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  • artsbysmarty
    16.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago


    #pokemon#pokemon fanart#trainer hilda#solo#my art #I’m gonna drag you all into Waterparks brain rot with me #idk when I heard this I got strong Hilda vibes #and her favorite color being gray while she’s the protag of black/white? Idk #also this is Cheren’s’ perspective Obvs
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  • katatonicimpression
    16.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    Little Captain America doodle because he's been on my mind

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  • spaceforjace
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    a total opposite of my character

    Hello! The last time I wrote something here was for my school activity but I promised to continue this blog because I really enjoyed it.

    Lately, I haven't thought of anything interesting to talk about. I attended college, played games, and the cycle continued. My siblings and I are still here in the PH. My mom is in the US, specifically, in Florida and that'll be the state we're gonna live in soon.

    I searched it up many times, and I could tell that I am not going to like it as much as my mom. She loves the outdoors so much but... we are two very different people. Although I lived with my mom for the longest time. Our preferences and style differ by lightyears. It'll take NASA centuries to develop a device that could make it cross. Personally, Florida seems like a state wherein many outdoorsy people go.

    It's tropical, and so is the Philippines. It has a lot of water activities, and so is the Philippines. Warm and Bright doesn't excite me, unlike most people. I find colder weather, gloomy like the UK on winter vibes more exciting and appealing.

    I can just imagine myself reading while it's raining or snowing even though God knows I don't like reading books. I imagine the view of wet leaves and soil from the windowpane of my room. I imagine binge-watching a series or show while drowning in the sea of pillows and blankets. Laying down using your laptop and enjoying the life you have. Talking to friends online and in real life.

    If only I can...

    I talked to someone recently, and he said that if you think life is boring then you need to change something. You are living a lifestyle you're used to and are in need of definite change.

    This made me think about the life I have here in the Philippines. It's warm and bright and I am used to it. My preferences and customs do not go well with The Philippines and Florida because the two are alike. If I could live my lifestyle in a much more suited environment then will I finally be able to say that I am not bored and will enjoy it every day?


    No matter what happens, I'll still enjoy Florida but if and only if I can choose the opposite, then I will.

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  • minimitchell
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I have a question and it's genuine, not trying to catch you out or anything I'm genuinely curious. Right after Thursday's episode you answered some asks and seemed v on the side of Ben being shitty and the writing being bad in those scenes. But since then you seem to be more 'understanding' of Ben and the writing (idk if that's the right word sorry). Can I ask what changed your mind? Genuine question cause I've seen so much arguing about it and people calling Ben horrible things without trying to understand so it's cool that you're seeing both sides.

    i still think the writing could've been different and more clear so that this whole discourse could've been avoided. but i think my first knee-jerk reaction to everything was lacking some deeper thought. i think some lines needed to be looked at with the understanding of ben's headspace in mind and i didn't do that at first. i also don't tend to watch 'painful' scenes more than once but when i did i noticed how much influence lewis had on the whole conversation and situation and how manipulative it all was.

    #ask #it definitely also helped to read some other perspectives
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  • cactussnake
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Here's more

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  • jellogram
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Thinking about how my dad raised us like "Never bow to authority, always think for yourself, don't ever let anyone try to control you" only for us to grow up and have him be like "except me though, I'm always right and if you ever question me it's because you're brainwashed by society"

    #bro really thinks i turned liberal because i went to a liberal school like nah bro #i just finally got fed perspectives that werent yours
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  • itznarcotic
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    looked through my worldbuilding/notes doc for an “original” isekai type beat that’s been drumming nonstop in my brain for the last year or so and i just realized something pertinent when i reached a new page!

    ...now that’s out of my system, it’s time for me to continue ironing out some tidbits. like why the planet is a not a sphere but a giant ouroboros snake the volume of Jupiter, of which is relevant to the setting because it connects to the overall theme of failed perfection regarding idolatry of certain aesthetics and tropes often portrayed in various media such as-

    *incomprehensible rambling intensifies well into the night*

    #i am never going to publish any of this until I complete this damn google doc #which may possibly be never with how long i've been word vomiting into it #esp at the inconsistent rate i'm going #writing#worldbuilding #onwards to the Prescription Cabinet this post goes #my stuff i guess #also it's interesting to see how my general thought process and approach has changed over the past year or so that i've been typing this up #one big reflection page highlighting my changes in perspectives and all
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  • raffaellopalandri
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Photography Of The Day - The Perspective

    Photography Of The Day – The Perspective

    Perspectives are always fascinating … Perspective – Photo by Raffaello Palandri

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    #Black & White #black and white #black and white photography #light and shadow #perspective#photo#photography #Photography of the day #point of view #POTD#Raffaello Palandri #Raffaello Palandri photography #road#shadows#street
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  • blephars
    16.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    I should really redo that perspective course because I don’t remember any of it 😅

    #perspective my beloathed
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  • gridcode
    16.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
    #planning things #trying to get the composition right and I feel it needs a more dynamic perspective…. #caro.wip
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  • shouldbereadingprobably
    16.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Of course it is brashen and althea having the sex of their lives that helps paragon!

    #the second they changed perspective I knew what was going to happen #I partly wanna cry because he doesn’t understand that people can just love each and want to be close to each other #not to hurt or show power #rote #realm of the elderlings #the liveship traders #ship of destiny #althea vestrit#brashen trell#paragon #if I had a nickle for everytime someone is telepathically part of other people having sex #I would have an uncomfortable ammount of nickles
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  • catscratching
    16.05.2022 - 8 hours ago


    Wondrous Tails of FFXIV


    Seda had less trouble with sleep than she had before; something about snuggling in at night with Fakhri and Arak, his breath warm on the back of her neck, his arms around her – Arak often a fuzzy, comforting presence against her neck… It both soothed and helped her to sleep more deeply than she had in years.

    The night Fakhri had ushered Jijivisha’s newest recruit into a meeting with themselves and Evonara, she had revealed more than she had intended.  It had been necessary – they had needed to confirm his story.  But it had roused old memories and had given her a great deal to think on.  Jacke and the Sisters were a long time ago and a world away, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that a storm was coming, and they wouldn’t have much time before it hit.

    She couldn’t remember the details of the dream – just danger.  Danger that threatened her, threatened Fakhri, Arak – everyone that she loved, while she was helpless to protect them.  Careful to avoid waking the sleeping viera, she slipped from bed and began prowling around the flat.

    Finally, she stopped at a small chest of her belongings, tucked in the cubby with her clothes.  Pulling out the handwraps brought a whiff of peppermint oil to her nose, associations floating up in her mind; the tang of blood, the salty sourness of sweat, the smoky taste of the whisky she always drank after a fight.

    Carefully, methodically, she began to wrap her hands.  It was a ritual – one she had missed without realizing it.  Flexing her fingers, she moved to the centre of the living room and began to silently move through the forms she had been taught so long ago; half-speed, but it was better to focus on proper movements than swiftness at this stage.  She was out of shape – it had been years since she had employed her body in this way – but it felt good. 

    Time passed, her focus narrowed to the shift of weight and muscle, moving her arm just so, and brace the wrist – no, not like that, like this.   She continued until her muscles trembled and a fine sheen of sweat coated her skin.  The transition to her cooldown routine was welcome; shifting from combat readiness to something more akin to yoga, stretching and ensuring that her muscles were loose and limber.

    She wasn’t sure how long he had been watching; she heard a rustle of sheets and felt the faint shift in the air, opening her eyes to find Fakhri propped up in bed, his eyes on hers.  Wordlessly, he slid out of bed and padded silently to her side, sliding his arms around her and burying his face into her hair between her ears.  “Ya got me, girl.  It’ll be okay.”

    It would be.  She would be ready to protect him.  Protect them both.

    @wondroustailsofffxiv @gray-morality

    #wondroustailsofffixv#Seda Ballard#Fakhri Man'tik#Insomnia #I want to be sure to point out that Seda is never a reliable narrator #Fakhri is perfectly capable of defending himself - I just enjoy playing with scenes from a character's perspective #And seeing how their perceptions skew the reality of a given situation
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  • the-rotting-professor
    16.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Something I gotta say is that Kids can be Assholes. I say this as an educator, and as someone who, surprise: was also a child once!

    I mean when I was in middle school I got called all kinds of fun slurs, and yeah it sucks, yeah I hated it, but those kids learned through hearing that hateful rhetoric.

    Kids will absorb what adults tell them, and so I obviously think leniency is helpful. Kids who hurt other kids shouldn’t be seen as monsters, but as little people who haven’t even developed a sense of long term consequences.

    So obviously it is important for teachers and parents to unlearn the biases and hate they may have towards certain groups!

    I also think that sex education should be taught in schools, and be taught to every age. This will lower the rate of child molestation- and it will lower another important thing: child on child sexual abuse.

    Children who are not taught proper consent, proper boundaries and body language, are obviously more likely to perpetrate or be a victim of this type of abuse. And if a child has already done such things actions should be taken to remove them from the vicinity of the victim/perpetrator and then get both children proper psychological help.

    Children are assholes, but they are not evil. Kids will learn from whatever they watch on TV (or what they can get their hands on while having unfettered internet access such as porn or adult material) and they learn from parents and adults in their life.

    All in all, it is the adults job to help children learn and grow into stable happy human beings. Never label kids as evil, or irredeemable, or monsters.

    #sex education#child psychology#cosca abuse#csa tw #from a teaching perspective #professor personal #my stance on a few things #this is just for me to keep in one place honestly #i like to write down what I’m feeling and then throw it into the void (tumblr) so that I can hoard it #Danny’s Favorite Hottakes
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  • mummer
    16.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    look if they're gonna force barry to face the victims/relatives of his murders. Will there be some kind of reckoning for the war crime in afghanistan y/n

    #that vanity fair article that was like Gene is GOOD because he helped an AMERICAN HERO........ yeah its blatant #so much so that i think the show's perspective on the military will be like. Thats the one crime he wont get accountability for #that's the one without consequences bc his own country swept it under the rug for him #and it might be his worst one. not to compare murders or anything #but at least with the hits you could THEORETICALLY argue partial blame for fuches #but the war crime was all him.......... 👁👄👁 #literally his original sin #and the theme this season IS consequences. But the point of the military stuff is that he does not face consequences for it #really really really curious if it tries to go somewhere with that #barry
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  • missfairygodmother
    16.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    The Bridgerton tag is full of the “Kate is a manipulator” discourse again and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog and how much you love her. When I get tired of the fandom vilifying her (ignoring things explicitly written into the show to do so!), I come to your blog to calm down. Much love 💕

    Thank you and I'm sorry you had to see that

    💗💗 💗💗

    I'm genuinely tired of the " I love Kate but she is a manipulator cause I like my fictonal characters flawed" take. Kate has a lot of flaws- some of which Anthony lists in episode 7- but none of them is manipulation. Thinking that Kate had a hand in manipulating Edwina is fundamentally misunderstanding Kate as a character and her intentions.

    #asks #also if anyone comes at me cause i don't talk about kate's flaws : i saw everyone in the show tear her down i'm not interested in doing it #and if you actually want an unbiased discussion on her flaws then lets do it #also EDWINA'S POV ISN'T THE WHOLE NARRATIVE PERSPECTIVE #just because SHE FEELS a certain way doesn't neccesarily make it a real concept
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  • artbyeloquent
    16.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Who wants to come into my inbox and give me ideas? I'm stuck on Dev's arc and I'm trying to find the context for a person from her past whom she wronged/hurt badly coming back for reparations. I'm thinking of friend/close associate/lover (she's aro pan). She took anger management classes after moving cities but I want it to come up in HtDO.

    #feel free to give me really juicy stuff i just want to know what yall think would be a Betrayal or smth that Dev's ACTUALLY culpable for #not just Oh from this perspective shes Wrong #but like. she fucked up BAD
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  • that-was-anticlimactic
    16.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    finally working on my first zukka week fic and it is. interesting lol. almost at 2k words and it’s just self-projection and probably absolutely not where anyone expected the bed sharing prompt to go but uhhhh it definitely exists iougfhoiuhgfkjhg anyways, i’m having fun okiuhgvhioiuhg

    #it's so soon and i didn't even realize it omg #no this is seriously one of the most stupid oneshots that i have ever written but like i'm still going to post it lol #it's not done yet but my goal is to have it done by like wednesday or thursday oiuygfcghijuhygtfcghjuygf #also like if anyone lowkey wants to beta read it... lemme know because i prolly need at least one outside perspective to make sure it makes #sense and like. isn't garbage lol #anyways i definitely need to start some more zukka fics lol #this is the only one i have started--just need an idea that has to do with ts for neurodivergence / ts month and then figure at least One #more out; i'd like to do at Least three again haha
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  • nerdyfangirlingbooks
    16.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    You know when you have to tell a kid off but what they did was objectively funny so you end up telling them that their behaviour is unacceptable while holding back laughter? Yeah that's me trying to get one of my flatmates to stop riling up another flatmate. Yes, the joke was funny, no, it was not good timing to purposefully annoy him when he's already frustrated at you

    #especially difficult because tbh half the time I agree with declan because he's in the right #and alex is just refusing to try to see any perspective that isn't his and has a habit of taking disagreeing with him as a personal attack #but jesus sometimes declan takes it too far and I'm just there wondering why on earth he thought it would be a good idea #to make alex the butt of the joke when he was already annoyed at us for saying if I test positive I should isolate again #like I get why he doesn't want me to have to isolate because he would also have to isolate again but he seriously tried arguing that #if the ministry of health guidelines don't say I HAVE to take another test then I shouldn't because I had covid a couple of months ago #and it Could just be a false positive because of it #but like bro if I'm symptomatic and returning a positive test I'm staying the fuck home #but then alex takes it as a personal attack when we disagree but tbh he's just Wrong about a lot of things #but I'm now making an effort to be vocal when I do agree with him so he doesn't think we're ganging up on him because we're not
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