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  • embraceyourdestiny
    27.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    I’ve figured out how to word my contempt for “straight ships”

    I don’t hate fictional straight couples outright. What I hate is the absence of effort and genuineness 90% of straight ships have.

    Someone else’s love is not a right you are obligated to. Most straight couples are written with zero effort to earn the love they have. Because many straight creators think there is no work to be done. That a straight man and a straight women being together is inherent. No work is needed to be done because it’s expected.

    And I hate that.

    I hate it with any relationship, I like relationships because they have depth, but I particularly hate it with straight couples because that is the “normal” mindset towards it. It either happens as a man expects a woman to fall to his feet without doing anything for her or a woman expects a man to throw his life on the line because that’s what is “supposed” to happen and that is so gross to me. That’s not what love is.

    Usually I dislike the straight pairings in stories because they are that. You don’t see the two people grow, together or on their own. They don’t prove themselves worthy of the others love, they think it’s something they are granted, have a right to. I don’t usually demand “evidence” for ships because it’s all make believe and for fun but I will not like most thrown together straight ships because of this very thought. There’s no reality to their bond. They do not like even like each other most of the time, and somehow I am supposed to suspend believe and think the most average or even terrible and bland straight relationship is the greatest love story of all time, every time I see it?

    Some of my most special ships are between a man and a woman and sometimes I imagine they as straight but they are special because of the journey they went on together and I witnessed them experience that. Or they just have so much genuine love for each other, even if I didn’t see them get together I can still feel their affectionate in all they do. They were that well written that I couldn’t possibly deny the obvious love they have for each other.

    Also. I’m gay as FUCK. The most cisheteronormative emotionally constipated strangers-at-best straight pairing will never appeal to me because I have zero stakes in that. They have no love for each other, no kind of bond or understanding or similar place in the world that lets them understand and feel and devote. They are noting to each other and therefore nothing to me.

    #Sue me that I like my ships to actually love each other and most straight people do not even know what love is #TRUE love. what it is to love someone fully with all you are. most straight people don’t even like their partners and that’s so upsetting #og #it’s too nuanced to put into this post but there’s also many kinds of love ajd they also don’t understand that #there are some bonds between a man and a woman that are deep and beautiful and caring but it keeps it’s always obvious when it’s platonic or #familial vs romantic. it feels different. you can read into their words and actions ajd it’s very easy to point out the romantic intention #if it’s there or not but most people just assume that being even just kindness between a man and a woman means they’re deeply in love and #that is upsetting in a multitude of ways. most because that’s how horrible they treat each other that anything less than contempt must be #devotion. very unhealthy way to live #this is of course under the assumption of someone trying to use canon to make their ship ‘real’. idc about fanon you have fun but don’t come #at me and say im interpreting their obviously lacking of romantic relationship wrong because YOU do not understand the nuance and #intricacies of relationships #i think about the multiple people that say the only reason someone would care about someone else is if they’re in lovr with them and it #saddens me deeply
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  • ilovemy3ds
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i think me and rolo would be super very close friends and we're the most comfortable with each other... we have sleepovers and we cuddle and read books under the covers and he latches onto me like a koala and i give him a kiss on the cheek every time i see him or say goodbye and he gets all flustered and we are just best friends forever :smile:

    #text#platonic f/o #i love giving and receiving affection. probably the best thing on planet earth
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  • embarralexing
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i’ve been replaying a crack in time lately and... Sigmund......

    i want to give him a hug i think he needs it

    #romantic or platonic f/o i do not know but what i do know is that i love him #mine
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  • batshit-birds
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    character opinions ask game! Duke thomas

    can we get more of him please. Dc please -

    #he’s so fucking underrated #I’m in love with him but in a platonic way yknow #I wanna be his friend so bad #rambles from the bog
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  • hellfireclubshirts
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    My initial guess for what the painting was was that it’s a portrait of Mike but now my money is on that it’s the swing set/the day that they met. Either that or something that will 100000% read as romantic to even the most clueless straight audience member AND Mike  

    #maybe even dare i say #a little corny #but i love will and he's just a teenage boy in love so like. I can't blame him #I say the second thing bc I fear that if its the day that they met that it'll still somehow read as platonic to both the most clueless #straight audience member as well as mike #byler#st4 spoilers#st spoilers#personal
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  • charliepants
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Cool so it's not like super BELOATHED? So would you still being willing to talk to me if I'm a DB enjoyer 👉👈 (lots or people in the fandom seem to really really hate it yknow)

    - wtnv sara berry anon

    nah i do not hate db at all, just less liked for me like its vibe is cool but i just never enjoyed it as much as nv but i loved kevins narration his voice fits perfectly mwah

    and yeah! im still gonna talk to you, i only really stop talking to people because they like support something super wrong but no I'm not gonna ignore you promise

    #anon asks layla answers #wtnv sara berry anon #you are so sweet anon i literally love you platonically right now
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  • resolutewarrior
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago
    I ship Shadow will happiness and peace.
    #( ;; OOC  ⦙  sleepy goth 🎃 ) #( ;; Dash Com ⦙   It all starts with this ☢ ) #[ it's what he deserves ] #[ my shads is aro/ace but I want him to have so many platonic ships #romantic love isn't the only thing that matters and I want him to be loved and cherished ] #[ he deserves more found family ] #[ he deserves friends but he's so scared of connecting ] #[ pls love him ]
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  • spnandmarvelrunmylife
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Dick, a theatre kid (derogatory), at Wally's funeral:

    #no in like jason-theatre kid way #the popular even though theyre a theater kid or maybe because they are way #if you i have to suffer from my galaxy brain than im putting on the internet to share #dick grayson everyone #dick grayson#wally west#dickwally#(platonic) #(im in love with my best friend and a part of me died with him and all my future relationships are going to fail impart because of this) #Spotify
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  • synonymroll648
    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    there’s something about the way that sophie had her life as an older sister pretty much ripped out of her hands, something about the way that fitz won’t ever get to truly be a little brother ever again, that has immense hurt/comfort potential

    #*clenches fist* #it's about the parallels #they could be there for each other!! on a deeper level than just cognates!! #sophie could share all the little things that she loved as a kid w/ him #like eating cookie dough and playing pretend with stuffed animals and fantasy books she adored #and fitz could get all the fun experiences that he never got to have when he was an Actual Kid because of the search #they could play games!!! like simon says!!! and have fun and laugh and be kids!!!! #I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY AND NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WARS HANGING OVER THEIR HEADS #sophie foster#fitz vacker#sophitz#sophitz positivity #this post can be interpreted platonically or romantically
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  • frugalkubal
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    🦋 The Butterfly Lady 🦋

    #Shinobu Kocho#Demon Slayer #also RenShino if you squint lol #drew this for a good friend who loves that ship #it's platonic for me but romantic for him ♡ XD #Rengoku giving her a butterfly ring with this kind of setting is kinda romantic ngl #but whatever 🤷‍♂️😂 #Kimetsu no Yaiba #kny fanart#frugalkubalART
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  • itsopod
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    guess whos questioning if hes butch again

    #i feel like im too like. connected to feminine clothes and stuff even if i also like to dress masc? #like idk if that makes sense i know butch doesn’t mean just masc #but#idk #i feel like im def not what people think of when they think butch #i wanna play around with the label i dont know if it even fits me #hm #i do love butches though. like platonically and romantic i love u all
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  • fuckkwithtwoks
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I was thinking about first word soulmate aus that include platonic soulmates and here are come fun Batfamily things I came up with

    Everyone has so many words because all the family members have them for each other

    Alfred and Bruce's happened years apart because Bruce was a newborn when Alf first met him

    (the words were "hello little one" and "no")

    Cass's dad removed hers but she gets all of them tattooed back on when she's older

    Dick's first words to Bruce were "fuck you" when he was an angry murderous child and Jason's were "get fucked" as he hit him with a tire iron

    All of Damian's to the others are like a full paragraph and insulting since he's fresh from the league

    All the kids are so feral, everyone has at least two curse words on them

    Except Alfred

    At least one person has an "oof sorry" from Tim when he realized they're soulmates

    Steph makes an effort to say "Aubergine" when she meets any person because it's funny and it makes for no confusion

    So several people have that on their bodies forever, thank you Steph


    Soulmates work differently on krypton so Clark doesn't have any words

    So he has no idea why Batman just went very still and is looking at him like hes holding a bomb

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  • anxiousnerdwritings
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Hello Deary,

    How are you? Is your summer treating you well? Are you eating enough? Are you taking care of yourself? I hope you aren’t overworking yourself with those muggle studies of yours? You are remembering to take breaks and give yourself time to relax, right? I just don’t want you overwhelming yourself, that’s all.

    Arthur says I worry to much but how can I not when I’m not there to see how you’re doing for myself? I don’t know how he expects me to just go about my day without a thought of you in my mind. Once a mother, always a mother. It’s not something I can just turn off I’ll have you know.

    I would have written you sooner but with Arthur’s insistence that I wait and with the Burrow being even more of a full house then usual, finding the time to has been a task in itself. I can’t complain too much though. Not when Bill and Charlie have taken time out of their schedules to visit and with Harry here too. And I do believe Hermione is due to make a visit sometime soon as well! It would be lovely if you could join us, especially before Bill and Charlie have to take their leave.

    You have been missed dearly. Not only by myself but the children and Arthur as well. We can’t wait for your next visit. Your letters can only suffice for so long. As much as we cherish them they just aren’t enough. We miss you and re-reading your letters like we do only makes us miss you all the more. Maybe we can plan on you coming over next week? Maybe you could even stay for the rest of the summer? That would be absolutely wonderful!

    You won’t have to worry about a thing, dear. Arthur and I will take care of everything. All you have to do is have all of your things packed and ready to go! Oh, I can’t wait! The children will be so happy to hear about your upcoming visit! Maybe we can even push it sooner rather than later? That would be fine, wouldn’t it? What am I saying, of course it will be!

    Well, I suppose I should end this letter here so we can quickly plan and get everything in order before we come get you. We’ll be seeing you real soon, dear!

    -With Love,


    P.s. I have a jumper made just for you! I made it with love so I hope you’ll love it too!

    #yandere molly weasley #yandere molly weasley imagine #yandere harry potter #yandere harry potter imagine #yandere love letter #love letter #platonic love letter #yandere weasley family imagine #yandere weasley family #weasley family imagine #molly weasley imagine #harry potter imagine #platonic harry potter imagine #yandere harry potter x reader #x reader #yandere x reader #yandere#yandere writings#yandere imagines #molly weasley x reader #platonic molly weasley x reader #x y/n #yandere x y/n #yandere x you #harry potter x reader #weasley family x reader
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  • hanz-xd
    27.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    someone, somewhere: crowley and aziraphale aren’t queer, they’re just close friends, besties, roommates, colleagues, anything but lovers

    crowley and aziraphale: *almost exclusively calling each other angel and my dear, wanting to run away to a different plant together, “their is no our side, not anymore”, their only form of a threat involving never speaking to/thinking of the other ever again, going on lunch dates over the course of 6000 years, dining at the ritz together, “you go to fast for me, crowley”, a demon literally going into a CHURCH to save his angel—*

    #they’re queer #whether that be queer platonic or romantic or something else #i don’t know but it’s not just a friendship #the love they have for each other is SO much more than a friendship #it’s also too nuanced to be forced into a label #and that’s why i love them #especially as someone who doesn’t like the restrictions labels bring to my identity #crowley and aziraphale love each other in a way that’s completely unique to them #there’s literally no other pair in their universe (or ours) where anyone else can understand their relationship #it’s absolutely fantastic #good omens#crowley#aziraphale#ineffable husbands #anthony j crowley #crowley and aziraphale
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  • sacha-oleksandr
    27.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    The "dad friend"

    I have a friend who insists I drink water and voices concern that I don't eat sometimes (I do!, but only once a day). He gave me tips to improve my basketball shot and made me keep trying until I could sink a three pointer and bought me some frozen soup to keep in my freezer because it was on sale

    He also showed up to the arcade bar I was at yesterday (where I told him I'd be and told him he should come out - no weird stalkery shit going on lol) while I was getting myself quarters and was like "good thing I brought all these quarters!" I was like, "so can I use yours then?" and he called me a mooch and then made me drink water

    Then when I was talking to someone next to the Pacman machine he was playing, I said something about quarters and he like, reflexively whips a handful of quarters out of his pocket and gives them to me, while still maneuvering the joystick for his game

    I greatly appreciate the daddishness, and how even though he's not really trying to be gender affirming it still feels that way. Having surrounded myself with other queer folks these last few months has been fantastic and validating, but I think that because my friend is a gruff, older cishet man, it means more to me that he treats me in a way that aligns with my boyishness. Like I just assume that doesn't come naturally and it makes it feel like he's putting more effort into it and it's really nice

    In general, I guess I'm just getting a lot of joy from my relationships with people lately. These interactions with him in particular, and with other friends I've recently met or recently reconnected with, just give me all the fluttery good feels

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  • red----son
    27.05.2022 - 19 hours ago


    ayup im cam! and have you ever want a love letter or a letter from your comfort character well now you can have one! request are open <33

    i can write for the fandoms down below!

    Monkie kid

    The owl house

    Attack on titan


    These are just a few of the fandoms i remember if you don't see your fandom ask if i write for that fandom!

    #fictonal other#comfort character#love letter #comfort character letter #lego monkie kid #red son#monkie kid #macaque x reader #red son x reader #lego monkie king #x reader#comfort letter#character letters#f/o stuff#fictional other#self insert#self ship#self shipping#f/o community#platonic f/o#romantic f/o #imagine your f/o #self ship community #self insert community #freee stuff
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  • fastfists
    27.05.2022 - 19 hours ago
    Knuckles Love Language:

    Physical Touch - forehead pressing, interlacing fingers, holding hands, caressing the face, gentle but firm hugs

    Words of Affirmation - Special nicknames, words of encouragement, praising/bragging, gentle/lovingly teasing, playfulness, heartfelt words of love

    Quality Time - Alone time, Activities together, Sparring sessions, Cooking, Treasure Hunts, Snuggle Sessions

    Receiving Gift - Home-made gifts, Foods and/or drinks that are their favorites, special trinkets

    Acts of Service - Helping with issues or personal problems, Standing by them through anything, Helping with mundane tasks, Help alleviate stress or workloads

    Knuckles values Physical Touch most out of all else, body language says it all on how he feels. With Words of Affirmation and Quality Time being the second most import one to him. 
    Above all else, Knuckles wants his loved ones to know that he loves them no matter what, that he is with them no matter what, and nothing will change how he feels towards them. For better or worse, he choose them and he loves them from there on out.
    #I'm Just Warming Up {OOC} #About the Muse {Knuckles the Echidna} #Love Language time #This is romantically...since there are a FEW differences between platonic and romantic love with him #I'll probably explain that later #Also I like to think while he doesn't mind PDA; he likes to keep stuff private with his S/O a lot more
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  • philtatosbuck
    27.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    i think it is very funny that someone is trying to say “tristan didn’t deserve aurora” isn’t valid because of all the other sibling relationships that were damaging. newsflash my good bitch those are NOT the defense you think they are. the ONLY reason klaus’ siblings aren’t calling his shit is because they don’t want to idk make this kid hate her father?? not to mention, they have all at many different points called klaus out to his face. aurora’s grown ass can hear a few truths. you can say tristan ‘loved’ aurora all you want. klaus ‘loved’ his siblings. that doesn’t mean he didn’t treat them like shit. tristan canonically put her through bouts of electroshock therapy to try to “cure” her mental illness and regularly held her hostage because of it. whether that came from ‘love’ or not is your own choice but let’s not act like it was right. and any fucking teenager or person with even a slightly healthier family is going to call that shit out. if you have to use klaus ‘daggers his siblings all the time’ mikaelson and damon ‘eternity of misery’ salvatore as a defense, then you already kind of know that you’re making a weak case already, don’t cha? 

    #literally hilarious as fuck #i don't even like aurora fr but that's insaaaane. #'tristan loved her!11!!' and??? #love doesn't mean a relationship platonic or romantic isn't shitty #him showing bare minimum concern is literally bottom of the barrel shit #y'all wanted to see them fuck so bad bye #aurora de martel #klaus mikaelson#damon salvatore #tristan de martel #'he never wished any ill on her' headass #no he just went ahead and caused the ill himself #y'all r too funny lmfao #legacies#i guess#lizzie saltzman#sort of
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  • rudolphsboyfriend
    27.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Okay i have a THEORY so please help me test it.

    If you're into romance tropes/ stories, reblog this and tell me whether you're alloro or aro, and whether you prefer enemies to lovers or friends to lovers

    #basically i have a sneaking suspicion that I'm so far gone for friends to lovers because the distinction bw platonic and romantic love #is so blurred for me as an aro #that all friendship feels a little romantic sometimes #and friends to lovers just captures it perfectly #aromantic #friends to lovers #enemies to lovers #rb#rb game #pls don't let this flop im genuinely curious
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  • selfcarecap
    26.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    I, too, bond with other people over my lack of sexual experience! That being said: Hello, and a beautiful evening to you, my love! (awkward introduction - check!)

    Your teaser moodboard turned out great, really liking the colour scheme and tone it sets. (awkwardly phrased compliment - check!)

    Though, I've got a genuine question: If their relationship is as unrestricted and transparent as we're meant to believe, and is showcased here by them openly discussing sensitive topics, why the tremendous trouble properly communicating thoughts and feelings? I imagine once you've overcome the hurdle of embarrassment and discomfort, those things are as easy to discuss as all else?


    Thank youuuu also the fact that you called it my ‘teaser moodboard’… as if you knew that I’m thinking of making a smaller one/not using that one for the actually fic sgakaga

    Okay so you’ll see this in the fic (or I hope I described it well enough)(if you read the fic) but long story short: they’re scared of losing exactly that. (that=everything you just described)

    Once they get to a level of being such good friends, they don’t want to risk ruining it. Of course they should be able to talk about their feelings for each other but I mean it is a scary thing when nothing romantic or sexual has organically happened between you two yet. I mean I’ve never confessed my feelings to anyone so idk what it’s like (but just the thought of it is scary!! That’s the thing) okay idk if i’ve ever had feelings for anyone, they were rather more so meaningless crushes but ygm. You never know how someone will react when you tell them you like them and they’re just scared of the feelings not being reciprocated and the other person seeing them differently and it kinda tainting the friendship. Also the fear of rejection generally.

    Also they’re just idiots tbh. They’ve both never had romantic or sexual relationships with anyone so it’s new to them and makes it twice as scary and harder to recognise what mutual attraction feels like!

    (Oh and also I think making sexual jokes can be much easier than confessing your genuine romantic feelings agsksh) the teaser might be a lil clickbait-y and there’s more to it than that (part of the) scene as well lol

    #sparkles #also they do both consider it and suspect it. #(that the other person likes them) #wait i lost my train of thought…………. #like they do feel it. but i think platonic love can be very strong and maybe it’s hard to know whether someone only loves you back as a fri #as a friend when your feelings for them are so strong. like maybe you’re paranoid that it’s just your own perception of the relationship #and it’s not actually reciprocated on the same level #okay this all sounds so vague now sgajah #anyway i’m about to spoil half of my fic so shsksjs #i hope the fic answers your question and if not it’s just a fun non-serious fic <333 #friends to lovers and also idiots to lovers (although they remain idiots once they get together)
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