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    18.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Cuddly lads~ Ingo can read but Emmet still demands attention

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  • teamconductors
    18.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago
    Hello! I am the identity of that anon who suggested that Sneasler gets her gray conductor coat from the twins as a gift. Unfortunately, this fic ended up taking a completely different direction from the original idea to where the original idea might have to be a different story entirely because I decided to make this story idea more Emmet (and maybe Eelektross) focused, thanks to a plot device I did, so now I have to revise a lot of things. -_-;
    But! I wanted to show a little funny snippet that was inspired by something hilarious I learned while looking at Arcanine's movepool.
    For context: This story takes place in a timeline where Sneasler got broken out of her chained status due to some timely deus ex machina arrival of some of the Nobles before she attacks Emmet, but not before she badly injures Ingo, which leads to her breaking down almost as badly as she did in the Derailed timeline. Emmet, feeling rather useless about everything, goes out with Eelektross and ends up being roped into taking a young Eevee to Victory Road in order to find the Flower Paradise, with help of good boi Lord Arcanine who really wants to help.
    Ever since Lord Arcanine volunteered his services for this expedition, there was something that made Emmet wonder. From what he learned, the Victory Road mystery dungeon was located on an island in the northeastern side of Sinnoh. Yet Lord Arcanine certainly couldn't fly nor swim.  How Lord Arcanine would ever cross the long stretch of ocean?

    But to his surprise, Lord Arcanine told them that wouldn't be a problem at all.

    "I don't look like it, but I know Teleport! I can cross the ocean without falling into the water!"

    That wasn't an answer Emmet was expecting.

    "My Seat is on an island!" Lord Arcanine explained."Using Teleport helps me whenever I need to leave it! So this won't be a problem at all! Indeed, as he claimed, Lord Arcanine did help them cross the large stretch of ocean needed to reach the Victory Road mystery dungeon. By using a mix of Teleport and Extreme Speed, he was able to effortlessly to use the jutting rocks and sandbars without breaking a sweat.

    If there was something Emmet had to comment on, it was that it was not a comfortable ride at all. The whiplash from using Teleport and Extreme Speed consecutively made him dizzy on top of the stinging cold wind hitting bare skin. His coat dragged behind him, threatening to blow him away if he dared loosened his claws from Lord Arcanine's fur. Eevee wasn't faring much better, by how she'd resorted to also biting the Noble Pokemon's mane. Whether it was to ensure she didn't fall off or to muffle her screams of terror was unknown to Emmet, although it could be both by how shrunken her eyes looked. Emmet's appreciation for Sneasler's comfortable basket and ride grew verrry much.

    #other's writing#submission #hell yeah! this is fun stuff! #i love finding weird things in a pokemon's move pool #that's why emmet learning surf was A Thing lmao
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    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Zoroark twins

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  • komoco
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    The brain rot will never cease. I love these funky train bois sooo much.

    #my beloveds#pokemon #pokemon black and white #pokemon ingo#pokemon emmet#subway bosses #subway boss emmet #subway boss ingo #submas
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    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #submas#ingo/melli #subway boss ingo #subway master emmet #pokemon wielder volo #pokemon legends arceus #train twins#warden melli#highlandsshipping
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  • avionvadion
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Okay but I kind of lowkey love the idea of Ingo embracing the balding by slicking his hair back all classy like, and then there’s Emmet. Who just brushes it forward when he’s not wearing the hat. Making him look a bit more boyish.

    …I’ll probs sketch this later. Went to the dentist for the first time since 2019 and am currently visiting my mother.

    Also I found the version of Platinum that I had bought last year around November to replay (since the one from when I was a kid got stolen so I’ve never beaten it) that I totally forgot I had because a lot of chaotic bologna was going on last year and it was not a fun time. Huzzah. Turns out going through ds game cases is very helpful.

    I apparently left off on seven badges. So after some lost and confused wandering because I remembered NOTHING outside of freeing the lake legendaries, I finally got to Mt. Coronet and beat Cyrus. The distortion world was really cool- the last part of the puzzle made me a bit dizzy though. Am onto my eighth badge. I can’t wait to get utterly demolished by Cynthia. My torterra is affectionally named Terra. He is a beautiful tree turtle and I love him. :3

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  • harveyb-wabbit92
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Submas scenarios: His brother sees you naked!

    [Rating T] TW: partial nudity, pretty vague nothing too detailed. 


    Ingo: Emmet likes to sleep in, Emmet's s/o also likes to sleep in, but she also likes to sleep in just her panties, so guess who Ingo ended up waking up one summer morning, thinking it was his brother? Ingo nearly crapped himself as he yanked the blankets off his brother's bed whilst yelling. "WAKE UP EMMET!" only to get a eyeful of Emmet's S/o in their topless glory, back pressed against the wall and gawking at him like cornered Deerling. 

    Ingo's face turned bright red and immediately threw the blanket back at the stunned woman to cover herself with. "S-sorry..." He stuttered and ran out of Emmet's room flustered while Emmet's S/o's was still scared, confused and partially deaf from being woken up by a what was essenually the human equivalent of a tornado siren, she didn't even notice Ingo had seen her half-naked!

    A few days later.

    Y/n noticed Ingo was acting strange around Emmet's S/o, he refused to look at her and would clamed up whenever she tried to speak to him, so naturally his wife asked what was up? Ingo was flustered mess and had no volume control as he blurted out. "I SAW EMMET S/O'S BOOBS!" to his wife who winced at her husband bellowing confession. Before Y/n could ask for context? They heard the fridge slam close....

    They looked and saw Emmet facing away from them as he calmly opened a can of beer, took a long drink and slammed the can down the counter and turned to face the nervous couple. "Oh no, do go on.~" Emmet said with a tight lipped smile as he looked his older brother coldly waiting for the story... Needless to say, Emmet and Y/n still tease Ingo about it to this day.


    Emmet: Y/n was just stepping out of the shower she was reaching for her robe/towel when the door opened and Emmet poked his head in. "Hey Ingo where's the peanut butttt..." Emmet's voice trailed off as he was staring at his sister in laws naked butt! 

    He and Y/n awkwardly gawked at each other before the h/c woman snapped out of it pulled her robe/towel on to cover herself. "Emmet, get out!" Emmet blushed and quickly slammed the door. "s-Sorry, I thought you were Ingo!" he sputtered before running away from the door, while Y/n wanted to crawl into a hole and die...

    The next couple days were awkward as Y/n and Emmet couldn't look each other in the eye, Emmet's S/o noticed the weird atmosphere and asked him about, He told them. "You walked in on Y/n getting out of the shower?" he nodded. "Did you apologize?" he nodded again. "Were her tits bigger than mine?" Emmet was going to nod but paused, his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he looked at his S/o baffled.

    "Why are you asking me that?"  

    "Well, people keep saying me and Y/n look alike so...."

    "I don't think that's really relevant..."

    "But... were they?"

    Emmet thought about it for moment and went to answer just as Ingo walked in with groceries and Y/n coming behind him holding more bags. "Emmet, get off your arse and help put these away." he older brother hummed while putting a jug of juice away in the fridge, and in a sheer moment of brilliance Emmet blurted out. "I saw your wife naked!" Ingo dropped a jar of pickles he was holding, the jar shattered on the floor sending brine and pickles everywhere.

    Ingo stared down at the mess and slowly turned to looked at his brother with this unreadable expression, Emmet proceeded to get up from the couch and calmly walked out the backdoor gradually speeding up into sprint before hopping the fence, while Ingo turned his attention towards his embarrassed wife who immediately started explaining what happened. Needles to say, the twins now empathizes on the three knocks rule before entering a closed room. 

    #pokemon fanfiction #pokemon x reader #submas #subway boss emmet #subway boss emmet x reader #subway boss ingo #subway boss ingo x reader #tw: partial nudity #fem reader
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  • autumn-sweet-fae
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Everyone in Unova suddenly remembers that the Subway Bosses are related to Drayden when the Buff Ingo memes started spreading. XD

    Right!? Suddenly the internet starts digging up old pictures of Drayden when he was Ingo’s age and doing side by side comparisons with the pictures folks have been able to catch of current Ingo. Some folks even photoshop Draydens beard onto Ingo’s face to make the resemblance even more uncanny. 

    Someone post an evolution meme of Emmet, then Ingo, then Drayden. Kalos folks argue it should be Akari, then Emmet, then Ingo, and then Drayden would be the Mega evolution.

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  • citruslllad
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    emmet & elesa immediately went to the store after and got some dry snacks for the poor guy

    #emetophobia#cw emetophobia#emetophobia cw #no clue how cw tags work anymore so i'm putting them all just in case #n e ways ingo has hypoglycemia now. bc i said so #subway boss ingo #subway boss emmet #nobori#kudari#pkm b&w#pokemon#submas#jays art #not to be based as hell but sure ingo got muscle. but u can only see it bc he doesn't eat SHIT
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  • smolsinpoi
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    When you realize that you're the same height as the female character and is perfect height for being in between two scrumptious chests 😩🥰

    #submas#ingo#emmet#pokemon #artist on twitter #pokemon black and white #art#yessss#suffocate me
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  • nebulabun
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    TMA AU. Brainstormed with @cosmic-fantasizer!

    Before a Stranger could murder him, Ingo miraculously falls into Hisui. Not!Ingo replaces him. Emmet and Elesa don’t notice the real Ingo is gone. Reality shifts, and the original memories of Ingo vanish.

    But Skyla remembers the real Ingo. She proceeds to have a very bad no good time.

    [tw: body horror under read more]

    What it looks like. A mannequin creature with a plastic, yet malleable face.

    #submas#pokemon#emmet#skyla#not ingo #folds my hands. i love. horror. #uuuuugh i have so much i wanna draw about this. but my stamina is so low #maybe. a series of non-chronological comics? for my own sanity
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  • leafeon-enthusiast
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Arceus, This Is A Train Wreck: Chapter 5

    Volo was impressed with Emmet’s collection of research and had added some of the information to his laptop. Volo was beaming with excitement at each interesting and wild possibly Emmet had considered. It seemed that Volo would be the happiest if the way to get reach Ingo was to capture the most obscure and dangerous Pokémon the history books had to offer. Each day that Emmet wasn’t work at the Battle Subway, they met at his apartment and researched or discussed theories, this had been going steady for a couple weeks. Volo would bring coffee and Emmet would make something for lunch.

    LINK :)

    It’s over on AO3, check it out! :D


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  • submaslover
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Part 7 of my Little Nightmares au

    “Niii-san!”Emmet calls, placing a hand on Ingo’s back. “You've been staring off at the city for a veeeery long time now, did you see a pokemon?!” Emmet's worry quickly dissolves into excitement at the thought of something so rare and new. Ingo simply shakes his head, “Just the wind.” Ingo had to work hard to keep his voice low, he didn't want his brother to worry and didn't want whatever was watching them to become frantic.

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  • doodleimprovement
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Can’t stop won’t stop :)


    Akari made a deal for Ingo, getting him home with a hefty price
    Ingo reneges, and salts the earth while he's at it
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  • a-fluffer-nutter
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Typical Morning

    A/N - Just a small fluffy fic of the twins being dinguses in the morning. Please enjoy.

    Word Count: 519

    "Go get him," Emmet pet the large dragon-type on the back, before giving her a big pat.

    The Subway was closed today as there was a major migration of Drilbur and Excadrill coming through the Nimbasa area, and in the event of a breach in the subway tunnels, Ingo and Emmet scheduled for the subways to be closed for the next three days. Safety of both pokemon and humans was their utmost priority.

    The bedroom door opened with a creak, a messy haired Ingo stepping out, trailed by his yawning Chandelure.

    "Good morning," Ingo grumbled, raising a hand limply. Unlike Emmet, Ingo was not a morning person. He normally woke up two hours later than Emmet on a day off, valuing his sleep more than most things in life. "Oh, hello."

    Haxorus rammed him into the wall and lifted him up, his socked feet dangling. Ingo stared at his Haxorus as she lifted him up beneath his arms. He lifted an eyebrow as she pressed her forehead against his, a deep purr sounding from her throat.

    "Good morning, my dear," Ingo was smiling with his eyes, which greatly excited the dragon. She smacked her tail against the floor aggressively, which had Ingo thanking past him and Emmet for choosing a ground floor apartment. With how aggressively affectionate some of their pokemon were, the twins knew that if they had neighbors beneath them, they would be in trouble.

    "What're you doing? Quit it," Ingo let out a laugh as her long tongue licked his face and neck, scraping against his stubbled chin and cheeks. He scrunched up his neck but couldn't do too much as he was surrounded by her two axe-like horns on the sides of her face. "I know you're happy to see me, but you're tickling me. Wait...no, ew. Stop."

    Haxorus let out a rumble as Ingo winced back, spitting, and sputtering as she had accidentally licked him too close to his mouth. Taking offense to his fake gagging, she dropped him. Thankfully, Chandelure was watching, so she managed to catch him with a Psychic before he landed on his butt.

    "Rude," Ingo grumbled, folding his arms in front of his chest as he glared up at Haxorus, floating a foot above the ground. She responded with a toothy grin, before turning around and running back to the couch.

    "Haxorus, no!" Emmet's eyes widened as she lunged onto the couch, tipping it over and launching him across the room. Chandelure, being the attentive saint she is, dropped Ingo and used Psychic to catch a falling Emmet. She chimed happily as he dangled upside down, weightlessly.

    "Good girl," Ingo patted Chandelure before walking over to his younger brother. He bent over, looking him in the eye. Ingo wore a rare smirk, loving his brother’s current position. "Want pancakes? I'm feeling pancakes."

    "I guess," Emmet let out a laugh. "Need help?"

    "Sure," Ingo shrugged, then snapped his fingers. Chandelure released Emmet at the sound, dropping the man on his head as the ghost-type trailed her best friend. "Grab me some flour and chocolate chips, Emmet. I have a craving."

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  • shadesmcgee
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Whipped up a quick ref of Ryder! He, if you guessed it from the doodle of him earlier, is Emmet and Aurora’s son. He’s like 11-12 ish (I can’t draw kids very well riiip) here and just starting his pokemon journey!

    He’s a bit of a wall flower, and had a late start on setting out on his journey, but now he’s ready and excited to set off on his own! His starter is a mienfoo that he nicknamed Pasta as a joke, but now it’s stuck. As for the rest of his team, it’s a mystery.

    #pokemon oc#pokemon#fan kid#pokemon trainer#fan character#trainer oc #He gets his freckles from Ingo Emmet and Frei’s mom
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  • bellafragolina
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    one of the twins falling for the others partner makes me sad,,have u written any hcs for them both falling for the same person/dating both of them ?? i have 2 hands that desperately need holding

    Y’all two riding the same brain wave! Here’s to you both!!



    Emmet is more observant than most give credit for. He notices the way his brother stares at you, notices the blush that he has whenever you give him food, the way you try to avoid him

    He's not subtle, but neither is Emmet.

    "You love them." Emmet says, after you've gone to return home after dropping off lunch. Ingo freezes, a forkful of pasta halfway to his mouth. "Don't you?"

    "E-Emmet-" Ingo tries to stutter out.

    "No need to explain." Emmet says. "It's obvious. They love you too, you know?" Ingo looks horrified by the revelation. Emmet laughs. "I don't mind sharing, you know?"

    You return to grab the jacket you forgot, and are nearly pounced. Emmet drives you over to his brother, who is blushing heavily. But you concur with Emmet, agree that you do love Ingo, and would love to date him as well, if he's interested.

    Ingo sheds a few tears, kissing the backs of your hands. You laugh, and kiss his cheek. He's glowing like a stoplight, but he's so happy. He smiles at you, smiles at Emmet.

    You take them both by the hands, call them "my boys", and they kiss you on the cheek at the same time, reveling in your laughter.

    Ingo never knew he could be this happy


    Ingo knows of his brother's feelings. Emmet follows you like a lost Lillipup, hands always twitching at his side to grab you. It'd take a fool not to notice, and Ingo is no fool.

    You and Ingo both sit Emmet down one evening, after dinner. Emmet is obviously nervous, shifting in his seat like a child called to the principal's office. His eyes dart between you and Ingo, but he can't think of what he's done to make you both upset.

    "Emmet," Ingo starts, "you know you needn't hide anything for us, correct?"

    "Yes?" Emmet answers slowly, confused.

    "Emmet," you call, and his expression grows guilty, "is there something you want to tell me?"


    "Because," Ingo interrupts, ignoring the soft smack to the arm you give him, "if there is, we have a proposition for you."

    "It's not a business deal." You scold. "It's a polycule!"

    Polycule? Emmet blinks.

    You admit your feelings for Emmet, and Ingo confirms that he wouldn't mind them both dating you. Emmet is speechless, but then he meets your eyes again. You smile at him, and offer a hand.

    Emmet fires out of his seat to kiss you. You laugh against his lips, but he's crying, fully sobbing. He's so relieved, so thrilled! He can love you! You love him! You love Ingo! You're all going to be a family!

    You're getting several salty kisses, Ingo too, as Emmet thanks you over and over. He's melded into your side for the rest of the evening, eager to begin dating. Good luck escaping his hold, even with Ingo's help. Emmet doesn't let go easily


    We have two hands, so why not hold each twin? My bed is big enough for three, and I like being sandwiched. Let's hear it for the polycule!!


    blanksh/pping DNI

    #emmet x reader #ingo x reader #submas x reader #pokemon imagines #pokemon x reader
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  • geckosquid
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I have an internship that is an hour commute by train, so I have decided to use that time to challenge the battle subway in my copy of BW2 until I get to one of the submas twins.

    #I’m not looking to beat them #because I know I can’t #I keep getting three battles away from emmet and then getting my ass kicked by some random npc trainer #today was my fourth attempt at doing it #and this happens. every. single. time. #they can fuckin #wipe the floor with me for all I care #I just want to see them #geckosquid post #geckosquid plays Pokémon Black 2 #pokemon
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  • yanban-san
    18.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    ▷Fluffy Submas Date Headcanons [SFW]◀

    Cute headcanons about going on dates with the submas twins

    Polyamory, Reader-san is AFAB. Under a cut just to keep the post short on your dash!

    ▶ Emmet loves spontaneous dates, whereas Ingo prefers planning ahead of time. While they let each other have alone time with you, they also like to go on dates together with you. Typically in public they just act like good friends, but if they get you alone on the date they’re both all over you, kissing you and hugging you in very secretive PDA.

    ▷ They both enjoy dates in spots where they can let their pokemon- and your own, relax. Most of their pokemon are comfortable in the city and on the rails, but they have a few places where they like to take their pokemon as a treat. Chandelure likes Celestial Tower, for instance; Excadrill and Crustle enjoy Twist Mountain and other rocky, mining areas or the deserts.

    ▶ They actually enjoy going on walks through nature trails; Working in Nimbasa City, it’s rare the two get to take the time to stop and smell the roses and just enjoy nature. They both really like Chargestone Cave trails, as Emmet will point out every Galvantula nest along the trail and also loves poking the weird floating rocks, sending them flying. Ingo likes to relax by the pretty ponds running through the cave that sparkle with tynamos and glow with the light of the magnetic rocks. It’s very meditative, until Emmet provokes an angry mama galvantula by scooping up and cuddling hoards of wild joltiks.

    ▷ If Ingo gets to plan out the date, you can expect a pleasant, but not particularly arduous or difficult walk to a cute, secluded area surrounded by nature. He actually really likes flowers, so left up to him he’d want to take you to a botanical garden somewhere or areas known for flowers and beauty. Take Emmet to a botanical garden and if he learns something’s edible he’s going to try to bite it.

    ▶ If Emmet “plans” the date, you can expect to be taken out for something like going to an Arcade, or out to the Amusement Park of Nimbasa, and then out for something tasty afterwards. He will be getting dessert regardless of how full either of you are, and take it home if he has to. He loves dessert.

    ▶If you want to take them out for dates...

    ▷ Emmet doesn’t like to know beforehand because he hates the anticipation, but he will drop heavy-handed hints the days leading up to anytime he has off; “I am Emmet. I will have Saturday off it looks like. I wonder if I will do anything fun then?” “It would be verrrrry fun to go out on Saturday. The day I have off. I can’t think of anything to do though.” He will say this in ear shot of you, but not directly to you. If he thinks you’ve missed his hints, or if he has an impromptu day off, and wants you to think of taking him on a date, he will physically grab you the evening before and tell you straight to your face that yes, he’s Emmet and yes, he-has-tomorrow-off-thanks-for-asking and yes, you-should-take-him-out-thank-you.

    ▶ Emmet is adventurous, and likes exciting things; heck, asking him if you could battle him in Gear Station would be a fun date idea to him, but other than that, taking him to the amusement park or out somewhere wild and cool is ideal. Sliding down Victory Road is also verrry fun to him and he will try to hold you bridal-style down the entire way. If you offer to take him to an art gallery, or a museum, however... He’s going to act confused, but he’ll indulge you. He’ll probably dislike it at first, getting bored easily unless there’s pretty shiny things on display at the museum, but once he realizes how empty museums and art galleries tend to be... with some hidden corners around displays and boards, he’s going to be alllll over you, kissing and hugging you and taking every opportunity to hold you against him. He’s going to like the museums and art galleries far more after that.

    ▷ Ingo likes planning; He wants to know at least a general plan of what you’d like to do, but even if you don’t have a good idea of the specifics, it’s alright. Taking him out to enjoy natural settings, and then for something light to eat afterwards is enjoyable. He really likes picnics, and wants you to do that rest-your-head-on-his-lap thing or vice versa. He’s surprisingly knowledgeable about plants too, so you’ll get some free botany lessons out of him as he points out all the berry plants and useful herbs in the woods. Although he’s more uptight and reserved than his brother, if you give him the opportunity to “warm up” he will also enjoy more thrilling things like roller coasters. ...And it’s a bad habit of his, but he likes the slot machines as well. He never plays for very much though, he’s good about managing his gambling fun.


    ▶ A surprising thing they both like when they have actual vacation time is treasure hunting or honest-to-goodness ACTUAL adventuring. They’ve heard tales of legendary pokemon, tucked away in the corners of Unova- And you all go off for a day ‘round Pinwheel forest looking for Cobalion, or up to Victory Road for rumored sightings of Terrakion- Emmet somehow managed to secure a Liberty Pass one time and took you all to Liberty Garden- where you searched for the mythical pokemon Victini. You didn’t find it, unfortunately, but darn if you didn’t have a wonderful time at the lighthouse. All of these locations were practically abandoned and the brothers got at the very least got a rare opportunity to shower you in affection in a place that wasn’t your home. Though you had to admit, caves full of dangerous wild pokemon were... not your ideal location to be assailed with love.

    ▷ Also legitimate treasure hunting. Out to Relic Castle and the Desert Resort, where Emmet and Ingo do battle against hoards of Yamasks and Cofagrigus for a day with their skilled teams- part training, part adventure, and sometimes they find cool stuff! Or if you head out to Undella town, they are going to beg you to go diving with them into the Abyssal Ruins- And if they manage to find a crown, they’re going to present it to you. If not, well, the little coins from the ruins are certainly still really cool, and maybe they’ll find some of those weird plates that pop up sometimes...

    ▶ Dates with both of them are saccharine; They want to spoil you, and even though they can’t exactly engage in PDA with you they will absolutely sneak all the kisses and adoration they can when they’re certain no one is looking. Both of them like to get you small gifts from their outings with you- Ingo presses flowers and insists you keep them, and you probably have a wall covered in cute laminated pressed plants now, and Emmet will get you little things you like; whether it’s some kind of makeup he knows you use, or a little plush, or maybe a cute piece of jewelry or a hair pin. They also really like when you’re touchy and comfortable with them; hugging either of them or pulling them both against you makes their faces light up as red as a cheri berry.

    ▷ One of their favorite small dates is just to take you out to a nice breakfast joint really early in the morning; There’s one that’s inside Gear Station actually, that’s really popular with early morning commuters and the station employees. It’s a toss up between there, across the street from Gear Station, or their favorite bagel shop if it’s a really quick breakfast.

    ▶ They fucking love train museums. Ask to go to a train museum with them and they will probably wonder why they haven’t proposed to you yet, especially if you really actually enjoy the train museum. They know a lot about old trains, so they’ll happily explain anything you seem confused about- Or just start telling you all these neat, obscure facts about the trains on display. You will probably end up skipping lunch that day because they’re going to want to spend a lot of time there.

    ▷ They also love scenic train rides! The Nimbasa Subway connects with a few, but they’ll probably try to take you on the Anville scenic routes more than once; a four hour train ride through idyllic mountainous countryside with only each other in a private train carriage, and usually an old, renovated steam engine at that drives them wild with happiness- The whole thing is excessively romantic to them and they’ll be aggressively lovey-dovey the entire time you’re all on the train together.

    ▶ Wrapping up dates is usually spent lounging around in your home, in the form of a pile; you sandwiched between the two while lazily flipping through TV channels or watching bad sitcoms, tired out from the day’s activities. If Emmet got dessert somewhere, he’s probably eating it- Ingo is going to try to steal some of whatever it is, though whether he’s successful or not depends on just how tired out Emmet is. Emmet will happily* share his sweets with you, however.

    *If he does this, he’s ordering two deserts from now on. If Ingo keeps trying to steal his deserts he’s just getting a cake or something on the way home for you all to share because the man likes his sweets and he’s fine with ordering y’all some, but leave his alone please-

    #Emmet x Reader #Ingo X Reader #Ingo/Reader#Emmet/Reader#Nobori#Kudari#Ingo#Emmet#Writing#Headcanons#Pokemon headcanons#Fluffy#Nobori/Reader#Kudari/Reader#Polyamory #This is LONG #Ingo/Reader/Emmet #Sorry for the long post but I was jus brain dumping
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  • wigglepiggle
    18.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    pla copypasta thing made with tweetgen maybe I'll make it comic later

    Going with the hc that Emmet uses way too many emojis (and I also made up that he types extremely fast so there's always a misspelling or grammar issue

    No idea who made the fanarts for the pfps I googled them if anyone knows can you tell me so I can credit them

    Edit: goddammit I forgot to make arceus verified oh well

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