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  • fivenightsatcorans
    28.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    i love watching smo minimum captures speedruns having no idea how to play the game but having watched One speedrun tutorial. it’s like backseat speedrunning. “oh yeah that’s a good strat. hmm some time loss there. tisk tisk he took a while to beat the miniboss. nice clip, there’s no wall there at all! smh no chest clip? nice cappy return cancel”

    #i’ve also started to refer to everything as strats #i was putting my dishes in the sink to be washed and i was like ‘oh yeah nice dishes strat’
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  • spaceintruderdetector
    28.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Special Effects - History 


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  • awfulphlebotomist
    28.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    wyd in this situation (based on this)

    #blog.write(post) #i dont think i have a tag for my drawings i dont post much here #i also havent drawn in months and havent restarted my lessons so i know this is bad #but a lot of that comes down to me trying to trace over the dog from the original #which made her look like a nugget #then having to fix that which mostly caused problems w the hair #pee#furry#kras#my art #ari if you are reading this i still use your drawing as a reference like every time #it shows
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  • basilseedcookie
    28.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    some tidbit since im making good progress on this lately. theyre being mean to my boy :(

    #this is for my own reference so dont mind if the name/format is a bit weird #some of these scenes end up a bit lame bc the names of comic exclusives are kinda...lol
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  • transryunosuke
    28.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    So, I just saw this email in my inbox:

    Posted something good, huh? Of course it'll be good...

    Seriously, I love the whole fic. The way they are relating to each other, how Phoenix is talking about Trucy...Very touching and relatable. I like this here in particular:

    "Still, the human mind tended to dig its nails into traumatic memories and drag them out into the light as a reminder of the agony one’s been through, trying to keep the recollection sharp so the body still knew what to do if it happened again."

    "He’d come to terms with those things years ago, but the mind remembered, always foisting them upon you at your most vulnerable, chronic and incurable, no matter how long you went without a relapse."

    This is just so universally applicable. In real life, definitely, yet we can also apply it to any AA character who has a particular traumatic backstory. Barok comes to mind, but there are others, of course. It's real. Many of us have been there at least once in our lives. Thank you for these words.

    I can also appreciate how calm and reasonable Edgeworth is in this fic. Or the subtle yet significant change from Edgeworth to Miles, and from Wright to Phoenix.

    Question for you: When you're not writing fics, do you prefer calling him Edgeworth or Miles?

    "'I am not interested in what else I could have,” Edgeworth said firmly, “if it is not you, Phoenix Wright.'"

    Edgey, this is so profound.


    aa brushes around trauma a lot but doesnt exactly follow through (especially in the main games but dgs does not go anywhere near as hard with kazuma's death as it should) and that's kinda lame! phoenix especially doesnt get a lot of closure so i wanted to throw in an "of course he empathizes, and that's what makes it so significant that edgeworth is letting phoenix support him in this way" sort of thing

    the way people react to grief and trauma is never linear and it's important to recognize that even though it hurts and even though it feels like you're regressing, sometimes its just your brain going "jesus christ, remember that thing that was horrible? i sure do. don't forget that it happened; don't let your guard down" and it doesn't mean you're any weaker for it, AND it doesn't mean that you should feel bad about that reminder affecting you!

    also as for whether i refer to him as edgeworth or miles outside of fic:

    #it literally makes me feel weird writing from his pov because he Would refer to himself as miles but #yes if there is not something significant going on with names in a fic of mine it was not me i was hacked #characters going from referring to each other formally to informally... literally catnip for me tbh #which makes bvz never using ryuu's name until a Crucial Point my silvervine obvi #anyway thank you id die for you
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  • poisonr00t
    28.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    so unstable she started crying hysterically when she saw gerard way’s smile

    #i’m allowed to refer to myself with she if i want #but fuck this always happens
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  • save-malcom-bright
    28.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    I need season 3 to be here already.

    Look how prepared I look:

    #for reference this is a picture of Johnny Knoxville after getting his ass beat #the owl house #dana terrace#toh
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  • godemp
    28.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    Wow this is just like the end of God Emperor of Dune!!

    #referring to the collapse of the US
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  • imfoldingstuff-andthatsok
    28.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    the "bury your gays" era is over. now, to avoid accusations of homophobia and queerbaiting, companies will instead let their characters be canonically queer onscreen for a couple minutes before opening some kind of portal and having them get sucked into it, leaving it vague as to whether or not they survive.

    #this is specifically referring to spn and dsmom #spn#supernatural#cw#the cw #doctor strange multiverse of madness #dsmom #doctor strange: multiverse of madness #ds: mom#marvel#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #cas#castiel#destiel#doctor strange
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  • hikeproxy
    28.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    Saw someone on instagram talking ab writing books and i was like “oh i wonder what type of books they write?” And it was bnha wattpad fiction

    #not to say that isnt a book but to say ive never seen someone refer to their novel length fanfics as actual novels
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  • lunal0u
    28.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    steve harrington is literally grabbing random objects to use as weapons and I am so here for it

    #yes i am referring specifically to the lamp in the school #trailing power cord #it still kills me #stranger things#st4
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  • mikucar
    28.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    i think the funniest thing about my current living situation is how our house is right at a busy intersection, so at any time of the day i can hear someone either having the best or worst day of their lives while im just sittin here doin my laundry

    #this is specifically in reference to the WEDDING that i can hear clear as day from my room #lots of hoopin and hollerin #and smash mouth apparently #the cheering came about 5 min after i heard some honkin and shoutin lol #just #the amount of Life Events i am a silent observer to #feels strange sometimes!
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  • mihai-florescu
    28.05.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    I read the scene in a dark night's passing where souma was trying to catch kohaku (who was being kidnapped by madara) hours ago and it's just been playing in my head for the entire evening help

    #i wanna line this digitally i think i can do better #i did not look up references im winging it here
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  • leo-probably
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Poor Gon, sent into a bunch of rule explanations without his braincell (Killua)

    #hxh #(referring to greed island's intro) #hxh spoilers#spoilers#spoiler
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  • strelles-universe
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Cats of WindClan: Tallstar

    Name: Tallstar, Talltail

    Identity: FtM Tom - He/Him

    Orientation: Bisexual - Tom Leaning

    Rank: Leader

    Former Rank(s): Runner, Assassin, Escort, Tunneler

    A short furred, long legged and longer tailed with large ears. Tallstar is black and white with white paws, a skunk stripe down his back and onto his tail and a small spray of freckles. His nose and paw pads are dark gray. Tallstar has a small gold ring in his left ear form his stint in the Shining Sun as an Assassin and fought everyone who attempted to make him take it out. His eyes are an intense amber.

    Tallstar is a fiercely loyal and stubborn cat who’s willing to do anything for his clan. He’s popular among kits and apprentices for his many stories about the lands beyond the clans and within the kingdoms.

    Tallstar has tried pretty much every rank in WindClan at some point- Tunneler, Runner, Escort albeit his heart has always belonged to the moor. Nicknamed Busypaw as an apprentice, Tallpaw was never able to stay still always trying new things and determined to find his place within the clan. Tallpaw always felt that he’d be most at home with a position between Escort and Moor Runner.

    Being closer to his father than his mother, Tallpaw was devastated when Sandgorse died in the tunnels and was further upset when Heatherstar closed the Tunneler position altogether fearing more deaths and being disdainful of the discrimination and infighting that broiled between Moor Runners and Tunnelers. 

    Frustrated with his mother moving on, still being harassed by one of his denmates and unable to handle his grief, Tallpaw became more and more apathetic to WindClan and the cats within it. A bit after receiving his warrior name, Talltail left WindClan to take revenge on the cat that he blamed for killing his father, Sparrow.

    He first tried to get answers from StarClan and the Souls but received nothing. Frustrated, he snuck through ThunderClan territory and slipped into the Shining Sun territory and requested to hang around. They agreed but informed him that he needed to pull his own weight. A bit of training later and Talltail became a Guardian Little-Fang albeit without a collar.

    As assassins have permission to leave the territory on retrieval and hunting missions, Talltail leapt at the chance to pursue a familiar band of loners and rogues who were wanted for cattle-slaying.

    Arassi Okohi joined him on his journey after them and Talltail quickly fell in love with the charismatic prince and his adventurous spirit. He revealed more and more of his past to him and Okohi listened sympathetically and loyally. The more he talked the greater the weight he felt released from his chest and by the time he finally caught up with Sparrow, he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to kill him anymore. He decided that he would have to- for his father’s sake if nothing else.

    When he told Okohi, the tom asked him to really think it through before he did it. In the end, Talltail elected against killing Sparrow and instead saved his life and had it revealed to him that his father did the very same thing. Talltail escorted Sparrow and his rogues back to the Shining Sun Kingdom for discipline regarding the goats they killed and tried to settle in with the Sun. Despite his best efforts, without his mind clouded with rage and grief, Talltail found himself missing the open moor and his mother.

    It was with a heavy heart that he spent one last day in the kingdom before allowing Okohi to escort him all the way back to WindClan territory. Talltail rejoined the clan and worked hard to show his clanmates he was here to stay. A few weeks later Talltail gave birth to Rubykit and Onyxkit.

    Upon them becoming fully trained warriors, Onyxwhisker left WindClan with a band of rogues confessing to always feeling the urge to wander. Tallstar misses them dearly but would never tie them down. In the end, Onyxwhisker still comes by at times whenever his calvary is passing through the moor.

    Mentor(s): Dawnstripe, 

    Apprentice(s): Deadfoot

    Parents: Nightbird (dame/deceased), Sandgorse (sire/deceased)

    Sibling(s): Finchkit (sister/deceased), 

    Mate(s): Okohi (deceased)

    Kit(s): Rubyfoot (daughter), Onyxwhisker (son)

    #tallstar#talltail#warrior cats#erin hunter#fanfiction#fanfic #warrior cats fanfic #erin hunter warriors #the forest clans #windclan #allegiances with references #picture to be added
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  • oveliagirlhaditright
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    A ton of Sailor Moon references in this Buffy comic "No Need to Fear the Slayer is Here," which is awesome, because Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sailor Moon have so much in common (I think even Buffy somewhat realized that here, when Rini said that Sailor Moon said that Sailor Moon fought evil by moonlight. LOL).

    Also, the little girl's name being Rini (and her having pink hair) is a reference to the character Chibiusa from Sailor Moon (who was a little girl who had pink hair: Sailor Moon's daughter from the future, no less), whose name was changed to that in the original English dub of the show.

    Anyway, this whole thing is very cute and I love it.

    And I'm sorry for the light from my lamp ruining a few of these images for y'all. Oy. But what can you do?

    Hope you all enjoy these snippets of this comic!

    #buffy the vampire slayer #sailor moon#sm #sailor moon reference #sm ref#btvs#buffy#comic#buffy comic #have no fear the slayer is here #buffy the high school years #long post #man i'm always talking about how these two fandoms have a lot in common. i never thought an official thing from one of them would notice it #and acknowledge it! lol #fighting evil by moonlight. winning love by daylight. never running from a real fight. she is the one named sailor moon... #or is it buffy in this comic?;) #also you can so tell that the name of this comic 'no need to fear the slayer is here' is. like. a ref to sailor moon quotes #also once again proving that buffy and xander were 90's kids. lol #buffy summers#xander harris#alexander harris #buffy and xander #rini#tagging her #buffy and rini
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  • catd2014
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Quite niche, and on my personal Venn diagram of Tim Key and cricket, but this is quite lovely. Tim’s bit is from c49 mins

    #also I think this was recorded ages ago because the host only mentions HUTAAW #plus some lockdown references which sound fairly recent #I knew he liked cricket #and joe root and jos butler both turn up in the lockdown books #but lovely to hear him talk about it #(I am a proper cricket geek) #tim key
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  • orpheez
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ODILON REDON, L'intelligence fut à moi! Je devins le Buddha (1896).

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  • juste-une-etudiante
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Love is a dangerous thing for a man like me to have

    But I have it

    @aforrestofstuff, your art made me emotional, so this is my revenge

    Now suffer with me

    #opm#garou#metal bat#batarou#my art#manga spoilers #click for better quality #I'm going all out with the biblical references #Garou wanted to sacrifice himself for humanity after all #I just couldn't get over the concept of Badd clinging onto what remains human of him #if you recognised the Lana del Rey reference no you didn't
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