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  • mayanater
    27.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    James: Sirius eat your vegetables

    Sirius: you can't make me your not my mom

    James: eat your vegetables or no Remus

    Sirius: *gasps*You monster

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  • lunapwrites
    27.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    Sirius and Remus would definitely sometimes watch each other sleep, not because cute and romantic but because they're so fucking traumatized that they'd just wake up and need to make sure the other is breathing.

    (...Which of course leads to every once in a while one of them waking up to the other being an inch away from their face, and again -- traumatized men. You can imagine how that goes down lmao.)

    #remus lupin#sirius black#hp#headcanon hell #unhinged headcanon hours #they're codependent your honor #trauma boys #is this me projecting? #it might be
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  • moonwalker94
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    The morning sun was shining gingerly through the trees of the forbidden forest, chasing away the last remnants of the dark night. Remus turned his head towards the light; the moon was waning.

    Written for @microficmay day 27.

    Read the main work on AO3

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  • constillatedchaos
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    send in celebration requests! im up and free all weekend!!!

    #tommy shelby x reader #si.speaks #peter parker x reader #tasm!spiderman x reader #tasm!peter parker x reader #sirius black x reader #matt murdock x reader #remus lupin x reader #james potter x reader #joaquin torres x reader #sam wilson x reader
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  • waterfalls-moon
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Written for Microfic May Day 16

    Content: Wolfsbane potion
    Pairing: Wolfstar

    Remus heard them marvel about the beautiful red full moon, and he hid his face in Sirius’ neck, between long black hair, smiling as he could remember the night clearly, with the new wolfsbane formula, it was the first time he had been able to enjoy the sight as well.

    Prompt: Remember
    Challenge: One sentence
    Words: 50
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  • sadopossumhour
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Nobody asked but I'm having birthday depression so here we are.

    Chamber of secrets. Marauders edition. Developing one of these points in my previous post.

    Harry Potter Wiki says that the chamber was first opened in 1942-43 by Tom Marvolo Riddle.

    Now, I picture Sirius' and James' parents as older than Remus'. So they probably were in school when the chamber was opened the first time and Moaning Myrtle died.

    The boys heard different stories of course: Orion told Sirius of how Slytherin's monster manged to kill a mudblood, and what a great thing it was. James heard of a tragedy and about how the school was this close from being closed. "Imagine the parents of the poor girl, Jamie"

    Imagine them confrontating their versions and Remus deciding to put some light on the matter: asking his father, the teachers, consulting the library. But there's not much.

    I've always imagined Remus getting along with the majority of the castle's ghosts, including Moaning Myrtle. One time accidentally ending up in the girls' bathroom on the third floor and starting to talk with the sad girl, and making an habit to visit her every now and then.

    And one time ending up in the bathroom again while hiding after a prank with Sirius, James and Peter (idk like between 2nd and 4th year) the day before a full moon and having his senses hypened.

    He smells fish and...sewers? How strange

    Remus kneeling on the pavement of the bathroom and trying to understand why does he smell fish and sewers?

    The boys think "our weirdo is at it again" and hypotise a small canal ending up in the black lake passes beneath the school. But Remus is not buying it.

    The marauders investigate and ask Moaning Myrtle if she knows something, but she refuses to talk about her death and becomes very upset, so they never ask again.

    They couldn't possibly have succeded to discover the chamber: no one among them speaks parseltongue (but I headcanon that someone in Sirius' family did, like a distant old relative).

    At a certain point Sirius and James were obsessed with finding the chamber of secrets. Because it's a secret and no one has ever found it! Imagine the glory, and adding it to the map.


    I think it's safe to say that the basilisk slept through the entirety of the period between Tom Riddle and Harry Potter. I mean in 50 years someone else would have been found dead or petrified. But. Imagine if, somehow, the basilisk awoke. It hurt no one and only moved in the tubes, never getting out. A nice stroll around the castle's tubes before getting another decades-long nap. Remus is simply strolling around past curfew because Prefect Things™, like patrolling. And he hears it. He hears this weird, slithering sound in empty corridors and believes he's out of his mind. Remus telling the others and Sirius, concerned, says "babe how about you slow down on the weed eh" and not making anything out of it. Remus never hears those sounds again so eventually he lets go.

    Sometimes they came close, but never enough to know the truth.

    #harry potter#marauders#remus lupin#sirius black#james potter#peter pettigrew#hogwarts#marauders fandom#marauders era#wolfstar #the chamber of secrets #early movies nostalgia #can u tell #remus is still your local drug dealer #when remus hears about the golden trio finding and opening the chamber hes like #didnt i fucking TELL U guys #i was right the whole time but nooo remus is just high and werewolf-ish #wait he has no one to tell this to lol #they're all either in prison or dead (for now) lmao #poor remus
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  • justanotherdragoncat
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Just posted chapter 2 ^^

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  • ramim
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    So like...

    Pettigrew was a rat and he ratted Potters out?

    That...that makes sense😳

    How didn't we see it coming?

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  • wolfstardaughter-jj
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Sirius: I have to tell you guys something.

    James, Remus and Peter: You're gay.

    Sirius: Yes I am but that's not what I wante- wait, how did you know?

    Remus, James and Peter: We just know

    #they just know #sirius black#wolfstar#remus lupin#marauders#moony#padfoot #remus loves sirius #moony x padfoot #remus x sirius #sirius loves remus #gay shit#lgbtq#james potter#prongs#wormtail#peter pettigrew
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  • heartlessbeating
    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    just had the most random thought :

    remus is pure heroine

    sirius is melodrama

    james is solar power

    ...argue with the wall.

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  • engie-ivy
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Prompt: A secret marriage while at school? Maybe they don’t tell anyone but just wear their rings around until someone notices, and then Minnie is the first to notice and starts calling Sirius “Mr Lupin” and that’s how everyone finds out? Idk I just thought this would be fluffy

    (I saw this prompt, and thought 'didn't I come up with a fic for that?' But I forgot to write it😅, so sorry for the delay! It's a bit different from the prompt, but I hope a Fluffy Wolfstar Wedding will make up for it!)

    There are only a few days between Remus’ seventeenth birthday, and the implementation of new legislation forbidding Lycanthropes to marry. Sirius has a small window of opportunity, and Sirius Black has never been one to waste an opportunity.

    A Window of Opportunity

    On the first of March, 1977, the Wizengamot approves the a new piece of legislation known as the BULLIES-act, or the Banning and Undermining the Lycanthropic Lifestyle Infiltrating and Endangering Society. After a two-week implementation period, the act will be effective from Monday the 14th of March.

    From that date onwards, failing to register yourself as a Lycanthrope in the Ministerial Registry can be punished with immediate imprisonment. If you are registered as a Lycanthrope, and you get arrested for any type of offense, this can also lead to immediate imprisonment, as both instances prove the Lycanthrope in question cannot be trusted and therefore cannot be allowed into society. Furthermore, Lycanthropes will no longer be allowed to marry or, naturally, have children. If a Lycanthrope moves into a neighbourhood, all Wizarding inhabitants within a three-mile radius will have to be informed, and only one objection is enough to prevent the Lycanthrope from moving into the area. Moreover, Lycanthropes will no longer be allowed to work for the Ministry, and must explicitly disclose their Lycanthropy status to any employee or potential employee, who will then have the right to fire or refuse the Lycanthrope without further reason.

    Remus doesn’t want to talk about it, not even to think about it. He files it away in the back of his mind, as something from the big bad world out there, something that doesn’t affect him as long as he’s safe at Hogwarts, something to worry about later. But as much as he tries to shut down his emotions, he can’t help the sinking feeling in his stomach seeing the headlines in The Daily Prophet, or the rising panic in his chest hearing his schoolmates discuss it.

    The weeks after the news, Sirius will wrap his arms around Remus constantly, pulling him close, babbling about how he can’t wait to get a place, together, after Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall hands him a list of names of friends and acquaintances of hers who work in the research field, investigating spell safety and effectiveness or new ways to implement existing spells, and who are always looking for interns. She casually mentions how she knows these people to be the good sort, who base their opinions on someone’s words and actions and not on prejudice, and who place a lot of value on recommendations coming from her. James occasionally mentions how, now that they’re soon leaving school to build lives for themselves, his parents are planning to already pass on a part of the family fortune as a help to get started, and how they’ve always seen Sirius and Remus as family.

    None one directly mentions the BULLIES-act, but their messages are loud and clear: ‘you don’t have to worry about finding a place to live’, ‘you don’t have to worry about getting a job’, ‘you don’t have to worry about money’.

    And it helps. It really does. But it doesn’t make the sting go away.

    Remus breaks down one night as he and Sirius are lying in bed together, unable to keep up the walls any longer. He sobs into Sirius’ shirt, who soothingly strokes his hair. “It’s not fair!” He sobs. “It’s not bloody fair! I am a good wizard, better than most, my grades are excellent, and I’ve worked so hard! I’ve worked so, so hard. Harder than anyone at this school! Now I need to live off of the kindness of others? How is that fair? I deserve to be able to get by because of my own merit!”

    “Moony,” Sirius says, gently pulling him back slightly so he can look him in the eyes. “This is your own merit! The most important merit of all! Don’t you see? You are loved, Moony. People are here for you, willing to do whatever it takes to help you, because of who you are. Because of the kindness, compassion and loyalty you’ve shown those around you, you’ve earned everything anyone is willing to give you. They care, Moony, and how is that not your own merit?”

    Remus stares at Sirius, and realises he is right. If someone like James, Lily, Mr Potter, Mrs Potter, Professor McGonagall, but most of all, if someone as absolutely wonderful as Sirius, seems to think he’s worthwhile, Remus must’ve done something right. And no damned legislation is ever going to take that away from him.

    “I love you,” Remus whispers before he kisses Sirius. “I love you so, so much.”

    Remus turns seventeen on Thursday the 10th of March, just days before the BULLIES-act will go into effect. Needless to say, despite seventeen being the most important birthday of all, the day on which someone officially becomes of age, Remus isn’t really in a celebratory mood.

    It doesn’t stop his friends from trying to make the day special nonetheless. They shower him in chocolate, and they make a huge birthday cake float over the table towards Remus after dinner. Remus also receives a long letter from his parents, telling him how proud they are of him, and how happy they are that, despite everything, they got to see him grow into such a fine young man.

    The best part comes the day after his birthday, when Sirius surprises him with a weekend trip to London for just the two of them. He reserved a table at a nice restaurant, got tickets to go see this Muggle band, and booked them a hotel. Of course, it isn’t exactly allowed to leave the school grounds for a little getaway, but Remus hasn’t cared much for abiding to the rules these last seventeen years, despite McGonagall’s efforts by making him a Prefect, and he isn’t about to start now that a romantic weekend with just him and his ridiculously handsome boyfriend is at stake.

    Besides, Remus can use some time away from everything. Just him and Sirius, being young and in love without a care in the world. Even if it’s just for a couple of days.

    On a sunny Sunday morning, after having enjoyed a lovely weekend together, Remus and Sirius are walking by the Thames hand in hand. Sirius seems a little anxious. Remus knows he was talking to James through the Two-Way Mirror this morning.

    “Everything okay?” He asks. “Something the matter at Hogwarts? You know, if McGonagall has noticed us missing, any kind of detention she’ll give us will be well worth it.”

    “Hmm?” Sirius replies. “Oh, no. Everything’s fine.”

    They stop at a quiet place overlooking the water.

    “So, you’re officially an adult now,” Sirius says.

    Remus chuckles. “Well, you always said I was an old man in a younger man’s body, so I guess not much has changed.”

    “But some things have,” Sirius insists. “You’re old enough now to order Firewhiskey at The Three Broomsticks, to vote, to get married, to use magic outside of Hogwarts.”

    “I don’t really feel like I’m gaining much freedom,” Remus says, averting his eyes to look over the water.

    “The BULLIES-act...” Sirius begins, but Remus shakes his head. “I don’t want to talk about that right now.”

    “But say it didn’t exist,” Sirius says anyway. “Is it something you would’ve wanted to do at some point?”

    “Work for the Ministry?” Remus asks. “I don’t know. I mean, they have some very good research programs, but it’s not like it was some dream of mine.”

    “No, I mean, get married?”

    “Ah.” Remus is silent for a moment. “I’ve never given it much thought, to be honest. Even before the new legislation, werewolves have never gotten married.”

    “Werewolves have never graduated from Hogwarts either,” Sirius points out. “Don’t think about what can or cannot be done, what do you want?”

    “I suppose it would’ve been nice,” Remus says slowly. “Have a wedding, a husband, a family...” He shakes his head. “But it doesn’t matter. The BULLIES-act does exist.”

    “Not yet,” Sirius says softly. “Not today. Today, you’re of age, while the act hasn’t been put into effect yet.”

    “So...” Remus says, as realisation slowly sinks in. “The last day on which I could possibly get married would be...” He turns towards Sirius with wide eyes, and gasps as Sirius drops down on one knee, holding out a ring. “S-Sirius...”

    “Remus John Lupin,” Sirius says, his voice trembling. “I might be selfish here, but I would very much like to spend my future as your husband, no matter what. Will you marry me?”

    “Yes!” Remus says instantly, as tears stream down his face. “Yes, yes, yes, I will!”

    Sirius gets up, his hands shaking as he slides the ring around Remus’ finger. Remus beams at him, and Sirius pulls him into a hug, holding him tight as Remus buries his head in the crook of Sirius’ neck, both of their faces wet with tears.

    Once it all sinks in a little, Remus looks at Sirius.

    “Come on, ask me,” Sirius says. “I know you want to ask me.”

    “Are you sure?” Remus breaths. “My life won’t be easy, and if you’re committing yourself to me, neither will yours. I might never be able to find a job, or even a proper place to live. This BULLIES-act might very well be only the beginning.”

    Sirius cups his face and looks him in the eyes. “I am absolutely sure. I have never been more sure of anything than I am of wanting to be your husband for the rest of my life. There isn’t a doubt in my mind.”

    Mr Marigold frowns as he sees the people, no, children, who have hired him to officiate a wedding this day. A young girl with thick, red hair in a nice dress and a young man with messy dark hair and a huge grin wearing fine robes, trailed by two boys in Muggle jeans and band shirts. A young couple eloping without their parents’ consent, perhaps?

    “Oh no!” The boy with the messy hair says upon inquiring, holding up his hands. “We’re just the best man and the maid of honour.” He points at the other two boys. “They’re the happy couple!”

    Mr Marigold’s frown deepens as he looks at the two boys. A handsome youth with long, dark hair and sharp features and a boy with scars on his face, floppy hair, and large, amber eyes. Two drunk students marrying each other on a dare, perhaps? Some teens pulling a prank?

    Mr Marigold performs a quick spell, that he has, unfortunately, had to use many times before. A quick check whether they are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Some people might find stories of drunk couples getting married and regretting it the next day amusing, but Mr Marigold is not one of them. Marriage is a serious and special affair, that should be respected, not mocked.

    Both boys turn out clean, but Mr Marigold still regards them suspiciously as he asks for their IDs. He should at least check whether they are actually of age. The boys hardly seem to notice his scepticism, as they only have eyes for each other, staring at each other with dopey smiles. So they do seem to be an actual couple, at least. And when Mr Marigold checks their IDs and sees the small, but clear annotation of ‘Lycan’ on the second boy’s card, both the scars and the rush to get married make a little more sense.

    But still, can these young boys really know what they’re getting themselves into? For the rest of their lives?

    The best man pulls the dark-haired boy aside, and the maid of honour talks to the floppy-haired boy, while Mr Marigold quickly makes the paperwork in order. Sirius Orion Black and Remus John Lupin, both shall take the family name ‘Lupin’. A Black. Marrying a boy from an unknown family, and forgoing his last name. Now it also makes more sense why he’d want to get married without his family there.

    Once he’s got all documents prepared and the couple is standing in front of him, with the best man and maid of honour behind them looking on with fond smiles, Mr Marigold wants to ask one more time if they’re sure before starting the regular ceremony, but then Sirius Black takes both of Remus Lupin’s hands in his and starts to speak.

    “Remus, when I told you I knew about your condition, you asked me ‘Are you not afraid?’ When I showed up at your house late at night with a split lip after I told my parents I was with you, you asked me ‘Do you really want to lose your family for me?’ Now let me answer both questions for you.

    No, Remus, I am not afraid. I am not afraid of you, your condition or the challenges it will bring. But more important, I am not afraid of committing myself to you fully, I am not afraid of the idea of spending every day for the rest of my life with you, I am not afraid of the future. Remus, love, with you by my side, I am not afraid of anything.

    My parents rejected me when I couldn’t be the perfect son and heir that they wanted, when I couldn’t live up to their standards. And it’s true, I’m not perfect. You know I’m not perfect. I don’t want someone who thinks I’m perfect. I want someone who sees all my flaws, and then still decides I’m worth it.

    So, as for your other question. No, I don’t want to lose my family for you and I’m not going to lose my family for you. By marrying you, I’m not losing a family, for the first time in my life, I will have a family.”

    Remus Lupin cannot answer, as he’s too emotional, tears streaming down his face, so he just squeezes his soon-to-be husband’s hand. Mr Marigold must admit, his own eyes feel a little watery as well. Sirius Black’s words were so full of conviction and unwavering devotion.

    After the maid of honour has given him a tissue and he has taken some slow, deep breaths, Remus Lupin speaks.

    “Ever since I was a child, I’ve been warned that people could come into my life who would be biased against me, and blame me for things I didn’t do. No one ever warned me, though, that someone could come into my life and take my heart, keep it forever, and give me his in return.

    I’ve been prepared for the world being a dark and cold place, but I was wholly unprepared for how bright, brilliant and beautiful the world can be when you’re with me.

    I was told that my life would be a constant struggle, nothing would ever come easy for me, but Sirius, loving you is the easiest thing in the world. It’s easier than breathing, and I’d give up breathing before I give up you.”

    Mr Marigold is touched. Sure, he has married people who were together longer, had more life experience, more stability, more security, but rarely has he seen two people look at each other the way these two boys are looking at each other. Rarely has he seen a love as pure as this, and in the end, isn’t that what really matters?

    Mr Marigold scrapes his throat. “Alright, please repeat after me. I, Sirius Orion Black...”

    Sirius Black says ‘I do’ first, and Remus Lupin is crying so much it takes him a while before he can get those two words out, but after he does, Sirius Black is crying just as much.

    The best man gives them each a ring to slide around the other’s finger, an elegant band with a small star and moon engraved in it. Sirius Black must’ve had them made, as Remus Lupin’s eyes widen and he gasps as he sees them.

    “Then I pronounce you husband and husband, Mr and Mr Lupin. You may kiss.”

    Well, they do not need to be told twice. Remus Lupin surges forward cupping Sirius Black’s face, and Sirius Black wraps his arms around him, as they poor all love and promise for the future into the kiss.

    Mr Marigold watches them leave, hand-in-hand, fingers intertwined, shoulders pressed together, both glowing with happiness.

    He can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. If someone like Remus Lupin would come to him tomorrow, someone with the same genuine desire to marry the one they love, someone with that same connotation in their ID card, he would have to turn them away. It seems unjust. Those boys have a difficult life ahead of them, and he wishes they could’ve lived in a kinder world, but at least they’ll face it together, and that makes all the difference.

    It’s strange how normal everything is. Remus goes to class, hangs out with his friends, does his homework, talks about the upcoming Quidditch match and comes up with new ideas for pranks. The only thing that’s different, is that he will sometimes look at Sirius and think ‘that’s my husband!’

    He feels like a normal student, living a normal student’s life, except that he’s married. To Sirius bloody Black.

    Of course, he knew that Sirius an he were the real thing, and they had a good chance of making it last, but he still revels in the certainty of the ring around his finger. The certainty that Sirius is his now, and will still be his in fifty years.

    “Mr Lupin,” professor McGonagall says sternly. “You’re supposed to use this time to write your essay, not a list of supplies you need to get from Zonko’s.”

    Remus stares at his parchment in confusion, as it’s filled with an elaborate breakdown of the limitations when transfiguring inanimate objects into animate beings and visa versa. He looks up at McGonagall. “I wasn’t-!”

    Professor McGonagall turns to look at him. “Oh, I’m sorry, Mr Lupin,” she says with an amused sparkle in her eyes behind her glasses. “I was talking to your husband.”

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  • dickflavouredcheeseitz
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    david bowie outlived all the marauders, now i’m sure that symbolises something but i don’t know particularly what

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  • zodiacxmoon
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Sirius: Can we go home now?

    Peter: yeah, can we go home now?

    Remus: Sirius, you're badly injured. We're staying.

    James: Look at him, he's fine!

    Remus: he's internally bleeding!

    Sirius: Oh come on, I took biology! bloods supposed to be internal.

    #fake quotes#incorrect quotes#harry potter #hp incorrect quotes #incorrect marauders quotes #sirius black#remus lupin#peter pettigrew#james potter #sirius being sirius #source: brooklyn nine nine
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  • mxltifxnd0m
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    guys i finished my junior year today!!!

    i’m officially on summer break

    and now that means i finally have time to write !!

    be prepared for some fics/one shots coming soon (hopefully)

    #daisy’s misc#daisy rambles #mcu x reader #druig x reader #matt murdock x reader #peter parker x reader #marvel x reader #shadow and bone #shadow and bone x reader #marauders x reader #sirius black x reader #remus lupin x reader #x reader
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  • my-mood-is-always--no
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Why does none of this look right?

    Well, apart from husband and children. Other than it... it kinda doesn't fit, yk?

    Anyway, Pandora Rosier <33

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  • ddejavvu
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    OMH can you do grumpy remus? Plus sunshine reader like everyone is so confused on how ur dating each other

    The flower you tucked into Remus's soft locks stuck there perfectly, a delicate contrast to his unreadable scowl. He glanced up from the book he was reading, eyes softening as he took in your giddy grin.

    "I picked it just for you, Rem." You bounced lightly on the balls of your feet, eagerly awaiting his praise.

    "Thanks, dove." He cracked the slightest smile, a near imperceptible quirk upwards of one side of his mouth that you'd learned was the highest praise that you could strive for with Remus in public.

    His eyes drifted back to his book, hands firmly planted on the cover instead of removing the daisy from his hair. You took this as even more of a compliment to your tastes, bidding him a cheery goodbye and leaving him in the library to finish his book in peace.

    Sirius stood outside the doors with a sympathetic expression on his face, "Y/N, I'm sorry it didn't go well."

    "What are you talking about?" You walked with a skip in your step, "He loved it!"

    "Right," Sirius started, voice hesitant, "He loved it."

    "He did!" You urged, "He smiled. In public."

    "His face didn't move." Sirius's sympathy seemed to morph into pity, your denial of Remus's apparent indifference striking Sirius as heart-melting.

    "Yes it did," You scoffed, a smile of your own growing on your lips as you remembered the slight one on Remus's, "You just don't know him like I do."

    #remus lupin #remus lupin x reader #remus lupin imagine #remus lupin scenario #remus lupin oneshot #remus lupin one-shot #remus lupin one shot #remus lupin fanfiction #remus lupin fanfic #remus lupin fic #remus lupin headcanons #remus lupin headcanon #remus lupin hc #remus lupin hcs #remus lupin fluff #remus lupin angst #remus lupin x reader fanfiction
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  • anything-for-0ur-m00ny
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    It’s like 2am and I decided to post something

    I find it unnecessarily funny that all the kids at Hogwarts probably thought that Remus and Lily were constantly in their respective boyfriends’ shadow when James and Sirius literally worshipped the ground that they walked on. Remus could have a cup of coffee and Sirius would spend 3 minutes talking about how that was his favorite brand of coffee, even if he’s never had it before. James probably proposed to Lily more than once at Hogwarts.

    #marauder era#marauders#mwpp#lily evans #young lily evans #james potter #young james potter #remus lupin #young remus lupin #sirius black #young sirius black #marauders girls#wolfstar#jily
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