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  • starry-bubbles
    27.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    a thought bubble...

    contains mpreg, wg, feedism, stuffing, hurt/comfort


    jk gets pregnant and is soooo excited. he can't wait to for his belly to grow and the feeling of fullness with the baby inside him, so he starts overeating a little bit (a lot) in anticipation. He doesn't care if the little bump he's cradling is a food baby bloat and not is actual baby bump yet. He's pregnant, he can do what he wants! he's allowed to gain baby weight... or an extra 50 pounds. but as the baby grows, it gets extra big because jk is eating so much more than strictly recommended. in fact, as he gets later in the pregnancy, baby is so large and taking up all the room in his tummy. his belly is super big and round at this point, which makes even just standing up a challenge. but jk loves it, how he now kinda has to cradle/hold his massive bump as he waddles everywhere. however, now that jk has gotten used to his larger meals and eating habits he's super hungry all the time, but he reaches max capacity almost imidiately with baby making it harder to eat his fill and be satisfied. the other members do their best to care for him, bringing him a steady stream of tiny snacks to keep the hunger at bay while accounting for his inability to finish a full meal. but sometimes, jk gets carried away anyway and stuffs himself too full on accident and gets a stomachache. when that happens, the members are always there to comfort and coddle him through the frustration and the pain. "I'm just so hungry, hyung, but my tummy hurts!" jk pouts as they kiss is round cheeks and rub the top of his rounded tummy where it all feels the tightest, right up by his rib cage. sometimes, if baby is active, it makes jk a bit nauseous, but jk loves it anyway. he loves his body and being pregnant, and is so excited to meet his baby. and the members are just as thrilled… if not slightly more concerned for jk consider the baby already being so massive. but seeing koo so big and happy and full keeps them from worrying too much.

    #mpreg#bts feederism #im so nervous to share this please be nice
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  • yourfaveisamorbhead
    27.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    philip marlowe is a morbhead

    philip marlowe from the big sleep is a morbhead!

    #philip marlowe#raymond chandler #i’ve wanted to read/watch stuff w this guy in it but didn’t remember his name 💀 #if you’re interested in sharing sources please let me know ! #morbius#morbius pride#morbius sweep
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  • fpider
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    how the fuck do you beat grimm. i just want to level up our child, grimm

    #hollow knight #if you have help please share I am begging
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  • a-dorin
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    how were the first two episodes?

    #kenobi #obi wan kenobi #share your thoughts please #no spoilers though i haven’t watched it yet
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  • mollymauk-is-fine
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    On this day, one year ago, episode 140 of Critical Role Campaign Two aired, aptly named “Long May He Reign,” featuring the glorious resurrection of one Mollymauk Tealeaf, into his final form of Kingsley!

    To celebrate this special day, I propose we just talk about our favorite things about Mollymauk, and how fine he is. I’ll start:

    I love stories where it feels like characters have momentum even after the last episode/chapter. I hate it when a story ends and it feels like the characters dies with it. Not only does the resurrection of Mollymauk give me that feeling of momentum, but the idea of Kingsley just getting to do whatever he wants with the rest of his life shows just how strong the Mighty Nein’s love for each other is. Yes they battled Lucien to save the world, but they also did it to get their friend back, and no one demonstrates the power of the Nein’s love more than Caduceus, literally calling on the power of a god to bring back this person he had never met before, and only knew through his friends’ stories.

    I just, love them all so much!!!

    Happy Mollymauk Is Fine Day!!!

    #if anyone else wants to share their love of Mollymauk please comment or send in a ask or whatever you want #Kingsley discourse will not be tolerated #critical role#mollymauk#kingsley tealeaf#cr 2#mollymauk tealeaf#cr mollymauk #cr campaign two #long may he reign
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  • bluesmason
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    #all i’m saying if that person actually had proof theh would’ve sent it straight away #also c removed EVERYONE no just fan accounts #he was also in cannes last night and not monaco #please whoever believes this touch some grass and just let hs enjoy the mase x f1 content #they#us #OH AND ofc they sent it to footballconfessions first bc they knew they’d share it without any knowlege #bc if they would’ve sent it to any of us they know we wouldn’y even post it bc we know it’s bullshit #wouldn’t
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  • ka1etale3owboy
    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    i would kill a man for the aquila favonia i wish i was joking

    #IT WOULD LOOK SO GOOD ON MY JEAN.... #she looks great with the haran sword but still #i could give that sword to kaeya if i got the aquila favonia #kaejean wouldnt have to share anymore mihoyo please #tbf i definitely play jean dps more i play kaeya dps once in a blue moon BUT STILL #*leans on table* hey ladies i main jean and amber could you guys give me some genesis crystals please #i need a 5 star bow or sword god ladies please
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  • roxetteblack
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    i need some inspiration for my next couple of posts to make up my lack of posting😀

    do you have some ideas?

    #rox speaks#marauders#sirius black #just felt like sharing #i need followers #give me followers #please reblog#please comment#please interact #ok to interact
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  • gogogo956
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Commissions are open!

    Hello I have commissions open. They will remain open till the end of summer. If there is a dm system on here, then dm me if interested. If not, reply to this and I’ll tell you my discord or something.

    Link to my commission page: https://go956commissions.carrd.co/

    #commission#commissions open #open for commissions #taking commisions#commision info#commisions open#drawing commisions #please share around #really in need of money for college
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  • alorsann
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Check out my latest review! A review of Killing Abel!

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  • pigeonspige0n
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Everytime we get Robin and Vickie onscreen is a joy lmao. Really hoping they don’t kill her off, it’d be disappointing

    #they haven’t even fully spoken yet and they’re such a cute pair #“I had a cru-“ “sorry?” “Shared a class with!” #please. #stranger things #stranger things 4 #st4#robin buckley #vickie stranger things #obligatory st4 w/ pigeon tag #st4 spoilers
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  • cassierobinsoncoded
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    supernatural season one recap video posting TOMORROW hehehehehe >:)

    #i am SO EXCITED #I LITERALLY HAD A BREAKDOWN TONIGHT #BUT LIKE A POSITIVE ONE #YALL ARE NOT READY FOR THIS!!!! #BUT PLEASE BE READY AND WATCH AND SHARE BECAUSE I AM VERY PROUD #AND WANT TO DO THE FANDOM PROUD #spn video#spn #spn season one #spn season 1 #spn s1 #spn season 1 recap #j #idk what to taaaaaaaag #tomorrow is gonna be a messs lololol
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  • heldhostagesworld
    27.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Anyone looking to have a good time. Texting sexting and tons of ways to make you happy. Trying to make some money for my Lil brothers birthday.

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  • justagirlwriting
    27.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Dark Side - Chapter 4

    Warnings: !NSFW! 18+ ONLY, Daddy kink, female oral receiving, fingering, and smut.

    Parings: Dean x You, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Lucifer

    Word count: 1176

    Chapter 4

    “We should leave.” Cas looked at Sam who was still shoving pancakes in his mouth. 

    “Why?” Sam asked with confusion all over his face. 

    “Because it seems that Y/N and Dean are…” Cas spoke but was soon cut off by a loud moan coming from the couples room. Sam and Cas looked at each other and quickly grabbed their things leaving without a second thought. 

    “Oh…fuck…Dean.” Dean was down between my legs, licking ever so gently at my bundle of nerves. Helping me come down from my orgasm yet also managing to draw it out a bit longer. Dean crawled up to my face and kissed me, I could taste myself on his tongue and lips. I moaned into the kiss savoring every once of the passion this beautiful man gave me. 

    “I never thought I’d get to see you like this again.” Dean’s eyes traced my face, memorizing every mark, blemish, and scar. “You are so beautiful, Babygirl.”

    “Shut up and fuck me, D.” I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into another kiss. Dean slid his hand between us traveling down to between my thighs. He pressed his finger on my clit and began rubbing rough tight circles. 

    “Not until I say, Babygirl.” Dean removed his finger from my clit and pushed it into my entrance. “Not who do you belong to?” Dean pumped his finger a few times then added another. Pumping fast, curling his fingers in the way that has your back arching and your head spinning. “Tell me baby and I'll let you cum.” 

    “You, I belong to you and only you.” The words rolled from my tongue quicker than I had time to gather a thought. Dean added another finger, curling faster. 

    “Who?” Dean slowed down to practically nothing, and you whimpered. “Good girls who answer correctly get to cum.” I whimpered again and Dean gave me a look telling me no whining. 

    “I belong to Daddy, and only Daddy,” Dean's cock twitched against my thigh. ‘Note to self remember the effect of Daddy on Dean.’ Dean saw the gears turning in my head and he removed his hand from my pussy and wrapped it around my throat. “Don’t even think about it.”

    “Yes Sir,” I smirked at him. Dean pulled back off of me and off the bed. “What are you…”

    “Shut up and get on all fours,” Dean's voice had dropped an octave. ‘I wonder how far I could push him.’ I thought to myself “FOURS. NOW.” ‘Nope, not going to push him now.’ 

    “Daddy?” I move to the middle of the bed and get on all fours. 

    “Yes baby.” Dean was walking around behind me grabbing things. 

    “What are you going to do?” Dean stopped moving and walked up to me. He rubbed my ass in a loving manner. 

    “Turn around and look at me,” I sit up and turn to face him. “You broke a rule. You didn’t answer when I asked you a question, then you sassed me. So I’m going to give you a few spankings and you’re gonna be denied tonight.” Dean grabbed my hands and held them to his chest. “Are you okay with that?”

    “Yes Sir,” Dean looked at me smirking. Sassing was always a favorite of mine.

    “Fours now.” Dean grabbed me and spun me around back on all fours. He walked back to one of the desks, grabbing something. Before I have a chance to look back and see what he has, a slap comes across my left cheek. The sting from the paddle moves around my cheek and I feel the heat rise. Dean laid his hand right where he hit, “Only 19 more.” He rubbed my ass, soothing the pain slightly. 

    After the first 10 I was basically laying on the bed, ass still in the air. “You are being such a good girl for Daddy.” Dean stops for a moment and rubs the now red and purple cheeks. “I think we'll do the other half throughout tonight.” I nod my head in agreement. Dean helps me turn around on my back. “There’s a good girl. Are you ready?” Dean climbs on top of me pumping his thick cocks as he does so. A whimper leaves my lips at the sight before me. Dean smirks at my reaction. He lines himself up and slowly pushes inch by inch into my aching core. He stops for a moment knowing that after a few months I need a minute to adjust. After he bottoms out he looks at me waiting for the confirmation that I was ready. 

    Dean slowly pulls out until it's just the tip and then he thrusts into me hard and fast. After a few more pumps like this he speeds up. Moans fell from my lips and his name and title danced on my tongue every time he hit a certain part. The feeling of his shaft dragging along inside of me had my eyes rolling to the back of my head. “God baby you feel so fucking good.” I feel my core fluttering around Dean and it has me teetering on the edge. “You gonna cum for me, Babygirl?” Dean's husky voice and dirty words almost sent me over, before he pulled out completely. “I told you, you were going to be denied twice tonight.” He says after a whimper leaves my throat. 

    He manhandles me onto my stomach and lifts my ass up. Giving me a harsh slap on my right cheek. I moaned as my pussy clenched around nothing. Before I know it he's buried deep inside me earning another loud moan from me. He grunted behind me a sign that always told me he was close. He had missed this just as much as I did. Dean reached around to my throat grabbing it and pulling me up so my back was flush with his chest. He trailed sloppy kisses from my shoulder up to the back of my ear. “Such a beautiful and amazing baby I have. All mine.” Dean pounded into me harder, my legs began to shake. “Are there already little one?” I couldn’t form words with the pleasure consuming me. I nodded my head turning to look him in the eye. “I suppose we could save the rest of your punishment for the rest of tonight.” Dean’s thrust became sloppy and I know he's waiting this out to tease the both of us. 

    “Please Daddy. Please let me cum.” Dean couldn’t hold back anymore and he came inside me. His hot seed soaking me sent me over the edge and I milked him for everything that he could give. After a moment Dean slowly pulled out and gently laid me on the bed. He grabbed a towel and cleaned me and himself up before crawling into bed next to me. He pulled me into his side and kissed my head. “I love you more than anything Y/N.” 

    “I love you too Dean.” Sleep took me over, but Dean stayed awake. Just watching me have the first peaceful night sleep I had in a long time.

    #dean x y/n #dean winchester#sam winchester#castiel#smut #please like and share
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  • chance-of-cheerios
    27.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    I have three months until I can get coverage from my work and in that time I have to get another hearing test done to confirm my auditory processing disorder and my tinnitus. The APD test will cost $300 so that’s wonderful. For the three months I’m not covered by insurance, I get to pay $30 for 3 months for my anti-depressants and $60 once for my testosterone. :))

    I’m lucky because I’m able to see two different specialists soon to address my issues and hopefully make accommodations, but that’s going to be a shitton of money that I don’t have out of my pocket.

    Everything sucks right now.

    As I said before, emergency commissions are open to be put away to help pay for my medications and appointments. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some support. I never want to take anything for free, which is why I’m doing it all commission-style.

    But it’s been quite a struggle lately. I’d be very grateful if you could share or consider commissioning. 💚

    Information is here:

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  • twowitches-onekitchen
    27.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Nana’s famous cookies


    1 1/2 cups salted butter softened

    3/4 cup granulated sugar

    1 1/2 cups brown sugar

    2 eggs

    1 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

    4 cups all purpose flour

    2 cups rolled oats not quick oats

    2 tsp baking soda

    2 tsp ground cinnamon

    1 tsp baking powder

    1 tsp salt

    3/4 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

    3/4 cup peanut butter chips

    3/4 cup toffee bits


    Preheat oven to 375°.

    Cream together the butter, granulated sugar and brown sugar.

    Add the egg and vanilla. Mix until light in color and creamy.

    Add in the dry ingredients (flour, oats, baking soda, baking powder cinnamon and salt), mix into the dough. Mix until completely combined.

    Mix in the chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and toffee bits.

    Portion out the dough into 1/2 cup portions. Roll into a ball and arrange 6 onto each cookie sheet.

    Flatten each ball slightly before baking.Bake for 11-13 minutes, until the cookies have spread and are golden brown on top.

    Allow the cookies to cool on the pan for 10 minutes. Serve warm.

    These cookies are truly a favorite!I sent 45 cookies with my boyfriend to work and when he returned home he said his co-workers was begging for more! Enjoy this awfully good cookie recipe and thank nana for them!

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  • navree
    26.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    there is like literally one book i’ve been able to find that mentions jeanne of navarre at all and it’s a book about queens regnant of navarre that’s the source for basically all of the info we have on her but my GOD is it a slog to get through sometimes

    #personal #we have been whinging about different betrothals for like multiple pages #can i learn smth about the actual jeanne please?!?!?! #she's got to share the limelight with all the other queens this is where we streamline the nonimportant stuff
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  • vikconder
    26.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    I guess I drew a comic cover for my characters' story!  🦊 😼 🦁 "Before 24" (or “До 24″) is the name of the story  🧡

    AND I finally finished writing big file with characters’ description [here on google docs] + you meet new characters :)

    Join Discord server to discuss characters or ask questions :) pаtreon // inst // twit // website

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  • fortunamiau
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #apparently you can get the topic summary of docs now (? #and they're so...... no words #post #also if you mention celebrities they show up as topics jajsksksksk please don't share this w anyone docs i'm begging you
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  • petitkante
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    [redacted thoughts about kepa]

    #chelsblr rewatch #ms andrea please share.
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