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  • outrunningthedark
    18.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    Season 5 Buddie recap, pt. II

    >> Here is part one ICYMI << Reminder that this recap is about Buddie/Buckley-Diaz scenes (including Eddie or Buck alone with Christopher) with mention of solo scenes that provide extra information. I included links to gifsets (and one video) for nearly everything. Whatever I couldn’t find on my own blog has been transcribed so you would have all the details.  And away we go...  5x11 // Outside Looking In For context: The spring premiere reveals Eddie’s new career post-leaving the 118: public liaison for the LAFD. He answers press inquiries and manages public relations from behind a desk. (He’s on Twitter a lot.) 🌈 Eddie on the treadmill trying to avoid dealing with the current state of his life. Relatable. 🌈 Buck (and Taylor) are at the Diaz house for dinner with both Eddie and Chris. Eddie notices Taylor isn’t eating and realizes Buck told her to have something before they came over because Eddie is not known for his cooking skills. Buck says “this is really good” while enthusiastically eating every last bite.  [Look to the right if you want to see what Eddie’s face was doing when he asked Taylor if her food was okay.] 🌈 ”All this time everybody thought I was a bad cook.” // “You were.” 🌈 Buck says Eddie should make the same meal when he returns to the 118. Eddie is visibly uncomfortable. A conversation ensues. I’ll let you watch the clip/read the transcript instead of posting a summary. [gifset // gifset] 🌈 Buck talks to Bobby about Eddie not wanting to return to the 118: “Did you know Eddie’s not coming back to the 118?” “I suspected as much when he asked for a transfer.” “I know, but i-it was supposed to be temporary, like Chimney, you know? Th-They're supposed to come back.” “They are coming back.” “I don't know. I-I had dinner with Eddie last night, and-and he seemed...” “He seemed what?” “Different.” 🌈 The 118 responds to a trucking bombing call that wasn’t technically about Buddie. But lbr. It was about Buddie. 🌈 i only have eyes for you.mp3 (trust me. it fits.) 🌈 The Diaz boys FINALLY discuss Eddie’s decision to abandon firefighting. 🌈 Eddie visits Bobby to talk about rejoining the team. // It does not go well. Bonus: gifset of the Diaz boys 5x13 // Fear-O-Phobia 🌈 Eddie is in therapy again. Everyone cheered. The following conversation takes place between Frank (the therapist) and Eddie to prepare us for the end of the episode: “Can't put all your feelings in a box, Eddie. You might think if you're strong enough that it'll hold. But at some point, that box is gonna blow open.”  “And take me with it.” “You and anyone else around you.” 🌈 Buck is happy to receive a phone call from Chris, until he realizes “Something’s wrong with Dad!” 🌈 Buck rushes over to the Diaz house to first check on Christopher before breaking Eddie’s bedroom door open // another gifset of Buck’s concern 🌈 Buck puts Christopher to bed, letting him know they’re still gonna be right outside his door if he needs anything. Buck says Christopher “is still scared out of his mind”, but “He’s not the only one.” 🌈 Eddie explains that his breakdown happened after he found out all four squad members he saved in Afghanistan are now deceased. “I pulled them out, but I didn’t save them.” (This scene is how the episode ends.) 5x14 // Dumb Luck 🌈 Diaz boys have breakfast, but it’s not what it looks like  Eddie awakens from his nightmare to find Bobby in his house with a cup of coffee: “What time is it, and where's Christopher?” “Buck already took him to school, figured you could use the sleep.” Bobby also confirms that he knows what happened to Eddie’s former squad because Buck told him. 🌈 The Diaz boys have another late-night convo in the kitchen where Christopher notes that his father “seems” sad, and Eddie explains that talking to Frank is hard because he asks a lot of questions. “But it's still a good thing to do, so I'm gonna keep talking to Frank, and eventually I will feel better.” The things that make you sad, am I one of them?” // “Never.” 🌈 Eddie returns from his latest therapy appointment and finds Buck cleaning up after finishing an art project with Christopher: “Hey.” “Hey.” “How'd it go?” “Usual. Crack myself open for 50 minutes, walk out feeling like I was hit by a bus.” “I think that means it's working.” 🌈 That art project I mentioned? Buck misunderstood the assignment. 🌈 Buddie’s expressions as Eddie questions whether “what we do for a living that makes us need therapy” is worth it. 🌈 Read this to see how Hen (and Lucy) inspired Buck to do something for Eddie. // And here is a gifset of Buck reminding Eddie how he saved Charlie’s life before being shot. Bonus: Buckley-Diaz family entering the equestrian center Bonus #2: Personal space? They don’t know her. 5x15 // FOMO 🌈 May and Eddie discuss a social media influencer who got stuck in a sauna and ended up with severe burns (Eddie is in italics): “High price to pay for living a fake life...You think her regular life was that bad?” “Maybe she felt like she was missing out on a life she could have had, if she'd been born someone else or made different choices. Don't you wonder about stuff like that?” “Not really.” [He’s a lying liar who lies.] 🌈 “no thoughts only geriatric buddie learning/using trendy terminology” 🌈 May and Eddie have a second conversation after watching a video of the social media influencer in the hospital: part i // part ii 5x16 // May Day 🌈 Firefighter Eddie Diaz...is back. 🌈 “This is Diaz. Buckley and I are on two.” 🌈 “He’s been waiting months to say that.”  🌈 Buck and Eddie find Carson (the dispatch center’s electrician of the day) in the electrical vault. Buck tries to use his past experience of getting his leg crushed by a firetruck to assure Carson he’ll be good as new. He goes a little too far and Eddie makes him stop talking. “You guys should take this act on the road.” 🌈 Eddie wanted a sign from God to help him figure out what he’s supposed to do about his career, And he got it. [alternate gifset] 🌈 Taylor’s in the room? Buck doesn’t care. He’s got Eddie now. Bonus: this pretty gifset with added rainbow lighting  5x17 // Hero Complex 🌈 Buck is at the Diaz house watching Eddie pack for a trip to El Paso to celebrate his dad’s retirement (with Christopher). “Why don’t you just get a later flight?” “...as someone who also comes from a screwed up family...” [Eddie’s family is not screwed up. “Just my dad.”] Buck asks what’s gonna happen “when [your dad] starts to get in there and push your buttons”: “There's a hotel twenty minutes away, three-and-a-half stars. Chris is really gonna like the pool.” 🌈 When Eddie reaches El Paso, things don’t start off great between he and his dad, but they eventually come to an understanding and Eddie is visibly affected by his dad’s willingness to repair their relationship. [Eddie wanting to live for himself/be better for himself and Ramón loving his son for who he is are key moments when discussing Eddie’s journey towards self-acceptance and where it will lead him.] 5x18 // Starting Over 🌈 Buck and Eddie are in Eddie’s bedroom repairing the holes in his walls from the night of his breakdown. “Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m the guy who wants to fix everything.” “Hey. Comes in handy when you have a bunch of holes in your walls.” [alternate gifset] 🌈 Buck discusses his relationship. Eddie has some advice. 🌈 Ravi wasn’t even with the 118 three years ago and yet he somehow knew exactly what to say. 🌈 Buck is SO close to getting it. Like. Unbelievably close. 🎉🎉🎉 I must interrupt your scrolling to celebrate BT BONES!!!!!! WE MADE IT, FAM!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Here’s a fun parallel to celebrate.  🌈 this love isn’t unrequited, they're just the biggest idiots 🌈 Okay, so. I said Firefighter Diaz was back in May Day, but this time I really meant it. I don’t think anyone was happier than Buck. 💖 Well. Now that we’ve got all that out of the way... SEE YOU FOR SEASON SIX!!!!!!!!!! 🍾🥂🎇

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    i was tagged by @goodboyfemme to spell my url with the first letter of song titles, not repeating any artists. definitely a toughie, but i’ll do my damndest

    Boyfriend by Dove Cameron

    Aloe Lite by Good Kid

    Paper Planes by Dios

    Hayloft II by Mother Mother

    Off the Lot by Akintoye

    Melatonin by Silversun Pickups

    Every Single Night by password:password

    Thumbnail by Louie Zong and Brian David Gilbert

    Swing on Sight by The Sonder Bombs

    Gaslight by WILLOW

    Inarticulation by Rio Romeo

    Razzmatazz by IDKHBTFE

    Lost in the Citadel by Lil Nas X

    Closer to You by Wellmess

    Out of Sight by The Beths

    Catabolic Seed by The Scary Jokes

    Kudzu by Left At London

    @janesgaystuff @good-bitch-in-heat @boytoyfaun if any of u wanna do this, be my guest!

    #this is pretty much all my favorite artists jdfbjghb
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    18.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    total honesty, he freaks me the fuck out and i don’t want him to have a single person who loves him

    #character hate#i guess #i'm pretty sure he's supposed to be hated though #seeing as how he's a goddamn nightmare crammed into a soviet uniform
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    18.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Diana, do you think Ares really has changed?

    Diana sighed before rolling her eyes. "Why would he have bothered getting me to safety after that battle with our grandfather if he hadn't? Even if he didn't want to kill me himself, all he would have had to do is just... not help me."

    #muse: diana #v: introducing the league #answered#diana answers #i'm pretty sure Diana's been asked this before #oh well!
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    no, no... The cutest here is you, please. I'm dying and my heart can't take it

    Fuck, just kiss me instead, please please kiss me. I need your lips

    *cupping your face and bringing my lips to yours, eyes shut tight*

    - Sanzu (Your Haru)

    *giggling softly against your lips, eyes drooping shut*

    ‘m sleepy, baby

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    yang hyuk please spare me Im dying here (~_~;)

    #hes literally so hot #and I am a weak man #you cant really blame me though #just look at him #hes so pretty #hyuk#yang hyuk #omega x hyuk #omega x#bakedpotato
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    Second Hand Wonderland by Kontrust is my entire gender tbh

    #luly talks #i love kontrust :) #that album has so many fucking bangers its just so ugh it FUCKS i love it sm #like police and hocus pocus and MONKEY BOY MY BELOVED and uhhh falling too!! i love falling #check out Kontrust its a pretty cool band and also both singers are hot :)
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    18.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago


    #I got like 11 new followers on Instagram today #I had 66 so that’s pretty good #love both of them #they had 4/5 of my most listened to songs of 2021 on Spotify Wrapped #and I’ve known them both for years #grace vanderwaal #no I won’t shut up about people sharing my drawings of them #noahfinnce#noah finnce#Noah adams#drawing#my drawing#art#my art#Instagram#music
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    *blushing profusely*

    Princess!!! Ahhh...


    I don't know what to do now... I'm melting

    - Sanzu (Your Haru)

    heheh the absolute cutest look at you ^.^

    #cat’s pretty boy<3
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    18.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    is she-hulk supposed to be a parody or something cause that trailer is so cringey

    #like even for marvel the 'comedy' in it us pretty sad #dl
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    18.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    I can spend like 2 hrs working on this graphic but I can’t make thE DAMN BLOG…

    #‘ ▌♦ : ooc ─ ( kiwi ). #actually the blog is technically made I just can’t finish my doccccc #I should just release her w/o her backstory god #anyways I love this banner ngl #this is sumire’s celestial form … I love her she’s so pretty
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    Check out my YouTube❗❗


    #i wanna be th1n #skinnni #i want to be th1n #4n4r3x1c #i want to be pretty #getting skiny #i wanna be sk1nny #bella hadid#kate moss #not pr0 4na #ed #not pr0 anything #not pr0 4n4 #not pr0 mia #not pr0 m1a #pretty girls#model #i want to purge #i want to be a skeleton #tw ed in the tags
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    Hcs: you drive or want to drive a crappy vintage car, you dont eat bologna, and you prefer a basket over a cart at the store

    GODDD yes I really want to drive a vintage car so bad one dayy❗😫

    and I FEEL like somehow you've seen me trying to look like I'm not struggling to carry my heavy basket around the store fhdjsk

    + I like bologna actually :-]

    #talk radio [asks] #spiritmoon23 #literally this was pretty specific lol thank u for the ask
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  • dearharuchiyo
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    Course m'your baby

    *melting into your lips*

    - Sanzu (Your Haru)

    mhm mhm my sweet baby, sweetest in the whole wide world

    #cat’s pretty boy<3
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    18.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    A better suggestion would be learning how to make a good 'Nasty Meal'. A meal that looks like hot garbage and tastes like the divine gods themselves delivered a cheesy blessing unto your household. May I suggest mixing Mac'n'Cheese with sloppy joe meat. throw some green onion in there, technically a vegetable. Enjoy. -Birb


    One thing. I don't know how to make mac and cheese from scratch. Oh, but- It'd be just fine with the stuff out of the box, right? I'll try that. And I will enjoy!!

    Wait, actually, is there a vegetarian version I can do for Honey?

    #Mac and cheese with some onion on its own does sound pretty good. #Could just omit the meat and call it good. #I'm gonna make so much food~ #🐤 toxic.excess
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    18.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago


    AND I LUV U < 3

    #୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ mooties #your theme is very pretty!
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  • shiftywing
    18.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    seeing people say that blaze should die and like. no stop that. who's going to look after glacier's children?? who's going to raise mink?? my point precisely

    #yes she may have lost pretty much everyone in her life that she cared about. but she should still get a chance to be happy yk #also i'm not saying that the only reason she should stay alive is to raise children obviously. that was an example #i have more to add on but i'll do that later #seeing that it's nearly 10:30 rn #wof #wings of fire #blaze#blaze wof#wof blaze#princess blaze
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