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    28.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    I’m sorry  It’s okay, U were trying to help... 365 days of barchie: 144/365 

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  • cherylblossomgf
    28.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    riverdale said homosexuality is genetic except for in gay kevin’s case he’s just a freak

    #also i love it when gay people are divorced. i wish riverdale didn’t have to make fangs annoying this season :/ #beth.txt
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    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #riverdale#audio #im trying to figure out how uploading files goes   u have a good saturday night
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    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Uhhh who said werewolf sweet pea can't breed jug by accident and immediately knows that baby at his hip is his

    #like ok jug i am sorry but you're that man's house bunny now #riverdale#tw pregnancy #i guess??? #trans ftm#trans jug#werewolf tag #breedink kink nsft #jughead jones#sweet pea #sweet pea x reader #jordan connor#southside serpents#jugpea#swughead
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  • cherylblossomgf
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    the final battle isn’t a war!!! it’s a battle for her soul!!! (riverdale’s soul)

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  • statticscribbles
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Half Beard

    Summary: Jughead/Reader, Jughead is a cover for Betty as she’s dating Veronica, the serpent’s only find out about half of it.

    Jughead approaches you almost nervously. You turn from your seat in English to watch him as he nods towards the door.

    “What’s going on?” You’re a little surprised he dragged you out of class; he’d usually be talking to one of the more senior serpents, or Archie’s gang.

    “Betty and I;” He starts and you pull him into a hug.

    “You broke up?” Jughead takes three full minutes to stop laughing.

    “No, we, she’s-. She and Veronica. Are dating.” He nods as you nod in response.

    “So why’d you get me? You need a new sleuthing partner now that yours is otherwise engaged?” He shoves his hands in his pockets.

    “Now you know the truth, would you like to go on a date? To Pop’s; just lunch.” He smirks as he finishes and you arch an eyebrow.

    “So I’m the ‘other woman’ then?” you mock with air quotes and he nods.

    “Sorry I just-“

    “Betty knows? And is okay with this?”

    “Talk to her yourself she knows I’ve had a crush on you- I mean she’s dating Veronica, 100 percent.” He covers his own blunder up as he turns back towards his classroom.

    “See you at lunch?” He smiles hopefully as you nod.

    Betty and Veronica stop you before you can leave the school.


    “Pop’s now.” They hum and you hover a little as they drag you to the booth in the back, the one that everyone uses when they want to talk about secret things.

    “Jughead and I broke up, it was mutual, I wanted to dater Veronica and he wanted to date… someone else…” Betty grins a little and you tilt your head, egging her on about confessing who he’s interested in.

    “I shouldn’t.” She giggles and Veronica winks at you.

    “Bets, we can get burgers or-”

    “You, he has a massive crush on you and wants to date you. Sorry!” She hides her face and you’re about to assure her you don’t mind but then you can feel Jughead’s hand on your shoulder.

    “Cat’s out of the bag now isn’t it.”

    You know Jughead wouldn’t be doing this without a reason; he’s leading you into the backroom of the Wyrm, insisting you need to talk before the meeting. You’ve already had lunch; you’re expecting him to apologize, to claim he didn’t know how he could betray Betty. Despite Betty and Veronica having assured you they’re very much in love, and not a fan of what Jughead is packing.

    You’re sitting on a crate watching as he steps closer towards you humming slightly.

    “What is it we need to talk about then?” You see no point in beating around the bush, not when the Serpent’s meeting is supposed to start in a few minutes. He pulls you off the crate, settling you against the wall; you look up at him as he smirks down at you; before kissing you. You’re surprised, but content to continue the kiss till he pulls away.

    “Are we still going to talk?” You ask, almost teasing as he rolls his eyes.

    “Later, my place. They’ll rag me about it regardless, so go wild.” You nod at his directions returning to your seat on the crate winking as you hear footsteps.

    “Well it’s not my fault Jones.” You snap; you can hear the footsteps halt and Jughead stifles a laugh, you continue, pretending to be angry at whatever he accused you of. You can hear a hesitant knock on the door and Jughead opens it pretending to be relieved as the Serpents file in. You jump from the crate.

    “Well I’ll leave then.” You do your best to mimic Betty and her angry flouncing as you catch Jughead’s eyes and his face trying to suppress a smile. You hesitate outside the door, still able to feel the anticipation from the Serpents as they try to figure out what happened.

    You’re sitting in Pop’s when he shows up, dragging himself between Betty and Archie.

    “Rough meeting?” He rolls his eyes and Betty smirks.

    “Come on Juggsie, tells us what happened. Sweet Pea seemed pissed. Wouldn’t even talk to us.”

    “The Serpent’s don’t agree with my current dating ideas.” He rolls his eyes and Betty tries not to laugh.

    “What happened?” Veronica sits up. Reggie turns only a fraction hand shifting from next to Archie’s leg to on top of it.

    “Sweet Pea may have heard me ask Y/N on a date. Said he wasn’t going to let me hurt you.” He laughs nodding towards Betty.

    “I love them really, but they’re way too hung up on keeping the peace.”

    “Well of course, the last thing they’d want is in-fighting. It’d be like if Toni and Cheryl, well never mind them but still. Disastrous.” Veronica flings her hands out laughing

     “You two are still together right?” You smirk as Jughead nods.

    “For now, Veronica isn’t sure if she want’s to come out to everyone, on top of the fact Reggie doesn’t wanna touch that particular door until he and Arch have been together longer, as he put it, preferably after college.” Betty laughs jabbing Reggie in the side and he scowls smacking her hand away.

    “Reg seriously no one’s gonna care, they’ll just be pissed we’re off the market.” Reggie nods, almost pouting as the food shows up and everyone breaks into silence as they eat.

    You run into both Toni and Sweet Pea on the way home, you watch curious as they stand still, trying to be threatening.

    “You know what you’re doing is wrong right? Betty, she doesn’t deserve this. You can stop it before it goes any further Y/N before anyone else gets hurt. Please, don’t make us choose.” You nod shrugging past them as Toni shouts towards you.

    “Don’t make us choose Y/N you won’t like what we decide.” You don’t bring it up to Jughead; it wasn’t even a real threat, besides he keeps any shred of your relationship hidden from beyond your houses, or the occasional date and chaste kiss at Pop’s. During Serpent meetings, and hang outs you’re just another Serpent, you know he’s testing it. Pushing his limits and flaunting you and the truth. You’re not surprised when it bubbles over.

    Sweet Pea glares throwing himself between you and Jughead.

    “We warned you Y/N.” he all but snarls, Jughead tenses as Sweet Pea beckons everyone over.

    “Jones’ been cheating on Betty with Y/N.” You can’t help the laugh, Toni sneers.

    “Not helping your case at all.”

    “There is no case, listen guys I swear it’s a huge misunderstanding.  Go ask Betty, she knows about this. I swear” He throws his hands up pointing to the door.

    “I’ll call her now if you all want. Seriously. On anyone’s phone so you know its not staged.” Fangs tosses his phone to Toni who nods dialing Betty’s number.

    “It’s on speaker. Heyy Betty. Quick Question.”

    “Of course, what’s up?” Toni swallows.

    “Y/N and Jughead, you know about that?” She cringes slightly and narrows her eyes as Betty laughs.

    “Yes, could you take it off speaker.” Toni does pulling the phone to her ear and nodding as you assume Betty is explaining everything. Toni hangs up the phone nodding as she passes it back to Fangs.

    “They’re telling the truth.” Sweet Pea narrows his eyes.

    “Can you tell us how you know?” Toni shakes her head.

    You’re walking into school when Jughead appears and links his hand with yours. You’re about to ask him why is he being so public, but as you walk past the lockers you see Betty and Veronica’s hands intertwined and understand.

    Support My Writing?

    #jughead jones imagine #jughead jones #jughead x reader #jughead jones x reader #jughead imagine #cole sprouse imagine #cole sprouse #jughead jones x y/n #jughead jones x you #written#stattic#riverdale request #riverdale reader insert #riverdale imagine#riverdale
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    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    jughead/veronica and jaskier/yennefer belong in the same bi/bi cathegory of couples that would actually be good if the writers let them be involved romantically

    #i can complain about how the riverdale writers hate veronica for hours but honestly #jeronica is the missing link between the core four polycule #and obviously tabitha fits somewhere in the polycule as well #yennefer/jaskier not unionizing and getting together in the witcher s2 is homophobia if you're making a show that's basically a fanfic #at least give me girlboss/manwhore dynamic i wanted and make s3 a romantic comedy where geralt is trying get them back #i don't care about jeronica that much but it would be funny because that dynamic has comedy gold potential and i honestly think it's weird #that they technically don't get along because the show doesn't let them #riverdale#veronica lodge#jughead jones#the witcher #yennefer of vengerberg #jaskier
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  • thatiranianphantom
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Okay we all know BH pregnancy/babies/angst is pretty much my niche but like knocking around in my head for awhile was a bhva story about Betty being a surrogate for Varchie but when she gets pregnant it's BH's baby by ✨ accident ✨ and like gasp what shall they do?

    But before you get excited my friends, know that as long as my ADHD brain is what it is, nothing will ever come of this baby idea and it is up for adoption.

    #Riverdale#Bughead #Despite my complex feelings on surrogacy and adoption
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    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    before u remutual me just know that i am still actively watching supernatural and riverdale

    #love and light #i wont post much spn. i’ll post a little spn. i’ll post a fair amount of riverdale but riverdale is good
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  • witchywinchesterandi
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Riverdale Season Two Fanfic Part Fourteen.

    FP Jones X November Newman.

    Please do not read if you are under 18.

    November is in her mid twenties.

    Word Count: 2384

    💗Master List💗

    Pop and I walked together up the steps to start our shift to be greeted with a letter from none other than the Black Hood. We stood there, reading it together silently.

    'People of Riverdale, I have rid this town of the drug-dealing child-killer and others like him. Now, you must choose your fate. The next 48 hours will be a test. And I will be watching you very closely. Show me you are pure of heart, and my work ends. Continue to sin, and I will take up the sword again.'

    Pop and I shared a glance before he went in and called sheriff Keller. I stood there thinking. How was it that no one seen him? The night staff didn't notice anything, he killed somebody in the station and he's knower of everything in Riverdale. The only person close to being this informed would be queen of nosey, Mrs. Alice Cooper.

    A cold chill went up my spine. Of course it wouldn't be Alice, at least not alone. I'd heard the voice of the black hood and I was certain it was a man. But, what if it was Hal?

    I knew better than to accuse the Coopers of something like this with no proof so, I decided to sit with it. Try to gather evidence first.

    Keller and mayor McCoy came and left with the letter to be put in evidence. Pop and I went about our normal morning with the added worry, knowing the monster had been here recently. Every time I heard the door chime I feared it would be the last.

    A blonde woman came in and sat in a booth. I took her order, waffles with fruit and a coffee. She sat quietly, watching the door as we made everything and delivered it to her. She was polite but in a vindictive manner.

    Jughead walked by me as I headed around to other customers. I noticed he sat down with her. I stayed it earshot as much as I could.

    "I can't do this favor for you, whatever it is." Jughead stated as the woman and him began talking. "If I have to pay for you helping my dad-."

    "He needs more help, that's why I called. FP got in a little accident, with some ghoulies in the prison showers the other day." I heard Jughead sigh oh my god. "Listen. He's in the infirmary now."

    "Is be okay?" Jughead question as my stomach twisted in knots.

    "Well, they messed up that pretty face of his." I glanced over to the two of them as I watched Jughead fully display his worries. "The Ghoulies wanted blood payback for the deal you and that northsider made with sheriff Keller, got all their higher-ups locked away."

    "That wasn't..." Jughead began but the girl shrugged. "What can we do to get him out?"

    "For that you would need money. You need money. Rich people? Rich people don't sit in jail. Money greases the wheels of justice."

    "I have eighteen dollars to my name." Jughead was defeated. I walked behind the counter to eavesdrop better.

    "Well, then maybe we should think of this favor as a job. Right? Just a one-time delivery. You just pick up a crate on the southside, deliver it to an address in greendale. That's it."

    "What's in the crate?"

    "Let's say, um... pancake mix."

    "Penny, I'm not gonna be your drug-runner."

    Penny. Penny Peabody? My head shot up, looking over the woman. Come on Jughead, you know better.

    "Of course not. You're gonna be my 'transportation advisor'. Do this, and I'll use your cut of the cash for your dads case. I'll see what we can do about getting him an early release."

    "Okay. Okay, I'll do it." I sighed to myself as Jughead agreed.

    "Good boy. Okay. Now, you just gotta make the drop off and get out of their before midnight. Cause you don't want to be in greendale after midnight, trust me. All right? And this crate, it's not gonna fit in your bike. Can you get a car?"

    "I'll make it work." Jughead assured her, writing everything down on a napkin.

    I watched as he left. She sat their, grinning like a opossum. I wanted to say something, do something, but I knew I couldn't. I had to make quiet moves.

    I needed to see FP. I just didn't believe that would have happened to him without none of us knowing. Nothing made sense to me but I knew Penny was bad news. FP had warned Jughead and he hadn't listened.

    After work I went directly to the jail to visit FP. I sat in the waiting room as my anxiety continued rising. Their were two outcomes; Penny was telling a lie to get leverage on Jughead or she was being truthful and I was about to see a beaten FP, something I wasn't ready for. 

    I sat down in the chair the the glass between us. I watched the door for FP to come in. My hands were sweating as my thumbs twiddled. The door opened and I couldn't look. My gaze dropped to the phone hanging in front of me as a dark blue figured appeared.

    A peck on the glass pulled my attention. I grabbed the phone, holding it to my ear.

    "November? Are you okay?" His voice was like the cool side of a pillow.

    I slowly looked up, seeing his face for the first time. He was perfectly fine. "FP!" I sighed in relief.

    "What's going on?" He was clearly confused.

    I shook my head, not wanting to worry him about Jughead in here. I knew there was nothing he could do. "Nothing, nothing. Things out here are just wild. I'm so glad to see you." I sighed, smiling at him.

    "I miss you." He nodded.

    "I miss you. I can't wait till you're out of here."

    "You and me both. Can't wait to sleep in my own bed, hell, even on the couch."


    He nodded agreeing. "You staying safe?"

    "As best as I can. You?"

    "Yeah, I'm safe in here. Perks of my position."

    I bit my lip. "Good."

    "The serpents taking care of you?"

    "Yeah, Toni especially." He raised his eyebrows. "What?"

    "Toni, she's awesome. Just remind her you're mine."

    I giggled and nodded. "Okay? I will."

    The guard called out that his time was up. I sighed. "I know, it's never long enough."

    "It isn't. I'll see you soon."

    "See you soon." I replied as we hung up the phones. I watched him walk away before I left myself.

    I hadn't had the heart to tell him that Jughead was still working with Penny but I also didn't think it would help. He would just be upset and there was nothing he could do in there that he hadn't done already.

    I went about my normal day to day. I worked and spent time at home. With things still going on with the black hood, I knew it wasn't safe to be out roaming around. I stayed close to my parents and I could tell hey were thankful of that. It had been a couple days since I'd last seen FP but that wasn't uncommon. We didn't want to be seen together too much considering we were quiet.

    Jughead found out FP was perfectly fine and I hoped it had been in time before he got mixed in even more with the snake charmer.

    I was working the morning shift at pops while Betty and Jughead sat in a booth. It was a slow morning. I heard Jughead answer his phone.

    "Hello? Yeah, I'll accept the charges."

    I froze as I knew who was calling him. I watched as his worry turned to joy.

    "Really? When?" He smiled as Betty waited to hear the news. "I'll be there."

    "Well, what's up?" Betty asked as Jughead hung up, sitting the phone down.

    "Dads getting out tomorrow."

    I walked out to the back side of pops for fresh air. I was so relieved I didn't know what to do with myself but jump in glee as a train went by. "Yes!" I hissed, grabbing my chest. I was on the highest of highs.

    I had to be there. I had to see him walk out. I knew Jughead would probably go to pick him up with Betty so I wouldn't intrude. But I most definitely had to see him leaving that place.

    I had work but I talked to pop and asked him if I could leave for a bit. I left and headed to the jail, parking near the exit but not close enough that I would be spotted. My car was easy to spot though. I sat there as I heard a car drive up. It was the Coopers wagon.

    I watched the door as I heard it buzz in the distance. I slid out of my window, sitting on the door as I rested my arms on the top of my car. FP came walking out wearing the flannel I loved him in. He looked so happy. I hoped he would look my way.

    Betty and Jughead stood at the end of the walk as he approached them. Betty glanced over her shoulder, catching me in her glance. 

    FP smiled, probably chuckling, as he walked out of the gated area to hug Jughead. I wiped away the tear falling from my eye and sniffled away the stings in my nose.

    "Hey, Betty." FP smiled. I sighed to myself, finally hearing his voice loud and clear.

    "Hi, Mr. Jones." She and Jughead came together as FP walked past them.

    "Alice!" He called out. My attention focused on the woman I had previously been oblivious to standing there, leaning against the car fender.

    "Is it true what they say about men who have just been released from prison, FP?"

    My lip and nose snarled at her words.

    FP shook his head, taken back. "What do they say?"

    "That they are incredibly sexually frustrated."

    I almost did it. I almost walked over there but I caught myself as I walked behind my car.

    "Mom! What?" Betty judged.

    "Wow." Jughead raised his eyebrows, looking away.

    I shook my head as I stood behind my car.

    FP stood there for a moment, dumbfounded as Alice turned and walked to the drivers door. I watched as FP cracked a smirk while looking at her and I could feel a pit forming in my stomach. Oh.

    The car started at Betty and Jughead climbed in the back seat. FP took a seat beside Alice up front. I stayed standing there, waiting for him to look at me or even for me, but he didn't. I watched as Alice drove away with the only man I'd ever felt something for.

    I stood there for a moment feeling all kinds of ways. Heartbroken, betrayed, lonely. But then I remembered... this was part of the deal. I knew I might not get him, I just didn't think I would lose him to Alice Cooper of all people.

    I headed back to pops to continue my shift. I parked out back and walked in, ignoring everyone else as I grabbed a pot of coffee and walked around refilling everyone. I didn't look at faces, I didn't hear voices, I just worked.

    I stood behind the counter, blanked on reality. A few moments went by and my feelings could only be stopped by throwing myself into my work so I went back to serving. I grabbed the coffee pot and a milkshake and headed over to the table.

    "Vanilla milkshake." I sat it down and began pouring the coffee into the others mug.

    "The black hood is targeting sinners," I heard Alice's voice causing me to be aware of where I was. I glanced up but not to make eye contact. I noticed Betty and Jughead and that flannel. I walked away as she continued. "So, I'd watch my back if I were you, FP, especially once you rejoin that gang of hoodlums."

    I stood behind the counter so I could listen in.

    "The serpents aren't hoodlums." Jughead retorted.

    "I'm not going back to the serpents, Alice." FP had a certain tone to it I hadn't heard. It was almost annoyed. "I thought a lot about this while I was in shankshaw, and I'm done with serpent life. It's gonna be one last ride for my boy and I, but it's too much of a slippery slope for me."

    My mouth slightly hung open as he spoke. I could see his face and I could tell he was serious. It wasn't a surprise necessarily because I knew he was trying to do better and be better but I didn't know that meant completely leaving the serpents.

    "The serpents need you, dad."

    "Jughead needs you, Mr. Jones."

    "And what, pray tell, will you be doing with all of your extra time, FP?" Alice snidely remarked.

    "Working, warden Cooper." FP snarked back. "Saw a help wanted sign in the window. Thought I'd talk to pop about picking up some shifts."

    I raised my brow. Maybe what I'd seen wasn't what was actually happening.

    "Let's hope your plans don't come crashing down once you start drinking again." I slammed my hand against the counter as I started to go over there but FP spoke up, stopping me in my tracks.

    "Actually, I'm in AA." He picked up his coffee. "Started in jail and I don't plan on stopping." He raised to mug, taking a sip while holding his pinky up. We locked eyes as I smiled softly at him. He chuckled as Alice gave up. He winked at me before we both went back to normal.

    I watched as the four of them got ready to leave. FP called pop over to talk about a job which pop was glad to give him. He would start tomorrow morning with me. He passed glances my way as he and pop spoke before he walked to the door.

    "See you in the morning." He smiled at me.

    "See you then." I replied, not being any type of way but normal.

    I watched him leave, hopping everything was going to work out for the best.

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    RAS not hiding this is his CAOS final season re-do


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    So not a watcher of x files, but anyone think agent Drakes name could be a bit of a nod to Gillian Anderson?

    Cause it was my first thought.

    #riverdale #might be an obvious thought #but it hasn’t come up on.my dash #so I’m putting it out there
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  • raymondebidochonlifechoices
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    To summarise:

    … the Ultimate Battle between Good and Evil is still pending.

    Cheryl and Heather drink tea and talk magic. Heather’s mother, says Heather, died in a tragic accident. Cheryl, who only knows of people dying in tragic crimes, finds this gothic. Cheryl also thinks that gaslighting Toni was part of a “beautiful and nurturing” relationship, so we’ll let this one go.

    Because of her pyrokinetic powers, Cheryl is now hot, which also makes her thirsty: she uses turning Thornhill into a private library as an excuse to see librarian Heather again. Cheryl Bombshell, you’re not fooling anyone: we all know Thornhill’s books burned to a crisp alongside the mansion back in s1 …

    In spite of her best efforts, Tabitha could not declare Pop’s a historic landmark. It turns out that Dwight Eisenhower eating burgers at your Diner isn’t enough. She informs Pop and Jughead, who -in this episode- is back at bussing tables.

    Remember how Betty couldn’t even talk to her therapist about her trauma? Well, now she’s suddenly unblocked and ready to tell her life’s story to everyone and anyone who will listen except her boyfriend. In today’s episode this means Agent Gillian Drake. If it weren’t for marital communications privilege, Alice would be behind bars now. Yikes!

    Agent Drake sees Betty’s lament over her disturbing inheritance as the opening she needs to casually glean if her colleague has a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Agent Drake is also thirsty. And suspiciously ok with all the Darkness™.

    Bingo makes an appearance, because Bingo -unlike Toffee- is Archie’s pet and has special privileges. And powers! Don’t forget about that!

    Betty has been spending so much time with Archie that she, too, is becoming denser. Thankfully, Agent Drake’s here to suggest it’s time to get away from Alice.

    Betty asks Archie if she can move in with him. Sure, why not, take your time, says the man who was previously ready to have a child with her. The level of romance is killing me. Will Betty stay at Eric’s room or will it be Jug’s garage abode? There are just so many options in the Andrews Motel for Lost Souls.

    Janet from Social Services points out that the fact that Tangs are gangbangers who have both(?!) criminal records is working against them in the custody battle for Baby Anthony. “How about the fact that I’m a school guidance counselor?”, asks Toni. “How about the fact that you shouldn’t have been hired in the first place then?” ask the viewers.

    Tabitha has a plan to save the Diner that she immediately shares with her boyfriend Archie: breaking Pop’s down and transporting the Diner brick-by-brick to store it in a new safe location. Tabitha has also been spending too much time with Archie: she, too, is becoming denser. Has she traveled 1.384 times in the future, before she came up with this groundbreaking idea?

    Also: just how much money does Tabitha have in order to afford this?!

    Guess who’s back! Back again! Writer’s block! Tell a friend! Jughead is working at the Diner teaching at RHS running the school paper sitting at home trying to find his writing mojo that he lost sometime in between this episode and the previous one, when Veronica calls him for the first time ever in the history of this show.

    She proposes a mentalist gig at the Babylonium. Jughead, who is not a mentalist but who can, on occasion, be quite mental, agrees. He has, after all, learnt he’s about to die, and performing at a Casino is totally on his bucket list.

    #sinner_cats_of_riverdale. The Blooper twins are back from the attic and they have a cat now, named Butterscotch. Where’s Toffee, bitch?

    Dagwood has a red aura. Or maybe it’s just his hair looking extra red. Betty dispatches Butterscotch to the cat shelter for their own protection.

    Emboldened by Agent’s Drake speech on pyrokinesis back in 6x10, Betty confides in her about her ability to see auras. Jillian, who must really want to get into Betty’s pants, readily accepts the fringe science stuff.

    Some miles not far away, at Thornhill, Cheryl also tries to impress Heather with her knowledge of the occult.

    Dr Curdle Jr, always at the ready to make some extra cash lest he ends up at the Andrews Motel for Lost Souls as well, tests the Blooper Twins for the serial killer gene. Juniper has it but Dagwood doesn’t. (Chromosome) X marks the spot, I guess, still this is not how biological inheritance works. 

    Percival and uncle Frank visit the Diner to confront the Andrews Construction Team and offer them higher, ununionised payment.

    You know Archie’s team is unionised, because they all wear matching plaid shirts.

     “We are all long-term union members”, says Archie to uncle Frank. “Like you used to be. Like my dad fought for”. Archiekins, you were so ununionised like just a couple of episodes ago, by your own admission no less, and your dad was hiring sophomore high-schoolers back in s1.

    Fangs, who has legal fees to pay, decides to join Percival for the money: since the train station isn’t going to be built for some days, I’ll just assume he has no job till then.

    Correction: he receives a signing bonus. That he spends on those legal fees a new car. You’re as fickle as your ex, Fangs. #Kangs_foreshadowing

    Veronica cuts her musical number short to present the Seer of the Southside, Forsythe the Fantastic. Jughead hasn’t even started yet, and he’s already performing miracles! If only Samm Pansky could see him now! I have no idea how Jughead can have writer’s block with all the crazy that’s been happening.

    The truck that houses all of Pop’s except the promised dismantled bricks, conveniently parked just outside the Diner, is found empty the next day but for a sign reading “no smoking”. Like Vortigern’s fortress -but in reverse- Pop’s seems to be rebuilt every night. Maybe someone should stay and guard the truck? No? No.

    While Archie & co (minus Fangs) re-disassemble Pop’s, Tabitha deals with Percival i.e breaks a vase.

    Sam the constructor guy tries to move Pop’s jukebox and gets electrocuted. In any other show this would have been attributed to Sam not unplugging the jukebox beforehand. In Riverdale it’s ghosts. Alrighty then.

    Pop admits that people have died at the Diner. First it’s aliens now it’s dead people ... What the hell was happening in the Diner during the 70s, Pop?

    Jughead advertises his Casino act on the front page of his (school) paper. What a flex! Just call him the He-Wolf of Riverdale. Did he give his students discount tickets though?

    “You are so unburdened by intelligence”, says Ronnie to the man she had previously chosen as her life and business partner. This is not the serve you think it is, Veronica …

    Reggie attempts to blackmail Veronica for a cut of Forsythe the Fantastic’s profits. Veronica asks Jughead to wipe the memory of her ordering a hit on Hiram from Reggie’s mind. Jughead must be impressed by Veronica disposing of the man who once tried to kill him, because he promises to look into it.

    He finds a some books on the subject of mind-reading. What is more surprising than the number of books he finds, is the where: didn’t Percival close down the Library??

    Drink up! Fred is named-dropped.

    Tabitha swings by Pop’s, where she finds everything back in place for the second time in a row and then some: there are four ghosts at the Diner!

    Cheryl, Heather and Tabitha call upon them: Mona Mitchell and Gilda Snide, Marcus Lee and Jenny Bride, they cross over The Divide. Only in Riverdale do ghosts names rhyme.

    OMG! Is Gilda, the server who had the accident with the deep fryer in the Vale?! Hiiiii!!!

    The ghosts are bound to Pop’s in order to bear witness to the Ultimate Battle. Which cannot happen without said witnesses. Which could be the solution to everything? No? Ok.

    The ghosts disclose that they are vulnerable to the Ghost Train. Not to be confused with the Soul Train.

    Therefore, Pop’s must be rebuilt quickly somewhere else.

    This is all starting to make sense, says Tabitha. Is it? asks Cheryl speaking for all of us. Why, Tabitha, why? I was rooting for you …

    Betty removes the Blooper twins from the Cooper house/Alice’s guardianship. They’re probably now at the cat shelter too. 

    It’s that time of the season where Alice accuses Betty of being a bad person, only this time with special visual effects (i.e. a red aura).

    Archie agrees for El Royale to temporarily house the Diner, land-use policies be damned, so that Pop’s continuum wont be broken! Does this mean that Tabitha can time-travel only from El Royale now?

    Why is El Royale untouchable for Percival though? Could this be Hiram’s legacy? Daddykins Lodge! The man! The legend! Creator of universes! Destroyer of Eldritch Evil! #Hiram_is_forever

    In which, Fred might not be Achie’s tether but he’s uncle Frank’s! Aaaaawww!

    Jughead performs some telepathic erasure on Reggie. They don’t hold hands, which is very sad and also very homophobic of them.

    The ghosts, much like myself, cannot stand a third scene of dismantling the Diner and decide to do it off-screen.

    Shoot! Uncle Frank’s tether proves as weak as Archie’s: he intends to double cross Pop’s gang but Betty and her trusted sunglasses are there to detect his aura and warn Archibald the Pureheart.

    Pop Tate did not come back all the way from Florida for this … “I can’t believe what you’ve done” he exclaims when he sees El Diner. Me neither, Pop. Me neither.

    Ever since those maple tree groves burned, everything has gone to the dogs really ...

    In order to win the custody case against the person who has no claim over Baby Anthony, Toni proposes marriage to Fangs but lies about the reason. #Adult_stories

    Betty sees herself surrounded by a red aura … Shouldn’t have left Toffee alone in DC, Betty.

    Neither have we learned anything new about Betty’s power nor did Agent Drake score. This has been a complete waste of my time.  

    It’s the end of the episode and Archie has yet to sacrifice himself in the name of Fred or take his shirt off. This is a travesty.

    Toffee wasn’t able to do much during this episode: she was getting tested for the serial killer gene in preparation of Riverdale’s Serial Killer Convention, where she will be managing the Sinner Cats of Riverdale booth.

    #Riverdale season 6 spoilers #Riverdale season 6 #s6 recaps
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  • lockitin
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Anytime the show wants to stop messing with Betty and Jughead mentally I will be fine with that.

    Although around like we get why Jughead isn't in the musical now.

    #riverdale spoilers#riverdale negativity #we know lili and cole can handle the material #but mess with another character
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  • raymondebidochonlifechoices
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘t’ ...

    #Riverdale season 6 #Riverdale season 6 spoilers
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  • stillhidden
    28.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I had an unexpected day off and waaay too much free time, so I googled Erin, and saw her on some teen drama called insatiable. She can express passion, and the kisses she does can be hot as hell.

    And we already know this is also true about Cole

    So the reason why jabitha is so tepid, dull and sexless is because it’s written this way.

    They can’t break up sooner

    It's got to be, it's too pointed. The thing is, they do have a vibe. And it's a mildly affectionate friends vibe. I don't have a problem seeing them as caring about each other. Just not romantically. Even from Tabitha's side, when she appeared a bit more invested.

    I have no idea why they are written like that, but at this point it's very consistent.

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