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    no bc hear me out here, a Devon (turning red) x Male reader where y/n is in Devon’s shop to visit him until they go off to actually look for something to buy and someone either completely random or maybe one of the girls decides to try and shoot their shot with Devon. So after they beat around the bush for awhile and eventually confesses to Devon, y/n just kinda pops in after hearing everything and casually gives Devon a goodbye kiss which shuts down the entire confession

    (alter this to your liking i’m sorry if this didn’t make as much sense as it should’ve it sounded so much better in my head omg)

    (heard u loud and clear<3)

    Devon x Male!Reader


    Characters you can request


    "Heyy, what are you doing here?" Devon greeted his boyfriend, his posture clearly easing up and his lips tugging into a lazy smile.

    [Name] waved and tilted his head, leaning on the counter a little and smiling. "I was going to visit you, but I realised that I actually could use some snacks so it's a 2 in 1 visit" He explained and Devon rolled his eyes, nodding.

    After that, the shop worker's boyfriend wandered off into the snack area, looking for good crisps. "Spicy?" He muttered to himself, picking up a bag and looking at it in thought.

    Suddenly he heard the voice of a familiar girl, he knew her because she usually came here, simping over Devon in a painfully obvious way.

    "Heyy! How are you? I came to see you and to keep you a little company~!" She said in a sing-song voice. [Name] had to hold back a small snort at the obvious way to approach what she probably tried to do. "Uh, hi" Devon responded awkwardly.

    It was silent for a moment and [Name] walked around the corner to watch the whole exchange. There was a different girl next to her, giggling and pushing the other's shoulder.

    "Uh, listennnn... I know you since some time and uhh, I really think you're attractive and yeah, can I get your number?" She asked shyly now and her friend cheered, making her blush even more than she was before.

    Devon didn't quite know how to respond, obvious because of his expression. So, [Name] decided to end all of this, walking up to them with the bag of crisps he had chosen.

    "Alright, I chose, here's the money" He said, putting the money on the counter before pulling Devon in for a short kiss, "Later!".

    [Name] turned around with a proud grin, walking out and grinning a little wider when he heard the girls' confused exclaims of "EHH??" and "WHAT?!".

    Devon simply looked after him with a fond, but amused, smile, shaking his head.

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    OK HEAR ME OUT.. LIGHT'S OUT DRABBLE? A LITTLE BLAST FROM THE PAST?? Idk I got this idea to do a little part since I was writing and reading some of my old fics to see what I could improve, I had a little idea for Lights out as a little drabble/sequel to get my creative juices flowing 🧐

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    I liked whoever requested the Albedo cavity fic's idea. Could you please do either a fic about Albedo getting his wisdom teeth removed with reader being there for him (established relationship), or about him being absolutely terrified to see a dentist, but he has to because of a toothache, and reader has to accompany him to comfort him? I'm a sucker for comforts, especially being a person who fears the dentist.

    Alright anon! Gender neutral reader, bit short but hopefully it was worth the wait haha, I've tagged this as 'dentist', if anyone wants to block that word please do so!

    Albedo was waiting outside of the dentists office, arms crossed as he refused to enter the building. He wanted you to be there to assure him he was safe going in to the dentist, as much as he knew he needed to get his dental health in check. Those desserts he enjoyed had done their job on his teeth, it seemed.

    "Here I am!" You cheer, bringing him out of his thoughts. "Ready to go in?"

    Albedo nods softly, smiling to match his tone.

    "Yes, now that you're here."


    After talking to the receptionist to make sure the dentist knew Albedo had arrived, you sit with him. He looks at the clock, fixating on it as he nervously shakes his leg in anticipation. You look over, seeing the dentist there and knowing they were waiting for Albedo. After all, at this time the waiting room was empty with exception of you two.

    "Hey." You nudge Albedo, him still staring at the clock as if to distract himself. "I'll hold your hand when the dentist takes a look at your teeth." You reassure him, him slowly looking over to see the dentist patiently waiting before standing up, you following suit.

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    coming soon!


    coming soon!
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    What Lies Before us

    Book 2 of a Jack Thompson X Reader Story 

    Masterlist (book 1 and previous chapters of book 2) 

    Chapter 2

    Fortunately for Y/N, her old clothes were in Jack’s car – so she got them without telling the rest of the office where she got them from before heading to the men’s changing room to get her blood-stained shirt off. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She was still visibly shaken, but not as much as someone should have been that had just stabbed two men to death. That was her.

    She was more shaken about the thought of what could have happened if she didn’t do what she did. They would have killed the others. Eliminating witnesses. Once she had translated the document, they would have killed her, too.

    She heard the door to the changing room open.

    “How’r you holding up?”

    She turned away from the mirror towards Jack. She tried her best to muster up a genuine smile.

    “I’m good. Really.”

    Not really convinced, he came towards her to take a closer look.

    “Did they get you somewhere?”

    “No”, she shook her head, “I was quicker, it would seem.”

    “Y/N, this was my fault. You were right, the theatre-“

    “Stop right there”, she interrupted sternly, “no more of the blame game. You wanted to play it safe, and to be honest, no one would have expected that five Russian guys manage to break into the SSR. Maybe we should ask Stark for a better security system.”

    “You could have died.”

    “I most likely would have died after you guys”, she retorted quietly, smoothing out the folds of the replacement shirt, “it really was quite simple.”

    She knew that he wanted to talk back, so she simply lifted her eyebrows, staring directly into his concerned blue eyes and gave him a smile: “I said stop. It all worked out. No one died.”

    The Chief grit his teeth, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He knew she was right. It did, sort of, work out.

    “You did good.”

    “It’s almost like I’ve done it before”, she retorted cynically, hinting at the contents of the file he had initially thought belonged to Peggy.

    “Yeah. Well, I’m glad you did.”

    She tilted her head: “We’re quite the team, no? The assassin and the sharpshooter.”

    “I was no sharpshooter, I was a machine gunner. But similar enough.”

    He had hated the sound of machine guns ever since. Firing yourself was bad enough – having to constantly maintain shooting discipline, the short bursts of fire, so as to not overheat the barrel, the quick repetition that echoed in one’s entire body, the deafening sound. It was bad enough doing it – it was a million times worse receiving the fire. Often, the Japanese’s machine guns were hidden deep within the rocky landscape of Iwo, or hidden in the bushes and trees of Okinawa. They were often hardly visible. Fire would erupt from nowhere, mowing down anyone that was unfortunate enough to be in the line of fire. The sound of enemy machine guns, however, was the thing that accompanied him to this day. The loud, rapid sounds, the feeling when bullets barely missed one’s head – he had been able to feel the air being stirred up by them next to his ears.

    He remembered his Lieutenant Commander telling them that the bullets you could hear were the good bullets. It was those who you didn’t hear that you should be worried about.

    He hadn’t been wrong. But even though those bullets never breached his skin, they left scars all over.

    “You okay?”

    Y/N brought him back into the present day, back from the island. She looked at him, head tilted, and eyebrow raised.

    “Marvellous”, he replied dryly.

    She pointed to the door with her chin: “Come on, let’s head out. It shouldn’t take a lady an hour to change.”

    They walked towards the door and Jack retorted: “Maybe if she just killed two men, it should.”

    “Not in our profession, I think”, she grinned, opening the door. The atmosphere in the office was strange – the bodies had been removed, and the captive had been brought into a nice, highly-protected cell in an undisclosed location.

    The other men, Lee, Michaelson, Goldberg, as well as the other three men who had returned from the set-up, Ramirez, Wallace, McKinley and Harrow waited awkwardly for the Chief and Y/N to re-enter the room.

    Had they taken too long? Surely not.

    But Y/N eventually figured out what was going on. They didn’t know what to say to her.

    She raised a hand: “Gentlemen, we don’t have to have any discussion of what has just happened. I’m just glad no one died today.”

    She felt Agent Lee’s lingering stare on her, so she put her hands on her hips and addressed him directly: “Is there something wrong, Agent?” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm: “Don’t tell me what you saw offended you. I must apologise for not killing them with the power of motherliness.”

    “No, L/N, that’s not- what you did, it was, uhm-“

    “It was?”, she asked curiously, yet cynically. There were so many things for him to say – brutish, effective, good – it would all lead to very different statements.

    “It was good.”

    Good? Well, Y/N internally sighed, that was probably the best she could expect of someone like Lee. “Not bad for a woman who doesn’t belong here, you mean?”, she said, making him visibly uncomfortable, “Fear not, Agent Lee. I’m simply doing my job. Like all of us, I suspect.”

    “What did they want you to decode, L/N?”, Thompson asked, crossing his arms before his chest. “Must’ve been real important.”

    She nodded, glancing at the paper: “I suppose so. It would have told them what the British and Americans knew about the item that should be transported to Leningrad. It’s the communiqué that was sent to the FBI yesterday.” She pursed her lips, frowning: “And this means-“ She stopped.


    She looked at Thompson. “I don’t know yet.” That was a lie. But she was proficient at that. Whilst the office returned to normal business, more agents started to trickle in, she made her unfortunate, but sometimes very helpful coffee round. Heading to the Chief’s office, she placed a note below his cup.

    We were not supposed to have the communiqué. Neither the British, nor the FBI know we obtained it. Jonas does not seem to have an interest in passing it on – exclusively – to us and then send agents to kill us. Too obvious.

    Which means, we have a mole. Someone who knew that we’ve obtained it, and knows our schedule. Someone who wasn’t in the office today before 9:00 and could call in the decoy, or, if he’s smart, someone who paid someone to call it in for him, whilst he is in the office.

    She didn’t wait to see his reaction, as whoever it was could be seeing their interaction. She left as quickly as she had entered, knowing that the information would be in the most capable hands there were in all of New York.

    Lee; Ramirez; McKinley; Michaelson, Harrow; Goldberg; Peterson; Shaw; Wise; Spencer; Conte; Reed; McGregor; Owens; Simpson; Williams; Martinez; Schommer; White; Bruns.

    Those were the names of all the agents who had worked the day before and had been in the main office the day prior. Y/N’s heart wanted to suspect Lee – but her mind knew that there was nothing to mark him out from all the other names, apart from the fact that he did not like her. Something was strange, though – whoever it was, he had been in the room when she had talked to Jonas – but didn’t hear the subsequent conversation well enough to know himself what she had learnt. Otherwise, he could have informed the Russians about what the SSR, MI6 and the FBI knew.

    Her gaze wandered through the office. This didn’t quite make sense.

    What was becoming clear, though, was that the person knew that she knew it. Also, the person must have contact with another agency, as they didn’t obtain the code. That was only and exclusively received by the FBI.

    Which meant that either, this person had access to classified documents by the FBI, but wasn’t trusted enough to receive the decoded message. That wasn’t that unlikely, considering that the clearance level for these types of things was usually very high. Or, there were multiple people. SSR, FBI – people in high positions, relatively speaking, of intelligence services of the US. That was, arguably, the more realistic version.

    Meaning. There were probably multiple moles, at least one in the SSR, which had to be a person who only partially got the information regarding the contents of her phone call.

    And there was a mole inside the FBI who got a hold of the coded message, but was unable to decode it. And somehow, they figured the next course of action was to inform the Russians about this, and that prompted them to storm the SSR – arguably a less protected target than the FBI – to get it decoded, in order to figure out what it was that the three agencies knew. And, significantly, if the FBI and MI6 knew more details than they did. Otherwise, decoding it was pointless – they could have just put a gun to Jack’s or Y/N’s head and forced them to speak.

    Thank God that Peggy and Sousa showed up at Thompson’s front door, Y/N realised. If they had called into the office, or even worse, had showed up, the mole might very well have known that the SSR figured out – most likely – what item they want to steal.

    Also, it meant that all agents that were present when she had received the call were now in danger – though the two individuals who the mole would see as the best informed were, unfortunately, Thompson and herself. Naturally.

    But who the hell was only half-present yesterday?

    She ran through the events as best she could. It had been a busy workday, and it had been fairly loud in the background when she had made the call.

    Y/N stared holes in her desk, trying to re-enact the scene in all its details.

    Lee had grunted in the background. He had been annoyed that she was busy and couldn’t bring him a new cup of coffee.


    Who brought the coffee that day?

    She didn’t want any, but she assumed that Jack would have had received some.

    She hoped intensely that he didn’t just learn how to operate a machine gun and how to pull of an amphibious assault in boot camp, but also to remember seemingly unnecessary details.

    She picked up random papers to make it look like she had something to report to the chief – which technically was true, but nothing that she could write down.

    “Chief, your report”, she announced before closing the door behind her. He looked tense, but also confused.

    “Don’t look confused”, she hissed between her teeth as she placed the papers onto his desk and pointed to a random line. “Who brought coffee yesterday? When I talked to Jarvis?”

    “’Cuse me?”

    “Do you remember or not?”, she shot back, “Focus!”

    He pinched the bridge of his nose and leaned back in his chair: “I think that kid…”

    “Specifics? Like, a name?”, she asked cynically.

    He stopped himself from rolling his eyes: “Christian Owens.” He raised an eyebrow: “Why?”

    “I’ll tell you all about how I came to this conclusion”, she said, turning around, “But I’m pretty certain he’s our whistle.”

    Christian Owens was an inconspicuous agent. Young, brilliant education. Graduated from Yale. He had joined the SSR some months ago – at the time, Y/N and Thompson were in L.A. with the entire Whitney Frost mess.

    The hiring decision had been made by Thompson’s deputy, McKinley. And Y/N didn’t blame him – the kid had a stellar resumé. Born to an American father and a British mother, he had spent much of his childhood in Britain.

    Before proposing to interrogate him, Y/N wanted to at least talk to Thompson about her conclusion. They felt pretty compelling to her, but she wanted a second opinion.


    The two met in Central Park during lunch break. It took a while for them to reach their designated meeting point, as they took widely different routes to get there and reassured themselves that they were not being followed.

    “Owens?”, Thompson asked confused, “What the hell brings him to the Russians?”

    Y/N ran through her train of thought, listing everything she had come up with during her mind-games at her desk.

    The more she talked, the more serious Thompson’s face grew.

    “Son of a gun”, he muttered, rubbing his chin, “I guess that’s why they recruited you to be a spy.”

    “What, did you think they purely took me from my impeccable skills of knifing people?”, she asked back sarcastically, but quickly became serious again.

    “Look, if I’m right, we might be able to use Owens to figure out what their exact plan is. He doesn’t seem to be that experienced at spying. There’s just one catch to this plan”, she paused, searching for Jack’s eyes. “Everyone in the SSR who heard our talk yesterday is a possible target. And the best possible targets are you and I.”

    Jack bit his lower lip, thinking.

    “Well, we know who they want the most. And it ain’t me, Mrs. Turning”, he stated, “If they need a codebreaker, they need you. And, probably, they need that document back. Which happens to be in your possession, too.”

    “So what you’re saying is that I’m most at risk”, she summarised, “how wonderful.”

    Jack rubbed his neck. This was all great. Not only did they have a traitor amongst them, no, Y/N was also top of the list.

    “Look, we don’t collect our agents’ apartments”, he said, “theoretically, he shouldn’t know where you live. Do you rent under your real name?”

    “Until now, I never had a reason not to”, she sighed, “I guess I should have known better.”

    He shook his head: “What should you have known better, that the Reds have infiltrated my staff?”

    She shot him a glance: “Seriously, Jack, stop it with the blame game! It’s your favourite, and it’s a dumb game!”

    “But it’s kinda true”, he shrugged half-heartedly, “But whatever.” He paused. “I don’t rent under my real name”, he pointed to the position where Manfredi’s hitman had shot him, “Not since this wonderful event.”

    Y/N winced at the memory. She had never felt such terror than in that moment – and she had seen some horrific things.

    “Anyways, here’s the plan. Two days. Two days to investigate him, then I interrogate him.”

    Y/N raised an eyebrow: “You really think that’s a good idea? You’ll club him to death.”

    “Until now, no one died when I interrogated them”, he gave back, “Besides, he can thank his friends that he’s missing out on the carrot.”

    Chief Dooley. Right. That felt like ages ago to Y/N, even though it’s been just a few months.

    “Right. Two days.”

    “You’re not going to get to stay the night in your apartment if you’re in the phone book.”

    Y/N couldn’t help but give him a grin: “You’re sure it’s just my safety that makes you say that?”

    Now, it was hard for anyone to make Jack Thompson blush. He was not easy to embarrass – he easily got uncomfortable, but embarrassed was something different. But right now, his cheeks began to redden – and unfortunately for him, this time, no dim light would help him cover it up. “I have no idea what you mean.”

    “Yes”, she nodded overly empathetic, “Because in Jack Thompson’s imagination, children are still brought to this world by the stork alone.”

    She gave him a wink and turned around: “See you in the office, Chief. I’ll meet you at 18:50 down the ally.”

    The following night, Y/N was alone in Jack’s apartment as he, supposedly, met up with a friend. She spent the time working through yearbooks she had acquired from Yale, which, incidentally, did show Owens as a student. She wrote down the names of the students in his course to call them up the next day. But what was certain was that he indeed studied there. That much was clear. It was shortly after 11 when she heard a knock kat the door. Jack only had one key, and had given it to Y/N so that she could enter on her own.

    Jack hardly waited for Y/N to open the front door, so quickly did he enter the apartment: “You’ll be knocked off your socks by what I’ve found!”

    “Well, to be honest, I’m already happy you didn’t knock down the door”, she joked dryly, “shoot.”

    “I did some digging on Owens”, he said, “I realised I knew his platoon sergeant. As far as he knows, he checks out. Spoke a lot about Yale, about growing up in Idaho, just as it says in his documents.”

    That didn’t leave Y/N speechless, so she assumed the shocking part was yet to come.

    “Well, turns out”, Jack fumbled in the folder he carried with him, “Owens had a fiancé back in 44 – apparently married the gal after the war. One Diane Chévalier.” He overemphasised her name – just to underline: French.

    “Aha”, Y/N raised an eyebrow, “And that’s somehow an earth-shaking revelation?”

    “Absolutely”, he grinned and pulled a single photo out of the file, “She came to visit him once when he was in a training camp in Tennessee. My pal took a photo of the enchanting couple.”

    He flicked the photo for her to see.

    “Oh no”, Y/N’s mouth went dry as sandpaper, “He married a bitch.”


    Y/N took the picture from Jack’s hand and took a closer look. Yeah, there was no way around it. The elegantly dressed woman next to Owens was Dottie Underwood. Or whatever she was actually called.

    “Well, we can all agree, poor Owens? Horrible taste in women”, she deadpanned. Was that the way he got introduced to communism? Through an affair?

    “You know what”, she muttered, “nothing I found indicates that Owens ever veered off into the commie section. I mean, he could be good at hiding it, but then again, it took us one day to identify him. Doesn’t seem to me he is good. Actually, he is an amateur.”

    Jack had no idea where Y/N was going with this, but he knew it was better to let her go through her thoughts without interrupting her.

    “What if she’d convinced him that if he did this one thing for her, she’d be free?”, she questioned, “Or, I don’t know, that her contract with Stalin is over or somethin’. That he did it not out of conviction, but out of… well, love.”

    “No one betrays their country for a gal”, Jack stated flat-out.

    Y/N raised her eyebrows and laughed loudly: “Jack, you have no idea. I’ve seen Nazis defect out of nothing more significant than love, I’ve seen people collaborate with them because they fell for one. People betray their country for love – or the promise of it – all the time.”

    He sat down on his sofa, facing her. “Idiots”, he grumbled into the empty pace.

    “Are they?”, Y/N sat down, too, “I have to give it to Dottie, if she did that, she is damn good at her job. I turned a few, got them to assist me to get at-risk people out of the occupied territories. It is very difficult. But nothing incentivises individuals more than the promise of love. And once they figure it out, that no matter what they do, they’ll never receive it: That is the ultimate punishment. Even those I didn’t kill… many of them died shortly after. Ran into enemy fire, or turned their own gun on themselves.” Y/N pressed her lips together: “Maybe he is a commie. Maybe he isn’t. But at least consider the possibility when you’re taking him apart in the interrogation chamber.”

    He looked up: “So you agree that I’ll interrogate him tomorrow?”

    She gave him a funny look: “Well, you are the SSR’s most experienced interrogator. And – since when does the Chief has to ask his coffee-fetcher for permission?”

    “Since I don’t want to be murdered by the coffee-fetcher in my sleep”, he retorted with a huff.

    Y/N pressed her lips together: “I’d be more worried about Underwood showing up unexpectedly. It’s like playing chess against an evil version of myself, and I hate playing chess.”

    Jack observed her quietly for a long time.


    “Nothing”, he clenched his teeth, “Suppose that’s why I joined the Marines. Didn’t really have to think about the moves were doing. You wake up, you’re told to take that island, next thing you know you’re climbing from the ship.”

    “I’d still wager that my survival chances were better than members of your company”, she muttered quietly, “I think amongst my type of spies, we had a mortality rate of about a third.” She huffed at the memory, but then tilted her head: “But on that note – why did you actually join the Marines? I mean, Army, Navy – Air Force? You had the academic credentials to get into any of them. Why join the Marines?”

    Something in Jack’s eyes changed – there was that boyish sparkle that he had so often when he had been younger and was about to do something very reckless.

    “Why not?”, he asked back with a grin, “We all know the story from the Belleau Woods, right? What man wouldn’t want to be part of that?”

    “Oh my God”, she muttered cynically, “don’t tell me you wanted to join the toughest possible faction of the Armed Forces only to have the bragging rights for it.”

    “Hey”, he interjected jokingly, “I didn’t know where we were headed into.”

    “Yes”, she agreed, “You’re right. It was just as likely you’d end up stationed in Britain and knitting socks.”

    “Well, maybe not that, but maybe not waiting for the assault of a burning-hot volcano island on a ship that has to fend of kamikaze pilots who’d literally die just to maybe get a hit at their enemy.”

    Y/N pressed her lips together. “I read reports from Okinawa, Jack.” He didn’t know what she meant by that, but he eyed her cautiously.

    “I read about the Japanese strategy. Horrible”, she clenched her teeth, and having looked at the ground before, she now searched for his eyes, “I read about what they did in many battles over and over. A staged surrender, only to attack the Americans who tried to take them into custody.”

    His face turned to stone, and his lips pressed into a fine line.

    “You’ll never know if those… those you shot were sincere or not”, she said quietly, “and if they were, yes, it is still a war crime on paper. But no one can fault you for doing what you did. It was a split-second decision, and it was in the middle of the night. You’ll have to learn to forgive yourself for that.”

    When he didn’t say anything, Y/N added quietly: “People expect wars to bring out heroes. But in my experiences, they simply don’t exist. No one goes to war and doesn’t make a mistake. Some shoot to quickly, others to slow. Either way, someone dies. Tell me, if you had waited, if you didn’t take the shot, and they ended up killing your buddy, your C.O., would you blame yourself any less? And if the answer is no, then you can’t go on blaming yourself. And if it’s about that stupid Navy Cross, then screw it – they literally shipped you from hell to purgatory, so for what it’s worth, you’ve done enough to be given some form of thanks. Not many had to see action on Okinawa right after Iwo Jima.”

    “I must be a hell of a dancer for you to forgive me war crimes”, he said with a thick voice, as if all the grief was re-emerging. Not even his sarcasm could mask the sorrow.

    “Jack”, she shook her head, “I’ve seen war crimes. I’ve seen it all. Mass executions, rape, deliberate shootings of unarmed civilians against a wall. Deliberate starvation of entire towns. Intent matters. You were trying to do the best you could. That doesn’t guarantee the ideal outcome. But it doesn’t change that you are a good man, Jack.”

    He rubbed his eyes with his thumb and index finger, and Y/N could have sworn it wasn’t because he was tired, but it was to wipe away the sadness. But in her experiences, it was already better to cry over it than to numb it completely. Those who buried it deep enough not to ever cry about it, those were the people with the thousand-yard-stare.

    Y/N stood up, walked over to him and sat down next to him, looking at his tired face.

    “And you don’t have to wait for me to forgive your war crimes”, she said softly, “I’ve never held them against you to start with.”

    A/N: I just realised, I started book one in 2017. For real, that seems like in a different historical period by now. Jesus, I again apologise for taking a million years to write a story. I hope I can do better in part 2, and I hope that my writing style has only improved over the years. As usual, feedback, reactions - anything - is very appreciated, and I hope you enjoy!

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    With a new season of Stramger Things upon us, I will now be able to write the sequel to Baby, You're a Haunted House. There's also new canon to mess with for fics.

    So, if anyone has a fic request for Steve Harrington/Reader or Billy Hargrove/Reader, feel free to send them my way.

    That being said, I'm avoiding spoilers until I watch the 7 episodes we got today, so I'll also be avoiding Tumblr for a bit. But again, feel free to send the requests my way! 💖

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    Hey sweet tits

    Two parter here.

    It’s date night with Cash (or any AEW wrestler) and it’s your turn to pick. What are you picking that you really want to do that, they really don’t want to do. (Do they end up enjoying it or just sucking it up)

    Second Part Now it’s their turn to pick what are you being dragged to and do you end up having fun?

    Well, I totally DID NOT want to write this one for Cash, but since you've specifically asked for him... 🤪

    AEW is in Chicago, and Cash knows what that means. Everytime he is there, I get ridiculously jealous. I have been obsessed with the Windy City since I was 13, that's 20 years now!

    This time, however, he invited me to join him for the trip, and we even stay a day longer so we can have a sweet date. Today is his day off, so I tell him I want to do what Ferris Bueller did with Cameron and visit the Art Institute of Chicago. Cash immediately grimaces, he isn't one for museums...or art. He argues with me saying this should be fun for the BOTH OF US, and I actually have to beg for him to join me. Even then, he still says he won't come along, until he realizes I am on the brink of tears. "Babygirl, please don't cry. I'm so sorry. I'll come along with you okay? But I get to choose what we'll do on the next date, yeah?" He says while taking my hands in his. I nod in agreement and we make our way over to the museum.

    Once we are inside, I can tell he doesn't enjoy this one bit, so I try to get him involved a bit more. "Have you ever heard of the Spanish term 'duende', love?" When he shakes his head, I explain to him. "It's a term that describes how a piece of art can mysteriously move a person's feelings. Maybe we'll find some artwork today that has that effect on us..." He smiles at me and holds my hand, but I know he thinks I'm just crazy.

    When we stand in front of the artwork where Cameron had his 'duende moment', Cash wrinkles his nose. "That's very splotchy, don't you think? The people don't even have real faces."

    I look up at him and have to smile. "That's because it is a piece of Impressionism and Pointillism. It's supposed to be like that. Just a glipmse of a moment, unlike a photograph. Imagine standing in a crowded park...no wait. Imagine being in the ring. You look around and see the crowd, you know they're there, but they all blur into one. You can't really see any distinct faces, right?"

    He thinks about it for a bit and then hums as response before he turns to look at me and gently pecks my lips. "You're really good at this."

    "Good at what, Cash?"

    "Explaining things. Making me care."

    We walk around and look at artwork for another hour. Cash has started to give me his thoughts about the pieces and honestly, it's the sweetest thing to witness. When we stand in front of a still life, he stares at it. "Babygirl....I'm really hungry." I laugh at his comment, causing the people standing next to us to frown at me and tell me to keep it down. I apologize and tell Cash we can go grab a bite now. He can get whatever he wants.

    When we walk to the exit, he suddenly stops in front of a painting, which causes me to bump into him. He intently looks at it: a couple, the man holding the woman close to his chest, as if he needed to protect her from the world around them.

    I turn my gaze to him and when he notices, he softly whispers."This is it. This is my duende." He then turns to me and pulls me close to his chest, similar to the man in the painting. "I love you so much." He adds before kissing me and I smile into the kiss.

    A few weeks later, we are visiting his mom in North Carolina and Cash plans a date for us in between the whole family reunion. Something he hasn't done in years: fishing. "You're doing that on purpose right? That's your way of getting back at me for the museum date."

    "Oh come on, babe. I am not that vengeful." He then leans real close to me, and I prepare myself for a sweet kiss. Instead he whispers in my ear. "Or am I?!"

    Followed by a vicious laughter.

    I try to act unbothered which fuels his intentions of sweet revenge even more. So this is how I end up at the river shore, a fishing rod in my hands while he shows me the right technique to use it. I can already tell he regrets bringing me with him because no matter how hard I try, I can't do it the way he shows me. "I'm sorry, love, I just don't get how you whip it like that."

    He chuckles and gives me a side hug. "Don't worry babe, once it's in the water, you don't need to whip it anymore."

    Then he walks into the water until he is standing in the river, water up to his thighs.

    "What are you doing?! Aren't we supposed to stay out of the water? What about my pants!?!"

    He just laughs and says they'll dry in no time. I frown at him and take a few minutes to finally copy him in the water. For a few moments, no one says anything which makes me a bit uncomfortable.

    "So, how long does it take to catch some fish?" I ask as I turn to him. He doesn't reply, but puts his index finger on his lips.

    I am quiet for some moments before I start again. "What kind of fish could we catch here?" Again, no answer.

    This continues a few more times until Cash finally snaps. "Babygirl. I love you with all my heart. But I swear to God, if you don't shut up now, I'll leave you in the forest. WITH ALL THE SPIDERS."

    I whisper a soft 'sorry' and do as he told me. It's hard at first because,well, I love talking to him, but after a few more minutes, I start to look around. This is actually a nice spot to be in. I listen to the wind rustling the leaves on the trees and to the gurgling of the water around me. The reflection of the sun dancing on the moving surface is mezmerizing, like little crystals floating in the water. When I look up at the sky, I notice the a single cloud shaped like a heart and smile to myself before looking at Cash again. He smirks at me, and I now understand why he brought me here and why I needed to be quiet: this place is magical, when you take a closer look.

    His focus then shifts on the river and he starts pulling in his rod - my man caught a fish, and for some odd reason, I find it sexy as hell. He proudly looks at me. "Dinner's ready, babe."

    "We're going to eat it?"

    He laughs at me. "What else would we do with it? You try and find some dry wood for a fire, I'll prepare the fish." He matter-of-factly states before moving out of the water. I follow close behind and do as he told me.

    Once the fireplace is set up and the fish is waiting to be cooked, I sit next to Cash as he uses flints to ignite a fire. It takes him a few tries until the sparks are flying, and I can't help but admire him: the way his arms flex with every movement and the determination to use these stones instead of the lighter we also brought along.

    Once the fish is cooking, he moves closer and wraps his arm around me. I smile at the fire. "Remind me to keep you close in case of an apocalypse." He laughs at my comment and kisses the top of my head. We sit like this for some time, just enjoying the moment before I have to ask him one more question that's been nagging me. "Cash?"


    "Would you really leave me in the forest...with the spiders?"

    He laughs out loud before moving my head so I look up at him and caresses my cheek. "Never, baby."

    #aew imagine #all elite wrestling imagine #cash wheeler imagine #cash wheeler #cash wheeler x reader #aew #all elite wrestling
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  • yazhmog
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    three million coins!??!?!?!?!

    #oh wow #this is gonna be beautiful isn't it #orv#orv liveblog#orv spoilers #omniscient reader's viewpoint #kim dokja
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  • heeseung-sub
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Dom Idol Sunghoon × Fem reader. smut

    Jealous sex, pussy eating, 469 words. call the reader "Doll"

    Sunghoon raised one hand to the armrest, his gaze fixed on your eyes. your eyes fluttered shut when sung hoon cupped your sex, rubbing it teasingly

    You're only wearing a panty and you can't believe Sunghoon will be aggressive like this but you can't help but respond to his touch and kisses. The soft material of the panties was wet there is no denying how much sunghoon affected you.

    You arched against him, moaning into his kiss drugged with the sensations you'd never imagined before. you opened your eyes again and a violent sigh crawled down to your throat as sunghoon ripped off your panties and rubbed his fingers over your slippery slit It sent waves of pleasure

    "Ah," a choked low moan reached your throat. Sunghoon pushed his finger into your femininity, making you cling fast to his arm as you bite your lower lip and stare into his eyes.

    His lips went down your throat until his lips reached your chest and sucked your nipple causing you to moan his name.

    As his tongue, teeth, and lips played wonderfully with your breast, Sunghoon finger continued to caress your dripping wet femininity.

    "I wanna taste your cum. Come in my mouth doll " he does not ask for your permission he commands it.

    he leaned down as his gaze still held on you, and he covered your sex with his warm mouth, pressing his tongue to your aching core Sunghoon started sucking your clit his tongue poked the sensitive grain of your femininity, squeezing and sucking afterwards.

    Sunghoon plunged his tongue into your contracting core, his mouth covering your flesh as his tongue assailed it. Sunghoon stopped sucking your sensitive bud and continued fingering you, claiming your lips as his finger touched your femininity. A ragged moan escaped your throat as the pleasure slammed into your senses.

    He slapped your thighs "Spread your legs more." even his voice turns you on

    Sunghoon's voice sent shivers down your spine as he hummed while fucking you with his tongue. Every thrust of his tongue in your womanhood drew you closer to the point of cumming in his mouth. Sunghoon's hand massaged your entire body, including both of your breasts.

    Sunghoon's tongue gives you pleasure so much too much. He stood up and began unbuckling his belt

    Your eyes were drawn to his big member. Sunghoon drew himself closer to you as his thick, ropey veins cock throbbed

    He yanked your hair and made you stare into his eyes, your eyes watering not because you were hurt, but because you desperately wanted to cum

    "Oh now, you're crying" he wiped your tears

    "Now lay down and open your legs, I'll fuck you hard so you can't walk and laugh at Jake's joke" he smirked as he tapped his cock to your lips.

    #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #park sunghoon#enhypen sunghoon #sunghoon hard hours #sunghoon smut#jake smut #jay hard hours #jay smut#heeseung smut #enhypen heeseung smut #heeseung hard thoughts #jay hard thoughts #fem reader
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  • nian-7
    27.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    hi!! :3 can i get himari or lisa with a reader who is learning to play bass?? :0 id imagine himari to get super flustered if she touched hands w s/o shes so precious😭❤️

    yes!! i love this idea anon <33 please enjoy!

    Lisa Imai, Himari Uehara, Rimi Ushigome x gender neutral!reader (separate) s/o who is learning bass! fluff

    -Himari is so cute when you express your interest in learning the bass to her. It really boosts her confidence and she feels cooler now! She would of course help you learn the bass.

    -She would try to help you learn the cords and finger positioning to create the correct note. This poor girl gets so embarrassed when you compliment her on her skills <33.

    -She'd get all flustered if you both were close to each other and suddenly forget what she was doing because her brain is more focused on how warm you are (which she loves, please give her a hug after <3).

    -" Just position your finger there... Like that! "

    -Lisa is happy that you came to her for help. She's still learning and getting better but you coming to her to learn makes her feel good about her current skills.

    -She'd stand behind you and help with you positioning, getting excited as you progress and improve. She'd treat you both with a dessert after, your choice of course.

    -She would compliment you a lot on your improvements and look forward to practicing with you more as you improve. As you get better, you both would start to help each other out and she would really enjoy that too <3.

    -" (name)! You've improved so much, how about I treat you to a reward? "

    please do not repost any of my work without my permission, thank you for reading.

    #bandori#bang dream #bang dream girls band party #fluff#x reader #gender neutral reader #lisa imai x reader #lisa imai #himari uehara x reader #himari uehara#nian-anon
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  • wolken-himmel
    27.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago
    In which Riddle turns into a young child because of one of Ace's pranks going wrong.
    Now, (Y/n) has to take care of Riddle, and maybe the prefect can teach him a valuable life lesson doing so.
    Requested by anon.

    "(Y/n), how are you doing~?"

    The sound of heavy footsteps approaching, accompanied by an obnoxious voice, made the poor birds on your front lawn scurry for their dear lives. And as they left, you, who had been watering flowers until now, realised that your peaceful moment for yourself had come to an end.

    Your eyes travelled upwards to find a friend of yours approaching. "Ace? What are you doing here?" With a quirked eyebrow, you narrowed your eyebrows suspiciously — especially when he wouldn't answer. "You rarely ever visit—" you muttered under your breath while trying to catch a glimpse of the smaller figure behind him, "unless you somehow managed to get into trouble with Riddle. Please don't tell me you made him angry again..."

    Ace shot you a sheepish smile. "Uh— well. It's difficult to explain. It all started innocently! Just another prank because I was bored. So, I slipped something into his slice of cake. And uh... something strange happened," he trailed off and stepped aside to finally reveal whoever was hiding behind him. "See for yourself."

    Your eyes grew in surprise upon recognising him: It was Riddle, but something was off about him. The boy's eyes never met yours, much to your surprise. That's when you realised what was wrong. "Wait, Riddle got even smaller?" you asked in confusion.

    "I'm not small!" Riddle screamed out, his head turning red. "Y-You're just too tall!"

    "And," you continued, unbothered, "his voice also is much higher."

    By then, the small boy's head threatened to explode with how red his face had gotten. A cry of frustration escaped his lips as he pointed to a nervous Ace. "That's because this idiot over there turned me into a child!" the dorm leader yelled at the top of his lungs. "I swear if my age didn't affect my unique magic, you'd be headless for the rest of your time here at NRC, Trappola!"

    Your jaw almost touched the ground. "I can't believe it..." you muttered and turned to Ace. "You turned Riddle into a child... What were you thinking—?"

    Pure desperation clouded your friend's eyes as he flung himself at your feet and clasped his hands together. "(Y/n), please help me!" he begged while trying to defend himself from the young child that tried to kick him. "I'm not good with children, neither am I good with Riddle! You need to take care of him for me, at least until he returns to normal."

    "Well, why not." You shrugged before picking up your abandoned watering can.

    Ace froze at your reply. "Wait, you didn't say no?" he asked in disbelief, yet his expression of surprise quickly morphed into pure joy.

    "Looking after Riddle won't be hard, Ace." You grimaced and rolled your eyes. "He knows how to behave himself, unlike you..."

    Ace sighed. "Harsh. But you're right."

    Riddle nodded along happily, an expression of contentedness on his face. And whenever you turned away to quickly water your flowers, Riddle would stick his tongue out at Ace, only to return to his angelic smile when you gazed upon him again.

    "Now, just leave and make sure to return with a cure or something like that," you said and shooed the culprit away.

    Ace didn't let you repeat yourself. Within a split second, he had turned around and ran away as if his life depended on it — and it probably did.

    After he was gone, the silence and peace that had formerly occupied your garden returned, and so did the animals that he had spooked away.

    "I hate him," Riddle sneered immediately.

    The comment drew a chuckle from your lips, and you had to admit that his disgruntled expression made him even more adorable. Unable to suppress a smile, you muttered, "Of course, sweetie. All of Heartslabyul knows of your love for Ace." You extended a hand and used it to ruffle his red hair.

    An annoyed Riddle swatted your hand away. "Don't treat me like a little child! I may be stuck in a younger body, but that doesn't affect my mental maturity—" He interrupted himself with a gasp, his eyes suddenly wide and brimming with awe. His gaze seemed to be fixated on the beet of flowers behind you. "Wait, are those butterflies?" he breathed out and wandered over to the little insects excitedly.

    You eyed him in amusement. "Yeah, they tend to like the flowers I recently planted."

    "They're pretty..." The boy seemed fascinated by a blue monarch butterfly in particular, and he gasped whenever the little insect proudly fluttered its wings.

    The sight caused your heart to swell. To see him so genuinely fascinated by something so trivial was an entirely new side to him — perhaps he had lied when saying that the potion that Ace had slipped into his cake didn't affect his psyche. You merely chuckled when you noticed the shy smile forming on his lips.

    "Go on, try to catch one."

    Your voice seemed to have snapped him back to reality. The dreaminess in his eyes disappeared, now replaced by hesitancy. In the end, he shook his head. "That would be a waste of time. Mother never liked it when I spent energy and effort on a task that wouldn't bear useful fruits of labour." A deep sigh escaped his lips as he fully turned away from the butterfly and crossed his arms. "Perhaps I should go study for the upcoming chemistry test," he said in disappointment.

    You stopped him before he could ask you to retrieve his books from his room. "While I do think that being productive is a good thing, it's not as if you need to be productive all the time." Your hands firmly planted on his shoulders, you smiled down at him encouragingly. "Some things just bring you pleasure and happiness instead of viable results. That doesn't mean they're any less important."

    Although doubt still clouded his eyes, Riddle nonetheless nodded slowly. "...I see."

    All out of a sudden, your eyes lit up in realisation. "Hold on, I think I have a net lying around that you could use to catch some butterflies!" you exclaimed and at once removed your grasp on his shoulders. "Let me get it real quick." And without another word, you were gone, having stormed inside of Ramshackle.

    Your words still echoed around in his vacant head when he turned his gaze to the flower beet again. The blue butterfly still sat atop a stunning red rose, and the boy couldn't help but extend his hand towards the insect. "Hello, little one," he cooed softly. His breath hitched when the butterfly jumped onto his finger and fluttered its wings in satisfaction. "You are very beautiful, Mr. Butterfly..." The red-head exhaled in contentedness, the sight of the butterfly bringing him peace.

    "There!" your voice cut through his newfound serenity. "Found it!"

    Riddle simply smiled to himself upon hearing your voice. "So perhaps (Y/n) was right..." he mumbled as the blue butterfly flew off into the distance again. "Perhaps there is something valuable in things that simply exist for nothing more than to provide relaxation..." His lips curled into a smile. "...and happiness."

    #twisted wonderland #twst x reader #disney twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland x reader #twst#reader insert#y/n#disney twst #twst x you #riddle rosehearts #riddle rosehearts x reader #twst riddle x reader #twst riddle rosehearts #gender neutral reader
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  • smokingbeersdrinkingweed
    27.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    LISTEN the boneyard scene but rafe and jb are fighting so jj holds the gun to your head and rafe is like don’t effing touch her then beats the stir outta jj and you a hot mess

    Love, love, love this. Protective Rafe owns my ass, thank you so much for requesting!


    The metal was cold. That was your first thought as JJ pressed the gun into the back of your head. The second was that he must be suicidal, because if he thought Rafe was gonna let him walk away from this, he had another thing coming.

    “Might wanna let him go, Cameron,” JJ called out, and Rafe looked up from where he was holding John B’s head down, eyes going wide as his face turned venomous.

    “You get that shit away from her right fucking now or your friends’ll be spending this weekend burying you.”

    His voice was cold and harsh, and you shivered despite yourself at the look he was giving JJ right now. You almost felt sorry for Maybank. Almost.

    JJ’s grip faltered, doubt beginning to seep into his bones, and as his hand fell, Rafe took his chance, tackling JJ to the floor in an instant, the gun sliding across the sand.

    You watched as JJ’s face became a bloody mess, as his friends screamed and pulled and cried, and you tried to feel bad, but you’d seen the gun as it skidded.

    The safety was off.

    So you ignored Kiara’s pleas for you to control Rafe (like he was a fucking dog), ignored Sarah pulling at your sleeve, and you watched the blood splatter Rafe’s cheek until John B and Topper finally pulled him away, the former immediately leaning down to check on his friend.

    Rafe’s only focus was you, his hands soft on your face as he searched your eyes for any sign that you weren’t okay.

    “Sweetheart, you good?” He panted out, and you nodded reassuringly, stroking your fingers over his. “I’ll fucking kill him. Say the word.”

    “Rafe, baby, I’m okay, I promise,” you forced the words out, knowing Rafe meant everything he’d said, that if you asked, he’d turn back around and finish what he’d started, audience be damned.

    “Hey, we gotta go,” Topper was yelling, pulling in Rafe’s shirt as sirens grew louder, and you both let him lead you away, piling in to the back of his car.

    Rafe immediately pulled you up against him, body pressing into yours, like he needed a reminder you were still here, you were real.

    You stared at his face, JJ’s blood still coating his skin, and ran you finger down his cheek.

    “I like it when you get bloody for me,” you whispered in his ear, and judging by his smirk, you were in for a long night when you got home.

    @maybanks-luver @ijustreallylovethem @bethoconnor @my-baexht-ls

    #outer banks#rafe cameron#obx#obx imagine #outer banks imagine #rafe cameron x reader
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  • srstronci
    27.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago


    #type o negative #pete steele#rock band#slasher community#bo sinclair #house of wax #vincent sinclair#michael myers#freddy krueger #michael myers x reader #halloween #texas chainsaw massacre the beginning #bubba sawyer
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  • generaldelusions
    27.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    G - Xtale Chara

    ( The other letters behind G are gonna be uploaded sooner or later prob )

    Anyhow, I've randomly decided to hyperfixate on him, so I might as well make head canons about him with you, or just random ones.

    He honestly looks 13-15 in some art, so we will headcanon he is that age as well--

    🚫 This contains 0% of NSFW content, it's mostly just silly headcanons, however we want to point out that we're going off of this design ( picture at top )









    • I'm not so sure why but I'm getting this "back-off" sorta vibe, I can't even describe it. But I feel like XChara would want to protect you like how he protects XFrisk ( back before he the whole event when he was still happy and joyful )

    • He would always be by you, standing near you etc, he wouldn't be with the whole thought of PDA at all. He would do small things but he wouldn't do something out of the ordinary, it would take him a while to actually care for you? Or love you in general.

    • He just thinks your with Nightmare and him to spread more of the X!Event and get codes for his world to rebuild it

    (cant be turned into a rebuilding AU so fuck that)

    destroy people's lives. However, you were the one to watch him overwrite when he killed Chara and Underswap!Papyrus off, you only looked and stared.

    He was smiling at you, with that little trickster smirk of his.

    • You would have to constantly fight unless you got knocked over, he would go in front of you and try to fend them off for as long as he can before going to fight whoever else. You would be able to center yourself after that.

    • Sometimes he could be sweet alone with you, he would eat chocolate with you as well! Maybe sit under a tree and hold his blade, his blade oddly looks shinier under shade.

    Nightmare wasnt fond over your guys relationship which is why it took so long for you guys to actually get closer 💀

    • He would maybe have his arm around your shoulder,

    That is if he is tired asf.

    • Before the XEvent , you both would chill with XFrisk and would watch flowers grow and make flower crowns, or try and climb the trees that were there.

    • You guys are best friends but distantly, he cares more on some days, sometimes he doesn't care at all.

    • He would smell like chocolate mixed with masc. soft rough lavender??

    • He likes to comb through your hair though and just mess with it ha

    #reader insert#undertale#undertale au #undertale aus x reader #undertale au x reader #xtale headcanon #xtale!chara #undertale headcanons#undertale imagines#underverse#xtale #xtale x reader #xtaleunderverse#xtale au#chara #chara x reader
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  • ontheblock
    27.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    HELLO! like a few weeks earlier you had posted an orochimaru fic where reader has his kid are we gonna have a part three to that? thank you sm❤️

    there will be a part 3 !! i‘m actually working on it atm, i just get a little side tracked with life and other fandoms.

    sneak peak under the cut. warning: 🩸🐀 and mind the tags

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  • dawndelion-winery
    27.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    "How you get the girl" by TS with Diluc would be so good tho. Like, I just know manz cannot flirt for the life of him outside of formal courting so he goes to get advice from Lisa since he refuses to entrust it to Kaeya and Lisa just goes off on a whole ass list and Diluc being the earnest cinnabun he is does his best to remember everything so he goes up to you like "I want you for worse or for better, I would wait forever and ever, broke your heart I'll put back together, I will wait forever and ever." And while you'd expect it to sound like a rehearsed script since he just memorised what Lisa told him, he finds that the words come naturally to him as he would, in fact, do all of that for you

    #post wine shenanigans #diluc ragnvindr #diluc ragnivindr x reader #diluc x reader #diluc#genshin diluc
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  • incorrectlycorrectfun
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Welcoming and Beginning's

    Summary : You are back to the Compound but it's just now that the real revenge is just starting for your family.

    Warning : Nothing but Wanda being a mess and Protective.

    Paring : Natasha Romanoff x Reader (Past) / Wanda Maximoff x Reader (Eventually)

    A Lie can cause many : Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3| Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6


    You are buzzing with nervousness and excitement as you enter the room. Everything was dark, Surprisingly dark. It was an unusual sight since the rooms would be blinding with lights of different colors and brightness. Suddenly the lights turned on and Wanda, Kate, Carol, Bucky, Sam and Peter jumped out of the hiding places they were in with party poppers in their hands. You look around to see Yelena, completely unamused Leaning on the wall beside the light switch. "Welcome Back Y/n!" They shouted before attacking you with hugs. 

    "What a surprise, guys." You mumbled into Carol's shoulder before pulling away and looking around the room at their decorations. There were many strings flowing down from the walls and ceilings and many balloons stuck here and there.

    A banner reading 'Welcome Back' was hung on the far top. "I see you guys went through an effort?" You ask but they all give you a cheeky smile before Wanda moves her hand and the magic around the room dissolves. The Colorful lights are still there along with the banner but everything else came to be from the witch's powers. 

    "We would have done it in real life but time was limited and someone forgot to order the right things on time" Bucky says as he not too subtly looks at Kate for her mistakes. "It's not my fault! I was Panicking" She tried to defend her actions but he just looked away with a look on his face making you laugh.

    "God I Missed these banters" you laugh and they laugh along with you before Wanda runs and comes back with something behind her back. You raise your brow and she pulls out a cupcake decorated like you in your suit. "Welcome back treat?" She tilted her head with a small smile on her face. 

    "It's beautiful" you say as you take the cake from her, missing the blush on her cheeks at your compliment. Peter nudges her and she playfully glares at the boy before looking back at you as you get ready to blow out the candles, Before that though the door opposite to the one you entered through opens. “What the hell is going on here?” Steve says as he enters the room, Natasha not being far back behind him. “They say when you speak of the devil and he appears but No one said either of your names for you two to be here” Wanda mumbles, Loud enough for you to hear but silent enough for the said two people. Kate turned her face to hide the laugh that was about to escape her mouth and Peter looked down trying to hide his face while you let out a chuckle at it facepalming only a second later at your actions. Steve’s eyes cast on you and your body tenses as Natasha Looks over at you as well. 

    “Y/n” Your name comes as a whisper from her mouth, Barely even heard from anyone. You were changed, There was a certain glow in your face that wasn’t there before you left. You had that spark back in your eyes that you had lost months back. You opened your mouth to speak but got interrupted by a loud pop. You turned around to see Yelena pouring Tony a drink of vodka. They seem to be not wanting to engage in such a messed up situation as Yelena gives you a look so you turn back to Wanda. You blow the candle and Wanda claps her hands and the others join in as you make Wanda take a bite before she feeds you a bite as well. 

    A look of jealousy passes through natasha's face and she casts her eyes away from the two of you and towards the ground, wishing that the floor would swallow her whole right there, but obviously that doesn't happen and Steve catches your eyes looks over to the joined hands of both him and Natasha and doesn't hesitate the coming smirk on his face. He pulls Natasha more into him and leans his body uncomfortably on Natasha, you could always read her like a book and currently you could tell she didn't like such closeness between her and Steve.

    You kept your mouth shut, she decided to choose him over you so it's not your problem to deal with anymore. Yelena's sigh could be heard before she drowned the shot of vodka and walked over to the couple and squeezed between the two making Steve stumble a bit. You gave Yelena a subtle nod and she nodded back knowing exactly what you meant. Natasha hasn't let her eyes drift away from you for more than 3 seconds.

    Wanda noticed it of course and Kate and Peter picked up on her growing jealousy as she watched Natasha's eyes wander. Kate smirked and nudged Wanda towards you 'accidentally' and watched as you quickly grabbed Wanda's waist to steady her as her hands landed on your shoulder. Wanda couldn't help but get lost in your eyes as you were careful that your metal arm helped her stand.

    "You okay?" You asked, genuinely worried and completely oblivious to the look of adoration in her eyes for you. Kate smirked and coughed making Wanda walk out of the trance she was in and take a step back from where she was Leaning her body on you. Her cheeks as red as her powers she mumbles out an answer to your question and looks away. 

    The jealousy inside Natasha is at a boiling point as she watches the care that she used to get reflect on the younger witch. If she could she would go back in time to smack some sense into her past self for making such a huge mistake. Losing you made her realize what she had with you that she can't have with anyone else. She quickly excuses herself away from the room and stomps her way back to the hallway she came from earlier.

    Yelena and you look at each other before Yelena follows her sister outside. Steve goes to follow but Bucky 'mistakenly' hits his side with the metal arm. Not wanting to make a scene you pull Bucky away and tell them to come over to your room to spend some time. Carol, Sam, and Bucky unfortunately have to pass the idea since they have some work to do but they will join in time for dinner. That left Kate, Peter and Wanda who were still slightly pink at the thought of being so close to you that she could feel your lips. 

    Kate and Peter look at each other, both having the same look of mischief on their faces that Wanda catches on to. They smile widely at yer while giving a thumbs up as she Shakes her head no. Kate and Peter ignore Wanda's silent pleading and tap your shoulder. "We just remembered that we have something to do so we might have to leave as well. Really sorry" Kate tells you and You nod quite confused at her and turn back to Wanda who was making some gestures to Kate and Peter. 'Have fun' Peter mouths to Wanda as he and Kate walk out the room hurriedly. "Traitors' ' Wanda mumbles and is thankful that you are too busy munching on the muffins she made to notice what was going on. She smiles at you as she takes a seat beside you. "You liked these that much?" She asked, though humor in her voice, the certain need to be reassured. 

    "Like these? Oh no no I think You mean love these." Wanda smiles wide at your words and you kiss her cheek before placing a piece of muffin near her mouth. "Have a bite, come on" She takes a small bite and closes her eyes as the flavors spread in her mouth. “Great Isn’t it?” You ask and She nods, Giggling a little at your goofy face as you take another bite, overreacting your reaction.

    “Alright Goofball, Stop being an actor now” You only shrugged and finished the last bite before stepping down from the chair and Forwarding your hand to her. “Let’s go, Snuggle fest in my room with cheesy Rom Coms” Wanda Laughs at you but takes your flesh hand with a blush on her cheeks. While you run towards your room pulling a giggling Wanda who tries not to hit her face on the Walls as you turn a certain corner she manages to slip her magic into one of the rooms as you pass by it. 

    A room with the all too familiar Symbol to it. The Red Hourglass with the small Black widow Spider inside it. Smirking to herself she walks into your room as you finally stop and let go of her. “Get set” Wanda mumbles as you leave to go to the bathroom, A Few seconds later she feels her magic doing just what she wanted it to. “Go”


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  • astroluvr
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Hi !! i loved the fic with jack and urb spoiling sage its so cute, could you write a blurb of them taking her out and an older lady mistakes them for a gay couple?💀💀 i feel like that would be so funny, urban would probably play along for the laugh

    -🌎 anon

    this is really short, but i thought it was entertaining! thanks for your request (that im getting to a century and a half later) i hope u enjoy!


    Sage was more than happy to be going out with her father and uncle for a day. Jack got you out of the house to have a day for yourself and smoothly failed to mention that Urban would be tagging along. As usual, Jack oversaw picking out Sage’s outfit to make sure that it matched with his.

    “Daddy, I look like you!” she squealed, tugging at her white shirt and holding her leg up to show her blue jeans.

    “You’re the prettier me.” he scooped her up and kissed her cheek, making her break out in giggles.

    “Show Mama!” she leaned over to pull his phone out of his pocket and swiped it to her camera. Jack was positive that Sage’s pictures were the reason he was always buying more storage on his phone, but he wouldn’t dare delete them.

    Jack smiled and pressed his cheek to Sage’s and snapped the picture. “Duck lips?” he asked, and Sage nodded before puckering her lips out.

    “We’re so cute, Daddy.” Sage giggled when he scrolled through the few pictures the two of them.

    “So cute.” he laughed and put Sage back on the couch. “Once Uncle Urb gets here, we’ll leave, okay?”

    “Okay!” Sage responded happily, diving for her bowl of cereal.

    It wasn’t much longer that, after much arguing, Sage, Jack, and Urban were out and about. They stopped to grab a sugary breakfast of doughnuts upon Sage’s request and Urban’s ability to irritate Jack into doing anything before winding up at the mall.

    “Yo, these are fire.” Urban whistled, picking up a pair of sneakers off the wall.

    “Let me see.” Jack said, turning around to look at his friend with Sage on his lap. Urban showed them and Jack nodded in approval. “I like them.”

    Urban smiled in agreement before walking to the counter where a cashier was standing. “Can I help you?”

    “Do you know if y’all have these in a men’s size?”

    “U-uh, the other store might have them because we’re a children’s store. We only carry kids’ sizes.”

    “Urban.” Jack groaned, causing Urban to walk away with a snicker. “Stop harassing people, man.”

    “I was just messing with him.” Urban threw his hands up in defense. “You know I was messing with you, right?”

    “For sure.” the employee let out an awkward chuckle and Urban and Jack shared a humored look.

    “Okay, walk to Urban and see how those fit, baby.” Jack patted Sage’s thigh and she got down happily to march towards Urban who was smiling at him.

    “You are working these.” Urban laughed and Sage grinned when he lifted her up.

    “Can I have them?” she turned around to ask Jack who had come to stand next to them.

    “Of course, you can.” Jack said as if she asked a ridiculous question.

    “How about you pick out another pair and then we can go get you some toys, hm?”

    “Thank you.” she said politely, reaching out to kiss Jack’s nose. Him and Urban laughed as Sage hopped to the ground, rushing towards the wall of shoes that displayed the glittery shoes.

    As Urban and Jack watched, they heard a throat clear behind them. They both turned around slowly, hesitant to take their eyes off of Sage who was happily browsing. “Excuse me, but is that your daughter?”

    “Yes.” Jack answered, not even thinking before answering given that he never missed a chance to claim the little girl as his own.

    “Why?” Urban asked, raising his eyebrows and lifting his shades to the top of his head. “She’s been here with us the whole time, so-”

    “No, no.” the elderly woman gasped, placing a hand on her chest. “I’m just saying that you all make a very lovely family. I was browsing for some shoes for my grandson and couldn’t help but notice that you three remind me so much of my son and his husband.” she smiled and Jack blushed before Urban smiled.

    “Actually, I have a wonderful wi-” Jack began, but Urban’s devious smirk cut him off.

    “Thank you so much. We are all very much in love with each other.”

    “Urban.” Jack warned when the blond’s arm came around Jack’s shoulder and squeezed him tight.

    “Isn’t that right, honey?” Urban smiled as if he were lovesick and the woman giggled fondly.

    Jack put his hand on Urban’s hip and made sure to squeeze tight before locking eyes with his counterpart. “That is so right.”

    “Daddy, I want these ones!” Sage ran up and immediately scrunched up her face at the position of the two men. “What are you doing?”

    “Nothing.” Jack said quickly, scooping up Sage and avoiding the look of the woman who had approached him. “You want these ones?”

    “Mmhmm.” Sage placed the pink, light-up sneakers in her father’s hands.

    “Well, I’m sorry for interrupting. I just wanted to compliment your family.”

    “Thank you so much.” Urban said while Jack slipped away as quickly as he could.

    At the register, Jack glared at Urban who was only trying to contain his raucous laughter. “I’m going to hurt you.”

    “I was just playing,” Urban mumbled, pulling his shades over his face before landing a smack over Jack’s jeans. “Jackie, boo.”

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