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  • mino-diabolik
    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    What would they describe as their perfect date? (Aimic 👀)

    Assorted OTP Questions

    What would they describe as their perfect date?

    Definitely not their first date. That day was a shit-show. One to remember, though…

    Surprisingly, they’re not really good agreeing where to go. It’s always like:

    「 “Then how about [insert place]? We haven’t been there in a while,” Aimer said, slightly hopefully this time.

    Mystic uh-ed for annoyingly long amount of time. “Not gonna lie, I really don’t feel like getting all dressed up just to have dinner, cher…” He suddenly jumped up. “Oh! How about [insert place]?”

    Aimer sighed. “We went there last time, didn’t we? What do you think about [insert yet another place]?”

    “. . . I went there yesterday.”

    “Without me!?”

    “I didn’t think you’d want to go too!”

    “Traitor!” 」

    ——And so on and so forth. Once they finally figure something out, it goes as smoothly as you’d expect. They do tend to like more quiet places where they can sit back, eat, and chat. They avoid any places Mystic might get recognized because it almost never ends up well.

    If they can spend the night away from their homes after their date, then better! Having some alone time—away from work and any other stress family members might cause—is much needed after not being able to see each other for a while.

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  • gaewaren
    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    if i revise properly for the next...6 hours or so :/ i'll be giving myself a pat on the back of making a rovinsky playlist variety

    #the playlist in question's half springsteen. joseph kavinsky is from new jersey and i won't let you foget it #my adam parrish playlist is unmatched tho!! my magnum opus my best work
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  • sebfreak
    26.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Rottenborn is really born... rotten.... This man is so annoying as hell 

    #justice for johnny depp #sometimes i have to mute him because i can´t stand his voice or his questions
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  • sarahsota-artpop
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    ji-woon. ji-woon. ji-woon. hey, ji-woon

    #oc art#dbd oc#dbd killer #dead by daylight oc #dbd ji woon hak #the trickster #dbd the trickster #ji woon hak #hak ji woon #dbd killer oc #dbd oc killer #//its been awhile i forgot what tags i usually used akdksks #//also that's my oc amarjeet/the rākaśa. i revamped her design #//now instead of a mangled body she's made out of ashes. i still need a new name for her though #//its not relevant to her lore but she was a NO SPIN stan in life. never cared for ji woon though #//now ji woon is forever in his own personal hell: no one cares who he is except one teenager who likes his bandmates more #//and keeps asking inane and invasive questions
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  • ataykiri
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago


    #very happy about being a girl #the only cool thing about men is they can take walks at night #and generally can do more outdoor activities at unusual times without being questioned l
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  • i-am-emerald-dust
    26.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Finding that my long time mutual has reached their third strike of reblogging content I hate (i.e. notp, fandoms I want to stay far away from etc) and me about to hit unfollow

    #shitpost #it's remorse packaged in joke #I genuinely do feel sorry to see them go but I also just kept being super uncomfortable #nothing personal if you read this and you're the moot in question #just can't bring myself to not get nauseous about the woobification of a terrorist - fictional as he may be #obv this isn't the only reason but after several incidents there's only so much I can filter b4 following you stops being worth it
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  • legacies-entwined
    26.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    When do you plan to ship them once they are ready? I'm moving in October.

    Shipping will probably happen in September/October, but we will be sending out a call for any updated addresses before shipping! In addition I'm happy to hold yours for a few weeks if necessary so that it goes out at a convenient time.

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  • octonauts16
    26.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    Drawing Advice?

    Do any of y'all know how to draw a bike with Training Wheel? I'm trying to re-draw a previously traced drawing.

    Any advice?

    #Drawing question #Don't know how to draw a bike with training wheel
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  • facthvac
    26.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago
    #Fact hvac tempe #Important hvac questions #Buying hvac system #Purchasing hvac system #New hvac system
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  • spiritualhippybitch
    26.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    so i have a few asks in my inbox now ill answer them after next week (its my finals week) my asks are closed for now

    thanks to everyone for asking!

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  • doranbros007
    26.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    Important Questions to ask before opting for Loft conversion

    A loft conversion can be a thrilling project. It allows homeowners to be creative while increasing living space in their home. However, before you rush into this task, there are a few things you should think about. The planning process can be time-consuming, but it will undoubtedly save you time and money in the long run. There are some questions or loft conversion checklist you should ask yourself to help you get organized and ensure that you have a project that you are proud of. Here are some loft conversion questions to ask before you begin your project.

    Why do you want to convert your loft?

    Homeowners choose to expand their living space for a variety of reasons. One reason is to improve the property in which they have invested for many years. If you intend to live in your home indefinitely, you should invest in a high-quality loft conversion project. In addition, some people choose to convert their lofts in order to increase the value of their homes and profit when they sell them. You can always consult with a real estate agent to find out how much value the conversion will add to your home.

    How much money are you willing to invest in the loft conversion?

    Despite the fact that this may seem obvious, many people consider a loft conversion before deciding on cost of loft conversion. This usually results in a project that appears to be perfect but is far over budget. If you want to do a loft conversion, you should think about it carefully and come up with a realistic budget. Make sure you communicate this to your building contractor before you begin designing your loft conversion, as you may receive recommendations to save money on your loft conversion.

    Which design styles do you prefer?

    After you've determined your budget, you should consider the style of your loft conversion. Never assume that your architect or loft conversion building contractors understand what you want. There are numerous loft conversion styles and designs available, and you must conduct extensive research to find the exact design that you desire. Make certain that you discuss every detail with the contractors. You can get some inspiration from our loft conversion ideas.

    Is it necessary to take building codes into account when converting my loft?

    When converting your loft, you must take into account the local building codes. A building completion certificate can be obtained from your local authority or a nationally recognized building inspection company. This will ensure that your loft conversion project is built in accordance with building regulations. If you do not have this certificate, your property may be devalued, and you may have difficulty selling your home in the future because a building completion certificate is required during the selling process.

    Do you need work done anywhere else in your home?

    Before you begin your loft conversion project, look around your house to see if there is any other work that needs to be done. You will save money and time if you complete all of the tasks at the same time. Furthermore, the amount of disruption and time that contractors are in your home will be reduced.

    #questions for loft conversionQueries for loft conversionLoft Conversion QuestionsLoft conversion in ukLoft Conversion in South London
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  • thoughtsaboutlifeig
    26.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    What’s it like feeling normal? And I know that people say “there’s no such thing as being normal!”

    Fucking bullshit.

    No but like, tell me.

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  • dangerliesbeforeyou
    26.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    u gonna make anything else tingle, Art 🥺?

    #dracula daily#dracula #art is a man of few words #i cant get over how hilarious it is to read a book this way lol #like today's entry is barely a sentence ili #also if ur question is 'will i make a post about every single entry up until nov' the answer is yes yes i will #i take my book reports (as in: memes) VERY seriously
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  • tinypuppyyy
    26.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    Would you go interracial?

    Idk you should ask your mom ab it

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  • strange-destinations
    26.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    i really love thieves and tardises and the T&T doctor. how intentionally do you play her? like are you making things up as you go or do you have her characterization locked down hard?

    ❤❤❤❤ thank you VERY much. I love T&T a lot too and I miss playing the Doctor horribly but unfortunately I'm on an enforced extended hiatus from creative stuff for health reasons. god i miss doing fun rpg stuff with my friends. fuck.

    the Doctor I play is a stubborn, proud hypocrite who likes being right and likes being in the right, even when she's not. she tries to be kind and loves her friends a lot, but she isn't very good at doing it and showing it. I stick to that as much as I can and I'm not sure how well I nail it. the rest is just jazz and explosions, baby! 95% percent of improv is making it up as you go. i was always bad at rehearsals anyway.

    #thieves and tardises #gor has ruined me because now 'jazz and explosions' is my reflexive response to most practical questions
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  • micallum
    26.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago


    😂 I am not sure I am correct to assume this is about Arthur, but I see him giggling and scrunching up his nose by the end and then just CACKLING when he sees the video he recorded.

    #this could just be me #but whoever these people are they are goals btw #arthur leclerc#question mark#cassy tag #username oscar piastri #tiktok#asks
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  • quizandanswer
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Answered: This or that? Which country in Asia has the larger area?

    Answered: This or that? Which country in Asia has the larger area?

    The Microsoft Rewards Bing Home Trivial quiz is: This or that? Which country in Asia has the larger area? The correct answers to this Microsoft Rewards Bing Home trivial “This or That” quiz are listed below: Mongolia vs Indonesia: the correct answer is IndonesiaUnited Arab Emirates vs Lebanon: the correct answer is the United Arab EmiratesMyanmar vs Bhutan: the correct answer is MyanmarMaldives…

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    #answer#answered #Answered: This or that? Which country in Asia has the larger area? #bing #bing news quiz #bing quiz #microsoft bing quiz #punch card #question and answer #quiz#trivial quiz
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  • funkymbtifiction
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hi! I've read what you've said in the previous comment about IxTPs and their problems with social interactions. Is it possible to have similar problems for INFPs, even if they're not inferior Fe? I mean: not knowing how to be spontaneous, not knowing how to react to others, not being able to keep up with the conversation (and so trying to say something AFTER the topic is gone) etc. Obviously Fi is much better in empathy than Ti, but it has nothing to do with managing social situations, so I was wondering how do they differ from INTPs in this.

    INFPs are usually so wrapped up in their own feelings, they don't read other people or situations well -- they are thinking about how THEY are reacting to it and feeling about it, rather than "tuning in" to other people's emotional reactions, so yes, they can be awkward in similar situations and lack spontaneity. If you have to filter everything through how you feel about it, it can take time to "answer people."

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  • funkymbtifiction
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hi, I had four questions in mind which I do have these past few days and still, the sources I've gathered so far doesn't seem to satisfy me😐, I mean there is not enough descriptions about this type.

    1. What is an INFJ 5w4 like?

    2. What is an INFJ with a 513 tritype look like?

    3. What usually is an INFJ 5w4, 1w9, 3w4's interest or hobby in particular?

    4. And what is the difference between an ENTP with an enneagram core of 3 to a 7 and 8 enneagram core.

    I'm sorry it's so many, I'm quite inquisitive😅. Hope you would read this😉.

    Emotionally repressed but also elitist. Broken, see themselves as an "insect" / alien among more normal humans. Lost in their heads, low Fe development (analysis instead of instant empathy), low interest in moving toward other people, morbid, dark. Will Graham from Hannibal is an INFJ 5w4 if that tells you anything.

    Cold, strong ideas of how things SHOULD turn out, extremely, extremely focused on being competent.

    There's no way to predict this; everyone is different.

    ENTP 3s are "look at me" adaptive, wanting admiration and praise and often being hard-working and driven for success; ENTP 7s want fun and escapism and pleasure and struggle to focus on one thing very long, can argue themselves out of problems (or think they can); ENTP 8s are direct, confrontational, and assertive in pointing out how stupid and nonsensical things are.

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