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  • hoax1918
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Primo you crazy fxxker!

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  • beepbeepsan
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Have you seen this? I think of it every time I see or am reminded of the scene in the sunflowers.

    😆 I had not, but thank you for sharing! So true. Hilarious that these two characters can make one question their personal sense of morality - but in two entirely different ways!

    #going a little feral over primo atm #but nicky will always make my brain go WHIRRRRRR #nicolo di genova #primo nizzuto#sunflower scene#trust fx #the old guard #ask#astrabear
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  • beepbeepsan
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    so maybe i'm on a primo nizzuto kick. can you blame me

    #come on #the man makes me go fucking feral #also I blame vio for contributing to my primo mood #primo nizzuto#trust fx
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  • spacegirlsgang
    14.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The creators of Trust (fx) actually wanted Primo to be in some state of undress at some point in the show, but they knew that the girlies (me) would have to be taken out back and put down due to rabid like symptoms

    #hmmm I don’t think I’ll spare you all from this <3 #mainly because it’s fucking hilarious to me #so anyways yeah as I was saying I’d f-*gunshot* #trust fx#primo nizzuto #he’s my pretty little princess 💖 #mine
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  • rancido-bot
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The brilliant comedic timing of Leonardo telling Francesco he'll only be a man when he's got a child of his own to take care of, directly followed by Primo, the man child himself, angrily hitting the Alfetta's horn outside

    #trust fx#primo nizzuto #actually this is a tragic tale about patriarchy and the alienation of the childless and queer and so on #just kidding#unless
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  • oldguardiannewtricks
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Time to re-watch Trust from the beginning.

    Trust begins at Episode 3-that’s just facts.

    #luca marinelli#primo nizzuto#this bastard #the cinematographer really did understand what was needed #the blue suit is so damn pretty #and that blue against the sunflowers #just me losing my mind again
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  • nicolos
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    I don't dance I work I don't play I slay I don't walk I strut, strut, strut and then sashay
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  • catholicnicky
    06.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Primo with Snow White symbolism for the Art Guard Server's May prompt "fairytales."

    ID. The character, Primo, from the show, Trust FX shown smoking with his hand close to his mouth and looking off to the side. He is wearing dark pants, a dark blue shirt and a navy colored long sleeved jacket. Behind him is a rectangle cropped background of a winter forest, and billows of snowy clouds between the character and the background. END ID.

    Because I had done a Luca characters as fairytales set with moodboards last summer for the lmmbingo (so the points made below are repeats from that), imagine my absolute delight when I joined the Art Guard server and the first prompt I get to partake in is for fairytales?? Perfection ~

    Now how do I figure Primo has the Snow White vibes for a Trust AU? Well -

    Primo has some effed family dynamics where he's seen as both expendable and yet a threat by others.

    A kingdom divided by a narcissistic Queen (cough cough Getty cough cough).

    Stuck in the woods with a bunch other men, waiting for the final act of a snow capped scene where he'll return to the castle to sit on the throne in the end ;)

    Also, let's say Snow White is the name of the new cocaine brand hitting the docks lol

    Click below the cut in order to see the above version with some blood splatter, because of course Primo would be able to defend himself just fine from anyone trying to cut his heart out ~

    ID. Image ID is the same as one above, however this version also features various splatters of dried blood on his clothing, hand and face. END ID.
    #prompt based art #primo nizzuto#trust fx #the art guard #the art guard server #fairytale aus#my art #I'm actually really delighted with this background bc usually I use a an app to filter some photo #but I drew this one with some new brushes and yeah just plesantly surprised :) #tw blood#blood tw
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  • cookiemom6067
    29.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Recorded for @kenzarelli-intothemultiverse

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  • rancido-bot
    26.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Just rewatched that part when Paul on the run manages to call his mom and then Primo picks the phone up. I completely forgot that he imitates Gail's "Paul, Paul" calls in the feeblest little voice. What's wrong with him? What's not wrong with him?

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  • the-heart-of-leo
    25.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Me finally getting around to watching Trust (FX)

    Expectation: A gritty Mobster Kidnapping story. Also Luca Marinelli’s ass.

    Reality: Everyone single person is either an idiot, an asshole, or both. Also Luca Marinelli’s ass.

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  • rancido-bot
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I wanted to make a long post about the fandom's insistence that Primo is canonically gay or gay coded and how it's wrong and stupid, but it just sounded bitter and like I was opposed to fun or didn't want to see Primo get pounded, which is very untrue.

    So I'll just say the evidence is out there. Also please meet some Italians. It will blow your mind.

    #trust fx#primo nizzuto #gay or Italian?
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  • cookiemom6067
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    @loflight501 @kenzarelli-intothemultiverse

    Chapter 2 of Coffee Shop Love is up

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  • gavotteangel
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Fandom(s): Wolf, Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot/They Call Me Jeeg, Trust, A Dangerous Fortune, Martin Eden, Aladdin (2019), Rabat, Lasciati Andare, Bloedlink Ship(s): Primo/Rico, Majid/Fabio, Majid/Mickey, Jafar/Ettore, Martin/Zakaria Rating: E Fic Warning(s): Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death Chapter(s): 1/5 Summary: Majid and his friends just wanted a weekend getaway, but as relationships are built and tested, something sinister dwells beneath the surface. Soon Majid might find there is a thin line between dreams and reality.

    Author’s Notes: I somehow fell into a weird pit of obsession with Slumber Party Massacre II (the worst and BEST slasher movie ever!) and as Kenzarelli Multiverse month arrived, I couldn't resist trying to make a giant AU for it and stick as many ships in as I could possibly juggle. You don't have to see the movie to get what's happening, but the easter eggs and inspiration is heavily there.

    Most of the horror stuff is background and/or lowkey until the later chapters with the rest being relationship drama and smut, so if that's all you're interested in, then enjoy the first 3 or so chaps! :D The MCD warning is for later chapters!

    Hope y'all enjoy this hot, wet, and wild ride!


    #the great kenzarelli multiverse #immortal husbands adjacent #did i make Fabio the Driller Killer? why yes. yes i did #but glam rock instead of rockabilly #majid zamari#wolf 2013#jafar#aladdin 2019#primo nizzuto#trust fx#bloedlink #let yourself go #rabat #a dangerous fortune #slumber party massacre ii #martin eden#spm2 au#slasher au#my fic#PrimoRico
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  • lmzine
    14.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    [ID. An edited graphic featuring the actor Luca Marinelli holding a microphone and wearing a shirt that reads: “Pen Paper Peace." Above the frame are the words “lmzine 2022 - charity zine” in gradient font, and to the right a gradient font that reads “update.” The background is blue hues of watercolor splashes, and a vector of blue torn paper. END ID.]

    We just wanted to share a quick update: since we've gone live four days ago, we've already had several sign ups - including merch artists - as well as soft commitments from a few more.

    In the application form, our content creators are asked which top three Luca characters they would like to work on and here are some of the replies - some characters definitly had more than one request ;)

    Nicky from The Old Guard

    Primo from Trust FX

    Cesare from Don't Be Bad

    Guido from Every Blessed Day

    Walter Dorian from Diabolik

    Martin Eden from Martin Eden

    Fabrizio de Andre from Fabrizio de Andre

    Pietro from The Eight Mountains

    Lui from Ricordi?

    Gabriele from Waves

    So there will definitely be some variety for the digital zine in October 💙 On Monday I'll be sharing a digital mock up of a potential merch bundle we will launch with the kickstarter campaign in the fall - and until then, if you're interested please feel free to browse through the following links at any time.

    Introduction • FAQ • Applications

    #lmzine#lmzine2022#fandom zine#luca marinelli #pen paper peace #charity zine #nicky di genova #nicolò di genova #primo nizzuto#guido caselli#martin eden#cesare#walter dorian#diabolik #fabrizio de andre #pietro#lui#gabriele #the eight mountains #ricordi? #waves #I promise not to flood all these tags with each post 😅
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  • catholicnicky
    10.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Calling all Luca fans across the fandoms

    If you haven't had a chance to check out the four question interest survey for a potential Luca Marinelli fandom zine feat. a variety of characters he's portrayed - more details in this post - gentle reminder that the survey is closing tonight at midnight CST.

    Both content creators and fans are encouraged to fill it out so we can make an informed decision in regards to what we'll try to offer (anything from a digital pdf filled with art and fics, to a physical copy, and even bundles with merch). It all depends what the demand is for ❤️

    The best part is that all proceeds raised will be donated to Pen Paper Peace on Luca's birthday on the 22nd of October (so we would definitely love to start the creating process as soon as possible). Please feel free to reblog to signal boost and thank you to all those who already have. Have a blessed day 💕

    #luca marinelli #pen paper peace #fandom zine #the old guard #nicolò di genova #trust fx#primo nizzuto #they call me jeeg #fabio cannizzaro #il padre d'italia #paolo guerrisi #every blessed day #guido caselli#diabolik#walter dorian #and more! #the man has portrayed over two dozen amazing characters - the possibilities are endless #💕💕💕
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  • rancido-bot
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    My favorite Primo moment is when he has to walk his fat ass up the side of a mountain and he's huffing and puffing, basically keeling over while trying to smooth talk with Leonardo without coughing his lungs out.

    #primo nizzuto #exaggerated for nefarious reasons
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  • loflight501
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Primo, Mickey, Fabio: go on a six hour road trip with (no car radio, you choose who drives), sit next to on a six hour plane flight, sit across from on a six hour train journey

    I would definitely take Fabio on the road trip. He might kill me with his frantic driving, but at least I wouldn't have to drive and he'd entertain me with singing?

    I'd sit next to Primo on the plane ride because I think he'd be quiet and wouldn't judge the sexy fan fic I'd write while sitting next to him.

    I'd sit across from Mickey. I'm envisioning the sexy gif of him when he tries to seduce Edward. At least I'd have something pretty to look at on my trip!

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  • catholicnicky
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    [ID: a still of the actor Luca Marinelli, from the movie Ricordi?, walking in front of a mural. The font imposed reads: "Interest check for a Luca Marinelli characters charity zine. Donations goal - Oct 22nd. Chosen charity - Pen Paper Peace. Four question interest survey. End ID.]

    Hi everyone ❤️

    Just like the header says, I'm currently gauging interest through the weekend (with an update coming via a reblog on Monday - the 11th), about a potential zine for Luca Marinelli characters.

    The possibilities are almost limitless, with over two dozen characters among a variety of fandoms - including, but not limited to:

    🗡 Nicky from The Old Guard

    🍝 Primo from FX Trust

    📚 Martin from Martin Eden

    🎤 Fabio from They Call Me Jeeg Robot

    🍼 Paolo from There Is a Light

    👓 Guido from Every Blessed Day

    🖤 Walter from Diabolik

    And more!

    So if you would love to help support a wonderful charity, all the while celebrating the full range of characters Luca has portrayed and help get some more content for fandoms, please take a few moments to answer four questions via this Google form.

    Content creators, and nonncontent creators, are encouraged to reply in order to have a better understanding of the potential demands. Depending on the feedback we might have anything and everything from a digital zine, to a physical one, to possibly even a bundle with merch. This could be the first step to a wonderful project for a great cause, but first things first - feedback. Please feel free to reblog, because each one helps get the word out 💗

    Thanks in advance, and have a blessed day 🤗

    #luca marinelli#interest check#interest gauge#fandom zine #nicky di genova #nicolò di genova #primo nizzuto#martin eden#fabio cannizzaro#guido caselli#paolo guerrisi#walter dorian #please feel free to reblog to signal boost #the more form replies the better :) #thank you ❤️
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  • loflight501
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Chapters: 2/3 Fandom: Trust (TV 2018), Bloedlink | Reckless (2014), Tutti i santi giorni | Every Blessed Day (2012), The Mummy (2017) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Primo Nizzuto/Rico (Bloedlink), Guido Caselli & Rico (Bloedlink), Guido Caselli & Primo Nizzuto, Guido Caselli/Malik (The Mummy 2017) Characters: Primo Nizzuto, Rico (Bloedlink), Guido Caselli, Malik (The Mummy 2017) Additional Tags: Marwan Kenzari/Luca Marinelli Character Combinations, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Anxiety Attacks, Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Frottage, Hand Jobs, Semi-Public Sex, Hair-pulling Series: Part 2 of Coffee Shop AU Summary:

    It's been three months since Primo met Rico and he's been waiting (not-so-patiently) to finally take Rico out on a date. Will a visitor from Rico's past mess things up?

    A sequel to Coffee Shop Rescue.

    My submission for @kenzarelli-intothemultiverse event for the Fill in the Blanks and Cinnamon Roll badges.

    #the great kenzarelli multiverse #guido caselli#malik mummy#primo nizzuto#rico #tutti i santi giorni #the mummy 2017 #guido x malik #trust fx#bloedlink
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