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  • mod-makoto-yuki
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I need to say this (to Spare awareness of Danganronpa Fandom)

    Hey Fellow Danganronpa Fans I need to tell you something important and that is what’s going on with Danganronpa music copyrights claims going on.

    Oh no this isn’t just me not giving credit oh no 🙈 even worse then that everyone is gonna get copyrighted because of some music company that creators partnered up if you will is claiming all music copyright claimed.

    Like if a Fangan creator wanted to make their own Danganronpa game and use the Danganronpa games and some let’s players like Weeby news and Blaze and many more wanted to play it it will be copyrighted especially what’s happening on YouTube these days.

    Which is such a shame.

    I was gonna do a remix mashup between Danganronpa and persona 3 but I’m afraid now it was gonna get ruined 😖 and even a Fangan of my own. I an’t that talented when creating my own music so why is it happening I don’t understand.

    Or even worse they could copyright remixes which I am gonna be so Sad 😭 about.

    I feel so sorry 😢 for the ones who have the same problem.

    So what do you think of the current situation?

    Reblog this to spread awareness of this issue.


    Tags (this is just wanted a opinion that’s all.)

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    #Kuma’smusiccopyrighted2022 #mod makoto yuki is speaking #danganronpa#Rant #mods speaking with each other.
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  • locksinaclip
    23.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    You know from my experience on this app created by Satan himself, i learned that if you post your pictures here or on any social media, you will probably stumble upon an old man using your pictures to catfish as a minor nymphomaniac on tumblr.

    #food for thought #Rant#Tumblr #Did i say how much i hate people #Especially people who catfish as others #girl blogger
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  • spikedru
    23.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    hi!! i asked a while ago about your opinion about spuffy, and sr and s7 etc and i finally remembered that i asked and went wnd read your response and i completely agree! and especially about how interesting their relationship is and how they interact; i never felt like i wanted them to be endgame romantically but the relationship they do have is so important i think. i think sr was just such a bad writing Choice for so many reasons

    hello !! im glad you saw my response !! :) and yess the relationship between buffy and spike is so interesting and important to me and just so fascinating to watch their development as characters happen along side each other and what they reveal about each other. i definitely agree with you about SR being a misstep narratively as it doesnt really add anything substantial to the characters and just is miserable to watch

    #asks #also just also small gripe about s7 but spike had like. three mini arcs lmaooooo thats too much to fit into one season !! #take your time !!! literally it was like deal with the soul. deal with the chip. deal with the firsts trigger one after the other #give that time to breathe !! and then theres everything else happening with everyone else #there are just too many pieces to try to fit in only 22 episodes hehe and then they still try to do motw stuff #which at that point feels totally out of place in the tone of s7 #and like. i get why they are there. to highlight how much the charas changed from silly s1 to now #but. it doesnt exactly work ..... at least to me #sorry for the off topic rant in the tags lmao !!
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  • forgedraptor
    23.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    trigger warning: unsettling & creepy imagery


    GeorgeHD as this

    i want them to look gorgeous and also strike fear into every mortal they meet

    #georgenotfound#fr rants #i just adore how unsettling but also how gorgeous this is #and how they r a siren and could influence others is v cool #yes im putting 2 of my interests im one bowl haha
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  • phynali
    23.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Half my colleagues don't understand/accept the concept of headphones and have full-volume zoom meetings without headphones in their offices along my hall. There is no soundproofing because this building was poorly designed. Even if there was, our offices have both glass windows that face into the hall as well as glass doors with unclosable open window/gaps along the top for airflow.

    Some of them also have some of the most naturally booming voices designed to carry that I've ever heard. Across the hall or down the hall it doesn't matter, you can hear every word.

    And some of them will do this even when they're on a zoom call with at least one another person in our hallway, and sometimes you can literally hear the echo from one person speaking and then it coming out of another's speakers two doors down.

    I'm going to murder my colleagues, is what I'm saying.

    #i didnt used to understand how people could be more productive working from home #i no longer wonder that #the guy who works directly across from checks all these boxes #natural orator voice it carries like nothing else #sounds angry to my ears even when he's chill or neutral because of cultural differences in tone #has zoom meetings and he's never worn headphones #(wasnt an issue pre covid but now zoom is the norm so...) #and had a meeting today with a guy overseas and a guy down our hall and the echo was ridiculous #anyway i literally picked up my shit and left my office to work in a different location #and along the way passed like 3 more offices in other halls where people were doing this #gaahhhh#phyn rants #phyn vs life #i have noise cancelling headphones sometimes it's not enough you gotta escape the noise
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  • bisexualnikkisixx
    23.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    if you put drugs before your children, your own flesh and blood, you’re a piece of shit.

    #don’t fucking have kids if you depend on others to take care of them when you’re out getting high #i’m getting real fed up with my aunty dudes i’m sorry #terri rants
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  • halfagod
    22.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    ‘irish is a dead language and it’s holding us back’ oliver cromwell is not going to fuck you

    #my last rb has riled me up lol #but honestly i think irish people in the republic need to remember how privileged we are to even get to learn our native language #in the first place #our ancestors fought and died for that right! they made it the heart of our independence movement bc they understood its importance!! #nationalists in the north understand it too hence why they’re marching for it now #meanwhile in the republic people are like WELL i personally find it boring so i think it should be banned!! #hot take but everyone has subjects they find hard or don’t like. i was fucking awful at maths but i understood why i had to learn it #and before someone says maths is more important than irish #i have used irish FAR more than i’ve ever used algebra or trigonometry. or literally any other part of secondary school maths #also it’s literally our first official language so as long as it holds that status it should be mandatory in schools #ok *cher voice* rant over I’m calm
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  • klavierpanda
    22.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    One thing I will never understand about alloros is their in ability to act civil after a pretty undramatic breakup. Like sure, I get that maybe you're upset about not being in a romantic relationship with this person anymore. But like, you can still be friends and wouldn't you rather the other person is more comfortable too? Like there's a reason they broke up with you so respect it and don't be salty about it? If you like them soooo much then surely losing them as a friend too would such even more? /nbh

    #aro#aromantic#aro rant #this is very targeted but also in general #I'm mad at said person for other reasons too but that isn't related to their handling of being dumped #panda's post
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  • camerica
    22.05.2022 - 13 hours ago
    #just read some amazing meta #and it made me think for the 100000th time about #bucky and how he had the illusion of choice under pierce #and how he 'chose' to accept their torture in the hopes of creating peace worldwide #pierce made him believe that was their plan all along #and so bucky ofc still being somewhere in there #leaned back in his chair instead of fighting #he opened his mouth for that mouth guard #and he accepted the agony of being re-written to make the world a better place #for everyone else out there. #don't ask me why i love bucky more than any other character #because i'll rant to you about how much steve and i both love him #if ever anyone deserved happiness #it's the brooklyn boys.
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  • zozowritingg
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    me about to rage quit during uno:

    #[★] zo’s rants #but i did infact win #:D#slay #L to all the other ppl
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  • jeeppu
    22.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    we had our second anniversary today 💕❤️💕

    #love you tons cutiepie ❤️❤️ #also the gerbils are turning two 😭😭 #other rants
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  • helian-skies
    22.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    on the one hand, i sometimes see posts in the fandom that have a great point or sentiment that i share and would back quite happily because i think it’s a very interesting thing being said

    on the other hand, given that many of these posts are worded in such a way that makes it seem like any other opinion beside the one given is wrong or stupid, i am inclined to say ‘kindly fuck off’

    #i just dont understand why there is such an aggression about this stuff sometimes #unless im suddenly struggling to understand tone #but like some of the ideas i see i can understand or get behind and appreciate #and it's just a shame that either the post or the tags i see get so fucking 'i'm better than u for thinking this' #i dont know what it is but in these last sorta 4 days im just seeing an influx of stuff on my dash like this that just... annoys me? #and i genuinely want to agree with and reblog some of this stuff! #but i refuse to because there is no need to be so rude to other people because they like different things or have varying opinions #helia rants#kinda want #to delete later #but we'll see. i hate discourse and ranting like this about fandom stuff but i just. no.
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  • superbattrash
    22.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    The best part of vacation?

    I’m not saying that it’s when my parents have gone to bed and I get to sit in the good chair and open a soda while the silence washes over me but like

    [opens soda can]

    aahh.. 😌

    #I also enjoy small talk in the morning with my dad and other things #but it’s 9:15pm and they’re both asleep #this is really nice #misha rants
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  • ssreeder
    22.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Wonder how Hakoda will feel when he sees the ex-prince of the Fire Nation playing his late wife's eating game. In the same vein, I wonder if there's any habits or tics Sokka has picked up from Zuko that come from...Ozai.

    Hakoda is already so on edge about everything & I am afraid for the thing that pushes him over the edge …. Which could be his traumatized son sharing their family game with that…. fire bender :D

    The longer we spend time in the SWT camp & the more outside POVs we get, I’m sure some more habits/tics will be revealed. Even as readers we might not have noticed them because we are so accustomed to how Sokka acts… but a set of fresh eyes always helps.


    #I’m going to go ahead & say that Sokka picked up normalizing violence from Zuko #who probably got it from Ozai #even if we took out prison in canon Zuko was a bit more violent than the rest of the gaang #(I’m saying a bit to be nice) #like kicking that villagers door in and pushing him inside lol #I think Ozai used violence to assert his dominance #& Zuko does the same #Sokka watched Zuko use violence to protect himself and Sokka #& therefore he also started to be more violent #the first time Sokka killed was to save Zuko #Zuko was the main person on his side using violence to combat his abuse #he broke the shower molesters jaw the first interaction Sokka & Zuko had lol #idk I’m excited to spend more time in camp #& explore the boys emotions and habits as things slow down #unfortunately we have to share this next pov with iroh haha #& a few others #but chapter 17 will be A LOT if not ALLLLLL zukka #can’t wait #thanks for the ask anon #sorry for ranting in my he tags #liab#ria#ask
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  • sleepy-achilles
    22.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Me finding out I have to arrived at the exam hall 25 minutes before hand and that I live a hour away from the school and that our teacher is hosting a revision session at 7:30am before the exam meaning I'd have to wake up at 5am instead of 6am if i wanted to be apart of the revision session but also get to my exam on time, but i know id be tired during the exam if i did that so its not really an option. Me also realises that I don't understand how to revise because the last year I actually did exams was before covid and we only had two exams to do that year and I only revised to one of them ,history, by going to the revision sessions and ended up with an A on that exam whilst the one I didn't revise for, English, I ended up with an A* and then didn't have to sit exams until this year and I have no idea what I'm going to do:

    Atleast I'll never have to sit exams after these ones.

    I hope.

    #sleepy updates#sleepy rambles #enjoy sleepy talks #achilles is tired #achilles needs help #achilles rambles#achilles rants #im in a state of panic #but im not showing it #i know nothing #i have to learn 100 years of french revolution by Thursday #which btw my teacher doesnt even understand the french revolution #oh and only one other school is doing it #because its a shit idea
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  • masteroffakesmiles
    22.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Why do clowns gotta make it a habit to put spoilers in their YT thumbnails??

    I just came back from accidentally seeing a spoiler in a TOH thumbnail on YouTube. That’s why I’m writing this:

    This isn’t a hard thing to do. When it comes to watching your favorite show or movie, and there’s one scene that’s special that’s going on, a lot of people will talk about it. And I get it. But why is it that people feel the need to put spoilers in the thumbnails? It just ruins the experience of watching something for the first time!! I partially blame YouTube for this since it tunes in to your recommendations, and there’s a certain video based on your searches that will pop up out of nowhere, and in that thumbnail there will be a huge-ass spoiler. But I still blame the people that do this sort of thing.



    #MOFS rants #sorry if i sound mean but this is some clown shit right here #I’m venting because I saw an Owl House thumbnail based on the newest episode #and someone put in a BIG spoiler on it #it ruined the episode for me #I still blame YouTube’s redesign for this shit why do people do this? its not fucking hard #I’m not gonna say what the spoiler is obviously #go check it out for yourself #pet peeve#rant#TOH #the owl house #This goes for any other show but I just ran into a TOH thumbnail and I’m FUMING RIGHT NOW #NOBODY TELL ME WHAT THE SPOILER IS OR I SWEAR TO GOD
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  • flowers-of-io
    22.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    *singing and clapping my hands* Jelly meat, jelly meat, you’re a stupid piece of jelly meat

    #in other news: apparently spending five hours writing. on a free Sunday. is a good enough reason for an anxiety attack if you ask my brain #cafes are a THREAT fics are a THREAT ideas expressed in writing are a THREAT and you’re an evil person for even Perceiving them #it’s a lose lose situation nobody wins everyone ends up crying #gosh anxiety is so fucking unpoetic i can’t even make art out of this #mental health#rant
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  • jazzhandsmcleg
    22.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Jazzy im sorry you've been having s time! I send opt!🫂 and soft asks to the tune of 1, 7 and 27 💙

    Hi Cap! I hope you're doing well. Thanks for the hug and the ask :) <3

    1. What song makes you feel better?

    There's a lot tbh. Iron and Wine's Upward Over the Mountain is a classic. Ólafur Arnalds' þau Hafa Sloppið Undan þunga Myrkursins ("They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness") is also very good. But there are a lot more.

    7. What color brings you peace?

    BLUE. The darker the better. Night sky blue my beloved.

    27. Which character would you want to be?

    Oh boy, how to answer this one. A character removed from their usual plot or setting can be a bit unfortunate, and anyhow would a character still be me? But I can answer this one a little more broadly, I guess: as a character I'd like to be backup to the MC or part of an ensemble, someone who has a reasonably important individual role to play but who is ultimately valued as a teammember.

    #thanks again! loved your rant on PDF quality the other day btw #Jazz notes#ask#ask meme#imaginariumgeographica
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