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  • trashtalkingbean
    24.05.2022 - 4 hours ago
    🌸🍃 play with me
    #pink #dm me pls #breed me #submisive and breedable
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  • for-the-kittens
    21.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Hope you feel better. May I also ask 26 and 37?

    26. People who like dicks - where’s your favourite place for your partner to cum?

    creampie 👏 creampie 👏 creampie 👏 i have an unending love for breeding

    37. What sex toys do you own?

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  • daaydreamy
    20.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    hello loves! could i have the pleasure of pussyrry begging soft dom!y/n to breed him with a fake cock holy shit i need help

    the way it started off so nice and then descended to that 😭😭

    “want your come, please.” harry whined as y/n thrusted her strap-on into his wet cunt. he gripped the sheets tightly, throwing his head back against the pillows. he sunk his front teeth into his lower lip when he suddenly felt y/n’s lips against his neck, kissing and bifing softly.

    “yeah?” she whispered softly and he nodded desperately.

    “want you to breed me, p-please.” he whispered back and y/n’s lips curved up into a smile.

    #💌┊anonymous #concepts of harry #pussyrry #pls forgive me i don’t write much with breeding kinks 😭😭
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  • numbaoneflaya
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    genuinely wish nothing but pain and agony upon those who hate pitbulls and those who go around euthanizing pits trying to weed out the breed. If hell is real I will see you there as I will be holding the pitchfork shoved up your ass

    #DNR pls. haaat ehaaaaate taking my dog to dog parks and ppl are like oh thats a pit? shouldnt that breed be gone by now? #or ppl online cheering over stories of pits being put down #My thumbs. your eyes. the date is set. #mfs love  ignoring all other cases of violent dogs from other breeds and then every time a pit #(usually taken from a fighting ring/rescued and untrained) acts violent and thats apparently enough to doom the whole breed. die in fire #yes my current pit has been in 2 fights over the course of 8 years.... once he was attacked by another bigger dog and once got in a fight #w the neighbors smaller dog. guess who got the blame for both #neither dogs were seriously harmed obviously. barely a bite on one ear #another time my other neighbor literally threw her two small white dogs into our yard ??? and our pit was just ?? #idk what she was trying to do as it was like 5 am. bait him into attacking?? no idea #literally had a mf kick him at the dark park before... for PLAYING with his dog....
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  • bunnygirlblush
    19.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    🥺 been rubbing n edging my bunnycunt for hours n its so soft n tingly i need 2 be milked soooo bad ,>.<,

    #if any besties wanna breed with a dumb throbby bunny pls claim me ;-;
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  • stuckonspidey
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    okay so i am officially Drunk and i can’t stop thinking about Romance

    #wine drunk is a whole diff breed guys #pls come talk to me about LOVE
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  • noempathyy
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    broskis pls gimme a moment, i-…i am in extremely soft hours rn and can’t really think abt anything but bearing children- 🗿🗿 will get to more asks later

    but in da meantime, pls make sure to get yourself some water 🥴🥴

    #ovulayshun hours HELPP #no i do not have a breeding kink pls don’t write that down 💀🤧🤧 #just ready to be bred all of a sudden 💀💀 #ssae.smth
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  • voidcat
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Considering Ei’s main goal of creating a puppet was to preserve the conscious in a material even when the true body would erode and how even in the simplest sense, acts of sexual nature are rooted in keeping a line going and leaving something of you behind for when you die, ei’s puppets probably have no parts or functions for acts such as reproduction. the puppet(s) will live on forever, never erode in the ever changing world, why would she install in a feature rooted in the very fact of a being leaving the world at a certain point and that desperate instinct to leave a part of it behind?

    #block this tag if you’re a minor pls abd thanks -> #spice girl Dei #what I’m trying to say: even if he got the ‘tools’ for it (which I doubt) scara cant do further than fucking #sorry not sorry to scara smut enjoyers w breeding kink or whateve r
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  • miggiisdumb
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    ok so i see u talking abt sharks and shark hybrids and my liddol marine biologist brain has activated but BUT BUT sharks can have up to 7-8 pups or babies so imagine being a marine researcher and having your first shark encounter on a dive with like the biggest shark hybrid recorded in the area.and bakugou doesn’t just appear for any diver. he likes the look of you and ofc that only ends up with your scuba suit torn to shreds and you getting bred by shark!bakugou please he just can’t wait to see you little human scuba diver impregnated with all his evil little demon pups :( nice and swollen, doesn’t let anyone else touch u imma be SICK miggi

    (also if u turn a shark upside down they go to sleep 🥺🥺)

    NAUR cuz you’d be thinking this encounter will be the best thing you’ll ever write down on your studies, some prize winning material right here- but shark Bakugou just up and cups you mound shamelessly the second you swim closer to him and makes you squeal bubbles when he rips your scuba suit in one tug😭

    He’s all over you then, hugging you close like a lover and knocking the top of your pussy like it’s his life’s mission. So so smug and mean from the way you’re clawing at his back and clamping your legs around his tail everytime he rocks his cock into you. Snff wants to make you a mama, wants to burrow himself so deep into that his seed has to catch and you’ll get round and heavy with his pups. Love bruises and scratches and bite marks all over you by the time you go dumb from cumming so much, and Bakugou doesn’t let you go when he resurfaces to let you take in dizzying breaths. Growling and snarling at your panicking teammates while he floats around with you hugged to his chest- limp and twitchy and delirious with his cock plugging all of his cum in you. His pups are gonna be menaces like him :((

    #but pls imagine flipping shark Bakugou upside down and he just deactivates🥹 #he’s so sexy and precious I love him I love him so much #thank you for this delicious meal #shark bakugou#merman bakugou#tw monsterfucking#bakugou thirst#miggi’s asks#monster aali💜#dubcon tw#tw breeding
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  • romanoffsb1tch
    07.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I just saw someone, seemingly innocently talking about chickens, say the words "finally a breeding lesson" on tumblr and I really, really, really think they did not think that one through

    #also why tf was this based on my likes #does tumblr think I like poultry or does it think I have a breeding kink #I really hope it's not the latter #pls tumblr algorithm I promise I do not have a breeding kink #although I do not particularly have any feelings towards chickens either #I am neutral towards chicke #ns #im too lazy to fix those last two tags and make them one whoops #why am I on Tumblr at 3am someone make me stfu
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  • dogtoy-denial
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    been thinking a lot about cow boys lately 🖤 you know, the kind that moos softly and begs you sweetly to massage his swollen tits because theyre straining with the milk for the baby youve put in his womb 🖤the kind that wears a little bell around his neck that chimes lazily as you pound his soft round ass from behind 🖤

    #tw pregnancy#tw breeding #pls send asks about boy cows 🐮
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  • goblinsunnyboi
    23.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    New sub here :>

    I'm a newbie and I am looking for a Dom to use me! If ur looking for a sub to use and have a long-term D/s. I really want someone to use me, please me, I want them to control my life for me because I'm just a dumb little whore and play with me for their fun.

    Please hmu if ur looking for a sub to know more like kinks and stuff

    #bd/sm brat#bd/sm breeding#bdsmkink#bd/sm daddy#bd/sm slave#bd/sm master #dm me pls #looking for daddy #looking for dom
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  • angelsdean
    23.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    that’s just the effects of new jersey babey<3 

    #my state breeds chaos and bisexuals #wait- we don't BREED bisexuals. unless- #everyone pls look away sakjfdskjf #vic.txt
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  • kyneslust
    21.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Okay but Toji with a breeding kink tho 👀 he doesn't necessarily want the responsibility of a child, but he's down to get it in raw and fill you up with his cum. It feels better than a condom, and he gets to assert his ownership over your body by painting your inner walls white. It satiates his possessive side and gives him the satisfaction he needs as your very greedy lover. All he wants to do is put your legs over his shoulders and pound into you, fat head stretching out your sweet pussy until all you know is its shape. He's ruined you for all other men. You'll never have a cock like his. It'll keep you coming back to him, even when you're at your wit's end with his antics, and he loves the thought of you developing a dependence on him. It's only when your pregnancy test comes back positive that he gets the sick idea to baby trap you. Good dick is one thing to make a woman like yourself stay, but a kid? You'll never leave his side, now 🪱

    #tw baby trapping #tw breeding#toji smut #toji fushiguro x reader #toji x reader #yandere toji#jjk smut#fem reader #minors pls dni
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  • rosicheeks
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    What do you think of pregnancy as a kink?

    Not for me 😬

    #man oh man let me tell youuuuuuuuu #breeding????????! #omg yes pls pls pls pls breed me 🥰 #NO pregnancy NO babies #ONLY BREED #babies scare me man #I can barely take care of myself #I couldn’t deal with a baby rn #pregnancy is a hard pass for me #turns me off #I will ONLY ever think about it when I meet the loml #until then? #nope nope nope #ask#answered#anon
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  • kkayetana
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Anonymously.. when I daydream about filling you up with cum. I think that you would look spectacular pregnant

    i liked everything until i read pregnant

    #answered asks #breeding: yes pls #pregnancy: no thank u
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  • vilsoo
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    i have a gn!reader request !!! i’m an absolute whore for william afton with a corruption AND breeding kink who just develops this obsessive-possessive mentality over y/n, probably this setting where y/n is just mesmerised by the animatronics and just goes to the diner often just to watch the animatronics perform just william’s like “i want… t h e m” obviously y/n has to be of age and stuff probably 20-22 y/o

    anyway, may i be 🧋 anon ? this is my first time doing an anon ask so i apologise if i didn’t give enough details, i promise i’ll open up more soon though !!! -🧋

    y’all know damn well i’m a sucker for obsession-possession shit 😩 especially when it comes to william…

    cw :: corruption kink, mentions of breeding, slight stalking, virginity loss

    william’s always had his eyes on you everytime you passed by alone. his movements would be furtive and unnoticed, easily blending with the shadowy corners of the diner. he was intrigued about the fascination you have for his animatronics. you were so easily lured and mesmerized by the performances and their quirky mechanics. oh, you were just as gullible as his other victims who were too late to realize his creations were actually killer machines. but william’s murder drive wasn’t as insatiable for you compared to mindless children. your curiosity was just too adorable to him. there was something about an alluring young adult like you that crawled under his skin, stimulating him to corrupt the dark depths of your mind.

    i wanna know the sounds they make when i fuck them, he’d mentally impulse. i wanna know how their body reacts to my touches. william’s uncontrollable greed to have you all to himself was a ravenous beast.

    the first time you finally met, you were immediately enticed by his attraction and charisma. he’d even take you backstage and the parts and services room where no one else is allowed. finally alone and in the heated moment, william would encourage you to slowly strip for him, whispering sweetly how badly he wanted to see your body. you were so obedient in doing so that it was overwhelmingly precious to him, vitalizing his rapacity and already claiming his favorite places on your body with love bites and kisses.

    “tell me, my sweet. has anyone ever went down on you like this?” william cooed, his fleeting breath on your skin causing your thighs to clench tighter.

    “n— no, mr. afton. i’m a virgin…” you muttered lowly, abashed.

    the smirk on his face was nearly impossible to wipe off. you were just perfect, so fucking perfect; hearing about your bashful inexperience he was immediately accompanied by his arousal. william was the wolf in sheep’s clothing himself. the erratic obsession of being your first everything drove him to try everything in the book on you— seeing that guileless, helpless look in your eyes and begging for his guidance. oh, he didn’t feel ashamed for taking sick pleasure in this at all. the only man making you cum, squirm uncontrollably, and whine and whimper from how good he’s making you feel.

    “oh, baby. let me fill you up, yeah? you want me to keep cumming in you till you’re all full? i know you want me to do that to you. you want me to release it all out on you.”

    william drenches you with his load, waves of cum pooling inside that your body couldn’t stop quivering. he loves the way you react, unable to form a coherent thought. waiting to sneak back inside, he would continue molding your hole to the wide shape of his cock. he’s already fucking in his second load, his cock softening until it slides out. you were practically oozing out with so much of his cum it was a gorgeous sight to him.

    he would corrupt you until all you could think your entire week are his words, his mouth, his scent, his caresses, and his cock driving you to shattering orgasms. and where will that bring you? back to him; offering your body on his office desk for his view and pleasure as always…

    #( 🧋 ) — anon. #( ♥︎ ) — thirsts. #this is my first time writing a gn reader so pls dont attack me if i made an error :< #lord forgive me i wrote this on easter sunday #oh god… okay #whew#im speechless #william afton x gn!reader #william afton x you #william afton smut #fnaf smut#tw breeding#tw corruption#corruption kink
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