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  • magicalmadrigals
    21.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    I’m planning a series of one shots (for after I finish my current ones) based on Isa finally falling in love and having her own kids and I am so excited.

    Julieta helping her through the pregnancy (giving her advice, making her tea and treats in the middle of the night to help her when she can’t get any sleep thanks to aches and pains)

    Mirabel and Luisa arguing over who is the favourite aunt and constantly being in competition with one another, desperate to make the child favour one of them over the other.

    What I am most excited for though is Julistin refusing to share the baby and just smothering it with kisses because we all know they would be the sweetest, most obsessed grandparents in the world.

    Oh, also, the firstborn grows up to have the gift of reading minds so they always know what a member of the family is going to ask before they ask it and it kinda creeps them out for a while until they get used to it 😂

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  • splat-precipice
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Spring Ball: Pepa pt2

    Pepa scanned the room. Glittering figures dressed in extravagant finery chatted serenely. She could feel her heart beating through her whole body. Aleja’s hand on her arm brought her back to the present.

    “Milady. Breathe.”

    “I’m breathing. Breathing is not the problem.” She was trying to get her heart to stop beating out of her chest.

    Aleja stepped into Pepa’s line of sight and gestured around the room. Her voice was measured and deliberate and it helped to ground Pepa.

    “Lord Guzmán is just there with Lady Gaitán. I don’t see Vicount Velasco at the moment. He may be in the parlor. Elena and Emilia are just beyond the piano with Lady Julieta. Over by the window...”

    But Pepa could no longer hear what Aleja was saying because it was at that moment that she laid eyes upon the most beautiful woman in the world. Her hair was swept effortlessly into a dark knot at the nape of her neck. Warm mahogany honey-colored curls hung loose, perfectly framing her face. She wore an elegant scarlet gown with a subtle golden trim that set off her dark skin. Pepa inhaled sharply.

    The hum of Aleja’s voice stopped and Pepa realized she was staring rather rudely.

    “Who--” she started, throat suddenly very dry. “Who is she?”

    Aleja turned and followed her gaze. 

    “That is Lady Adriana Currea Manrique. ”

    “Alejandra. I need your help.”


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  • maflosaa
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I wanted to put these two great designs by @youtellingthisstoryorami into one, as always, with a lot of admiration and respect.

    It’s not so cute how you are works of art. But I wanted to imagine a teenage Pepa contemplating her childhood spirit, and now, as a mature woman, she remembers both stages with affection.

    #pepa madrigal#felix madrigal#encanto #pepa x felix #my art #la familia madrigal
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  • splat-precipice
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Spring Ball: Pepa

    Pepa had been frantic all morning and the afternoon wasn’t looking much better. Spring was finally spurring the gardens to grow in earnest, the last vestiges of winter now more than a month past, and the first ball of the season was imminent. 

    Pepa fussed with her hair, tugging out the yellow ribbon that Aleja had woven into it not 20 minutes ago. It still didn’t look right! 

    Pepa heard Aleja’s quiet knock on the door and the serving girl entered. Pepa knew her face probably looked quite guilty, but Aleja kept her own expression carefully blank. 

    Aleja pursed her lips and gently took the ribbon from Pepa’s outstretched hand. 

    “Shall we try again?” 

    Pepa blushed red in the mirror. “The… the braid was already falling out. I think maybe if we put it up all the way? That would look more elegant anyways. What is Julieta doing with hers? She always looks so refined.”

    Pepa forced herself to relax her hands in her lap as Aleja began combing through Pepa’s hair for the fourth time. 

    “Would you like me to check with Milena? Perhaps she could do yours to match?”

    Pepa had a sudden vision of Milena’s hands running through her hair oh-so-tenderly and her face grew even hotter. 

    “Uh. No. That’s… I mean I’m sure this will be perfect.” She gestured at Aleja’s handiwork. Aleja was braiding Pepa’s hair into a tight crown that looped across her head, leaving just the right amount of curls to cascade around her face, framing it just so. 

    Aleja finished pinning it into place and retreated towards the wardrobe. 

    “Are you still content with the saffron dress?” Aleja asked. “It is still a bit brisk and the wool will keep you warm if that old manor is drafty.”

    “Yes, I think so. Do you suppose a shawl, as well?” Pepa realized she was wringing a section of her chemise into a knot again and ordered her hands to stay still. She turned to watch her lady’s maid. Aleja nodded absently.

    “If you like. You have your good wool stockings already,” Aleja reminded her. “I think that will be sufficient.”

    Milena burst into the room without knocking and Pepa jumped.

    “Lady Madrigal says we are to leave at once if we are not to be intolerably late! Oh. Sorry… I… uh.” Milena’s face grew red to match Pepa’s. 

    “We will be down shortly.” Aleja assured her and gestured for her to leave. “Go pester Bruno. He’s the one that will make us late. Or tell her ladyship to take the first carriage and we will follow along shortly.”

    Milena was gone in a flash of skirts before Aleja had finished talking. Pepa and Aleja both let out a breath.

    Aleja helped Pepa into her saffron gown. It fit beautifully, which was good because Pepa had been afraid she would need to look through her wardrobe for something else and she simply couldn’t imagine wearing another color to start the season.

    As Aleja adjusted the dress, Pepa blurted, “What else can you tell me about the new season?”

    Aleja met her eyes in the mirror, one eyebrow raised.

    “You already know everything that I do, milady. Would you like me to go over it again?”

    Pepa nodded rather more frantically than she intended.

    “According to the grounds staff, Lord Guzmán and Vicount Velasco are planning to summer here. Nico says their valet is inordinately tight-lipped, but seems content working there. And Hernando says they have employed two gardeners to revitalize the old gardens, which were in some disrepair. Elena and Emilia will be there, of course. They just returned from visiting Emilia’s aunt. Poor dear. And Lady Adriana Currea Manrique and her mother have taken quite modest rooms nearby. Paola was quite surprised to hear! But they don’t seem to be under financial distress. There is speculation that they are simply not planning to stay long.”

    Pepa relaxed hearing this again. Aleja had told her all of this before, but it was reassuring to hear it once more. She clasped Aleja’s hands in her own and turned to look down at her.

    “Thank you. You’ll be with me, yes? The whole time?”

    Aleja smiled. “Just out of sight, Lady Pepa.” 


    Aleja (Otsanda):

    Aleja had wrapped Pepa in a shawl as they left the manor and handed her an elegant yellow fan. Pepa would certainly not need the fan to stay cool, as perpetually cold as she always was, but Aleja knew she would need something to do with her hands and the fan was sturdy enough to withstand some mild wringing. Thank heavens.

    They had met Lord Bruno and Nico in the entrance hall as they prepared to leave. Bruno looked a bit disoriented, but at least he was there. Nico informed them that Lady Julieta and Lady Madrigal had already departed and that he would be driving them in the smaller carriage. Aleja followed Nico to the driver’s seat rather than spend the ride bumping about with the anxious Madrigal siblings. She was glad to breath in the bracing, spring air. It smelled like renewal.

    She grinned at Nico, who met her smile with a matching one of his own. He stepped lightly into his seat and nudged her with his elbow.

    “Do you reckon I should take the long way just to let them simmer down a bit?”

    Aleja pushed his arm playfully.

    “I don’t think it’ll help. They’ll probably just work each other up more if we do that. Best get them there as soon as possible. Then they’re Lady Madrigal’s problem.”

    As they passed by the stables, Aleja caught sight of Viv. She was leaning casually against the doorway, arms crossed under her armpits to keep warm. Aleja’s heart leapt to her throat as they made eye contact.

    She grabbed Nico’s arm to ground herself and nodded in a way that she hoped conveyed serenity and poise, but which probably just made her look grumpy and aloof.

    Damn. Well, it was probably better to play it cool.

    Nico glanced at her and returned his gaze to the road. He cleared his throat.

    “Don’t.” Aleja said, threateningly.

    “I didn’t say anything!”

    “You were about to.”

    They drove the rest of the way in silence, Aleja still gripping tightly to the coarse wool of Nico’s jacket.


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  • metaphoricaltigers
    21.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I couldn't resist doing an illustration for my most recent story. 15 year old Bruno and Pepa my beloveds.

    You can read the story here!

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  • adoptedmadrigal
    21.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Reasons julieta is the worlds best mother/sister/tia ever

    I Had A Hunch

    Julieta was in town handing out her food to heal the people who were injured. She didn't particularly feel well due to her period, which like usual started around midnight last night.
    She was surprised to find out she was currently the only one to be on her period this morning. But she knew just like any other time this had occured in the past 4 years, that the others would all have their period by the end of the day.
    Knowing this, when she was getting ready this morning she stuffed some pads into her apron pocket just incase of an emergency reguarding pepa, dolores, or any of her hijas. She covered them with the flowers thst were always on her apron pockets and went on about her day.
    She stood quietly at her stand waiting for someone to walk up and ask her for some food to heal a sprained ankle or a broken wrist when she saw Isabela running quickly toward her. A panicked expressikn was painted on her eldeat daughters face as she ran toward her mother.
    "Ay mamá," she said as she stopped and stood near her mother
    "What's wrong mi hija," julieta asked worried her daughter was hurt
    "Well... y'see i was making roses for the kids in town when i felt something, so i ducked in a nearby baño and necesito una almohadilla," isa said praying her mother had one in her apron.
    "Quickly, before it gets on your dress," julieta said as she pulled a pad from her apron pocket and swiftly handed it to her daughter
    "Thanks mamá," isa said quickly running off
    Not even a half hour after isa had showed up she saw dolores walking toward her, a glint of worry in her niece's eyes.
    When the girl stopped next to her tia, she quickly and quietly asked
    "tía julieta? ¿Tienes una almohadilla? acabo de empezar mi periodo," dolores asked fiddling with the braclet around her wrist.
    "Si, mi sobrina," julieta said as she pulled a second pad from her apron pocket handing it to the girl infront of her before shooing her off to take care of herself.
    A few hours pass along with a few quickly healed bones and ailments until pepa comes thundering up, mirabel following behind her. Thankfully there was no one close by the stand at rhe moment of they wouldve heard peoa grumble rather loudly to her sister,
    "Ay,Julieta, necesito una almohadilla, no dos en realidad,"
    "Two?" She asked wondering why her sister needed two
    "One's for mariposa, we ran into eachother at the bano and realised we were in a similar pickle so we walked together," pepa explained nonchalantly
    "sí, here you go you two," she said giving pepa two pads in return pepa handed one to mirabel and the both of them ran off.
    Luisa walked to her mother's stand as the sun began to set.
    "Mamá, comencé mi período," luisa told shyly.
    "Here you go, mi luz," she told giving her daughter the pad in her apron pocket.
    "Gracias mamí," luisa said walking off
    When julieta returned home the 6 women gsthered in the kitchen to casually talk while julieta made dinner.
    "... i had a hunch since we're usually synced up and i was the first one on, i knew you five would follow within the day, and i was right. And you wonder why I'm somehow always prepared for anything," julieta told as she mixed the dough together
    "You've got a point tia,"
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  • lariskapargitay
    20.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Official song for the next chapter of WTGROAM

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  • magicalmadrigals
    20.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I am quite nervous to post this one because it is so different to anything I have done before for this little series. I want to put a trigger warning for sexual abuse even though it is only briefly mentioned and I do not go into graphic detail at all. This chapter honestly focuses more on Agustin supporting Julieta after it all takes place and there is also quite a nice moment between him and Alma near the end.

    Of course, I completely understand that this is a very sensitive subject and there may be some of you who choose not to read this chapter because of that. I will not take offence, I promise, if you choose to hold off reading until my next post which will definitely be much more fluffy and happy. 

    I want to make it clear that I have tried to be as sensitive as I possibly can.

    If you do choose to read though, I would love to know what you thought of it.

    #agustin x julieta #julieta x agustin #julieta madrigal#agustin madrigal#julistin#pepa madrigal#felix madrigal#bruno madrigal #abuela alma madrigal #julieta and agustin #agustin and julieta #julieta and agustin madrigal #encanto#encanto fanfic#encanto fanfiction#disney encanto#disney fanfiction#disney animation#one shots
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  • adoptedmadrigal
    20.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Dolores Madrigal Period Headcanons

    Needs her earmuffs bc her hearing is super sensitive

    When she starts her period, dolores often boots antonio from his room for the week because she finds comfort listening to the waterfall in his room and laying in his hammock

    Likes spending time with her dad because felix often gives her massages that make her cramps less deadly

    Begs her tio for hot cocoa because he makes the best cocoa and she has a craving for chocolate

    Likes spending time with both pepa and felix because she can talk about her period with pepa while felix massages her cramps away and offers advice when he can

    Pepa likes to have random conversations about the romance novels she and dolores reads to distract her from her cramps

    Is clingy on her period. Typically attached to pepa at the hip through the whole week

    Post movie hc. Mariano helps dolores by reading poetry and singing to her on her period

    Gets a lot of attention from mirabel and antonio because mirabel can relate to her feeling since theyre in sync and antonio because hes a sympathetic cinnamon roll with no idea whats foing on

    Julieta often asks isa to grow Dolores’s favourite tea to cheer the girl up

    Dolores is often woken up by her cramps at night, when this happens she often sneaks into her parents room to cuddle because its soothing to her

    Gets migranes on her period just like pepa used to (and still sometimes does)

    Gets really severe pms mood swings, typically very irritable

    Due to her mood swings occuring during the days before she often times was very mellow on her period focusing more on her cramps than anything

    Hope you enjoy ❤

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  • m-dreamer-is-trans-inclusive
    20.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Bruno: "I'm going to ask (Y/n) to marry me."

    Alma: "Finally."

    Pepa from down the hall: "Finally."

    Julieta from the kitchen: "Finally."

    Mirabel and Camilo listening in: "Finally."

    Dolores from across town: "Finally."

    Casita: *Spelling out "Finally" in labels from the kitchen*

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  • aurelia11fan
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Pepa (in labor) : “Can someone give me some drugs?!!!

    Julieta (in labor) : “Can someone give my husband some drugs?!”

    #encanto fandom#agustin madrigal#pepa madrigal#childbirth#julieta madrigal#painrelief #women need pain relief dammit #labor and delivery #ay agustin #julieta x agustin #pepa x felix
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  • toaverse
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Au where if pepa gets upset enough it will literally rain cats and dogs

    Alma: “Pepa, there’s a cloud!”

    Pepa: “I know, Mamá! But-“

    Alma: “No buts! I don’t want to Encanto full with cats and dogs-“

    *a cat falls out of the cloud*

    Cat: meow🐱

    Alma: “Pepa, no-“

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  • glitternightingale
    20.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    What about Pepa having major anxiety over being a mother, specifically being a better/worse mother than Julieta since I imagine Julieta as the OG Golden Child, Pepa had a to deal with a lot of inferiority complex issues regarding her sister

    Aww, Pepita! Especially because she's being forced to wear her emotions on her sleeve with her Gift... that can result in some severe destruction that isn't exactly "baby-friendly". But she would never pressure her kids into competing with their cousins in any way.

    (But I really think the inferiority complex between Pepa and Julieta is mutual. Julieta probably wishes she could express herself boldly like Pepa does and stand up for herself-- to just yell when something annoys her, even at their mother.)

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  • olvmqus
    20.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Chapters: 15/17 Fandom: Encanto (2021) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Bruno Madrigal & Mirabel Madrigal Characters: Mirabel Madrigal, Bruno Madrigal, Madrigal Family (Disney) Additional Tags: Bruno Madrigal & Mirabel Madrigal-centric, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a Happy Ending, Angst and Feels, Fluff and Angst, Domestic Fluff, Good Uncle Bruno Madrigal, Bruno and Mirabel Platonic, Bruno Madrigal Leaves After Mirabel Madrigal's Gift Ceremony, Bruno is bad with babies but good with Mirabel, Mirabel Madrigal Needs a Hug, Mirabel Madrigal Gets a Hug, Depressed Mirabel Madrigal, Baby Mirabel Madrigal, platonic Summary:

    “But something’s wrong with me,” she whispers, and he realizes that she can’t hear him. He can shout and scream to the wind, and she still won’t hear for she has receded into the darkest depths of her mind where no matter how hard he tries, no matter how hard he fights, he cannot follow.

    And he understands, now, that this is a battle he will not win—cannot win—a battle that she will fight every day for the rest of her life.

    He sees so much of himself in her in this moment, and it scares him to death.

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  • sokkas-first-fangirl
    20.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    no thoughts head empty only bruno asking pepa 'how's the weather up there' and her like deliberately raining on him 'oh you didn't predict this?'

    these two are julieta's constant headaches.

    Pepa's got constant "When I was your age," jokes. One day, however, she cracks a "When I was your height," joke and Bruno immediately pours his water on her head.

    Sometimes Julieta wonders if they've actually aged at all since they were teenagers.

    Pepa and Bruno know they're in deep shit if Julieta holds her arms out, smiling and coos, "Come to your hermana mayor," while following them with murder in her eyes.

    #the madrigal triplets #i believe in madrigal triplets supremacy #bruno madrigal#pepa madrigal#julieta madrigal#answers#encanto#pb&j triplets
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  • glitternightingale
    20.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    This picture is extremely interesting to me, I believe abuela painted it and it gives an idea on her relationships with everyone

    - Bruno and mirabel are the only ones who don't have flowers, whilst isabela has the most

    - Bruno and Pedro are standing sideways and I think this is because they aren't in front of her so she doesn't know how to pose them. That also makes camilo's pose hilarious if she gets them to stand still for her.

    - Bruno is also faded showing she doesn't touch up his image

    Alma painting it puts everything into a very unique perspective!😞

    Adding on to your ideas:

    -Félix is way shorter than usual (even more so than Brunito). Alma's baby boy can't be THAT small, right? 😅

    -Mirabel's pose reminds me a lot of Bruno's magical picture from when he was five years old (with the arm-rubbing and awkward smile). This could mean that Alma really does connect these two and sees that Mirabel actually only wants to prove her worth to the family.

    -Pepa's depiction also stands out to me. To Alma, she's her little sunshine and NOT a ticking time bomb.

    -(But yeah, the bit with Camilo's cloak is so frigging hilarious and totally on-brand! Leave it to him to give it a mischievous aura in a still.)

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  • glitternightingale
    20.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Anyone wanna talk about Encanto?😏💗

    Headcanons? Discussions? Fic ideas? Revelations? -> send an Ask

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  • summershot
    20.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    loving moments part 1

    (ready to read at Ao3) the moments we share

    Pairing: Mariano Guzmán/Dolores Madrigal

    Rating: Teen and Up Audiences


    The moments Dolores and Mariano share before Casita broke down.

    (Previously named: Moments in Between. Age references of timeskips are provided at the end notes in Ao3)

    Author’s highlight (author’s favorite part/ part they were liked writing the most or found most entertaining):

    “Dear Mariano, have you met our wonderful Isabela?”

    Abuela introduces Isabela to Mariano, sharing praises and attempting to be subtle with her matchmaking. Setting up a foundation of interest for the pair. It was then that her Tio Bruno’s words came back to her. His vision about her being in a complicated situation with the future love of her life.

    From then on, she does her utmost best not to be attached to the kind and musical boy. But if she were to look back behind her that night, to even take a glimpse of the young boy trying to pay attention to the Madrigal matriarch, she would have seen a disappointed Mariano wishing to ask her for a dance.

    #doriano#doloriano#dolores madrigal#mariano guzman#encanto#disney#disney's encanto#dolores encanto#mariano encanto#pepa madrigal#felix madrigal#abuela alma#camilo madrigal#isabela madrigal#bruno madrigal#luisa madrigal#julieta madrigal#mirable madrigal#agustin madrigal #im sorry antonio bby that i didn't mention you in the fic ue ue #i promise i will in part 2 #i have a draft for part 2 and i might start soon >:)) #man uni really got me busy but i shall return for you beloved dolores #and write about your future himbo husband too #the wait for the encanto series got me going to this ashfjasfhjasfa #anyways! #im oddly vv proud of this one like out of all the fics i made so far this is lowkey my fave ;>
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  • encantoisawesome
    20.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    it was just a nightmare - encanto mini fanfic

    reuploaded as i added some bits in. this is my first attempt of writing a story like this so sorry if it sucks

    *warning - mentions of death, graphic detail/blood and angst*

    Darkness filled the everlasting void that Bruno found himself within. Cold and empty.

    He had no idea how long he had been there for, hours? Days? Months? ....Years? He couldn’t tell. He wasn’t touching the floor either, where was the ground? Was he falling? No, he couldn’t feel the wind blow past him. Floating? Where was….. anything? There was nothing but black all around him.

    Bruno looked around him frantically hoping to see something, anything. Nothing. He tried calling out for help, screaming at the top of his lungs pleading for someone to be there… but no one came.

    He was alone. No one there to help him. No one there to save him from this terrifying location. No one there to tell him that everything was going to be alright. No one there. No one

    Defeated, Bruno buried his face into his hands, his body going into the fetal position offering him some form of comfort as he floated in this endless abyss. That was when he felt his eyes beginning to glow.

    Through the gaps between his fingers a bright green light shone illuminating his surroundings and one by one, a glowing emerald plate appears from the shadows circling Bruno as he looks around at them.

    He recognised each and every one of them. The time he had told the Priest about his upcoming hair loss. The time he warned Senora Pezmuerto about her gold fish’s fate. Every vision he had given to the people within the Encanto over the years were here spiralling around him but… what were these newest visions?

    Bruno looked up at the four vision plates before him, he didn’t remember seeing these ones. he inspected each of them carefully, recoiling upon realising what was on them. No, no, nononono it can’t be. It couldn’t be. He would never purposely look into the future to see this. Much to Bruno’s horror, the four visions before him showed how his twin sisters, his mother, and he himself would perish, the visions showing every brutal detail of it.

    On the first plate, his mother Alma was lying in her bed under the covers, she looked older with wrinkles on her face. It looked like she had died in her sleep. Bruno’s eyes weld up with tears. Why was he seeing these? Why?

    On Pepa’s vision plate, she was laid on the ground surrounded by water with scattered debris, in the background there was destroyed houses. Had there been a flood? Bruno tore his eyes away from the vision plate, his hands shaking when he looked at the next vision plate.

    Julieta’s plate was next, she had horrific burns and the area she was in looked charred, the room looked like the kitchen. There must have been an accident regarding the oven or some sort of flame. Bruno was hyperventilating at this point, he had covered his eyes with his hands once more, he couldn’t bare to look at the visions in front of him anymore.

    That was until he remembered that there was a fourth vision plate. His vision plate.

    Did he dare to look? Looking through the gap between his fingers, he saw one thing and one thing only. Blood. And there was a lot of it.

    Bruno couldn’t take it, he shut his eyes and gripped his head tightly to the point of almost tearing out his own hair, tears flowing down his cheeks before floating with him as he screamed into the dark.


    “Bruno? Bruno! Wake up hermano!”

    Bruno’s eyes burst open, jumping at the sudden loud voice. He glanced at his left seeing his eldest sister Julieta hunched over him with a concerned look on her face, she was still in her pyjamas and out of breath, she must have ran up the all the stairs leading to his sleeping area next to his vision cave. “Hermanito, are you alright? I could hear you crying from my room. Did something happen?”

    Bruno sat up with grains of sand falling off of him. He was sweating profusely still frightened about his nightmare. “Why aren’t you in bed? Your covered in sand” Julieta said, brushing sand out of his hair with her left hand and wiping his face with her right, careful not to get any of it in his eyes.

    Huh? Why wasn’t he in bed? He defiantly remembered hopping into his bed that night, why was he in the sand now? Bruno looked over at his hammock, the covers in a crumpled heap on the floor, he must have been moving around that much in his sleep that he had fallen out of his hammock, the heap of sand underneath it cushioning his fall enough for him to not to be awoken from his deep sleep.

    “uhhh-“ Bruno started then stopped. Did he dare tell him his sister about his nightmare? About how he saw how all of them were going to-

    “I’m fine Julieta, sorry. Nothing’s wrong. I just had a bad dream that’s all”

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