...”    “Does it surprise you?”    He pretends to think for a second. “...No.”   “How long did you say I was out?”   “In all? About twelve hours. We don’t have much time left for the deal with Edda to still be good; we’re almost there, though.” BB-8 rolls over with bread and water-- the thought of eating right now isn’t exactly settling with my stomach. “He’s right. You should eat.”    With a sigh, I take the bread and water and consume both slowly. BB-8 and Grogu both sit closely by me, while Poe keeps an arm around my shoulders; although he keeps shifting and grimacing. “You gonna tell me what happened to your shoulder?”    Poe feigns indifference. “I was just grazed by blasterfire. It’ll leave a nasty scar, but it’s fine otherwise.”    “I’ll be checking that when I’m done eating.”    He shifts uncomfortably, clearly in pain. “Good, ’cause this really hurts.”

                                                               -  -  -  

      After checking Poe’s wounds-- and my own-- he helps me put my armor on. I can walk without limping, so I won’t seem weak, but Poe’s leg makes it difficult for him to walk normally.   Once we land, we’re met by an escort entirely different from the one before, save for the presence of Ael-Ti. We’re checked (I find it funny when they’re reluctant to check me), and this time they let us keep our weapons, wary of taking them.    Ael-Ti regards Poe with a snarl. “We were beginning to think you wouldn’t show, Dameron.”   “We had a few setbacks,” Poe nods, confident and cocky. “But we got the saber.” He holds up the bag, which radiates such intense evil that I scoot a couple steps away from him. Ael-Ti approaches and peers inside, hissing when he sees it. He seems disappointed.    “Very well, Dameron. This way.” Wordlessly, we’re led into the awful city, back through familiar alleyways and partying until we reach Edda’s little personal chamber. It’s empty this time, save for his guards, himself, and his slave. Honestly, it doesn’t even look like he’s moved since we were last here.   “Edda,” Poe greets curtly, “Good to see you.”   “Dameron,” Edda grumbles, glaring at us. Looks like everybody expected us to die. Tough luck, nerf-herder. “Bal uba doo lo?”    “Yeah, I’ve got it.” A greedy light flickers in Edda’s eyes, and Poe seems to offer him the bag-- then he yanks it away, which is easy, because Edda has teensy tiny arms that make him look like a slug version of a T-Rex. “Ah-ah-ah! Not yet, slimeball. The medicine I was promised. I want it taken to my ship.”    Edda grinds his teeth, making me cringe. Ael-Ti snarls. What is it with this place and teeth? Eugh... Edda waves a tiny arm. I’m surprised Ael-Ti even sees the gesture.“Ballo!” Edda shouts, and Ael-Ti gives a command into a comlink.    Poe picks up his own comlink. “Alright, Beebs, they’re comin’. Tell me when they’ve got it next to the ship.” To Edda, he says, “I’ve got a friend in the cockpit of my ship. He can see over the edge, so, I want you to open each of the crates. Let him see the contents.”    “Oop beke uba bal,” Edda counters, though I’m not sure what he said.    Poe starts to open the bag.    I feel a wavering in the Force that’s not the lightsaber. Like pure darkness is slammed full-force into light. Unpredictable, mostly evil. So evil, I sway, gripping the back of Poe’s bloodstained jacket tightly when my legs nearly give out. “Bez--”    “Something’s wrong,” I manage, looking around wildly. I don’t see anything unusual.    Until the pieces of lightsaber fly right out of Poe’s hand, straight into a dark corner of the room.    From a concealed door behind Edda, an old enemy emerges. “So you did manage to find the saber after all.”    “Phasma,” Poe and I draw our blasters, but I’m focused on the dark corner that the pieces flung to. I’m scared to use any of my helmet’s systems to see who it is. “How the hell did you-- you’re tracking us. You kriffing pegged us on Coruscant!”    “Indeed,” Phasma replies smugly, “You were so good at weaseling your way out of my grasp that I’m surprised you were stupid enough not to realize how we were following you.”    From every entrance of the room, at least six stormtroopers burst out with blasters ready. We’re surrounded, and Edda chuckles darkly. Ael-Ti haughtily leaves the room, barking something at us in another tongue. Poe and I go back-to-back, and I swing Grogu between us so that he has some shelter.    The dark corner of the room shifts, and melting out of the shadows is a hooded figure in dark robes. He wears an intimidating mask with a lined silver forehead and a black muzzle. I can’t see his eyes.    For every step he takes forward, I take one back. He seems to take up the entire room until there’s nothing left but this presence against Poe and I, tiny in comparison. Grogu has gone utterly silent. I keep stepping back, ignoring the stormtroopers, until I’m just past Poe, who even with my helmet sees my terror. He turns and falters, somewhere between anger and fear.    It’s a Sith.    It’s Kylo Ren.    He’s found me.    He’s found Grogu through me-- I’ve doomed him too.    He’s gonna kill Poe.    “Ren!” Poe growls-- I’ve never heard him so angry.    “Dameron,” Kylo Ren replies calmly. His voice is deep, somehow disembodied and distinctly altered by the mask. “Has the Resistance truly sunk to the depths of making deals with crime leaders?”    Poe keeps his blaster trained on Kylo Ren, but I don’t think it’ll do any good. “Have you decided to do your own dirty work for once?”    Kylo Ren scoffs. “Usually I wouldn’t. But these events have me intrigued. All this, for medical supplies?” He opens his palm, revealing the shards of Palpatine’s lightsaber briefly before crushing them in his fist. He lets the dust of the evil saber fall to the ground. “Pathetic, isn’t it?” Even with the mask, I can tell that Kylo Ren is looking at me. “You call yourself a Mandalorian.”    Poe steps between us. “Leave her alone, Ren.”    Unfortunately, Ren is taller than even Phasma, so he easily towers over us, peering practically through Poe to me. “I saw you arrive here, Girl Misplaced. I wondered when I would meet you. I didn’t expect for someone of your power to join the Resistance.”    When Poe doesn’t move, Ren makes him. With a swipe of his hand, he sends Poe flying into the far wall. I start to go after him, but Ren raises a hand and six ’troopers have their guns trained on Poe as he tries to shake himself out of his daze. I freeze, stuck staring up at Kylo Ren in terror.   “When Phasma told me about what you did in the Sith temple, I knew that I’d found you, Girl Misplaced.”   I want to say that that wasn’t me. That I don’t have the power to do that, not yet, maybe not ever. But nothing comes out of my mouth.   “I sense great fear in you,” Ren says softly. Behind him I see Poe dragged to his feet, positioned behind Ren and bound with stuncuffs. “I sense your hate. But also great power, if only you’re trained how to use it properly. I can show you that power. You would become my apprentice. You wish for the power to protect your friends? I can grant you what you seek.”    He offers me his hand. I glance from it back to his face, terrified. He doesn’t break helmet-eye contact. “Join me, Girl Misplaced. Follow your destiny.”    My destiny? I remember how well the crimson lightsaber fit in my hand. How natural it felt. How perfect. I remember how I cracked the stone wall when I got angry back on the Resistance base, how powerful I felt because I was angry. Am I... meant to be a Sith, after all?    My hand starts to lift. I don’t dare look at Poe. It hovers briefly over Kylo Ren’s extended offer.    I remember Ahsoka. I remember how Din has cared for me like his own daughter. I remember the feel of the Darksaber, my inheritance and rightful weapon, the feeling of piloting the Slave. I recall the awful feeling of killing stormtroopers and TIE pilots, of TN-9824’s sacrifice. How I want to free Edda’s slave. How I want to honor my inheritance and legacy, the people of Mandalore.    I think the best memory of all is Poe’s kiss.    I lower my hand toward Ren’s, but my hand is in a fist.    Without thinking twice, I trigger my flamethrower.    I am not a Sith.    The blast of fire whooshes out, but I’m surprised when all he does is stand there as it wisps off his clothes like smoke, harmless to him. I am not impervious to fire, so my beskar starts to get too hot as the fire blows back onto me. He just stares at me. Unimpressed. Unfazed.    When I realize it’s not working, I let the fire stop, arm dropping to my side. Kylo Ren remains statue-still. “Is this your decision, Girl Misplaced?”    “I am Laylah Vhaene-Besu of Clan Djarin,” I announce, my voice unwavering and confident. “And I am a Mandalorian by Creed and spirit. I am not a Sith, and never will I be.”    “Hm,” He says, “One day, perhaps. If you survive what’s next.” Ominous. A couple of ’troopers grab me, and I don’t struggle when they put me back-to-back against Poe. They switch our stuncuffs so that we’re trapped together.    Neither of us say anything, though we both flinch when Kylo Ren ignites his unique, crackling lightsaber and approaches Edda. The slave screams, trying to get away, but Ren literally slices through her to cut Edda right open. I gag and avert my eyes from the gory mess of entrails and slime. Poe’s pissed, closing his eyes and clenching his jaw as he turns away from the mess. The slave did nothing. She didn’t deserve that fate.    “What of the prisoners, Lord Ren?” Phasma questions.    “Drop them in the pit,” Ren answers without turning around. He continues through the door, leading most of his stormtroopers away but Phasma, who pauses by what I realize is a lever next to Edda’s reeking corpse.    “Pit?” Poe echoes, then comes to a realization as Phasma smugly pulls the lever. “No no-- wait wait wait--!”    We’re both screaming as the floor drops away beneath us. We fall about fifteen feet before we slam into mud and muck, both of us yelping from the strain on our arms that nearly dislocate from the impact. Grogu squeaks, surprised but fine. Overhead we hear faint explosions, muffled screams-- chaos has been unleashed in the city. What the kriff are they doing?    We manage to struggle into a sitting position, but Grogu has crawled out of the bag and is standing on the ground, inspecting our stuncuffs. A rusty gate starts to open, and I hear the snuffing of something way too big and angry. “C’mon, buddy, you can do it--” Poe urges. “Well, Bez, you were right even way back on Coruscant-- this mission is a bust.”    I can’t help but laugh. “Funny, we’ve been calling it a mission this whole time when we were never even allowed to go.”    Eyes move in the darkness beyond the gate. The eyes of something big.    Poe sees them too, and grabs my hands with his. “At least we’re dying together. Can’t wish for more than that.”    My delirious, adrenaline-filled mind immediately jumps to Frodo and Sam thinking they’re dying after destroying the Ring. “Sounds like something from--”    He throws his head back. “If you say Lord of the Rings I’m gonna be the first non-Jedi in history to bust through these stuncuffs, and Bez? I’m gonna strangle you.”    “Sorry.”    Grogu screams as the wary beast reveals itself. A massive elder rancor, wounded, emaciated, practically on death’s door-- and very, very hungry. “Think the war’s over for us, Bez. If we were ever gonna say the L-word, now’s the time to do it.”    Grogu struggles to focus on breaking the stuncuffs, even tries calming the rancor, but he’s so tired and scared he can hardly do either. An explosion rattles the building, nearly knocking the rancor off its feet. “It’s okay, Gizmo! Just calm down!”    “Bez--!”    “Grogu, run!”    The rancor lunges, and we can’t move except to duck--    --a series of explosions target key areas on the rancor and cripple it significantly. It wails pitifully, staggering backward as blood pours from its wounds. “Whistling birds,” I breathe, awed, and my eyes fly to the opening grated ceiling we’d fallen through. “Dad?!”     It’s not him.     But it is a Mandalorian.     Dressed in armor I recognize.     He lowers himself into the pit via his jetpack, firing with precision aim using an EE3-carbine rifle. When he lands, the rancor is dead. He’s killed it, just like that. Without a word, he turns to face us, armor glinting with familiar worn green paint. Poe recognizes him too, and we’re both in awe. Grogu cheers, raising his arms.     “B-Boba Fett...” I breathe, wondering if somebody broke into the hidden lean-to back on Yëa. “Th-that’s impossible-- you’re dead!”    He chuckles-- his voice is deep and gravelly, and despite how old he must be, he walks forward without trouble. “Do I look dead?”     And he just took out a rancor.    “Is that what Djarin told you? A not-so-mysterious end for a notorious bounty hunter. No, I am not dead.” He kneels beside us, takes a laser-cutter out of his pocket, and starts cutting our stuncuffs away. “I retired.”    “Again?”    He laughs softly. “For good, this time. Or so I thought. I had dedicated my last years of life to protecting someone very important, until Djarin gave me a call. Imagine my surprise when I hear that he has a daughter now? His heir!”   Once we’re free, Grogu hurries forward to give Boba a hug on his leg. Boba chuckles, leaning down to pat him on the head. “Hello again, my little green friend.”    Kriff. Boba Fett. The Boba Fett. I’m flying his ship. I have his ship. I don’t know what to do, what to say. Poe and I are standing in front of Boba Fett. “I-It’s an honor to meet you, Boba Fett.”    He bows his head. “Just as it is an honor to meet you, Laylah Djarin.” He puts a hand on my shoulder. “You carry the fates of all Mandalorians on your shoulders, little one. If you do not revive Mandalore when this war is over, no one will, and our people will fade into legend.”    I swallow hard, nervous. “I will ensure that that doesn’t happen.”    Boba shakes Poe’s hand. “You must be Commander Dameron. Djarin told me you were with her.”    Poe nods, actually meek. “I-I’ve heard a lot about you, sir. It’s an honor.”    Boba seems to find something amusing. He pulls a tracker out of his pocket and tosses it to Poe; it’s deactivated. “Found this on the Slave as soon as I landed. I’m surprised you didn’t notice.”     Poe flushes with embarrassment, but asks, “How did you find us?”     “It wasn’t easy,” Boba replies, “We knew the First Order was after you because of Djarin, so we interrupted some of their transmissions-- when we found ties to the map of Palpatine’s lightsaber, we knew Edda was involved. We try to keep an eye on his movements without showing ourselves, but none of that matters now. The Sith Lord has caused utter chaos. He disrupted the power couplings of the sphere, and soon everything on this planet will be crushed and exposed to space. All of the crime factions are fighting each other, trying to get to ships-- meanwhile suicide stormtroopers are here to keep anyone from leaving.”    Boba gestures for us to follow him as we turn. “This way. We must hurry! It’s a long way to our ships.”    I scoop up Grogu, placing him in the sack at my hip, and we follow Boba as he leads us past the rancor and through a back entrance that takes us up to the room where Edda’s body still lays. We stop short at what we see.    Poe puts his hand on my back, but whether to steady me or himself, I doubt either of us would be able to tell. “Bez... Look at this...”    A dozen Mandalorians. Blue, gray, silver, gold, all wearing beskar of various forms and with different styles of helmet. They’re on guard, and all but stand at attention when we enter the room.    “This is her?” One of them, a female in silver, asks.    “This is Laylah Vhaene-Besu of Clan Djarin,” Boba says by way of introduction, “The Heir of Djarin.”    “Is it true?” A blue-clad man asks me, almost desperate in his hope, “Are you the one who will inherit the Darksaber? Restore Mandalore?”    What the kriff were you telling everybody, Dad, I swallow hard, forcing myself to keep from stuttering. I lift my chin. “Yes.”    “She wears the armor of Bo-Katan,” Another whispers, in awe.    This attention is making me nervous. Poe keeps a hand on my back, and now he is steadying me. Boba turns to me. “Princess, these are but a few of the Mandalorians relying on you to rebuild our home. We call ourselves the Last Blood.”    PRINCESS--WHAT--    Poe grins underneath his mask, eyes sparkling. “Hear that, Bez? You’re a princess.”    “You-- pilot,” Says one of the men, and tosses Poe a helmet of beskar. He catches it, eyes wide and excited. “You’re gonna need that. Protects a lot better than that flimsy plastic, yeah?”    “Thank you Mando,” Poe tears off his plastic mask and immediately puts the black helmet on.    Maybe I will get him some beskar, ’cause he looks badass.    “Rally to the princess!” Boba cries, and the Mandalorians cheer as he adds to me, “We’ll follow your lead, Djarin! To your ship!”    I draw my blasters; Poe draws his. Oof, if I make myself out stupid here the Mandalorians will just scatter to throughout the galaxy because they’re gonna be scared of having an idiot in charge. “Mandalorians...” I say, trying my hardest to sound confident. “It is an honor to fight by your side.”    They really do follow my lead, with Poe on my left and Boba flanking my right. We take the most direct path, and the streets are alive with blasterfire. Criminals run amok chaotically, screaming-- they shoot each other just as the stormtroopers shoot them down, but they all falter when they see the dozen Mandalorians.    We don’t fire on anyone but those who try to stop us. Stormtroopers, mostly, although a few criminals do try to get a shot in. Poe more than happily gets a headshot on Ael-Ti, and I hear him mutter, “Asshole.”    Above us, the sky is on fire. The sphere explodes and huge pieces are crashing to the ground. In the distance, enormous waves of debris surge away from crashing panels. Still, we’re calm.    When we exit the city, I see a couple of people trying to pry open the Slave and the cockpits of a few other ships. We fire near them, scaring them off. The Mandalorians jump into their ships, ranging from old T-65 X-wings to repurposed freighter vessels to kom’rk class fighters.    As Poe opens the ramp to greet a very bewildered and confused BB-8, I turn to Boba. “Would you like to fly the Slave again, Boba Fett?”   He pauses, then he nods. “Yes, yes I would like that.”   Boba follows us into the ship, making his way right to the cockpit. BB-8 wows at the sight of him, making Poe laugh. “I know, buddy.” Poe and I follow Boba to the cockpit, deciding to hang on for dear life on either side of him rather than strap ourselves into the seats behind. We give him a second, though, because despite the fact that there are people trying to get into our ship and the rest of the Mandalorians are taking flight, he takes a minute to savor the feeling of being in his ship.     I feel kind of awful, leaving these people, but at the same time, I don’t. The innocent are already dead, crowding the streets as corpses-- the violent criminals banging away at the ship are only screaming to save themselves and will go off to do nefarious deeds elsewhere.    Boba powers up the Slave. “Hello, old girl.”    Almost immediately, much faster than either Poe or I have been able to lift off, we’re flying. With expert finesse, Boba navigates the falling debris, dispatches a couple of TIEs, and brings us out right underneath of a Star Destroyer with such clean, sharp moves, Poe is left in shock-- though I can’t see his face under his black helmet. The other Mandalorians jump to lightspeed with the Slave right behind them. We form a cluster of mix-matched ships in the blue-white lightspeed tunnel, exiting only a few short minutes later over a rocky, purple-skied planet.    “Damn TIEs...” Boba grumbles as if he’s talking about mosquitoes. The Mandalorians break for offensive manuevers-- they’re just as powerful warriors in the air as they are on the ground. Hell, Boba locks the aelerons and swings us upside-down to take down three TIEs. I can’t tell if he’s showing off or enjoying his ship to its fullest.    Probably both.    In only a matter of minutes, the Mandalorians have dispatched the TIEs, and we’re back in lightspeed. Boba flips on the comlink, and I see him input the Resistance channel.    Uh oh.    “Din Djarin. This is Boba Fett leaving Tiersa--”    “Maker, are they with you?! Did you find them?!” Din’s voice comes through the comlink once he realizes who it is, making Grogu poke his head out of the bag.    Pointedly, Boba looks over his shoulder at me. I swallow hard and glance to Poe, but he only shrugs. I’m relieved to hear him; he’s concerned. He’s not angry that I stunned him. It was a foolish thing to be scared of. “Hi Dad.”    “LAYLAH VHAENE-BESU AND GROGU DJARIN--” Both of us flinch at the use of our full names. “HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ON AN UNAUTHORIZED MISSION TO THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE WITHOUT BACKUP, WITHOUT ANY ASSISTANCE OR INFORMATION! DO YOU REALIZE HOW LUCKY YOU ARE TO BE ALIVE?!    “AND YOU, POE DAMERON--”    “Uh oh,” Poe breathes.    “A COMMANDER YOU MAY BE, BUT WHAT KIND OF LEADER GOES OFF ON HIS OWN WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION-- don’t answer that-- WITH AN INEXPERIENCED MEDIC! I SWEAR IF I WAS THERE RIGHT NOW I WOULD BACKHAND BOTH OF YOU. I WANT YOU TO KNOW I’VE SUGGESTED TO LEIA THAT SHE PUT YOU BOTH ON SANITARY DUTY AND DISHWASHING FOR A WEEK! MAKER, WHAT GOOD IS A RESISTANCE IF YOU HAVE TO GROUND THEIR MEMBERS FOR ACTING LIKE CHILDREN?!”    I can’t help but beam, and I’m glad for my helmet because tears are streaming down my cheeks. Dad doesn’t hate me. Boba is chuckling, shaking his head. Poe is taking it all in and shifting nervously.    “AND GROGU. GROGU, WHY THE HELL DID YOU FOLLOW YOUR SISTER?!”    “Badu.”    “If you had ANY idea how worried I was, scouring the galaxy for you, pulling up old contacts and listening in on First Order comlinks... Are you at least safe?”    “We’re a little banged-up, besides Grogu,” I answer, unable to keep the smile out of my voice. “Grogu’s just fine.” I pause, heart sinking. “But... you’re right, Dad. I should’ve listened to you. We didn’t even get the supplies.”    “Well, you’re lucky,” Din huffs, relieved, “I guess this wasn’t all for no reason. I never would’ve thought of calling up on Boba if I wasn’t looking for you.”    Poe looks down at Boba in surprise, pulling his helmet off. “You’ve got medical supplies?”    “The Last Blood has been accumulating supplies for rebuilding Mandalore,” Boba replies, “I suppose there’s no use for it if the galaxy isn’t free, so we’ll give you what we have.”    Poe beams at me, leaning over to grab my shoulder. “We did it, Bez!”    “You did not do it, Dameron,” Din snaps, and I bite back a smile as Poe freezes in feigned terror. “You endangered my daughter.”    “I endangered your daughter,” I specify, as Poe says simultaneously, “I’m so sorry sir, it’ll never happen again.”    But now that the danger’s over-- now that we’re safe, and on our way home-- I can’t help but gush to Din, who I know still cares even after all I did. “Dad, you won’t believe how this’s been! There’ve been Jedi and Sith and there was a Sith Temple and Palpatine’s lightsaber and there was this podracing race on Coruscant; you should’ve seen Poe he was so cool-- oh! And there was this kyber crystal I can’t wait to show you--”    “Okay, okay,” Din laughs, “You can tell me all about it when we meet up on Bespin.”    “Bespin?” I ask; I’ve never been to Bespin, or seen pictures of it. I’ve only heard stories of it: a kingdom of cloud-cities hanging in rosy skies...    “That’s where we’ve been hiding out,” Boba answers, “There’s someone very special there we’d like you to meet.”    “In the meantime, you kids should get some rest. Especially you, Grogu.”    “Du.”    “I’ll let Leia know your little adventure’s come to an end. I’ll see you on Bespin.”    With that, the comlink goes dead. “Well, princess,” Boba Fett says, getting comfortable in the seat. “You heard your father. Go down and get some sleep.”    Poe turns to the seats behind the cockpit, perching in one as he quietly assures BB-8 that he’s okay. I pause, though, asking Boba, “Why do you call me that, sir? Princess?”    “It’s the Darksaber,” Boba explains, “Once it was passed down, then won in battle. Now, it relies on heart, but nothing changes the fact that whomever wields it is Mandalorian royalty. First it was in the possession of Clan Kryze, but then it was stolen by Moff Gideon, an officer of the faction that would become the First Order. Then it was obtained by your father, who found you. A girl of strong heart whom is worthy of wielding the saber... of rebuilding all our people once stood for. That, Laylah Djarin, is why I and any other Mandalorian you ever meet will call you princess.”    I shift my weight back-and-forth nervously. “I’m not sure if I’m deserving of your respect yet, sir. I still have a lot to learn. I’m only nineteen, after all.”    Poe almost falls out of his chair in surprise. He’s always known how old I am. What the kriff? Is it just now hitting him that we have a bit of an age gap between us? It’s not even that extreme of a gap though-- there’s twelve years between thirty-one and nineteen.    I glance over to him as I listen to Boba Fett reply with, “A lot of rulers start out young. May I remind you that Leia herself was only your age when she became a senator?”   This catches me by surprise. “She was?”   Boba nods. “Now you must go and rest, princess. It’s a nine hour journey to Bespin.”   I secure Grogu in a seat, where BB-8 rolls up to guard him closely, settling down and hooking himself to the platform. Poe leans down and inserts a portable power chip into one of his plugs, then scratches his belly and puts the beskar helmet he was given on a nearby seat before plopping down himself. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees.   I watch him fondly for a second. “What’s up with you, Poe?”   Poe tiredly smiles up at me-- exhuasted, dirty, messy, and flushing. He’s probably more handsome now than I’ve ever seen him. “...Nothin’. Just...” He gestures between us, voice low. “We’ve kinda got a thing going here like what Han Solo and Leia had. Same age bracket and everything. You’re even a princess.”    I take off my helmet and beam at him. I have already come to that realization, but I never said anything because when I thought of it, we were still just friends. “I know.” I set my helmet beside his, taking the opportunity to sit on his lap-- a first for both of us. We’re both surprised, but he puts his arms around my waist anyway, eyes locked with mine.   He sighs, shaking his head. He doesn’t break eye contact, keeping his voice quiet because, I dunno, Boba Fett is like only ten feet away? “Damn, I wish I could say the L-word to you.”    “One day,” I echo his words from a couple days ago. “I promise.”    He jerks his chin at me. “Can I kiss you, princess?”    I blush, biting my lip to stifle my very un-Mandalorian-like giggle. “Only if you never call me princess again. You’re Poe. You call me your own special nickname.”    He grins, pressing our foreheads together. “Can I kiss you, Bez?”    My voice is just a whisper. “Why are you asking, dummy?”    He does-- until we hear Boba Fett go “Eugh,” and then we pull apart with smiles. He puts his chin on top of my head, and we fall asleep cuddled together on the seat next to Grogu and BB-8. My last coherent thought is that maybe we should go on unsanctioned adventures more often.

                                                                 -  -  -

        “Come on, you two,” Boba’s amused voice calls from the cockpit.      BB-8 pokes Poe and I’s leg with his arm until Poe flicks him away. “’m up, ’m up...”     “Strap yourselves in, kids,” Boba says, “We’re coming in for a landing.”     “You’ve been to Bespin, right Poe?” I ask, starting to get to my own seat; Poe pulls me back to him, having strapped himself in already, and he wraps his arms around me tightly.     “A few times,” He replies, kissing my cheek. “You’re gonna love it, Bez.”    No sooner do we unstrap ourselves after landing does the ramp open. I’ve only jut put my helmet on and stood, lucky for Poe, because Din immediately runs up into the Slave, full speed. Seriously, I’ve never seen him move so fast. Grogu is sticking his arms and head out of the bag at my waist, cooing happily-- Din crushes me in one arm while his other goes to scoop up Grogu and hold him to his chest. “Thank Maker-- you’re alright!”    “You didn’t believe me?” I joke, making him only squeeze us tighter. I hug him back just as tightly, burying my helmeted face in his shoulder. He doesn’t hate me. I hear Poe shuffle behind us, and Din points at him without letting go of either of us.    “Don’t you move, mister. I’ve got a whole lecture planned for you.”    “It was my idea, Dad,” I laugh through my fading tears, “I convinced Poe to come, not the other way around... Actually, it was more of, I was gonna go anyway, so Poe decided to come with me to keep me safe. With BB-8. Grogu was an unexpected but very acceptable addition to our little team.”    “Hm,” Din scrutinizes Poe over my shoulder, who stands stiff and nervous. “...This true?”    “Yes sir.”    “You’re not just agreeing so you don’t get a lecture?”    “No sir.”    “Good. Because you’re getting one anyway.”    “Of course, sir.”    Boba’s distinct jangling armor comes up behind us, and Din nods respectfully to him, holding Grogu in one arm and me in the other, after briefly reaching over to shake his hand. “Boba. Good to finally see you in person again. I see you found where I left the armor.”    Boba inclines his head. “Indeed. You hid it well, old friend.”    I look up at Din accusingly. “Why’d you tell me he was dead, Dad?”    Din shrugs. “Boba told me to make his whereabouts as mysterious as possible. Nothing more mysterious than being a ghost.”    Boba scoffs. “No, there isn’t.”    “Speaking of, sir,” I say, addressing Fett; it’s strange to be talking to a living legend, much like how I feel around Leia. “Would you like the Slave back? I’ve upgraded and repaired all her systems and--”    Boba waves me off. “No, no. My bounty hunting days are done. The Slave deserves better than to gather rust while sitting idle. You’ve given her a new purpose. She’s yours now.”    I swallow past a lump of nerves and emotion gathered in my throat. “Thank you, sir. I’ll be sure to care for her as you did.”    “You already are,” Boba assures me. “Now come, princess. There’s someone here who you need to meet before you depart.”    Din takes over carrying Grogu, who is babbling on and on about this merry little adventure. BB-8 rolls alongside Poe, who thanks the Mandalorian who gave him the helmet and returns it. Once we’re off the ramp, I falter, shuffling on my feet for a second. “Holy kriff...”    We’re on a city in the sky. It’s a huge, domed, rose-gold city-palace floating in soft pink clouds with golden sunlight. It’s the single most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life. I stand there and keep turning around in circles in awe, stunned. “Alright, it’s official: I’m never gonna leave here.”    Din, Boba, and Poe all stay near me, and following closely are the rest of Last Blood. This is the first time I’ve been near Mandalorians besides Dad. These are my people. Not soon after entering the sleek, white-walled buildings with huge windows and vast inner spaces do we come across an older man with well-trimmed facial hair and a distinct yellow cape, accenting his blue-purple outfit.    Poe beams and rushes forward. “Lando! Hey, man!”    “Dameron!” Lando Calrissian laughs, returning Poe’s embrace. “It’s been awhile! How are you?”    “I’m good, I’m good!” Poe’s beaming as he steps back to face us.    Lando and we Mandalorians stop, facing each other. I don’t think the man’s stopped smiling, and it’s infectious. “Well well! I don’t think I’ve seen all of Last Blood here at once in a very long time. You must be very important, young lady. Poe, you care to introduce us?”     “Lando, this is Commander Din Djarin of the Resistance, and his son Grogu.”     “The Din Djarin?” Lando echoes, raising an eyebrow.     “Know many?” Din jokes.     “No, I do not.”     “And this...” Poe continues, indicating me with his outstretched arm, “Is his daughter, Laylah Vhaene-Besu Djarin.”    Lando half-bows, taking my hand to kiss the back of it. “It’s an honor to finally meet you, my lady. You’ve caused quite the fuss around the Resistance lately.”    “I’m sorry about that,” I manage, bowing my head, “I’ve heard a lot of stories about you, Lando Calrissian. It’s an honor.”    Lando chuckles, nudging Poe with his elbow as he straightens up. “Rebellious and polite? Royalty? You’ve got yourself one badass Mandalorian girlfriend, buddy.”    Poe meets my eyes through the helmet with a fond smile I return even if he can’t see it. “Yeah; I’m lucky.” Then Poe panics and all but ducks behind Lando as Din registers what just happened.    “Wait, what?”    Chuckling, Lando raises his hands as he talks. “I don’t want to start the father-son-in-law fight. I’m just a middle-man. See, I’m not actually who you’re supposed to meet.”    “You’re not, sir?” I ask, wondering who else I could possibly meet now. Haven’t I met all the legends except for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo?    “Not at all. She’s right through this door, Lady Djarin.” Lando gestures to the open door behind him. I take a deep breath, but don’t hesitate. I want to show my fellow Mandalorians that their leader doesn’t fear a simple meeting. With whoever.    I enter the room, surprised when the door doesn’t close behind me. No one follows me in. I’m supposed to do this alone.    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a surge of my social anxiety. The urge to turn and run. I’m held to walking only by the Creed. I refuse to dishonor it. Ahead of me, there’s a woman sitting in a white chair, overlooking a garden below a pristine balcony. She hears me coming and struggles to her feet.    She’s old and worn, but she’s noble. When I try to rush to help her, she waves me off impatiently. Short silver hair frames her strong-jawed face. Time has mapped her face with a wrinkle for every memory, her body a living memorial of the days she’s witnessed. Of her struggles and her triumphs. She wears an outfit of light blue, breezy pants and a matching shirt. Thin arms hold a cane with strength I’ve never seen an old woman possess. She smiles when she looks up at me.    “How strange it is,” Her voice is smooth, ancient, exuding just as much authority as Leia herself. “To find myself looking in what, with your helmet, seems like a mirror to me of days gone by.”    Then I realize who she is. Without another thought, another second of hesitation, I drop to one knee, right arm across my chest. “My lady Kryze!” I cry, hopefully sounding as respectful as I am surprised.    Bo-Katan Kryze takes slow, careful steps forward, tapping me with her cane. “Stand, young one.” I obey immediately. “Let me see your face, child.” I take my helmet off, feeling a little subconscious about my helmet-hair.    She smiles, nods, seeming to find something she approves of. Her rough hand comes up to my cheek like a mother would to her daughter. “You are as beautiful as any duchess of Mandalore, but it is the fire in your eyes that shows me you have the soul of our people.”     She turns toward the balcony; I offer her my elbow as we walk, and she takes it. “Let us walk for a bit.”



    Thanks for reading! New episodes are posted every Wednesday night. If anybody wants to be tagged, just let me know!


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  • marveicinematics
    20.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    “do you like that ?“ with steven please

    Summary : You show Steven how to please you with his fingers.

    Pairing : Steven Grant x female reader.

    Words : 482.

    TW : Smut. Fingering, touching, small praise kink. Mention of hurt (at the beginning).

    Note : Steven is simply the love of my life.

    You frowned at the feeling, not sure what you were expecting before Steven actually slid a finger inside you — but it wasn't doing it for you. It wasn't what you hoped for. Uncomfortable and hurting a little, you stayed quiet, thinking the feeling would go away. But it didn't, even after Steven started carefully sliding his finger in and out of your cunt.

    “Steven, wait“, you mumbled, a bit ashamed. He looked up with questioning eyes filled with kindness. He would never hurt you on purpose, and you knew it. You just had to figure out what felt good for you, for both of you.

    “It's...“ You wanted to be honest, to tell him you were suffering from a moment that was supposed to be pure pleasure. But you couldn't — he would have felt guilty, and he was in no way responsible for the reactions of your body. “Can we try something else?“ You said instead, offering him a soft smile.

    He was surprised, but seemed to understand. As he slid his finger out one last time, you sighed and silenced yourself by kissing Steven again, one hand running through his black curls.

    “What do you want me to do, love?“ He asked after breaking the kiss, and you could feel the panic in his voice. Steven was caring, and each time he had taken time to discover your body, he made sure everything that was happening was making you feel good.

    Grabbing one of his hand, you slowly lead it down your body. “Let me show you what I do to make myself feel good, okay?“ He blushed, probably thinking about the fact that you touched yourself before. You placed his fingers against your clit, moaning at the feeling.

    “Do you... Do you like that?“ He asked with a soft voice, as his fingers started massaging the bundle of nerve, your hand still guiding him.

    “Yes, Steven.“

    Your answer seemed to satisfy him, because he started going faster, and stronger, and trying to touch you in new ways you had never experienced before. Soon enough, your hand was off — you needed it to grab the bedsheets anyway, body arching and toes curling. “Fuck, Steven!“

    He knew what he was doing to you. You couldn't believe he went from involuntarily hurting you to driving you so close to your orgasm. So close. “I'm so close.“ You screamed, biting down your lower lip. There was no way you'd let his neighbors hear the way he was pleasuring you.

    “Come for me, love. You're such a good girl.“

    The bastard knew how to talk to you, and within seconds you were coming undone. “Steven! Steven, baby!“ You screamed again, but your orgasm was so strong that you couldn't care about the neighbors anymore. “Feels so good!“

    He let you coming down from your orgasm, fingers slowing down before he kissed your forehead with love. “That was so hot,“ he added in a whisper, “I think I almost came just looking at you.“

    #steven grant drabble #steven grant smut #steven grant imagine #steven grand fic #steven grant x you #steven grant x reader #steven grant x y/n #moon knight imagine #moon knight smut #moon knight drabble #moon knight fic #marvel smut#marvel fic #oscar isaac smut #oscar isaac imagine #oscar isaac fic #asked
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    I’m starting to be more active so i thought I’d introduce myself

    Hi I’m harley !

    all you need to know is that im really gay !

    really non-binary !

    my pronouns are them/they !

    posts about all my hyperfixations (spoiler: there are many) !

    a very 18 Canadian !

    my fandoms I’m in are many but at the moment I’m mostly

    osemanverse (mostly heartstopper)

    grishaverse (mostly six of crows)

    supernatural <3

    the mauraders :)

    the batfamily

    one direction 💐

    mcu ! (comic wise:: deadpool <33)

    and i love love love books ! i have so much love for books !!!! sapphic gay fantasy straight sometimes romance YA crime !!!!! i love being recommended books or fanfics of books :)

    i love loads of things and loads of people so if you’re checking my account sorry if it’s a mess but have a nice wonderful day


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    Gentleman Count and The Charitable

    I made some "Job Designs" for Oscar and Ceraphina based around what I would say Bifelgan and Dohter look like. These two are my favourite of the Osterra Gods, and in turn the villains are my favourite too.

    Bifelgan's Divine Ring has a pocket watch motif to it, so of course something fancy look, yet still suited for the Sunlands was best for Oscar and Bifelgan. After all, he is the likely creator of the Palace of Wealth (and/or the City of Gold, if it's the same place). And Dohter's Divine Ring is plant based, so a floral theme for her outfit was also a fitting look. I also wanted to give Ceraphina a Mother Nature kind of appearance, since it's probably what Dohter is. She's definitely the Orsterran Mother Nature. I headcanon that Bifelgan's Divine Ring's stone is a Citrine as it's dubbed the Merchant's Stone and it's a perfect fit for him. And Dohter's needed a more natural stone to match nature, so since her stone is canonly green, a Jade is a wonderful fit for her. As for the other gods, I have yet to decide a fitting one for their colours, but I am confident that Alephan is an Amber. It's a suited gem for the Scholar-King and the Ring Form was a tree. Something for formed of tree sap is a great match. I would say it's possible that Draefendi fits a Coral and that corals are naturally created through nature. Some of the characteristics and benefits of the corals also could match her.

    I also made the Merchant design for Tiziano too.

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    Art Imitating Life

    Oscar Wilde

    #art imitates life #oscar wilde #cal and derek #declan and mason #declan rice#mason mount#euphoria#premier league
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    hello ikea fam I come bearing an offering

    I’ve come full circle with the release of the tua3 trailer help

    #imagine my shock when I’m posting ikea mafia content so long after I nuked my old blog #if you know me… no you don’t 🙈🙉🙊 #this is the only thing I’ve drawn in SEVERAL months (I did this in January it is now May) that I’ve been okay w posting on my new blog ffs #anyway these boys are a part of my very being and I occasionally draw oscar as a little comfort doodle so yea I still love these idiots #they’re also some of the only characters I can draw from memory aggshsjdkdkc #I could maybe post my playlists for them if anyone is interested 👉🏻👈🏻 #tua the swedes #tua oscar#tua otto#tua axel#ikea mafia#ikea fam#goldfinch draws
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    Day N’ Night ☾

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    I want this man to fuck the living shit out of me. Like “please sir, need you in me”

    He’s just so sexy like why whY 😵‍💫

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    Can't believe I gotta go back to fakin it for him

    If that's what it takes to keep him off Doll I'll do it but ugggghhhh

    #so fucking degrading actin all hot and needy for him when i'd really rather just like. fuck a cactus lmao #at least he usually likes it when i put myself through some extra suffering so #it'll probably be fine even if i don't come out with an oscar worthy performance i don't think i got that in me rn #still don't really feel much but he hates the indifference and i really don't need to be antagonising him any more #so better put on the ol act and hope it's enough #gross gross gross #really could've gone the rest of my life without ever doin this again #spdrvent
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