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    Hey there

    #honkai impact#aponia #a little bit sad......... #a lot of weapon dupes but most of all off rates #man i got freaking 3 zhenyi M and 2 B when i already had 2 TM and 1 B #no Zeno dupe just none for wishing well... saaaaalt everywhere at least have FR skin now
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    #m#mcx market#trading tips#mcx tips #mcx crude oil tips #mcx gold rate #best trading platform #tradingplan
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    we stumbled upon god unaware 

    Author: astranix

    Rating: M

    Setting: Canon AU

    Word Count: 5,020

    WARNING: Attempted Rape/Non-Con


    Lying on the ground behind Gwaine is a man with ripped clothes — dark hair, bony cheeks, chest heaving up and down. He doesn't look frightened exactly, more shaken, in an oddly feral sort of way. He massages thin wrists with fingers that match, shackles peeking out from under the torn sleeves, and stands up on his feet slowly, very carefully.
    When he realises that someone's looking at him, he looks back.
    Arthur feels something heavy settle in his throat — the man has such blue, blue eyes.

    Thanks to @yupkook for sending in this rec!

    #other: readers recs #merthur fic rec #merlin fic rec #rating: m#canonau#5k10k#setting: camelot #relationship: get together #theme: episode coda #theme: different first meeting #theme: magic reveal #~#mod danielle #tw: attempted rape
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    The Subtle Art of Revenge by LadyKenz347

    Hermione Granger masters the subtle art of revenge. Or the one where Theo gets tied up and left naked.

    Link to AO3

    AO3 tags below the break

    Archive Warning(s): No Archive Warnings Apply

    Relationship(s): Hermione Granger/Theodore Nott

    Additional Tag(s): Payback, Hogwarts, 8th year, Sexual Content, No sex though, Kinda crack-y, Utter ridiculousness

    #rating: m#status: complete#author: ladykenz347 #word count: <5k #theomione endgame: yes #era: eighth year #trope: payback#card catalogue#theomione
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    Midlife Crisis

    by profoundalpacakitten

    Chapters: 1/1 | Words: 7721 | Mature


    Steve isn’t expecting much of anything from life, he’s content to coast by, letting life flow past. Get up, get dressed, get to work, get home, get to sleep, rinse and repeat.


    James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers

    Additional Tags:

    Alternate Universe - No Powers, Construction Worker Steve Rogers, Construction Worker Bucky Barnes, Emotional Baggage, And learning to leave that baggage behind, Strangers to Lovers, Frottage, no beta we just die bro, Middle Aged Men, Sexual Indentity Crisis

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    breathplay & electroplay

    (Send me a kink and I’ll rate it)

    Breathplay - FUCK yes

    I love choking guys so much, I literally started going to the gym just so I could do it better

    Electroplay - Oh god you don’t even know

    There’s something so fucking appealing about seeing a guy getting shocked. I would love to put a shock collar on a sub and “punish” them. The more the better 🤤🤤

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    Tarnished Dawn

    Category: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Rating: PG/SFW Genre: Fantasy Word Count: 1761 Status: Complete

    Summary: That dagger in his shoulder; his lance in her chest. That’s how this is supposed to play out... isn’t it?

    Warnings: Brief suicidal ideation, general discussion of war and death. Also set at the end of A/M, so if that’s not your cup of tea then this probably won’t be.


    Agony like fire rips through Edelgard’s veins with a vengeance as the Hegemon shell begins its disintegration, like so much dust in the wind. But even with the pain, there is a sense of relief - of finality. It’s done, she thinks. I have lost. She doesn’t scream; doesn’t wail or shout at the indignity and shock of it. Instead she merely collapses, on her knees before the throne as the last vestiges of that vile power drains from her body and bleeds her energy dry, simply glad that the horrificness of it is over at last.

    She knew the price of this power, when she took it on. She knew what it would cost. She would not have resorted to it, had she not been so achingly desperate to end things, to see this through and finish what she has begun. But she also knew, going into this battle, that it would be her last. No matter the play, no matter the strike, when Dimitri’s army arrived at Enbarr’s gates, Edelgard had been gripped with the cold, dead certainty that this was it and that she would not prevail.

    And she was right.

    The last wisps of the Hegemon finally fade into oblivion, and Edelgard remains still, eyes closed a moment longer. She feels oddly serene even as she kneels in defeat before them. Her earlier dread has faded into resignation, yes, but it lacks the taint of bitterness that she had expected to come with it. Instead, she merely feels… at peace. Finished. Over. Everything she has worked for over the last five years - the last decade, truly - has culminated in this battle and now she kneels upon it like a pile of broken glass, the shards digging into her flesh with the regrets of things left unfinished, though they draw no blood and leave no mark, and yet they scar her soul all the same.

    Or what’s left of it, anyways.

    She sees it behind her closed lids like a mirage, a vision fated to be ripped out of her clutches; the world she’d been so close to creating, grasping the knife’s edge between too far and not far enough. So close… she had been so close…

    She hears movement, then; hesitant steps as they ascend the dais, the gentle clatter of armor accompanying every footfall. When it stops and silence resumes, Edelgard cannot help but to open her eyes and look up at the pair that now stands before her.

    At the hand that reaches out to her across the space between them.

    Her heart shudders with shock at the unexpectedness of it - of the gesture, both literal and symbolic.

     If that is the future you hoped for, then you deserve no compassion.

    His words from earlier in the battle echo harshly in her ears. They grate against her nerves like a whetstone, sand away at the dulled, blunted edges of her heart till it gleams like a sharpened blade, where it presses up against the inside of her chest and she bleeds.

    “El…” Dimitri’s voice is surprisingly soft as he speaks her childhood name, but she has no problem hearing him over the otherwise deafening silence of the throne room. Hesitantly, Edelgard glances up from that outstretched hand and meets his gaze, and a single cerulean eye bores deep into twin lavender. She finds him in this moment to look just as sure and steadfast as he had back in their days at the academy, before her own plans began to slither out of her control and war overtook every corner of their lives. That rage and hatred he had so resolutely targeted at her that day in the Holy Tomb - and has ever since - is nowhere to be seen. Instead, she sees…


    That, perhaps, frightens her more than anything.

    “I thought–” she breaks off into a cough, hand flying to cover her mouth, body seizing violently with the strength of it even as it lasts only a moment. The Hegemon took a greater toll than she had realized - it’s fortunate her gloves are red.

    When the moment passes, she sucks in a shuddering breath and lifts her gaze to meet Dimitri’s once more. “I thought you said I deserved no compassion.” Her voice comes out far shakier and quieter than she intended, and inwardly she rages at the sound of it. How broken, how weak has she become, that even as death rattles at her bones she can no longer maintain her own strength and surety?

    Dimitri doesn’t flinch. The smile he wears tightens slightly, but his gaze never wavers. “I… say a lot of things, I’m sure you’ve noticed.” The whispers of what, exactly, has been said hang off the end of his statement, as if reluctant to be heard again in the light of day. “But that does not mean I cannot change my mind, nor admit that I may be wrong.”

    She hears it, then; his silent plea. Edelgard may be the one on her knees, but it is Dimitri who is begging for her life. What a strange thing to realize, when only months ago they’d both been convinced all he wanted was to see her in a bloodied heap on the battlefield.

    Another breath, and this one stings more than the last. Even if she lives past this moment, the remainder of her time in this world will not be long. And Dimitri will not kill her - not unless she forces his hand. His actions just now have proven that.

    And she could - force him into action, make him finish things as no doubt the rest of Fodlan expects to happen. His dagger rests at her hip even now, hidden beneath the folds of her cloak and forgotten entirely until this moment. Now, its presence itches at her like an infected wound, never ceasing in its bother, in its reminder of things better left in the past.

    Of the girl she’d once been, now dead and buried. Of the boy she had known, now tormented and scarred.

    It would be so easy. Throw the dagger, aim for the connective area of his armor near the shoulder. Areadbhar is positioned so perfectly - he hardly needs to move at all. He would live on, a minor wound to show that he’d only done what had to be, and she…

    Edelgard’s gaze drifts from Dimitri to the figure standing behind him. The professor. Their gaze burns on her like a wildfire, boring deeper into her than Dimitri’s one-eyed stare could ever hope to, now. In that second of eye contact Edelgard sees that they know the way in which her thoughts have gone. They might not have been her teacher, her mentor, hers to lean upon - but there has always been that odd, unspoken thread of connection. Of what if. She has always felt as though they have seen straight through to the very depths of her - and this moment is no different than any in the past.

    And in the depths of their gaze, Edelgard sees it. This world that they and Dimitri are fighting for. Their vision of Foldan… and it does not seem so far removed from her own. Not really. Some differences, yes, but perhaps… if she can just make them see. With the professor at her side, Edelgard knows that there is nothing that she cannot accomplish… and Dimitri…

    Her eyes flash back to him, in a mild panic now that with her delayed response he may just take action on his own regardless. But no - he has not moved from his place before her, his hand has not wavered, Areadbhar has not moved. For only moments ago having toyed with the idea of finding herself lodged on the end of its blade, it is surprising how vehemently she suddenly wishes not to be. She looks back up, into his face once more, and refuses to let that hope she sees clamoring within him take root in her own chest, too. “Things cannot return to how they were. Not ever.”

    “No, they cannot. But can we not attempt to move forward - together?”

    “I–” she breaks off sharply into another fit, the coughs wracking her frame so harshly this time that she hardly notices when both Areadbhar and the Sword of the Creator clatter to the ground, and all of a sudden Dimitri and the professor are both right next to her, own their knees the same as she and why have they not just killed her yet? Surely they know if the position were reversed, she would have done the same. Would have regretted none of it, not with the knowledge that it had to be done.

    But no. Instead of death she finds only an odd comfort as they both reach for her. Somehow she ends up pressed against the two of them, the bulk of her leaning onto Dimitri as the professor shoulders the rest, one hand clasped tightly by each of them. Such warmth… such closeness… Edelgard has not felt anything so gentle in so many, many years now, and she shuts her eyes as the sensation of it floods her to her core.

    “Edelgard… please,” Dimitri’s voice is less than a whisper near her ear. “Together we can be stronger than we are apart. We can find those responsible for the Tragedy - for all of it - and make them pay. We can question Rhea and the Church, demand honesty from them once and for all. No more casualties. No more war.”

    There it is again.

    His damned plea.

    Live, Edelgard. Please.

    The rest of her strength seems to have disappeared in the intervening time since the shell evaporated, and her breath comes now in little wisps. She tightens her hold on their hands, briefly, before she relaxes her grip and gives the slightest of nods against his shoulder.


    Edelgard is vaguely aware of the way they both tense at her agreement; can make out the intonations of Dimitri’s voice as he raises it to a shout, calls for a healer to come quickly, now! They must have been close, for she can just begin to feel that familiar tingle of magic along her skin even as the rest of the world fades out to a muffled blur and eventually, nothing.

    But throughout that whole time, she can feel the warmth of their hands, Dimitri’s and their teacher’s, and not for a single moment do they let go.

    #‣ fic. #‣ sfw. #‣ au. #‣ rating: pg. #‣ category: fire emblem. #lamely throws this onto the dash and rolls away #anyways this is what i've been working on the last little while and it's DONE #i know.... I KNOW...... UNREALISTIC...... #BUT LET A GIRL DREAM #a/m's ending hurt me so bad this is me making it slightly less painful #i also left the ending incredibly vague so it's up to the reader's interpretation what happens following #does she die in dimi and byleth's arms? #does she live? #do they work together to get rid of twsitd and legitimately uncover rhea's lies and the truth of what happened with sothis and nemesis? #up to u :>
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    "Renifleur"- an Everlark One-Shot

    renifleur: one who receives sexual gratification from smells

    Peeta toyed with the pair of panties in his hand.

    He never really cruised sites like this one, but it had been a year since Delly. The lace pair she had gifted him had long lost her scent, and he had not thought about getting a new pair.

    Until Katniss.

    Read the rest on AO3!

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    For the kiss prompt thing, for Michael and Jackie can I request

    Waist, straddle, tug, lipstick 😊

    I'm sorry these took so long to post, life's been a little hectic lately. But here there are. Rather than make separate posts on here, I thought it'd be easier to just link my AO3 posts. Hope that's okay. :)

    Waist, straddle, tug, and lipstick.

    #taggart #michael x jackie #mike x jackie #fanfiction#taggart fanfiction #these are also posted on fanfic.net for those who prefer that #the straddle one has a light M rating #ship: michael x jackie #asks#prompts#ask prompts#kiss prompts
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    He wondered what that said about him. About them. That it wasn't the bullet he would have taken from Harry – but the crime.

    #kingsman fic rec #Hartwin#3k#M-rating
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    Chapters 16 and 17

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    Still fanfiction anon here

    Don't check 'em.

    Unless you wanna go down a weird rabbit hole (literally lol), don't: she wrote mainly lemon stuff between Tarrant and Alice and they're also quite OOC.

    Nothing wrong with that ofc, but at this point I feel like I should warn you about the content

    ahhhhh alright yeah from a quick skim through i can see it

    #most of them being rating: M made me raise an eyebrow
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    #art#naruto#shikamaru#honeydeer#hikari #rated m for magical girl au #unsafe
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    Dirtiest for me is probably the Tae/Cass/other guy one. I was surprised at first, but it turned out to be so steamy!! Hottest scenes that I love = JK/YS in the gym 🥵🥵, YG eating out JS for the first time 🥵🥵, JK and YG’s one night stands with random characters, and don’t stop with Tae and Daeun. Like all of those scenes slay me😮😳😳🥵🤯🔥❤️‍🔥🫠😆!!!

    Yesss these would probably be our choices too! There’s something quite visceral about ‘Don’t Stop’ isn’t there?

    I’m going to say that Yoongi’s one night stand with Michelle doesn’t strike me as particularly dirty as I think there’s a tenderness there. But definitely Jungkook’s does!!! My god...gotta love Ms Kim (besides the Nana hate...) she’s just all of us in that moment!

    #bts#bts smut #bts smut imagines #bts smut fan fiction #bts rated fics #bts rated m #bts v#v#kim taehyung #v x da-eun #bts v smut #v smut#bts suga#suga#suga smut#bts jungkook#jungkook#jungkook smut
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    Wildcard 6

    Alex Cabot x Olivia Benson x Reader

    It's been two days since you gave Olivia the okay. Two days since you and Delana talked. Although you put on the fake smile well Delana could see right through it. No surprise there. But what was a surprise was that Olivia didn't notice. Typically the brunette could read you like a book. You rarely got away with anything because of it. However, it seems that right now you're getting along just fine with this act.

    Only two days and already the act was exhausting. You wanted to make her happy and this was the way to do it. Olivia was thrilled when you agreed to add Alex to the mix. She called right after your talk explaining to the blonde the next steps. So far nothing has happened due to everyone's work schedules but you knew eventually that wouldn't be an issue.

    In every part of your life right now you had to fake it. Home, your job, your friends, with Olivia. Everywhere expect in your office. The four white walls and oak door allowed you a sense of privacy from the outside world making it easier to drop your guard. That was until today. You sighed dropping your head to the desk in search of some peace and silence but it was short-lived as the speaker next to you came to life.

    “Principal y/n. You have a visitor.” Amy’s said her voice carrying throughout the office.

    You sighed once more taking a deep breath before you answered.

    “Thank you, Amy. Send them in.”

    A knock on the door singled your visitor. Preparing yourself you sat up straight rolling your shoulders back as you put on that smile.

    “Come in.”

    Out of all the people that could have walked through that door you never expected to see Alex Cabot. The blonde smiles as she walks in closing the door behind her.



    “So you're a principal?” she asked.

    “Assistant principal,” you said with a smile.

    She nods looking around the office.

    The two of you stare at each other for a moment not knowing what to say. Finally, you composed yourself.

    “What can I do for you?” you asked.

    The blonde smiles taking a seat in front of the desk.

    “I'm sorry to bother you at work but I had a free lunch hour and I wanted to speak with you if that's alright. “

    “Of course.”

    “Umm. I...I wanted to apologize for what happened between Liv and me. It was completely out of line and I don't know what came over me.”

    “Yes. Well, Olivia and I spoke about that. She apologized as well. We've moved on. I'm sure she told you.”

    “Yeah, she called me. She said that the three of us would be taking the next step.”

    You gave her a tight smile as you nod your head.

    “I wanted to know if this was actually something you wanted. I mean you're okay with this right?”

    “You think Olivia would make this decision without me?”

    “No, I'm not saying that. I just know how it is to be in love with her. It makes you want to do things for her. Things you may not want to do.”

    “You think I didn't enjoy myself with you the other night?”

    She blushed “No I'd say you did. As did I.”

    You smiled as your cheeks turned a shade of pink.

    Alex sighed “I just want to make sure that you're actually okay with this. I don't want you to do this if it's not what you want. And I wanted to let you know that if it's not I will back off. From you and Olivia. I don't want to cause anyone pain. And unfortunately, I already started off on the wrong foot.”

    “It was just a kiss.”

    “You and I both know it wasn't just a kiss. It was more than that.”


    “Meaning that kiss unlocked 20 years of memories and love. And although it would kill me to walk away from her I'll do it if that's what you want.”


    “Because I know what it's like to lose the person you love and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. And I wouldn't want to be the cause of it.”

    You sighed looking out the window. How could Alex be so nice about this? How could she give up Olivia for me?

    The blonde interrupted your thoughts. “I'm sorry that I put you in this position. But before this starts I need to know that you're okay.”

    “I'm fine.” you smiled.

    “You mean that?” she asked.


    “Okay. Well, again I am sorry. Olivia said that we would make up some rules and talk. I think that's a good idea. She also said that we would have a dating process which I'm completely okay with.”

    “Good.” you smiled.

    The blonde smiled nodding her head as she got up to leave.

    “Alex,” you called out stopping her leave.


    “Are you in love with her?”


    “Do you think we're capable of being in love with more than one person?”

    The blonde sighed moving back to the chair.


    “How can you be so sure?”

    “Because as much as I know Olivia loves me I've seen how she looks at you. She loves you. She loves us both.”

    “Do you think we could grow to love each other?”

    She chuckled “ I think you'll be surprised just how much you and I have in common. Besides the love, we share for her. If I'm being honest I've been attracted to you since the beginning.”

    “Me too.” you smiled.

    She smiles back nodding her head. “I'll see you soon.”

    “See you soon,” you said watching her leave.

    You sighed deeply as she left dripping your head back down to its position on the desk.

    Maybe you could love Alex? Maybe after it's all said and done it will work out? You weren't sure. All you knew for sure was that Olivia loved Alex, Alex loved Olivia and you loved Olivia.

    “This is fucked.” you whispered to yourself.

    #alex cabot x reader #olivia benson x reader #lgbtq#wlw #law and order svu #fiction#writing#television #law and order x reader #stephanie march #smut and fluff #age difference#angst #sex on the brain #rated m#mariska hartigay#bd/sm pet
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