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  • ranger-rai
    16.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Rai, can you give us tips to handle Pokemon with scythe-like arms?

    Ok so first off, never grab their arms without warning, that can startle them easily and they don't exactly turn off the sharpness.

    You can actually invest in gloves that are made out of a cut resistant material to you can handle them with less worry.

    If you do need to handle their blades for long periods of time, stand on the outside of their arm to reduce the risk of them accidentally cutting you.

    Of course if your partner truly trusts you and you trust them, they won't intentionally try and hurt you, so they will also be aware of you, but be sure to never try and surprise them too badly, scared pokemon can be the most dangerous.

    #ranger rai#pokemon ranger #the ranger base #pokemon #ask me anything #ask me a question #scyth hands are cool but hard to use #scyther
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  • ranger-rai
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    What was the oddest thing you seen a Pokémon do Rai?

    I saw a Shuckle cleaning out it's shell....

    The cleaning isn't the weird part, but have you ever seen a Shuckle without its shell?

    That's something I could do without....

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  • ranger-rai
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    What nature would you say Bliss is?

    (I'm in an out with nature's, so I go mostly off personality)

    Bliss is Very Gentle, but she also gets pretty strong willed and Adamant when she's serious, so she has a bit of those in there.

    I'd like to say she's Adamant by choice but Gentle by nature.

    #ranger rai#pokemon ranger #the ranger base #pokemon #ask me anything #sinnoh #ask me a question #beedrill#bliss #shes kinda like a bug mother
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  • mandreon
    15.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Jack Walker from Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea 🌊✨

    Cosplay, photo and edit by me.

    #pokemon#pkmn#Pokémon ranger#Pokémon movie #Pokémon ranger and the temple of the sea #Jack Walker #Pokémon Jack Walker #manaphy#Cosplay
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  • nocturnalgemstones
    15.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I can't believe my original version of this track is my most reblogged Pokemon Ranger remaster.

    More Pokemon Ranger remasters here.

    #pkmn#pokemon#pokemon ranger#nintendo#fan music#noctgem music#pokeran music #it is one of my LEAST FAVORITE remasters I made #the mixing is so bad #even when I first uploaded it I knew something was off #but I didn't know HOW #I re-listened to it last night for the first time in a while #and immediately went to fix it
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  • ranger-rai
    15.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    What is your favorite Pokémon of each type?

    Oh man that's a big question!

    I dont think ive ever sat and thought about each individually but let me see!

    What would Rai's favorites be?

    Normal: I think I'd need to go with Porygon, Skip has been such a great partner and he's got so much to offer, so I'm sure that's one of his.

    Grass: They are pretty great, but he kinda sees them as pretty similar, but he has some pretty strong feelings of Bulbasaur and Cacnea. Also Turtwig for personal reasons.

    Water: Relicanth, he thinks they are so cool, basically living fossils.

    Fire: Rai has an interesting relationship with fire types but he's pretty good with pokemon that don't have open frames on them like Arcanine and Houndoom.

    Bug: Golisopod, he thinks they look like cool robots.

    Electric: immediately Electivire, he worked with a trainer who had one in an emergency blackout and it helped us out so much

    Psychic: Elgyem, he just thinks they are so weird and neat

    Fighting: Tie between Lucario and Hitmontop. One is a cool Aura sensing companion. And the other spins and dances!

    Flying: Loves the whole type, but has a soft spot for Staraptor and Corviknight.

    Ground: Cubone and Gligar. He doesn't like seeing them sad so he tries to cheer them up, and there are Gligar under Cycling Road near the Base and he thinks they are funny.

    Rock: Absolutely Lycanroc, but Kabuto is also special to him.

    Steel: Aggron, I mean who couldn't love a big goofball like Sylvester!

    Ghost: Golurk, he thinks steel types are interesting and large golems are fascinating to him.

    Poison: Beedrill! After all that they've been though how could he not love them!

    Ice: Darumaka's Galarian form. He thinks regional forms are amazing and it's one of his favorites.

    Dark: Purrloin. He thinks Rita is the best Dark type ever. And she loves his attention, but won't admit it.

    Fairy: Rai doesn't have a huge opinion on this type, as he kinda feels it's an extension of the psychic type, but he thinks Morelullis nice and would like to meet one some day.

    Dragon: he thinks Dragons are super cool so he can't quite choose, but he's recently developed a soft spot for Noivern.

    These are pretty much Rai's thoughts on all of the types, he doesn't have a favorite but these are pokemon that he finds interesting in those types.

    #ranger rai#pokemon ranger #the ranger base #pokemon #ask me anything #sinnoh #ask me a question #ask me questions #pokemon types are interesting either way
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  • fortune-maiden
    15.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Had a very bizarre dream today.

    I was playing a 3D Pokemon game - something that was a mix of Legends Arceus, Snap, and Ranger. The player had a Pikachu partner.

    We reached a new area and suddenly credits started to play over a cutscene revealing this to be the new DLC expansion chapter for the game. It starts with the player & partner Pikachu in this mysterious forest There a bunch of fully evolved mostly Gen IV pokemon like Tangrowth & Lickylicky. It’s all very pretty. Supposedly Arceus lives here. But there is also a mysterious fog over the forest and this is apparently the source of the game’s resident evil (which felt a bit like either the Bittercold or time-stopped areas from Mystery Dungeon).

    But then cue the flashbacks: The Partner Pikachu’s backstory.

    At the start of the game, the player had met the Pikachu at a parking lot when they arrived in the region. But they were not the Pikachu’s first partner. The then-Pichu was from this forest and when the resident evil appeared it fled to find help and found the protagonist of the second Ranger game (in that same parking lot)... except he was actually on his way out of the region due to a transfer. But don’t worry little Pichu, a new ranger will be coming to replace him soon!

    Cue the montage of several replacement rangers (so many transfers) that the Pichu tried to partner up with unsuccessfully. They were all either too busy or not paying attention to this Pichu.

    Completely in despair, Pichu then meets the Protagonist in the parking lot.

    The Protagonist however is not a ranger or even a trainer - they’re a photographer attached to a research team...

    #pokemon #fortune's weird dreams #I WAS CRYING FOR THAT PICHU IN MY DREAM! #Just the way it kept getting dismissed by the rangers T_T #but also I want to play this game #and also also why a parking lot xD #there was a van and everything #it was not clear in the dream if the protagonist met the pikachu as a pikachu or pichu but this also potentially means #that the pichu evolved because of their bond T_T
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  • bean-boy-clown
    15.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    ☆🎉..if I coule I'd live at the party store..🎉☆

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  • ghostypetrainer
    15.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    thinking about the zoroark age thing, i kinda wonder what ingo's plan would've been if emmet and elesa hadn't found out (i know, he was operating on panic mode but STILL, what if). Like if the human body dies a normal old-age death and he the zoroark leaves the body to live a Pokemon life as emmet and elesa mourn. (I kinda wonder how many other zoroarks out there whose human hosts expire and now they are just normal Pokemon who can be caught. Do they immediately find a new human body to continue hiding?) Would he have really left for good or would he have lurked around trying to be surreptitious and haunt his two closest bonds to try to make their lives easier while not letting on he was actually ingo? Would he just have tried to leave everything behind and be another ingo (or maybe a nameless zoroark) without family? Would he just have let himself be caught by them and pretended to be a normal Pokemon or something?

    anon I want you to understand that Ingo absolutely does not have a plan for that. He is not thinking about it at all. That's years and years away!!! He'll just... worry about it later. It'll be fine. It'll all work out somehow. No need to worry!

    Although this does give me a chance to mention something I haven't talked about before, which is... the re-possessors. Most Zoroark live out their human lives and then live out a second life as a Zoroark. But some... some miss being human too much. Some will literally body snatch- usually an adult human. Usually someone who it would be easy to make disappear and invent a new life for them.

    So. If you ever catch flashes of red and white out of the corner of your eye, like you're being followed by something... please head post-haste to the nearest large populated area. Then get as far, far away as you can. Otherwise before you know it, you might not be you anymore.

    #asks #zoroark possession au #the amount that actually do this is relatively small. but they do sometimes do this. #and yes there's at least one living in Nimbasa and yes. Ingo knows about it. #they straight up bodysnatched a Pokemon Ranger living in Sinnoh and moved to Unova to shed any bothersome connections they might have #(ingo himself would not do this though)
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  • obscure-pokemon-facts
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    #315. Shiny palletes for every Pokémon (except Charmeleon and Wobbuffet) exist in the data of Pokémon Ranger despite the fact that Shiny Pokémon aren’t available nor referenced to at all in the final game. (X)

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  • dracallyart
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sometimes they just like holding hands :> They get pretty affectionate after a while of knowing each other. Haven’t posted an art in a hot minute due to essays and art block but I’m getting this out bc I felt fluffy one day and let my brain go wild with ideas dhfgasdjh Even if this is dialogueless, I still kinda like how it turned out,, hdgfhjksa 

    Kamu and Emmet often encounter each other in the Subway, primarily because Kamu uses it often for easy transport between towns to work and survey. So she often encounters Emmet on her way to her stop and he’d guide her over as well so they’d get a chance to talk before they both continue working for the day!

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  • ranger-rai
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    What is the funniest and or cutest thing you've seen as a ranger?

    Honestly there's so many things to choose from.

    Getting to see all of the Pokémon hatching is always so amazing, watching little babies learn how to fight and wrestle for their food.

    It always makes me happy when little Pokémon trust me or other rangers and decide to help us with little chores like picking up trash, sometimes bug types will use string shot to help us repair snapped trees.

    The cutest/funniest thing to me had to be a little Starly who was defending this Oran Berry that was unusually large, and it was just sitting there and yelling at anyone who passed by, like "STAYYYYY AWAYYYYYYYY" it was pretty cute, but I quickly tricked the little guy into looking away and snatched the berry, relocating it and him to a safer spot where he could enjoy it.

    There's also a little nest of Kricketot and Kricketune who love to mess with wandering trainers by using their musical skills to recreate the sound of Beedrill Buzzing, usually scares trainers, but its never anything too serious.

    #ranger rai#pokemon ranger #the ranger base #ask me anything #pokemon#Kricketune #a lot of bug types are pranksters
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  • ranger-rai
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    What was the most difficult thing you had to do as a ranger?

    (TW: Death and Animal Abuse)

    Oh wow. These topics are never easy to discuss, but it is the reality of our job.

    Sometimes there are wild Pokémon that don't survive or have a chance of surviving so we will take them to Pokémon centers to have them humanely put down.

    It's much better than letting them suffer with no chance of life, because when there is a chance, we try so hard to help them.

    I remember once a small trip to Hoenn turned into dark day because of terrible trainers.

    Kabuto are pretty harmless and friendly if you take the time to know them, as well they are pretty much helpless if they are on their back, and if dehydrated they can become a bit easier to injure.

    Well some teens thought their sick idea of fun was to find some local Kabuto and turn them over in the hot sun.

    Well they just sat there and laughed, some were throwing rocks and stuff at them, while others tried burring them a bit.

    Well unfortunately the sun was too hot for some, so they just stopped moving, and the teens found it funny, and one of them thought it was so funny that he decided to jump on one...…

    Unfortunately I wasn't on duty at the time since I was just visiting and got there a little to late to help the ones who were lost, but I called it in immediately, and I had Bliss with me so those Trainers weren't going anywhere.

    We did manage to get the few who were still alive proper health, and the few who didn't make it we made sure that their bodies were respectfully laid to rest.

    (sorry this one is kinda dark, turns out that this is a thing that people, mostly teens, do to real life Kabuto, aka Horseshoe Crabs. When I heard about this I almost threw up, and it makes me upset, so I felt like that would be one of Rai's most difficult moments. Please be nice to Pokémon and Animals.)

    #seriously don't be like this #just because they are animals doesn't mean you can be terrible #serious post#pokemon ranger#ranger rai #the ranger base #ask me a question
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  • ranger-rai
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    OOC: So what cannon does this take place in? The games? Or the anime?


    So it's kind of its own cannon, but we follow more of the games logic with more real world or flexibility.

    Similar to @prof-peach there are real dangers and problems, and not everything can be solved with friendship, some things require work and time.

    There are bad people, who do bad things.

    A decent medium would be the Manga as well, but it's pretty grounded.

    If you want a good idea, go read my story post "Business Tactics"

    #mod#ooc#ranger rai #the ranger base #pokemon ranger #ask me anything #doesnt mean we dont have fun here
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  • ranger-rai
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Why does Barbaracle need so many eyes?! Eyes on it's hands eyes on it's hands on it shoulders eyes most likely on it's feet! (Which would be really dumb.) Why does it need all them?

    Ok well have you ever played with a mix and match action figure?

    You can change out it's arms for the arms of a bigger character or give them reptile legs?

    Well Barbaracle is kind of like that.

    Imagine the rock is the chest and the limbs are extra limbs or heads that have been assembled together (kinda like a megazord).

    So it keeps the eyes because they are technically up to 7 individuals who fused together similar to Magnaton or Klinklank.

    So what you're asking is why do all of these individuals that have come together still have their eyes?

    The answer is that because they came together to be stronger, they are still a bit individual but together.

    It's actually pretty inspiring, because they all working together rather than just becoming one new creature.

    #ranger rai#pokemon ranger #the ranger base #pokemon #ask me anything #sinnoh #ask me a question #Barbaracle #so like a small megazord
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  • ranger-rai
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Dear Rai, is it a good idea to hug a Pokémon with a spike on it's chest?

    Depends on how familiar you are with the pokemon.

    If you aren't too familiar with it, you have a much higher chance of getting hurt, like a lot.

    But if you are familiar with say a Lucario, they will be cautious of their spike, and might turn their body or over their spike as best as they can.

    Most pokemon don't want to hurt anyone so they are pretty aware of their spiky areas.

    #ranger rai#pokemon ranger #the ranger base #pokemon #ask me anything #ask me a question #carefuly with the spikey ones
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  • obscure-pokemon-facts
    14.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    #314. In Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, Bronzor is able to teleport, however Bronzor cannot learn the move Teleport. (X)

    #pokemon#pokemon facts #obscure pokemon facts #pokemon ranger: guardian signs #bronzor
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  • ranger-rai
    13.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Does Rai like to travel a lot (for his work or fun), and how does he generally do so? Does he take an airline, a Charizard service, or go by ferry or Wailord?

    Rai isn't too fond of using Pokémon for far travel unless its for a quick trip.

    If he needed to get across Sinnoh immediately, He'd call up the special Pokémon Ride Service that the rangers have set up. Its a special service that can get a ride almost instantly.

    If Rai needed to get to say Hoenn, he can use the same service with a much faster Pokémon like Garchomp or Dragonite, Pokémon that aren't usually available to the public.

    If Rai can help he, he is just fine taking it slow for a relaxing trip, however he's never ridden a water type bigger than a Cloyster.

    #ranger rai#pokemon ranger #the ranger base #pokemon #ask me anything #You dont want to over work pokemon #rai loves to travel but is super busy #he hasnt even been to kalos
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  • ranger-rai
    13.05.2022 - 2 days ago

     I understand that your a field ranger It has ever been incidences where you’ve had an act more similar to a special op ranger ?

    Well besides the odd travel job, occasionally we need to go undercover to help stop illegal activities.

    There was the time where we stopped that circus ring that was abusing its pokemon.

    There's been a time where me and Minnie had to go undercover as teens to bust a rung of illegal substances.

    But Special Ops rangers do some crazy stuff and occasionally stop full organizations before they can even get off the ground.

    #ranger rai#pokemon ranger #the ranger base #ask me anything #sinnoh #special ops ranger #no we did not floss as teens #we are the youngest and youngest looking rangers
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  • ranger-rai
    13.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    You said your Beedrill is bigger then others, but how big?

    Well, considering what we know about Alpha Pokemon now, I'd say by today's standards, she'd be considered one.

    However, it would be extremely rare for an alpha of their original size to be around these days.

    An alpha of Hisui would be the size of a person, she is about half of my height, to the point she could actually pick me up.

    She also has a bit more bulk to her, so it's not just about height but power for her.

    #ranger rai#pokemon ranger #the ranger base #pokemon #ask me anything #beedrill#bliss #most beedrill are much larger than kids and some teens
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