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  • petitelepus
    26.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Cat king ravage x child reader part 3 ravage and reader came to the kingdom of cats and she is smaller than ravage

    Where were you? You had followed the cat king to a glowing white portal and walked through it... And now you found yourself in a gorgeous green meadow with a blue sky and fluffy white clouds slowly moving above you.

    "Oh...!" You awed quietly as you looked to the distance and saw a city and a castle. You looked to your side and saw the black cat king who had brought you there.

    "Is this the land of cats?"

    "It is." He nodded and pointed at the castle in the distance, "That is my, and one day, your kingdom."

    "Amazing...! But, how are we going to get there? It's so far away!"

    "I have prepared us a transportation."

    You were about to ask when suddenly someone shouted.

    "King Ravage!" A male cat, white as fresh snow ran up to you two and smiled, "You have returned!" The cat looked at you, "And you brought the royal successor!"

    "I have indeed." Ravage nodded and you blinked, wondering if this cat was your way to the castle? But how could one cat take you and Ravage to the city?

    You got your answer when a group of cats followed the white one's trail through the meadow. They were carrying a palanquin over their shoulders.

    You watched how the cats lowered the box on the poles to the ground and the white cat opened the door for you and Ravage as he bowed in respect.

    You looked and Ravage smiled down at you. "Ladies first."

    "Thank you!" You thanked and entered the palanquin, the black cat king following behind you as the white cat closed the door and the rest of the cats picked you up and started to carry you towards the city.

    "This is all so amazing..." You were awed as you watched the scenery change as you approached the city, but you were confused. You glanced at Ravage, "Don't I stand out with me being a human?"

    "My little one...!" The black cat purred, "You are a cat."

    "But I'm human?"

    "Not any longer." He nodded and reached under the seat with his paw and picked up a mirror that he gave to you.

    "Oh my whiskers!" You gasped as you saw yourself in the mirror. Gone was your human face, nose, and such, and in their place was the cutest little nose and your eyes had never been as big and shiny as they were now.

    You were a small cat!

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  • imaginethatmarvel
    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Y/N: Well sometimes we screw thing up for the better.

    Wade: That's good. We should use that as our motto.

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  • redheadjustin
    26.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    Heyo! Since your requests are open I was wondering if you could do a Damian Wayne x male reader. So basically the reader is Damian's older brother (somewhere around Tim's age) and just spending the day together at the mall, (Maybe going to build a bear since I can bet he's never been there).

    Thanks so much <33

    You were probably the only one of the Bat family, besides Dick, that Damian, Dami, Wayne Liked. It wasn’t that hard for him to like you. You were Y/N Wilson Wayne, son of Slade Wilson A.K.A. Deathstroke the Terminator. You were trained to be an assassin since you could stand. Bruce adopted you after the ENTIRE Justice League was called in to take Slade down. Given Slade’s track record with his children, Grant, Joey, Rose, It was no surprise that Slade had trained you. Bruce took you in around the time Tim started as Robin. There was no way you could forget your training so Bruce let you in on the family business. Red Bat. You were named that because of your brutality and the amount of blood you spilled. You were by no means as deadly as Jason but your training dictated that you put an enemy down. Bruce understood this and while he did not like it he understood that you suffered from a form of PTSD where you had no choice but to obey what Slade tahut you.

    When Damian came to live with the Bat family you were the first one that Damian respected. He could not beat you. You were Tim’s age and you have the same genetic enhancements that Slade did. You refused to think of Slade as your father. Damian was entrusted to you when Bruce and Dick were too busy to take Dami on patrol. He seemed to listen to your orders Faster than Bruce and Better than Dick. Dick would never tell you but he was jealous that Damian listened to you better than him.  It was a rare day off and you needed to head to the mall. You always headed to the mall when you had a day off and It just so happened that Damian wanted to go as well. You hid your smirk. You knew Damian just wanted to be with you. And you have no problems spending your time with your baby brother.

    You knew as soon as you saw the shop you had to drag Damian in. Build a bear workshop, it’s a Bat Family tradition. Every member had gone with Bruce to get one. Dick got an elephant, Jason a wolf, Tim a Monkey and you a Texas longhorn. You knew Bruce would do it but you knew that Damian needed to take part in the traidation. You knew Bruce would make an exemption.

    As you led Damian to the store He sent you a murderous look. He didn't know about the tradition as part of the tradition was that people weren't informed of it until after it had been completed. You sent him to go pick one. Damian sent you an inquiring  look. You suppressed a chuckle as he picked out a Batman one. As you two stood in line to have it stuffed Damian decided to ask the question that had been on his mind since you entered the store.  

    “Willison, Why did we enter this childish shop?” Damian asked quietly as to not draw attention. You couldn’t keep the smile off your face. “I’ll tell you after you're done. And if you don’t lose your temper then we’ll get ice cream, deal?” You asked, knowing that it would get the former assinan to agree. Damian nodded his head. You were very happy to find that he kept the Sarcastic comments to himself.

    When everything was done and paid for Damian was happy. He didn’t know why but he was. It was when they were sitting in the food court that Damian asked his question. “Why did you make me do that, Willson?” It wasn’t spoken with the usual amount of hatred, Damian was honestly wondering why You had him participate in the tradition. “Well, It’s something that goes back to when Dick was first adopted. You see, when we all came to Bruce we were scared, angry, sad, confused, grieving. Bruce knew this. He wanted us to have a friend. So he brought us here and let us pick our first friend. I was never Robin. I’m the son of one of his worst enemies. He went out of his way to make me feel welcomed. You, Damian, Push everyone away except for me, Dick, Bruce and Alfred. You need something to pour your heart out to. Yes it's childish, But I still do it. You need to. You need to feel a part of the family. Because, despite your background, You Damian Al-Gaul Wayne, are a part of this family.” You never lost your sincere smile. You could see the tears in Damian’s eyes, despite the sunglasses. You and him Finished your Ice cream and left to head home. It was in the car that Diaman said the thing you wanted to hear the most.

    “Thank you Y/N. Thank you for treating me like a member of the family. For treating me as more than a weapon.” You hid your smile but you knew you broke Damian’s first wall. “Anytime baby bat. anytime.”  

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  • lemony-snickers
    26.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    hi lemony. Hoping u could take my request.

    Are you in a mood for angst? it doesn't matter what the plot is. im just really looking for some angsty fics of Kakashi x fem reader.

    hello, my dear.  thank you for stopping by & i hope you are doing well!  now, you sent this right after 🏳️‍🌈 anon sent this song to my inbox.  i know now they didn’t intend for this to be a request, but at the time, i thought they did.
    i hope neither of you mind that i’ve combined these two into one little ditty with a gender-neutral MC.  <3

    here is a link to the song in case anyone would like to listen to it.

    Title:  Cursed  (AO3 Link Here) Summary:  Kakashi Hatake knows he is cursed even if not everyone can see it. Word Count:  3,344 (that includes the lyrics and i’m too lazy to see what it is without them as;ldfjd forgive me) Warnings:  gn!MC, mentions of suicide, references to depression and death, some suggestive language .

    There's a fire in my brain and I'm burning up Oh my, oh my Keep running for the sink but the well is dry Oh my, oh my

    Kakashi changes after his team falls apart.  His posture is too straight—his jaw too tight.  Even with the mask on, it’s obvious he’s always grinding his teeth.

    Though he tries his best to let the cruel and cutting words roll off him—Friend-Killer, Cold-Blooded, Murderer—they settle over his skin like a painful exoskeleton of preconceived notions.  It is a comfort in some ways because he knows no one will ever bother to look beyond it.

    Someone does, though, even if he doesn’t notice right away.

    They don’t see him crying in the night, don’t watch him rush to the kitchen sink to scrub the persistent, imagined blood from his fingers, but they know Kakashi suffers in the wake of Rin’s death.  They visit her grave, make small offerings.  They hope seeing the evidence of someone else mourning will remind Kakashi he is not alone.

    He sees the flowers over Rin’s name and feels alone anyway.

    Every word I say is kindling But the smoke clears when you're around Won't you stay with me, my darling When my walls start burning down, down, down?

    Kakashi is too good at what he does—too precise and neat and dedicated to his craft.  It might be a more admirable trait if his trade were not plied in violence.  He buries himself in it, dives elbow-deep into the viscera of his enemies just so he doesn’t have to remember what is waiting for him at home.

    Or rather, what isn’t.

    Slowly, he realizes there is a comrade who sticks a little closer, that they linger after all the reports have been filed, sit next to him in the locker room.  Their efforts pay off when his gaze begins to slide over to them increasingly often.

    It’s a silent sort of companionship; the distant warmth of another shoulder or the soft clearing of a throat across the room.

    Still, it anchors Kakashi a little on the worst of days.  He lashes out at them sometimes, cutting words flung like kunai across a hallway when they stand a little close.

    But they only smile in response and hope the fog in his brain lifts a little at the edges.

    This house says my name like an elegy Oh my, oh my Echoing where my ghosts all used to be Oh my, oh my

    Kakashi knows he can’t stay here.  He sleeps in the barracks more often than his own bed already, which leaves plenty of fodder for gossip.  But there are ghosts in the Hatake Estate and he is tired of trying to outrun them.  No matter where he sleeps, they creep in between the crevices, the cracks in the wood.

    Always find him.

    So he shutters his childhood home, as if he is winterizing a vacation house.  He has no plans to return to it, no reason to ever go back.

    He finds a bare-bones apartment, a single room with space enough for a large bed.  He needs it so the dogs will have a place to sleep when he summons them in the night, when the terror seizes his chest and he wakes clutching at a pounding heart, afraid he is about to die.

    He knows he won’t, though; dying would be far too great a mercy for a man like Kakashi.

    And he’s always received plenty of attention.  Men and women offering to keep his bed warm by his side, to provide some much-needed relief on extended missions.

    He turns most of them down.  But the one he doesn’t is a mistake because this person knows him too well, knows when he is hiding.  They’ve been standing too close for years and they keep looking at him.

    Now they draw maps across his body with their teeth like they are marking him.

    Like he is theirs even if they know he will never allow them such a claim.

    It is a dangerous thing, Kakashi knows, to think you belong to another person.

    Other people die.  They break.

    But they promise him they won’t—that they are strong enough to withstand whatever agony he might thrust upon them.  It doesn’t stop him from trying, though.  His words are cruel, his actions sometimes more so.  But every time he returns from a mission, they crawl into bed beside him and allow him to take his fill without complaint.

    They hold him afterward, kiss his temple, even though they know come morning, he will shove them away.

    Kakashi doesn’t dream so much when he’s with them.  It’s almost as if they know a secret for keeping the ghosts at bay.

    There's still cobwebs in the corners And the backyard's full of bones Won't you stay with me, my darling When this house don't feel like home? When this house don't feel like home?

    Despite his best efforts, the apartment never feels like home.  In desperation, Kakashi returns to the Hatake Clan’s farmhouse searching for that feeling of belonging somewhere he has missed for so long.

    The floors are dusty, the closest ruled by spiders, each room achingly empty.

    He stands in the place where he found his father’s body, curls his toes against the tatami mats, so fresh and new compared to those around them.  He knows if he lifts them up, there will be a dark stain in the wood beneath that he could never quite scrub out.

    And he wonders if one day his fate might be the same.  If he remains so untethered to his life, will he return here to find peace and purpose in a blade?

    After he leaves the house, he takes an unfamiliar path through Konoha.

    It is the first time he visits another person’s bed.  Though their body is second nature to him, now, the surroundings are strange.  It’s exhilarating and beautiful—like a vacation from his existence, even if it is only a single evening.

    They are surprised when he climbs through the window.  This person who has followed him for so long, waited patiently for him, given of themselves to him without receiving anything in kind—they jump when he steps onto their floor.

    But in an instant, their shock fades to elation and then concern.

    “Is everything okay?”

    It isn’t, but he nods.  “Fine,” he says, closing the distance slowly; like a predator.  His gaze is intense, both pupils tracing the lines of their face as he approaches.

    “How did you know where I live?”

    He wants to laugh.  Admit he’s known for years where to find them at any given moment; they are like a beacon—a landmark he cannot escape even when he wants to.

    Kakashi isn’t sure he wants to anymore.

    He never answers their question, knows that doing so would reveal too much of his own feelings.  Instead, he squeezes the last centimeters of air from between their bodies and claims the feeling of belonging he has so desperately been searching for without remorse.

    They are more than happy to oblige.

    Oh ashes, ashes, dust to dust The devil's after both of us Oh, lay my curses out to rest Make a mercy out of me

    Kakashi should have known his penance would come in the form of flesh.  The children assigned to him—the delicate lives balanced on his palms—reflect so acutely back at him.

    Obito, Itachi, Minato-sensei, even Rin.

    The ghosts are back, he realizes.  He never should have expected to outrun them forever.

    He throws himself forcibly into the role of teacher.  He’s not very good at first, but he thinks he finds his footing eventually.

    And after a long, cold while, there is warmth in his bed again—that same familiar person drawing maps.  He tells them in a post-coital haze one night that he is cursed.  That the eyes of Sasuke and Naruto, Sakura’s misplaced optimism, are his penitence for failing those who came before.

    “That isn’t true,” they whisper, “you don’t owe anyone your contrition, not even the dead.”

    He shrugs them off, then, even as they try to drag him back under the haze, under the blankets.  But he showers instead, tells them gruffly they should be gone before he’s done.

    They have never denied Kakashi anything he’s asked of them, and this time is no different.

    When Kakashi walks back into the bedroom to find it empty—their clothes gone from the floor, shoes no longer by the door—he is disappointed.

    As their scent fades in the cool night air, drifting lazily out his open window, Kakashi realizes he should have asked them to stay.  Knows they would have if he had.

    Maybe he is not cursed after all, he thinks, maybe he is the curse.

    This tired old machine is a-rumbling Oh my, oh my Singing songs to the secrets behind my eye Oh my, oh my

    He pushes them away.  How could he not?

    Kakashi has failed in every role he’s ever taken—student, commander, son, friend, sensei.  How could he risk also falling short of lover?

    It’s unfair, and so he stops playing coy with his distance.  Instead of feigning disinterest, he shoves it at them.  They arrive at his door and he slams it closed so quickly it hits their nose.  He avoids their gaze when he sees their black eyes the next day, but they still wave at him.  Still smile in his direction.

    Subtle, heartfelt promises that everything is okay.

    Kakashi does not understand why.

    He wants to apologize, to hold their face between his hands and tell them it was an accident.  Yes, he meant to close the door, but he was too distracted to realize they’d taken a step forward.

    It’s just another example of his curses; everyone who gets close to him is lying unawares in the path of a tsunami.  His disastrous lack will drown them one day.

    They don’t mind treading water while they wait for him to be ready.

    Kakashi watches Naruto disappear off with Jiraiya, pushes Sakura to train with Tsunade, and allows Gai to lose himself in his students.  All while he himself retreats from the bonds he’s forged.  He is cruel to his comrades so they will no longer invite him out for drinks after a mission.  He keeps his window closed so no one will appear in it uninvited, asking if they can climb into bed next to him as they have countless times before.

    And they recognize the distance for what it is—the grieving of a broken man—but they do not push.  They watch him carefully from a distance, as they once did, content to keep a watchful eye out for any changes; to return to his side the moment he requires it.

    Kakashi summons his ninken when he sleeps and they crowd around him, lie over his chest.  It’s suffocating, but familiar.  A comfort against the ceaseless darkness of his dreams.

    The sharingan remembers everything it has ever seen, and it replays his failures in cruel clarity.  Even those events for which he did not yet possess the eye seem to rewind themselves behind his lids as he sleeps, a blistering montage of the worst moments of his life.

    There are someone else’s flowers on Rin’s grave.  He sweeps them off and crushes the blooms underfoot.

    Still, they bring more flowers and lay them over the stone.  Say a prayer for the living as well as the dead.

    All my aching bones are trembling And I may yet fall apart Won't you stay with me, my darling When the war starts in my heart? When the war starts in my heart?

    Kakashi is prepared to die in the war.  Part of him, he thinks, might welcome such a thing.  The hope that he will not have to endure any more losses, that perhaps he can sacrifice himself to save the students he has failed so miserably, pushes him forward.  Soothes his anxiety.

    And so does the familiar whisper of a voice against his ear one evening as they prepare their battle plans.

    The invitation he offers in return which is accepted.

    They have waited so long for him to be ready and even if it’s only a brief moment, they leap at the opportunity.

    Their body is warm and familiar, their teeth just as demanding and sharp as they have ever been.  And Kakashi gives himself over to them, seeks his pleasure only distantly.  What he really needs, tonight of all nights, is someone to hold him afterward; guard him against the approaching dawn.

    He doesn’t say this, of course.  Instead, his hands are rough and his voice level when he says, “Just this once.  Just in case this is the end.”

    “Of course,” they say, “this can’t happen again.”

    He groans, pushing forward, forcing them down onto the mattress beneath him.  They welcome his weight with a chorus of sighs, pulling him close.

    Kakashi knows they are right—they both are.  There are so many reasons this is a mistake.  He does not need another person relying on him, cannot stand the idea of letting yet another precious person down.  But their voice makes him shiver, and the way their hands smooth over his body so lovingly stirs something primal in him; some need to be cared for.  To love.

    They try to carve their affection into his skin—like the bruises and lines left by their nails might be enough to make Kakashi finally accept that he is worthy of them.  They tell him how good it feels to be with him again and every word is a sacred truth.

    Kakashi smothers the instinct to be soft and buries himself in lies as well as their body, takes what he can while giving so little it is a miracle they can take from him at all.

    They find plenty to take for themselves, even if Kakashi does not realize it.  He is more open here than anywhere else, more readable.  Every word he’s never uttered with his mouth is said with his body, read clearly in his eyes.  But they know he is not ready for the things he can’t say, so they keep those secrets closely guarded, even from their originator.

    And after, they kiss his temple and run their fingers through his hair.  He tells them he is a curse and they laugh, the sound vibrating against Kakashi’s ear from somewhere deep in their chest.

    “If that’s true, Kakashi, then I’m happy to be cursed.”

    They shouldn’t be, but he’s glad.

    Oh ashes, ashes, dust to dust The devil's after both of us Oh, lay my curses out to rest Make a mercy out of me

    Kakashi reels in the weeks and months following the war.  The revelation of Obito, the return of Sasuke, the near-death of Gai.

    It’s all too much.  He buries himself in rebuilding alliances, strengthening them.  He does not want to be made Hokage, but he knows the other options are limited and some of them are offensive.  Regardless, duty dictates he accept the position and so he does.

    Besides, he thinks, it will give him purpose.  And it is clear he cannot live without something like that.  He knows without being a commander and a sensei over the preceding years, he likely would have returned to the room where his father died long ago to join him.

    There is a familiar presence as he prepares for his inauguration.  Almost imperceptible to anyone but him.

    Always close, but never intruding.  Ever supportive and available, but hardly seen or heard unless specifically requested.

    The entire process of taking office is horrific—the false smiles and lavish dinners.  It’s everything Kakashi has never wanted.

    Once he’s officially Hokage, he buries himself in paperwork to avoid meeting dignitaries as often as possible.  He works himself ragged just trying to keep his head above water.  He can’t stop thinking it should be Obito, not him, wearing the robes.

    He receives a visitor one evening, someone who knows that arriving unannounced on the wrong night will invite derision.  But they do it anyway because it’s obvious how exhausted he is, how much he has denied himself the rest he needs.

    The same person who watched Kakashi grind his teeth after Rin died watches him do the same beneath the heavy brim of the Rokudaime’s hat and they know they must intervene on his behalf.


    Their voice is like honey dripping into tea—smooth and sweet.  When he looks up from the budget reports he’s been glaring at for half the day, Kakashi finds a familiar figure standing before his desk with takeout in hand.

    “Did I request a meeting?” he asks, genuinely baffled and assuming he did but forgot about it.

    They only let the apparent rebuff glance off one shoulder before they recover fully.  “No, Sir, but I thought maybe you could use some company.”

    It starts like that—begins again, really.  They share late-night meals and swap conversation.

    Slowly, Kakashi starts expecting their visits without feeling guilty for doing so.

    And they, in turn, start looking forward to them without feeling selfish.

    One night, they go home together.  And then every night after, they do the same.

    Kakashi watches his students forge their paths, find happiness in their families and fulfillment in their careers.  He watches Sasuke make as many amends as he is able, and hopes that will be enough.

    Gai recovers as well as he can and even a crippled leg cannot stop him from seeing only the best in the world around him; even the loss of Neji does not dull his enthusiasm for long.  Because he has always known there are always other students to support, other friends in need of his boundless love.

    Kakashi thinks for the first time maybe home does not have to be a place without ghosts.  Maybe with enough help, he can learn to live amongst them.

    Oh ashes, ashes, dust to dust Tell me I am good enough Oh, lay my curses out to rest Make a mercy out of…


    It’s a strange word, still; heavy and awkward on Kakashi’s tongue when he says it.  But slowly growing more familiar as he uses it in his daily life.

    “I’ll pick up groceries for us on the way home.”

    “Gai invited us to dinner.”

    “Naruto has asked us to watch Himawari.”

    Every time he says something mundane about the life they have managed to build together, his partner beams.  They know it has been a difficult road; that life handed Kakashi a harsh path to follow.

    That he has done so and chosen them to remain at his side as he continues to brush the cobwebs of his past away from his periphery, is a feat worthy of every accolade.  Never something to be taken for granted.

    The house Kakashi grew up in slowly fills with new memories.  And though the ghosts never truly leave, they quiet themselves a little.  Perhaps that is because Gai’s voice is loud enough to drown them out, or maybe because there seems to always be a shoulder next to Kakashi’s radiating warmth instead of a deathly chill.

    Either way, the house changes and he is glad he’s given it another chance.

    As they lie next to Kakashi, they turn to look at him in the deepening dark.

    “Do you still feel like you’re cursed?” they ask.

    Kakashi isn’t sure how to answer.  Doesn’t know for certain whether the curse of him could ever really be lifted.

    But they are here, beside him, so even if it’s still there, it feels a little lighter.

    He kisses their temple the way they do for him when he wakes from a nightmare.  He never answers aloud, but they understand what he wants them to.  And they are happy to spend the rest of their days proving to Kakashi Hatake that he is not a cursed man.

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  • hinatastinygiant
    26.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    Chapter Seven


    Pairing: Kageyama x Fem!Reader

    previous | next | i don't fall in love

    Y/N'S P.O.V.

    You had gotten a bottle of wine and an empty glass from your kitchen and you now tiredly walk across your flat to slink down onto your sofa. You quickly pour your glass completely full and find a new show to binge TV on for the rest of the day. You really don't have much stamina to do anything else anyway.

    Once your glass only has a few drops left in it and the sun is now completely disappeared behind the horizon, there's a knock on your door. You don't move. As you've already concluded, you don't have the energy to get up and answer it. However, whatever asshole is on the other side continues to knock every so often and just won't go away. It's giving you a headache and is forcing you to give in to their idiocy.

    Eventually, you give up and mutter a string of curses to whatever idiot salesman is so obsessed with getting your attention and won't leave you alone at this late hour of the day.

    "Go away!" you shout drunkenly from the other side of the door. "I'm not interested in whatever it is that you're selling!"

    "It's Kageyama!" his unmistakable voice calls back. Great, so it's worse than a salesman knocking at your door.

    You shake your head as you undo the lock, knowing it's a bad idea to let him in. But as the door swings open, you're quite at a loss of words to find two of him waiting on the other side.

    "What do you guys all want?" you mutter as your head begins to swirl around.

    All of the Kageyamas now standing before you look at you as though you're the one with five heads.

    "Are you okay?" they all ask.

    "You didn't answer my question," you pout.

    "I was going to talk to you about something but you don't look well. Are you sure-"

    The Kageyamas stop speaking as you suddenly slap your hand over your mouth. You think that seeing all of them has suddenly made you ill so you ignore his question as you turn away.

    "Excuse me," you squeak before running off to the bathroom as quickly as you can before tossing your insides into your toilet bowl.

    Kageyama rushes after you, too. You can tell after hearing the door slam shut and then, an instant later, he's holding your hair away from your face as you puke up your large glass of wine right in front of him. When you're finally finished, you lean back onto your toes from where you had been kneeling and catch your breath.

    "Are you alright, Y/N?" he asks again with a voice filled with worry.

    "I'm fine," you sigh. "I'm just gonna rest for a sec."

    You sit down on the floor and lean your back against the wall. You close your eyes and try to steady your hurried breathing. Perhaps you drank all that crap too fast or something, you try to rationalize.

    Kageyama leaves your side and you aren't sure where he has gone. Maybe he was so grossed out by what he just witnessed that he left without another word. But that theory is soon squashed when he returns with a warm towel and begins to clean up your sweaty face. As much as you'd like to enjoy the pampering, it feels more embarrassing than anything else, like he's taking care of one of his elementary students after they spill their guts out on his gym floor. But his touch is soft, so you've got to give him credit for that at least.

    Once he's done, he hands you a glass of water and some medicine. "Here, this'll help you feel better," he explains as you gently begin to open your eyes.

    "Thanks, Kageyama. You might'a just saved my life," you hum.

    "It's nothing really. I'm just glad I could help."

    After you return the medicine bottle to him, you ask if he can bring you to your couch. He picks you up with his arm tucked under yours and allows you to lean against him as he walks you across the flat. He's so warm and as he sits down beside you, you lean your head on his shoulder.

    "Would you like to keep watching your show?" he then asks as he grabs the television remote for you.

    You nod back tiredly, "mhm," and so he plays it and sits with you even though there's no way on earth he could possibly understand what's going on since you're halfway through the season you're on.

    Soon, your mind begins to drift away from the show and as Kageyama looks over at you he sees your eyes beginning to close. He gently lays your head down against the pillow on the side of the couch and lifts your feet up on the other end. You smile tiredly, not having enough energy to even thank him which makes you feel even more pathetic. He said that he came here to talk to you about something but ended up just taking care of you instead.

    He leans down and kisses you on the forehead as he gets ready to leave. "I hope you feel better soon," he softly hums. "There's something I'd like to talk to you about then but it can wait for now."

    You nod and he smiles softly before walking away. Whatever animosity or hatred you had for him before has totally faded away whether you like it or not. You had completely forgotten about the girl with hearts in her texts or the whole 'it's weird for us to date' excuse. Being with him made your heart soar and how kind he was only made you feel as though you were flying even higher.

    But as your door closes and he departs, your stomach sinks. What are you going to do now? You can't have feelings for a guy who has made it perfectly clear that he has no intentions to be with you and that just makes you hurt all the more. 

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    #kageyama x reader #kageyama x you #kageyama x y/n #tobio kageyama x reader #kageyama tobio x reader #kageyama tobio x you #kageyama tobio x y/n #x fem!reader #x reader#haikyuu#haikyuu series #haikyuu self insert #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x female reader #hinatastinygiant#fanfiction series#fanfiction#fanfic #i dont fall in love
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    track five. apologies


    rising in popularity, you get the opportunity to be the bassist of a trending band - only to end up playing next to a face from your past.

    series mlist. rewind. skip.

    taglist. (open — send an ask or comment to join)

    @flaeya @helluvabrat @inum4kisgirl @jeansun @ice-icebaby @sunarin136 @7oji @sakaki-chaaaaannn @w31rdg1rl @natsuzoku @dailystsg

    #series: liarlover #toji x reader #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader #toji angst#jjk angst#toji fushiguro#toji zenin#jjk smau#jjk texts#toji smau #toji x you #toji x self insert #jjk x self insert #jjk x you #jjk headcanons#toji headcanons#jjk imagine#jjk scenarios#toji imagine#toji scenarios #toji zenin x reader #toji fushiguro x reader #jujutsu kaisen#jjk toji
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  • lone-wolf-nergiganos
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I want everyone to know that I'm finally done with school, for now at least. One minute I'm a junior then the next I'll be a senior, time is not sparing us.

    #genshin impact x male reader #genshin x male reader #x male reader #male reader insert #male reader#monsterhunter #monster hunter stories 2 #monster hunter #my hero academia x male reader #demon slayer x male reader
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  • megaman-fluffcanons
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Cutest idea!! Spark Man with a scientist friend who builds him a set of functional hands, and he gets to try them out for the first time and he's super happy about it!!!

    *It made you kinda sad to see Spark Man sad about not having hands

    *so as his friend, you wanted to make him happy, and you built him a set of functional hands

    *Spark Man was quite excited to try them out for the first time

    *the first thing he did was pull you into a hug and thank you

    *you just smiled and hugged him back, telling him it was no problem at all

    *You were just happy to see him so happy

    *Also you kept an eye on him for a bit to make sure that he wouldn’t do anything too bad with his new set of hands

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  • megaman-fluffcanons
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    heyyy you got some headcanons on Uranus and his partner who loves giving him sweets that he can eat, and is extremely very sweet and loving towards him?

    *Uranus enjoys the sweets you give him

    *you love being around him and are just generally sweet towards him

    *which he wasn’t too used to at first, considering he knows that he can be scary when upset, as well as his appearance

    *but you’re not bothered by either of those things

    *”You’re so nice to me, Y/n.. It’s nice, but I don’t get it.”

    *it just takes him a while to get used to it, but once he does, he will return the love and affection you showed him

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  • usernamerenn
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    pairing. mitsuya takashi x f!reader

    summary. when a kiss from you is all that is needed in order to convince mitsuya

    note. spoilers, intoxication. a request from @portgaes. likes and reblogs are always appreciated

    When Mitsuya had moved out of his family home to follow his dreams of becoming a fashion designer, he honestly thought that he would only ever have to worry about himself. Luna and Mana were older now and able to look after themselves, and his mother was starting to become more considerate of her own health, taking fewer shifts at work because of this. He was finally free to focus on himself, his career, and his future, so imagine Mitsuya’s surprise and annoyance when he had received a text message from your friend telling him to come and collect his irresponsibly intoxicated girlfriend.

    He couldn’t help but sigh in exasperation as he took sight of your dazed form and overly happy grin as your friend handed you over with a slight smile and said, “Sorry, I couldn’t stop her.”

    “What happened?” Mitsuya asked as you immediately held onto him and leaned into his chest, quietly mumbling about how nice and cool his sweater felt against your heated cheeks. Admittedly, he found it very difficult to stay angry at you and your poor life choices when you were being this cute.

    “Exam results came back today,” your friend explained sadly. “Didn’t get the grades that she was expecting, so she decided to drown herself in alcohol.”

    Raising an eyebrow at this, Mitsuya conceded to the fact that he could understand your sentiment of wanting a distraction from your poor exam grades, yet this didn’t give you an excuse to not take care of yourself and inconvenience your friend. So with another tired sigh, Mitsuya thanked the young woman before offering his goodbyes, now turning his attention to you as you pouted in indignation at his suggestion of sleep.

    “I don’t want to go to sleep, Takashi!” you loudly complained as he attempted to guide you away from the elevators and toward the direction of your shared apartment.

    “I know, but it’s late, and we wouldn’t want to wake anyone up, would we?” your boyfriend tried to reason, but you simply refused to listen to him or even move from where you were standing. “Come on, babe, you still have classes tomorrow.”

    “No, I don’t! I’m quitting school!” you responded dramatically, almost falling over if Mitsuya hadn’t grabbed onto your shoulders. “What’s the point of studying and going to classes if I can’t get the grades that I want? I-I’m a failure, Takashi! Just leave me alone and let me drink my sorrows away!”

    “Okay, I’m going to have to stop you right there,” your boyfriend playfully warned as his hands came to lovingly rest on your waist. “Listen, getting a certain grade on a test doesn’t denote your intelligence or worth as a person. You’re a lot more than just a number on a piece of paper. Babe, you’re funny, kind, beautiful, and incredibly smart in your own way, and I know that I didn’t fall in love with a so-called failure, so stop thinking of yourself as one, okay?”

    And for a quick moment, Mitsuya was scared that he had said too much, as he was worryingly met with the sight of subtle tears in your eyes, your head lowering for a second before you broke out into an uncontrollably bright smile, one that had him almost forgetting how to breathe because of its absolute brilliance and beauty.

    “You’re in love with me, huh?” you remarked teasingly as your arms locked around Mitsuya’s neck.

    “Not right now, no,” your boyfriend said with an amused and challenging smirk. “Right now, you’re just some crazy, drunk girl that I need to get into our apartment before she wakes someone up. Generally speaking, though, yes. Sincerely and hopelessly so.”

    Listening to your delighted giggles, Mitsuya couldn’t help but smile in response as you pulled him closer into your embrace, his head now gently resting on top of yours as you both enjoyed this quiet moment together. It wasn’t the most romantic or ideal scene, considering how the two of you were standing in some poorly lit hallway with him dressed in plain a hoodie and sweats, but Mitsuya thought that this was more than perfect. You were here with him, after all.

    “Takashi? Carry me?” you requested a while later, causing him to raise an eyebrow in disbelief.

    “Babe, I love you, but you need to learn that there are consequences to your actions,” Mitsuya stated as he did his best to avoid your round, pleading eyes. One look was all that it would take for him to agree to your demand, and he knew that he couldn’t allow that to happen.

    “Please?” you asked so sweetly with that cute, sleepy pout of yours. “I’m tired.”

    “And I’m not?” he replied while almost laughing. “I’m not going to carry you, so let’s just-”

    Mitsuya, however, was unable to say anything more as you quickly silenced him with a gentle, fleeting kiss, one that had him wanting to chase after and reciprocate. Yet your boyfriend knew that he was a weak man when it came to you, so he forced himself to ignore the pleasure and delightfully sweet and bitter taste of alcohol that still remained on your sinful, tempting lips.

    It took all of his self-control to not give in to the intoxicating scent of your perfume or the closeness of your body as you began to paint his neck with various shades of red and purple. He soon found himself getting drunk on the thought of you and your touches, and it was only after hearing your desperately dulcet request once more did Mitsuya’s resolve finally break, yet he still managed to stop himself from forcefully grabbing your neck and kissing you senseless, wishing for nothing more than to absolutely ruin you until all that you could remember was his name.

    “Please, Takashi?”

    So with a defeated sigh, Mitsuya proceeded to lift you like a groom would with his beloved bride, faintly smiling once he saw the immediate happiness and excitement on your face as he began to carry you toward your apartment. “Only until we reach the door, all right? Then you’re on your own.”

    “You’re the best, Takashi! I love you!”

    “I love you, too.”

    tokyo revengers taglist. @crown5 @blacksun-judar @chloee0x0​ @zuuki​ @chiaki3nanami​

    #mitsuya takashi #mitsuya takashi x you #mitsuya takashi x reader #mitsuya takashi imagines #mitsuya takashi scenarios #mitsuya takashi reader insert #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers reader insert #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x you #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokrev #tokrev reader insert #tokrev x reader #tokrev x you #tokrev imagines#tokrev scenarios
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    The barber boys and the bakery

    A/N: Yes, I do have three WIPS currently going and a shit-ton of other stuff, BUT the always amazing @buckyshattergirl​ and I have talked in LENGTH about a thing and now I have to write the thing. I need fluffy Dad!Andy Barber and cute kid Jacob. It’s probably going to be a series, maybe, and it’ll mostly be snapshots and cute little one-shots of the life of the Barber boys.   I can’t say when or how frequently it’ll be updated, but it will be updated!

    Anyway, I hope you’ll like it because I sure as hell do!

    You can buy me a coffee here, and I’ll write you a personalized something – the sky is the limit, my loves!

    Remember, feedback feeds the soul (min in particular) and my requests – and askbox – are always open – there’s no limits, because I am me and I have none.





    Pairing: Andy Barber x female reader

    Contains: language, fluff, mentions of violence, age gap

    W.C: 2.000

     The meeting

      The bakery was quiet for the first time since you opened today; the hustle and bustle of high school kids had dwindled down to zero, and you finally had time to make yourself the cup of coffee, you had craved since 4 in the morning. You did worry, though, because your favorite kid – the lanky, shy Jacob – had been nowhere to be seen, which was strange for him. He came in every day, a shy smile on his lips and asked (as the only one) for your walnut muffins, small talking about nothing really, while you bagged it up for him. It was steady and routine at this point:

    You opened, began baking, and precisely thirty minutes before the bell rang, Jacob would show up, buy a walnut muffin, eat it inside while talking about schoolwork or his dad – or how much he hated his mom – and then wave goodbye. You liked it. He was a smart and funny kid, and your general penchant for being a MomTM, made it easy to talk to him and dote on him.

    He seemed like he needed it.

    Which is why you were worriedly looking out of the window towards the school with furrowed brows, when the bell rang, and Jacob still hadn’t shown up. Not that he wasn’t allowed to not show up, but it gave you a sense of unease. He had been through enough, already. You began baking another round of croissants, flour going everywhere, and you grumbled to yourself that this was not the day for wearing black boots, because they were slowly turning grey. Occupational hazard.

    You were so concentrated, that you missed the bell chiming and the sound of shuffling feet, until a soft voice called out. “Hey, Y/N.” Your head whipped up to see Jacob stand in front of you. Your smile fell when you saw the busted lip and the blood flowing freely. “Sorry, I didn’t come in earlier.” “Don’t think about that, what happened to you?” you rushed to his side and sat him down in one of the chairs, quickly going to the open sign and flipping it. “Asshole at school.” He said with a shrug. “Isn’t the first time, won’t be the last.” You were seething. “Jake, you… Hang on, I’ll get you something to clean off with.” You rushed to the back, found a hand towel and wet it, handing it to him as soon as you came back and sat down in front of him. “Thanks.” “Jake, listen to me. Who was he, why did he do that, and do I need to kill him?” You asked seriously. He shook his head. “It’s the dickhead Spencer. He’s… Well, yeah. He’s that. I guess I sat in his chair. Or he thinks I’m gay. It could all of the things.” You pursed your lips. You might only be 25 years old, and you may have only known Jacob for six months, but you felt protective of him. “Call your dad. When’s the break?” He glanced at the clock. “In… Like two minutes.” He scrolled on his phone, stopping with a finger hovering over the call-button. “Why?” “I’m about to beat this bitch up.” You said firmly, dusting your fingers from flour. “You’re coming with me, point him out.” He called his dad as he stood up. “Uh, dad? So… I might get in trouble. Not like, that kind of trouble again, but like… Normal teen trouble? At school? You should get over here. Like…” He looked at you and swallowed. “I’m a little scared of Y/N. She’s about to rip a kid a new one for punching me. Anyway, bye!” he hung up. “Voicemail.”

    You stalked to the school parking lot, hair whipping around your face in the wind, Jacob trailing after you, and he nodded to a red-headed, slightly plump kid, who was laughing with a group of other boys. You were ready to throw some fucking hands.

    “YOU!” You marched over to him, while Jacob stood back, watching it unfold. “Who the hell do you think you are?” you began, the kid stumbling back a few paces and the verbal smack-down began.


    Andy hated voicemails like that. He hated that his first thought was not again, and he drove faster than he probably should’ve to reach the school in record time. When he pulled over, he saw Jacob standing, eyes locked on a woman, who was clearly angrily gesturing and speaking loudly to the asshole of a kid, Spencer, who looked like he was about to cry. Andy got out of the car quickly and almost jogged to Jacob’s side, clocking the busted lip. “What the hell happened to you?” He asked, taking Jacob’s face in his hands. “I’m fine dad, seriously.” He glanced at the woman again. “I don’t think I have anything to worry about, because Y/N seems to be doing a great job telling him off.” He pointed to her, and Andy frowned. “Wait, that’s Y/N?” “Yeah.” “I thought she was in your year!” He said, watching her poke Spencer in the chest with a finger. “Nah, she’s like… 25, but super cool. She plays DND and stuff. She’s like my mom friend.” “She’s a mom?” Andy could almost hear Jacob roll his eyes. “No, dad, a mom friend.” “Kid, I have no idea what that means.”

    “If you ever even look at him again, I’ll wreck you faster than you can scream mommy.” Andy overheard the last of the conversation – or yelling – from Y/N, before she turned on her heels and walked straight to Jacob, cupping his face in her hands. The gesture made Andy’s stomach go into knots. “Listen to me, you’re getting free muffins for the rest of the year from even tolerating being in the same room as that fucking wombat.” You said, wiping your thumb across Jacob’s cheek. Andy was reeling. He watched Spencer run inside of the school and didn’t see her turn to him. “You’re Mr. Barber, I presume.” He was about to answer when he finally looked at her.

    She was beautiful. He knew beauty when he saw it. Her hair was flowing around her face, her eyes were burning into him, and her lips, fucking hell, her lips made him feel dizzy. She radiated confidence. She was wearing a blue sundress, covered largely by a black apron that in turn, was covered in flour, and he had never in his life felt this attracted to a person before. He swallowed thickly when he noticed the tattoos littering her arms, and the one, that poked out from her collarbone to her shoulder, only interrupted by the strap of her dress made his heart thump heavily in his chest. “Barber, yes. I.. Am Andy.” He swallowed thickly and noticed Jacob grin like a Cheshire cat. “Well, Barber, Andy, prepare yourself to go to the principal’s office.” “Why, did you punch the kid?” He asked, honestly a little worried. She looked terrifying, despite her smaller stature and flour in her hair. She shook her head. “No, but I did accidentally say nobody messes with my kid and called the kid an asshole, that was tired of shitting, and that if he ever tried to touch my kid again, I’d rip his arms from his body and stuff them up his ass.” She turned her head to see the very angry face of the vice-principal. “Shit.” “Will you follow me, Mr. Barber, Miss?” She told him through tight lips. Y/N followed as well, clearly ready to face whatever wrath a principal had to dish out. Andy couldn’t stop looking at her, her entire aura was just confidence and care; he cleared his throat several times to get rid of the damned dry spot, that suddenly appeared at the same time as Y/N had cupped Jacob’s cheeks.

    They both stepped into the office, and when she stood next to him, Andy realized just how short she was in comparison to him. He easily towered a head above her. “I don’t appreciate siblings telling students off, Mr. Barber.” He cocked an eyebrow at the principal. “Siblings?” he asked, slightly confused. The principal pointed at Y/N, who laughed. “Oh, no, I’m not related.” She winked at Andy. “Yet.” He spluttered. She turned back to the principal. “And someone has to tell them off, or nobody will. Seriously, do you not a have a zero-bullying policy in this hellhole?” Andy snickered under his breath.   “Miss, that’s very inappropriate…” “No, I’ll tell you what’s inappropriate.” Y/N cut the principal off. “That someone can punch another human being and face zero repercussions. Zero bullying, my ass, you’re literally enforcing the bullying by not acting. I have no respect for you or anything you have to say to me, as long as you allow that to happen in your school, Mrs.” Andy cleared his throat, when the principal opened her mouth to retort. “I agree. My son has done nothing” (well, he hoped) “to warrant this. Y/N did nothing more than stand up for my son, which is needed since the school decided not to.” “Mr. Barber, I can assure you…” “You can assure me of nothing.” He said with a smile. It was the same smile he wore when he delivered his final statements in court. “I refuse to be called in here for my son, when he’s the one bleeding. Have a wonderful day, Mrs. Stevensen.” He turned on his heel and gestured for Y/N to follow him, leaving the principal absolutely dumbfounded.

    “Am I in trouble?” Jacob asked in the second, they stepped outside. Andy shook his head and wrapped his arm around Jacob, pulling him close. “No, kiddo, you’re not.” “Tell you what, I’ll get you a few muffins to take back, okay?” Y/N said. “Come, I was going to close early anyway.” Jacob practically jumped out of Andy’s arms and ran after Y/N, talking animatedly with his hands as they walked. Andy furrowed his brows; he hadn’t seen Jacob like this in a while, and it warmed his heart a little. He quickly followed them into the bakery, and was immediately feeling comfortable – it smelled of chocolate and fresh bread, while the walls were covered in personal art (he noticed a few drawings from Jacob hung on the wall as well), and he sat down in the chair, that Jacob pointed him to.

    “Jake, what will it be today? Walnut muffins, chocolate chip cookies, something dangerous or something unexpected?” She asked seriously. “I’ll cry if you give me anything with chili in it.” He answered with a grin. You rolled your eyes and laughed. “I might be scary, but I’m not evil.” You winked at Andy, who almost choked on thin air. “Unexpected it is, huh?” You kept your eyes on Andy as you spoke, and he couldn’t help the small grin spread on his lips. “Yeah, unexpected is good.” Jacob answered, looking back and forth between Y/N and Andy, his eyes glowing with something Andy hadn’t seen in his son for a while: Hope.


    TAGLIST:  @acaceta @a-skov​ @angelmather1​ @cooldreamlandsandwich​ @doubletriplepowerbomb​ @est1887​ @enchantedbytomandhenry​ @fionnthebandersnacc​ @herroyalbubbliness​ @jeepgirls-stuff @keiva1000​ @kebabgirl67​ @littlebirdofrivia @luclittlepond @mis-lil-red​ @multifanficdom @one-sweet-gubler​ @pandaxnienke​ @perfunctory-username69 @penneferofvenerburg​ @sleutherclaw​ @sofiebstar​ @summersong69​ @spookyboogyuniverse​ @stardusted26​ @thereisa8ella​ @timetraveller4​ @thatonechickhere​ @themanfromu​ @thelastpyle​ @tragicphoenix13​ @yourlocalhoney​ @wheretheriversrunintothesea​     

    #chris evans#chris #chris evans x reader #chris evans characters #andy barber #andy barber x you #andy barber reader insert #andy barber reader #andy barber x reader #andy barber x female reader #andy barber x Y/N #andy barber x #andy barber x y #dad!andy barber #jacob barber #andy barber female reader insert #andy barber x y/N fluff
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  • sly-writings
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Wife giving birth

    Fandom: A3!
    Pairings: Itaru x reader • Chikage x reader • Sakyo x reader
    Warnings: // Mentions of pregnancy // child birth // mentions of death // mention of car crash
    Reader: Female
    Last post here since I already finished this and I'm too lazy to move it to my a3! blog

    He was out with Banri when he suddenly got a message from one of the troupe members that his wife is going into labor.

    Banri never saw Itaru run so fast just as he did after recieving that message-almost dropping his phone in the process.

    Banri was the one driving to the hospital since Itaru was so nervous he was sure Itaru would crash the car if he let him drive.

    As soon as they got to the hospital Itaru is out of the car and running to the front desk asking for your name.

    He was outside pacing back and forth anxiously waiting.

    His gentlemanly facade crumbling away.

    After the whole ordeal was done and you safely delivered your child only Itaru begins to calm down.

    Plays it cool once the baby is born and denies that he panicked.

    Banri has a video of him running and screaming.


    He was with you when your water broke.

    Didn't waste anytime and immediately drove you to the hospital.

    One you're in the delivery room he messaged the entire troupe about what's happening and they immediate went to the hospital.

    Chikage is sitting still waiting for the outcome.

    He's very calm outside but he's a nervous wreck on the inside.

    He knows the risk of giving birth and he is definitely afraid of the mere thought of loosing you.

    Hisoka notices this and tries talking to him to calm him down.

    "I am calm." He is absolutely not.

    After you gave birth all his worries went down the drain and was so relieved.

    A smile that he rarely shows can be seen on his face.


    He had some small business with the Ginsenkai and since no one is with you he decided to bring you along.

    He left you with Sakoda while he talks with the Ginsenkai members.

    He was in the middle of discussing something with the members when Sakoda suddenly burst in calling for him.

    He was about to yell at him when Sakoda informed him that you were about to give birth.

    He dropped everything in his hands and immediately carried you to the car.

    He was so nervous that he didn't even contact the others and was just walking back and forth outside the delivery room.

    Sakoda was the one who informed everyone.

    Best to let him be if you don't want him yelling at you.

    Looses his composure and is a nervous wreck.

    Banri and Azami enjoys this and definitely took some videos of Sakyo.

    When you safely delivered the baby he would be all over you asking if you're all right.

    Forbids anyone from speaking about how he acted while you gave birth.

    #fanfic#reader insert#headcanon#writing #a3! #a3! headcanon #a3! x reader #a3! reader insert #pregnancy#child birth #a3! itaru #a3! itaru chigasaki #a3! chikage #a3! chikage utsuki #a3! sakyo #a3! sakyo furuichi #a3! itaru x reader #a3! chikage x reader #a3! sakyo x reader #a3! reader #fem! reader #female reader
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  • megaman-fluffcanons
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    Hey, I love your content

    Can you do X and Zero (Command Mission) rescues human Y/N after she’s being kidnapped by Rebellion army?

    I don’t know anything about Command Mission so I’m hoping these are okay, also I’m guessing you wanted them together and not separate headcanons for both??? 

    *X and Zero were furious that the Rebellion Army took you away from them

    *they had come up with a plan to rescue you, as they didn’t want to go in without a plan and get destroyed

    *following their plan as best they can, they were able to rescue you without getting into too much trouble with the enemy

    *you were grateful for their help and gave them each a hug and kiss on the cheek

    *X was just happy that you were back, safe and sound

    *Zero was also happy you were back, but he may or may not become a little more protective of you now

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    ♡. ── OMG, HE'S SO CUTE! | HQ BOYS

    author's note. those are just a collection of random cute thoughts i once had about some of the haikyuu boys. i rlly hope y'all like it! if you have any ideas ask here <3

    with. aone takanobu, tadashi yamaguchi, kenma kozume, bokuto koutaro and ushijima wakatoshi.


    i swear this boy here is the cutest thing i've seen in my life. he makes my heart go 💞💗 yk? well, this time the thing that's causing me go swooning over him is this: imagine him growing an entire little garden with the prettiest flowers just for you. and, when all the flowers have blossomed, he would do one of these options (or maybe even both, aone's heart is just that level of kind ☹️): 1. he goes and picks up your favorite flowies and make a handmade bouquet for u or 2. take you on a date on that garden and spend the evening making flower crowns with his sweetheart while having a warm smile on his face. kiss him for me, pls.


    another shy baby 🥺✨ i'm crying. he ended with all the summer homework and the volleyball team duties, and tada has been missing u sooo much! he texted you last night asking if you would like to have a simple calm date with him in the park. also added for you to wear light and, if u could, old clothes that you wouldn't care if get a lil' dirty. at this point you alredy had a vague idea of what he wanted to do. when the morning arrived, you and yamaguchi sat on the light blanket on the grass. there were a pair of plain canvas waiting to be colored. after some hours, tadashi finished and showed you a surprisingly well done portrait of you with the sunset in the back 😩❤️


    this was something usual for both of you; after some gaming & chill dates, you shared a minecraft world so u could play together 😌 well, the thing is that for the past hour he asked u to not enter in the world yet while he was clicking his mouse in a somewhat aggressive way. after some (long) minutes, he gave you green light to turn on your computer. when the world has fully loaded you were amazed; it seemed a little and vibrating paradise full of life. your houses were decorated with new aesthetic items and he made a personal zoo near the building. his skin was wearing a white suit and beside him was a "will you marry me?" sign 😍


    he's the one that brightens my day 💋 he arrived home shouting a "i got owl plushies!! are u excited?! 🥺" you really had to gently shush him bcs he was loud and you didn't want to see him sad by the neighbors' complains. he hurried to be by your side and repeated this time whispering: "are u excited?" while showing the stuffed animals. one of them looked exactly like him, black and white with golden luminous eyes; and yes, the other one was like you. while giving him a soft kiss on his cheek, you replied "yes, honey. they are amazing 💗"


    it was weekend, so you and toshi were free that day. ushijima may be someone people would describe as dense, but in that momente he noticed you being little stressed. ushijima thought that if you both had nothing to do and his angel was feeling down he might to do something to help you ☹️ so he planned a spa at home night. he prepared a bath for you two and helped u dry your hair. after that he applied oils and creams all over you while massaging your back, shoulders and legs. baby was so gentle 😭 when you both got to bed he hoped for u to feel better, kissed your lips lightly and held you in his big and warm arms 💗✨.

    ©pink-spiderweb 2022. please do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform without permission.

    #pink-spiderweb#female reader#male reader #gender neutral reader #anime #anime x reader #haikyuu!! #fluff#reader insert#haikyuu fluff #aone x reader #tadashi yamaguchi x reader #kenma x reader #bokuto x reader #ushijima x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu x female reader #haikyuu x male reader #omg he's so cute #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu drabbles#haikyuu scenarios
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    Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy [S.Harrington x Henderson!Reader]

    prev - next

    A/N: JUST ONE DAY FOR SEASON 4 TO FINALLY COME OUT! I'm so excited that i don't think i can express it enough my contentment, i plan to stay at least a week long just watching Stranger Things, i sware 😭😭 what about you guys? Thank you for who has been reading Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy so far, i'm finishing writing so i think it will have at least 20 chapters and i plan to write for S3 too and (maybe) S4, so wait for me <3

    Chapter 6: Save Me

    After spending the whole afternoon getting to Dustin's plan and had fallen asleep, the next day you and Dustin started the first part of your plan that it was take mom to get away from home just so you could get Dart out of the house.

    That's why you were pretending to be busy with a toast with strawberry jam while Dustin was in the phone with the made up Mr.McCorkle and you separated a few things that you would need without getting your mom to be suspicious.

    – Yes, thank you so much Mr.McCorkle, we gonna be just after her, thank you again - and he "turned off" and returned smiling at your mom - Good news! It looks like she was found wandering around Lache Nora...

    You cutted out the conversation Dustin was having with your mother as you listed all the things you gonna need and do, and you remembered that lost under your bed, you had a beiseball bat, maybe it could be useful if Dart tried to get on you guys and you could defend yourself with it if things got out of control.

    – Why don't you go look for her at there and give us news if you find her?

    – Ok, sure, sounds nice

    – We can find her - Dustin said and your mother turned to you

    – We can find her mom, don't worry - you smiled at her

    – We can find her, yes - she said while grabbing what she needed and headed to the door - I love you both!

    – Love you mom! - you said in unison

    She then slammed the door and went to her car, you and Dustin fastly moved to the window and when you saw that she was far enough, car out of sign, you rushed to get everything done, while Dustin was starting to put some "protection", you went to get the beiseball bat and when you got back, Dustin was already dropping some food to make a way to the basement, that it was where you would lock Dart.

    When he got back, you were waiting at his door, bat in hand, just so he could unlock it.

    – Ok Dart, Breakfast time! I know you're hungry!

    He unlocked his door and opened a little bit and you both made a rush to the small cabin your family had outside of your house, Dustin shouting collectives "shits" as you got into the cabin.

    You and him were hidding and looking by the little frests the cabin had.

    – Do you think his gonna buy it?

    – I don't know, let's keep looking - you said

    And just as you said that, Dart rushed out of the house, eating up the trail of food that Dustin had put there for him. But as if on clue that he was being watched, Dart turned it's head fastly on your direction, you and Dustin quickly hiding from his eye sight.

    – Shit! - Dustin exclaimed

    When you turned to look again, it looked as if Dart got more close to the cabin sensing you guys there, you took a deep breath by how nervous you got and suddenly Dustin just ran outside, startling not only you but Dart itself as Dustin hit him with his rocket ice bat and you fastly behind him, hitting Dart and throwing him on the basemente, which Dustin was fast enough to lock him before he runned to the top to get out and hitted it's head on the door, a loud bang sound ressonating.

    – I'm sorry buddy, but you eated my cat

    – Come on, let's get everything cleaned up and see if we can reach someone

    You said grabbing his shoulder and heading inside to go get everything you would need to clean Dustin's room and make Mews a decent funeral.

    After you buried Mews and sniffled a little at the loss of your cat, you and Dustin started to clean his room, getting all the shattered glass and you were doing a hard work trying to rub the blood on the carpet that it looked like it didn't wanted to be cleaned by how much you were rubbing, Dustin pacing to one place to another trying to contact someone on the walkie-talkie.

    – Seriously guys, this is a code red situation! I repeat, a code red situation! Do you copy? - nothing - Guys this is Dustin, again! I have a code-

    – Can you please shut up?!

    A strident feminine voice was heard on the other side of the line and you exchanged a surprise look with Dustin.

    – Erica? Erica, is Lucas there? Do you know where he is?

    – No, i don't know and i don't care

    – Is he with Mike? - he tried again

    – Like i said: don't know, don't care

    – Please if you find him, tell him that it's super important, say to him that i have a code-

    – Code red? - she says mockling

    – Yes, a code red, exactly

    – Well, i have a code for you, it's called shut-your-mouth!

    And the line went off, you sighned loudly and turned to keep scrubing the floor when Dustin suddenly picked up his backpack and put the strap over his shoulder.

    – Where you going?

    – To Mike's house, to see if they there - you nodded

    – Be careful alright? I'll be with my walkie-talkie in hands and trying to clean the carpet

    – Okay

    – Don't come home too late!

    You shouted to him after he leaved the bedroom and turned back to try and clean the floor.

    You don't know how much time you lost on the floor to get the blood out but you had quite the progress and when you were satisfied enough, you finally got up and let out a cry because of the pain on your back caused by all your lost afternoon cleaning it.

    You gattered everything up and went to put it on their respectives places and threw the trash out, the chilly air outside the house making you tremble a little and pushing the cardigan you picked up more close to your body, and when you were about to head inside again, you listened a car arriving. It couldn't be your mom, she called a few minutes ago saying that she would still look for Mews a bit more and would be late.

    To say that you were surprised and puzzled at the same time to see that the car belonged to Steve Harrington and that Dustin was inside of it with Steve himself, was enough to make you more confused and you went their way.

    – Hey...

    – Oh, hi Y/N - Steve said as he got out of the car

    – Hi Steve, what are you doing here?

    – He came to help - Dustin said getting out of the car, Steve following after him and they went to the back of the car, Steve getting his spiked bat

    – You told him?!

    – Well, Mike and Lucas weren't there and he had shown up, i really had no other choice - you sighed at this

    – Okay then, come on - you let Dustin go first

    – Okay, should i really believe him?

    – Yes, you should, if it was just him i think it was ok to doubt a litlle, but i'm here as a witness so, yeah, you should believe it - you said to Steve as you got inside and closed the door

    – Are you okay? - he asked after you winced at the pain on your back

    – No, far from that, i'm exhausted and my back hurts, i need to lay down.

    You then made a bee line right to the back of the house where Dustin was just waiting for you, Steve right behind.

    He got worried when he took a look at you when you were outside, noticing some scraps on your knees and now you were complaining about your back hurting, he noticed a little of the mess that was on Dustin's room and he could only think of what had happened there that caused to the Henderson's to ask for his help, and he sensed that something was obviously off.

    Taglist:  @mochminnie @marmol4d4

    #steve harrington x reader #steve harrington x you #steve harrington x henderson!reader #steve harrington x original character #steve harrington #dustin henderson x reader #dustin henderson x henderson!reader #dustin henderson#stranger things#reader insert #stranger things fanfic #stranger things imagine #stranger things season 2
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  • tellerluna-stories
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    hear me out: spy x family reader insert AU but with dokja as loid forger and his kids in the role of anya.


    #ps it's reader insert bc byeol n I are major dokja simps ehe #omniscient reader's viewpoint #tellerluna.dreams
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  • fanta5yland
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    Heya! Happy to hear that you’re feeling better, can I request some headcannons for Buck? Just SFW is perfect too ^^

    buck x reader headcanons

    Guys just a reminder that requests are closed, the ones that I am currently finishing are the ones that were requested before and I am just finishing them up.

    Sebastian is very loving, he doesn’t always get to be in a relationship and when he is, he will cherish it and try to make it last. Filling it with lovely memories.

    Definitely the type to not notice anything, you dress up a little something? He won’t notice. Even before being together he didn’t notice any of your “obvious” hints.

    But then he does notice he will make it obvious by his verbal language. On this topic note that Sebastien is the type for non stop compliments weather it be your looks or something your wearing. Compliments are something so frequent in this relationship.

    Not only is he very verbal but also affectionate and cuddly, he won’t mind one bit if you climb all over him. Perfect cuddle material. And once he has his hands on you he won’t let you go and he also has the huge habit of playing with your hair, if it’s medium to long length he WILL and can braid it.

    Sebastien never forgets an anniversary date or your birthday, he will force himself to remember and once that day arrives expect to be taken out on a magnificent date. And then cuddles and kisses afterwards.

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  • make-me-imagine
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    Feelings to Embrace

    Requests/Plot: Reader was also a consulting detective. Maybe with the prompt "I'd feel much better if you'd let me walk take you home" with Sherlock wanting to make sure that the reader is okay after finishing a tough case? And "You came all the way here for me?" and 'Fingertips brushing hair from your face.' Requested By: Anon "Ace" and a second Anon.

    Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x GN!Reader

    Warnings: Brief mention of violence and hospitals.

    Words: 1.3k

    General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire, @rexit-mo Elementary Taglist: None; let me know if you want to be added


    You eyed the officers at the door as you shoved the rest of your stuff into a bag. You had been in the hospital for three days, and the officers hadn't once left your door. You knew there had been a possibility of a partner in your most recent case, and now this just confirmed it.

    You winced a bit as you sat down in a nearby chair to pull on your shoes. Your mind wandered to Sherlock, wondering if he had any clues to who the partner was. You knew the killer that had been arrested wasn't the type to talk, so Sherlock would have to figure it out on his own.

    As if your thoughts summoned him, you look up to see Sherlock step into the room. He held his arms behind his back as he looked around, finally meeting your eyes. "I heard you were going home today."

    You smiled softly. "Yes. Any luck with the partner?"

    You saw Sherlock wrinkled hi nose as he looked around the room again. "Not at the moment, but I'm close." He said softly, and you could tell it was bothering him, not knowing.

    "I'm sure you'll catch him." You said with a sigh as you stood up.

    You saw Sherlock's eyes look you up and down, and you knew what had happened was playing through his mind. The killer, who you thought was working alone at the time, had suck up on you on your search of his apartment. You fought him rather brutally until Sherlock and Bell showed up to help you.

    "Are you sure you should be going home? You still look a bit..." he trailed off as he motioned at you vaguely.

    You let out a soft laugh. "I'm fine, just a bit bruised and sore, there's no real reason to keep me here."

    Sherlock turned and walked to the window. You watched him curiously, noting how fidgety he appeared to be. "Are you alright Sherlock?"

    Turning, he met your eyes and opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Closing it, he walked up to you and bounced on the balls of his feet. "I'm...frustrated. That the partner is eluding me so well. But...I'd feel much better if you'd let me take you home"

    You watched him for a moment, "You don't think the partner will come after me do you?"

    Sherlock looked down at his feet, before meeting your eyes again. "I don't know." You noted the seriousness in his tone.

    "It would be easier if he did though, wouldn't it?" You asked, not really thinking about what you said.

    Sherlock cocked his head lightly. "I'm not here in hopes of catching him, I-" he seemed to grow more flustered as he spoke. "Well, as hard as it might be to believe, I am only here to make sure you get home safely. I do not want the partner to come for you, no matter how easy that might make it to find him."

    "So, you came all the way here for me?" You asked softly, knowing that Sherlock lived on the other side of the city.

    He nodded once. "Yes. I did."

    You couldn't ignore the swelling you seemed to feel in your chest, or the heat that rose up your neck. Not wanting him to notice, you spun around, and grabbed you bag, ignoring the soreness of your body. "Well then, I don't see why I shouldn't let you take me home."

    Turning back, you handed your bag to Sherlock, which he took quickly before turning to leave. You smiled softly at the thought of him caring about you this much as you followed him.

    The drive back to your apartment was filled with discussion about the case and the partner, and who they could be. You knew Sherlock was frustrated, but you could also tell there was something else bothering him.

    As you got into your apartment, you watched as Sherlock quickly walked through, checking every room before he came back. "All clear?" You asked, only mildly serious.

    Sherlock nodded as he looked at the locks on your doors. "You should look into getting better security, I could pick these in my sleep."

    "Noted." You said softly as you watched him check your windows. "Sherlock." Not reacting, you spoke louder. "Sherlock."

    Turning at the sound of your raised voice, he watched you closely as you walked up to him.

    "What is bothering you so much? It's not just that you don't know who the partner is. Is it- are you...worried about me?"

    "You seem surprised by the prospect."

    "Well, you've not really shown this much concern for me before, at least not this noticeably."

    "Yes, well..." He let out a huff of air, seemingly unsure of what to say. "I may- I may blame myself, for what happened to you."

    "Why?" You asked with a concerned frown.

    "I told you to check the apartment. Alone. I was not thinking of your safety as much as I should have been, and you got hurt. I will not neglect to keep you safe this time."

    "So it's not that you are worried, its that you feel guilty? Sherlock we were doing our job. Getting hurt tends to happen sometimes. It wasn't your fault. None of us knew he was going to be there. I don't blame you, so you shouldn't either."

    "But I do." His voice was louder as emotion became a bit more obvious in his face. His eyes paused on your cheek, where a bruise was still evident.

    You felt your body freeze as he reached up, his fingers hovering over your face where the bruise was, before he moved a strand of lose hair from your face, his fingers grazing your skin softly as he did so.

    Seemingly realizing what he was doing, he pulled his hand away and cleared his throat. "I will find the partner. I will."

    You smiled softly, and spoke in a soft voice. "I know you will."

    His eyes slowly moved to meet yours. "I wont let them hurt you again." His voice was almost a whisper.

    "I believe you."

    "I-" He began, but stopped, unsure if he should speak.

    "What is is Sherlock?"

    He crinkled his nose as he thought, before he swallowed, and met your eyes. "I find that... I have- that my...feelings towards you are changing, and have been for some time. And I'm not quite sure...what to do with them."

    You took a deep breath, as you tried to steady your heart. "It's alright to feel Sherlock. And whatever you decide to do with your feelings...I'll still be here."

    "And if I decide to....embrace them?" He asked softly.

    "I wont reject you, if that's what you are afraid of."

    He bounced lightly on his feet as he thought in silence for a moment. "I have thought for quite some time that you had feelings for me, but I wasn't positive if maybe I was just projecting."

    "You weren't." You admitted.

    He nodded his head as he locked his eyes with yours. Taking a step closer, you held your breath, his face not far from yours. His eyes grazed over your features, as he brought his hand up, and again, gently caressed your face. "Then I will...embrace them. I want to."

    As various emotions seemed to rocket through you, you nodded your head softly, and smiled at him.

    His lips quirked up a bit, as he slowly leaned forward. His lips hovered in front of yours for a moment, brushing ever so lightly, before he leaned in completely. His hand cupped the back of your head as he deepened the kiss, embracing the feelings he had once pushed away.

    For the moments, the thoughts of the case, of the partner, were gone from your minds. But Sherlock's determination to keep you safe would remain, well past the closing of this case.

    xx End xx

    I think I hate this. lmao. idk, I just had a lot of trouble getting it down into words. But I hope you guys like it <3

    #Sherlock Holmes#Elementary#sherock holmes/reader #sherlock holmes x reader #elementary/reader #sherlock holmes cbs #sherlock holmes imagine #elementary imagine #elementary reader insert #sherlock holmes oneshot #sherlock holmes one shot #oneshot#one shot #sherlock holmes fluff #elementary oneshot #sherlock holmes fic #fic#fluff#elementary fluff #sherlock holmes x you #johnny lee miller imagine
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  • blurryfixations
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    I hope y’all write some BOMB She-Hulk x reader like y’all did with Moon Knight bc I will not forgive y’all if ya don’t /j

    I just wanna be carried by a strong woman *cries

    #kidding but not really #DONT GIVE ME NONE OF THAT SHE HULK X MALE READER SHIT #COWARDS#cries #my non-binary heart just wants some queer love fuuuuuuck #she hulk#she-hulk #she hulk attorney at law #she hulk x reader #moon knight #I loved me some moon knight but please…. thirsty ….. #big… big green… beautiful women… #marvel#reader insert#x reader #joke but not joking #my heart needs it please #I just hope this show a banger and they do her GOOD
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    Do it yourself| Aaron Hotchner

    CW: Public s3x, Inappropriate work place behavior ngl

    Tags: begging, riding , male reader, begging, black reader, dark skin reader

    Summary: pestering hotch at work for “things”

    Authors note: okay so if I’m being 100% honest I’m writing this to let y’all know I’m a university graduate now!!! (May 22nd)

    ENJOY ♡

    You had been sitting on the floor in Hotches office next to his chair while he types, leaning up against his thigh rubbing your hair all over him playing with some pen because he took your phone. Cause “you don’t feel well and your phone won’t make yor something like that you happened to be focused on other things.

    You guys had the blinds closed because it got noisy out there for you and the door locked so no one can come in because you just wanted to be near Aaron. I mean it wasn’t out of the ordinary that you tell everyone you’re sick and “go home” but hide in Aaron’s office.

    You started to mumble words that made Aaron look down “mhm?” you started moving your arms up and turned around sitting on your knees to look at him “baby, do you need something” “uhmm can I…” as you stop your sentence and just point at his lap he gives a puzzle look before you blurt out really fastly

    “iwannasitonyourlapbecauseImissyourtouch” he just chuckled at how dumb you sounded “I mean if that’s what you want you don’t need to ask” he stares at your slight smile he has always found that pretty about you the way your melanated skin clashes with it so well and the way your lips gradient from brown to pink on the top and bottom.

    Watching you sit down on his lap moving your body sideways cuddling, whilst moving into his warmth as you lean you face into his neck while he pats your head and moves your hair out your face kissing your forehead. As you murmured something he can’t decipher, moving your hips more and more before grabbing his face and giving him big pleading eyes “kiss?” God, you know how to get your way with him, he just found you so adorable

    Before moving in and kissing your lips as you cup his face open your mouth slightly licking his lips as he opens his mouth and you move your tongue in fighting for dominance licking the inside of his cheek as you move over cradling his lap move your hands down as he pulls away lifting your hands “I still have to work” you groan as he has a knock at the door as you hide under the desk your lucky it has blocker on the outside it was such a cramped space as you watch hotch get up to unlock the door hiding inside not making a peep

    Until a idea popped inside your head he was gonna hate you but okay as JJ walks in while he sits down rolling his chair back inside the space as she hands him something “Y/n had left his notebook here I suggest you go drop it off in a few and Garcia had found something she’s gonna send it over” “Alright thanks JJ close the door in your way out” “Alright” as she leaves closing the door as you get on your fours moving your hand up on his leg up to to his belt unbuckling it as he looks down “if your gonna do anything know I’m not helping you” you made a tiny whimper

    While unbuckling his pants, pulling down his zipper as he pushes his chair back so you can have room to do what you need pulling his boxers down but only enough to get his soft dick out the boxers as you lick the slit and a tiny gasp comes from his mouth “I…I didn’t know you were gonna do that” you ignore what he says and wrap your hand around the base lifting it up as you put your mouth around the tip the warmth of your breath, breathing on it as your young circles around it while you slide it in your mouth as the tip of your nose touches his pubes

    As you look up with a stretched mouth and big bug eyes and he throws his head up while pre-cum leaks inside your mouth as he looks down seeing your mouth still on it “ oh shi- I’m sorry I didn’t mean to” as you give him a look telling him it’s fine as you put your hand around it and pull your mouth back ‘pop’ the tiny noise making stare at you more as stick your tongue out to show him his little mess looking at the white liquid leaking off your tongue he chuckles “god, you’re so pretty” as he reaches over and grabs a tissue off his desk and gives it to you “do you want to spit it out?” you close your mouth and sallow making a gulping sound

    “Aw, Good boy” as he leans down and kisses your forehead come here you stand up immediately and tower over him you were a tall idiot to him well a tall pretty idiot he found the way you lean closer as he did puts his hand on your waist pulling down your sweatpants as Emily knocked on n the door “HOTCH” you mumbled cockblockers and he gave you a look and you fixed yourself and grabbed your phone and sat on the couch in his office watching as he walked over and buttoned up his pants and just fully took off his tie threw it at you Emily walked in whispering something in his ear whilst noticing you

    “I thought you went home?…” you just said “I did I came back and waved at y’all remember” she didn’t want to seem like a bad person so she just nodded when she left hotch closed and locked the door as as you turned off your phone he walked and sat next to you examining you before he opens his mouth to break tension “un dress your self” “but your not-” before he shot you a glare and you just said fine as you took off everything but your boxers you know hotch would want to take those off for you

    As you lean infront of him he palms you boxers feeling the stickiness you were leaking you put fist over your face to hide the embarrassment of him pressing down making you cum on your self “…that makes you?” you let out tiny mhms as he pulls down pants and boxers and his dick sprung up you took your boxers and slid down on it “AGH~” as hotch slammed his hand over your mouth to stop you from being to loud while thrusting his hips forward you felt so nice under his touch

    #criminal minds fanfiction #x male reader #x male!reader #male reader insert #the bau #aaron hotch hotchner #aaron hotch x male reader #black male reader #mlm
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