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  • ofmdficlibrary
    28.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Chapters: 1/1 Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Blackbeard | Edward Teach/Stede Bonnet Characters: Stede Bonnet, Blackbeard | Edward Teach Additional Tags: Trans Blackbeard | Edward Teach, Smut, Injury, fellas is it gay to tend to each others wounds, Tenderness, Idiots in Love, no really they're idiots, when you don't realise you're both trans, First Kiss, Oral Sex, Non-Penetrative Sex, Stede Bonnet Takes Care of Blackbeard | Edward Teach, Injured Stede Bonnet, Soft Blackbeard | Edward Teach, Trans Stede Bonnet, stede bonnet tits, Māori Blackbeard | Edward Teach Summary: Stede thought Ed knew, considering he had seen Stede shirtless on their very first encounter of all things. Ed never said anything so he assumed it was all fine. And he didn’t count Ed a stupid man. 

    It takes them each a stab to the left side of the abdomen for Stede to realise they’ve both been rather stupid.


    breaking news: local t4t idiots don't realise they're t4t

    #writer: kitorion #pairing: edward teach/stede bonnet #rating: e#genre: smut #setting: canon era #word count: 5k #status: oneshot#q
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  • remorsefulkittens
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    First Time For Everything

    Evan "Buck" Buckley/Eddie Diaz (Buddie)

    Rating: Explicit

    Status: Complete (1,681 words)

    @911bingo Square: "I'm only using my fingers and you're already shaking."

    Summary: Eddie bottoms for the first time.


    “Are you sure you want to do this Eddie?” Buck asked for what seemed like the hundredth time. It was a tired refrain by now, but he had to know, because Eddie had just pushed his hand away for the hundredth time. “We don’t have to.”

    “I’m sure! I said I wanted to, didn’t I?” Eddie snapped. His eyes stayed trained on the ceiling above him, and he was acting like Buck was the problem here, when it was Eddie who kept clamping his legs shut. “It’s just…different. Give me a minute.”

    Buck couldn’t help sighing. They had been at this for a while now, and Buck was starting to regret the whole thing. It hadn’t even been his suggestion, and now he worried his intrepid partner would never admit defeat and they would both die of starvation.

    Continue Reading on Ao3

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  • anneapocalypse
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    The Penumbra Podcast. Peter Nureyev/Juno Steel. 2500 words. Rated Explicit. 18+ readers only, please. Written mid-season 3.


    "I suppose," said Nureyev, "it would be sensible for us to... wait until this job is finished. To remain focused, of course."

    "Yeah," Juno said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah. You're probably right."

    Of course it was a good idea. A sensible idea. The right one.

    #juno steel#peter nureyev#jupeter #juno steel x peter nureyev #penumbra fic #the penumbra podcast #annefiction#rated e
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  • the1eyedtree
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Take a Sanguine Sip (of Me) Babe

    Fire Emblem Three Houses


    Rated E

    2691 Words


    #dimiclaude #fire emblem three houses #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #claude von riegan #fe3h#vampires#fanfic#rated e
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  • stuckybingo
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Takin’ What They’re Givin’ (‘Cause I’m Workin’ for a Livin’) - Mission Four: Pour Some Sugar - Part 1 by PoliZ Square filled: N5 - Sugar Daddy Ao3 rating: Explicit Warnings: No archive warnings apply, Sex Worker Major tags: Sex Worker!Bucky, Secret Identities, Sugar Daddy, Steve Rogers is a Virgin, oral sex, Summary: Steve invites Bucky to meet him in New York for the weekend; they meet and after a lovely date, head to the bedroom. Format: Part of a multichapter fic

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  • ofmdficlibrary
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chapters: 1/1 Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Israel Hands/Lucius Spriggs, background Blackbeard | Edward Teach/Stede Bonnet Characters: Israel Hands, Lucius Spriggs Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Pole Dancing, Gay Bar, Izzy has Emotions, Pining, Dirty Talk, Power Bottom Lucius, Problematic Izzy Series: Part 2 of lucius Artpopping his pussy for izzy Summary: “Who’s the new guy?”

    “Some dancer from a burlesque club that the boss has decided needs another place to roost,” Izzy spits. 

    “He’s pretty,” observes Fang idly, sipping his beer, eyes tracking Lucius. Izzy’s jaw clenches involuntarily.

    “He’s a shit,” Izzy tells him, hoping like fuck he sounds more believable than he feels. “A right little nancy.”

    #writer: cyborgshepard #pairing: izzy hands/lucius spriggs #rating: e#status: oneshot#status: series #setting: modern era #trope: pining#genre: smut #addition: izzy hands is miserable #word count: 20k #q
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  • skellybobs
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    i'm liking my pfp so far, hbu?

    Yup I'm making my skelebob account pfp Nox from Bonely Hearts Club. Swapfell Sans if you don't know BHC.


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  • skellybobs
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    it sucks rn bc i drew it when it was dark outside XD I'll fix it later.

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  • tiggy-q
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Mihoyo, creating abyss lectors: oooooh they're so scary, perfect enemies

    Monsterfuckers, looking at abyss lectors' waists: so monstrous, perfect lover boys

    #genshin impact #the amount of fics rated E with foul legacy childe only confirms this #i should finally come out as a monsterfucker #now i understand why i love childe so much
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  • koumine
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    consider this: mc convinces Lucifer to watch the devildom equivalent of jeopardy with them, and obviously Lucifer probably knows all the answers BUT mc makes their own game out of it. Lucifer has to answer every question while mc is pleasuring him in some way, and it's basically just a game of how long he can last before his brain melts and the show is forgotten entirely. Also there's the question of is there a reward for getting it right, or a punishment for getting it wrong? Normally if someone liked the punishment, it would just be incentive to get them wrong, but we're talking about the avatar of pride, ain't no way he's doing that.

    this idiocy brought to you by your friendly neighborhood 🐍

    this excellent idea brought to us by our friendly neighborhood 🐍!!!

    content tags for below: dom!top!MC x sub!bottom!Lucifer, GN race neutral MC, cockwarming, teasing, spanking, mild humiliation.

    Consider: both rewards AND punishments. >:3 Hear me out.

    MC gets Lucifer to cockwarm them. He has to stay put and sit patiently in their lap while trying not to be too distracted by how good he feels having their cock inside him.

    Whenever Lucifer gets an answer correct, MC rewards him with a nice little thrust or two, maybe a stroke of his cock as well.

    And at first Lucifer gets everything correct, of course. One promptly given, confident, correct answer after another; almost entirely keeping his composure, other than when MC thrusts up into him and he quietly moans. But that composure can't last forever.

    Eventually, Lucifer starts taking too long to answer, too distracted by thinking about how much he wishes MC would let him ride them properly, and oh dear, oh no, now MC has to punish him. >:3 A sharp spank will suffice, hard enough to make him jolt in their lap, to make him gasp, to distract him even more with pain layered over pleasure.

    He'll try to focus again, but no matter how hard he tries, he'll start not only answering too slowly, but actually getting answers wrong. No, he can do better, he is better, he ---

    He moans as MC spanks him again, shivering as the overlapping spank marks on his ass burn with delicious pain. Misses the next Devil in Jeopardy prompt entirely as a throb of vague humiliation at his failures moves through him, and he curls in to press his face against MC's shoulder. Tries one more time to listen for the next prompt, but MC spanks him twice just because they can, and finally his brain melts into pure pleasure and pain and he loses track of the game entirely.

    #thanks for the prompt :3 #obey me lucifer x mc #sub lucifer#bottom lucifer#dom mc#top mc #gender neutral mc #race neutral mc #obey me lucifer #obey me shall we date #fanfic#smut#rating: e#my fic#koumine#prompted writing #asks and answers #surprise anon guest #🐍 anon#writer journal
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  • daily-stucky-fic-recs
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    put that feel good on my lips

    by steviepie

    Chapters: 1/1 | Words: 23 112 | Explicit


    “You know it’s funny,” he mumbles, and for a second, Bucky’s not even sure he’s actually spoken thanks to the low volume. He frowns, but doesn’t allow the confusion to sit for too long. “What is?” Steve hums and flicks half-lidded eyes up to Bucky’s lips, still swollen and spit slick from the round of slow kisses they had indulged in before settling down under the blankets. “For someone who’s supposed to have such good aim, you keep missing my lips.” Steve pauses just to lick his own, as equally as sleepy of a smack as what’s in his tone. “You always go for the corner first now.” Bucky blinks in surprise, but he can’t deny it because really, he has no idea what Steve’s talking about— at first, anyways. Once he’s taken a few moments to think about it, to remember all of the times he’s kissed Steve in the past couple of months, he comes to a realization. Steve is right. Bucky does do that. (alternatively: a look into bucky's habit of trying to kiss steve's injuries away)


    James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers

    Additional Tags:

    Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence,so its set almost a year after the move ends, Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes, Flashbacks, to prewar and wartime, but the main part is post tws, Kissing, Platonic Kissing, First Kiss, Sleepy Kisses, Scars, Bucky Barnes Recovering, Hurt Steve Rogers, kind of, Body Worship, POV Bucky Barnes, Character Study, again: kind of, Bottom Steve Rogers, Top Bucky Barnes, Dom/sub Undertones, Sappy Ending

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  • ofmdficlibrary
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Chapters: 1/1 Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Oluwande Boodhari/Jim Jimenez Characters: Oluwande Boodhari, Jim Jimenez Additional Tags: First Time, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Intercrural Sex, Face-Sitting, Jim's a little emotionally constipated, Nonbinary Character, Bisexual Character, Bisexual Olu Summary: Their bodies fit together better than Olu could have ever imagined.

    #writer: darkwingdukat#rating: e #pairing: oluwande boodhari/jim jimenez #genre: smut #word count: 5k #setting: canon era #status: oneshot#q
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  • g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    some people have been mad at me for complaining about them referencing a gorey animal death video, so they accused me of being a pedophile to try to get me banned from the server.

    it makes me want to throw up until i die.

    #italked#itagged#original post #im NOT GONNA LIE this has fucking. i hate this. i am so nauseated by the idea that anyone would even THINK i would do this #ive talked before about the fact i thought i would be raped when i was a kid. i tried to prepare for it and it didnt work #almost ruined my life. arguably did #i have been through a LOT of grooming and the fact that anyone would BELIEVE for a SECOND a bad-faith accusation like this #because i had the gall to /checks notes/ talk to a minor about their snake special interest #THEIR PG-13 SNAKE SPECIAL INTEREST. THEIR RATED E FOR EVERYONE SNAKE SPECIAL INTEREST #THEIR COMPLETELY HARMLESS AND FINE SNAKE SPECIAL INTEREST WHERE WE JUST TALKED ABOUT SNAKES #BECAUSE IM NOT A FUCKING CREEP! I HAVE HELD MYSELF TO SUCH A STRICT STANDARD OF TRYING TO SEEM AS NONTHREATENING AS POSSIBLE #FOR SO LONG. FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE! #I KNOW I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG. I JUST TALKED TO A KID AND THATS IT #THATS ALL IT TOOK AND THEY DECIDED THAT WAS PROOF ENOUGH #BECAUSE I ACKNOWLEDGED A MINORS EXISTENCE #THAT WAS THEIR TICKET OUT. THAT WAS THEIR WAY TO GET ME BANNED. AND IT ALMOST WORKED! #THEY ALMOST GOT RID OF ME! I WAS ON SUCH THIN ICE FOR NOTHING! I DID NOTHING WRONG! #LITERALLY NOTHING SUGGESTIVE WHATSOEVER. NOTHING THAT CAN BE MISCONSTRUED AS SUCH #BECAUSE I MAKE SURE OF IT. I MAKE CERTAIN THAT I AM AS SAFE FOR OTHERS AS POSSIBLE. EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY #I HAVE FUCKING OCD MY RECORD IS SPOTLESS BECAUSE I HOLD MYSELF TO SUCH A HIGH STANDARD #AND I. and i. im so tired. im SO tired. god. #im not going to do anything drastic i swear ill live i just. i am so wrecked rn holy shit. that was repulsive and devastating #and people reached out to me! other adults in the server reached out to me like hey! that sucked! #i saw that! you did nothing wrong! dont worry! #and i. i appreciate that so much that some people SAW what was happening and didnt just assume that i was. #its very likely that im going to throw up today. its very very very very very likely that im going to throw up today #im. holy shit that SUCKED i hated that. and the kid they- just got talked over and patronized and ignored #and i dont want them to feel obligated to protect me bc im the adult and theyre the kid. and i tried to make sure they WOULDNT do that #but. i know what its like when youre a teen and awful shit happens. you wanna get involved. you wanna protect people #but theyre a kid and they shouldnt. have to do that
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  • mushroom-winners-proof
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ansem's pants in the world of chaos are tight as spandex. If we were to see Ansem's balls, that would've been the moment. So he either has small pp or no dick at all.

    love the concept we're hypothesizing here that someone at square enix wanted to model a notable bulge outline for a character in a kids game

    #'nsfw#snap chats #'snap ansem's himself is reason enough to raise the rating from E to T' i will bite you #ANYWAY THEYRE NOT GOING TO PUT DETAIL IN HIS NUTS BRO 😭😭 #i can tho #see that joke doesnt even fly here cause if i did i wouldnt be able to post it LMAOO #point is im crying 'if we were to see ansems ball that wouldve been the moment'
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  • daily-stucky-fic-recs
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    good on my own (needed me)

    by mcwho

    Chapters: 1/1 | Words: 11 918 | Explicit


    There are some mistakes that could be made by anybody. Anybody. Bucky taught high school pretty much his whole life, and that was fine, those were kids, and he knew all of them anyway, which meant there was very little chance of him accidentally fucking any of his students during an impulsive post-marital-breakdown Grindr hook-up. Which is exactly what he had done with Steve. or: bucky has not let steve rogers fuck him since his sophomore year


    James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers

    Additional Tags:

    Alternate Universe - College/University, Age Difference, Miscommunication, Mutual Pining, himbo steve, uptight professional bucky, Slow Burn, Drunken Shenanigans, can bucky cook??? investigate this

    Part 1 of the himbo-verse series

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  • maneskin-fic-archive
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Windows Down, Scream Along

    Author: busywastinglife Rating: E Pairings: Damiano/Victoria, Victoria/Thomas, Damiano/Ethan, Damiano/Victoria/Thomas/Ethan, Damiano/Victoria/Ethan Genre:  AUs: none Content warnings: none Summary:

    They grow up and grow into love.


    #damiano david #victoria de angelis #thomas raggi#ethan torchio #damiano x victoria #victoria x thomas #damiano x ethan #polycule#rated e
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  • merlinbingo
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Critical Thinking by archaeologist_d Ship: Merlin/Arthur Main Characters: Merlin, Arthur Rating: Explicit Warnings: No archive warnings apply Major tags: sexy times, during canon, idiots in love, Merlin read a book Summary: Swordplay is just another word for idiots

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  • thevioletcaptain
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago


    Hmm... shifty eyes. Hope you don't mind it being a mildly smutty excerpt, because a snippet from my accidental-turned-invited voyeur!Cas fic feels like the most fitting for this emoji. It's a five times fic, and the working title is currently "In which Cas likes watching Dean jerk off because it’s the closest Dean ever comes to loving himself" because I can never avoid making things at least a little upsetting.

    There's something mesmerizing about it. Not just the physical action, but what's within. He's well acquainted with Dean's soul by now, after all, and while he's always considered it breathtaking, it's even more stunning in this unguarded moment of pleasure. Where it usually radiates love in all directions, toward his brother and toward Bobby and even, to Castiel's endless surprise, toward him, Dean never treats himself with even a fraction of the care that he extends outward. But now… Now Dean's soul caresses itself. Holds itself. Ekes out joy through an act of true self love. His soul and his body shifting sinuously as one, glistening warm under the orange glow of the bathroom lights. Castiel gazes at him for far longer than he should, and only stops when the sudden thud and rattle of the motel room's main door startles him back to awareness. Dean squints his eyes and scrunches his face in annoyance, and when a fist pounds on the bathroom door, accompanied by Sam's voice calling out, "Hey, you gonna be in there long?", his hand falls away from its place between his legs so fast it's like he's been shocked. He thumps the back of his head against the tile with a grimace. "Just a minute!" he shouts back, and turns the water all the way around to cold, gritting his teeth as he shifts fully into the stream. His erection rapidly flags. A bad kind of tension overtakes his shoulders. The unfamiliar prickle of shame creeps up the back of Castiel's neck like a phantom touch, and he leaves without a word. Without a sound. He doesn't visit the brothers for the rest of the week.

    [for this ask meme | other responses here]

    #deansnuggles #cass writes things #cass writes fic #imogenbynight #askbox game 🌹 edition #also please feel free to rb/reply/comment in tags etc if you like the things #i desperately need the serotonin because i'm having a personally stressful week on top of all the societally horrific shit #very mild e rating on this one #i keep pasting longer and longer snippets oops #love how this meme is like ''post one sentence'' and i'm out here dropping 200+ word excerpts because i have no self control
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  • writingsofhubris
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Lover's Rock

    [AO3] Rating: E WC: 4333 Tags: Piercings, Nipple Piercings, Teasing, Power Dynamics, Tattoos, Moaning, Nipple Licking Fandom: Species (1995)  Ship: Stephen Arden/Reader Disc: Going out to bars wasn't an abnormal thing for you; If a man could hit on you whilst you towered over him in heels, he earned the right for a pass. And sometimes you'd encourage them to make a pass.

    Notes: Hi i’m a tall goth who realized that I am taller than Alfred in most of my heels. I am using that to my advantage in this random bar fic. Reader shows up at a bar dressed up in a banging goth outfit and just so happens to find a familiar, infamous professor at the bar too. Beta'd by the lovely @randomfandomtrash28​  

    “And here you are,” The bartender said, a grin on her lips. 

    “Thank you muchly.” Your cash was set on the bar to pay, and her wink had spoken to a promise if you didn’t seem to have any luck otherwise. The glass of liquor you’d just been given lifted to your lips, eyes scanning the reflective mirror behind the bar. Stubility wasn’t the goal as you sized up those you could see. A few cute people stood out to you, a slight range of ages and styles also eyeing you. 

    Then, you managed to connect eyes with a familiar set, ones you knew didn’t know you from the rest of the patrons. 

    Dark curly hair rested just to the sides of his face, a half smile graced his lips, an invitation if you'd ever seen one. You watched his hand lift the glass to his lips, taking him in as he sipped on what seemed to be a long Island. You let your shoulders rest on the chair behind you, relaxing for just a moment against the worn leather of the chair. It only would be too easy to play the man now watching you, seemingly unwound already by at least one drink, a confidence twisting his lips into the cutest smile. 

    Doctor Stephen Arden. A man who was infamous in his department, well known by many people at this point. If his reputation was anything to judge him by, he was brazen in a way that made your mouth nearly water. 

    Your eyes on the Doctor, your finger traced along your upper lip, catching a stray droplet that hadn’t soaked into your skin just yet. Your finger caught between your teeth, holding the digit for just enough time to let him see the action. Were you laying it on a little thick for the man? More than certainly. But having seen the man in the mirror, clearly open to a night spent with company solidified your choice. There wasn’t a damn chance you would let this man slip through your fingers. 

    Your eyes never left the man, from the moment he stood at the bar to his steps over to you, his feet a cadence against the ground. A curl appeared in your stomach, excitement settling firmly in you. You let your toes curl in your ridiculously high heels, tapping the heel against the railing of the bar. 

    Stephen settled to your right, his hand moving to the bar,effectively cutting between you and the man sitting next to you. Your eyes had met in the mirror, 

    “Hello.” The tilt of his lips was genuine, his own excitement clear on his face. Your next action was calculated; a slow lean back on the bar stool to allow the gap of fabric over your breasts to show off the very tip of ink in your skin. If he was looking, something you were certain he was, he’d get a promise for the rest of the night. 

    That was, if the man played his cards right. 

    “Hello.” Your response was just as measured as his, your own lips curving up pleasantly, allowing him the reflection of his action. It was clear that you knew just what he was doing; caught before he even tried a word more. 

    You already knew that you weren’t going to stop him. 

    “If you’d like to buy me a drink, you’ll have to wait a few moments. I only just got this one.” You slightly shook your glass, showing just how full the glass was. 

    “I’d be more than happy to wait for that.” 


    “For you, darling, I’d promise the world.” The cheesy line had pulled a laugh from your chest, surprised in the best way by his words. It eased your actions just the slightest, knowing that you would be able to find a way to get just what you wanted from the man. At least he had a sense of humor, an ease in his actions. “I’m Stephen Arden, by the way.” You’d offered your own name to the man quickly, allowing your fingers to rest on your collarbone for just a moment, a guide for his eyes to follow. 

    “You’ll do nicely for tonight.” Your words snapped his eyes from your skin to your gaze, a small smirk now adorning your dark lips. 

    “Sorry?” Finally, you turned, a small push of your heel to face him, an elegant finger moving to his jaw, running only the nail over the skin. Your eyes flicked to the point of contact, before leaning back to the chair, said finger tracing over the top of a breast. It was his turn for his eyes to be unable to pull away, watching the smooth skin. 

    “Don’t tell me you’re out of practice, Stephen.” 

    “A little, I‘m afraid.”

    “That’s alright. I’ll go easy on you tonight.” 

    “You can go as hard on me as you’d like to, love." Stephen was looming over you still, trying to crowd into the small space you had between his body and the wood of the bar. It was kind of hot; almost as if he was protecting you from anyone who’d try and swoop his prize up. You hooked the heel of your shoe onto the barstool with a soft ‘tink’, taking the moment to stand to your full height, just an inch or two taller than Stephen. Your hand moved from the wood of the bar to the cotton of his shirt, letting your palm rest on the center of his chest. 

    His half step back made you wonder if he’d realized how tall you were, or if he’d simply not expected your sudden proximity. Your fingers closed enough to catch the fabric of the shirt, keeping him close as you pressed closer to him, not allowing him even an inch of space to pull away from you. His eyes darted between you both, a peek under your shirt that you welcomed, for now. Your hand slipped from his shirt up to the collar of his shirt. Just a slight stretch further and your finger rested on his lower lip, meeting his amber eyes. 

    “I’d be happy to play professor with you, see who teaches who a lesson.” The title made a bit of suspicion appear in his eyes, only to be washed away when your finger pressed slightly against his plush lower lip. “Will you save my seat?” You allowed a mock look of innocence to appear on your face, clearly a ploy to play him. But it wasn’t lost on him, making the choice then to let you lead the dance for now. 

    Your finger moved from his lips to your chin, searching for the door to the bathroom over his shoulder,  finding it just as you thought you would. 

    “I’ll be right back.” A wink at him, and you left, taking the moments to realize just what it was you were doing. Ethics be damned, he was too cute to allow the chance to pass you up. If you told your friends that you lost the chance, they’d never let you live it down. 

    You paused a step out of the doorway, looking at the man for a moment in secret. You’d never gotten such a perfect view of his profile; curves and angles that you’d love to memorize. You caught the sight of his knee bouncing up and down; He was adorable, pure and simple. You might be younger than him, but you were going to ruin that man tonight. 

    Somehow, you’d find a way to get his neck covered in your teeth marks. Your tongue ran over your teeth, the metal of your piercing pressed for a moment against your hard palate. 

    Your hand moved to his shoulder, catching his eyes in the mirror. Slipping up his skin to his neck, you stood next to him, his hand moving to rest on your thigh under the hem of your skirt. You hoped that he’d enjoy the ink on your skin once he got to see it. 

    “Thank you,” you whispered, your thumb running over the back of his neck with a soft pressure. You let your hand leave his body, only to sit down, starting up a conversation with him. Time ended up disappearing between you two as you continued to talk and get to know each other, just a little. 

    “Now, Doctor, I think I’m about ready to retire.” 

    “Will you be needing an escort back to your place?” he quickly asked. You let your glass tip up to your lips, the last dredges of liquor sliding down your throat. You set it down, fingertips now cool, and tilted his jaw to face you.

    “No, but I’ll need one back to yours.” His smile had lit up his face, a brilliance you hadn’t expected.  

    “I can help arrange that,” he quickly responded, and you watched his throat move as he finished his drink off as well. 

    “Excellent. Shall we?” 

    “We shall.” 

    The trip to his place took too long, almost entirely taken over by Stephen trying, and failing, to hide his excitement for the night. His knee would bounce every second he got the chance, clearly trying to hold back just the slightest. It wasn’t helped by your own actions, your hand trailed over his thigh, higher each time. Any time he’d try to move his hand to touch you, you’d take his wrist in your hand, forcing a stop to his actions. Your hand would push his to the seat between you both, stopping him. 

    It wasn’t until a landing on the steps that he caught you, his hands taking your wrists to push you to the wall, a strength you hadn’t been expecting from him. You pushed back just a little, to see what he’d do, and his lips met yours with that excitement you’d been waiting for. 

    They moved from your lips too soon, trailing from your jaw to your throat, finding spots that made gasps fall from your lips. 

    “Shouldn’t we at least get inside before you try to ravish me?” 

    “Don’t you want to have a moment of fun, darling?”

    “I do, but what if one of your neighbors catches you with your hand down someone’s skirt?” Whatever it was that Stephen responded with, you didn’t catch. Instead, his thigh pressed between yours, just the right angle to pull pleasure from you. Your head fell back, tapping against the cold wall behind you. Just as soft was a sigh from your lips, appreciation for his actions verbalized. 

    “Get us inside,” you whispered, the man already successful in worming his way into your armor. He was so very eager for you, with barely any effort from you; it was already addictive. 

    The speed in which he got you into his apartment, into his room, was nearly astounding. Your ass hit the bed first, then your back, and your eyes met his, a glint speaking to just how excited both of you were. Your lips had curved into a smirk, stretching your arms over your head for just a moment, relaxing and showing off in the most casual of ways. 

    Stephen’s excitement shouldn’t have shocked you, from the stories you had heard from day to day on campus. His exhibitionism was well joked about between students. 

    Your thoughts were shaken when Stephen lowered himself over your torso, a hand caging either side of your waist. With your arms still over your head, his eyes memorized the inches of your body presented under him. One of your hands snuck to his chin, thumb pressed to the center of his chin and your first finger hooked just under it. You tilted his face to look back into your eyes. 

    “Hey, don’t lose focus on me. I wasn’t kidding on having plans for you tonight.” Your smirk was finally mirrored on his lips, mischief clear in his eyes. 

    “And who is it that said you will be calling the shots tonight, darling?” His words were accented just so, a shiver shaking through your arms. “I believe that I have my own desires to explore with you.” Stephen shifted his weight to one elbow, allowing his hand to run over the fabric of your outfit, feeling the catches under his fingers. They stopped over a breast, cupping your breast as a counterpoint to let his lips trail over the exposed flesh of your chest. 

    “I say so.” 

    “No, darling.” You looked directly at him, his hand starting to open the buttons on your shirt, slowly pulling the fabric open from your skin. You let some of the confidence you’d managed from the bar to pull through your body, your leg sliding around his hips. With a sudden movement, you were able to throw him off balance, flipping your positions with only a slight struggle. Your skirt fluttered down over your hips, letting your hips rest on his. You shifted your weight forward, hand landing on the bed over his shoulder. 

    “Yes, sir.” Your words were little more than a purr, letting your shirt hang open, giving him all the view he’d like to have with the lace covering your chest. Your fingers mimicked his from moments before, opening his shirt with ease, letting your hips grind down to press into his length. It was all it took for him to let his head fall back, a sigh ringing from his chest. 

    “You’re so expressive, professor.” The title fell from your lips before you could second guess yourself, spoiling just how you knew the man at last. 

    You were rewarded when one of his legs moved up, which pressed you into his lips with a passion. His moan was open mouthed, the action hotter than you had expected. You took the moments to grind down against his thigh, your own soft sigh falling form your lips, which then trailed over his jaw. 

    Your hands moved to his skin, only to run over his chest, your hands almost groping him. 

    Your teeth nipped his throat, a suggestion more than anything else. 

    “Would you show off a mark like that, for me?” You shifted back to his chest, open mouthed kisses along his skin, until you let your tongue run over a nipple. The metal embedded in your tongue caught against his nipple, pulling a new moan from him. His eyes snapped open to see the flash of metal before it was back in your mouth. Your tongue flicked over the other one with a quick motion, looking directly up at him. There was a flash of confusion before it cleared for realization. 

    “Don’t tease a wanting man,” he then tried, his hand moving to rest on your shoulder, sliding to the back of your neck, just under your hair. To compliment it, his other hand had run over your side, pulling the fabric of your shirt up, dragging it out of your skirt. Both skin and ink was shown to him, previously hidden from his eyes. “Not one who’s so enamoured.” His head dipped down to kiss your shoulder for just a moment, before it fell back to the pillow under his head. You took the moment to blow air over the still damp skin of his nipple, his resulting gasp nearly musical to your ears. 

    “Or what? Will you take what you want from me? What I’m so willing to offer you?” Your smirk was nearly perfectly timed, his eyes glued to your lips. You took his nipple into your open lips, your tongue teasing metal once more. “Would you like to find out where else I have metal?” You nipped the snip of his chest, leaning back onto his lap again, grinding down against his length, still trapped in his trousers. 

    “God, please.” His hands were on your skirt then, fingers slipped the zipper down, the slide almost silent. Your hands moved behind your back, the clasp undone with efficient movements. You let it fall directly onto his chest. 

    “Anywhere else i should expect?” His words rung in your ears, and part of you imagined that you could almost see apprehension in his eyes. But his eyes were stuck on the metal in your own nipples, the delicate chains hanging free from either side. 

    “No, professor.” That smirk was back on your lips. “No more metal for you to learn about.” You winked at him, hand slid down the center of his chest. “But plenty more for you to enjoy.” 

    You slipped down his thighs, hand on its prize, the button of his pants. You popped it open, his zipper followed, and your hand took his cock, through his boxers. Eyes on him, your hand moved along his length to the waistband of his boxers. Your hand urged them down, his quickly taking over to slide them down for you, pressing his hips off the bed. Your hand resumed what it had been, bare contact that shook a moan from his lips. You shifted to the point your lips could ghost over his cock, your ass in the air to offer him a view of your body. 

    “You look so beautiful down there, darling,” he praised, just as your hand slid up and down his shaft in a lazy stroke. 

    “And so do you.” A curse fell from his lips this time, a shudder echoed through his body. You let your tongue swipe over the head of his cock, swirling for a moment before taking him fully into your mouth, letting your tongue run over the vein on the bottom. From the hitch in his breath, you were certain that he had never felt a tongue just like yours on him before. You allowed a soft moan to fall around his cock. 

    His response was a sigh that sounded like heaven, clearly ones he didn’t share ofted with others. You kept your lips on him, moans coaxed from his chest with ease. Each sound was like something from your fantasies. 

    When your eyes met his next, words joined the mix again. 

    “Come up here, darling.” His hand pulled you up his chest, only to take your lips with his after you were close enough. “I have some plans for you.’ 

    “Is it fucking mew ithin an inch of my life?” Your voice had a slight rasp to it, and you took his lower lip between your teeth. 

    “Yes,” he whispered, eyes full of reverence. Your leant down to his ear, kissing the soft skin for a moment, teasing him just that little bit further. 

    “Then take me, professor.” He didn’t hesitate to follow your instructions, an arm wrapped around your waist as the other helped to flip your bodies around. Your back was pressed into the bed, and without hesitating, your legs were wrapped around his waist. His eyes looked at the tattoo on your hip at last, his hand sliding up your skin to the hand print tattooed there. His hand fit nearly perfectly in the negative space. 

    “You’re full of mysteries.” 

    “Maybe you’ll discover them all one day.” Your hips moved against him for a moment, trying to gain some form of friction. You were rewarded by Stephen’s hips moving forward, sliding against your slit until he slipped into you fully. 

    “I’m enjoying discovering them right now,” he replied, eyes pressed closed, just for a moment. When he finally started to move, his lips were on your neck. Yet his movements were vastly too slow. Your legs hooked around him, pulling him closer. 

    “Are you trying to tease me, Stephen?” Your hand moved to his hair, laced into the strands with a lover’s touch. 

    “I’d never deny you.” His hips started to move faster, and more of the beautiful noises from earlier fell from his lips directly into your ear. You couldn’t tire of hearing them; too personal and memorable. 

    “Come on,” you then urged him more, your hips started to shift against him, your aim to have him rub just against that spot inside you. His hand moved to your breast at that moment, hand almost cupping the breast whilst his fingers pinched your piercing on the tops of his fingers. Pleasure snapped through you from the action, a groan from you at last. 

    “You’re gorgeous, darling.” His eyes took in every inch of your body, thrusts showing his appreciation in a more physical way. 

    “You’re not too, ha, bad yourself.” Your head was thrown back, a groan fell from your lips. Your hand moved from him, down between your bodies. Stephen offered you the space to move down your gentle curves, slip between your legs, and find your clit, fingers rubbing at each thrusts. His thrusts had quickened at your action, neither of you able to hold back the soft gasps and moans that fell from your respective lips. 

    “Just there, don’t stop.” He took to your pleading words well, his length pressed into the spot he’d just found in you, electricity rocked straight through every limb. Even if he didn’t have a lot of experience, Stephen was just knowledgeable enough to see you needed something more before you could cum around him. His hand finally started to lightly tug against the metal in you again, and it did not take long for you to finish around him, a moan loud in his room. His own thrusts only took a few more moments, before he finished in you, his head fell back with an expletive. 

    Stephen thrusted into you through the last moments of his orgasm, fingers on your tattooed hip dug into your skin. When he pulled out of you, his eyes shifted from the ceiling down to your used cunt, aftershocks still shaking through you. He then looked at the ink you’d known he’d become enamored with. He moved next to you on the bed, fingers trailing over the line of negative space, trailed over the shape of the fingers. 


    “I thought you’d like it.” Your afterglow was clear on your face, head lazily turning to look at him. “I think I’ve got you figured out, Professor Arden.” 

    “Oh, you do?” Your response was a soft hum in response, teasing. “Then what am I thinking now, if you’ve got me figured out?” You looked up at the ceiling, dramatically putting your finger to your lip. 

    “‘Damn. That was some good sex.’” Your imitation was a poor echo to his tones, yet his smile proved he didn’t care. Your hand moved from your lips to poke his soft stomach, before you slipped your hand to the inside of his thigh, a slight jump from the action. 

    “I set the bar too low, didn’t I?’ 

    “Only a little.” Your laugh was good natured, and in that moment Stephen dipped his head over for a kiss, his hand cupped your cheek. You took him closer, keeping your lips together through a moan from you. Your hand slid into his slightly damp curls, both your bodies coated in sweat. One he pulled back, you let your eyes almost flutter open, looking directly up at him. 

    “I’m definitely going to remember that kiss.” 

    “Only this kiss?” 

    “Only the kiss.” You tapped his nose, before he took your lips again, more impassioned this time. Your body pressed a little closer to his, almost wanting another go at him before you left. 

    You broke the kiss, and tapped his nose, only to push his shoulder lightly, a request for the space you needed. He leant back to what you assumed was his normal side of the bed, back now against the headboard, watching you get out of the bed with a stretch, arching your back for his viewing pleasure. Your hands started finding all the scattered clothing that he’d all but ripped from your body as you’d barreled in here. Each piece was thrown onto the bed, making sure you had each item. 

    “Leaving so soon, darling?” Your eyes looked at the boots down the hall, through his door, before turning back to him, smirk in place  again. 

    “I didn’t think you’d want me to stay here, baby girl.” His face went blank for a second, clearly not sure how he should even process the words. Under it, there was excitement. 

    You went back to the bed, the seconds took to crawl up his body to find your place just as before with a leg on either side of his hips. 

    “Unless you were still interested in more.” Your finger trailed down his chest, stealing a final kiss from him. You offered him the final taste of your mouth, pulling back only when you both were nearly gasping for air. His hand was over your hip again, and you were certain he’d hold that area of skin any chance he’d get.

    “I’ll certainly be interested in more with you.” There was a second of tenderness between you both as his hand gently ran over your chin, and you almost fell prey to the action. It was the sweetness that had been missing from the rutting you’d just been engaged in. Your hand flattened on his chest, at last, keeping the space between you both. 

    “Then get ready for next semester, Professor Arden.” He froze for a moment, an you could feel it ring through your body. 


    “I don’t think I’ve gotten such a good introduction to what makes us human before. I cannot wait to hear you lecture about it.” 

    “You’re a student?” 

    “Next semester, one of yours. You’re my final credits. And I can’t promise I’ll make the boundaries easy to keep.” Already, your selection of miniskirts flicked through your mind, all too dangerously short for a class, but just the right length to give him the view of red ink. You finally slipped from him, putting on each piece of clothing with a show. 

    “You’re going to be why I lose my job,” he half muttered, eyes still glued to your body as you finally started to get dressed.

    “But what a fall for you.” 

    AN;  The tattoo on the hip is based on Cueva de las Manos, Perito Moreno, Argentina.

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