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  • twcbelts
    25.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

                              𝐁𝐄𝐂𝐊𝐘     𝐋𝐘𝐍𝐂𝐇     𝐀𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐂 .      ∞

    #*  .  ・  ›   𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐒   𝐊𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐄𝐑      ˎ      visuals . #*  .  ・  ›   𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐒   𝐊𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐄𝐑      ˎ      aesthetic . #*  .  ・  ›   𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐒   𝐊𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐄𝐑      ˎ      my edits . #aes. #beckylynchedit #becky lynch edit #wweedit#wwe edit#injuries /#bruises / #*   for  the  record  ;  not  huge  on  using  content  from  btb  era  bc  we  do  not  acknowledge  that  but  .  .  . #*    needed  imagery  for  injury  aesthetic  purposes  soooooo  i  bit  the  bullet
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  • moisette
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Had a match against an Oni on Sanctum of Wrath earlier. I decided to play Survivor with my Bestie today instead of Killer. If I don’t play Killer earlier in the day, then I kind of wuss out xD; Anyways, this poor Oni had such a rough match. The only person he hooked was my Bestie twice and me once because I was trying to get him to go for me instead of her so she didn’t die. I missed two skill checks on my gen and hid in the bamboo and he couldn’t find me. If he had walked through - he would have noticed me but he didn’t seem to know to do that. Last gen got done and he opened the gate himself. I felt pretty bad for him because when I play Trickster, I fucking HATE Sanctum of Wrath. It’s laggy, it’s hard finding people, there’s so much random bullshit in the way - I just really fucking hate it xD So I wanted to give him a kill. My Bestie and David left and Jonah was in the gate so I told Oni to follow me and I led him to a hook nearby. He hooked me and I wanted Jonah to escape but he rescued me. Bro, I was clearly letting him kill me xD Jonah healed me and I started to heal him but time was almost out. I escorted him to the gate and bodyblocked so he wouldn’t get downed and he escaped while I waited for the time to run out and died. My Bestie was very upset with me xD; Bestie: Getting tired of your seppuku shenanigans >8u Me: I fucking HATE Sanctum of Wrath. Bestie 8u? Me: Fuck that map. Fuck anyone that takes me to that map. Fuck the rng that takes me to that map. Bestie: XD I know some people are like “Don’t give them a pity kill!” but he played his best. He didn’t play scummy and he had a rough match and I wanted him to get more points by killing me. If he had downed me and carried me to the exit, I would have left. I hate when I want Survivors to escape and they let themselves die xD He did not want me to escape, though. I like to make people happy. I want to be someone that people remember like “Oh, yeah, that person was really sweet xD” and make them smile.

    #Dead by Daylight #DBD#DeadByDaylight #I used to stay and die to time running out when a Killer told me to leave #Now I leave when they tell me to #Survivors will die to time running out when I don't want them to die #Bruh if I wanted you to die you'd be dead #Don't die on purpose xD
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  • simcneashley
    24.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    So sorry all! Staff restricted access to my account for a few days bc they suck ofc 

    Just a warning if you are planning to send staff an e-mail for the javascript thing, you might want to clean up your saved URLS lol, that’s why they deactivated me for a few days...and no, I still haven’t received approval for JS. But they decided to find other nonsense crap. No surprise there. 

    #lmao #i hate the staff so much #like no im not 5 #and i clapped back saying that they better be enforcing this site wide #they are literally trying to drive us off here on purpose #if this gets me deactivated WELL F U @ STAFF
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  • dracolichbitch
    24.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    love that adding a fight scene added nearly 2k words to an already long chapter lol

    Following the direction that she gave, Vinari turned down the corridor half hidden by both shadows, and the mirage like stone face, but no sooner had they passed through the opening into the hall, the stone came to life, and the entryway closed off behind them.

    A curse left Vinari’s lips, but she was mid-step in turning around when glowing violet arcane glyphs appeared on the stone walls about six feet in front of her, and though they disappeared after in the time it took to draw in breath to warn Lucretia, she recognized the structure of the glyphs, and she knew exactly what their purpose was.

    “Summons incoming!” Was all the warning she had time to give before the walls where the glyphs appeared opened up and from the darkness burst forth a trio of shambling skeletons from each side.

    Go left, she said! Vinari grumbled as she pulled the dagger from the sheath at her thigh, lunging forward towards the middle skeleton in one of the trios.

    The skeleton had only just wrapped its finger-bones around the hilt of the weapon at its hip when she tackled it, and despite her slender frame, knocked it to the ground. Without giving it or the other undead time to react, she drove the dagger through the forehead of the skull, keeping the core she carried cradled close to her chest. Bone splintered under Void-forged steel as the blade sliced through the skull as easily as a serpents fangs pierced flesh. The lavender magic glowing in the skull’s empty eye sockets flickered before fading, and the skeleton’s bones fell apart underneath her.

    The wind whistled by her head. Like a flock of ravens abandoning a carcass and bursting into flight, darkness burst shot forth from the core, blowing back the mace formerly aimed at her head as she surrounded herself with a concentrated cloud of magic capable of melting flesh and bone into a pile of sludge. Taking advantage of their recoiling, she shadowstepped away from between the two skeletons.

    It was only when there was distance between herself and her adversaries that she spared a glance towards her companion to see Lucretia locked in combat with her share of the undead.

    Lucretia wielded a double bladed staff expertly despite only having one hand available for her weapon. One of the skeletons was already a musty pile of bones on the ground, and while she delivered a sharp kick to the breast plate of one skeleton, sending it stumbling away from her, as she brought her leg back down, she pivoted, lashing out with her weapon at the other skeleton, impaling it straight through the skull with one end of her weapon.

    Without sparing the woman another glance, Vinari returned her attention to the opponents she had left, who converged on her now. The sharp, musty smell of damp bone and moth eaten clothing assailed her nostrils with every step they took closer. The rattling of their rusted armor against their ribs like the last trembling, raspy breath of a dying man echoing in her ears, an endless cacophony of noise drowned out by a sound few could hear: the horrific howling of the tragic, trapped souls animating the bones. Vinari cringed at the wailing, and she had to fight back the unrelenting urge to take her dagger to her own eardrums in the desperate desire to silence the screaming. Instead, she tightened her grip on its hilt before rearing her arm back and lobbing the core still pulsating darkness at the closest skeleton.

    The core – which stopped pouring out darkness as soon as it left her grip - smacked the skeleton in the face before bouncing off its skull harmlessly and falling to the floor. The skeleton paused mid-step. Its empty eye sockets stared straight at her before its head slowly tilted down to look at the core at its feet. When it raised its skull to look back at Vinari, she was no longer standing where she had been seconds before. Instead, she shadowstepped behind the skeleton the moment it took its attention away from her. The moment she materialized behind it, she shoved her dagger into the back of its skull. The skeleton’s bones crumbled to the ground underneath it, leaving nothing standing save for its empty skull impaled on the end of her dagger.

    And then there was one.

    If the remaining skeleton even noticed its compatriot falling, it didn’t show it as it rushed towards her with its spear raised above head.

    Vinari allowed it to close the distance between them. She waited until the last moment, as it was slamming the weapon down at her to dodge. She darted away, rolling along beside the skeleton before kicking its knees out from under it.

    The skeleton flailed as it crashed to the ground, lashing out with both blade and bone, but its bony fingers grasped nothing but the stone floor it collided with.

    From behind where it fell, Vinari snatched the skull off of the spine, and while the body still flailed despite it detaching with no resistance, it finally fell still when Vinari slammed the skull – which was attempting to bite her fingers off, to no avail – into the floor, shattering it on the stone.

    “Your fighting style is less than efficient.”

    Vinari looked up to see Lucretia no worse than wear, having already dispatched her own enemies, and watching her with what seemed to be a highly critical look.

    “I am an assassin, not a warrior.” Vinari retorted, defensive as her shoulders hunched up in embarrassment. “I was trained to kill without being detected, so when others have, I believe the phrase is, “gotten the jump on me” instead of I on them, it is only natural that I…” Vinari frowned as she tossed what was left of the skull away and rose to her feet as she debated how best to put her thoughts. “Am at a disadvantage in combat situations such as these.”

    Lucretia snorted, kicking the fallen core towards Vinari, the edge of her boot sizzling where it came into contact with the crystal. “”Combat situations such as these”? I believe what you are referring to is commonly known as “a fair fight.””

    Rolling her eyes, Vinari sheathed her dagger at her thigh before plucking the core up off the ground and dusting it off, quietly relieved to see it wasn’t damaged from her manhandling, not that she thought it would be.

    “Fair fights?” She scoffed, though it was followed by a laugh. “Those are for illiterate barbarians.”

    “Illiterate?” Lucretia echoed, incredulation spreading across her face as she shook her head. “Bold words for someone standing within stabbing range.”

    Vinari laughed, the sound far more lighthearted than before, but she couldn’t help it. Not when it seemed this was the first time during the time they’d been alone down there that Lucretia actually made a facial expression beyond a faint frown.

    “At any rate,” Vinari took her hair down from its ponytail to rake her the fingers of her free hand through it before shaking it out. “The spirits trapped inside the bones are finally free, and neither of us are dead on the ground alongside them. As far as I am concerned,” she brushed her bangs back with her fingers as she glanced over at Lucretia, “that is a victory.”

    Lucretia tilted her head quietly as she watched Vinari, but while Vinari was expecting some scathing remark in regards to her fixing her hair, she was surprised when Lucretia instead asked, “The spirits?”

    Vinari blinked slowly before nodding and looking away from the other woman to the bones at her feet instead. “Of course. All undead have some sort of spirit animating them, regardless of whether said spirit originally dwelt within that body, but while spirit binders such as myself write up contracts with any spirit we deal with, necromancers rarely bother to ask permission before using souls for their purposes.”

    “You think consent matters when it comes to necromancy?”

    Vinari’s head snapped over to Lucretia, a disgusted scoff on her lips that she’d even ask.

    “Of course it does!” Her grip tightened around the core. “It matters more than anything else!”

    “Really now?” Like whispers in winter winds, there was the wispiest hint of amusement in Lucretia’s voice, thought something about the sound made Vinari fight back a cringe.

    It wasn’t the first time since she met her that this woman unnerved her. Even if she hadn’t done anything to her, and in fact offered her nothing but aid thus far, she disturbed her. What was so unsettling about this woman? Vinari couldn’t tell. What she could tell was this. Her heart beat. She breathed. There was no sickly sweet stink of honeyed rot permeating from her flesh like there was of the obviously possessed walking corpse who put together the Void core. Everything about her declared to the sands, the seas, and the sky that she was alive. Alive.  Alive. Everything save for the most primal part of her being, her instincts, whispering but she’s not.

    “Aside from the fact that its utterly rancid to enslave souls? Doing so is how you end up with uncooperative undead and hostile weaponry.”

    “Only if your will is weak and wavering.”

    Vinari didn’t deign to answer as she turned her head away from Lucretia, though she still watched her from out of the corner of her eye. Every hair on the back of her neck stood on edge, the tension rising in her shoulders like an approaching storm the longer she stayed near this strange woman, and it occurred to her it would be far too easy to shadow-step ahead of her, and leave her to the miasma.

    #Oc: Vinari Vidrus #Oc: Lucretia Frey #The Fallacy of the Damned #writeblr #in which Vinari shows that she actually DOES have standards! #sure she'll kill you but at least she won't just use your soul for whatever nefarious purposes she definitely could #although she might cross her own line when she finally kills fyros #just bind his soul to his skull and use it in a sword
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  • inkspottie
    24.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    ok so 1. love your work, can't wait for more 2.

    could your animatronics in LaT like play songs? like just any song or would they need to have it programmed into them? especially michael, could he get requested a song and he just plays it perfectly with the instruments as well?

    example: the gang gets bad news and jeremy just says "that's so sad, michael play [that time period's despacito]" and michael just does it. i just think it would be funny :)

    Aw thank you!

    As for the question, yes! Lolbit has the ability to mimic voices, and songs are in that category haha

    If Lolbit knows the song, they can play it

    Michael however finds it embarrassing so he doesn’t do it as much as Lolbit would.

    #spottie speaks #about laughing at tragedy #LolBit’s the goof who would use songs for comedic purposes while Michael is covering his face in embarrassment
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  • theobot
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    If anyone doesn’t want to write their own thing but would still like to participate in the next ch of TWGMEM please message me I got a few things I needed posted more or less word for word

    #i guess this technically counts as spoilers but #and both of my blogs are already ‘burned’ so to speak #I guess I can tweet one and I can always make a fake screenshot #but just in case anyone didn’t want to join because they weren’t sure about writing their own thing #going to post on the story once I’m outta this tunnel #kinda defeats the purpose to have people use the word for word ones but hey if we’re already doing it this way #might as well minimize the amount of screenshots I’m making #if you would like to write your own thing hmu and I’ll explain more
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  • fiona-fififi
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Controversial take: a side character isn't taking away screentime from the mains when all of their scenes are literally with the mains.

    #also complaining about a side character taking away screentime when they have like a single 30 second scene on their own #feels a lot like the equivalent of bitching about characters on calls getting setup and sometimes even wrap up without the mains #no one ever complains about gabi and chloe in 5x09 or the bridezilla in 4x13 or cole and amari in 5x18 #with good reason. because they play a very specific role in the story through parallel storylines—side characters often #serve a similar purpose over a slightly extended amount of time in which they are primarily used as plot devices to move forward the story #of the mains #and that's also okay #it's not misogynistic to use a woman as a plot device in a piece of media that presents women whose characters and relationships are #well developed and nuanced #side characters have to exist characters can't all be complex fully developed characters that's a role for the mains #also like the amount of 'this character is stealing all the screentime!' during their 12 second scenes with the mains that gets complained #about right alongside 'this is terrible writing this character hasn't changed or developed at all!' is baffling to me #like you can't have it both ways #fandom discourse#911 wank #nothing even happened #truly this has just been stewing in my head for like the entire season #yes this is about lucy #yes this is also about taykay #both characters i am fully indifferent about outside their roles as plot devices so i guess i'm biased but like come on y'all #i'm feeling salty tonight i guess i don't know #this was always such a huge thing in the shameless fandom too like side characters need to exist they can't just live in a bubble
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  • koi-no-signal-zin-zin-zin
    24.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    when I get angel ruby. when I get angel ruby. I will be happy. look at this adorable little creature.

    #costumes where they have wings just Do Something #I got that one yohane #IMMEDIATELY limit broke her #just so I could get the alt colour #I will also be using her for stimmy gif purposes #because why wouldn't I? #one day I'll make an all-winged team #one day.
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  • slystallone
    24.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Me to a tea

    #literally every sentence #although I found that I started get really mad at Jesse when i rewatched it #like 5th season? all that ‘trust him’… they did it on purpose to frustrate us lol #my post #this is the most if not the only post in this blog that is not actually abt the main man
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  • rearranging-deck-chairs
    24.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    does missy canonically have a collection of poisons because it really feels like she should. the relation between poison and medicine, same substances different goals. and poison being "a woman's weapon". fits her image fits her character

    #i gave her a poison collection in my fic #that gets liberal use #for medicinal and recreational purposes #no homicidal ones bc shes Being GoodTM #but if she wasnt doing vault times 2 electric boogaloo it would also be used for murder #it just fits so well on every side! #i feel like it must have been mentioned Somewhere #and if no eu writer has done this yet What Are We Doing People it's Right There #anyway give missy poison <3 #sdhkjfhg wait no not like that #actually yes also like that pick the right one and she'd enjoy it #also hiii friends how have we been #you know what they say about travel #wherever you go there your blorbo is #missy #i actually sorta wrote a substantial amount on holiday #i meant to read #didnt do that at all #except my own writing #but i wrote like 3000 words of new scenes #and then the random bits adding to already existent scenes that are harder to track #which i think is pretty good for writing in the car on my phone! #not that i was aiming for ProductivityTM #i just had Thoughts #gay ones mostly #time to Organise now #almost there almost there #i keep thinking thats the case and it really isnt but #i came up with a good title! #first fic ive ever written with a good title so thats promising
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  • mcsteamyby
    24.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Guys it’s not about the fact that Willow would try to help and stop to don’t hurt other friends too, is understandable. It’s true. She would do that for anyone else. It’s not about just Hunter.

    But have you seen her this mad before? Naaah. So just let us enjoy this moment. Let us have it. Fuck off.

    #huntlow #it is clearly a huntlow moment for us to enjoy #dana did that on purpose i just know #willow park#hunter toh #the owl house #toh spoilers
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  • iconaclysm
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    thinking about revan in terms of divinity and legacy... so much of their personal narrative is about ascension/fall to the point of it becoming cyclic, about leaving personhood behind. equal parts godhood and being a shell of your former self because what is worshipped is what people see on the surface. their image. their words. armor and blade and name... even the holocrons they create are deliberate and constructed self. and for all that effort they never envision themself as someone with personal legacy. there is no ‘person’ to make a legacy of, just ideology and rage in a humanoid shape. they wanted what they built not just to last, but to outlast them, so that even with their name and words and actions forgotten what they were fighting for wouldn’t be. and instead they got the opposite; an empire that fell apart at the seams and a name that echoed across millennia and shaped the future

    #aka every time one of u mention revan i go apeshit #also i recently rewatched the bf2 cinematics #and man. revan really is not a sith #so much pre and post bane ideology is a bloated sense of self #it's probably tied to a rejection of jedi's concept of harmony but like. #destroying things that are no longer yours or you have no use for? #simply bc if it's not of use to you it has no value??? #revan literally could never. #everything has purpose. destruction and creation. malice and mercy. #they are obsessed with purpose #fate is not something to be found but instead built with your own hands #anyways. #i dont like the novel but. #'who i am is not important. my message is.' #is revan to a fucking T baybee. #tbt.
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  • girlmoder
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    and like, i’m not saying you’re not allowed to like bandori anymore just because they did a collab with TR. or anything along those lines. just to be aware of common imperialist and/or antisemitic symbols so you can recognize and avoid them. 

    #and even if it was being used in a buddhist or hindu context (which it's not) #it would still be fucking weird to add religious symbols to a character who isn't that religion for aesthetic purposes #last post i'm making on this probably. unless something else happens
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  • sarahreadstoomanycomics
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Making Photosets for my Top 20 Favorite DC characters, 1/20- Barbara Gordon.

    #barbara gordon#oracle #these posts are in no particular order #i'm still new to using tumblr again and felt like making sets for all my faves #also hmm i definitely didn't only use oracle photos on purpose or anything
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  • civilization-illstayrighthere
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    Amata is one of those characters you can immediately tell how old someone is based on if they hate her or not lmao. I love her, her role in the story is 👌 and as a character Amata Butch and the LW are all just different flavors of daddy issues. A trifecta of suffering under subpar parenting if you will.

    #ty for asking!!! #fallout #i think technically I am supposed to use the same bingo card #for each character #until I get bingo / four corners / blackout whatever #but I like to do it wrong on purpose…..
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  • p0th
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #ii soap#my art #not taggin this too much cuz it’s like a 5 minute doodle #also yed I realize all the mistakes shush I didn’t flip my canvas on purpose I was just livin my life #I think it’s important to just kinda draw without thinking and use all the sparkle brushes u’ve been hoarding for the past year & never used #this is just funny silly doodle for the mind #this is my. maybe 3rd time drawing soap #I drew her once for someone else (which ended up atrocious & I hate it) & the other time was me redoing said drawing #eyestrain#< jic
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  • hearfeelthink
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    going 2 talk about cora specific ships in the tags im shy

    #i am so normal about ysayle/wol. i promise i am i havent literally broke down crying over her death no i swear i havent #like. i do love haurchewol but i think. whatever the fanon made up for the relationship between haurchefant & wol is what ysayle & cora had #theres just so much i am going 2 pass out #the IDEALISM the both share of the world yet it manifests in two vastly different ways & as a result the 2 balanced each other SO well #ysayle's death genuinely broke cora like truly. no matter what i think cora will always used 2 have a crush on her #even if the endgame for cora ends up being different #THEN THERES LYSE & CORA god i am just shakes like a fucked up crusty white dog they make me so ?!ekqdlfeljskalsf #I LOVE BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS SO BAD. YOU DONT UNDERSTAND IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME #lyse was cora's first friend among the scions. that's literally my only basis for being obsessed with this ship but also the fact that #its literally just that one tumblr post thats like. flirts with the healer to make them prioritize. it works on cora #& ONE last ship bias for cora is. looks away Zenos LOL #WOLZENOS SURE IS A SHIP its one i have. SO many complicated feelings about because it can go in so many different ways #at the end of the day zenos & cora have the same primary motivation. a need for a purpose a need for SOMETHING to make them feel alive #a reason to keep going basically #they looks for the desperately in life & find 2 vastly ways to find that but it ends up balancing one another's out because like. #i'm stupid but the tldr of it i can offer without going into rambles is that zenos makes the wol his purpose #cora's purpose ends up being. being Needed by other people LOL she only ever feels Alive when shes being touched being Seen #which zenos. just so happens to provide. & vice versa cora indulges that because shes being fulfilled #I'M SORRY I DIDNT MEAN FOR THIS TO GET THIS LONG I AM JUST SO. SHAKING THROWING UP LITERALLY GOING 2 DELETE RN
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