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  • lifesliced
    27.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    but you could can always send any of my characters asks 😳 in the meantime … any of them

    #even togami the lemon #memes don’t work here as well ive noticed #but i like sending them #and think they are good icebreakers for rp
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  • memesomething
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Send a ❣ and I’ll tell you about a scenario/a headcanon/a conversation with your muse that has made my muse think (with fondness), ‘oh, that’s very Them™’

    #meme#rp meme#rp memes#regular meme #here i'll make it its own post from my meme blog rather than keeping the one on my blog blog
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  • mymanymerrymuses
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Even more weird things my family has said as sentence starters-

    “Two swords and you couldn’t kill a spider.” “The field was rougly 1 Swhale long, which, for those of you who don’t measure things in whales-” “But at least you have a jellyfish.” “My shoulder is made of rocks.” “I’m so happy that this ice cream has cheese in it.” “Why stir what you can shake?” “They are my friends, but I’m going to eat them.” “Do you know how hard it is to sneakily stalk someone that you live with?” “Tomatoes are just little fucking bastards.” “How about, you get an apple, and draw a face on it?” “I would like to play and it’s everyone’s problem.” “I recognise that pencil.” “I’m a cosy little seaweed ball.” “Legs aren’t supposed to have ears, okay.” “We can freak out together. Like vikings.” “One thing that is not going to be improves by sticking horns on it is pigeons.” “Where did I put the chameleon?” “My dude, you’ve ruined me.” “That’s more than one, therefore, sausages.” “It thinks it can run from me. It never even had any legs.” “Ay, it’s the flying whale thing.” “You land on it and it goes ‘honk honk’.” “I’m not sure you can age when you’re dead.” “It’s not exactly javalin specific.” “But, if you were a snake, you’d be really warm.” “There are no cuddles by the water bowl.” “I need a worm.” “Stop waving cheese around, man.”

    #sentence starters #I might have repeated some that were in other posts but here they are anyway #my many merry memes (rp meme) #specify muse please ^¬^
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  • candyredmusings
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Red Riding Hood (2011) Sentence Starters.

    Feel free to change pronouns and gendered terms as you see fit.

    “Full moon. Lock up tonight.”

    “We lived on the edge of a dark forest. Few knew our village by name...”

    “My mother always told me, ‘don't talk to strangers.’“

    “I tried to be a good girl and do what she said.”

    “Believe me, I tried.”

    “Do you have the knife?”

    “I know good girls aren't supposed to hunt rabbits...”

    “But since we were kids, he always had a way of making me wanna break the rules.”

    “Give me that.”

    “What will you give me for it?”

    “Well, my mother finally got what she wanted.”

    “So, what do we do now?

    “Run away with me.”

    “I would do anything to be with you.”

    “It killed again.”

    “It's your sister.”

    “[NAME] was a good girl.”

    “But I barely know him.”

    “You'll get to know him.”

    “I was in love with another man.”

    “We should count our blessings.”

    “We kept our end of the bargain.”

    “Let's kill that thing!”

    “He'll rob us of our vengeance.”

    “Maybe she snuck out to meet a boy.”

    “[NAME] never even thought about boys.”

    “She used to come by and follow him about like a puppy.”

    “ She must have been heartbroken.”

    “ How romantic.”

    “You're the pretty one.”

    “[NAME] always had his eye on you. You're the pretty one.”

    “I know exactly why you're here.”

    “If you love her... you'll let her go.”

    “We can't do this anymore.”

    “Don't make this something it's not.”

    “Look, we had our fun. That's all it ever was.”

    “ I made something for you.”

    “ You will be happy again. I promise.”

    “ There are so many things she didn't tell me.”

    “ We all have secrets.”

    “ Remember what my grandma used to say ...”

    “ I don't want you to see me like this.”

    “ Oh, please don't cry.”

    “ You're my good girl.”

    “ Keep your hands off her or I'll cut them off!”

    “What's the matter with you? What do I have to do to make you stop?”

    “I don't have to like her to get what I want from her.”

    “ You're a terrible liar.”

    “ I could eat you up.”

    “ Don't you want me?”

    “ The only life I want is with you.”

    “ So where did you disappear to?”

    “ You can't escape from me.”

    “ Oh, my God. You can speak.”

    “ You know my name.”

    “ I know you well.”

    “ Let me take you away.”

    “ No, I'm nothing like you. You're a murderer.”

    “ You're a killer too, aren't you?”

    “ What is it, darling?”

    “ I know you don't want me like that.”

    “ You never know what someone is capable of.”

    “ Our methods of pleasing God are sometimes flawed.”

    “ We've all made sacrifices.”

    “ That was very brave of you.”

    “ She's in love with someone else.”

    “ Are you accusing me of murder?”

    “  It's time to put on your harlot's robe.”

    “ I did my best to protect you.”

    “ Even my friends stared, judging me.”

    “ Maybe there was something dark inside of me.”

    “  I didn't mean for this to happen.”

    “ I want you to know that...you may have fooled [NAME]... but you don't fool me. Not anymore.”

    “ You were always too good. Too pretty. Too perfect. You tricked us.”

    “ Now you're gonna get what you deserve.”

    “ No. I won't let you sacrifice yourself for us.”

    “ I'll do what I have to do.”

    “ I'll hurt you.”

    “ I've been so disrespected. I've settled for far less than I deserve.”

    “ After all these years of being so clever and so careful, I just lost control.”

    “ There must be a God, because you're the devil.”

    “ And you're the devil's daughter.”

    “ Everything I knew was ripped apart.”

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  • rpmemesiwanttosee
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Send a word or the name of a place, and the mun will write out a scene from their muse’s memories of that word or place.

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  • poohsources
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    🐝  *  ―  𝐋𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐒 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐁𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐄𝐍 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐃.   (  just  a  random  assortment  of  sad  love  song  lyrics  that  relate  more  or  less  to  the  topic  of  heart  break.  )

    ❛  i don’t know why i cry. but i think it’s cause i remember for the first time since i hated you that i used to love you.  ❜ ❛  for you i could pretend like i was happy when i was sad.  ❜ ❛  you said i love you, and i said it too. the only difference is i didn’t lie to you.  ❜ ❛  with you i’m a beautiful mess, it’s like we’re standing hand in hand with all our fears upon the edge.  ❜ ❛  oh, won’t you stay with me ?  ❜ ❛  but if you love me, why’d you leave me ?  ❜ ❛  i thought that i’d been hurt before but no one’s ever left me quite this sore. your words cut deeper than a knife.  ❜ ❛  how can i try to love someone new, someone who isn’t you ?  ❜ ❛  i tried to sever ties and i ended up with wounds to bind like you’re pouring salt in my cuts.  ❜ ❛  don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone ?  ❜ ❛  i wish that i could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things.  ❜ ❛  just make me feel special, and make me feel love.  ❜ ❛  don’t know if i’ll be fine without you.  ❜ ❛  you’re gonna break my heart anyway so just leave the pieces when you go.  ❜ ❛  if it isn’t love, why do i feel this way ?  ❜ ❛  now you’re just somebody that i used to know.  ❜ ❛  how do i start to love my life alone ?  ❜ ❛  goodbye, it’s not the end. and if you need me, i’m still your friend.  ❜ ❛  i might be okay but i’m not fine at all.  ❜ ❛  so this is how it ends. this is what ‘i don’t love you’ feels like.  ❜ ❛  you gave me all your love and all i gave you was goodbye.  ❜ ❛  nobody said it was easy. no one ever said it would be so hard.  ❜ ❛  it’s funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word.  ❜ ❛  yesterday, love was such an easy game to play. now i need a place to hideaway.  ❜ ❛  but you’ll find the real thing instead.  ❜ ❛  though we really did try to make it, somethin’ inside has died, and i can’t hide and i just can’t fake it.  ❜ ❛  i know i needed you but i never showed.  ❜ ❛  just say you won’t let go.  ❜ ❛  what about love ? what about trust ? what about us ?  ❜ ❛  but i know i was happier with you.  ❜ ❛  say you’ll love me again. undo this hurt you caused when you walked out the door and walked out of my life.  ❜ ❛  some people want it all but i don’t want nothing at all if it ain’t you.  ❜ ❛  i wish nothing but the best for you, too.  ❜ ❛  you tell me that you need me then you go and cut me down.  ❜ ❛  but when my loneliness is through i’m gonna find another you.  ❜ ❛  so since i’m not your everything how about i’ll be nothing ?  ❜ ❛  what am i supposed to do when the best part of me was always you ?  ❜ ❛  i don’t care what they say, i’m in love with you. they try to pull me away, but they don’t know the truth.  ❜ ❛  so goodbye. please don’t cry. we both know i’m not what you need.  ❜ ❛  you stole my heart, and that’s what really hurts.  ❜ ❛  i needed to hate you to love me.  ❜ ❛  when you’re dreaming with a broken heart the giving up is the hardest part.  ❜ ❛  it took all the strength i had not to fall apart.  ❜ ❛  i should have brought you flowers and held your hand. should have gave you all my hours when i had the chance.  ❜ ❛  i won’t give up on us. i’m giving you all my love.  ❜ ❛  when you left i lost a part of me.  ❜ ❛  come back baby, please, ‘cause we belong together.  ❜ ❛  because of you i learned to play on the safe side so i don’t get hurt.  ❜ ❛  because of you i find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me.  ❜ ❛  i spent oh so many nights just feeling sorry for myself. i used to cry, now i hold my head up high.  ❜

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  • screnwriter
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    could you maybe do some random starts of things to say to your lover to let them know you appreciate or love them?

    for a lover's reassurance prompts

    “ you're mine. “

    “ i am yours forever. “

    “ it's indescribable, the things i feel for you. “

    “ you're quite incredible. “

    “ i'm lucky to be here with you. “

    “ you're the best. “

    “ i love you. “

    “ i can't quite believe you're here with me. “

    '' what did i do to deserve you? ''

    “ i want to spend the rest of my life with you. “

    “ don't apologize, please. “

    “ kiss me. “

    “ make me forget. “

    “ you're the best thing that has ever happened to me. “

    “ you're extraordinary. “

    “ tonight is about you. “

    “ here, let me... “

    “ you're my home. “

    “ it's awfully dull around here without you. “

    “ you're the good in my life. “

    “ you inspire me to do better. “

    “ can't help but to think of what a lucky bastard i am. “

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  • contextfreedungeon
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    NPC: You're under arrest.

    Rogue: On what charge?

    NPC: All of them.

    #d&d#d&d 5e #d&d 5th edition #d&d campaign#d&d rp#d&d stuff #dungeons and dragons #d&d shenanigans#d&d memes#d&d story #dungeons and memes #d&d out of context #out of context
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  • eievuimemes
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago


    warning: contains themes of death and car crashes

    “[Name] failed their driver’s test four times.”

    “Did [name] tell you that she picked a college?”

    “Do not pretend you don’t have it memorized.”

    “Do you wanna fail?”

    “Don’t feel the loss of it, feel it.”

    “Don’t talk about it. Live it.”

    “Every mile could be our last.”

    “Have a cookie.”

    “He’s the perfect guy for a girl like me.”

    “How does she never even hesitate?”

    “I am the valedictorian. The valedictorian goes to college.”

    “I can’t rewind.”

    “I didn’t know how much the night would matter.”

    “I feel alive!”

    “I have to feel something.”

    “I made cookies.”

    “I wanted to graduate first.”

    “I was trapped.”

    “I was wondering, would you be my date to the freshman fling?”

    “I was your orbit, and you were my star.”

    “I won’t be discouraged.”

    “If only I’d never cracked open a book.”

    “If you follow my instructions, you won’t die.”

    “It doesn’t matter if it’s a mistake.”

    “It’s not like I have a map or anything.”

    “I’m not trying to tie you down.”

    “I’m the girl who drove away.”

    “Let me be the place that you hide.”

    “Let me catch my breath.”

    “Let’s get out of here!”

    “Let’s go. The highway’s calling, the sun is shining.”

    “Let’s just take things slow.”

    “Look around. See where you went.”

    “No one gave you permission.”

    “Now their world is ours to take!”

    “Remember feeling like your life begins today.”

    “Remember this before the moment’s gone.”

    “She made everything right.”

    “She’s trying to kill me.”

    “Something changed.”

    “Sometimes you don’t get to say goodbye.”

    “Sorry, I think of one memory and they all come flooding back in a big jumble.”

    “Tell me the part about the [item].”

    “The road in front of me is clear.”

    “Two paths diverged, and you went right.”

    “We break the lock, we kick the door.”

    “We make a vow to be mad.”

    “We’ll sit and talk.”

    “We’re taking the risk.”

    “We’ve come too far.”

    “What bug do you have up your ass?”

    “What do I want? What do I need?”

    “When it’s time to go, I will let you know.”

    “You wanna take a risk?”

    “You will die tomorrow in the middle of the night.”

    “Your dinner will be free.”

    “You’ll never be free.”

    #lyrics sentence starters #lyrics rp starters #lyrics rp sentence starters #rp meme#sentence starters#roleplay meme
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  • eievuimemes
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago


    warning: contains themes of death and car crashes

    “Any road is going my way.”

    “Calculate the risk you’re taking.”

    “Choose the road less traveled.”

    “Do you know how many people die in car wrecks every year?”

    “Don’t ask if you can.”

    “Don’t forget to breathe.”

    “Driving for the sake of driving anywhere - that’s freedom.”

    “Eighteen years have come and gone.”

    “Even if no one ever speaks to me again.”

    “Every word you said hangs like an unfinished rhyme.”

    “Everything is normal.”

    “Get the car packed and throw me the key.”

    “Give me the keys.”

    “How much perfecter could a girlfriend be?”

    “Hunger makes the timid bored.”

    “I am left numb.”

    “I am literally bored to death.”

    “I can make you feel alive.”

    “I can’t do this alone.”

    “I can’t let you go.”

    “I didn’t say goodbye.”

    “I don’t know why I tremble when you reach for my hand.”

    “I don’t know why you’d wait.”

    “I don’t wanna be safe.”

    “I forgot my glasses.”

    “I have a test to study for.”

    “I have to try to explain what I want to do.”

    “I know my girl.”

    “I live in what you do, in what you want to do.”

    “I only have a permit!”

    “I refuse to be outdone.”

    “I unravel until I remember.”

    “I wanna drive forever!”

    “I want to be the girl there by your side.”

    “I was just daydreaming.”

    “I will let you go.”

    “I wish I would say that you’re with me, but I know I’m alone.”

    “If we’d only gone that night, then I wouldn’t be dead!”

    “It feels like I’ve found freedom.”

    “It was scandalous.”

    “It’s never or now!”

    “It’s only you in the car.”

    “It’s so real and so like a memory.”

    “It’s too late, and it’s just getting later.”

    “I’ll keep you safe.”

    “I’m alive!”

    “I’m supposed to leave for college today.”

    “Just get the atlas out and point.”

    “Keep it steady.”

    “Let me go if it’s easier.”

    “Let’s give them a little thrill.”

    “Let’s have the ceremony!”

    “Like you ever follow through on a single word you said.”

    “Listen to me!”

    “Maps are for braindeads.”

    “Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow.”

    “No one knows who you were.”

    “No one will be able to find your mangled, dead corpse.”

    “Now it goes to hell.”

    “Now that I’m gone, I’m moving on.”

    “Now that’s a damn fine way for [name] to die.”

    “Overcompensate with fear.”

    “Remember what you’ve learned.”

    “Say the word, and I might just listen.”

    “She never runs.”

    “She was everything I’m not.”

    “She’s gonna talk to me.”

    “Stay focused on the present.”

    “Stop saying ‘can’t!”

    “Stop telling me what to do!”

    “Talk about what it felt like.”

    “The truth is, I don’t remember any of it.”

    “There might be a life here.”

    “There’s no stopping.”

    “There’s something buried within here.”

    “They had their good old days.”

    “This is your fault!”

    “This one’s autumn potpourri.”

    “Though we don’t know what we’ll see there, we know that we’ll be there.”

    “Time doesn’t stop.”

    “Trying to cheat death and stay alive.”

    “We don’t know much.”

    “We’ll drive ‘til we hit [location].”

    “We’re making up the rest.”

    “We’re what matter now.”

    “What if I don’t?”

    “What? You think it’s gonna bite?”

    “Which way do you wanna turn, left or right?”

    “Who let down who?”

    “You didn’t have what it takes.”

    “You do it now. You do it for you.”

    “You drive until you’re lost.”

    “You have to.”

    “You might not know what road you’ll take.”

    “You never take the same route twice.”

    “Your heart is beating at a faster rate.”

    “Your words to me echo.”

    “You’re just jealous ‘cause it rocks.”

    “You’re making me feel queasy.”

    “You’ve seen his face before.”

    #lyrics sentence starters #lyrics rp starters #lyrics rp sentence starters #sentence starters#rp meme#roleplay meme
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  • eievuimemes
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago


    warning: contains themes of death and car crashes

    [Breaks cellphone in half]

    “[name], get in the car!”

    “A parked car bumped into me.”

    “Am I that girl anymore?”

    “Any girl who’s on her own is out there unprepared.”

    “Are you ready to drive?”

    “Be careless and squeeze the life out of every second.”

    “But we didn’t go that night.”

    “Can’t we just stay like this?”

    “Children under twenty shouldn’t be allowed to drive.”

    “Do not crash my car.”

    “Do you see that fork up ahead?”

    “Get in the car, loser.”

    “Getting lost in a world that I can’t rewind.”

    “Go ahead, sit in that memory swirl for a while.”

    “Help me.”

    “He’s got miles and miles to go.”

    “Honour me!”

    “I can’t stop ‘til I feel alive again.”

    “I don’t have a bug up my ass!”

    “I don’t wanna plan.”

    “I have scented candles, and I have a bed.”

    “I have to take control.”

    “I knew what to do. I don’t know at all now.”

    “I never dreamed of running away.”

    “I paved the way.”

    “I reach but you’re not there.”

    “I really miss you.”

    “I sit in the car that she left behind.”

    “I try to let go.”

    “I waited for [name] ‘cause she was my ride.”

    “I want a monument, but I’ll settle for a ceremony.”

    “I want to break rules and do something unexpected.”

    “I was figuring out who I was.”

    “I was on a certain path.”

    “I will make you pancakes in the morning.”

    “I'm sitting alone in a parked car.”

    “If only I could turn the key.”

    “Is she trying to kill me?”

    “It doesn’t matter if I fail.”

    “It starts as nothing, just a thought or a dream, then one day, you’re in the driver seat, the key is in the ignition.”

    “It’s a trap.”

    “It’s all a dream.”

    “It’s all so clear.”

    “It’s crazy, but [name], I’m crazier for you.”

    “It’s sort of like it never happened.”

    “It’s time to kick some ass.”

    “I’ll make you breakfast in bed.”

    “I’m not good with words.”

    “I’ve had a good life.”

    “Leave the fear and doubt behind.”

    “Let’s go anywhere.”

    “Nothing else is standing in our way.”

    “Nothing woke me up, nothing moved me.”

    “Now they’re gone.”

    “Physics is easy. Just plug the right numbers into the equation.”

    “Please, sleep with me.”

    “Say the word, and I’m already there!”

    “Screw it, he’ll figure it out.”

    “She sees the world as a high risk game.”


    “That’s nothing new.”

    “That’s the [name] I know and love.”

    “The boy you call a rebel, the girl - she’s running scared.”

    “The car’s not gonna drive itself.”

    “The game is far from over. Hell, it’s only just begun!”

    “The road will tell you who you are.”

    “The road you take should feel right.”

    “The whole thing went south.”

    “The whole world collapsed.”

    “Think big. What do you want?”

    “This is the way she taught me how to drive.”

    “This part should be easy.”

    “Time to take your foot off the brake.”

    “Was I lost, or was I alive?”

    “We can make our lives on the go.”

    “We had miles to go.”

    “We’re mad to be alive.”

    “We’re mad to go.”

    “We’re moving on.”

    “What are we living on, who’s paying our cell phone bills?”

    “What are you doing?”

    “What did it feel like?”

    “Who’s she hanging out with?”

    “Who’s she in a fight with?”

    “Why did I say no?”

    “Without her there pushing, somehow I can’t move.”

    “You can’t trust your frontal cortex if you wanna stay alive.”

    “You have to tell [name] that I’m not coming back.”

    “You know we can’t.”

    “You look back one more time, then you let it go.”

    “You take the risk. You pay the cost.”

    “You were the one who put on the brakes.”

    “Your life will be a monument.”

    “You’ll be a dead man.”

    “You’re alive!”

    “You’re growing up too fast.”

    “You’re not doing it right.”

    “You’re not here.”

    “You’re the kind of person who would do this. Not me.”

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  • eievuimemes
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago


    “ All I’ve ever learned comes second-hand. “

    “ All the choirs in my head sang no. “

    “ Can I trust what I can’t see ? “

    “ Can’t face me in the light. “

    “ Come closer. “

    “ Damn. 3AM and I’m wide awake. “

    “ Do you know what it’s like to feel so in the dark ? “

    “ Don’t even keep track of days. “

    “ Don’t give up. “

    “ Even though I hate you, I wanna love you. “

    “ Every day’s a little harder. “

    “ Get ready, ‘cause here I come. “

    “ Give them no reason to stare. “

    “ He’ll never come again. “

    “ I can’t do this again. “

    “ I dare not preach what I don’t understand. “

    “ I don’t believe in magic. “

    “ I don’t ever plan on stopping. “

    “ I don’t want you to know where I am. “

    “ I got nothing to share. “

    “ I guess I couldn’t give that up. “

    “ I had to learn how to fight for myself. “

    “ I just feel complete when you’re by my side. “

    “ I just want to hold her. “

    “ I love the things you hate about yourself. “

    “ I was drunk. “

    “ I wasn’t losing my mind. “

    “ I will have vengeance. “

    “ I will not belong here. “

    “ I will teach myself to let go. “

    “ I won’t give up without a fight. “

    “ If I do this, it’s for real. “

    “ If you choose to stay, you’ll throw it all away. “

    “ Is it my fault I always end up alone ? “

    “ Is there anyone left to believe ? “

    “ It makes me feel nervous. “

    “ It’s time to get real. “

    “ It’s unforgivable. “

    “ I’d hate to see you waiting. “

    “ I’d rather pretend I’m something better than these broken parts. “

    “ I’ll leave this life behind me. “

    “ I’m coming alive. “

    “ I’m losing my voice calling on you. “

    “ I’m ready to be sure I never become that way again. “

    “ I’m sorry for the person I became. “

    “ I’m the one that you blame. “

    “ I’ve been ripped up and tossed like a mouse. “

    “ I’ve learned to slam on the brake before I even turn the key. “

    “ Maybe I’m impossible. “

    “ Maybe I’m unloveable. “

    “ Never thought I’d live to see the day. “

    “ No one tells you where you went wrong. “

    “ Pack it up and just drive away. “

    “ Remember my embrace. “

    “ Somebody make a move. “

    “ Someday, maybe you’ll see the light. “

    “ Sometimes, you see everything you wish you had. “

    “ Tell me that I’m beautiful. “

    “ That’s what young love is all about. “

    “ They followed me in here. “

    “ They were only words. “

    “ This is real love. “

    “ This is what you’ll think of me. “

    “ We can just watch the whole world disappear. “

    “ We can kind of hear you. “

    “ Welcome to the panic room. “

    “ We’re all in the same boat. “

    “ What possesses you ? “

    “ What’s left to do with these broken pieces ? “

    “ What’s left to say ? “

    “ What’s up with you ? “

    “ When this fight is over, we will see the sun ! “

    “ Would that be okay ? “

    “ Would they hate it too ? “

    “ Would you like a drop of ale ? “

    “ You can do your part. “

    “ You don’t care what they say about me. “

    “ You don’t know me at all. “

    “ You make me feel like I’ll be okay. “

    “ You miss them like you miss no other. “

    “ You need a pal. “

    “ You’re all alone. “

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  • puckrph
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    taken from the YA series by maggie stiefvater. some alterations made as needed to make things fit better for rp. feel free to change pronouns, etc.

    ‘ sometimes, i feel like my life is made up of a dozen hours i can never forget. ’ ‘ “i’m always straight?” oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told. ’ ‘ it’s safe as life. ’ ‘ what fresh hell is this ? ’ ‘ my words are unerring tools of destruction, and i’ve come unequipped with the ability to disarm them. ’ ‘ i like you better this way. ’ ‘ crushed and broken. just the way women like ‘em. ’ ‘ fate is a very weighty word to throw around before breakfast. ’ ‘ rags to riches isn’t a story anyone wants to hear until after it’s done. ’ ‘ i’m trying not to look at your boat shoes. i feel better about you as a person if i pretend you’re not wearing them. ’ ‘ i want to feel awake when my eyes are open. ’ ‘ you’re pretty in a way that is physically painful to me. i’m attracted to you like a heart attack. ’ ‘ i am being perfectly fucking civil. ’ ‘ shitdamn, it’s hot. ’ ‘ when i’m gone, dream me the world. something new for every night. ’ ‘ kissing’s a lot like laughing. if the joke’s funny, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last heard one. ’ ‘ well, i don’t know how helpful that was... we found out german beauty homers look like bloody puffins. ’ ‘ i wish i could kiss you. because i would beg just one off you. under all this. and then we’d never say anything about it again. ’ ‘ pie is not a meal. ’ ‘ i’m here. i just—i believe i’m having a panic attack. ’ ‘ thanks for the super helpful alternative suggestions. your contribution at the end of the world will be tallied accordingly. ’ ‘ blame the poets. it’s easier to stir people to rebellion if they think they’re on the side of a demigod or some chosen one. never trust a poet. ’ ‘ no one knows what ignominy means. ’ ‘ don’t be such a shitbag. ’ ‘ i’m perfectly aware that it’s possible to have a friendship that isn’t all-encompassing, that isn’t blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. it’s just that now that i’ve had this kind, i don’t want the other. ’ ‘ you’d better wait in the car, with your fancy face. ’ ‘ feel its pulse, don’t just stare at it. pulse. on its face. there. there, [name], god. there. ’ ‘ we’re going so slow. i think i just saw a tricycle pass us. ’ ‘ my head knew you were all right. but the rest of me didn’t. ’ ‘ i just want to pretend. i want to pretend that i could. ’ ‘ damn. you’re right. i really can’t think of another joke. ’ ‘ it was cowardice and stupidity. i didn’t like good-byes, so i just abstained, and i didn’t think about the consequences. ’ ‘ in my head, everything is always so tangled. i am such a damaged thing. ’ ‘ i wouldn’t have pegged you for a fan of normal. ’ ‘ you marvelous creature! ’ ‘  maybe it’s good that the world forgets every lesson, every good and bad memory, every triumph and failure, all of it dying with each generation. perhaps this cultural amnesia spares us all. perhaps if we remembered everything, hope would die instead. ’ ‘ i was here. i exist. i’m alive, because i bleed. ’ ‘ do you think you’re the only one with a right to bitterness here? ’ ‘ i just want to keep being best friends with you forever, and maybe one day also have carnal knowledge of you. ’ ‘ my feelings for you are an oil spill. i let them overflow, and now there isn’t a damn place in the ocean that wouldn’t catch fire if i dropped a match. ’ ‘ i like you an awful lot, [name]. ’ ‘ for the first time that i can remember, i know what it would feel like to be present in my own life. ’ ‘ jesus god, dude, do you have stitches on your face? bad. ass. put it here, you asshole. ’ ‘ i was trying to protect you, you little pissant. ’ ‘ you’re asking me to define an abstract concept that no one has managed to explain since time began. you sort of sprang it on me. why do we breathe air? because we love air? because we don’t want to suffocate. why do we eat? because we don’t want to starve. how do i know i love you? because i can sleep after i talk to you. ’ ‘ not today! no, thank you! too many events this decade. perhaps later! cannot do the shock! thank you for your time. ’ ‘ i am a slow-growing creature! i cannot adapt so quickly! ’ ‘ tell me: when you dream, do you dream of the stars? ’ ‘ if you can’t be unafraid, be afraid and happy. ’ ‘ it really is a helluva fixer-upper. i feel like they should possibly renovate this basement if they want to get a good sale price. hardwood floors, update the doorknobs, maybe put the wall back. ’ ‘ the choice was death or hurting you, which wasn’t much of a choice at all. ’ ‘ that seems sentimental for a man without a soul. ’
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  • eievuimemes
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago


    “ After this fight, someone has to die. “

    “ All I need is you. “

    “ Am I alone with the thoughts that I have ? “

    “ Am I the only one to doubt who I am ? “

    “ Being blue is better than being over it. “

    “ Can you shake it off ? “

    “ Can you tell me where we went wrong ? “

    “ Death will be a relief. “

    “ Did you change their lives ? “

    “ Do we fight to hold our heads up high ? “

    “ Don’t care if there’s people staring. “

    “ Don’t follow me home. “

    “ Don’t help me any more. “

    “ Don’t say anything at all. “

    “ Fall back, and close your eyes. “

    “ Get away from her ! “

    “ Go out fighting. “

    “ He’ll return alive. “

    “ His throat was bare beneath my hand. “

    “ How do I step into the sun ? “

    “ I can breathe again. “

    “ I can thank you for how strong I have become. “

    “ I can’t come back home. “

    “ I can’t remember who I am. “

    “ I can’t sleep alone. “

    “ I feel like I have known you my whole life. “

    “ I got nine lives. “

    “ I got nothing to say. “

    “ I hope your soul is changing. “

    “ I never should have said that. “

    “ I pretend I don’t feel any pain. “

    “ I see you when I’m in the dark. “

    “ I thought you’d need me. “

    “ I wanna feel your heartbeat. “

    “ I want to be the man that saves the world. “

    “ I was nothing without you. “

    “ I was positive that unless I got myself together, I would watch me fall apart. “

    “ I will always be true. “

    “ I will fight ‘til the end. “

    “ I will have you ! “

    “ It ain’t gonna happen like that. “

    “ It’s all left up to me. “

    “ It’s burning me out. “

    “ It’s come to claim her. “

    “ It’s going down like I told you. “

    “ It’s hard to decide. “

    “ It’s not so impossible. “

    “ It’s the very moment that I wish that I could take back. “

    “ It’s time to let it go. “

    “ It’s too late now. “

    “ It’s unfair. “

    “ I’ll have you begging for mercy. “

    “ I’ll practice on less honourable throats. “

    “ I’ll see you in another life. “

    “ I’m back on the track. “

    “ I’m desperate for your warmth. “

    “ I’m dodging everything you think that I’m not. “

    “ I’m gonna be your bubblegum bitch. “

    “ I’m sorry that it took so long for me to change. “

    “ I’m stepping into fate. “

    “ Late at night, I could hear the crying. “

    “ Man up your stations. “

    “ Maybe it was meant to happen. “

    “ Maybe I’m emotional. “

    “ My heart’s beating faster. “

    “ Rely on your strength. “

    “ Say what you mean out loud. “

    “ Sometimes, you see everything you wanted. “

    “ Spare the lecture. “

    “ That’s not a worthy explanation. “

    “ The damage is damning me down. “

    “ There is love inside this madness. “

    “ There’s something in here. “

    “ They’ve got to catch me if they want me to hang. “

    “ This dust is all that’s left of us. “

    “ Tired of being ordinary. “

    “ We all fight at the last light. “

    “ We believe in a better tomorrow. “

    “ We embrace tomorrow. “

    “ We might avoid contamination. “

    “ We wanted everything. “

    “ We were the best of friends. “

    “ We’ll wage our wars. “

    “ What are we waiting for ? “

    “ What if everyone knew ? “

    “ What if everyone saw ? “

    “ What is it that holds you tight ? “

    “ Where do I begin ? “

    “ Who were you trying to be ? “

    “ Wish I was someone else. “

    “ You better buckle up. “

    “ You can’t stop shaking. “

    “ You gave me such a fright ! “

    “ You got no power to control. “

    “ You mean so much to me. “

    “ You’ll never know if you don’t ever try again. “

    “ You’ll see my heart in the saddest state it’s ever been. “

    “ You’re gonna get what you give. “

    “ You’re sitting in a corner. “

    “ You’ve been waiting for this feeling all your life. “

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  • eievuimemes
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago


    “ At least tell me just to move on. “

    “ Be careful not to lose ourselves. “

    “ Can someone tell me please ? “

    “ Can’t take it anymore. “

    “ Can’t you tell I think I’ve had enough ? “

    “ Come tomorrow, this will all be in our past. “

    “ Didn’t have a dime but I always had a vision. “

    “ Every day it feels like seams are more than torn. “

    “ Every time I dare to love, it hates me. “

    “ Feels like I’m losing my mind. “

    “ Get prepared to go. “

    “ Here we stand, without a plan. “

    “ How can I take the pain away ? “

    “ How dare you. “

    “ I believe the storybooks I read by candlelight. “

    “ I don’t have to look at it. “

    “ I don’t need you. “

    “ I found a strength I’ve never known. “

    “ I got one more run. “

    “ I hope you find your peace. “

    “ I just came to talk for a while. “

    “ I keep making all the same mistakes. “

    “ I know he’ll appear. “

    “ I never had that perfect girl who somehow could see the good part of me. “

    “ I never thought that it would go this far. “

    “ I never thought there’d be someone like you who would want me. “

    “ I never wanted anything so bad. “

    “ I see such pretty things. “

    “ I started to hear it again. “

    “ I talk to absolutely no one. “

    “ I think it’s maybe time for me to change the location. “

    “ I will not accept your mercy. “

    “ I wouldn’t change you. “

    “ If I had the answers, I’d have written them out. “

    “ Is that what devils do ? “

    “ Is there any good still left in me ? “

    “ It tells me I’m a freak. “

    “ It wasn’t real. “

    “ It’s all somehow getting better. “

    “ It’s funny how much I feel like I’m looking in a mirror. “

    “ It’s impossible to hide from yourself. “

    “ I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out. “

    “ I’ll never hug my girl to me. “

    “ I’ll shine, but I’ll never be see through. “

    “ I’m gonna disappear. “

    “ I’m hanging by a thread. “

    “ I’m just looking at the sky. “

    “ I’m proud of who I am. “

    “ I’m terrified of these four walls. “

    “ I’ve been bending backwards. “

    “ I’ve been here too many times before. “

    “ I’ve been left out alone. “

    “ I’ve got that lightning inside me. “

    “ Know I’ve done wrong. “

    “ Maybe I’m just one step over the edge. “

    “ Maybe we should go. “

    “ Memories inside my heart are there to grieve. “

    “ Need you to guide us. “

    “ Never thought you’d fall so far. “

    “ No escaping death. “

    “ Not one man, no, nor ten men nor a hundred can assuage me. “

    “ Now it’s time I realize. “

    “ Only one will take it all. “

    “ Remember who you are. “

    “ See you later, pal. “

    “ Settle the scars with honour and blood. “

    “ Some of you never learned to drop the act. “

    “ Some people offered up answers. “

    “ Step back, I’m going in. “

    “ Strike a match and watch it burn. “

    “ Teach me wrong from right. “

    “ That’s who I’d be. “

    “ The enemy is inside of me. “

    “ The time for being sad is over. “

    “ The world is full of super problems. “

    “ There is beauty behind every tear you’ve cried. “

    “ There is no way up ! “

    “ There’s no place to hide us. “

    “ These aren’t the colours I should see. “

    “ They can’t help me make amends. “

    “ This is how I disappear. “

    “ This is what you wanted, right ? “

    “ Truth be told, I never was yours. “

    “ We can run away together. “

    “ We knew it’d happen eventually. “

    “ Well, I am here for you. “

    “ Well, pity a woman alone ! “

    “ We’ll be the change. “

    “ We’ll wear our scars like medals of hope. “

    “ What if it’s us and only us ? “

    “ Wondering if everything I want is worth chasing. “

    “ You broke all the laws. “

    “ You do it all for my own protection. “

    “ You just couldn’t fight for this. “

    “ You left me long ago. “

    “ You live a half-life. “

    “ You won’t believe how far I’ll go. “

    “ Your laughter haunts me. “

    “ You’ll know I wasn’t joking. “

    “ You’re just too perfect for my hands to hold. “

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  • eievuimemes
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago


    “ A moment you’ll never remember, and a night you’ll never forget ! “

    “ All I ever do is run. “

    “ All I got are these roses to give. “

    “ All your darkest fears are gonna come for you. “

    “ Can we try that ? “

    “ Can you even love at all ? “

    “ Can’t hold back. “

    “ Clear the slate and start over. “

    “ Everybody’s so scared. “

    “ Feels like a dream. “

    “ Feels like they’re watching me. “

    “ He knows she’ll make it. “

    “ Heaven knows I try. “

    “ I bet I’ll be better tomorrow. “

    “ I can tell you what to do. “

    “ I can’t bring you back. “

    “ I can’t help it. “

    “ I can’t lie, I will miss this place. “

    “ I can’t live with myself today. “

    “ I can’t wait through everything. “

    “ I don’t know myself anymore. “

    “ I don’t like the half I see. “

    “ I don’t need more reminders of all that’s been broken. “

    “ I finally toughened up. “

    “ I guess I’d be a hero. “

    “ I had him ! “

    “ I just want a love that never leaves. “

    “ I know I say it all the time. “

    “ I know I’d do it all different if I had the chance. “

    “ I know that you don’t want to be leaving me. “

    “ I never meant to make it such a mess. “

    “ I say everything you like to hear. “

    “ I still need you. “

    “ If you love me, let me go. “

    “ Is this really happening ? “

    “ Is this what you wanted ? “

    “ It didn’t mean a thing. “

    “ It speaks to me through the radio. “

    “ It’s a little complicated. “

    “ It’s holding me down. “

    “ It’s like we fell to the top. “

    “ It’s right there in front of you. “

    “ I’d have a hero’s ending. “

    “ I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday. “

    “ I’ll be gone soon. “

    “ I’m alive at last ! “

    “ I’m coming right now. “

    “ I’m done with the sorrows. “

    “ I’m fireproof. “

    “ I’m not done. “

    “ I’m sorry you had it rough. “

    “ I’m tired from last night’s fight. “

    “ I’m told I’ll never fly. “

    “ I’ve been shaking. “

    “ I’ve been sleepless. “

    “ Just get close to me. “

    “ Just get out of my way. “

    “ Just the thought of it’s enough to make you sick. “

    “ Life is a journey. The best thing you can do it is ride it slow. “

    “ Make it true. “

    “ Man still cannot tame creation. “

    “ Maybe I’ve been wasting time. “

    “ No flaws when you’re pretending. “

    “ No one gets to look at it. “

    “ No slipping up if you slip away. “

    “ Risk it all, hold nothing back. “

    “ Running out of reasons I can blame. “

    “ Should I embrace this last chance that I have ? “

    “ Stop right there. “

    “ Tell me something sweet to get me by. “

    “ That’s exactly where I lost it. “

    “ The fever began to spread. “

    “ The memories you have made here will all be worthwhile. “

    “ The room is so quiet. “

    “ These words are knives and often leave scars. “

    “ They all deserve to die. “

    “ They had no idea. “

    “ They rule the worst in me. “

    “ This is how legends are made. “

    “ This isn’t pretty but it’s what I am. “

    “ This was just a sad invention. “

    “ We can hide and be forgotten. “

    “ We cannot delay. “

    “ We can’t compete with all that. “

    “ We could be family. “

    “ We get along just fine. “

    “ We got all our lives to lose. “

    “ We shall be free ! “

    “ Welcome to the grave. “

    “ We’re not afraid to open our mouths and scream. “

    “ What’s your rush ? “

    “ When I hear your name, I feel the pain. “

    “ Who I am will take the second chance you gave me. “

    “ Wish I could show you how. “

    “ You gotta let go. “

    “ You just get use to living in fear. “

    “ You know what they say about me. “

    “ You left me all alone. “

    “ You’re still everywhere. “

    “ You’ve lost your grip. “

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  • lannasroleplaymemes
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Meanest Things Anyone Has Ever Said To You

    Modify As Needed

    "What did I tell you about speaking to me directly?" "You can't talk to me until the line up on your beard is even." "You're acting a little too tall for your actual height." "I don't understand how you have the audacity to keep acting up like there's not a full line behind you." "I'm not bored enough to talk to you right now. Bye." "Oh, you're bold though." "I got with your Dad so he could have a son he actually loves." "That's a bit too much audacity for a man who's not tall enough to ride this ride." "Just remember my friends call you 'which one?'" "Why should I lower my standards so YOU can get a chance?" "You can't talk down me from that height." "What muscles?" "Your flirting game is as weak as your hairline." "You lasted all of two minutes and whimpered 3-4 times during." "I'm not doing any charity work today." "We can't date 'cause I'm positive my IQ's higher than yours." "Your dad should have gone to sleep that night." "It's okay to starve a little bit." "You've told me how upset you are like fifty times, and I've cared maybe twice." "When I'm with you I'm thinking of all the other things I could be getting done instead." "I'm trying to decide if you're attractive or not." "I only like you when I'm drunk and you know that."

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  • notmorbid
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    how the one-armed sister ...

    dialogue prompts from how the one-armed sister sweeps her house by cherie jones.

    i’m too tired to go to bed.

    people try to be kind, but it doesn’t matter.

    you can’t stay. it isn’t healthy.

    i can be on the next plane.

    i think we should pray about this.

    it’s not a crime to want the best out of life, to use what you have to get what you want.

    why am i still being punished?

    murder is a thing best left forgotten, a thing left a mystery.

    i thought you were supposed to be undercover.

    i’ve already figured out what it is you need.

    you’re as pretty as pretty can be.

    it didn’t take long for one thing to lead to another.

    are you always this quiet?

    i used to think i could never sleep with the lights on.

    work isn’t nice, if you don’t sleep first.

    tourists always want to call the police.

    that’s nothing i would wish on my worst enemy.

    a clean house means a clear head.

    the hurt means it’s healing.

    despite my best efforts, i am just like my mother.

    god has his own logic.

    you need to go outside. you need to come back to life.

    we all make a few mistakes from time to time.

    you can’t grudge a person a few mistakes.

    we need to grow up, move on.

    you could do anything you want.

    i’m still not coming back. 

    how do you learn to love a person?

    the affection of others can’t be depended upon.

    loving a child doesn’t come naturally, not for everyone.

    when a proposal is right, you should feel safe.

    come sit at the table.

    everything is going to be alright.

    i can’t answer any more questions.

    you can stay as long as you need to.

    i should keep watch.

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  • eievuimemes
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago


    “ Be something greater. “

    “ But we were happy. “

    “ Can we make the final call ? “

    “ Can’t get your way, so you’re sulking. “

    “ Can’t we just go home ? “

    “ Close your eyes. “

    “ Did you make it worth it ? “

    “ Do forgive me if my head’s a little vague. “

    “ Don’t try to push your luck. “

    “ Everything we had, everything we did is buried in dust. “

    “ How did the night ever get like this ? “

    “ How did you hide it all for so long ? “

    “ I can’t let that happen again. “

    “ I can’t tell if it’s day or if it’s night. “

    “ I got a problem with myself. “

    “ I guess I couldn’t let that go. “

    “ I guess I thought I could be part of this. “

    “ I haven't seen a customer for weeks. “

    “ I hear you in the quiet. “

    “ I just stand here sorry, searching for something to say. “

    “ I just want to be a superhero. “

    “ I keep running away from you. “

    “ I keep slipping further underneath. “

    “ I know I’ll be okay. “

    “ I know you don’t feel right when I’m leaving. “

    “ I need to know now. “

    “ I never had this kind of thing before. “

    “ I play along like I don’t know what’s going on. “

    “ I swear to you that we can make this last. “

    “ I think you’re gonna be my biggest fan. “

    “ I tried ! “

    “ I was right beside you when you went to hell and back again. “

    “ I will shy away from the specifics. “

    “ I won’t let you fall tonight. “

    “ It was nice to meet you. Goodbye. “

    “ It’s gonna be a sight to see. “

    “ It’s too late to try to run. “

    “ I’ll become what you like. “

    “ I’ll never die. “

    “ I’m a fool. “

    “ I’m dangerous. “

    “ I’m fine just trying to wake the rest up. “

    “ I’m lost in the crowd. “

    “ I’m the baddest mother up in here. “

    “ I’m the girl you’d die for. “

    “ I’ve got to live with the choices I made. “

    “ I’ve gotta make a stand. “

    “ Just you watch. “

    “ Maybe you’ll change. “

    “ My life started the day I got caught. “

    “ My vision is blurred. “

    “ No denying times is hard. “

    “ No one tears it up like you. “

    “ No one wants you when you have no heart. “

    “ Now, don’t be shy ! “

    “ Oh, dear child, I’m sorry. “

    “ Open your soul. “

    “ Rewrite your history. “

    “ So this is the end of the story. “

    “ Something’s made your eyes go cold. “

    “ Sometimes I feel already dead. “

    “ Sometimes I feel like I’m dying. “

    “ Sometimes it’s just hard to realize. “

    “ That’s all that I’ve wanted for longer than you could possibly know. “

    “ That’s just pipe dreaming. “

    “ The best is yet to come. “

    “ The harder the battle, the harder I fight. “

    “ There’s no such thing as fate. “

    “ There’s nothing I can say. “

    “ There’s nothing I can’t do. “

    “ They bring down angels like you. “

    “ They can see me. “

    “ They haven’t seen the best of us yet. “

    “ They say it’s all been done. “

    “ Thinking you could never die like you’re bulletproof. “

    “ This is our time to own it. “

    “ Victory is mine. “

    “ Watching all these dreams go up in smoke. “

    “ We believe in what we say. “

    “ We don’t need saving. “

    “ We don’t need to say the words. “

    “ We don’t wanna make a move. “

    “ We have to go ! “

    “ We should be together. “

    “ We wish you could stay at least one more day. “

    “ We’ve grown apart. “

    “ What you gonna do ? “

    “ When you call me, I’ll be there. “

    “ When you’re falling in a forest and there’s nobody around, do you ever really crash or even make a sound ? “

    “ You almost had me fooled. “

    “ You can tear it up. “

    “ You don’t show love. “

    “ You know you can’t give me what I need. “

    “ You never walked away. “

    “ You put me through hell. “

    “ You told me to wait ! “

    “ You want to believe it’s true. “

    “ You were wrong. “

    “ You will find me there. “

    “ Your lips smudging all my makeup. “

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  • eievuimemes
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago


    warning: contains themes of death and car crashes

    “Are you ready for me to drive?”

    “Are you ready for the highway?”

    “Close your eyes.”

    “Could I learn to just…be.”

    “Don’t you think you should wake up and answer the phone?

    “Embrace your destiny.”

    “Even if I disappoint everyone.”

    “Get in loser, you’re wasting your best life!”

    “Gotta eat this, can you steer?”

    “Her head’s a mess and her heart’s a whirl.”

    “He’s left wanting more.”

    “How do you like these?”

    “How much more perfect could a boyfriend be?”

    “I am drunk.”

    “I can do it on my own.”

    “I can free you.”

    “I could come along.”

    “I didn’t know how to love until you swept me away.”

    “I didn’t stop to memorize the details.”

    “I have no idea where we are.”

    “I know she’s dying to let me in.”

    “I might have been drunk.”

    “I need to go back inside.”

    “I raised my daughter well.”

    “I wanna reach the horizon of impossibility.”

    “If I start to look like I’m sweating, that’s ‘cause I am.”

    “If she slows down just enough to look up…”

    “If we’re gonna go, we gotta go tonight.”

    “It sucks, right?”

    “It’s as simple as peas in a peapod.”

    “I’m in love with you.”

    “I’m in!”

    “I’m not the enemy.”

    “I’m serious, I will, like, haunt you.”

    “I’ve always had all the answers. Now I don’t have a clue.”

    “Just calm down.”

    “Just for a little while longer?”

    “Just try to keep up with me!”

    “Let me pull up a map.”

    “Let’s get in the car and just remember.”

    “Live it up with no complicated philosophies.”

    “Not ready to face your demons?”

    “Only you know how uncertain you are.”

    “Per usual, [name]’s only plan was running her mouth.”

    “Play a game, eat some food, then make out when we’re in the mood.”

    “Remember everything that led you here.”

    “Remember the biker bar?”

    “Risk is good if it’s planned.”

    “Run away with me.”

    “She never lies.”

    “She was my whole universe.”

    “She’s my whole life.”

    “So, where are we going?”

    “Tell the story of how you got here.”

    “That could be me.”

    “That’s it. That’s all it is.”

    “The answer is obviously yes.”

    “The dawn is breaking.”

    “The game has been rigged, but I learned to play.”

    “The only ones for me are the mad ones.”

    “The party’s gone; we’re moving on.”

    “The sun’s nearly waking the life inside me.”

    “The wheels of change, they move so goddamn slow.”

    “The world’s not on her side.”

    “Then one day, the phone rings…”

    “There’s planning involved.”

    “There’s so many things that we don’t understand.”

    “There’s something wrong, it’s plain to see.”

    “Think about the one time I got you to skip school.”

    “This is really hard.”

    “Try harder.”

    “Ugh, what did I always tell you?”

    “Under the covers, all I think of is you. Just you.”

    “We just pick up and go!”

    “We make the rules.”

    “We won’t look back.”

    “We would talk through the night.”

    “We’re gonna hit that house!”

    “We’re mad to reach for more.”

    “We’re moving fast.”

    “We’re the fools who will never learn.”

    “What happened first?”

    “Where are my keys?”

    “Where are you headed?”

    “Where do you wanna go now?”

    “Why isn’t she telling me?

    “Will you die out or burn?”

    “Yo, snap out of it.”

    “You don’t have to know that right now.”

    “You might get your way.”

    “You said ‘no’ then, too.”

    “You should probably try staying in one lane.”

    “You waited too long.”

    “You won’t fail.”

    “Your heart is racing.”

    “Your life’s in the rearview mirror.”

    “You’re drunk!”

    “You’re my whole life.”

    “You’re not even trying.”

    “You’re scared. You should be. If you’re not, you’re not doing it right.”

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