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  • plushie-diagnosis
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    pls diagnose him

    Plushie diagnosis #130

    Name: Kyui

    Skill: epic gamer cheese

    Quote: "this EPIC GAMER CHEESE gives you ENERGY for up to EIGHT hours!"

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  • build-a-buddy
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Posed this question first to the POSIC+ server but asking followers here too:

    How do yall feel about backup plushies? i.e. buying two of one plush and one is delegated to display/never brought around or loved while the other is slept with, carried around, etc.

    I would do it but I have the sense 'the second will never be the first' and another part of me has thoughts in the vein of 'the worn down state proves love; why wouldn't you want it? * velveteen rabbit realness vibes *'

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  • wildbeautifuldamned
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ANTIQUE 1920'S Miniature SCHUCO MOUSE ebay abclovell

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  • dream-angel-comicbooks
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    A friendly, cuddly spider: Bitsy

    A friendly, cuddly spider: Bitsy

    Bitsy FireKeeper is probably the biggest hero of all, despite being among the smallest in size. Spiders tend to scare people, but this one only looks frightening to most. The soft pink and white hairs on her body are sensitive to touch and like a dog or cat, she enjoys being stroked and cuddled. She’s the pet of Keru Firekeeper, younger brother of Virgo FireKeeper. A loyal and very loving friend…

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    #action figure #adventure comic books #all ages friendly comic books #all-ages#bitsy#CGI Comics#character feature#plush #plush action figure #plush spider#spider
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  • ranroo
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    literally so distraught over the rat youtooz plush why cant my life like calm down for longer than five seconds so i can stop MOVING!!!!!!! SO I CAN PREORDER THINGS!!!!!!

    #snarf #i know theyre cool with changing your address and such #bc i moved before my bbh plush got here #but i literally like already have done that i dont wanna do it again waaaaa i feel bad #fuckin dreams merch customer service was like so cool abt it #but they were like this is a one time thing bc its an emergency please dont do that #and the rsd hit and i was like dream Personally hates me for this #<- oh the insanity ........
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  • leyyvi
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    girl help im on the cusp of making another poor financial decision

    #I WANNA MAKE A KITTY LEVI PLUSH #im s or ry its 5 am i have lost my mind
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  • yourcommissar
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


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  • sweetcollections
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Now on our website!!!

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  • estelstarlight
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #poyo.txt #ok to rb #I Have. Bunger Plush. #ive never played bugsnax. but ive watched others do so many times over
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  • biscuitsnlimes
    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Locker Frog

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  • gift-supplier
    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I have been using many different websites to buy customized toys for my kids. I recently came across the name of Custom gift wholesaler. I saw their website on social media, and on visiting their website, I was quite impressed by the wide variety of products. From vinyl figures to keychains, airpod cases to mobile covers, Custom gift wholesaler has it all. The main point to consider is that Custom gift wholesaler has positive ratings and reviews to back up its claims of providing the best quality items. Reading the positive reviews, I thought to give Custom gift wholesaler a try to buy a new custom plush African elephant toy.(This article is from:www.gift-supplier.com)

    About My Customized Case

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    Unboxing something is always a prestigious experience. I was about to unbox a much-awaited plush elephant of an African theme. The initial look of the parcel was just like any other courier. I took out the box of the plush elephant of African theme and-WOW! The box was made of cardboard that was properly cut, with no sharp edges, and the picture of my plush elephant of African theme was imprinted on the front side of the box. Not only this, the whole box consisted of different items related to plush elephants, like cute pics of elephants and other plush elephant stuff. I was amazed at this wonderful gesture. The customized box really made my day. I unboxed the case; it was softly packed with foam at all of its sides, making sure that the plush elephant of African theme wasn’t scratched from any side. The plush elephant of African theme was inside a plastic shopper that kept it brand new. I unwrapped the shopper and took out the case.

    First Impression

    My first impression of this customized plush elephant of African theme was WOW! I mean, it was just what I wanted. I requested them to put a customized grey color touch to it, and that is exactly what they did! I was very nervous while ordering from Custom gift wholesaler for the first time, and it is quite natural. You don’t know about the company unless you don’t order a product. I didn’t expect my customized product to be so clean and well crafted.

    Detailed Look

    On a closer look at the customized plush elephant of an African theme, I realized that not only was the packing awesome, the manufacturing of the plush elephant of African theme was also remarkable. There were no visible flaws in the plush elephant of an African theme. I didn’t see any untidy spots or any sort of misprinting. I inspected the quality of the stuff on the plush elephant of African theme; it looked very pure and fresh. The plush elephant of the African theme was spotless and crafted to perfection. Now, the initial examination of the cover was done, and it was time to check the size of the soft elephant toy. Guess what? The plush elephant of the African theme was sized perfectly according to my specification. I loved how they were able to customize the right size in such a short amount of time. From placing the order to using the soft elephant toy, everything was inch-perfect, and I couldn’t ask for more. I would like to thank Custom gift wholesaler for making such an amazing product, customized to perfection, in such a short time. I would definitely recommend Custom gift wholesaler to my colleagues, family, and friends. I will use them again for their services. They are up to their words and don’t disappoint. Would love to order again on Custom gift wholesaler.

    Words from Custom gift wholesaler

    The factors discussed above are used to evaluate the result of an online store. Users give their opinion on a specific product after ordering and using it. This particular customer ordered a customized soft elephant toy in the form of a soft elephant toy character theme. The indicators show that the customer was highly satisfied by the quality standards and the packaging, delivery. These items are loved by the people. We see these items as an opportunity.

    We, Custom gift wholesaler, can design any kind of soft elephant toy that the customer tells us to. We can customize any design to make it look perfect. The technology has made it possible to design customized soft elephant toy of any shape. These soft elephant toys look so appealing that one might even want to buy them just after looking at them. The bottom line is that Custom gift wholesaler was able to satisfy the customer by delivering the promised product with the best quality. The material used, the stitching, the looks, everything was perfect. There were no loopholes or hasty measures. No patches or marks on the plush elephant of African theme ensure that the person who opens and uses the plush elephant of African theme gets a prestigious feeling. This is the ultimate goal of Custom gift wholesaler, to satisfy the customers and make new customers provide continuous high-quality products. We believe in satisfying the customer, and we live to make our customers happy.

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  • gift-supplier
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    It has been a great honor for us to manufacture toys for children and adults of all ages. Toys are not only meant for children and this fact is pretty obvious. All the humans have some sort of emotional bonds that get shattered or made. In case one of your loved ones has suffered an emotional loss, you can come up with the perfect gift for them! You can help them satisfy their emotional flaw. Toys are not just toys, they are much more than that. Toys are like a companion that can fulfil a void in the life of people. The cute kawaii plush can always help in terms of loneliness, anxiety, and depression.(This article is from:www.gift-supplier.com)

    Kids make them their companions. Kids may even talk to them and tell them about their activities. Studies show that kids have a discreet attachment towards their kawaii plush. They communicate with the toys in their own ways and enjoy. Kawaii plush are a great source of joy for kids. Parents also realize this fact that apart from the genders of the kids, they are equally interested in kawaii plush. It can be cute plush dolls for girls and strong looking plush superheroes for boys but the overall fact that kawaii plush are of high interest to kids remains true.

    About Us

    We are the manufacturers of these wonderful kawaii plush. The potential of business in kawaii plush is very high. The stuffed elephant plush animal is one of our most trending items on the market. The size may vary as this blog is about a 20 inch stuffed elephant.

    We have the capability, team, and resources to manufacture cute stuffed elephant toy of any size, type, and customization. We can do any type of customization with a guaranteed super0-fast delivery and accuracy. There won’t be any better option available for you to get your custom cute grey elephant stuffed animal. We are the go-to company for this job. Cute kawaii plush are our area of expertise. Customized articles of the cute grey elephant stuffed animal have been sent out to people and they have showed a lot of love and positivity. Our customized cute grey elephant stuffed animal, cute plush keychains, and cute vinyl elephants have been rated as the best.

    Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of all the manufacturing companies. We are happy with our performance.

    Kawaii plush and People

    Fluffy, plush, soft, cute, and attractive, whatever you name it! All the toys have a connection with people. People seem to be lost and looking for something to become a part of their personality. The kawaii plush are perfect for people who want to overcome their emotional sadness and trauma. Traumas can lead to be life-threatening. There is a very serious and harmful culture of kids getting bullied in schools by the seniors. This is such a sad incident. Kids are looked down upon and insulted as if they are at fault. The kawaii plush can help these kids in ways that you cannot even imagine. The kawaii plush have a special bond with kids. The kawaii plush will listen to the rants of the kids, won’t complain, and always stay with them. Kids create imaginary scenarios in their mind with their kawaii plush and stay happy.

    Now, it is to be mentioned that not only kids but adults are also engulfed in the craze for kawaii plush. Anxiety and sadness is something that can consume a person of any age. So, the kawaii plush are a complete companion for all.

    Custom gift supplier’s fluffy masterpiece has some awesome specifications that interest the customers:

    l  Soft material that gives the best feeling when touched.

    l  Fluffy and big enough to act as a pillow.

    l  A breathable cloth is used that gives the best feeling and doesn’t feel annoying.

    l  A giant, stuffed pet for your children.

    l  Durable design with careful selection of material

    l  Best gift for children that love elephants. Also useful for adults.

    l  Loved by the children due to the cute looks.

    Custom gift supplier offers an ideal toy for kids. The adorable elephant can act as one of the best gifts for children. It is a fluffy, cute-looking elephant that will become your children’s best friend and is fun for the kids.

    A wholesome product from Custom gift supplier, the stuffed elephant toy comes with a fluffy design that feels fun to interact with- An ideal companion for kids.

    The perfect elephant that doesn’t do anything that annoys you. A loyal partner for kids that is fun to play with. The elegant design and soft, comfy feeling of the elephant makes it a unique and beautiful toy for children. It is a cute-looking toy. It can not only act as your partner but also act as your pillow to help you sleep.

    This stuffed elephant toy is the perfect pet toy for your kids. Nothing harmful about this stuffed elephant. It is a cute, friendly fellow that is fun to play with.

    The best gifts for your family are the ones that become a part of your family. The cute kawaii plush are so attractive that one wants to buy them immediately after seeing them. We can customize them to any extent that you want us to. We are proficient and efficient enough to satisfy your requirements with excellent output. Our cute grey elephant stuffed animal have received wonderful response worldwide. They are not only famous in a specific region or country. They are trending all over the world. Get yours now!

    #kawaii plush#grey elephant #stuffed elephant toy
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  • hong--zhi--zhu
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago


    Creamy bubble tea made with prepared and chilled AGF Blendy Stick's hojicha au lait, half-and-half, ice cubes, and homemade brown sugar boba. Served with s'mores flavored my/mo mochi ice cream.

    #hzz photography#food#boba tea#bubble tea #mochi ice cream #gugure! kokkuri-san #shigaraki#tanuki#plush toy#plushies #chewy balls :3c
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  • giantteddy
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Buy Hippo Plush Online

    Are you looking for a hippo friend to play and dance with? If yes, then visit our online store to buy it because our hippo stuffed animals are also looking for new friends. Visit our online store today and get hippo plush for all ages at attractive prices.

    Visit us: https://www.giantteddy.com/giant-stuffed-hippos/

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  • ink-pocket
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Chainsaw man plush

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  • goldazu
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I feel shameless af for posting these when I know my birthday celebration is far from over (thanks to spending it with separated parents AHAHAHA) but these pictures were very aesthetic and I just had to show them T_T 💗

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  • sylphofsoup
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    What are the prizes??

    Really almost everything from cheap plastic rings to little hard candies to plushies to headphones and most anything you'd find at basically an arcade prize counter.

    The 500-ticket item is the best there, since the most amount of tickets you can get through perfect scores all throughout is a bit over 500. Only one Monster has ever won that 500-ticket item. That Monster was Papyrus, who also happened to be the one Monster that beat Ingo at the Cheery Chandelure game specifically. That absolutely inconveniently giant plush shiny Gengar he named "Sans Jr" was worth every ticket.

    #ns:tu #next stop: the underground #pokemon#undertale #pokemon x undertale au #papyrus undertale#pokemon ingo #he called it Sans Jr because it smiles like Sans and looks like it's up to something like he assumes Sans is #he's also decided Sans Jr is just as lazy and lovable as Sans Classic™ #the 500-ticket item changes every time it's won #so now the 500-ticket item is a hilariously huge derpy Arceus plush #the general consensus among Monsters trying to get it is 'what the hell is that thing I want it' #Gengar was at least spooky this thing just looks weird I want 20
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