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  • x-prodigy
    16.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Just saw a really good post abt Billy and Teddy, tackling arguments about wickling not being good queer rep... and then they tackled race 🙃

    #please just dont talk abt race if you dont know what youre doing 🙂 #tried to say hulkling wasnt white bc he was an ALIEN???? #pls stop disappointing me yall #just leave racism to poc and POC ONLY OMFG #🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃#just#🙃🙃🙃🙃 #all around 😬 #🙃#young avengers
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  • lorydarkling
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Good morning!

    You know what I wish we would talk about more? The difference in support poc content creators get vs white content creators 🤔

    While it's not my place to talk about specifically, I'd like to listen to other struggles from other minority groups. I believe in creating safe spaces for everyone, and having these conversations can help. If you don't feel like posting your experience, you can always come into my dms to share them if you feel more comfortable that way

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  • delicatelia
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    you're ed is valid lol (lots of love) 🦋🌼 stay safe beautifuls🥺

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  • tuliptyper
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    imagine Thomas having an asian s/o LMAO

    - making food or cutting fruit for him as a form of 'i love you' (something i think he would enjoy and appreciate a lot as a nonverbal and generally action-led person)

    - asking him if he wants cha (chai, ocha etc) everytime you get up to make some

    - forcing him to sit down on the floor and you sit on the sofa to massage oil into his scalp and make him leave it in for a few hours while he works

    - him being absolutely bewildered when you slip into your mother tongue when you're frustrated, annoyed or just dont know the english word for something

    - hear me out...pickling dates. aka you make a date out of preserving fruits, veggies and fish because hoyt doesnt let yall leave the house without a months notice LMAO

    (- bonus; going to an asian grocery store and teaching him how to pick the best fruits/veggies/spices hehe he likes tapping melons)

    - MEASURING THOMAS AND MAKING HIM TRADITIONAL CLOTHES!! or even just patching up his clothes and straightening up his tie/dusting the lint of his shirt when he gets ready for the day bruh 😩😩

    - Thomas gets into the habit of wearing slippers instead of his work boots everywhere

    - telling him old folk stories and asian mythology about the origins of nature and him being literally so in love with every word you speak

    and slowly your asian influence permeates the entire household and now Luda May has aquired a taste for throwing sandals at Hoyt (JK BUT FR SHE SHOULD)

    #thomas hewitt x reader #slasher x reader #tcm the beginning #thomas hewitt #thomas hewitt x y/n #headcanons #leatherface x reader #poc reader #asian reader moment
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  • dilemmaontwolegs
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Run These Streets || Bucky

    streetracer!Bucky x fem!reader

    Summary: You are Bucky’s spotter, the person he puts his trust in while he’s out on the streets racing. When tragedy nearly strikes you can’t hold back you feelings any longer. Warnings: 18+ only, nsfw, illegal races, car crash, fluff, friends to lovers, implied smut WC: 2.3k

    The streets were lined with cars ready for the Friday night races and they did not disappoint. There were the showy cars, they looked great on the outside but had a stock engine under the hood. There were the rich daddy cars, they were top of the line sports cars driven by toddlers. Then there were the street rats, they could take any beat up car and make magic. Gasoline ran through their veins and they lived for three minutes they spent burning rubber through their city streets.

    “Here’s trouble.”

    “I’m trouble?” You laughed as your smile grew, Bucky grinning back as he leant against his front bumper. “Just remind me, where was it I picked you up from last weekend? It was this big building, lots of police, bars on the doors…”

    “Yeah, yeah, smart ass.” He smirked, oblivious to the bolt of lightning it sent straight to your core. “You gonna come give me a hug or not?”

    You closed the distance and wrapped your arms around his neck as he enveloped you in his arms, the scent of leather, oil and man driving you wild. You could have stayed in his arms forever, tracing your fingers over the cool dog tags he never removed while he pressed his warm lips to your forehead. It was over all too soon as the crowd began to fill the parking lot and they made their way to check out Bucky’s engine.

    You turned away so that he could answer some of the questions but he caught you and pulled you back so you were standing between his legs, his chest to your back and his chin resting on your shoulder. You could hardly think as his hands slipped under your shirt and held your waist, the calluses on his fingers from spending countless hours working on his car sending goosebumps over your body. All you could focus on was the feel of him pressed against you, not needing to hear about his 6.2l V8 engine since you knew every inch of what was under his hood.

    “Ready, doll?” Bucky asked quietly as the crowd left to find the best spots to watch the race.

    You turned with a deep breath and grabbed the collar of his leather jacket. “Always.”

    “Will you two just fuck already?” Steve begged as he held his hand out for the race entrance fee. “We all have a running bet and I’m about to lose if you don’t hurry up pal.”

    “Ha-ha.” Bucky rolled his eyes and tossed a wad of cash to his best friend. “Why would anyone take you seriously when you're still hung up on that girl from elementary school?”

    You left the boys to their weekly argument and reached into the passenger door to grab your laptop and headset. “I’m going to head up, I’ll see you at the finish line.”

    Steve swore as he looked at his watch and ran off to get the other driver’s fees so the race could get underway and Bucky took your free hand in his. “I didn’t thank you for bailing me out last week.”

    “It’s alright Buck, you’d do the same for me.”

    “Nah, I wouldn’t have to.” He chuckled. “You’re too smart to get caught.”

    Your neck flushed at the compliment and you looked down to where your hands were still joined.

    “Let me take you out to dinner after.”

    “It’s after midnight.” You laughed.

    “Fine, let me take you to breakfast.” He countered. “Please?”

    His finger gently tipped your chin back so he could melt you with his blue eyes, almost the same shade as his car. You gave a small nod, the lines of your friendship already blurred and murky beyond recognition, and his smile brightened the night.

    “Let me win this race real quick so we can go.” He smiled before stealing a quick kiss from your stunned lips and making his way to the driver's door. “End of the line?”

    “End of the line.” You agreed before making your way to the apartment building behind the parking lot and taking the elevator to the rooftop. “Can you hear me?”

    You took a seat at the ledge and opened your laptop as you heard Bucky answer through his own headset.

    “I hear you, doll.”

    “Good, now you know what you’re up against.” You said as you remembered your walk around the parking lot. “The only threat I saw was the 302 small block but they were trying to fix the transmission last minute, if they fixed that then he could be a contender.”

    “What about Trust Fund in the Lambo?”

    “Way ahead of you, I already ran the plates.” You chuffed proudly. “He’s only owned the car for three weeks, he’s either going to be too cautious or a daredevil. My money is on daredevil so give him a wide berth, I don’t need him powersliding into you.”

    You heard his engine rev and the crowds scream as the race was set to begin and Bucky’s laugh filled your ears. “It almost sounds like you care about me.”

    “I care about breakfast.” You joked. “Drive safe, James.”

    You didn’t get an answer but you were used to it, nothing about his driving was safe. He pushed the limits of everything from the car to the laws of physics to just the law in general. You were almost deafened but the roar of the engines as the cars below took off from the starting line.

    “90 degree left turn in 150 yards, immediately followed by a 90 degree right turn.” You informed him as his spotter. “Then it is a half mile straight run.”

    “The Lamborghini will-”

    “Trust me.” You stopped him from even thinking about losing as you watched the GPS spots moving along your screen as well as Bucky’s dashcam footage. “You have nothing to worry about.”

    Bucky hit the straight and put his foot to the floor as he weaved his way through the traffic, the Lamborghini trying to chase down Bucky’s lead by using its quicker acceleration. “Keep him on your right. 90 degrees left turn in 100 yards, push him wide.”

    Bucky let off the gas so the Trust Fund driver had to swerve right or plow into him before slamming his foot back on the accelerator as they headed towards the turn. You heard the squeal of his tires burning as he ripped the e-brake and slid into the turn, the Lamborghini slamming on his brakes to avoid writing off the supercar when Bucky left him almost no room to take the corner. Bucky’s laugh was followed with a shout as he saw the ostentatious car disappear from his rearview.

    “You know I love you, right?”

    “You only remind me when you are winning.” You pointed out. “Left turn now, then 200 yards and left again.”

    “Well, if I ever lose I’ll remember to say it then too.”

    “Don’t get too cocky, Barnes. Right in 150 yards and you’re on the home stretch.” You warned as you saw the other muscle car slowly closing the distance, just waiting for the straight. “Prime your NOS, the Mustang’s gonna try to make a break for it.”

    “Primed.” Bucky confirmed as he flipped the switch before sliding into the corner and lining up the straight to the finish line. “Breakfast’s on me, doll.”

    You looked over the ledge and along the street to see the headlights of the racers coming back towards the crowd, their cheers disrupting the night. Bucky’s bright LEDs were leading the way but the Mustang was right behind him and you watched it pull out as they hit their NOS. Time seemed to slow down as you saw their headlights sway, the back tires losing traction as their transmission broke and fell out of gear, dropping down to a lower one.

    “Bucky!” You screamed as the Mustang lost control beside him. “NOS NOW!!!!”

    You were already slamming your laptop closed and running for the elevator, the sounds of an almighty crash deafening you from the headset and echoing up from the street before a blast exploded. You couldn’t breathe as you sprinted from the building towards the ball of fire filling the street, your cries for Bucky to talk to you going unanswered. Your vision blurred and hot tears stung your eyes as you found the Mustang burning, the ruins of another car scattered around it.

    You hadn’t realised you had fallen to your knees until a pair of arms lifted you up and the only voice you needed to hear called your name. You blinked rapidly to clear the tears and ran your hands through his hair that was messy from tearing his helmet from his head.

    “I’m alright.” Bucky soothed as he held your tight, letting your tears wet his shirt. “Good thing the release was primed.”

    “You didn’t answer me.” You hiccuped as you slapped his chest. “Why didn’t you answer? I thought you had…fucking hell, Bucky, you gave me a damn heart attack.”

    “Sorry, doll.” He murmured gently as he kissed your forehead. “Snapped the aux cord in the rush to hit the NOS, I didn’t even know the headset wasn’t connected until I came to a stop.”

    You looked behind the crowd and saw Bucky’s Camaro parked safely beyond the finish line. “Cops are gonna be here any minute.”

    “Yeah, I just wanted to find you first.” Bucky agreed, taking your hand and towing you back to his car until he caught you looking back at the burning wreckage. “His crew pulled him out, he was in bad shape but alive. They’re already on their way to the hospital.”

    You breathed a sigh of relief and let yourself be pulled away. Bucky opened the passenger door and buckled you in when he saw your hands trembling. You held on tight to your harness as he darted in and out of the mass exodus of cars leaving at the sound of sirens, trusting he wouldn’t let you get hurt or arrested.

    “You okay beautiful?” Bucky asked as the heat died down and he slowed to merge with the late night traffic on the freeway, cruising in fourth so he could take your hand.

    “You really scared me tonight.” You admitted quietly, enjoying the warmth of his hand in yours. “I thought I lost you.”

    He chuckled and kissed your knuckles, taking his eyes off the road long enough to make a promise to you. “You’ll never lose me.”

    Your heart stammered as his eyes glowed under the streetlights and you squeezed his hand. “You know I love you right?”

    “You stole my line.” He smirked before pulling off at the exit that led to his suburb. “I love you too.”

    It was quiet when he pulled into his garage, closing it down behind him and plunging the car into darkness. “Bucky?”

    “Yeah?” His voice sounded so close, as if his lips were almost touching your skin and you gasped as he hit the light on the car ceiling to find you had thought right.

    Your lips were dry as you waited for him to make a move, your body trembling from the adrenaline and the anticipation. “Are you gonna kiss me or what?”

    His kiss was pure need, the need to reassure you he was still alive, the need to satiate the urges he had been fighting against, the need to feel you against him. His fingers worked the racing harness open and freed you from their restraint so you could move closer and you took full advantage. You just had to run your fingers through his hair as your tongue danced with his, your addiction to him growing exponentially with every second that you kissed.

    “I know you love your car.” You murmured as his lips trailed down your neck and his hands roamed up your shirt. “But our first time is not going to be in it.”

    He pulled back and opened his door, pupils blown with lust like yours probably were too. “How about the second?”

    You laughed as you shook your head and opened your own door before he made it around. “Maybe the 100th.”

    “So…next week?” He smirked as he bit his bottom lip.

    “I don’t think that’s scientifically possible.” You teased as he took your hand and led you to his room you had been in a thousand times before.

    “I’m willing to try if you are, in the name of science of course.” He stated seriously as he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to his laundry pile before pulling you close once again. “What d’ya say, doll?”

    “Oh, I’m more than willing.” You purred as his muscles rippled beneath your palms that you ran them down his chest, hooking into the waistband of jeans and pushing them down his hips. “I need you now.”

    You were beyond exhausted as you lay in Bucky’s arms, your fingers twirling the small trail of hair at his navel. “I hate to admit Steve is right about anything…”

    “I know.” Bucky chuckled, his stomach bouncing with his soft laugh. “I can’t believe they had a bet.”

    “Really? I can.”

    Your laughter died out as you looked at the stars stuck to the ceiling, their faint glow still managing to light up even after all the years they had been there. You had stuck them up there after Bucky’s parents died, when he had started having nightmares and was afraid to fall asleep. You had been there for him through all of his toughest times and he had been there for all of yours.

    “Ten years ago, is this where you thought you would be now?” You asked as you pulled your eyes away from the stars to look up at Bucky, a smile growing on his face as he held you tighter.

    “Yeah,” he admitted with a kiss, “wherever you were, I knew that’s where I would be.”

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    #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x poc!reader #bucky barnes imagine #bucky fanfiction #bucky barnes fanfiction #street racer au #streetracer!bucky #racer!bucky
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  • ef-1
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    Question: (Cork Gaines - Business Insider): This is a question for all of you. There's a lot of talk recently about the American expansion going to three races next year, questions about when there might be the next American driver in F1. And while I'm sure all of you guys are happy to keep your seats and keep an American driver out anytime soon, let me ask you this way, you guys have plenty of experience driving around the United States. now. Tell me something that drives you guys nuts about American drivers and driving in America.
    GR63: "I've not really had any experience with American drivers, not that I can really remember, maybe there was one or two when we were going through karting.
    "I think Formula 1 is the pinnacle of the sport and we shouldn't have a driver on the grid just because of their nationality.
    "We should have the best drivers earning their right to be here and proving them themselves when they're here. So I think we don't live in a perfect world but this is the pinnacle and it needs to stay like that."

    he didn't even answer the question lmfao he just heard "American driver" and went FUCK THE NOISE im crying

    #GOD HE KEEPS CLIMBING THE STAN LIST IM OBSESSED WITH HIM #no but hes SO right about the fanatic push for an american driver like. unless their a poc i really am not interested in-cont #the artificial push for an american driver. just for being american. no thanks. I'll pass. #f1#george russell
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  • m13810230316
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Midnight Kiss, line and ink on paper, from Ding Wen's personal painting

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  • alissagifs
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    By clicking the source link, you will find 30 gifs of Jay Hernandez in various interviews and in his role as Thomas Magnum (2022) in Magnum P.I. (2018-2022). All of the gifs were created by me from scratch. You may use these gifs to roleplay or as reaction gifs. Please do not repost or claim these gifs as your own. Contact me if you would like to edit these gifs for any purpose. I will likely say yes. Like or reblog if you find these gifs helpful!

    Content/trigger warnings: Kissing and slight flashing lights.

    Featuring: Perdita Weeks.

    Notes: Jay Hernandez is an American actor, and he is of Mexican descent, so please cast him accordingly. He is currently 44 years of age. His age range in these gifs is between the ages of 38 and 44 years.

    #jay hernandez #jay hernandez gif pack #jay hernandez gif hunt #dear-indies#katherine-mcnamara#mexican fc#poc fc#rph#gif pack#gifpack#gif hunt#gifhunt #fc: jay hernandez #alissagifs#kissing tw #magnum pi spoilers
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  • lillie1239
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    #poc!annabeth #annabeth chase #black annabeth chase #leah sava jeffries #leah is our annabeth #percy jackson
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  • hcneymoon
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    friendly reminder that hatari (icelands reps) were met with a shitstorm simply for waving a palestinian flag and so was madonna bc she had her background dancers each wear an israeli and a palestinian flag on their backs. so tell me again how ukraine being given all this sympathy points is not extremely hypocritical and racist.

    #it’s not about ukraine being treated well #it’s other marginalized groups NOT getting it simply bc they aren’t white #you have to be incredibly dense not to get that #it’s so fucking tiring #and I need you guys to do better #foh with your blatant favoritism #tbh I have such a hard time not being angry about the way ukraine is being treated #such a hard time seeing any good in it #bc all it reminds me of is that the world doesn’t deem poc worthy of decency of any kind
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  • lonisplanet
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Time wrung it’s careful hands of me, and I felt every drop of myself bleed from its finger tips,

    slide under its nails and hang there before falling into a place where time never existed in the begin-with

    I’m 18 now—

    and my small town sounds like radio static, feels like sticky days in April driving through a college town and being mad at your father. Looks like life on film,

    35 millimeters,

    posted on that one girl's instagram page who graduated a year ahead of you.


    I’m graduated and off to a different town but the word “seventeen” still sounds like poetry in my brain, still waits to fall off my fingertips like the last drop of water once the faucet turns off, still sounds like unsung song lyrics. Feels like choking up on stage, like how it feels to confuse butterflies and anxiety.

    Still feels heavy.

    Like laughing, like screaming, like the last cinematic tear on your face once you’ve finished crying.

    And maybe that’s why it feels right to me.

    I like the way it ties weights to its ankles and tries to drown itself in my throat, makes it hard for me to breath, how I often confuse pain for something pretty, always turn these bleeding wounds into pen ink,

    always the poet.

    How my pain and my happiness always feel the same bc they’ve both tied themselves to my rib cage in protest.

    Of what, I’m not sure— and maybe this is what it feels like to say goodbye to childhood.


    like the taste of something that has no business being in my mouth.

    Like pennies, metallic like blood on my tongue, or my fingertips.


    like spitting out all my words so I don’t choke on them, spitting out my childhood so I don’t choke on it.

    How pretty it looks spat onto concrete, or written down on white pages, or being rinsed down the bathtub drain.

    35 millimeter film.

    Frame by frame.

    An empty theatre.

    My memories played back like a movie I don’t quite remember watching because nobody else was there and I could only hear the sound of silence sat in the seats next to me, the lack of cheers once it was over when the screen went blank and the popcorn was cold.

    The dripping.

    Time wrung it’s careful hands of me.

    But not before I bloodied it’s knuckles.

    People will tell you that nostalgia is soft,

    like velvet between ur fingers.

    Nobody tells you about time, about it’s violence.

    About how hard it is to scrub blood out of velvet.

    - seventeen//a piece about time

    original piece written by Aijalon Amelié

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  • ayphyx
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I’m fucking terrified rn. There was a white supremacist shooting recently and in his manefesto he talked about an admiration for East Asians and I’m scared. I’m not East Asian but i am still Asian and in scarred about the anti-Asian hate that might begin bc of what he said. I’ve seen black people be rightfully angry about their treatment in America but they frequently compare their struggles to Asian ppls struggles and they usually make it sound like Asian people are being treated so much better despite the influx of anti Asian hate crimes these past few years due to covid. I don’t like how they’re all making it seem like Asian are just white lite and that we don’t experience as much racism. There was a literal shooting of an Asian American hair salon in texas. Fetishization =/= acceptance and equality. Happy AAPI heritage month.

    #rant#long rant #tw racism mention #i don’t like how white supremacy pits poc against each other #tw racsim
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  • fairytail-multishipper
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    lost motivation halfway through :( maybe i’ll finish it later

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  • tyrannoninja
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    These would be some of the dramatis personae for my latest side project, an alternate-history novella about ancient Carthaginians sailing across the Atlantic and reaching North America (which they name "Atlantis"). These first six characters would be the most important on the Carthaginian side. For Part II, I'll do some of the major Native American characters. Stay tuned!

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  • cupcakes-and-pain
    16.05.2022 - 7 hours ago


    I’m sorry anon, but unfortunately yes and I have too many opinions on it.

    #the music? phenomenal and I wish I had their talent #however #a lot of the og cast were white except for Ben and one of the brothers #idk maybe there was more but almost everyone looked pretty white #but anyway yeah so Benjamin was POC and then one of the brothers had very dark skin (great) but he was just comic relief (not as great) #like at least the other brothers were the butt of jokes #and idk if I liked the calico song or not #the guy who played Joseph was a good actor #I also loved the narrator #a very funny and expressive lady #the kids in the audience were cool #someone once said that maybe the reason the musical felt so weird was because it was trying to make fun of churches #(specifically southern ones) #and how they tell Bible stories #that’s possible and I kinda hope so because it felt like it had so much talent and other things going for it #I’ll be honest I don’t know that many details about the behind the scenes stuff of the musical #I know a lot about the Joseph story in general #I don’t know much trivia or bts or stuff about a specific musical #but if anyone wants an analysis on the Judah and Tamar portion or on why Ben almost getting enslaved is my fav part then hmu #ask#anon
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  • coa-i
    16.05.2022 - 9 hours ago


    Queer Living Color is a close-knit server ran by all sorts of mods of color who strive to ensure a safe space. We are inclusive to ALL sapphics.

    We host weekly events such as:

    🎥 Movie night

    🧖‍♀️ Self Care Night

    🎮 Game night and more!

    We are a 18+ server, NOT a dating server, and verification is a must to ensure everyone is who they say they are. No exceptions.

    Come join the family!

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  • snobbypromo
    16.05.2022 - 10 hours ago
    — 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐧:
                          𝐣𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐤𝐰𝐨𝐧 𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐁𝐎𝐓𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐃 !!
                                                   𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐧...


    COMING 05/17

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  • sambacolorado
    16.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Celebrating an amazing show from our friends at @mudradance Congrats to all of their staff, teachers, students, musicians, dancers, parents, faculty, everyone! 🤍 We love ya @murmursmetal Be sure To Check their school and company for all things Indian dance! 🙌🏾 #mudra #colorado #womensupportingwomen #poc #culture #community (at Lakewood Cultural Center) https://www.instagram.com/p/CdmekLIMWvO/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

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  • montyspsds
    16.05.2022 - 11 hours ago
    a psd for lovers of deep reds and soft purples, ideal for mid-dark range skintones

    this psd will not whitewash. will need to be adjusted for pale skintones.

    screencaps will need to be adjusted

    likes and reblogs appreciated!

    do NOT reupload or claim as your own!

    please credit me wherever you are using my PSDs so that others can find them as well!  

                                    [ download here ]

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