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  • robloxdilf
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    pls help

    I don’t use this account that much anymore but I feel like this is the best place to sell anime figures and other such

    friend needs $30k in order to avoid closure, he’s selling anime figures, books, various anime blu-rays, LP records, and other items below in the google doc.

    it would be really appreciative if you guys could buy something in order to help, he would rather not be given money without giving something away during this time (but we’re trying to convince him lol), but if you do wanna just donate, ill try to ask  🙏

    dm me if you want to be in contact with him so I can give his discord. even if you can’t give anything, the best thing would be to reblog this post for other people interested in buying such and such.

    tags list animes that are on this list. thank you so much.


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  • solarzilla
    25.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Triceratops Fist

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  • games4kids
    20.12.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #роблокс roblox КоПанда БОЕЦ БАКИ в РОБЛОКС - Project Baki 2 - Аниме плейс
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  • sweetness-pop
    07.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Star Fox Dream Voice Cast(English): ROB-64

    ROB-64(NUS-64 in Japan) being voiced by Sam Riegel

    Riegel's roles include

    Shirou Emiya of Fate/ Series

    Isana Yashiro of K Project

    Baki of Naruto

    Mephisto Pheles of Blue Exorcist

    Zor of Sonic Lost World

    Phoenix Wright of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    & Teddie of Persona 4

    #star fox#starfox#rob-64#nus-64#sam riegel#fate/ #fate stay night #fate series#shirou emiya#k project#isana yashiro#naruto#baki#blue exorsict #ao no excorsist #mephisto pheles #sonic lost world #zor#persona 4#teddie #english voice actors #dream voice cast #nintendo #sorry it's been so long #phoenix wright#ace attorney #phoenix wright ace attorney
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  • horizonsworld-blog
    05.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Dream Reveals that I want to see happen:

    #anime#berserk #baki the grappler #touhou project#baki#shaman king #super smash ultimate #kimetsu no yaiba #demon slayer
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  • doppoorochisimp
    29.09.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Why are they like this?

    #simp.txt #I'm honestly sorry for talking bout yujiro sm lately the part of the manga im in is. all bout him :/ #baki the grappler #grappler baki#[Yujiro Hanma]#[Emi Akezawa] #before i go on to explain this meme can yall believe it took me this long to realize they werent married? like wow lmao! #okay that aside and first off this is NOT meant to throw shade at la finada Akezawa Emi was a terrible and disgusting mother but!! #she changed last minute which doesn't count for shit but alas its fineee #however this post projected in my brain as soon as i had to see Yujiro go in a rant about how he is in love with his son like 🧍 #like even if he didn't mean it romantically (itagaki please) there were SO MANY OTHER WAYS to get the message across like DUDE PLEASE... #like i PROMISE you yujiro you can exist without being a freak for 5 minutes i PROMISE you... #like god why cant Baki have normal loving parents? :/ #notice how i edited bugs' eyebrows btw lol ☺️ #but honestly the whole ''im in love with baki :)" thing gave me such whiplash like. i dont wanna remember cuz i bluescreen again JAGSHSGAH #at least Doppo was there which was nice always pleased to see him 🥺👉👈 #his reaction when Yujiro confessed his feelings was absolutely priceless too tbh mf went ????? verbally somehow JAHSJSGHSGS
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  • mugenfinder
    03.09.2021 - 8 monts ago
    #Touhou Project#keine kamishirasawa #Fujiwara no Mokou #Baki the Grappler #Mugen Gameplay
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  • blackporls
    22.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    shinogi brothers indulgence

    #baki the grappler #grappler baki#baki dou#kureha shinogi#kosho shinogi#digital art#sketches#por marcela #artists on tumblr #i like forgot how to draw them so there even less consistency lol #emo kosho is good but glam emo kosho is better #kureha. but blasian. #they are both very trans and i want what they have #am i projecting? maybe so.
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  • itsmoonknight
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    PROJECT BAKI 2 HOW TO GET MOON KNIGHT + SHOWCASE!!! Hello guys finally found out how to get moon knight so yeah lets get this showcase over with :) JOIN MY DISCORD FOR HELP IN ... via YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVunt8zXb90

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  • itsmoonknight
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    PROJECT BAKI 2 MOON KNIGHT SHOWCASE!!! Showcase of Moon Knight Curently there is no one in the game who knows 100% sure how to get it without robux JOIN MY ... via YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pMGPn6Bu90

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  • itsmoonknight
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Moon Knight Showcase Project Baki 2 *NEW* Hey for anyone who wants to know where to equip the style just go to the shadow man in city 2 where u equip devil fruits and ... via YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufLPoyaYmz8

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  • itsmoonknight
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Project Baki 2 Moon Knight Style Showcase My apologies if either my English is bad or if the quality of the video is lacking. I'm sick at the time of making therefore cant think ... via YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vxmLZcbehY

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  • dynared
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    This pretty much confirms Heartstopper isn’t getting a second season, and we’re getting more Dave Chappelle.

    Also, any incident like the Cowboy Bebop writing team having a self-appointed PC censor who flagged things as problematic will probably have that person either fired or told to shut the fuck up.

    When times are good, you can focus on things that don’t necessarily make money as long as they get clout, they’re someone’s pet project, etc, because the idea is that these things offer auxiliary benefits to the studio. Nowadays? It’s all hands on deck, which is why a lot of Tumblr favorite/pro social issues stuff is getting canned, why a lot of pet projects are getting canned.

    Netflix pretty much implied it with their reactions last month when they gutted their Western animation division. More Boss Baby, more Baki, less Bone.

    #netflix#bone#netflix animation #netflix cowboy bebop #live action one piece #will probably have Sanji go full Sanji
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  • jasmancer
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Accumulating an OVA watch list

    - Baki the Grappler (1994)

    - Project Akon

    - Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

    - Devilman

    - Gunsmith Cats

    - Bubblegum Crisis

    #theres more I cant remember rn. I really just recently learned what an ova was lmao #it speaks
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  • vbvewor
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Download yugioh gx sub indo mp4

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    #Download yugioh gx sub indo mp4
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  • coretankim
    26.02.2022 - 2 monts ago


    Pandanganya masih terpaku dicanvas sejak 10 minit yang lalu. Serabut. Semak. Sesak. Deringan phonenya menyapa lamunan dia.

    “ Assalamualaikum..” kedengaran suara wanita berusia lewat 50an dihujung talian. Dia melepaskan helahan nafasnya pelahan.

    “Waalaikumussalam” hanya menjawab sebagai protokol adab melayu.

    “Adik balik hujung minggu ni?” Dia melihat jika-jika ada waktu lapang untuk pulang kerumah. Macam tiada.

    “Belum pasti mak, dah hujung-hujung sem ni busy sikit. Banyak benda kena siapkan. Mini project untuk event sabtu ni pun masih ada baki kena settle kan” dia sekadar menyuarakan serba sedikit jadualnya yang padah. Mengalahkan menteri negara. Ceh!

    “Takpelah dik, kalau sempat jenguklah rumah ye..” kedengaran hampa. Dia sekadar tersenyum kelat. Itu je ke maksud maknya? Tiada perkara lain? Macam ada udang disebalik batu. Tapi dia malas mahu ambil tahu buat masa ni. Cukuplah kepala dia yang hampir mahu meletup dengan rejection pensyarahnya tempoh hari. Ah sial! Mahu menangis menyembah bumi rasanya. Gelap rasanya!

    “Okay, Insyaa Allah mak...” talian telahpun dimatikan. Pandangan dia kembali ke canvas tadi. Masih terasa kosong walaupun penat dia melakar untuk memenuhi setiap makna disebalik lakarannya. Kosong. Betullah tu. Kurang emosi.

    “Kosong. Empty. Sampah ke ni?” Terngiang-ngiang suara Encik Bakri. Uh!

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  • apricotpicotty
    18.02.2022 - 3 monts ago


    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH HONG KONG AGAINST THE CCP!
    You both like mbti.
    Stranger: vau
    Stranger: neend aa rhi
    You: same
    Stranger: sachi
    Stranger: muchi
    You: but projects khatam karne hai
    You: :((
    Stranger: bio rhti :CCCC
    Stranger: baki sab ho gye
    You: yrrrr practical files khatam karne haii
    You: phy chem bio and cs saare:((
    Stranger: JANTA HUNHH
    You: term 2 chutiya haii
    Stranger: meine toh karlie muahahh
    You: nikal be
    Stranger: term 2 boht zyada bekar
    You: fr
    Stranger: term 2 cancel
    Stranger: term 2 gae
    You: pagal hai, school waale no. nhi dete
    Stranger: agar mein fail ho gya, toh tera naam ayega
    Stranger: haan
    You: haan "stranger" ka naam ayega
    Stranger: ok laxmi
    Stranger: LMASDFOASDOD
    Stranger: OK NICE
    Stranger: priya
    Stranger: shweta
    You: aye hayeee
    Stranger: riya
    Stranger: sutli bomb
    You: saare armature indian porn actress ke naam hai
    You: standards badhao
    Stranger: but still
    Stranger: ur name will be
    Stranger: sutli bomb
    You: hai kya sutli bomb?
    You: lemme google tht
    Stranger: green bomb
    You: ouuuuu
    Stranger: YES
    You: say no to crackers
    Stranger: yes but no
    Stranger: only sutli
    Stranger: sutli stan
    Stranger: i stan sutli
    You: wht's ur mbti type?
    Stranger: enpp
    Stranger: wby
    You: enpp kya hai be???
    Stranger: entp ka evolved version
    Stranger: bigpp
    Stranger: ENPP
    Stranger: HELL YEAH
    You: aye hayee aise mbti community ki bezaati ?
    Stranger: bruhhh
    You: duhh
    Stranger: alright pls dont cancel me
    Stranger: i take full accountablitliy
    You: nahi ab toh twt karna padega
    You: apology video banao
    Stranger: PLSSS
    Stranger: MAAF KARDO
    Stranger: MERE 2 BACCHE HAI
    Stranger: PLS
    Stranger: HUH
    Stranger: yes
    Stranger: muahahahh
    Stranger: i love kids.
    You: Jail waala part padha???
    Stranger: i mean
    Stranger: koi baat nhi
    Stranger: everything
    Stranger: is fare
    Stranger: in love and war
    You: FAIR!
    Stranger: FUCK
    Stranger: FAIR
    Stranger: SHIT
    Stranger: *FAIR
    Stranger: GOSH
    You: shaant bhai
    Stranger: fair and lovely
    You: racist
    Stranger: i mean
    Stranger: i used it tbh
    Stranger: in my childhood
    Stranger: yes
    Stranger: fair and handsome
    Stranger: fr
    Stranger: bruh
    Stranger: the smell
    Stranger: it was like literally so strong
    Stranger: my whole class used to get turned on
    Stranger: just from the smell
    You: yea i can totally imagine ur whole class licking you and shit
    Stranger: YES MASSIVE ORGY
    You: i regret imagining tht
    Stranger: ON PTM DAY
    You: yrrr PTM mazze aate the
    Stranger: bruh moment
    You: fuck corona
    Stranger: nhi
    Stranger: mujhe nhi aaye kabhi
    Stranger: i was a bad boy
    Stranger: the worst bad boy
    You: did you eat ur teacher's condom? or wht?
    Stranger: oh no
    Stranger: i just
    Stranger: got her pregnant
    Stranger: thats it
    You: ahhh tht's how u got ur kids
    You: makes sense
    Stranger: YESSS UR GENIUS
    Stranger: EPICC BIG BRAIN
    You: so like PTM ke din shaadi
    Stranger: dont tell anyoene
    Stranger: yes
    You: with parents and all the guests
    Stranger: full barat
    You: noiicee
    Stranger: dance mauj
    Stranger: then suhagraat
    Stranger: with everyone
    Stranger: because
    Stranger: my heart is very big
    Stranger: i give everyone gthe chance
    Stranger: YES
    Stranger: I LOVE IT
    Stranger: YOU SHOULD USE IT
    You: no thank you. i'm not interested in orgies
    Stranger: i mean... ur loss
    Stranger: muahahahhaha
    Stranger: fair and handsome stan
    Stranger: meow bole kitty cat
    You: we need sleep
    Stranger: true but
    Stranger: idk
    Stranger: i dont want to sleep
    You: SAME!
    Stranger: who...
    You: it's like you'll miss out on things if you sleep
    You: kya who...?
    Stranger: ...cares im just kiddin nvm
    Stranger: yes
    Stranger: ur right i can very much relate to that
    You: who cares
    Stranger: AREY
    Stranger: MAZAK THA
    Stranger: YAAR
    Stranger: COME ON
    Stranger: AHHHHHHHHHHH
    Stranger: PIZZA IMPASTA
    Stranger: SUSSY BAKA
    Stranger: SUSHMITA SEN
    Stranger: IM SORRY
    You: fucking weeb
    Stranger: ok i apologzine
    Stranger: zinnn zinn zinn zinnn
    You: rule 34 khol agle tab pe
    Stranger: zinn zinnn zinnn zinnn
    Stranger: zinn izinn
    You: there are sooooooo mant toji picsss
    Stranger: oggy theme nvm
    Stranger: ok wait
    Stranger: UHM
    Stranger: UHMMM
    You: yea ik
    Stranger: WHY
    You: why NOT
    Stranger: WHY WHY NOT
    Stranger: AHHHH
    Stranger: aight hmmm
    Stranger: what are ur hobbies
    You: idk does fucking cucumber cuz u don't hv a dildo count?
    You: music and art
    Stranger: OMG
    Stranger: PLS
    Stranger: music and art
    Stranger: thats very creative
    Stranger: oh wait you didnt told me
    Stranger: ur thing
    Stranger: mbti
    You: killingmyself-t
    Stranger: eh what
    Stranger: OHHHHHHHHH
    Stranger: i dont get it
    Stranger: im dumb
    You: yea
    You: idk these tests show intj 8w7
    Stranger: i only did one
    Stranger: that too cus someone told me too
    Stranger: INTJ IS EPIC
    You: never understood mbti but it's the only sensible community here on omegle
    You: it's not
    Stranger: YES LMAO SAME
    Stranger: BRUH
    Stranger: no horny people here
    Stranger: i mean excluding you
    Stranger: cus ur down BAD
    You: not for u dw
    Stranger: ouch
    Stranger: its okay, im used to it
    Stranger: PAIN is my bestie
    Stranger: #emo
    Stranger: #cake murderer
    You: yr gaane suggest karr i've listening to the same shit for the past 1 month
    You: been*
    Stranger: hmmm
    Stranger: its okay dont worry bout typos w me
    Stranger: aight
    Stranger: hmm
    Stranger: unchained melody - the righteous brother
    Stranger: idk u might like it or might not
    Stranger: lemme know
    You: it's not heave metal or metal right?
    Stranger: NOT AT ALL
    Stranger: just soothing old english classical mhm
    Stranger: i love em ah
    You: ou~~~ it's good frrr
    You: i can sleep to this
    Stranger: THANKS
    Stranger: yess
    You: where r u from?
    Stranger: ur dreams
    Stranger: ok that was lame
    Stranger: im from delhi hb
    Stranger: u
    You: aye hayeeee
    You: same
    You: reasonable
    Stranger: who..
    You: cares
    Stranger: yes
    Stranger: you are slowly turning into an entp
    Stranger: epicc
    You: doesn't matter tbh
    Stranger: HUH
    Stranger: !!!!
    You: 16 types for like 7bil+ people doesn't sit well with me
    Stranger: deep
    Stranger: very deep
    You: i helped my friend get back with her eex and i regret it
    Stranger: :^|
    You: ?
    Stranger: i just recieved ur message
    Stranger: it was glitching lmao
    Stranger: wait elaborate
    You: so like i was the one who introduced them to each other
    Stranger: hmm
    You: the they dated in 10th
    You: then*
    You: but broke up in 12th
    Stranger: hmm
    Stranger: how did they broke up
    You: thu text
    You: ik nibba nibbi
    Stranger: L + RATIO
    Stranger: gosh
    Stranger: yes keep going
    You: and since my bestie felt guilty she though of clearing some misunderstandings but today they decided to get back together
    You: i shouldn;t hv planned the get together
    You: tht's wht had happened
    Stranger: SO LIKE
    Stranger: you werent involved
    Stranger: i mean
    Stranger: you should not care
    Stranger: its their life
    Stranger: yk
    You: ikkk i shouldn'tt but she blamed me for her break up cuz i introduced him to her
    Stranger: yes
    You: and now tht they're back together it's most likely for them to break up again and bla bla
    Stranger: yes i get it
    Stranger: she is stupid
    Stranger: LMAO
    You: i'm trying my best to take no offences
    Stranger: no
    Stranger: listen
    Stranger: if she's bothering you
    Stranger: just, break the friendship
    You: we've been friend since nursery yrr aise nhi hota
    Stranger: i mean i get it
    Stranger: yk i was the 'clown of the class'
    Stranger: and like everyone
    Stranger: was my friend
    Stranger: from the begining
    Stranger: but after we all got seperated
    Stranger: literally everyone forgot
    Stranger: yk
    Stranger: it bothered me for a while
    Stranger: but then i just moved on
    Stranger: yk
    You: good for you fr. bold move u made there
    Stranger: mental health bro
    Stranger: its first
    Stranger: if she is actually bothering u
    Stranger: leave her
    Stranger: and if u think, she is just acting
    Stranger: yk
    Stranger: try to talk w her bout it
    Stranger: be direct
    You: 2nd option toh kabhi hoga he nhi lmao
    You: ewww the convo got boring fr
    You: anyways tell me somethin interesting about u
    Stranger: LMAO YES
    Stranger: HMMM
    Stranger: OKAY SO
    Stranger: i like music production
    Stranger: i mean rn, im very much into it
    Stranger: BRO ITS SO FUN
    You: and u took science ???
    You: aye aye worst choice
    Stranger: sadly..
    Stranger: AHH MAN
    Stranger: WORSTEST
    Stranger: u took science too
    Stranger: yes ofc
    Stranger: the practicals n all i remember
    You: frr vahiyad the :(
    Stranger: bhai sach mein
    Stranger: pointless hain
    You: pre boards strt honge next month
    Stranger: same
    Stranger: AHHHHHHHHH
    Stranger: CBSEEEEEEE
    You: and during tht time practicals bhi honge intaa vahiyad school hai istg
    Stranger: bruh i get it
    Stranger: but
    Stranger: BUT
    Stranger: BUT
    Stranger: ITS GONNA END
    Stranger: bro literally
    Stranger: ive been in school for like ever
    Stranger: its gonna end
    Stranger: in bout 4 months or so
    You: o
    Stranger: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH woh toh bhul hi gya
    Stranger: #depression
    You: yeh poora saal :((
    Stranger: pichle 2 saal
    You: therapy ke liye jaana he padega
    Stranger: covid
    Stranger: bruh yes
    Stranger: life is literally depressing
    Stranger: BUT
    Stranger: BUT
    Stranger: ENTP = BIGPP
    Stranger: WE FIGHT
    Stranger: AHUUUUUU
    Stranger: AHUUUUU
    Stranger: AHUUUUUU
    You: u should take ss of this and stick it on ur wall as a motivation
    You: ENTP== BIGPP
    Stranger: ENTPPPP BIGPP
    Stranger: bruh my sister omg shes so cringe
    Stranger: she used to stick yk
    Stranger: 'bts motivational quotes'
    Stranger: on the wall
    Stranger: um yes
    Stranger: feeling proud indian army
    You: she has taste shut up
    Stranger: i mean i love bts
    Stranger: but
    Stranger: the stanning thing
    Stranger: yk
    You: i agree with tht
    You: i love their music for sure
    Stranger: yes me too only music
    Stranger: thats it
    You: but the got-to-crazy fans tht's a bit too much
    Stranger: yes she WAS one of them
    Stranger: but now she is very
    Stranger: neutral
    Stranger: but still yeah
    Stranger: you cant say shit bout bts in front of her
    Stranger: LIKE ACTUALLY
    You: i would join her gladly
    Stranger: me too
    Stranger: #army
    Stranger: #cake murderer
    You: welp we talked a lot for sure
    You: i gtg now mate
    Stranger: indeed
    You: need sleep
    Stranger: yes ofc, heres my discord if you need melon#7930
    Stranger: it was fun talkin to you
    Stranger: goodnight!
    You: astxrim#1063 maybe
    You: bye gn!
    Stranger: :)
    You have disconnected.
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