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  • seokwoofanatic
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    PARKING LOT / SF9 Rowoon smut

    Contains: smut, oral sex, vaginal sex, doggy style, dirty talk, slight size kink, public sex, unprotected sex

    Also posted on my ao3 acc Chimsdionysus

    Seokwoo just can't wait until you're home to fuck you senseless.

    Seokwoo bit his lip as you walked into the parking lot. Your dress just covered your butt by a few centimeters and the sweetheart neckline didn't help him and his dirty thoughts either.

    You knew what you were doing, obviously. You knew he had been riled up all day and you teased him all dinner long. Bending over, obviously showing off your front and back to him, stroking his thigh, biting your lip... He was a sucker for you and you knew he wanted you.

    Walking through the almost empty parking lot, totally checking out your butt, gave him ideas.

    What was the fun in waiting until you were home and sex in the bed, as usual?

    You walked closer to the car and you felt Seokwoo's hand sliding from your hip to your butt, making you smirk. Your plan seemed to work. You have had a thing for public sex since you've known about it, and you felt like it was time to try it out with your new boyfriend.

    "You've been so naughty tonight baby," he said in a low voice. You smirked at him. "Oh have I?" you answered as you leaned on the front of Seokwoo's car.

    "Mhm and you should make up for that," he said as he pulled you close and kissed you deeply.

    Now Seokwoo wasn't the super kinky type, he used to do the regular stuff everyone does in the bedroom. Until he met you.

    You brought your ideas to him and as the open-minded person he was, he was willing to try 90% of the things you wanted to do together.

    From light bondage to iceplay, using toys and what not. You brought up public sex before, and he was hesitant. Seokwoo preferred to keep his sexual desires behind closed doors, but he would be lying if he would've said he never imagined it before.

    He knew how much you liked it, the exitement of possibly getting caught at anytime while he'd be using you or pleasuring you.

    You swirled your tongue against his, the kiss getting hotter and hotter. You felt his member growing against your body and you pulled away from the hot, wet kiss.

    He pushed you to the ground, on your knees (not so much pushed, he rather guided you down, he was still a sweet gentleman) and started to undo his belt and whip out his large, hard cock.

    You stuck out your tongue and closed your eyes, feeling him hit his cock on your tongue two or maybe three times.

    He grabbed your hair, making you open your eyes as he slid his cock down your throat, making you gag lightly at the feeling.

    You were no newbie at blow jobs, though, you sucked his cock like a pro everytime and Seokwoo just couldn't get enough from your mouth.

    "You're doing so well for me, baby, such a good girl," he moaned out as he felt himself hitting the back of your throat as he fucked your mouth.

    You whined around his dick and fondled and massaged his balls, making him feel even more ecstatic. When he started panting more heavily you realized he was close.

    Before he could cum he pulled his cock out of your mouth and guided you up, bending you over his car.

    His hands roamed over your back and ass, and you felt your red lacy thong being slipped down your thighs.

    His body hovered above yours, making you so tiny underneath his large body. It made him feel so good, he loves being on top of you and fucking you senseless.

    Seokwoo shoved his cock down your dripping core without warning, causing you to yelp, hearing your own moans echo through the parking lot.

    He started pounding you hard, the sounds of your skin clapping together and his grunts, and your moans filled the entire space.

    He knew how to find all the good spots in your body, and hit them all easily. He sensed you were getting close and he reached to the front, rubbing your clit in fast circles.

    "Gonna cum for me hm? Gonna cum all around my cock? Yeah? Fuck baby," he moaned.

    You whined louder and felt yourself come undone around him. Your body shivered and you let out a loud moan as you felt him releasing his sperm in you only a few seconds later.

    The two of you panted loudly while getting dressed properly again, which you did quickly, hearing a car drive through the building.

    You sat in the car and squirmed in your seat, the uncomfy feeling of your wet pussy, stuffed with cum in your thong was the last thing you wanted right now.

    Seokwoo's face was flushed and he drove off quickly, embarrassed but exited over the fact he fucked you in public, against his own car.

    "We're doing round 2 at home."

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  • divinefireangel
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Sush, you're not alone in that overwhelming uni period but we can do this! Do you have specific ideas in mind? for some reason I've thought about mad Hwiyoung; I mean, he could be quite stubborn and give you the silent treatment, to the point it makes you mad and don't know what to do anymore. I don't know, just the thought of both of you angry (more like turned on) hungrily kissing each other and devouring one another sounds hot to me.

    I hope you can at least get some nice sleep, bubs. Lots of hugs to you from Maria <3 (imagine it's Rowoon who give them to you ;) )

    Thank you for the hugs bbg 🥺❤

    Warnings: Choking. Anger.

    Pls I have minor anger issues so this doesn't help lol 😂

    Hwi seems like someone who might cry when you fight 💀, but of course if you were being unreasonable I think he will get mad mad. I also believe he might just gently start to wrap his fingers around your throat to prevent you from speaking on the topic furthermore and marvel in your breathy moans

    Seokwoo tho, doesn't get mad at all, at least I think so. He may get annoyed, but not mad. Cause he's a big guy but so soft soft soft. Idk, I just can't picture him like that easily uk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • lost-inthedream
    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 touching themselves for you

    Pairing: SF9 x gn reader

    genre: smut

    Bonus song rec: Swim Good, by Hui and Somin

    AN: Honestly, I know there are a lot of typos in this piece. I'm sorry


    Youngbin started feeling himself through his pants as well as his t-shirt, lifting the fabric very slightly on purpose to flash his low stomach. "Are you sure you gonna stay away?" He asked but you knew how much fun he was having just from exchanging lustful looks with you, he loved the way you eyed him up that night. The chair you are comfortably set on is like your throne. "I'm more interested in seeing what you can do for me, love"

    "As you prefer" he replied with humor, before holding the hem of his shirt between his teeth. Such a clever move had you on the verge of lifting your arm to touch his toned abdomen. You tightened your fist on the arm of the chair instead.

    He chuckled to your surprise. His smart eyes were on your reluctant hands as he untied the string of his sweatpants so he could snake one hand inside it. Your boyfriend started to stimulate himself like that, clearly intent on drawing a reaction from you, which in fact happened. "Come on! It's not fair"

    "No worries, princess/prince" he pacified you, then lowered his bottoms until they simply dropped down his legs. "You won't miss a thing" His erect member excitedly pointed in your direction.


    You probably had the most relaxing shower of your life that night. You and your boyfriend had a special day together to celebrate one more milestone of your relationship. You slipped yourself inside a white bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom with a smile pasted on your face

    Inseong was sitting on the bed with a bathrobe identical to yours as well as a smile. A type of grin you knew way too well to be fooled. You stopped dramatically, arms akimbo like in a silent interrogatory. He straightened his back and with fire in his eyes and a move of his hands, he revealed his bare body for you, earlier enveloped in the fluffy fabric. "This is gonna be a great night"

    "yeah" you stepped forward but he stopped you. "You won't touch me until I say so" his fingers teased the sensitive skin of his low stomach and you swore that his still soft cock responded with a tiny twitch.

    "Seong, what do you mean?" you heard your own voice sound weak, uncertain. Now the man was kneading his own balls. "Don't worry, you can sit close" he indicated the space by his side with a head move. You kept there almost drooling on the sheets as he moaned your name without allowing you to touch him.


    You and Jaeyoon were both sprawled on the bed. You just knew you would not be able to stand after you rode him as if there were no tomorrow. Anyways you never regretted your enthusiasm in bed, even when your body was completely drained.

    "Y/N?" the man called, not sure whether you were awake since he had not heard your voice after you both orgasmed.

    "Yes, love" you lifted your heavy arms and placed your hand on his stomach.

    "Do you mind if I just... cum one more time before cleaning you?" You could not restrain a low chuckle at the sight of his fingers enveloping his shaft" You're such a horny dog, but I'd love to watch it." He moved lazily to snuggle onto you and give you a sloppy kiss. when he let go of you, his fist was already moving up and down his length. He made sure to showcase it pretty well for you. Your palm rested warmly on his abdomen, feeling the tension of his muscles grow. "Fuck, Jae, what are you doing to me?"


    Once you all stepped inside home, you held his head and whispered in his ear "what did we accord earlier, again?"

    In the restaurant, a few hours ago you came close to his ear and threatened to dom him hard if he kept teasing you in public. The fact that he did not stop made you plot against him while your friends talked about the food.

    Now you started kissing him against the door. Your skilled hands worked on his belt as he did not mind it at all. In a few seconds, his cock was being pulled out drawing breathless moans from him. You broke the kiss and guided him to hold his own member "put a show for me, Dawonie. You'll fuck me good if it comes out good enough"

    He fell on his knees looking up to you, the pants stuck on his hips. Your mouth hung open just from seeing him pump his hard dick. "Am I doing right, love?" He asked without stopping the steady moves. His eyes going wide for you. "Yes, baby. I'm loving it"


    @jasminexox this idea was based on one of your asks.

    You haven't told him you were coming but according to his friends, Ju had been overworking on his studio once more. They thought seeing you could be good for his mood. Then there was you entering his space without any warning. "Sugar, I brought you food!"

    Juho's eyes met yours and a discharge of panic jumped from his gaze. He had his dick in hand and his shorts pooled on his feet. "Hello, babe. I'm really sorry". He did not try and hide what was obvious but his embarrassment did show.

    "Well" you stutter "actually I am sorry" you act brave and fully entered the room to lean on his desk in front of him and put a timid smile on your lips.

    "You know, it helps at relaxing" he explained looking down at his lap. "Do you wanna watch as I.. relax?" Your soft nod got him resuming his activity. You noticed a bit of precum escaping from his slit and lubricating his member, your lips suddenly felt so dry. His head fell backward and your name sounded like music in his deep moans.


    Special thanks to @yootaesowl for discussing this with me

    Seokwoo did not sound embarrassed at all when he was needy and horny on the cellphone a few days ago. If you closed your eyes you could lucidly hear him narrating the way his cock was growing hard in his hold while he lied on his hotel bed.

    Now that you were together he was unsure. You were sitting in between his legs, facing him with a pleading face. It took a bit to get him to free his dick from the boxers but it was half erect and starting to leak. "Doesn't it feel nice?" you ask with a filthy smile.

    "Way too good, to be honest" he admits with a low tone. With one hand he nervously let his fingers fondle his own thigh, the other hand timidly played with his member. You leaned in to connect your lips, the way you propped on him was to take your chance to reassure him with soft touches on his right thigh. Your kiss stifled his soft moans.

    You kept controlling the kiss while he controlled the pleasure he got from his hands. The way the friction could be heard got you almost devouring his lips. The hungriness with which your tongue touched his and he chased his high culminated in a spurt of seed on his stomach, and both of you facing each other in awe.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Taeyang finished brushing his teeth before you, thus he announced he was showering first. "You may join me when you're done, by the way" he invited getting rid of his shirt. You earned a provoking wink once you turned to look at him.

    In no time he is stepping inside the shower closure, which was completely transparent. You definitely loved the bathrooms in that hotel. they had that fancy style that made you all crave sex literally all the time.

    "I'm not sure..." you made it sound as if you were talking to yourself, however, it was loud enough for Taeyang to hear through the water noise. "About??" he asked, back facing you. Your eyes could not leave the peach his butt was. "I guess I'm gonna stay here and watch you"

    He took some time to respond. You thought he had not heard you but then he turn around and replied "What a perv!" You laughed loudly throwing your head back. When you looked at him again, your sight was taken over by the way he held his dick. He did not say anything but you knew that it was a silent "yes, I'm putting on a show for you". And so he did, pumping that pretty cock, spreading foam all over his chest. From what you know, his nipples probably felt really sensitive. The glass was getting blurred, so you slid the door open even if you were wetting the whole place.


    You could not hide your frustration, it is not going the way wanted at all. Since Hwiyoung kept saying no, you added a slightly sad look to your demeanor.

    "Maybe I can try. I can't assure you it will be sexy though" he changed his mind, explaining as his hands mindlessly rubbed his thick thighs. You knew he was aroused even though doing something so private in front of you made him nervous.

    "I just know you'll look hot as hell". The way he was manspreading drove you crazy alone. It was an aperitif for the whole meal.

    Youngkuyun tugged his t-shirt off in one go, then got rid of his bottoms too before standing in front of you. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, It would be the perfect angle to take his dick in your mouth if you all did not have nastier plans. Instead, he stroked himself right there, gentle with his own organ, taking his time. Until he felt the urge to speed up as you licked your lips numerous times, sometimes locking eyes with him, sometimes unashamedly admiring his body. You held him by the hips, drawing delicious shivers from his skin. His erect member was being harshly pumped centimeters from your chest. You could picture the mess he would make.


    Your boyfriend still had that frustrated look. The way he furiously scrolled down the Twitter page worried you. "Chani, I'm so sorry". You said for what felt like the millionth time.

    "I'm not mad at you, babe" he repeated, laying the cellphone on the couch and looking into your eyes. He was being sincere, yet he seemed angry at something and that was eating you up. "I'm mad at myself for not locking the room. I'm also embarrassed, to be honest"

    You tilted your head and mocked him "love, you're acting as if I hadn't ever seen your dick before". It did not fail to get a little chuckle in response. "You shouldn't have stopped when I entered"

    "I can resume it from where I stopped if you want me to" he was joking but you were not so you simply nodded with interest sparkling on your face.

    At first, you beheld a surprised expression on his face but in a second you saw him shaking his head and calling you dirty as he unbuttoned his shorts again. You watched him take it off quickly, then lay back on the sofa, hips dragged to the edge of it. You never noticed how beautifully he held his member. He seemed so confident about what he was doing to you, staring at your eyes until you lift your gaze to his own, then he looked down. he stroked that cock as if he was professional.

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  • kpopscruggles
    28.03.2022 - 1 mont ago


    redismyfavoritecolor😖 just because of that can i request Nsfw twitter for Rowon since you know… R ed.. R owoon thats totally the reason not because i wanna attack you 😊😊




    1 - BIG MEN, BIG BACKSHOTS! No words! I also feel like he has to be in the mood for backshots but like when he’s in the mood he’s in the mood and he will go all out

    2 - one of the top positions for this man and yes it’s because your face to face but the ultimate reason if is Rowoon is gonna fuck you he’s gonna do it right so any position he can get a good angle to make your scream for more he’s gonna do it and I feel like this is one of them

    3 - expect things from him, I feel like if he’s in the mood he will possibly just get filthy enough to show you, although he could call I feel like it’s either videos he sends or face time simply because he wants you to see how you make him feel

    BONUS - this just has been haunting me

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  • seokwoofanatic
    22.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Team mate || Rowoon (Kim Seokwoo) smut

    Warnings: smut, sextoys, voyeurism (him watching you), masturbation, sex, unprotected sex

    "It's so late," you mumble to yourself while looking at the clock on the white wall in front of you, realizing it's almost 1am.

    It's hard, being the girlfriend of an idol, actor and model all in one. He's often late but he's rarely this late. You tend to wait for him until he's home and safe in your shared bed so you stayed up tonight as well.

    But at 11pm Seokwoo had send you a text saying he'd be a bit later. You didn't expect him to be 2 hours later though. At least 2 hours. You had no idea when he'd be home.

    You felt yourself being needy though. His schedule has been crazy the past few weeks and he didn't even have time to relieve himself, let alone you.

    Now that you think about it, it's probably been 2 weeks now since the last time you've been intimate with each other. It was kind of sad.

    You loved Seokwoo to pieces and the past 2 years have been a blessing in your life and you're 100% positive that he's a keeper and he's the one for you.

    It was just a tough period to get through.

    You stared at the clock just a bit longer, figured he might be even later and turned off the light, trying to get some sleep

    You saw all those timestamps.


    1.11 am

    1.26 am

    And suddenly you felt sick of it. You wanted to relieve yourself and if he wasn't gonna do it for whatever reason, you can easily just do it yourself.

    You turned the light on again and reached over to your nightstand, pulling out your statisfyer hidden in a box.

    You weren't entirely sure how Seokwoo felt about sextoys, you never dared to ask him about it, but when he was gone it was a great help. Fast and easy.

    You pulled down your panties, accidentally kicking them off the bed while trying to get comfortable.

    You close your eyes and turn on your toy, gently putting it on your genitals, just when you hear the door of the room open.

    You let out a gasp from the suction on your clit from your toy as you lock eyes with him. You try to turn it off blindly and just play it off but you can't get it done.

    "Hi. You're late."

    "... Hi, yes I am, sorry. What are you doing? Are you- oh," he says, slowly realizing what you were busy with.

    Finally you get to turn it off and you feel yourself blush. "Hi. Yes. Sorry."

    "You already said hi," he grinned.

    He put down his bag and frowned. "Are you using a toy?"

    For a second you thought he'd might get upset about it and you were trying to find an excuse but you only found yourself stammer, not being able to form a word.

    "... That's kinda hot. Do you use it when I'm not here?"

    You nodded slowly.

    "I'm sorry I made you wait so long, love... Let me help you, hm?"

    You nodded and quickly put the statisfyer back in your nightstand.

    "What are you doing?" "What do you mean?"

    You locked eyes again. "I'm gonna help you, I said, with my new team mate" he smirked.

    "Gonna... Help us, I know it's been a while." "Oh honey, I know, that's okay-"

    Seokwoo grabbed the statisfyer from the nightstand again, and turned it on. "Interesting...," he mumbled.

    "Use it on yourself, baby, I wanna see you," he breathed out.

    You placed the statisfyer on your clit as he stripped himself from his clothes and sat down, pulling the blankets away and watching you.

    You felt your eyes roll back as you turned it up, letting out a long moan, feeling your toes curl.

    "Gosh, you're so pretty, love," he smiled watching your body tense up from the pleasure.

    He slowly grabbed his cock and rubbed the tip, hissing at the feeling. Gently, he stroked himself watching your breathing picked up as you felt yourself getting needier.

    You moaned out his name, "Seokwoo, please, just let me have you instead"

    "Hm, you can just have both if you want?" he smirked. You licked your lips, nodding.

    He hovered above you and slowly entered you with his large cock, spreading you out and making you whine loudly.

    "Fuck... Yeah that's it," he groaned lowly. You moaned out, adjusting to his size. "Fuck, I'm never waiting 2 weeks again baby."

    He started to move when you turned up the statisfyer once more, causing you both to moan out.

    Seokwoo pumped his cock in and out of you at a rapid pace, wanting to make you feel the pleasure he had made you miss out on.

    "Seokwoo, please, I-I'm getting close," you moaned out, feeling the tension in your lower stomach build up.

    "Cum for me baby, cum around my cock," he groaned, feeling himself getting close to his climax too.

    With a loud moan you felt yourself unravel beneath him, your body shaking with pleasure.

    Seokwoo went deeper, harder, hitting all the right spots and moaned out, cumming deep inside you.

    "Shit, babygirl," he moaned out as he rode out your highs. You turned off the statisfyer and panted, catching your breath.

    He kissed your temple, cheek, chin and forehead. "I missed you so much, love," he whispered.

    You nodded, "I know," you spoke, smiling.

    Just as he wanted to pull himself out, you held onto him. "Stay, just a bit longer," you smiled.

    He softly kissed you, "whatever my baby wants," he whispered, holding you tight.

    "I'm here"

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  • rowoonskimchi
    21.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Needy - NSFW

    Also posted on my Wattpad, kimchiroun :)

    Pairing: Rowoon x Reader

    Word count: 1.6k

    Summary: Rowoon comes over after a performance and... yeah. Things happen when the boy's tired. I think this is more fluff than smut; it turned out way fluffier than I intended oops. I'm so whipped for him at this point y'all I cannot

    Warnings: none? Basically just fluff and rowoon being very soft; handjob (him receiving); aftercare; L-bomb at the end!!

    You're the only one I've needed.

    The door unlocks with a soft click, a small 'I'm here' following it a few seconds later.

    Rowoon steps out of his shoes, placing them on your shoe rack neatly before heading towards your living room, where he finds you curled up in a blanket, the TV in front of you playing a rerun of a show the both of you are watching as you sleep soundly.

    He smiles to himself. It's not often he gets to see you asleep, at least not in real life. There have been countless of times where he sings you to sleep through video call when you can't meet each other, and ends up talking about how he feels about you when he's sure you can't hear him.

    "Baby," he calls out ever so gently, fingers caressing your cheek. "Baby... wake up," he continues, smiling as he sees you stirring in your sleep. "I'm here now. I missed you," he says, placing a soft kiss on your nose.

    You wake up to the feeling of him nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck, and your arms instinctively wrap him up in a hug.

    "Hey," he mumbles into your neck, laying on top of you, careful to not put all of his weight on you. "Did you sleep well?"

    "Mm," you reply, nodding as you play with his hair, the only sound in the room coming from the TV and him sighing. "Did you have a good time?"

    "Yeah," he replies, looking up at you. "I missed you, though."

    You smile, placing a kiss on his head. "I missed you, too," you tell him, and he kisses your neck in response.

    The two of you stay like this for a while, his head on your chest as he listens to your heartbeat, your hands in his hair.

    "Y/N," he breaks the silence.


    "I'm really thankful that I met you," he confesses.

    You're pretty sure he can heart your heart racing. "Yah, where's this coming from?" you ask, trying to play it cool, but the warmth on your cheeks give away your true feelings.

    "Nowhere. I just wanted you to know," he replies, craning his head up to meet your lips in a kiss. "I've missed you so much," he repeats.

    You feel something growing against your thigh, making you smirk. "Does my baby need me?" you ask. You know how he sometimes gets submissive and needy when he's tired, and you guess tonight's one of those times.

    He nods, nuzzling his face into your neck shyly.

    "Use your words, baby," you remind him, patting his back.

    "I need you," he says, his lower lip jutted out in a pout. "But I'm so tired," he pauses, looking down. "I don't know if I can... you know."

    "Explain, baby," you tell him, to which he whines.

    "I..." he starts, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "I don't know if I have the energy to actually move. It's... yeah. That," he stops, covering his face in embarrassment.

    You smile. "That's okay, baby," you reply, adding the pet name for good measure. He tends to get softer when you call him 'baby', after all. "We can do the heavy stuff tomorrow," you suggest. "Tonight, we just focus on you, okay?"

    He hums in agreement. "I'll make you feel good tomorrow," he offers. "Promise."

    "You don't owe me anything, baby. It's okay," you assure him. "Sit up."

    He does what he's told obediently, resting his back on your couch as he waits for you to tell him what to do next.

    "Good boy," you praise him, and he grins. "You like being called that?" you ask, unzipping his pants.

    "Mm," he replies, nodding. "I like being your good boy," he says happily, flashing you a sheepish smile.

    He nods, taking a shaky breath, feeling how your hand moves ever so gently, stifling a groan when your fingers play with his clothed tip. He leans into you, his arm pulling you closer to him as he struggles to stay still with the amount of pleasure he's in.

    You feel his lips peppering kisses on the side of your face, before his head rests on your shoulder.

    He sighs when you take him out of his underwear, the cold air in the room making him shiver. He's already hard, the feeling of your fingers kneading his tip delicately making him whimper.

    It's been a while since he's been touched so gently, so lovingly. The long days and nights of promotion give him barely any time to take care of himself properly, forcing him to touch himself just to relief some sexual frustration instead of doing it for the pleasure.

    The friction will have driven him insane if it's not for how much he needs your hand wrapped around his length. He whines when you pull your hand away, disappearing to your bedroom and leaving him helpless on the couch.

    You don't waste any time touching him again, now with a large amount of lube in your hands. Though, you take your time lathering him up, making him whimper a small 'please' into your neck.

    "My baby's so needy," you comment, smiling. "Have you been taking care of yourself for me?" you ask, listening to the sounds your hand makes when it strokes his cock, feeling yourself aching to have him. But no, you promised him that tonight would be all about him, and you intend to stay true to your words.

    "I've been trying to," he replies, gasping when he feels you speed up ever so slightly, his hips bucking up to meet your fist. "It never feels this good, though. I—" he cuts himself off with a groan, feeling the telltale pressure on his lower stomach.

    He's leaning on you more heavily now, his whole body tensing up as he tries his best to keep quiet. He feels your hand squeezing him every few strokes, and he almost loses it right then and there.

    "I wanna hear you, baby," you say, taking his hand with your free one. You interlace your fingers with his, feeling him grasping your hand tightly as he gets closer to his release.

    He moans in response, his breaths ragged as your hand moves faster. "Fuck," he groans, "I'm gonna come."

    "That's okay, baby. Come for me." You watch as precum drips steadily from his tip, forcing yourself not to lick it. You know how sensitive he gets, and you don't want to hurt him when he's already tired from his daily schedule. At least not tonight. You're feeling kind tonight.

    He releases into your hand with a loud cry, whimpering as you stroke him gently to help him ride out his orgasm, hand clasping yours tightly.

    "I got you, baby," you remind him, watching as his body relax next to you, his eyes drooping. "Tired?"

    "Mm," he hums, taking a deep breath, placing a delicate kiss on your shoulder. "Thank you."

    You tilt his chin up to kiss him, before getting up to wash your hands and clean him up.

    When you come back, he's barely awake, his body practically melting into the couch with how relaxed and spent he looks. He barely moves when you clean him up and tuck him back into his pants.

    "Can you get up, baby?" you ask, and he responds with a pout while shaking his head weakly. "You'll hurt your back if you sleep out here. C'mon, let's go to the bedroom," you say, pulling him up from the couch.

    He obliges without a word, dragging his feet towards the bedroom with you pulling his hand. He sits on the bed, watching as you pick out clothes for him to change into (he left a few of his t-shirts and sweatpants before he went away to promote his new album with the rest of the group, remembering how you told him that you loved wearing his clothes).

    You take off his shirt and pants and throw it into the laundry quickly, helping him change into his pajamas. You place a kiss on his forehead, and as you're about to go to the bathroom to do your nightly routine, his arms wrap around your body tightly.

    He buries his face into your stomach, pulling you closer to him. "Thank you for taking care of me," he says, looking up at you. "I'm not sure if you know this, so I'll say it now before I chicken out," he continues, pulling away just so that he can hold your hands.

    "Yah, you're making me nervous," you tell him, laughing sheepishly.

    "Is..." he stops, taking a deep breath. "Would it be okay if I love you?" he asks, looking at your hands. "Because I do, and I love you a whole lot."

    Your lips meet his in reply, and you can feel him smiling into the kiss, making you grin. "I love you too, silly. You didn't have to say it like that. I was so scared you were going to break up with me," you ramble, before he pulls you to him to kiss you once more.

    The two of you end up cuddling in bed, the feeling of longing for each other finally dissipating as he holds you close, his heartbeat steady under your ear.

    Your head is on his chest now, his thumb drawing lazy circles your back as he listens to you talk about what he's missed while he was away. He occasionally chuckles drowsily, before eventually falling asleep to your voice.

    This is the first time he's fallen asleep before you do, and you take your time admiring how peaceful he looks when he sleeps, caressing his cheek gently and brushing his hair back with your fingers.

    Placing a soft kiss on his forehead once again, you smile. It's been so long since you've been close to each other that you don't want the night to end.

    He'll be here tomorrow, you remind yourself, and finally give in to the drowsiness.

    Maybe you'll meet him in your dreams, too.

    #kpop#rowoon#rowoon imagine#sf9 imagines#sf9 rowoon #kim seokwoo imagine #sf9 smut#sf9 reactions #rowoon x reader #rowoon is precious and i love him so much #rowoon smut #idk why but writing this made me feel things frfr #kpop imagine#kpop imagines
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  • lost-inthedream
    04.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    SF9 reaction to you waking them up with neck kisses

    genre: sensual fluff I'd say


    Warnings: everyone is just very touchy in this piece

    Bonus song rec: Whisper, by VIXX LR

    ➹ Youngbin:

    The smooth touch of your lips against his skin makes him shrink even before becoming conscious. You smile at yourself and playfully ask whether he is getting ticklish while your hand rubs his side. "You're so gorgeous in the morning, Binnie" you continue and then he finally says something back without thinking much. "Let me kiss you too, baby girl" His eyes are still pretty lazy to open up but his fingers reach out behind to catch you. He kisses you on the corner of your lips though.

    ➹ Inseong:

    He shifts his position right after you hit with such a sensual approach. As he lays on his opposite side, you can see his half-asleep expression. "Want me to kiss you on the lips instead, babe?" you question with a mischievous smile on your face. No need to hear answers nonetheless. Your mouth lingers on his own and it brings him out of his beauty sleep. Your mouths naturally adjust at the same pace.

    ➹ Jaeyoon:

    Somehow there's a hint of joy in his grunts as you lay noisy pecks all over his neck. His exposed skin feels hot, almost like fever, in a way that you wanna keep embracing him. Why does he never put on a t-shirt? Thank God he never puts on a t-shirt. "Morning" he greets you with a low, husky voice. His hand easily wraps around yours, which was already resting on his chest. You answer with your face still buried in the crook of his neck.

    ➹ Dawon:

    He immediately wakes up not even letting you have your time inhaling his scent. He didn't think twice before flipping you around and asking questions about your plans for the new day. "My only plan was showering you with kisses in this bed" you confess letting some frustration slide on your sleepy demeanor. He sympathizes and slows down so you can lazily trace his facial traits and brush your lips against his plump ones.

    ➹ Zuho:

    He is still slightly snoring in the morning when you snuggle onto him with your eyes closed. You instinctively start to rub your nose on his clad shoulder murmuring sweet nothings out of your sleep. Without noticing, you are half kissing half sucking on the skin of his neck. "It feels so good, princess" he admits after spending a minute just enjoying the taunting affection.

    ➹ Rowoon:

    It is easy for you to simply look up and have your lips touching the side of his neck. He likes to place you on his chest when you have the weekend reserved for yourselves. It is like he is protecting you from the monsters of the night or something. In any case, the color of his skin, a soft and sweet tan, invites you for kisses. He does not take long to wake up but lets you be. Just pulls your leg over his hips and caresses your thigh in silence.

    ➹Yoo Taeyang:

    He turns to hug you as soon as you start. Boy goes all whiny, which only increases your will to keep kissing his graceful neck. He ends up waking up to leisurely wander his palm on the whole extension of your back down your butt as well as the back of your thigh. Your legs intertwine and you ask how he is doing. "Great, my angel. Better than ever" You smile as the feeling of pure bliss spread all over your being. He dips onto your neck.

    ➹ Hwiyoung:

    Am I the only one picturing the silliest smile on Hwi's sleeping face? Sometimes you wake up to see him just smiling with his eyes closed next to you. You are able to feel his peace of mind. You decide to climb on top of him because he is irresistible, seducing you even in his sleep. It's not your fault that you wake him up with a bunch of warm kisses. "Don't stop, beautiful". these are his first words. You follow his wish and add a massage to his scalp as your mouth leads up to reach his own.

    ➹ Chani:

    You will get tired of giving him kisses since he keeps unbothered. Slightly disappointed, you rub his chest and whisper in his ear. "You lovely little sloth". You giggle at yourself since his lips are still half parted and eyes loosely shut. He naturally wakes up after long minutes of you just admiring his angelic looks. "Did you say something?" he asks out of nowhere. "I called you a sloth half an hour ago but it was with love" He nodded and pulled you down to him wrapping his arms around your middle and surprisingly late reciprocating the earlier neck kisses.

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  • tobesensation-9
    13.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    hello 💗 let’s push through exams together! whenever you’re free, I have a request!

    how about sf9 waking you up in the middle of the night just because they’re needy?

    Oooooo yess! I haven’t written smut related works in a while so I’m glad this was sent 🥰.

    *Edit* Here is the work finally. I hope you enjoy.

    SF9: Needy at Night

    The boys wake you up in the middle of the night due to waking up from a wet dream of you.

    Genre: Fluff, Mentions of Smut (Alludes to sexual themes but no explicit acts of sex.)

    Young Bin

    Youngbin lays in bed, eyes wide, looking up at the ceiling. Heat rushes from his abdomen rapidly up to his face. When he felt the burning on his cheeks, he threw his hands up to cover it. Whenever he'd have wet dreams of you while lying right beside you, he always felt embarrassed and ashamed.

    He felt guilty, indecent, disgusting even. The feeling wasn't bad when you weren't around. He ravaged being in it in your absence. But that changed when you would lay asleep beside him. He looks over to you when he hears you stirring in your sleep.

    He slowly reached his hand out to your shoulder, but you turned around before he could touch you.

    "Can't sleep?" You smile at him with your sheepish eyes. You outstretched your hand to caress his arm. He looked bewildered.

    "Baby.." is all he says before you felt his lips on yours, his passion igniting a passion within you.

    Kim In Seong

    "Wow," he whispered to himself in disbelief. He looks down at his member protruding through his pants like a sore thumb. "Why...?"

    "Honey, what are you talking about? Are you just talking to yourself?"

    "What's wrong?"

    "I-I'm just really cold. I thought you were deep in sleep. You just surprised me."

    "Oh, um okay then," you turn around and try to lay back down but you forgot that he kidnapped all the covers. "Can I get some cover?"

    "Ahh, I'll just lay with you." He lays down cuddled and pressed against your back.

    "Ah...I see what the problem was," you giggle to yourself. You raise your arm to pat his head, to comfort him.

    "Just pretend you don't feel it."

    "I can't. I feel like I have to do something about it now."

    “I mean…if you want to…I wouldn’t hate that…”

    You lightly smack his head as you giggle and turn around.

    Lee Jae Yoon


    You turn over to the man lying next to you. You turn to look for his face, looking right back at you intently. At the eye contact, he'd look at you, look down at himself, and back at you. As if insinuating that you knew what he wanted.

    His mouth is slightly agape as he anticipates your reaction.

    You look at him in shock and smack his arm before turning back over and grabbing the covers to lay back down.

    “Babbbyyyy c’mon help me ouuuttt.”


    All of his confidence flies out the window as he cuddles you and tries to get you to change your mind.

    "Go to sleep nasty."

    Lee Dawon (Sang Hyuk)

    You are half asleep when you feel a tugging at your t-shirt sleeve.

    One tug. A beat. Another tug. Another moment. Then two quick tugs. You giggle to yourself.


    “Oh. I was gonna stop after that if you hadn't woken up fully.”

    “What. What do you want? I’m tired,” you laugh out in annoyance.

    “Ahh, I..” he starts to do that cute smile he does and look towards his crotch area with a forced smile.

    “Hyuk….,” you try not to laugh, because you don’t want him to feel bad.

    He'd continue to laugh nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

    "I guess we can stay up a little late tonight and have some fun."

    Baek Zuho (Ju Ho)

    The two of you like to sleep snuggled up against each other. One night you were dozing while you watched a movie together. You had shifted your position and for some reason, this one small move, and you staying right there made him weak. He had already dozed off. So when you moved, that is what woke him up. He peaked over you, seeing that your eyes were closed. By the slowing of your breathing, he knew that you were asleep.

    "Ah..." is all he could muster. He wanted to shift away from you, but he also didn't want to wake you.

    "Jagi...why would you do this to me?" he'd sigh in defeat at his body always under your spell even when you weren't awake.

    Kim Rowoon (Seok Woo)

    Half asleep you’d feel his body pressing against you suddenly. Immediately followed by his body in yours, you’d also feel a sudden warmth engulf you under the sheets and your stomach would do somersaults.



    You thought he was awake but by his response, it didn’t seem like it.

    “Are you sleeping?” You try to turn around and face him, but he squeezes you tighter to prevent you from moving.

    “Don’t move,” he’d say as you felt him hold you tighter. Then sudden warmth you felt earlier would be none other than him getting excited for you in his sleep.

    The more you felt it, the more his breathing started to become more vocal, breathy moans filling your ears.

    Yoo Tae Yang

    He was wondering by some miracle, did you know what he was thinking about? Did you know how he was feeling? He fought himself on the thought of turning you around and waking you up to do the lewd things he imagined in his dreams.

    But you looked so peaceful. So at ease. He'd feel like he was being inconsiderate if he woke you up. Instead, he just thought if he cuddled up against you more, it would be more of a win-win. He could still feel you at least but wouldn't wake you up. But not long after he'd notice you waking up but rubbing up against him in return.

    He'd turn you around to see you stirring but your eyes would open slowly following.

    Now he’d be happy that you did wake up and caught him looking the way he was. He meets your face with his, reaching a hand to caress your face before your lips touch.

    Kim Hwiyoung (Young Kyun)


    You hear his deep voice tickle your ear and neck. He caresses your arm, and softly kisses your neck and cheek as he coaxes you awake.


    "Wake up.”


    He gently turns you over to face him. You furrow your face in confusion.


    You didn’t mean for the question to come out the way it did, laced with annoyance. But you weren’t expecting to wake out of your great sleep.

    His face turns cold, eyes wide. “Sorry I was just…I suddenly got in the mood.”

    He lowers his head and starts to run his hair through his hair out of embarrassment.

    “Ohhh. Ah." Both of you sit there in embarrassment. But you give him a kiss on the cheek to comfort him. "So is that a yes?"

    You smile a little before he holds you in his arms and lays you back down on the bed.

    Kang Chani (Chan Hee)

    Despite what you may have thought about him, he wouldn’t be too embarrassed beyond compare. He was good at acting confident but deep down he’d be dying, cringing inside.

    So when he woke up in the middle of the night from a wet dream, he wouldn’t know what to do.

    He’d shift the way he sat on the bed to try to make it go away. He’d also try to think of work or something far-fetched to make it go away.

    You’d wake up to footsteps as you turn around and see Chanhee pacing in the bedroom.


    He’d freeze in his tracks, eyes protruding out his head.

    “I’m fine just thinking about something. You don’t have to worry about it,” he forced a chuckle.

    “Are you sure?” You look in the position of his crotch and he dies on the spot.


    “Don’t worry about it. Come here.”

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  • lost-inthedream
    17.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    SF9 reaction to their special other going full dom all of a sudden


    Warnings: specific warnings will be added before the scenarios.

    Pairing: sf9 x gn reader - is openly or implicitly charactered as a switch in all the following scenarios

    This is NSFW so read under the cut


    warning: manhandling

    Our leader does not mind being dominated in bed but you and him usually set a deal beforehand. You tend to naturally decide it while you are still making out. Sometimes he is in the mood to be in charge, other times it is your turn. It is clear by the way you touch/grab each other or whisper something to rile up one another "Will you obey me tonight?"

    Tonight, without any warning you pull him onto the couch before placing yourself on top of him. He wants to ask you what the hell is happening but you are already forcing your lips against his and it is so exciting to him that he does not protest, the kiss goes as dirty as you want it to be. His body gives in and you can even shift the man to the position you prefer, his amazed expression is a pleasure alone.


    warning: public teasing

    This one likes to surprise and be surprised here and there. But, in fact, there are not too many attitudes he does not expect from you. No panties on when you two are celebrating the anniversary of your relationship? that was not in his plans but he kinda wanted something like this to happen sooner or later.

    On the other hand, he won't expect it to go crazier than this. "You aren't allowed to touch me until we get back home" you voice with a cocky smile and it almost set him into flames. No touch under the table, nor in the car. You slowly drive him nuts during your dinner but he loves it, his member gets hard and leaks inside his pants. He acts slightly brat but just enough to have you giving him a killing look.


    warning: handcuffs

    Okay, Jae is really versatile. He wants to enjoy sex to the fullest and changing the functions you perform with each session sounds perfect to him. You often call him when you know he is on his way home to egg him up and inform the mood for the night. He does the same as well, asking you to be ready when he feels like going hard on you.

    But this time, you fooled him. You are waiting for him with handcuffs in hand and the baddest bitch expression. "Is it for me?" he asks, mouth hanging open. You answer nonchalantly while pulling his hands to restrain "Don't ask me stupid questions." he automatically gets at your mercy, bitting his lip and anticipating more.


    There is no way you are in a relationship with Sanghyuk and you have never dominated him. At some point he asks you to do so, only to get on the hell of your nerves because he is a devilish brat. In any case, every time you are his dom it lacks a surprise factor and he is quite at ease with whatever happens.

    Until you finally decide you have to be more assertive with him. You grab his face by the jawline and narrow your eyes to make him behave. "Do you think I'm kidding, Sanghyuk?" His expression goes from confident guy to a lost puppy and you almost chuckle at that. He apologizes for not listening to you. His lips catching your attention as he does so.


    I am going to be honest. when it comes to dom/sub dynamics, He is the one who calls the shots. In other situations, when you all are tired yet horny, you tend to focus on the pleasure for both of you, you feel yourselves without any power being claimed.

    you have this day when his battery is really low and you do not match him. Juho is just so sure you all will just lie down and coordinate lazy strokes with thrusts. On his mind, only leisure blowjobs and a slow penetration show up. Little he knows you have other plans for him. You straddle his hips all of a sudden and lock both his wrists onto the mattress with your hands. Your weight works to hold his middle. "Are you kidding me, babe?" he asks. You smile at his muddled expression and shake your head with a pinch of sarcasm. You are thinking of overstimulation too, right?


    Your sexual routine with Seokwoo is basically you spoiling one another. Perfect, huh? He is so talented at turning you on whenever he is in a mood as well as he won't say no to your charms. When he is feeling more powerful and demanding, he likes to hold the nape of your neck as you sit on his cock, but nothing too harsh. He definitely is not used to wild stuff.

    You know he will be shocked when you'll tear his shirt open. You want to see him stutter at your action. One or two buttons fly away at your sudden tug, he looks to the direction they land then stares back at you. "Holy Shit! I'm- What was it?" At first, he is unable to enjoy the wet path of sucks you leave down his chest but then he closes his eyes and waits to see where it is going to end.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    I cannot say Taeyang is not used to be the submissive one in your intercourses, friend. But you are overall a sweet dom to him, praising and stroking his chest amid commands. Both of you use to finish long sessions with satisfied smiles and love confessions.

    But still and all, tonight after he looked so gorgeous and provocative on a broadcast you could not contain the wild spirit inside you (omg). You pressed him against a wall as soon as he got back home "You better take me with these clothes" you affirm with both hands sprawled on his covered chest. You know how much he struggles to keep clothes on when he is aroused. It surely will be torture but he is willing to follow any of your instructions because you are such a queen.


    warning: choking, mention of degradation

    Another big switch. Youngkyun is cool with it, he cannot ask for a better partner so he is often moaning how much he loves you no matter which function he is playing. If you were a good girl/boy and moaned loud for him, he will say the words. On the other hand, if you bossed him around (while he acted brat), he will equally kiss you and love you with cheesy confessions afterward.

    anyways, your bossy attitude may level up and you grab him by the throat. Quickly you witness a wave of panic cross his eyes. "Y/N" he calls with effort, not sure about what to say. The perplexity does not let him fight you though. It is the right time to say he was a bad boy way too many times. He is likely to buck his hips towards you in the process, too aroused to control his own body.


    warning: slapping

    Okay, sex with Chani can go to wild proportions because he is quite curious. Boy likes to watch porn and some of his ideas come from it. You all use to vary concerning positions and places but you are pretty chill about dominance. It does take a place in your sex life but he is a soft dom and so are you.

    There is this night when you are bouncing on top of him and he is enjoying it so much that he simply props his head against the headboard and lets you be completely in control. His groans sound heavenly by the way. You don't know why but you want him to look into your eyes so badly that you slap his cheek. His face becomes even redder but his eyes glimmer to you. "Fuck, do it again"

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  • lost-inthedream
    10.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    SF9 going down on you when you are busy

    Finally the counterpart for this post

    Pairing: SF9 x female reader

    Warnings: oral (obviously), curse words, fingering, teasing. All the activities written below are consensual even when it's not clear in the narrative.

    This is NSFW so read under the cut


    He does it as a reward rather than to win your full attention. Seriously, you do not really need to stop what you are doing once he spreads your legs to give him access to your folds. "No worries, baby girl. I'm just giving you what you deserve for being my favorite person.

    The first time he does it, you do not believe he is going all the way for real. that's because he starts slowly, barely teasing your intimate area with his fingertips. But hell yeah, he pulls your panties to the side and exposes you to him, his tongue immediately licks you for your surprise. "yummy".


    Totally does it for your attention. "You're working on it for hours, baby. Don't you think it's time for a break?" In case you do not give the said break he is gonna force you to. He steals your time, girl. This is his way to both convince you and have fun, this is also a little revenge.

    Your negative answer to his suggestion draws some bitterness in him so he stays there slightly pouty. His palm caresses your thighs as he ponders whether he does what is crossing his mind or not. He ends up pinning you by the thighs while his tongue goes wild to make you moan loud.


    Okay, he has this belief that you will drop everything to let him fuck you whenever he showcases his muscles and stares at you with the filthiest expression. Therefore you can see how disappointed he is when you insist to make him wait while you engage in some task. His gaze sets a laser at your body but you fight the urge to give up on your things.

    He starts kissing and brushing his lips against your skin through the clothes. Attentive to your reactions and searching for the minimal hint of weakness. Your body cheats on you and he chuckles "baby, you're adorable". A peck is sensually laid over your clad sex before he goes freak.

    ➹ Dawon:

    Being interrupted in the middle of your activities to have a quickie is not unusual to you and Dawon. He is a tease as well as you are irrefutable to him, too desirable to his taste. However, today when you offered to put your cellphone to the side and climb on top of him, his response was different. He shakes his head and stops you from getting rid of the device.

    You incline your head and analyze him. As he slides your bottoms down, your cellphone ring to announce a new text. "text back, doll" he orders with cocky smile. You place one leg on top of his shoulder and do as he said.

    ➹ Zuho:

    You are lying on your stomach on the bed writing on your planner and concentrating in order not to forget anything. You feel the mattress sink softly so you greet Juho "hey, love. I'm almost finishing"

    "I won't rush you" he replies with a dulcet tone. His palm starts to rub your butt and you doubt his words slightly shaking your head. Your legs stop from dangling in the air at the moment he dares to uncover your skin. Besides, his heavy breath can be heard. A combo to take you away from your focus even before he slides two fingers inside your pussy.


    There is that drama you are so obsessed with that you cannot stop watching. On the other hand, Seokwoo cannot wait to do something else. Something that has to do with your honey and his mouth. He starts with soft bites on your thighs that do not take much to turn into suctions. Nothing to mark you nonetheless. You taste right in every inch of your skin.

    "What the- ?" you are unable to finish the question, shocked at his big lust eyes out of nowhere. He is already trying to move you to remove your bottoms as if you would not notice it. "Don't mind me. I'm just bored"

    ➹Yoo Taeyang:

    Good luck trying to mind your business when Taeyang is thirsty for you. A friend called you to tell you some juicy gossip and you are eager to know all the details. You answer the call and start to talk with them all giggly while your boyfriend stares at you, a certain extent of jealousy clear in his eyes. Yet, there's an evil hint in the way his eyes shine.

    He unbuttons your shorts and kisses your low stomach before removing the piece of clothing from his way. This episode implants a new kink on him and consequently on you, who often find yourself muffling your moans during calls from then on.


    Mostly goes for it when you are with a book for hours. He loves the idea of dragging you away from fiction with a wave of pleasure. "How's the story going?" he asks leaning his head on your shoulder and peeking at the page you just turned.

    He seems to be satisfied with your quick comment on the last events, but the way his hands palm your hips and slip for your crotch says otherwise. He draws a few gasps from you just stimulating you through your pants. Once you open your legs wider he accepts it as an invitation to lie between them.


    Okay, It just happened to me to think this is a kink he has already got. Going down on you when you are studying is just tremendously appealing to him. This little shit may even taste you in the middle of your zoom classes. "You should turn off the camera for a while, baby princess," he whispers casually showing up beside you but being careful not to be captured by the camera.

    "What do you mean?" you ask only to see him bending his knees to place himself under your desk. If you do not stop him or something, he will start right away. He does not even tease, his mouth starts to work immediately.

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  • fantasywritings
    07.12.2021 - 5 monts ago


    my phone is in repair so i only have my laptop now

    pls send thingzzzz

    ask me stuff, about me or sf9, can be abt anything! keep me company plzzz

    lets talk ^.^ can also be quickkkk mtls or headcanons,,, come come!!

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    01.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I Want To Help - Rowoon

    A/N: There’s a lack of these, and I’m taking it upon myself to post at least one, if you find it disgusting, then simply don’t read.

    Warnings: Descriptive scenes, explicit language, mention of period, mention of blood, blood, masturbating, fingering, period sex, nipple play, hair pulling, rough sex, messy sex, unprotected sex, descriptive scenes, dirty talk, he cums on reader’s thighs, aftercare.

    W/C: 3.9K

    Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if you’re under the  age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!

    You lick your lips as you watch Rowoon, his arm muscle was flexing as he reached high to take down the snacks, you weren’t in the mood for snacks, and you had told him that, but because heh ad read up on Google that women like snacks during their period, he had gone to buy a lot of it, he had even gone as far to ask his sister for advice, and completely ignored the part where she told him about the different types of feelings everyone has during it, only hearing that he needed to make sure you had your favourite things during it, and then he announced that he would tend to you during your period.

    You squeeze your legs together, your skin feeling hot, your mind filled with filthy thoughts, sure, you like a good snack on your period, but he also counted as a snack, didn’t he? And, well, that is what you told him, but he had taken it as a joke, making you fake a laugh with him, gotdammit, you were so horny during our period, they were different for everyone, and goggle didn’t seem to have told him that, some experienced excruciating pain, some felt so tired they didn’t want to move, some felt pissed off during it, some became horny, and in some cases, they experienced all of the above, you, however, you fell into the category of horniness, you became so needy during your period, and now that he was with you during it, you were so needy for him and so needy to be touched by him.

    “Excuse me,” You mumble, standing from the couch, he looks at you, dropping the snacks onto the table, you needed to go take care of your needs, and the thought of asking him and him being completely grossed out by your request was in your mind, it was bothering you so much, so you never brought it up, he grabs your arm, stopping you from leaving.

    “Hey, what’s wrong?” He asks, his tone sounding so sweet and the concern dancing around in his eyes, he could feel how clammy your skin was. “Are you running a fever also?”

    “No, Seokwoo… I… fuck, please, let me go, I need to go do something,” You say, sounding desperate, he looks at you, the concern in his eyes only growing.

    “Are you in pain?” He asks.

    “No, I—“ You begin, only for him to cut you off.

    “Because I have something for it,” He says.

    “Seokwoo, I’m gotdamn horny!” You say loudly, his eyes widen at your words, you easily slip your hand out from his hold, he wasn’t expecting that, you exit the living room and quickly slip into your room, closing the door behind you, you move around the room hastily, grabbing a towel and laying it down on the floor, you didn’t want to risk it leaking through the towel and onto the bed, you placed the towel right next to your bed, making sure you could prop your back against it, you swallow and pull your pants down, the cool air hits your warm skin, and you almost moan at how good it felt to get rid of your pants, you sit down on the towel and completely remove your pants, pushing them aside, you take in a deep breath, your heart thumping against your chest loudly, you place your hand against your inner thigh and slide your hand upwards.

    “Oh… ohh,” Your moans came out as stuttering sounds, you were desperate for a release, you close your eyes as your fingers touch your pussy lips, your lips parted, and a soft gasp leaves you, your other hand slips underneath your shirt and to your chest, gripping your own tit, you pull it out from your bra and begin rubbing the nipple, they felt extra sensitive to your touch, maybe because they were swollen with how needy you were, you trace your fingers along your pussy lips, teasing yourself for a few minutes, working yourself up even more, you were completely unaware of Rowoon standing outside your bedroom door, debating if he should enter or not, his hand was hovering just above the doorknob and that’s when he heard you moan, his hand gripped the doorknob, and he pushed the door open, you look up at him, your fingers now past your pussy lips and touching your clit, he swallows at the sight and felt his cock twitch in his pants, you throw your head back against the bed.

    “Seokwoo… please, just, I need a moment,” You say, your voice strained, you hear the door close, your fingers move over your clit, and you let out a moan, thinking that he had left, you lift your head and gasp as you lock eyes with him, he was staring at you intently, he was becoming turned on, no matter how much he wanted to deny it, seeing you touch yourself caused something to stir inside him, and fuck, he would admit it out loud. “Seokwoo, please!”

    “I don’t find it gross… it’s just something you need to go through,” He says. “And I read that having sex can relieve it,” Your fingers pause as you reach your entrance. “I didn’t think you were part of that category, but I want to help you relief those symptoms also.”

    “Yo— you want to help?” You ask, he nods his head.

    “If you’ll let me help you,” He says, your digit slips into you, his eyes move lower, watching your finger disappearing into you before reappearing and being coated in red.

    “Are you sure you want to help?” You ask. “Because it’s going to be messy,” He steps closer, his hands reaching to take his shirt off.

    “Sex is always messy, isn’t it?” He asks, he removes his shirt, revealing his honey-toned skin to you along with his toned torso, you swallow as you think about your tongue gliding over his skin, over his abs. “It’s just going to show in red how messy it actually is,” You clench around your finger as you thought about the fingerprints that would be left behind after he fingered you.

    “Wait… are you…?” You begin to ask.

    “Going to treat this like normal sex?” He asks, you nod your head. “You’re not wet enough just yet, and I need to stretch you out for me,” He kneels down in front of you, you pull your hand out from your shirt and his hands reach for the hem of your shirt, you lift away from the bed and allow him to remove your shirt, his hand moves to your back and quickly unclasp your bra. “Glad you know that I love seeing your tits,” He removes your bra and tosses it onto your bed, his eyes move over your body before settling between your legs, he takes your wrist in his hand about to pull your own finger from you before he paused, you watch him, thinking he’s changing his mind, he releases your wrist and slide his hand over yours before pushing one of his digits into you and rests it against your finger.

    “Fuck, that… I didn’t… Seokwoo,” You breathe out, you hadn’t expected that, you feel his other fingers curling around the palm of your hand, and he begins guiding both of your fingers in and out of you, your walls pulsed around your fingers, your stomach muscles pull at the sensation, it felt strange to have your own finger inside you along with his, but it was definitely a welcoming strange that made your spine tingle, your jaw slacks as you feel the slow stretch of both your fingers inside you, he was guiding your fingers slowly, he watches his finger reappear from you, coated in red, he pushes them back into you, a soft whimper falling from your lips, you felt so tight around your own finger and around his, the sound of your wetness was becoming louder and louder each time he pushed your fingers inside, you throw your head back against the mattress, your breathing ragged, he lifts his gaze over your tummy and bare chest, his eyes pausing to watch your chest rise up and down, his lips slightly part and his tongue darts out to wet them, he forces himself to move his eyes upwards, up your neck and onto your face, the way it was contorted with pleasure, you must have been really needy if you were already breathing this hard with just two fingers inside you, his breathing becoming harder, and he leans closer.

    “Ohh, Seokwoo…” You moan, his finger slightly shifts inside you as he leans closer, you feel more heat against your skin before feeling his mouth against your chest and then him kissing over the curve of your breast and down to your nipple, your nipple instantly hardens at the contact of his lips, you feel his nose brushing against your breast as his lips linger against your nipple, kissing the bud before licking it, your breathing hitches at that, you lift your other hand and move it to the back of his head, running your fingers through his hair before pressing down against his head, you hear him sucking in a breath against your skin before feeling his lips around your nipple.

    “Hmm,” He hums against your breast, which causes your clit to twitch and your walls to clench.

    “Hmmyy, fuck, Woo…” You moan, you could hear him sucking on your nipple and feel him breathing hard against your breast as his nose was almost smushed against it, you could feel your insides flipping as a tightening feeling was forming inside you, you were growing closer to your high. “Can you… fuck… Woo, add one more, oh, oh, ohmmmy, fuck!” Your walls were squeezing around your own finger and his as you feel another one of his fingers probing at your entrance before feeling it slide into you and move it along with your finger and his that was already inside you, you bite your lower lip and your back arches at the new stretch you feel, you could swear that you would cum right then and there at the feeling of his fingers and your finger, stretching your walls and rubbing against them, your toes curl, the toes on the ground moving between them as you do, you gasp loudly as you feel the movements pause, your fingers rests inside you, you feel his teeth on your nipple, scraping over it, you could feel sweat breaking out onto your skin, you tug at his hair as you feel him lightly pull at your nipple.

    “Seokwoo!” You gasp, you squeeze your eyes shut as you feel your high slowly subsiding. “Seokwoo!” You tug at his hair harder, and then you feel him turn your hand along with his, you let out a moan as you feel your fingers shifting inside you before slipping from you and being pushed back into you, your walls clench and your breathing becomes deeper and uncontrollable, he tugs at your nipple before releasing it with a pop, making you whimper as he does, he leans back and looks down, moving his and your fingers faster in and out of you, you press your heels harder into the ground, your head thrashes against the mattress, warmth was slowly spreading through you and then the tightening feeling inside you snaps, your back arches and your chest is pressed out, he could see your nipple glistening with his saliva as he glanced up to watch your face, an inaudible moan comes from you as you released around your fingers, the sound of your heart drummed loudly in your ears, his gaze moves back down and watch as your release spills around his and your finger and onto the towel, no doubt that it looked more messy than usual, he moves both of your  hands faster, watching it splatter everywhere, he licks his lips and lifts his head, seeing your movements slowing down. “Fuck, I… Seokwoo…”

    “Felt good?” He asks, you lift your head and look at him before nodding, he slowly slips his and your fingers out and releases your hand, he grips your thigh, leaving behind red fingerprints. “Want to lay down properly or do you want to ride me?” His eyes were dark with lust, his skin hot and just starting to become sweaty, and his tone, dangerously low.

    “Lay down, fuck, I want you to fuck me, Seokwoo,” You say, your tone sounding desperate, if you weren’t so turned on you might have been embarrassed with how desperate you sounded, he stands from the towel, looking down to see the obvious bulge in his jeans.

    “Get comfortable, lay with your head this way,” He says, explaining where you should have your head, you move onto your hands and knees and move away from the bed before sitting down with your back facing the door, your eyes fall on the red spot on the towel, and you bite your lip, you hear the sound of clothes rustling, you turn your head towards him and quickly grip onto his jeans to tug them down along with his boxers, he steps out of them, and you push them aside, your eyes slowly move up his legs and pause when you reach his cock, you could see the tip glistening with pre-cum and resting against his lower stomach, you reach up and cup his balls, you see his face harden as you touch him, you slide your hand over his balls before reaching the underside of his cock, you slide your hand along his length before reaching the head of his cock, you move your thumb over the slit, feeling the pre-cum coating your thumb, you slide your thumb down along the prominent vein on the underside of his cock.

    “So hard, is this just because you fingered me?” You ask. “Or is it because you’ve also pent-up some sexual frustration the past few days?” He takes your hand and pulls it away from his cock.

    “It might be both,” He says, he releases your hand and steps between your legs and moves down to his knees. “Do you want a pillow for your head?”

    “No, I’m fine like this,” You say, he nods his head.

    “Lay back,” He orders, you lay down on the towel and look up at him, he wraps his hand around his cock, sliding it along his length a few times before he moves closer to you, you could feel the outside of his thighs brushing against the inside of yours, you gasp as you feel him slip his cock between your folds, circling your clit with the head before sliding himself lower, your back arches as he gets closer to your throbbing walls, you bite your lower lip and press your head harder against the floor, the head of his cock slowly enters you, he unwraps his hand from around himself and slowly fills you, your jaw slacks at the stretching and filling feeling, your body almost turning on its side from the pleasure running through you.

    “Fu— fuck, Seokwoo, oh my go— fuck,” You moan, you reach for your head, gripping your hair as you feel his girth slowly entering you, your back arches. “Seokwoo!” You feel his hands on the outside of your thighs, your walls clench around him, making you pause for a moment before sliding further until his length was buried inside you, your walls pulsed around him, you relax your back, and you slowly release your hair, your hands move to lay by your side on the towel, you feel him slide out of you slowly and stopping once he was halfway before ramming back into you, your breast bounce, and you feel yourself move on the towel with the amount of force he had thrust into you.

    “Fuck, it feels so good, baby,” He groans out, the sound of your wetness squelching quickly filled the room along with the sounds of skin hitting against skin, your mixed moans and groans bounced off the walls, you feel him gripping your thighs harder.

    “Fuck, Seokwoo!” You gasp, your skin was on fire from everything you were doing, he looks down and saw his cock reappearing and disappearing into you, red coating it, and glistening in the light, the sight was making his head spin, you were so wet and your walls were just sucking him right in.

    “Fuck, Y/n, baby, ohhh,” He groans out.

    “Hmm, fuck, it feels so good, Seo— Seokwoo!” You moan, jolts of pleasure were shooting up your spine, your eyes roll to the back of your head as you gasp, your body turns sideways only for him to move his hands to your hips and push you back down against the towel. “Fuck,” His movements stop, and you lift your head, your eyes snapping open to glare at him.

    “Get on your hands and knees,” He orders, sliding himself out from you, you feel your high that was building up disappearing.

    “Seokwoo!” You snap.

    “Get on your hands and knees, I won’t tell you again,” He says, you let out a whine but sit upright, you look down, and your breath gets caught in your throat as you see this cock coated in red and pre-cum dripping from him and onto the towel, his thighs had splatters of red on them, you quickly turn to move onto your hands and knees. “Good girl,” He wraps his hand around his cock and moves it back to your pussy, he slides it through your folds before moving it to your entrance and slipping into you.

    “Ohhh, my go— Seokwoo, fuck, fuck, fuck,” You moan out, he unwraps his hand from around his cock and grips at your hips with both hands, leaving his palm print behind on your skin, you feel him reaching deeper inside you before you squeeze your eyes shut as you feel him hitting that sweet spot inside you. “SEOKWOO!” You clench around him and hard.

    “Fuck, fuck, there it is, tell me I found it, baby girl,” He groans out.

    “Fuck, you, oh my, hmm, found it,” You manage to say between moans, you feel him slowly pull out from you before thrusting into you, hitting the same spot again, you could see stars forming behind your eyelids, the sound of skin slapping against skin sounded louder this time, he was thrusting into you mercilessly, you could feel a knot forming inside you as your high was quickly approaching.

    “Fuck, you’re squeezing me so good, fuck,” He grunts out, it felt like your arms were going to collapse underneath you with the pace he was going, his cock was hitting your sweet spot with every few thrusts, keeping you right on the edge. “Fuck, you’re squeezing so hard, going to cum all over my cock, baby girl?”

    “Seokwoo, fuck,” You moan, one of his hands reach around you and finds your clit. “SEOKWOO!” His finger pressed against the sensitive nub, you could feel the tightening feeling inside you becoming tighter and tighter, it felt like heat was slowly spreading up your spine. “Oh, oh, ohhh, hmm, fuck,” Your arms buckle beneath you, and you were prepared to hit the floor, but you gasp in pleasure as you feel his cock shift inside you as his other arm wraps around your middle and pulls you up against is chest, the tightening feeling inside you snaps, and you let out a loud moan, and you release around his cock, your body shakes and your toes curl in pleasure, you reach up and grips onto his forearm, digging your fingers into his arm, your mind was in pure bliss and the star behind your eyes had multiplied, he was guiding his hips into you while his finger was still rubbing your clit.

    “Fuck, that’s it, make a mess on my cock, baby girl,” He groans into your ear, he could feel the head of his cock throbbing as he was getting closer to his high, and the feeling of your walls milking his cock for an orgasm was only driving him closer and quicker for a release, he feels your grip on his arm loosen before he slowly leans over, carefully laying you on your stomach on the floor, his cock slipping from you, he wraps his hand around himself and slides his hand along his length to get him to his high. “Where do you want it, baby?” His voice sounded strained, the sight of you laying on the floor, breathing hard, was messing with his mind. “Answer me quickly, or I’m making a mess on your ass and back,” You moan and turn onto your side and look at him.

    “Thigh, my thighs,” You whisper, his free hand grips your leg and lifts it past him, you turn onto your back fully, your feet weren’t on the towel anymore, not that the towel was neatly open anymore, it had bunched up and was only underneath the top half of your body and your ass, you could feel your release leaking from you and dripping onto the towel, the sound of him pumping his cock reached your ears and you le tout a moan, your walls clench around nothing and your eyes fall shut again before you felt hot ropes of his cum coating your thighs, making a mess on them, he throws his head back, letting out a loud moan, you open your eyes and whimper as you see beads of sweat rolling down his honeyed skin tone, and his hair damp and sticking to his forehead, you feel his cum sliding between your thighs before they cooled down and dripped onto the towel. “Fuck…” He sucks in a deep breath, you see his stomach muscles pulling as he releases his cock, letting the last few drops hit the towel instead, he lifts his head, and you could see veins on his neck as he breathed in deeply, he opens his eyes and lowers his gaze to look down at you, he watches you breathe in deeply, trying to even it out.

    “Is that itch scratched?” He asks, you sit upright and look at him.

    “For now,” You say, and give him a smile.

    “Glad I could help,” He says, he couldn’t hide his own smile. “Let’s clean up, next time we’re doing it in the shower.”

    “I’m glad you’re confident in staying standing while in the shower,” You say.

    “I’m confident that I’ll have you standing also, I’d have a wall to help me keep you upright,” He says, he looks down at his thighs and cock. “See, so messy, fuck, we really have messy, don’t we, baby?” He stands from the ground and holds his hand out for you, you take it, and he pulls you onto your feet before wrapping his arm around you to keep you upright. “Look in the mirror, see how many places I’ve touched,” You ryes meet the full-length mirror in the corner. “I tried to restrain myself, it would be more, but I tried not to make it too messy,” You lift your gaze and meet his eyes through the mirror. “Maybe next time I shouldn't, then you can see my fingerprints covering your tits also, and a hand print on your ass and not just on your waist.”

    “Your words are very filthy, I hope you keep those filthy promises,” You say. “Otherwise I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t see your fingerprints or even a handprint over my boob,” He chuckles and nods his head.

    “I’ll keep my filthy promises, now come on, let’s go get clean,” He says.

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  • divinefireangel
    22.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Also I am very much up for horny discussions about SF9 due to their sexy (again) comeback.

    I need to let out what my mind is whirring around even though it's just Monday ik

    My ask box ------> 📩📪📬📭

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  • zuhoscrumb
    19.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Genre: Smut, Slight Fluff at the end, femdom au

    Pairing: needy boyfriend!rowoon x reader

    Word Count: 583

    Warning/s: Bondage, Overstimulation, Swearing, Toys

    Synopsis: Your boyfriend Rowoon need you, but you’re busy… good thing you can multitask

    A/N: I didn’t proof read so if typos piss you off, i suggest you scroll. I hope all my dommys fantasy enjoy this one! Happy reading!! Also feel free to send in a drabble (prompt list on my carrd in bio).

    “I asked you to let me work for 2 hours, and you couldn’t manage that could you?”

    “No ma’am,” your boyfriend responded as you adjusted his restraints.

    “I need to stop spoiling you hm? I can't spoil little boys who can’t follow a simple instruction.”

    “Yes ma’am,” Rowoon responded, voice quivering a bit. He didn’t want to agree but he really needed you and if a punishment was the way to get it, so be it.

    “I really can’t go any amount of time without you rutting against my fucking leg,” you said as you went through your drawer of Rowoon’s toys.

    You pulled out a cock ring and a pretty pink vibrator.

    Rowoon’s internal satisfaction turned into literal fear (mixed with excitement of course).

    “Ma’am I-“

    “Are you able to be quiet yourself or do you want me to get your ball-gag too,” you snap. Of course your anger was a facade but you really did love seeing Rowoon completely in your disposal and care.

    You couldn’t function without seeing him like this, and luckily he couldn’t either; not doing this for you.

    The sub pursed his lips and shook his head, no.

    You worked the cock ring over his fully erected member, the slight squeeze making him whine.

    So cute, you thought to yourself.

    You propped up the vibrator with some pillows and laid it against his shaft.

    “Hmm,” you hummed to yourself, you decided to get another one to attach to his tip just in case the one on his cock isn’t enough.

    “Hmm something isn’t right about this,” you thought to yourself.

    “Ah, right,” you said, slipping your panties down from your skirt and stuffing them into your partner’s mouth.

    “You look so beautiful like this Rowoon,” you smile before turning on the vibrators at the some time.

    Rowoon’s eyes immediately widened and rolled to the back of his head.

    You left the room briefly to collect your laptop and other work supplies so you could make up for lost time and also keep an eye on Rowoon.

    By the time you came back into the room it seemed like Rowoon already came, he was pulling against his restraints but nothing close to his safety signal.

    “Ugh, you’re so cute honey. I really wish I could play with you, if only you listened,” you give him a pity pout and set up on the table next to him.

    No matter how much he whined, and whimpered it was simply music to your ears.

    After about half an hour you decided it’s been long enough. You figured he’s tired and is in need of some snuggles.

    You quickly turned off the toys and removed your panties from his mouth. Your boyfriend continued to shake and whimper at the sensational feeling (😏😏) he felt still lingering though his body.

    “You did so well for me baby boy,” you praise while untying him,”I got so much work done I’m so proud of you for getting through that baby,” you say before kissing his wrists.

    “T-Thank you m-ma’am,”he stutters, reaching for you.

    “I haven’t even untied your feet yet baby,” you laugh, giving in and giving him a long hug.

    “I know I just really want to touch you,” he said, very into sub-space.

    “We can cuddle for the rest of the day Woonie, let me just clean up, ok?”

    “Ok Y/N,” he smiled at you with hazy eyes before letting you go and slowly drifting off to sleep himself.

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  • fairy-seong
    30.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    baek juho x fem!reader x kim seokwoo

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual descriptions, mentions of threesomes, idk whatever the hell this is supposed to be because the initial draft got deleted and i feel like shit writing now

    kinktober day 30 prompt: threesome

    “Aren’t you the cutest?” Seokwoo giggles from the doorway.

    You turn your head, eyelids fluttering open at his sweet voice. His eyes follow the way your hips grind down, fingers inviting him into bed. Seokwoo tilts his head to the side when a moan escapes your lips, a low grunt following closely.

    “You always have fun without me,” Seokwoo smiles down at you, fingers caressing your rosy cheek when you throw your head back.

    “She got a little too needy waiting for you,” Juho grunts, bucking his hips up to match your fast pace.

    Seokwoo’s gaze switches from his friend back to you, eyebrows raised in confusion.

    “Is that so, you little nasty girl?”

    You bite on your lower lip, one arm pulling Seokwoo down to your level. Another moan spills into the room when Juho bites your neck, his thrusts slowing down for a moment while Seokwoo snakes an arm around your waist. His fingers trace your hips, thumb circling your clit with a sly smile.

    “Come,” you purr, locking lips with your other lover. “I need you too, Seokwoo.”

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  • rowoonskimchi
    27.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Jealous - NSFW

    Also posted on my Wattpad, kimchiroun :)

    Pairing: Rowoon x Female!Reader

    Summary: Things (almost) happen in a bar with you and a middle-aged man. Rowoon rescues you, but you decide that you'll mess with him a little bit more.

    Word count: 1.8k of filth. Buckle up, fellas

    Warnings: orgasm denial (?); could be unprotected sex; literally my first smut EVER so... yeah; me struggling to write Rowoon as dom because he's soft in my mind; him being super soft during aftercare; I think that's it. Enjoy!

    I'm wishing all the eyes of men go blind, so that only I can make you mine.

    The room is packed with people when you walk in with your boyfriend, the music immediately becoming almost too loud for your ears.

    Tonight is their album release celebration, and everyone's in high spirits. The boys greet you and Rowoon excitedly, asking if you were joining their drinking game, to which you said no.

    Drinking with SF9 will most likely result in chaos, after all. You know they'll need someone to make sure they go back home safe amidst their drunkenness, so you decided to take the responsibility for tonight.

    You plop yourself on the couch, unable to take your eyes off of Rowoon. You know that if you were there for another second, all self-restraint would be thrown out the window. The weeks of being pent up is definitely not helping.

    In his white button-down shirt that fits almost too snugly, you can see the outline of his body whenever he moves. You watch as he reaches over to poke Youngbin's side playfully, revealing the waistband of his underwear. You want to trail your hands down from his chest to his abs, watch as he shivers from under you...

    You sigh to yourself. It's too early in the night to be thinking about him like this.

    Your thoughts are interrupted by a middle-aged man sitting uncomfortably close to you.

    "Can I buy you a drink, honey? You look awfully lonely..." he slurs, his breath reeking of alcohol. "Maybe I can make you feel good," he continues.

    You scoot away from him as subtly as possible, scared that something worse will happen if you fight back. "No, thank you," you answer with a fake smile and a polite nod.

    "Come on, sugar, I'll show you what you've been missing out—"

    "I'll show you what happens if you move one inch closer to her," you hear Rowoon's familiar voice from behind you, making you sigh in relief.

    "Oh, the boyfriend has come to the rescue. I'm so scared," the man replies mockingly, not even looking at him.

    "I'm giving you a chance to get out of here before I make you," Rowoon answers, and you can hear the rage in his voice.

    You internally smack yourself for thinking that it's hot. Yeah, you being pent up definitely isn't helping this situation whatsoever. Rowoon and this random man might get into a fight, and you're imagining how it'd feel like to have Rowoon pin you down right here, right now? Unbelievable.

    The man finally scans Rowoon up and down—you notice how high he had to crane his neck up just to see Rowoon's face—before immediately getting up and walking away as if nothing happened.

    "That... was easier than I thought it'd be," Rowoon says, sitting next to you. "Are you okay?" he asks, checking you all over, his hands grasping yours.

    "I'm okay," you reply, a forbidden thought crossing in your mind. "You could've let him stay, though."

    "Huh?" he asks, the shock apparent in his voice.

    "He said he was going to show me what I was missing out on..." you says teasingly, trying to gauge his reaction. It's a dangerous game you're playing, but you're willing to face the consequences.

    "Y/N," he warns. "Don't do this, not right now," he continues.

    You know that he knows what you're on about. Jealous Rowoon is a beast, and you're adamant on bringing him out. "I'm not doing anything..." you say, smiling innocently.

    "You know damn well what you're doing, baby," he says lowly. "You want me to teach you a lesson?"

    "I'm not sure I catch your drift..." you say, teasing him with the fake-innocent look in your eyes.

    He bites his lip, sighing to himself at this child's play. The two of you understand each other better than anything, and he usually saves the more dominant side of him for special occasions just to keep things exciting (not that they're not exciting, but Rowoon likes surprising you), but the way you're acting right now, and the way your dress stops sinfully at barely your mid-thigh is enough to drive him crazy.

    "Hmm," he thinks aloud, placing a loose strand of hair behind your ear. "I don't know... what do you want me to do?" he asks in return, his eyes trailing from your lips to meet yours.

    You stay quiet, letting out a breath when his lips ghost over your ears.

    "Want me to fuck you real good?" he whispers lowly, making you squirm in your seat as you think of how good he feels buried deep inside you. "Show you what you've been missing out on?"

    You suck in a deep breath, feeling his lips on your neck.

    "I'm gonna tell the guys we'll be heading back. My girl needs a reminder of who she belongs to," he says, his almost tone too sweet for the words he just said.

    The car ride home is almost too long to bear, with Rowoon's eyes on the road but his hand stroking your inner thigh, going upper and upper but never to the place where you want to feel him most.

    The two of you stumble into your apartment, wasting no time to get into the bedroom.

    He kisses you, properly, for the first time tonight. His tongue roams around your mouth, his hand caressing your cheek while the other one squeeze your waist.

    "Are you sure about this?"

    "Maybe we should invite the guy after all," you reply, earning a firm slap on your ass.

    "Say that again and you're not coming tonight," he warns, sucking a mark on your collarbone, his fingers finding your core. "Already this wet for me, hm?"

    You stay quiet, gasping when you feel his fingers curling up inside you.

    "Who are you this wet for, baby?" he whispers in you ear, his fingers moving in and out quickly. "Answer me," he orders, his thumb rubbing circles on your clit.

    "You," you breathe out, feeling his fingers speed up, his other hand lifting your back to unzip your dress.

    "That's right, baby," he replies, peppering kisses all over your chest. "You like that?" His fingers hasn't stopped working you to your release, sometimes curling up and making you jolt. His eyes are focused on you, watching how you react to each and every sensation he's giving you. His cock throbs painfully under his pants, making him groan into your neck.

    You nod, fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him in for a kiss. "Please..."

    "Please what, baby? Use your words," he tells you sweetly, feeling your walls clenching around his fingers. "You're gonna come for me already?" he asks, his lips on your neck.

    You only moan in reply, unable to form coherent words with the amount of pleasure you're in. You're already on the edge, the few weeks of not being able to meet him due to his schedule making you extra sensitive.

    And then he pulls away, just when you're so, so close to coming.

    "Rowoon," you whine, reaching out to him.

    "Nope," he replies quickly. "I'm teaching you a lesson, remember?" he teases, sucking his fingers clean as he looks into your eyes. "No coming before I tell you to. Got it, baby?"

    "I swear to God, if you don't—"

    "Shh," his thumb circles your clit again, "only good girls get to come. You know that."

    You would've slapped him if it isn't for how his lips are trailing kisses from your chest down to your stomach, slowly going lower and lower.

    "I missed you so much," he mumbles against your inner thigh, placing a soft kiss there, his thumb still rubbing you. "Have you been a good girl for me, baby?"

    "Mm," you hum in reply, nodding. "Please..."

    "Please what, baby?"

    "I need you..." you plead, "It's been too long."

    He sucks a mark on your inner thigh before unzipping his pants, his breaths already ragged. "Tell me if it's too much, okay?" he asks, getting himself out of his pants.

    "Okay," you reply, pulling him in for another kiss. "I'm ready."

    "I know you are, baby. Patience," he says with a smile. He pushes himself inside you slowly, giving you time to adjust to his size before moving. He swears he could've come right there. "Okay?" he asks, holding himself back.

    You almost burst into tears at how good he feels inside you, it's been way too long. "Okay."

    He begins moving, slowly at first, but neither of you are patient enough for that at this point, so soon he's pounding into you. His lips find home on your neck, kissing and sucking to his heart's content while your fingers tangle in his hair.

    You feel the familiar feeling in your stomach, his every thrust bringing you closer and closer to your release.

    "I can feel how close you are, baby," he whispers against your skin, going faster. "Tell me, who can make you feel this good?" he asks, his fingers finding your clit and rubbing it mercilessly.

    "You," you manage to say. "Please. Only you," you cry out, tears brimming your eyes from how much you're struggling to hold back.

    "Good girl," he praises, tensing up from above you, signaling that he's close. "Fuck," he curses, feeling you tighten around him. "Come with me, baby."

    You feel him speed up as you come, with him following just a few moments after. You feel your whole body cling onto him by instinct, and him kissing you as you both ride out your highs.

    He nuzzles his nose into your cheek. "I wanna pull out but I'm so sensitive," he mumbles, "it's been way too long."

    "You're right," you reply, running your fingers through his hair. "I missed you so much," you tell him.

    After a few moments of basking in your afterglow, he pulls out and lies on the spot next to you.

    "Was I too rough?" he asks, worried. "I saw you crying a little bit."

    "You weren't rough enough," you tease him, laughing lightly. "I'm okay. Just pent up."

    "That's good," he replies, placing a soft kiss on your shoulder. "I couldn't be as rough 'cause I missed you so much. Wanted you to feel the love, ya know?"

    You laugh, nudging him. "Yeah, yeah."

    "I'm gonna clean you up. Stay here." He gets up to get a warm washcloth from the bathroom, before returning and tending to the mess he made in between your legs. "We really made a mess, baby."

    "Mm," you reply, finding comfort in the warmth of the washcloth soothing the dull ache in your core.

    "Sore?" he asks when he's done, placing a kiss on your forehead and lying beside you once more.

    You nod, burying your face on his chest. You can hear his heartbeat slow down to a normal. "It's okay, though."

    "What do you want for breakfast tomorrow?" he asks, placing a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

    "You're staying?" you ask hopefully.

    "Yeah," he replies with a smile, "I'm not going anywhere."

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  • nocturne-overtures
    20.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Kinktober Day 16-Like an Adonis

    Pairing: Gender Neutral Reader x Kim Seokwoo (Rowoon)

    Prompt: Spanking + Body Worship

    WC: 1k+

    Genre(s)/Aus: Smut, Non Idol AU, Established Relationship, Painter AU

    Tws: Swearing

    Sws: Impact Play, Ball Gag, Wax Play, Body Worship, Slight Muscle Kink, Sex Toy, Aftercare


    New! taglist moved to the bottom of the work. if you’d like to be added to the taglist for this or my other works, feel free to fill out the form here after reading the full post.

    ©nocturne-overtures do not repost, translate, or use my works.

    Kinktober 2021 Masterlist

    Day 15                            Day 17

    Network Pings: @kwritersworld @kpopscape @kdiarynet 

    Sometimes art block can be a bitch. 

    When Seokwoo finds you staring at your canvas, leg bouncing and jaw clenched ever so slightly as you stare at it, he can’t help but to sigh. He leans over your sitting form, putting his chin atop your head as he looks at the canvas. 

    “Are you having a hard time, Y/N?” He quietly asks. You mutter something under your breath and nod, putting the paintbrush down and huffing ever so slightly, leaning back against his body. He hugs your neck and looks down at you. 

    “Do you want to paint me? Since you can’t settle on what to paint?” 

    It’s a simple and easy offer, innocent enough, right?

    How Seokwoo ended up with his lips stretched around a gag, eyes struggling to stay open as you alternated between spanking and slapping various parts of his muscular body. Each slap came with a firm grope and biting kisses as you kneaded at the muscle underneath his flushed skin. 

    “You’ve been working out more, haven’t you? You’ve toned up a lot.” You compliment, biting down on one of his pecs and drawing a deep, pleasured rumble from his mouth. The muffled ‘mhm’ confirms it for you, and you smile against the dark mark you leave in your wake. 

    Once his skin is sufficiently reddened and flushed, his cock standing hard against his abs, you move away, kissing the other side of his gag as he groans in protest. 

    It dies out when he sees you grab the long, slightly shimmering unlit wax candle. He stares at you curiously before he watches you light the candle, eyes going half lidded. He settles into your shared bed, spreading his legs as he watches you stand over him. 

    Long, glittering orange droplets roll down his body, the first landing on his pectoral and rolling downwards. He inhaled sharply before relaxing, fingers flexing in the sheets. Soon, more drops joined the first, some leaving little speckles along his tan skin, the others rolling off in different directions. 

    You moved further down, pushing his thighs apart. He meets your eyes for a moment before you put your focus back down, letting drop after drop of hot wax land on the skin of his thighs. 

    The area drew more of a reaction than the first, with the muffled hitches of breath and groans increasing in volume. His hips bucked ever so slightly, but you push him back with a firm hand. 

    “Careful. I dunno how you feel about hot wax on your cock, but I’d like us not to find out by accident.” You tease, smiling as a bit of the tension broke as both of you let out a small shared laugh. Seokwoo’s hips dropped obediently, the muscles of his thighs flexing as more droplets of wax joined the first set. 

    Once you were satisfied, you move back and admire your handiwork, eyes combing over his large frame as he lay splayed out for you, hands resting behind him, head settled back on the headboard, and thighs spread. His breathing was even and calm as you looked over him, moving closer to position him how you wanted him. 

    “You’re a genius, you know?” You hum, moving to kiss the corner of his stuffed lips. His chuckled made his shoulders shake as he tilted his head, letting you move him as needed. You pull back for a moment, intending to move back to your canvas before you stopped short. 

    “Ah wait, I need to make sure you stay hard during this. Do you mind?” You inquire, moving to the drawer where the two of you kept your sex toys. Seokwoo shook his head, relaxing more into the sheets as you came back with one of your favorite mini bullet vibes. You kept it on a medium setting, kissing his temple and purring a sweet ‘I love you’ as you pushed it into him once you’d lubed it up. 

    You give him a moment, hearing the slight chatter of him biting the gag before he relaxed once more, breathing a bit sharply through his nose before settling back. 

    Whatever block kept you from your work earlier was gone the second time you picked up your paintbrush. 

    Seokwoo kept his voice down to the best of his ability, his eyes fixed on you as he watched you paint. Every now and again, he took a moment, eyes closing as he tried to push back his need to buck up, to thrust against nothing in a fruitless attempt to relieve some of the pent up pleasure. Then he remembered you were trying to work, eyes opening back up to meet yours. 

    You’d always stop the moment his eyes closed, waiting for his hands to move, to sign that he couldn’t take it anymore. You’d stop in a heartbeat if it got too much, he knew that well. 

    He never did, though, relaxing into the bed, sending you a small apologetic smile as he went back to holding as still as he could. 

    The piece...came out wonderful. 

    You honestly think it’s your new favorite art piece. Every flush of his skin, every vein, and the orange trails of wax came out beautiful and once you’d removed the gag and wiped Seokwoo’s lips, showing him the canvas, his brows went up in interest. 

    “Holy shit, Y/N. Baby you did so well!”

    You smile and kiss his cheek, laying him down properly so you could start the slow, meticulous process of getting the wax off of him. Thankfully this type of candle was meant for this play and left no residue on him, but you still were careful when peeling them off. 

    “I did well because I had such a gorgeous muse.” You grin in response, bending to kiss him before tilting your head to the side, purring. 

    “Hey, we should take a shower so I can make sure you’re all clean properly. Besides, I still have to take care of this.” You smile, grabbing the base of his cock. He jolts, bucking up into your hand before chuckling, running a hand through his hair. 

    “What are we waiting for, then?”


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  • fairy-seong
    09.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    kim rowoon x gn!reader

    genre: suggestive, smut

    trigger warning(s): implied sexual actions, spanking, very short but my queue broke and i had to write it anew

    kinktober day 9 prompt: spanking

    "Aren't you enjoying this a little too much, sweetheart?"

    Seokwoo raised an eyebrow seeing the way you dripped all over his lap. Your flesh is red and stinging; plaid skirt has ridden up to reveal the marks he left on your ass.

    It wasn’t a punishment, even though the prickly skin on your bottom could state otherwise. You asked him about it; you wanted this. What you did not expect was how quick he agreed. You barely had a moment to adjust when your boyfriend bent you over his knees.

    "Stop squirming around," he whispers caressing the bright pink mark on your left cheek.

    You didn't manage to say anything other than an incoherent mewl when Seokwoo's large palm slapped your ass cheek again. You chew on your bottom lip, salty tears pooling in the corner of your eyes when you look back at him over your shoulder.

    "Don't make such a sad face, baby," he pouts holding your chin with two fingers, "it only makes me want to ruin you more."

    You open your mouth but all words fail when Seokwoo briefly presses his lips on the hot pink hand mark before adding one more to the collection.

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  • ithinkilikeit-reactions
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    SF9 “Boyfriend Headcanons” Masterlist

    Youngbin // Inseong // Jaeyoon // Dawon // Zuho // Rowoon // Taeyang // Hwiyoung // Chani

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