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    And for Dragon Age maybe Meredith x Orsino or Morrigan x Alistair for that good ol mage templar dynamic

    Or surprise me

    I went with the first for Azulaang and I'll save the second for another time (it's a good one; Morristair my beloved).

    🌧️24: "We should stop talking, people might start to think I like you."

    Send me a prompt and a pairing.

    Azula turned the old bronze comb over in her hand, running a thumb along the familiar jade embellishment in the shaft.  It was the first time she had stood before this mirror since returning to the palace, its proud gold frame climbing the wall of her chambers.  Abstractly it called to mind the gilded trim framing the curtained door of the palanquin that had brought her here not two weeks ago.


    The first word that had been spoken as she’d sat in the jostling quiet next to Zuko, the asylum shrinking in the distance.  The healers had formally pronounced her fit to be discharged, and Azula had been momentarily stunned when it was he who had arrived to pick her up.

    Not a servant sent at the Fire Lord’s command. 

    Zuko, himself.

    Why.  What an absurdly small question, she mused now, to hold the tumble of thoughts and feelings and more questions stuffed into it.

    “Is there somewhere else you were thinking you’d go?” he had responded, and Azula would have accepted that as answer enough.  She would have figured something out — she always would — but it had all happened so fast, and if she were honest, Azula wasn’t sure in that moment where she might have gone.

    But then, Zuko had said, “I wanted you to come home.  It’s where you belong.”


    The mirror’s face she had shattered on her last night here, a lifetime ago, had been repaired sometime during her absence.  Her mother, Ursa, used to sit her down at this mirror with this same comb.  If Azula concentrated hard enough, she could almost smell the perfumed oils she used to favor, jasmine and sandalwood and orange blossom.  Could almost feel her mother’s gentle touch, combing her hair a hundred times smooth, even as she’d griped and jerked away.

    “I love you, Azula.”

    Words she had never been able to receive, then.  Love was something you had to earn, and she would never manage to compete with Zuko to win it.  She wouldn’t even try.  He was her perfect child, and she was her father’s.

    Azula watched her reflection lift the comb languidly to her hair, but stopped short, her gaze snagging on a deep, brittle crack in the bronze along its once-perfect, polished edge.  When had that happened?  She didn’t remember it being there before.

    The old her would have tossed the thing away with a sneer, ordered it replaced just as quickly with something newer and shinier.  Something perfect.

    Now, she was struck by the odd sort of beauty in her hand.  The imperfections all resolving together to create a piece of art with character and history, unique unto itself, and despite it all, or perhaps even on account of, she found she admired it all the more.

    For fourteen years of her life, Azula had believed that if she only tried hard enough, if she could be perfect enough, if she never failed or lost or made a mistake in any way, she could earn her father’s love.  The last time she had seen him, Ozai had named her Fire Lord — an honorific she now knew had been as empty as his affection for her, a way to leave her behind — that star-crossed night when he had been power-drunk and endeavored to burn the Earth Kingdom to a cinder.

    And for all her years of effort and grueling training and silent desperation, in the end, the worst had come to pass.  She had failed.  She had lost that fated Agni Kai to Zuko.  And there was not a single soul in the royal court, or the city, or her father still in his cold iron cell, who did not know of how she lost and came apart that night.

    In the days and weeks after, bitter and numb and stewing in the seclusion of her personal safety room, Azula had sworn she would never let anyone see her cry again.  People saw tears and they stopped seeing you, stopped seeing the armor you wore, stopped listening to your words, your expression, or anything you might have to say.  It made no difference whether the tears were frightened or frustrated, angry or sad.  All they saw was a fragile girl crying.

    Tears burned behind her eyes now, threatening to fall.  The comb’s teeth scraped gently against her scalp as she ran it through her hair, wincing a little as she hit a tangle and smoothed it out.  Azula breathed in slow and deep, watching her chest rise and fall in the mirror, the line between her brows melting away on the exhale.

    For perhaps the hundredth time in recent days, Azula found herself turning her brother’s words around in her head, this way and that, like a sculpture, trying to catch every subtle detail, every hidden nuance.

    “I wanted you to come home.  It’s where you belong.”

    Some buried part of her stirred, whispering that she had mistaken his meaning, that he hadn’t really meant it.

    But Azula had long since stopped trying to earn anyone’s love or approval.  She had already unraveled, had already hit rock bottom, and everyone knew it, so what was the point?  Fourteen years of striving, and her father’s love had turned to dust the moment she’d slipped.  She was done trying to be anything for anyone other than herself.

    The thing with Zuko though, she had come to understand, was that she never had to be any of those things.  In spite of all her wrongs and flaws and failures, in spite of having done nothing to deserve it and for reasons she couldn’t understand, Zuko loved her anyway.

    It had been Zuko — weak, lucky-to-be-born Zuko — who never gave up on her.  The one who saw her through years of therapy and reconditioning and growth to come out the other side, and never once made her feel ashamed or abandoned or not enough.

    Something cracked inside her, a soft, hitching breath.  

    The tears spilled over then, cleansing and hot.  She didn’t try to stop them.

    What would she say if she were to face her father now, to stand tall and look him in the eyes with tear-stained cheeks?  She wanted to tell him that a true phoenix does not rise amid the flames, wild and fierce, but only in the cold, dark nothing that comes after.  Born from its own ashes, forged through hellfire and suffering, through its own unmaking, to become something else, something better and stronger and resilient.

    She straightened, sniffed, and set the comb down on the table with a tick, giving only a cursory wipe to her eyes and face.  There was no such thing as perfect.  Only beautiful versions of brokenness.

    The halls were still relatively quiet, pale light leaking in through the windows with morning’s muted chorus, drifting just at the edge of hearing.  It had become her favorite time of day during her stay in the asylum, that bird-soaked hour before sunrise.  She had spent many mornings roaming the asylum’s gated garden, or seated at its window on drizzly mornings.  The flowers always looked a shade brighter in the rain, the birds always singing louder.

    Funny, how for so long defeat had echoed like a door slammed shut, a resounding end to her life and all that she was.  What might have become of her, if Zuko had never risked treason to do what was right, if Katara hadn’t been at the Agni Kai that night to save him, and without knowing it, Azula, too?  If the Avatar had not beaten the odds to bring an end to the Fire Nation’s tyranny and Ozai’s power-hungry ambition?

    How she had loathed the Avatar, back then, for his part in the ruin of it all.

    Now, gratitude expanded in her chest, filling her near to aching.

    “A closed door might be an ending, but it’s also a beginning,” he’d said during their first accidental encounter upon her return, “a different way forward.  A death, and a rebirth.”

    Azula couldn’t quite say why she had opened up to him in the first place.  Her mouth had let the words escape before she could stop them, but she never found herself wishing to take them back.  It was comfortable with him.  Odd for her to make a connection so quickly, to give her trust so easily, tentative though it was.  There was something in the way he smiled, a genuineness, a softness of spirit so unlike her own.  When she talked, he listened like he was absorbing her words, as if there was nothing more important in the world at that moment.

    “The monks used to say our stories don’t have one beginning or one end, but that each moment is a microcosm of beginnings and endings all knitting together, crossing each other, breaking apart.  One closed door, the end of one chapter, is simply the beginning of the next.”

    She had watched him, sifting his expressions, and glimpsed the boy in his face, the one who had lost everything and everyone he had loved.  The one she had killed that night in the catacombs.  The thought still made her wince.  Was resilience something he was born with, or had he, too, learned how to nurture it?

    Aang, he had been insisting she call him.  She hadn’t yet, if only for the reward of his banter and that tenacious smile, the one that carved a dimple into one cheek.

    “Well, well…”

    Azula’s steps faltered with a soft breath of amusement.  Really, it should have come as a surprise.  After all, once was an accident; twice, maybe even three times, a coincidence.  But four, five?  It was almost comical now, which was why it no longer surprised her.  Azula had come to expect, maybe even hope for, these unintended rendezvous.

    She turned smoothly on her heel and felt a contented tug at the corner of her mouth as he approached.

    “Hello, Avatar.”

    “Hello, Princess,” he replied, coming to stop in his weightless way before her.  Azula’s eyes flicked down. 

    Thin plumes of steam curled up from a pair of teacups, one in each of his hands.  Her eyes returned to Aang’s with an arch of a brow to catch a hint of that dimple showing as his lips quirked.

    “Tea?” he offered, holding one out to her.

    Reflexively, she accepted it, the porcelain pleasantly warm against her palms.  Azula fixed him with a look of wry incredulity.  “There is no way you could have known I’d be walking this hall at this very time.”

    “Who says I made it for you?” shrugged Aang, the corners of his eyes kissing slightly.  “I made two cups in case I ran into someone who looked like they could use one.  Just so happens here you are.”

    The steam bore an inviting aroma she knew well, fruity and woodsy with honeyed notes.

    “Hmm.  Well, the day I turn down a cup of oolong is the day the assassins have succeeded and replaced me with an imposter, so…”  She took a sip, savoring the velvety smooth richness on her tongue and the sweet-bitter aftertaste.  “Thank you.”

    They strolled aimlessly together, and for a little while neither spoke, the halls beginning to fill with the rustles of a palace waking.

    “They wouldn’t fool me, by the way,” he said at length, and Azula looked up at him.  He had grown over the years, nearly a head taller than she was now.  “I’d be able to tell.”


    “The real you from a counterfeit.”

    It took her by surprise, his words as much as the color rising softly in his cheeks.  Azula ducked her head to take a long sip of the tea, locking eyes fleetingly with a servant passing by.  The woman’s gaze skated to the floor, but not fast enough to hide the twinkle still bleeding through her expression.

    “You know, we really should stop talking,” said Azula once the servant had gone, dragging Aang’s eyes askance to meet hers.  “People might start to think I like you.”

    The words rang hollow though, and she made no effort to mask the telling tilt of her lips.

    “Oh?” he responded, taking the bait.  “Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…”  Aang leaned closer with an exaggerated grimace, mock-whispering the rest as they went.  “I’m pretty sure people already suspect that I like you.”

    It was her turn to blush, the rush of heat having little to do with the temperature of her drink.  Azula feigned solemnity in spite of the butterflies rousing sleepily in her stomach.

    “How unfortunate.  We should definitely stop talking then.  Already halfway there, we can’t have that.”

    “Yeah.  I hate to say it, but I think we might be fighting an uphill battle around here.  Maybe it would all be easier if you just admitted you do like me.”

    “You think so?”  The gold rim of her teacup winked in a shaft of light as they passed a window.  “Maybe you should go first.”

    “That seems kind of weird, but, okay…”  There was a subtle gleam to his expression as he took a breath, making a show of composing himself, and finally said, “I think you like me, Azula.”

    She scoffed, opening her mouth with some retort when he cut in, “Now it’s your turn.”

    “Fine.  I think you like me, Avatar.”

    Shaking his head good-humoredly, he let his gaze wander ahead of them down the hall.  “You don’t have to keep calling me that.  You’ve had all these years to learn my name—”

    “Names are for people you like.”

    He glanced back at her, and she bit her lip, a poor attempt to hide her enjoyment, and for the briefest of moments, just an instant, his grey eyes were drawn down, alighting on her lips.  One of those butterflies seemed to escape her stomach, fluttering dizzily in her chest, and she looked away.

    “Fair,” Aang conceded with a shrug of his head.  “And what if I said, hypothetically, that the rumors are true.  That maybe I do like you.”

    “I suppose, hypothetically, I might respond that for a bald, attention-whoring, goody-goody monk… maybe you’re okay, too.”

    The morning’s rays had saturated to a rich amber, igniting the crimson halls wherever it touched, and the lopsided grin that broke across his face rendered it pale by comparison.  She couldn’t help the echo of it that dawned on her own face.

    “Coming from you that might be the nicest compliment I’ve ever received.  I’ll be sure to keep that one right here,” he said, placing a palm flat over his heart.

    Their languorous steps eased, and when Aang came to a stop, Azula turned to face him.  The oolong in her cup had begun to cool and she warmed it again, watching the feather of steam rise to dance over it.

    “So,” was all he said at first, shifting his weight.

    “So,” she returned in kind.

    “Here we are again.”

    “It does seem as if our paths are determined to keep crossing.”

    “Some people might call that fate,” ventured Aang.

    “I call it living in the same palace.”

    Murmurous laughter trickled toward them, quieting to a hush as a trio of servants rounded the corner, bowing humbly before vanishing through an adjacent hall.

    “So, I’ve been thinking,” Aang continued.  “People already assume the worst, and we keep bumping into each other.  Maybe we might as well, I don’t know… hang out.  Like, officially.  Since, you know, that’s what everyone expects anyway.”

    The thought had wandered into her own mind a handful of times, though of course she didn’t say that.

    “I suppose there is no sense in trying to dissuade the ones who’ve already made up their minds.  What do you imagine two people who don’t like each other might do together?”

    “Hmm…”  His mouth pulled to the side in thought.  “A Kuai ball duel?”

    She replied with a soft, flippant snort.  “Sure, if losing is your idea of fun.  I’m undefeated, you know, Kuai ball reigning champion.”

    “Oh, but you’ve never competed against the Avatar.”  His voice retained the buoyancy she knew, but there was a spirited edge to it, of someone equally sure of their own skill.  “Should we put that record to the test?”

    It was the sanest kind of madness, this unlooked-for attraction between them.

    Azula straightened, lifted her chin, and smiled with an almost defiant kind of joy.

    #prompt ask#azulaang#azula#aang#atla fanfiction #haven't written either of these character much #and never written this pairing #not sure it's my best but it was a fun challenge and change of pace #this ended up being half azulaang and half post-canon #post-years of therapy #making-it-out-of-the-asylum-with-the-support-of-those-who-truly-love-her azula character study #because i think she deserves it #i also just realized there has been mention of a mirror in all three of these prompt fics so far 😅😅 #not sure what that means or says about me at the moment #but… probably something #written prompts #thanks for the ask! #writebecauseyoucannotbreathe#moonsugar writes
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    Beefleaf nation, are you all sleeping on Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys? Just look at those lyrics:


    Have you got color in your cheeks′ Do you ever get the feeling that you can't shift the tide That sticks around like something′s in your teeth And some aces up your sleeve I had no idea that you're in deep I dreamt about you near me every night this week How many secrets can you keep' ′Cause there′s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow When I play it on repeat Until I fall asleep Spilling drinks on my settee (Do I wanna know?) If this feeling flows both ways (Sad to see you go) Was sorta hoping that you'd stay (Baby we both know) That the nights were mainly made for saying Things that you can′t say tomorrow day Crawlin' back to you. Ever thought of calling when you′ve had a few? 'Cause I always do Maybe I′m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new Now I've thought it through Crawling back to you So have you got the guts? Been wondering if your heart's still open and If so I wanna know what time it shuts Simmer down and pucker up I′m sorry to interrupt it′s just I'm constantly On the cusp of trying to kiss you I don′t know if you feel the same as I do But we could be together, if you wanted to (Do I wanna know?) If this feeling flows both ways (Sad to see you go) Was sorta hoping that you'd stay (Baby we both know) That the nights were mainly made for saying Things that you can′t say tomorrow day Crawling back to you Ever thought of calling when you've had a few? (Calling when you′ve had a few) 'Cause I always do ('cause I always do) Maybe I′m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new Now I′ve thought it through Crawling back to you, (do I wanna know?) If this feeling flows both ways (Sad to see you go) Was sorta hoping that you'd stay (Baby we both know) That the nights were mainly made for saying Things that you can′t say tomorrow day (Do I wanna know?) Too busy being yours to fall (Sad to see you go) Ever thought of calling darling? (Do I wanna know) Do you want me crawling back to you?
    #this song came and hit me in the face with its post-canon Beefleaf vibes #tian guan ci fu #tgcf #heaven official's blessing #he xuan#black water#shi qingxuan#wind master#beefleaf#maedre13
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    Emerald for Edward

    (From the Flawed Gems ask list)

    Emerald: A place they hope to return to someday

    The easy answer to this is my Eighty Years one-shot (here), in which Edward takes Bella to a secluded little spot near Lake Ontario. It was a favorite hunting spot back in 1933 when he, Carlisle, and Esme had first moved to Rochester. He had been feeling dreamy and just a little hopeful all those years ago when he lay under the stars, so he had composed a little song for his future love and sworn to bring her back there someday... if such a person ever existed.

    But let's do a new one. I think we all headcanon that Edward will take Bella someday to see his childhood home in Chicago. And I also think that throughout Renesmee's childhood, Edward's memories of his own childhood will begin to resurface a little more. All vampires consider it a rare gift when an old human memory gets triggered by something and it resurfaces for the first time in their second life (assuming it's a good memory, of course). It's like getting a little piece of themselves back.

    So maybe Edward was teaching Renesmee to play catch one day and they were laughing over how the glove was about ten sizes too big (because she was, you know, seven months old or whatever). Suddenly Edward stopped laughing and there was a faraway smile in his eyes as he turned the glove over in his hands.

    Renesmee smiled too; she'd seen that look before. She reached up to touch his cheek. What are you remembering, Daddy? Tell me the story?

    "I'm remembering..." He closed his eyes, squinting like he was trying to bring something into focus. "I'm remembering the first time my father took me out to play catch. We were laughing because the glove was too big, although I was quite a bit bigger than you are! Let me see... I remember it was a sunny day, and so Daddy had let me wear one of his caps. There was a pond off to my left. And..." He opened his eyes. "Well, that's all I can remember."

    "I wish I could see," Renesmee said thoughtfully. "It's too bad you can't put pictures in my brain like I can do for everyone else. I wish I could see you when you were little."

    He kissed the top of her hair and stood up. "So do I, sweetheart. Well, how about we do the next best thing? Someday we can go visit my old home in Chicago and play catch in that very same spot."

    "Okay! When can we go?"

    Edward blinked, unsure how to answer. He'd thought before about taking Bella to Chicago someday, and lately quite a few more somedays had been piling up. No one wanted to miss a day of Renesmee's superspeed childhood, so everyone had been staying close to home more than usual. But why put something off when she could be a part of it instead? Her somedays were coming and going all too quickly. That glove would be fitting her hand before they knew it.

    So he looked up the forecast for Chicago and confirmed with Alice which day would be the best. Later that week he, Bella, and Renesmee went off on their first road trip. They spent most of the first day visiting various parks throughout the South Side until they found the right one. The pond was still there.

    "Everything looks so small," Edward said in surprise as he and Bella followed Renesmee out onto the grass. New memories unfolded with each step. "Mother was here too," he said, pointing out a spot near the brand-new play equipment. "We sat under a big tree and had a picnic, just there." Images of a little Edward darted around the field in his memory, running and holding his father's glove up in the air. "I got it, I got it!" little Edward shouted as the ball thumped into the glove.

    Renesmee stood frozen, watching the other children play. "It's all right," Bella said softly, giving her a little nudge. "Just remember to play human."

    Renesmee copied the other children for a while, experimenting with the swings and the rope ladder and the little merry-go-round. Bella and Edward got a few concerned looks from the other parents; to all appearances, Renesmee was a precocious toddler who was perhaps still too young to be spinning the merry-go-ground alone. But there was nothing supernatural about the picture, and they'd never see these people again anyway.

    It was nice to see her play with other children, even if she did look more like a tiny anthropologist studying a new culture than a kid playing with other kids. She didn't speak at first, but after a while she was laughing and chasing with the best of them. Nearly two hours passed before she rejoined Bella and Edward and their three-way game of catch got going. They kept it low-key until the other humans were gone.

    "Now let's really play!" she said, taking off at a run.

    After one last glance around at the familiar street and the surrounding minds to ensure they were alone, Edward wound up for a real pitch and let it fly. Renesmee leaped from the merry-go-round to the slide to the top of the swingset in pursuit. "I got it, I got it!" she shouted as the ball thumped into her glove.

    #inbox #well this one got away from me... thanks for feeding the muse! #edward#Renesmee#baseball#post-canon#fanfiction
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    The thing about Hunter is that his future is just so up in the air.

    Like I have very little doubt that Luz will get her ending with her found family and her mom and it will be good and feel right. I trust the Owl House crew with this. And continuing on, I trust that Eda and King will get their happy endings. I trust that Willow and Gus and even Amity will have happy endings with their family and friends- their lives continuing on and getting better.

    But for Hunter... for his ending to be a happy one there are so many more steps needed, and could go in so many different ways. At the end of this all he will still be a former child solider whose abusive parent(al figure) tried to kill him with nowhere to definitively go and no one who is certain to take care of him. As much as I ADORE Darius as Hunter's adoptive dad, in canon we've hardly actually seen that (which im sure is more the result of the cut season 3 but it's still a thing that we as a fandom are mostly filling in the cracks for.)

    So while Im sure Luz will have an ending that includes both of her families coming together and her awesome slice-of-life date with Amity- while I'm sure Gus and Willow will get to return to their families and hobbies and studies and continue to grow- while Im sure Amity will start to build a healthier family with her dad and siblings- I'm left wondering what's next for Hunter after all this.

    Cause just... so much more needs to happen for him after this for his happy ending to come about.

    #TOH #The Owl House #TOH Hunter #The Owl House Hunter #hunter wittebane #this is to say: I cannot stop reading fanfics about Hunter and i am HUNGRY for what ppl see happening to him post canon #cause this poor child needs so much and will have just. so much to work on #so much to work thru #extra so depending on how Belos is handled #like if he dies that still will leave hunter with SO MUCH #yall i just want this lil blorbo to be happy #i just want hunter to be happy #he's my lil blorbo ur honor
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    so glad that literally the entire Mega Man X fandom has decided that Zero is bi and X is gay and they're 100% together

    #look. #its canon in the manga why shouldnt it be canon everywhere else <3 #ZeroX #if you do not agree with me. well. I have news for you #MMX #<- tagged so mutuals who find me annoying can block my MMX posts #/lh
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    suga's best friend is daichi....'s mom

    #haikyuu!! #sugawara kōshi#sawamura daichi#sugawara koushi#daisuga #haikyū!! #hq#long post #featuring ocs: sugawara ninja and daisuga baby! #kintaro the dog is actually canon(the design is fanon tho)! #in an audio drama there's a scene where daichi's fondly talking about his dog named kintaro whom he just brought to the vet #mworks
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    i like dmfx well enough but im trying to figure out how ppl justify any sort of romantic pre ts arc like felix doesnt hate dimitri but he certainly thinks he does or like worse? which is that he doesnt even see dimitri as ‘dimitri’ at all. i also think dimitri is really passive abt the break between them to a certain degree. he accepts it as what he ‘deserves’ like he does not argue at all with felix about felix’s assessment of him or his vitriol. and we know from their c/b supports that after felix told him to fuck off and leave him alone he literally did so djdhsjsjdgss ???

    #this is the real reason i can’t sustain an interest in dmfx which is that i like pre ts #romantic arcs in addition to post ts but any sort of accurate pre ts dmfx is just like. #miserable TOO miserable for me i just cannot spend time in felix’s head when he’s thinking abt dimitri at the academy #it’s just sooo dehumanizing 😞 #also yes i do realize that as a dmcl shipper it is so cringe of me to be using canon against any other ship i dhsgsjsj dhdhd #i contain multitudes #x
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    #trying to read infinitelymints new canon adjacent fic but I’m rolling my eyes so hard #the idea that post tmh h and l weren’t as close is so ridiculous to me it’s completely pulling me out of the story #I’ll finish ch1 and see either way #waffle
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    fire emblem three mitris

    #in the tags of this low effort post i’ll make a confession #i don’t think anyone in game would use any of the popular canon nicknames for dimitri 😭 #*popular fanon #like dima mitri mitya #they’re all cute i just don’t see it djdhdjdjdj #x #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd
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    yeah well MY ideal “stobotnik confirmation scene” is a camp gay dance number. idk about you but that’s literally all i need

    #just envision it in ur minds eye. idk what song it’s hard to choose there’s so many songs u could do #evil grows being the obvious one #agent stone#dr robotnik #sonic the hedgehog movie #sonic the hedgehog 2 #sonic movie #sonic movie 2 #stobotnik #‘stobotnik confirmation scene’ in quotes cause i genuinely do not think they’re ever gonna make it Canon Canon #i’m perfectly fine with it being that way. but like. in my ideal yet realistic world #a ‘confirmation’ scene would be like the ultimate evil dance number . #like all these posts talking abt a kiss or an almost kiss when i don’t NEED THATTTT! i need them to. clenches fist. DANCE
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    #self ship#self shipping#f/o community#fictional other#romantic f/o #self shipping community #romantic fictional other #self ship community #fictional other community #f/o post #self insert community #selfshipper #self insert x canon #Goku black #cell first form #cell dbz#vegito#cooler dbz#broly#dbz broly#beerus dbs #beerus dragon ball super
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    New update! Heart of Steel Chapter 3 will finally be up by Thursday. No more waiting and no more excuses! Drake will finally reveal the truth of what his powers came from and how he’ll fit into the Heeler family!

    #self ship#self shipping#f/o#f/o community#fictional other #self shipping community #self ship community #fictional other community #f/o stuff#familial f/o #familial fictional other #self insert x canon #selfshipper #self insert community #f/o post#Bluey#disney bluey#bluey fanfiction#fanfiction
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    24.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    new little guy acquired: lio junior

    #lio junior#lio convoy#transformers#beast wars #beast wars ii #ur never gonna believe what i watched this week #this is like. the best approximation of the optimus/convoy look ive achieved so far. his visage eludes me... #anyways it was a bold move to give lio convoy a literal canon son. big fan of it #posting this immediately before i go to bed so i dont get embarrassed abt posting little scribbles and delete it #robins doodles
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  • ask-kimerako
    24.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    welcome back, mix-n-match expert.

    [He lets out a distorted snarl at that anon, all six hands now firmly grasping at the bars.]

    I̸'̶m̶ ̸N̵O̷T̵ ̶a̷n̵ ̶e̸x̴p̸e̷r̷t̸!̸!̶ ̶



    ̶N̴o̶t̵ ̵a̶n̸y̷m̵o̵r̷e̴.̸.̷.̴

    #ask-kimerako#ask#anon#kimera ko #kimera ko au #tc overloaded kimera ko #tales from the multiverse #therapy carpool #therapy carpool canon #post session 56 ask #event: kimera's overloaded mayhem #zalgo#angst
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  • ask-kimerako
    24.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    ugly? you look a bit... busy, but none of you is ugly.

    O̶h̷,̷ ̸k̷n̶o̷c̷k̵ ̷i̸t̵ ̵o̵f̵f̶!̶ ̷Y̶o̴u̵'̵r̴e̴ ̵j̵u̷s̵t̷ ̶s̶a̶y̶i̸n̴g̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̵ ̴t̸o̵ ̶s̴t̴o̷p̸ ̸y̵o̷u̶r̶s̶e̸l̶f̶ ̶f̷r̶o̷m̵ ̶g̴e̴t̵t̸i̶n̶g̵ ̵m̶a̷d̷ ̷a̷t̴ ̶m̴e̶.̴.̴.̵!̶ ̵I̵ ̷m̵e̸a̵n̸.̵.̸.̴

    [He wildly gestures at his 10 foot tall, mish-mash body.]

    "̷I̷f̶ ̸t̴h̴i̴s̷ ̶i̵s̵n̴'̶t̵ ̴u̴g̵l̷y̴ ̵t̵o̷ ̵y̷o̵u̴,̶ ̴t̵h̸e̵n̵ ̷w̷h̶a̷t̸ ̸i̴s̵ ̷T̸H̵I̷S̸?̴!̶?̸!̵"̵

    #ask-kimerako#ask#anon#kimera ko #kimera ko au #tc overloaded kimera ko #tales from the multiverse #therapy carpool #therapy carpool canon #post session 56 ask #tc season 4 finale #tw: body horror #angst#zalgo
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  • furys-burn
    24.05.2022 - 13 hours ago
    ❝ i don’t fit here anymore, do i? ❞   (KEITH & SHIRO)  @skyguarded​

    The cereal was a little stale but it got the job done well enough. Keith shoveled another mouthful down avoiding Shiro’s gaze which was hard to do in his tiny kitchen. He stared at the pieces of floating colorful rings slowly dissolving into a milky sludge hoping an answer would bubble up with the crumbs but nothing came. Just silence and memories and a gap that they have all been trying to fill since the mission ended and they were told to return to normalcy. A form that Keith still struggled to figure out the shape of. One that he didn’t know if Shiro was even capable of holding any longer. 

    ❛ No...no I don’t think you do ? ❜ He let the silence spin out with the quiet hum that was living in Black’s hull. He could sense Red nearby, stretched out beside her sister recharging for his next trip. She deserved it for rushing his ass back home after PIdge dinged him only to nearly 180° when he learned it was for some stupid Garrison PR stunt. ❛ I don’t think any of us can play the role of the happy little Paladin anymore. I’m definitely not staying for whatever they have cooking up for the anniversary. ❜

    #text #»🌙—Keith |  THREADS. #»🌙—Keith |  REL. | I Will Hear You Call (Shiro) #»🌙—Keith |  V: The extent of all my worthless rage (Post-Canon)
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  • dipper-the-destructor
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    i like to think in their happy daily life together post heart pt. 2 that catra and adora are talking one day abt the moment they both realized they were in love with the other (because obvi they've loved each other for pretty much the entire span of their entwined lives but it took SOME DAMN TIME to figure it out) and adora's like "i looked at you one day and you smiled at me and you were so pretty that i forgot anyone else was in the room and i realized i wanted to be able to look at you and be the one to make you smile every day forever etc etc" and she rambles on about how sappy and gross it was. then she's like "wbu :)" and she has her chin on her hands and shes kicking her feet back and forth and twirling her hair and catra's like "yeah uh. do you remember that one time when we were fifteen and i told that stupid fart joke and you laughed so hard milk came out of your nose and splattered all over the table. and then you passed out and your head smacked into the puddle of nose milk. that was it"

    #destructor leedles#she ra#spop#catradora #me? she ra posting in 2022? #its more likely than you think #i just know catra definitely loved her at her lowest lmao 😭 #adora does too. but catra just likes to keep telling that story #anyway this is completely canon. dont look it up just take my word for it
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  • casumarzuappreciator
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    for the ask game……… please,, your opinions on kurapika (hxh) or jughead (riverdale) 😳😳

    Its late but i can do both <3

    Kurapika is soooo cool and so gender oh my god i literally love him so much i really wish he you know...didnt disappear for half of hxh 😭😭😭 also i dont have much to say about kurapika but ive seen other peoples analysis of him and its so good hes a good character and i like seeing people discussing him but im mostly just like nodding and taking notes on the sidelines vzusbsksjskzz

    Jughead oh my god....riverdale is so.....why does anyone in riverdale dress they way they do why have i never seen him without that stupid hat on thats weird hes a weirdo Also riverdale will give you 3 new mental illnesses when you watch it so dguwvzpsjqpz idk this bingo doesnt work for my opinions on jughead which is that hes very fun to roast especially because hes played by...cole? Sprouse and hes kind of my blorbo but also i really really need to get back to watching riverdale fhdhhzjsks

    #AND SURE its not technically canon the main 4 ppl in riverdale arent in a polycule but come on youve got another season guys just write it #Riverdale posting#Hxh
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  • officialsteveharrington
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Ugh the st fandom is kinda exhausting

    #does anyone else just feel tense lately with the show so close to premiering or is it just me #obviously the fandom is divided #i saw a dumb post about how they wont entertain fan theories #especially about Billy #like...how boring can you be? #theorizing is the best part of enjoying media.... why do we HAVE to accept all the canon #i also saw someone go on a rant about how billy was a shitty person and he could have been better if he hadnt been raised by his crappy dad #but then they just kept talkong shit about Billy #they ran head first into the point amd still missed it #ugh i need a reason to go on a huge rant about Billy and sympathy lmao #someone talk to me about Billy pls im dying
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  • wilson-peach
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    No one left. Just us.

    #elden ring #radagon of the golden order #Radagon #godfrey the first elden lord #Godfrey#Post-canon
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