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  • radiobabe
    16.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    my first girlfriend moved away after 3 months and my second girlfriend went to a mental hospital about 2 months after we started dating and if that doesn't sum up my dating life then idk what does

    #personal lol #I'll probably delete this later I'm just having Emotions and want to tell the internet about them apparently
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  • luthors-n-supers
    16.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    That piece of dialogue from the devil wears prada where Andy says “My personal life is hanging by a thread” and Nigel says “Join the club, that’s what happens when you start doing well at work. Let me know when your whole life goes up into smoke, that means it’s time for a promotion.” Yeah that shit is resonating with me so hard rn.

    #I feel like my family and girlfriend hate that I’m giving so much of myself to the campaign I’m working for #they constantly feel the need to remind me of my work/life balance #they don’t understand why I answer calls at random times or why I don’t have a set schedule for work #they don’t understand campaigns and have only worked 9-5 jobs which is why I understand their concern #but it’s so frustrating to have to explain that campaigns don’t have set schedules and that you’re basically always working until the #election rolls around #will probably delete later #work related #my family and gf are giving me the silent treatment for workin and it sucks lol #I genuinely do think I’m gonna get a promotion and will be offered a field director position soon tho sooo
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  • ordinaryxxgirl
    16.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    I think it’s time for me to go fight my brain for a bit, ahaha...

    #{Out of Love | OoC} #Imposter Syndrome is a blast /s #I'll probably be fine but I need to convince myself I'm not annoying people and that my writing is actually halfway decent at worst lol #I'll probably lurk if anyone needs me on IMs though I guess #Or I'll be on Discord
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  • ansutamusic
    16.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    what was the cringiest fandom you were in because I think everyone was in a cringe fandom once in their life :p

    dare i say hypmic bc god. tbh where do i start first.

    the god awful community. the god awful antiblack seiyuu. everything in the hypmic fandom is so BAD i literally forgot i was even into hypmic

    the only time ill probably get back into it is to listen to some (keyword: some) of the good music and forget it exists for the next few years

    #tbh i probably shouldnt even say some femme fatale is the only good song they have bc reol n giga composed it LOL #anon
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  • li-taiye
    16.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    TAEYEOB FOR PAULA MONTH ♡ DAY 16 ♡ @taeyeobs

    #coffee connoisseur ☕️✨ #probably the only thing that you’re not twinning lol #onlyoneof#yoojung#lee taeyeob #.m #.0522 #lyonet
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  • devilsskettle
    16.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    dani midsommar is so sweet and kind and really trying to stay positive and polite to others in literally unimaginable circumstances and nobody in the whole movie is even a little bit nice to her except to manipulate her. kms

    #midsommar #i feel like midsommar had such a Moment when it first came out and then everyone decided it was cringe or something #and i don’t think that’s fair to it as a movie at all. people were making it about girlboss behavior then suddenly were like #oh actually it’s white woman self victimization so it’s bad #when neither of those things are The Point of the movie at all or integral to the experience of watching it #the gone girl-ification of midsommar. if you will. #people hyped it up a little too much at first but then swung hard in the other direction lol #it’s a good movie though!! a decent fucking movie #does make me want to do shrooms for real #i’ve only done like. shrooms lite (psilocybin capsules. great high but you don’t trip at all) #probably not the ‘correct’ response since they use drugs to disorient and manipulate her but. whatever #anyway midsommar was on right after the lighthouse so i’m having A Night
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  • sammy-smiles-531
    16.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    To be honest…

    If Weiss/Marshmallow turned into a hedgehog… what would Sven do in that situation.

    For some reason I see him attempting to paint their quills pink with animal safe dye to make her look like Amy Rose.

    (Or maybe dye it black idk lol)

    #blush blush #blush blush ramblings #yes people have actually dyed hedgehog quills #probably not a good idea lol
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  • this-should-do
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    weve got a superiorly designed mitchell, a quick older mitch, a nick and an adam, the most cringe ass nae nae babies i can think of but god dammit they have won me over, so god help me lol

    #mitchell shephard#adam hdtf#nick hdtf #hunt down the freeman #half life #tagging hl just incase cuz it is half life but also ykno lol #also i dont care what berken says they bfs and nobody can tell me different lol #im being so cringe and having the time of my life doing it lol #feels like im going 100 miles an hour in a school zone doing this and by gummit is it fun the law cant stop me #jdhdhskkfhd #anyways sorry regualr hl fans for this but this shitty ass game has stolen my heart probably cuz i went into it fully ready to appreciate #it for what it is #dog shit an di love it for it even if it took 10 of my us american dollars lol #idoindeeddraw #anyways evil laighing rn for many reasons
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  • glammoose
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Turns out fucking around in the back of a truck is way easier IRL than in Blender. Who woulda thought

    #it's hard to see well enough to get them worked around the wheel wells and shit #I'll probably get there eventually lol #chatter
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  • perryparrotfish
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Considering how his place is abandoned, I would say mildew... And maybe a faint hint of rust from old keepsakes he might have? Other than that, if I were to go based off of his colors alone... Maybe star fruit, or ashes (b/c the red optic)... And a hint of tropical skittles.

    "The rust and mildew I try to keep an eye on, but when your "room" is by the plumbing area there's only so much a fish can do!"

    "The idea of smelling like skittles is fun though!"

    #lmfaooo #anthro perry would probably smell like fruit though #tropical boi would eat everything lol #meme
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  • pftones3482
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Underrated Isabella look tbh

    #i love her #isabella garcia shapiro #phineas and ferb #pnf #bex rewatches pnf #wizard of odd #forewarning i'm rewatching like rn lol so be ready for random posts and thoughts that are probably deep for an almost 15 year old show \
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  • phaedraismyusername
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    People who reblog those lists that are like *send me an icon and tell me what you really think of me* are insane... does nothing scare you people?? The idea alone makes me nauseous 😩 lol

    #what if everyone thinks youre ugly and boring?? #what then #if *one* person said they hated me id probably cry lol #let alone an ask box full of em 😩
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  • skleeakacandaceflynn
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


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  • ray-rain-cloud
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    #all of us probably #not really but that's funnier #lol
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  • thepavementsings
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    Pierre feels the door to the cafe open before he sees it. A wave of stifling summer heat spreads in between the worn out booths and across the countertop from which he picks at the remnants of his turkey club. Pierre chews around a cold piece of rogue bacon idly; the lunch hour rush has come and gone, leaving only the sound of his foot tapping against the frame of his barstool and the distant hum of Sylvie washing plates in the kitchen. She'll lean her hip against the doorframe soon, drying her hands on a cloth and trying not to look around him towards the old radio clock at the edge of the table that must read: enough time to clock out early and pick the babies up from school yourself if you hurry. 

    To Pierre it just reads 3:30.

    Maybe it’s the unanswered emails from his agent about the book deal he’s been dragging his feet on, or the message from his Maman about coming home for Lundi de Pentecôte, but there’s something that keeps him there until she will, even if the padding of the seat below him often leaves his back achy in the morning. Pierre can feel the creak in his hip building, his early morning plans to take Guismo to the trails feeling ambitious already. He can hear Pyry’s voice echoing There is always a next level to push to, we just have to give ourselves into it. Of course, that’s easier to say when the next level used to be a world championship, and not a nagging reminder from an old friend about his doctor’s prescribed daily exercise recommendations.  

    He winces then, when the the sound of the door chimes slip him out of his ruminations. Pierre turns to grab his jacket, satisfied to leave Sylvie on her own to deal with whatever company her newest patron brings when a long arm comes into view, gesturing towards the sign behind the counter that reads Lunch Clubs Now Half Price. Chicken or Vegetarian Available.

    “These are the only things you can get here, or is there a menu somewhere in this place that I missed? That looks like turkey to me.” Esteban asks. He nudges the edge of Pierre’s plate, sounding amused. 

    “They’re about to close. And it is turkey, but I know the owners.” Pierre responds, but Esteban is already moving off the barstool next to him and picking at the jar of straws at the end of the counter. Pierre always thought he looked stupid, pushing the edge of the straw into his hip and peeling it out of the paper wrapping with his teeth. 

    Pierre makes a small noise of complaint, watching as the clock flips over to a quarter to the hour. The school buses will be rounding the street corner soon, windows latches open to let out the May air, hot and thick. 

    Esteban slips into one of the booths, smiling at Sylvie when she walks out from the back with an old menu and a water. Pierre watches the sweat of the glass drip down the back of Esteban’s hand when he takes it from her. He slides into the booth across from him with a huff.

    They sit in silence for a while, Pierre keeping his eyes anywhere but on the way Esteban has bowed his head over his phone, scrolling through what looks like Slack open in front of him. Pierre wants to rip the phone out of his hand and dump it in the ice water sitting front of them 

    “Cap Ferret is pretty far from Paris,” he says instead. 

    “And yet, it doesn’t feel like it once you get here, does it?” Esteban responds, and he’s smiling a little.

    #ORRRR something #make him DEPRESSED and REPRESSED but then fix it :) #something something there's like 12k worth of PLOT in my mind about this #plot is a big word dont say plot but #this is NOT a pierresteban fic but who better to come around and make pierre realize he's miserable and its probably his own fault #anyways BYE #Cap Ferret Au #or something LOL PLEASE DONT COLL ME #I read this over approx half a time dont sorry dont look at this lmao
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  • aveula
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    A Jason

    #batfam#batfamily#jason todd #jason todd fanart #my art #artists on tumblr #dc comics#batfam art#batkids#batfam sketch#drawing#dcu#batman #red hood and the outlaws #realistic portrait #red hood art #red hood fanart #red hood #bro i worked 4 days on this drawing and i. ruined the nose so i hate it #will probably delete lol #also sorry abt the no white hair streak im just tired rn and i just wanted to get this peice done
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  • pirenja
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Unintentional questions raised by pondering on the protag swap: If Kon was a mod soul who had not previously been exposed to a physical form outside of a capsule (likely, given his self reported time frame of creation at ONE STINKING DAY before all mod souls were ordered destroyed) .. Was Kon’s idea of his own maleness inherent, or was it inherited from Ichigo, since it was the first body he was exposed to? In an Orihime swap, such as the Red Version AU, would Kon consider himself a girl since his first exposure of a physical form would be...Orihime? Or would his first experience of freedom be paired with an unhealthy dose of body dysphoria? Would a mod soul created to be a convenient body-shunter-outer / corpse inhabiting war weapon even have an idea of a “correct” body? A unique identity at all? (Obviously, given Kon’s case, the last question at least is a resounding ‘yes,’ even if that identity is limited to freedom and survival, but the ones before are...still murky...)

    Given the rules of shounen comedy I’m sure that such a question would be played for horny laughs, complete with canned laugh track in the background; however, I am not beholden to the rules of the genre at large and also I’M GENUINELY TROUBLED by this question.

    Ideas of identity in the absence of social contact are thorny at the best of times, and given the added layer of an ‘artificial’ person such as robots, genetic experiments... mod souls... Every single construction of ‘youness’ is both discouraged and its authenticity called into question-- which Kon originally deals with when he’s first introduced!

    #bleach red au #kon #......which is not a tag i ever thought i would use ever #given orihime's unique naming sensibilities (re: her wrestling persona name #- the shun shun rika- etc etc... i think she would have chosen the coolest possible dorky name for a potential super cool mod soul friend) #(So probably a pun on 'Kai' instead of Ichigo's 'Kon') #LOL
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  • darkfawful
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    figuring out phase 3 Jolligig little by little, starting with shapes!!

    #jolligig#beanish#oc#super mario #mario and luigi #faffpics #my influences are probably very apparent in this one LOL
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  • memoir-of-stars
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I really am incapable of playing 1st person games. It always leaves me feeling physically sick, it’s awful and such a shame that this means I’ll never get to experience certain games, because there’s no 3rd person option...

    #Sabrina rambles #playing Skyrim in 1st person is horrible to me #had such a bad experience now with the game that I'll retain and probably return at some point lol #I can't be the only one who dislikes 1st person games asdfghjkl #If 1st person games have 1000 haters I'm one of them #maybe I'm gonna replay The Witcher 3 now #mmh
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  • dancing-in-a-storm-fearlesss
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Anyone want to go to prom with me cause like currently I am going alone and I feel like I'm disappointing my younger self

    #lol#jk #I'll probably just go with friends but like I really wanted to go with someone my senior year #ya know #except I hate everyone in my grade
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