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    19.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    I loved the boys with the infp reader, could i request Floyd, Ruggie, Leona, Idia, Jamil and Ace with an ENFP reader who's very energetic and sporty? This might help :) thank you for your time ❤️

    thank you for the request! ^^ i hope it's good and thank you for the link, really appreciated that! ♡

    ♡ with an enfp reader headcanons ♡ ♡ fluff and romance ♡ ♡ fem!reader ♡

    ♡ ace trappola ♡ ♡ he loves how positive and energetic she is, she's funny to be around and he's never bored when he's with her. ♡ when they're together they'll pretty much do anything that's on their mind, but they'll do mostly do physical activites like sports and the two will run away from riddle if he finds out they've broken some rules. ♡ he thinks it's cute that she gets easily curious about everything, but he won't tell her that, everytime she sees someting that interests her she'll grab his arm and drag him to it. ♡ he likes that she's social and not scared of talking about pretty much anything, makes it easier to talk to her and he likes that she's a good listener. ♡ when he first noticed that she overthinks and gets stressed easily it honestly surprised him, he's not used to see that side of her so he'll try his best to calm her down even if he's stressed too.

    ♡ leona kingscholar ♡ ♡ he loves that she's sporty and caring she is, he enjoys doing any physical activites with her and likes it when she motivates him. ♡ when they're together she'll most of the time try to get his lazy ass from the bed or wherever he's napping so they can do stuff together, and when he's finally awake they'll do anything sport related. ♡ he likes that she's energetic and curious, but sometimes he thinks she can be a bit to much, especially when he just wants to take his naps. ♡ he's thinks it's nice that she's social and is good at talking, he likes to listen to her talk about random stuff when he's about to take a nap. ♡ he's not that surprised that she overthinks or get stressed easily, she usually go into things without thinking first, so he usually helps her calm down.

    ♡ ruggie bucchi ♡ ♡ he loves how caring and positive she is, he's never in a bad mood when she's around and he likes that she cheers him up after a rough day. ♡ when they're together they'll be outside most of the time and do either sports or they'll hike in the woods where he also teaches her how to survive in the wilderness. ♡ he likes that she's energetic and how easily curious she gets, it makes every moment with her interesting and fun, he also thinks that her curiosity is cute. ♡ he likes that she's social and can talk with anyone, he's pretty good at that himself so it's easy to start a conversation with her. ♡ in the beginning he was surprised that she overthinks and get stressed easily, but he quickly got used to it and he does is best to calm her down.

    ♡ floyd leech ♡ ♡ he loves how energetic and sporty she is, he's never bored when she's around and just really enjoys her company. ♡ when they're together they'll do anything, sports, dancing, literally anything that they're in the mood for, he just wants to have a fun time with her. ♡ he loves how curious she is about everything, he thinks it's really cute and will tease her about it and whatever she's curious about they'll check it out together. ♡ he loves how social she is and that she's not afraid of talking to anyone, it makes it easier to talk about anything with her. ♡ he was surprised that she sometimes overthinks and gets stressed easily, it's a different side of her, but he's trying his best to calm her down but he's probably not that good at it.

    ♡ jamil viper ♡ ♡ he loves how caring and sporty she is, even though she reminds him of kalim most of the time, he does enjoy being around her. ♡ when they're together they'll do anything that has to do with physical like sports and dancing, though be prepared for kalim to join the two often. ♡ he likes that she's energetic and curious about everything, but he do wishes that she could be less energetic sometimes, especially after rough days. ♡ he likes that she's social and can talk to anyone about anything, she's also a good listener, so he likes to start conversations with her. ♡ he's not that surprised that she overthinks stuff or gets stressed easily, so he'll help her calm down and tells her to take it easy.

    ♡ idia shroud ♡ ♡ he loves how caring and positive she is, he really enjoys being around her, but he's too shy to tell her that face to face. ♡ when they're together she will try and make him leave his room with ortho since they want to do something fun and sporty outside, they always fails, but he suggests that they can play a rhythm game, that's pretty much a sport, right? ♡ he loves how curious she gets when she watches him build stuff, he thinks it's very cute and always turns him into a blushing mess. ♡ he's jealous of how social she is, he sometimes wishes that he was as social as her, so he'll just let her do the talking whenever they're outside together. ♡ he's really surprised when he sees her overthink stuff or get stressed easily, he tries his best to calm her down, tries.

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    19.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Ruggie is my serotonin brain gremlin and he needs more dramatic lighting shots

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    19.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Twst Vice Dorm Leaders’ Favorite Positions

    dividers by firefly-graphics

    Dorm Leaders’ version here

    Content: GN!Reader x top!vice dorm leaders (and sub!ruggie lol) nsfw, bondage in Jade’s part. Dorm Leaders < Vice Dorm Leaders in regards to teasing tbh.

    Everyone is 18+ per my bio.


    Standing - Trey loves to take you standing. Whether that’s with you pressed against a wall or holding you underneath your ass as he roughly thrusts into you, he likes the feeling of being your stability. He loves knowing that he’s the one thing tethering you to earth, both physically and mentally as you lose yourself in pleasure. His grip on you is tight and unrelenting, even protective in a way. Trey is a very giving lover, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a little selfish, too. That’s why he loves the control he has while taking you standing, he can be as kind or as mischievous as he likes.

    It’s always like this when the two of you try to bake. One minute you’ll be bent over trying to grab supplies from the bottom cupboard and the next you’re against a wall, covered in flour as Trey hikes your legs up around him. His lips attach themselves to your neck, a sweet yet lustful gesture, kissing and nibbling with a fervor. He pins you against the wall with his body as a hand roams underneath your ass to support you. There’s a weird comfort that settles within your heart as Trey holds you close, his hard cock sliding between your thighs teasingly. For as rough and as unyielding he can be in the heat of the moment, you know he would never drop you. Every movement is made with your pleasure and comfort in mind.

    You whimper when he finally aligns his cock and slides himself ever-so-sadistically inside of your warmth. You writhe in his grasp, to which Trey gives a small chuckle.

    “Sweetheart,” he whispers, adjusting himself so that he could hold you more comfortably. “Patience. Be a good girl and wait for me to be ready, yeah?”


    shibari, sex swing - I’m cheating a bit with this one because it’s not technically a position but Jade loves to see you tied up in a swing. Why? It’s thrilling to see you bound and helpless. He loves the art of tying you up. It’s formulaic; it’s science. Just like a terrarium needs the correct amount of sunlight and moisture to thrive, Jade meticulously applies the correct pressure and placement of ropes along your body. The mere process of it all has your body trembling in anticipation, but Jade doesn’t cut corners. He won’t be satisfied until you’re properly tied up and suspended from the ceiling- that’s when he’ll finally give you what you want. This isn’t a form of sex that’s achievable underwater, which only makes him crave it even more.

    You can feel the rope along your sides begin to rub you raw as Jade finishes securing the final knot. A hand comes to support your stomach as he pushes you slightly, a test of the rope’s tensile strength before fucking you until both your brain and the cable are close to snapping. Pleased with his work, Jade plants a tender kiss to your forehead.

    You aren’t able to bask in the sweetness for too long, though, before he’s right behind you with his heavy cock bullying its way into your entrance. You can’t help the moan that’s pulled from your throat as Jade grabs a hold of the ropes supporting your waist, using the momentum to swing your hips into his own.

    “Don’t do anything too rash now, my love. I wouldn’t want you to get too hurt.” Jade smiles, watching how you fidget in your confines.

    The ‘too’ in that sentence is not lost on you.


    The Amazon - Bottom boy. Okay, I’m not the biggest fan of when people use animal logic for the twst beastmen, but male hyenas are notoriously submissive and I just know Ruggie is too. The Amazon is a riff off of the cowgirl position where the penetrator is in an even more submissive position with their legs up in the air. Ruggie loves seeing you on top of him like that. It turns him on to no end to have his legs hiked up as you ride him. He’s constantly taking care of other people- running around doing chores for Leona, picking up errands for anyone who has the money to give him- so it’s nice to be taken care of himself for once. Treat him like the sweet little bottom boy he is and he’ll be putty in your hands.

    “F-fuck,” Ruggie manages between labored breaths, his hands wrapping around your shoulders as you ride him. He’s in an embarrassingly compromised position. Ruggie shudders to imagine how it would be if his machismo dormmates saw him like this, his legs hiked up like a whore as you spear yourself onto his cock. Well, he thinks, joke’s on them because he’s the only one getting to feel you wrapped around him either way.

    You just feel so good around him, milking his cock dry with your mesmerizing movements. Ruggie can’t help but think about how ethereal you look above him, just the sight alone driving him closer and closer to orgasm.

    “I-I’m so close…” Ruggie groans into your ear, grazing his teeth along your neck, an unspoken promise to bite down whenever he pleases. “God, please let me cum inside of you.”


    Spreadeagle - Jamil loves seeing you with your legs spread all the way apart for him, laid out like a Scarabian feast. Jamil isn’t used to having things just to himself, so when you lay your body out on a platter for him, he absolutely loses his mind. It’s about control- your body is his to do with as he pleases, so why not completely expose yourself to him? He’d support your legs as he spreads you wide, licking his lips at the enticing view. Just like Kalim, he does enjoy a flexible partner- and if you aren’t already, daily training with Jamil’s cock between your legs should do the trick. Be prepared to be sore the next day- Jamil isn’t so kind when it comes to relaxing your legs mid-session- but the ever-vigilant caretaker within him doesn’t allow you to go without some icepacks and a well-oiled message on particularly rough days.

    Jamil is a slow lover. He likes to take his time with you, moving his hands across your body, leaving no inch of skin untouched. Begging gets you nowhere with him. You desperately need him, but only after his teasing fingertips have had their fill of your body will he grant you the pleasure of his cock. He spreads you wide, subconsciously dragging his tongue along his top lip at the sight. Your body increases his appetite far more than any large dinner party ever could.

    Jamil steadies his hands on your calves as he buries his cock into you, a long groan escaping his parted lips. He can’t get enough of your body, your lewd expressions, you, you, you. He leans in, stretching you even further, as he presses his lips against yours in a sinful kiss.

    “That’s right, take me all the way inside.” Jamil moans, admiring how well you take his cock. “Let me show you that every inch of you is mine.”


    Full Nelson - and so the hunter does catch his prey. It’s a fitting position for him, behind you, gripping your thighs as your body is fully ensnared within his own. You feel like a mouse caught in a trap, unable to wriggle free from Rook’s grasp. He gazes down upon your body as he grinds his hips up into you, spouting praises in half-coherent French (both from the pleasure muddling his mind and the, well, general Rook-ness of him). He likes it when you struggle against him- the harder you squirm, the tighter he holds onto you. No self-respecting hunter would let his game run free after having them so close within his grasp, so you better believe that you aren’t escaping him for a long time coming.

    Once Rook has you, he won’t let you go. It’s futile to try and break free from his grasp as he squeezes the back of your thighs, holding them up so that your body is completely spread and vulnerable. He plunges his cock deep inside of you, chuckling once he feels himself bottom out within you.

    His thrusts are quick and needy, pounding into you vigorously. Your hands reach around to hold onto his forearms for some sort of stability, the pleasure pooling in your abdomen too much to bear.

    “I never tire of ravishing you like this, mon chou.” He whispers, breath tickling your ear as he spoke. Rook is a vocal lover, wether that’s whispering sweet nothings or moaning against your neck, you’re never left wondering if he feels satisfied with you. “Let me introduce you to the little death over and over again.”


    In The Air, Upside Down - This man totally fucks you mid-air. You can’t tell me he doesn’t fuck you mid-air, upside down until the blood rushes to your brain and makes you woozy. Lilia doesn’t quite understand how human bodies work- feigns ignorance, at the very least- so when he teleports the both of you into the air, he’s amused at how you react. Lilia can hold the both of you there for as long as his magical powers allow it, which essentially means he can suspend the both of you in the air for hours on end. It’s thrilling and freeing for him to be in the air as he bucks into you and the adrenaline coursing through your veins enhances the already overstimulated nerves within your body to the point of near-combustion. Your nails dig into his back as you cling on for dear life (you’re not that high, stop being dramatic-), as your core is pounded over and over again by Lilia’s unforgiving cock. Of course, you’ll need to remind him when you’re getting too light headed and need to return right-side up, lest you actually fall unconscious.

    You’re never quite prepared for how soft Lilia’s skin is whenever you sink your nails into his shoulder blades. You would think after all of the hardships he’d gone through over his very, very long life that there would be more calloused and scarred skin, but Lilia is an anomaly. Fae genetics and their ever replenishing cells, you guess.

    Still, your fingers leave crescent-shaped bores in the back of his flesh as you hang onto him. He has you raised several feet up in the air with your legs around his waist. Lilia’s mouth curls into a mischievous smile, your frantic heartbeat sending blood straight to his cock. He dips you upside down before rutting against you.

    “Don’t be afraid to let me know if I’m pushing you too far, darling.”


    *(The little death is a reference to what the French call an orgasm) This just in, the dorm leaders are soft™️ and the vice dorm leaders are all going to Horny Jail

    #twisted wonderland smut #twst smut #Trey clover x reader smut #Jade leech x reader smut #Ruggie bucchi x reader smut #Jamil Viper x reader smut #Lilia vanrouge x reader smut #rook hunt x reader smut
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    19.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Now I'm a little less mad at Leona.

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  • genderfluid-insomniac
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    May i request general relationship headcanons for savanaclaw?


    this is obvious but he’s a cuddler and in the morning if you’re sleeping with him don’t expect to make it to any of your morning classes or maybe notify your professors you’ll be late for your afternoon classes.

    he’s so protective of you but mostly because the prefect is afraid that you’ll leave him for someone better and see through his prideful facade, please reassure him you’re not leaving him anytime soon.

    I don’t know how but there have been several occasions in potionology where someone has accidentally turned your boyfriend into a lion and hi-jinx ensued, Crewel had to stop him from almost killing the student in question.

    you do notice from time to time if you’re walking next to him that his eyes will wander up and down you’re body, smirking to himself if you catch him and teasing you.

    Often times he will drag you away from whatever your doing with sometimes no excuse at all to be intimate, which happens a lot more than you would think.


    this boy is hyper and has a lot of energy, don’t be surprised when your lover races up to you practically bouncing off the walls and asks if you wanna play a joke with him on someone.

    you accompany him most of the time when looking for Leona and getting him lunch, giving him all sorts of opportunities to mess with you using his signature spell.

    If you get anxious or don’t like him playing jokes on you then he’ll stop because he’d never wanna hurt you purposely at all.

    it’s also obvious that he’s a cuddle bug and adores to cling to you under heaps of blankets, it’s so warm that he never wants to ever leave.


    the beastman is an absolute gentleman and doesn’t do anything without your permission, but sometimes in private he’ll initiate kisses and give you puppy eyes for cuddles.

    Jack is such a softie it’s not hard to get him to do something for you unless it’s wrong or against the rules then expect a scolding and lecture from him on how he’s disappointed in you.

    you will have to convince him to get you out of trouble whenever the adeuce trio get’s you into trouble and he might not even help you depending on the level of stupidity.

    If you can weasel it out of him, he’s a sucker for romcoms and star gazing, memorizing all the lines to his favorite movies and recalling all the constellations that remind him of you.

    #savanaclaw#twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland x reader #leona kingscholar #leona kingscholar x reader #jack howl #jack howl x reader #ruggie bucchi x reader #ruggie bucchi
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  • mlk082
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    What they do when you’re on vacation - Vice housewardens


    * Helps you pack to make sure you don’t miss anything

    * Wants you to text him when you arrive so he knows you got there safely

    * Respects the time difference between you

    * Makes sure to call you at a reasonable time that works for both of you

    * You send him photos of all the sweets you find there

    * Loves when you send him a picture of you smiling

    * Texts you during the trip back to make sure you get back to NRC safely

    * Spends the day with you when you get back

    * Listens to all your stories

    * Appreciates the souvenir you got for him


    * Is sad to see you leave without him

    * Reminds you to text him when you get there

    * Doesn’t respect the time difference at all

    * Will call 5-7 times before giving up

    * Really likes the photos you send and saves them all

    * Loves the photos of you with a sunset/sunrise behind you

    * Complains that he misses you

    * Keeps messaging you until you’re back on campus

    * Also spends the day with you when you get back

    * Keeps the souvenir in one of his pockets at all times


    * Makes sure you don’t forget to bring anything

    * Would want you to send photos of you boarding and arriving rather than texting so he makes sure it’s you

    * Texts you at a specific time that works for the both of you

    * Prefers texts for little things like good mornings/goodnights, and prefers calls for conversations

    * Loves the nature photos you take

    * Again, wants you to send photos of your boarding and arrival to make sure it’s you

    * Is already at he NRC gates waiting for you

    * Tells you to sleep if you’re tired from the trip back

    * If you’re not, you spend the day outside together, telling Jade everything about your trip

    * Keeps the souvenir in his nightstand


    * Trusts that you didn’t forget anything but checks anyway

    * Knows the time that you should be boarding and arriving

    * Respects the time difference and picks a time where both of you would be awake to text

    * Gets worried if you don’t answer the phone after calling 2-3 times

    * If you’re in a hot place, tells you wear sunscreen

    * Likes when you send a photo in the morning (his time), so he can have a better start of the day

    * Keeps checking the time on the day you’re supposed to get back

    * Makes sure you aren’t sick when you get to NRC

    * Kalim tells him to take the day off so you two can spend it together

    * Does not let anybody go near the souvenir you got him


    * Is dramatic

    * Helps you pack, memorizing everything you took with you

    * Uses the formula of ‘((Time + traffic) x transportation speed) S/O also walks x mph’ to determine exactly when you should arrive

    * Would prefer FaceTime so he can see you and hear your voice

    * Wear headphones when you do because he has no shame.

    * Would say something about his heart ‘aching’ without you

    * Don’t say the line “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Or any other line because he will start to flirt until you end the call.

    * Saves the photos you send in an album he has

    * Sends a list of the things you brought with you so you don’t forget anything on the way back

    * Is a smiling idiot the whole time he’s waiting for you

    * As soon as you get to NRC he’s all over you

    * You have to kiss him so he shuts up about the souvenir you got him


    * Puts things in your bag you didn’t even know you needed

    * Makes sure you packed properly and that everything fits.

    * Tells you what to do if you get stuck in any possible situation

    * Checks in with you when you arrive

    * Doesn’t give a damn about time difference. You both stay up late anyway, there’s no point in keeping track other than the sun is up or down

    * You still play video games on call

    * Also prefers FaceTime

    * Tells you about the history of the place you are in

    * Likes to see how it changed over time when you send photos

    * You two are on call when you’re packing to leave so you don’t forget anything

    * Tried to cook something once you got back…

    * Cherishes the souvenir

    #twisted wonderland x reader #twst wonderland x reader #trey x reader #twst trey x reader #ruggie bucchi x reader #twisted wonderland ruggie #twst ruggie #ruggie x reader #ruggie x mc #ruggie x y/n #twst ruggie x reader #jade leech x reader #jade x reader #twst jade x reader #jamil viper x reader #jamil x reader #twst jamil x reader #twst rook x reader #rook hunt x reader #rook x reader #lilia x reader #twst lilia x reader #lilia vanrouge x reader #heartslaybul x reader #savanaclaw x reader #octavinelle x reader #scarabia x reader #pomefiore x reader #diasonmia x reader
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    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Hi ! I just realized your request are open ! First of all congratulations for 500 follower 🎂🥳 !! My request are for Riddle Rosehearts, Ruggie Bucchi, Epel Felmier and Lilia Vanrouge, (romantic kinda, they have a crush ?) in form of a headcanons : gn!reader take something of their hair without warning and end up grazing their ear or their neck, hehe~ i thought it was a cute idea and would like to read it from you if you accept it ! ❤

    let's go! gotta love moments in pining~!
    reqs open!
    a/n: ALSO, I changed Lilia's and Epel's trope a bit so it doesn't get boring! I do hope that's okay.

    🍒 Riddle is already a nervous wreck around you, so when he sees your hand fly up against your hair, he freezes, too scared, or really, too nervous to move.

    🍒 He looks up at your face, thanking the Great Seven that you don’t notice him staring at your features. 

    🍒 When your hand accidentally strays down to his ear, he squeaks, quickly pulling your hand away from him and holding his ear, unable to make eye contact.

    🍒 Then when you reveal that its a fallen leaf you picked from his hair he’s one, mortified that his appearance isn’t as clean as he thought and two, you touched his ear!

    🍒 It burns bright red as he begins to yell at you, something nonsensical that doesn’t even make sense to him because of how flustered he is.

    🍒 “I- Don’t touch my ears- The rules state- ah- j-just please leave me alone for now!”

    🌹 He’ll lament this failure of his to Trey and Cater later on, cursing himself for what he’s done. 

    🌹 But you don’t mind his lecture. Not when he looked that cute.

    🍒 Ruggie is more cool with the entire thing; he’s got a crush on you, cool, yeah, and he’s happy you’ve gotten close enough to pet him without warning.

    🍒 But when you brush against his ear repeatedly, like trying to wade something off, an embarrassing sound threatens to leave him.

    🍒 Its a sort of laughing response, but its not the usual laugh he has. No, this one’s a laugh used for people closest to him, like his grandmother- and it’s bubbling up because you’re teaching his ears-!

    🍒 He grabs both of your hands with a growl, and covers off his embarrassment with a joke.

    🍒 “Oi, whatcha think you’re doin’, prefect? Petting my ears are gonna cost ya, ya know~”

    🍒 And when you reveal a pestering lint, or material of some sort has been stuck in his hair, and not because you want to pet him…

    🌹 He’ll be rolling around in his pillow for quite some time.

    🌹 You should do this more often.

    🍒 You know Epel doesn’t like being called dainty and cute- he truly doesn’t, but when he’s sitting under an apple tree and the light’s are coming down from the leaves in patches that cling onto him like second skin, he certainly looks ethereal.

    🍒 But then you spot something- a bug on his neck that he doesn’t seem to notice, still happily chattering to you about his hometown.

    🍒 You suddenly reach out, grabbing his shoulder on one hand and aiming for his neck with the other.

    🍒 But the bug is a persistent little shit, so it takes a couple of tries before you finally get him, but when you do, there’s like, bug goo all over his neck (gross). You do the honors of rubbing your thumb over it a couple of times, and its gone.

    🍒 You pull back to find Epel staring at you with wide eyes and stained cheeks. Ooh, right. An explanation is probably due.

    🍒 “There was a… bug.” You say, raising your bug goo covered thumb. “Did I startle you? Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

    🍒 “‘S… fine.” Epel mumbles in his country accent. “Ya can go wash it off in the sink.”

    🍒 You leave, and as soon as your back is turned, Epel buries himself on his thighs, grumbling. How DARE you look so focused and cool when you do it?! How dare you breathe down on him, making his heart pitter-patter like he’s just seen Vil? How dare you make him feel so… so… so girly and, and… and whatever these mushy feelings do to him?! How could you, how could you?!

    🌹 He won’t even look at you when you come back. WHY?!

    🍒 Lilia thinks you’re the cutest thing ever (except for Silver. And Sebek. And Malleus. ...basically his kids). Here you are, taking his heart captive and acting so nonchalant about it. It’s not everyday you have a… centuries? No, eons? …how-many-years-old fae crushing on you. 

    🍒 Your overly calculated methods of surprising him never fail to make him giggle when you fail and give him a pout. Aw, geez, you’re just making him want you even more at this rate!

    🍒 So it comes as a surprise to both you and Lilia when you surprise him and you were so subtle at it, too.

    🍒 You’re chilling in his room, you know, as friends do- Lilia’s focused on a game, and you’re just watching when unexpectedly, you reach out to pat his hair. You don’t say anything, but your hand roams down to his ear, then his neck.

    🍒 He drops his controller to stifle a laugh, asking if his neck interests you that much.

    🍒 “Yeah, kinda. It’s really pretty. Your ears too. Can I touch ‘em?”

    🍒 Lilia’s face is uncharacteristically red, a hand on his mouth, with his hair flying up like in animes. 

    🍒  Its a fae thing, you see, for the ears and neck to be awfully sensitive spots, and you brushed on them like they were nothing. You’re even saying you like them?! Puh-lease, no one’s ever made his heart pound quite like this before.

    🌹 Maybe you should start making excuses to massage his neck and ears more often.

    #BLUSHING LILIA LET'S GOOOOO #SENSITIVE FAE PARTS YEAHHHHHH #MUAHAHAHA EXPLOITATION #ok actual tags #lilia vanrouge#twisted wonderland#twst wonderland#twst #ruggie bucchi x reader #ruggie bucchi #lilia vanrouge x reader #epel felmier #epel felmier x reader #riddle rosehearts x reader #riddle rosehearts #twisted wonderland x reader #twst x reader #gn reader #gender neutral reader #cherry picking 🍒 #twst headcannons #twisted wonderland headcannons
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    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    calling the twisted boys your husband/wife! [2/7]

    established relationship, still dating, gn! reader
    a/n: the savanaclaw boys! the good boys! also LOOK AT THE BANNERS ARE THEY NOT SICK?? yeah they are I made it
    i found my true calling and that is being a graphic designer LOL

    leona kingscholar

    “yes, my husband would like to- ARGH-”

    his tails hits your face when you call him that, due to how rapid its wagging. he likes it, oh he likes it alright, but you aren’t going to hear him say he likes it.

    he’ll proudly reference himself as your husband, be it in private or public. you dug yourself this grave, and you’re going to keep DIGGING until you guys actually get married LMAO

    (this is a twst eng reference)

    ruggie bucchi

    “yeps, yeps, my wife would like 2 dozen donuts, thank you!”

    ruggie whips his head around, and his red turns red and FLUSHED, FLUSHED. first instinct is to hit you. 

    “why did you do that?!”

    he’ll get uncharacteristically quiet when you call him that, and it really cute seeing his ears flatten against his head and his tail wag. 

    he’ll eventually get used to it, but still. 

    jack howl

    “ah yes, my wife would be interested in the snowboarding equipment, thank you.”

    both the shopkeeper and jack whip around to look at you. jack is, well, confused. isn’t he supposed to be the husband here? and also, YOU BOTH AREN’T MARRIED?!??

    he wishes he didn’t because you use it at every opportunity. at a call, in private, in public… you’re out for his blood, aren’t cha?

    #my favoritism for jack is showing.. #jack howl#ruggie bucchi#leona kingscholar#twisted wonderland#twst wonderland#twst #ruggie bucchi x reader #leona kingscholar x reader #jack howl x reader #twisted wonderland x reader #twst x reader #stuff hits the fan
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  • yuuki-in-twisted-wonderland
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Well, at least Vil finally ate something of mine.

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  • glamorousruins
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Art Dump #2

    continuation of this post!

    sighs as I place this bad boy down

    So I had this big idea of something I wanted to do for my mutuals. So basically, my love language is gift-giving, right? I wanted to draw a headshot and a little sketch page of the yuusonas/yuus (or just any character of my mutuals) and gift it to them!! Either for being my mutual and putting up with my incoherent daily screaming or whatever.

    Now here's what happened:

    Life happened, not enough time happened, and at one point I started to really dislike how I drew the current headshots :')))). My style had begun to change when I looked back on this and it bugged me so much that I'm currently abandoning this batch and starting from square one again orz.

    Regardless, the characters (in order from left to right) belong to @ai-0uch, @twstlibrary, and @twstedstoryshop !! So sorry that I didn't do your characters justice

    But anyway, if you want separate headshots of them lmk! Trust me, I'll do them right one-day orz

    ok this is an older sketch but one of my favorite ones regardless

    This was inspired by a concept by my homies @smalltasteofhoney and @187-mg!!! Blowing a kiss to you both <33

    This sketch is a result of their Idia x reader x Cater fic and everything that went on in the discord server lmaooo I'm sorry but you cannot convince me that Idia is not a discord mod and Cater is scamming him by being his discord kitten. It's literally canon, Cater told me

    anyways, it's ugly and old but Imma do a redraw of this one!! Fun fact, this was the first time I've ever drawn Idia lmao

    Okay so under the cut will be the NSFW drawings! This does not include sexual stuff smh, I mean yandere, gore, blood, bruises, cuts, etc !! So please beware of that

    Okay, so I mentioned in a post that Ru, my version of Yuu, tends to get in fights!! More often than not, he gets his ass beat

    While I have to develop the lore more, there is this specific Savanaclaw student who particularly likes giving Ru a hard time. I just wanted to draw the aftermath of said fight! You'll see that his clothes are a bit burnt at some parts and that's because it's hard to win a fight where magic is being used against you

    Especially if you are magic-less:')))

    anyways, I'm not too happy with this one but it is what it is


    Okay so on the discord server we were talking about this one Micheal Myers fanart and how for some reason it gave off Trey vibes???

    So I present to you: Micheal Myers!Trey~~~ Ok. So it's terribly obvious idk how to draw blood. I kinda gave up on this one because I couldn't get it in a way I'd like but it's alright. There is another version of Trey smirking at us but I didn't finish it

    If anyone wants to see it then I'll finish that one though

    please don't ask where his glasses are- idk where they are ok


    Ok so I was trying to draw Ace smiling for an ask but then it morphed into yandere Ruggie somehow??? I am actually still working on this one atm and this is currently my Latest drawing- I figured I'd share it anyways!!

    I am in love with how it coming out so far... his eyes are my favorite part

    he's just so... *swoons*

    Anyways- that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this little dump lmao

    Hopefully, this can show that my art style is slowly getting better orz auaghhh. Though it's very obvious that I only like doing headshots/portrait-like drawings. And that's because I do!! I like making drawings as if they are a photo still in time that you're looking at. I like making the things I draw seem like a photo taken at random and my drawings are the result

    This is also an excuse to not draw bodies but ignore that

    #ruin nonsense#art#twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland art #mutuals #man i hope this shows that my art is improving... #some days it's rlly hard to like my art #but i think it's slowly getting to a place where I can enjoy it again #i am currently obsessed with the ruggie one though #god i love it sm #anyways #im working on fics rn!! #i just wanted to give some content in the mean time
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  • sherbet-shark
    19.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐇𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧

    A twisted wonderland theory ft. @anevilbunnyinthehat and @twistthedias I (Sherbet Shark) 

    @pianoperson /@pianostarinwonderland​ pspspsps h-here’s the theory I’m sorry idk which acc you use most for twst ;-;

    Sources used: Shel_BB’s Twist fansubs on YT, ENG ver of Twist, JPN ver of twist, Twist Wikia, Disney’s Pinocchio (lore), The Last Unicorn (lore), Cinderella 2: Dreams come true (lore), and various Chats.
    Trigger Warnings: The following post contains Dark themes such as Psychological damage, Sensory overloads, Torture, War, Laws, Breach of Animal rights, Human trafficking, and Human rights.
    Word Count: 2.3k

    This theory does not support the above reasons but rather an idea for finding potential reasons why transformation potions or spells have been outlawed or forbidden within the Twisted Wonderland world using lore and evidence within the game. By clicking the “Read More” cut-off, you consent to read this post and expose yourself to these topics.

    Bunny first brought up this theory in our private discord server, with her theorizing that the talking animals are the ancestors of the beastmen we now see in the game. Then evolves into morality and potential dark history along with transformation magic.

          In Twisted Wonderland, many characters say that making transformation potions and spells is banned/outlawed, but there is no reason why. We, the player, have no background in the matter, and it’s implied that this law has been around for quite a while since the law’s passing. Hence the following screenshots of characters stating the matter. The talking animals from The Lion King, Little Mermaid, and many other Disney movies are often referenced by the characters they are based on; Ruggie speaking of a Warthog and Meerkat being the royal guards to the Prince the age of the King of Beasts (Scar). The characters in the game often mention the creatures of their respective areas and stories, talking, and actions the characters have done in their respective films.

      Still, with a slight twist, as seen in the below screenshots, as seen within these pictures, we can tell that the transformation market was huge and growing either by obtaining the materials or hiring a powerful magician to assist in this massive change for their clientele. The Sea Witch comes to mind in this game. The Octavinelle dorm students Azul, Jade, and Floyd, mention her story as someone that nearly perfected her transformation from a mermaid to a human but with the slight setback of her proper form would appear in mirrors. There is a plethora of referencing with the Twist cast of this ability and skill. So, this brings many questions into the light. 

       Did strictly mages or Magicians create these types of magics for animals, or did the people that wanted this ability get the materials for the potions. This previous question then leads to the ultimate question: if the market for this was booming and bursting to life, who decided it was wrong and made it illegal. What transpired to make this a universal law in the world of Twisted Wonderland?  Yet no explicit explanation for the sudden downturn of this desirable commodity.

    With these questions in mind, this is where our theory starts. Perhaps the reason for this implementation was a breach of mortality and humanity. An example from another piece of media is 1982’s animated The Last Unicorn. I, Sherbet, have an intense connection to this film. While its appearance may be lighthearted at first, it is very dark on a deeper psychological level. It is very dark but impactful in what I want to speak of within this post of rambles and moral greyness.

        For those that have not seen this movie or need a small recap of the basic storyline, is that the main character, an unnamed Unicorn is the last of her kind and is soon endangered by the Red Bull. She then starts her journey to find out why she is the last unicorn and evade the beast after her. Upon this quest, the mystical beast joins forces and befriends a wizard (Schmendrick) and a woman that loves unicorns (Molly). These two side characters are essential. Now bear with me. The Unicorn, later in the story, is transformed into a human by her wizard companion to escape the Red Beast. 

    In the aftermath of what he had done, the wizard is elated that he ‘saved’ the last unicorn, yet Molly, the woman that loves unicorns, yells and criticizes his actions. I was very young when I watched this movie, and I didn’t understand why Molly was upset because the Unicorn was alive and safe, yes? She is physically safe from the Red Bull, yet as I rewatched it. I understood the reason for Molly’s outburst of anger and hate.

      Unicorns are not humans. Unicorns are otherworldly beasts, and in this setting of the story, they are not supposed to feel human emotions. Unicorns are immortal beasts with a protected mentality from human woes. Unicorns are supposed to be pure, oblivious, and unaging creatures. But immediately, as Schmendrick cast the spell to turn the Last Unicorn human, the wizard at the same time killed her, the last free Unicorn. He killed the innocence that these beasts are revered for having and blessed with having. The naive wizard exposed her to so many new things that she should have never been exposed to in the first place. 

       When the Unicorn wakes from exhaustion and realizes what was done, she has a crisis and an overload of sorts, saying she can feel this mortal body dying with every breath. This movie has a somber tone, and not all of these characters have happily ever afters at the end of this animated movie. But this does take the morality of the character’s actions and will affect the others’ lifetime. With this vital moral greyness and psychological damage that both parties would inevitably endure,  I will now bring into this essay a Disney Film that also tackles the same topic but in a more lighthearted manner than The Last Unicorn.

    In stark contrast, the other movie I will be discussing is the spinoff of Cinderella. 2002’s Cinderella’s Dreams Do Come True. While is followed movie Cinderella three: A Twist in Time is undoubtedly the most popular of the two sequels. A segment of this is lighthearted compared to the previous movie’s topic of animal transformation, and I still wish to explain my reasoning and how it backs up my theory. This story is in the middle of the film, with Jaq, the mouse, as its star character. The little talking mouse deeply cares for Cinderella and wants to be helpful to her but believes that he is too small to lift the burden on the princess.

        The Fairy Godmother then transforms Jaq into a human man to get what he wishes. Jaq tries to help his friend Cinderella, yet he’s pretty inept in “being human,” he speaks in broken sentences while talking and forgets that he now isn’t a mouse, which leads his mouse friends to be scared of him when Jaq tries talking to them. Jaq has an evolved cognitive ability, and it’s shown in the beginning that the former mouse has a hard time walking bipedally. At the same time, you can argue that he shouldn’t be that inexperienced in walking on two feet since the movies showed him to be able to walk normally while in his proper form.

    We can say that the size difference and cognition would be a huge problem for animals going through this tremendous change. Throughout this section of the movie Jaq is torn, stay human while he has to lie about himself and to Cinderella or return to his former self and be content with who he truly is as a mouse. Throughout this show, Jaq must come up with a lie about who he is, and he must learn of the social cues that we humans are already accustomed to, not including the societal norms of the time. Something that Jaq visibly struggles with as time goes on. Jaq then wishes to become his true self and return to his life.

    But there is something more to consider in this theory. All animals show some semblance of human attributes. But there are normal animals in the Disney franchise and in real life. These reasons make me think of the possible outcomes of forcing a feral animal into humanity,  another life form into feeling things they shouldn’t, and experiencing things they shouldn’t know. Would making a human into an animal make the person in question lose their cognitive ability to speak, think, reason, and abstract thinking. Would these capabilities slowly deteriorate the longer the person was forced into this other form? Would the power and potency of this magical spell or potion affect the person?  

    In contrast, this Disney film is lighthearted in this fictional topic, what if in Twisted Wonderland. These ideas came together and clashed in the aftermath of these transactions—the psychological damage, the choices, the laws, the magical power, morality, and humanity. Must be put into consideration. These previous reasons have led me to theorize that there was a possibility that magicians forcibly transforming humans may have been used as a weapon, most notably as a piece of torture and war. Sam added to this theory that it’s pretty angsty if you think of the difficulty of an animal group morphing into a human population and vice versa. How would society label a former beast as strange or odd in the eyes of other humans if, say, the former beastmen or women had no trace of their true heritage? Say, for example, we take the mouse example, and they do use transformation magic with no mouse ears or tail. No one would suspect that this person was any different from other humans. However, depending on many variables, this person’s former animal would have an isolated life because of their lack of knowledge.

    Let me speak more about this taboo magic. Imagine war and war crimes. There are no doubt wars and atrocities in The Twisted Wonderland world, and a canonized example of its history is Lilia Vanrouge and Professor Trein. Let me illuminate that Lilia is a decorated soldier and implied to be very aged. No doubt he has seen, heard, or done things that are atrocities in modern times of Twisted Wonderland. Transformation magic could be a form of torture.

     If you’re a prisoner of war, a wizard could hypothetically turn you into multiple animals and give punishments. Through this hypothetical situation, the powerful wizard or the soldiers would put you through the torturous experience of slowly losing your humanity throughout the duration of their punishment. Another example of a Disney Film that has tackled this transformation problem is Disney’s 1940s Pinocchio. Two cases in this movie are the little wooden puppet himself and the Pleasure Island. Pinocchio’s story is an excellent example of what this theory could have done in this game. Previously a wooden doll, Pinocchio must discover what is right and wrong. 

        Drawing from these details, Pinocchio, now a sentient boy and mentally still a tiny child, he’s starstruck and whisked away by his desire to be human with the glitz and glamor of fanciful lies told by adults. Pleasure Island is a cursed island that turns the little children into donkeys the longer they stay and play on this cursed land. Later in this movie, we can see a scene where the ringmaster sells the children turned donkeys but not before he checks that they can still talk and have their humanity. Because there is a reference and event in the game, Wish Upon a Star. The idea of human trafficking being the reason for this taboo is a viable reason, but since this is Twisted Wonderland, the lore may be different.

      This law wasn’t created to protect animals solely, but to ensure this theorized event would never happen again, it does its best to encompass its protection for all beings.

       Now let’s look in-depth once more. Would implementing this law have a paper contract showing a magician’s and the buyer’s proper consent to show that both parties have permission?

    While polishing this theory and taking sufficient evidence with eng TWST, I had a thought come to me, and this would cover the other end of this dark theory but still sorrowful. In Floyd’s chats with Azul, he asks his dorm leader why the Great Sea Witch changed her appearance, and from his words, “She’s cute and strong as an Octopus.” 

         This evidence leads me to think, what if a merperson or beast-men down the line wanted to become fully human, shed their animal-like traits, and form for love or, more like, the infatuation of another person. Changing yourself because you believe that the one you’re in love with would hate you for who you are isn’t a foreign concept, even in this twisted game and in real-life media. The change always leads to the character’s discovery of self-love or an unparalleled amount of regret. This transformation could easily be a small detail that also contributed to the illegality of this type of magic.

    But there is a difference between a species with the same capabilities as humans, for example, Mer-people, as we can infer these people have been elusive. However, they can still be classified as humans compared to animals with no comparable cognition.

        While there are slight changes between the Fansubs and Official translations, the message is clear: transformation magic is illegal. You have to be highly powerful to concoct a spell or potion, even if you don’t have magical powers. It’s implied that Crowley, a headmaster of one of the prestigious Magic institutions, has some leeway. These academies have exceptions because some students may not be able to be on land for long periods. An example is the Octavinelle Trio, which has said that they take medicine or potions to stay human. As seen below screenshots.

    (Shel_BB’s Fan Sub) (Eng Ver)

    (Shel_BB’s FanSub videos, Chapter Two part 26)

    (Azul’s chats with Floyd)

    (Jade’s Chat with Azul) 

    (She_BB’s fansub video; Prologue Chapter 5) 

    Note: I looked up the difference between “Transformation” and “Transmutation,” and Transformation is where the genes in a lifeform are altered through gene transfer. Transmutation is changing the appearance entirely through a mutation, and most likely what the ancestors from Sunset Savanna experienced. 

    That’s the end of my tangent, please if you have anything to comment or question please go ask it! (As long its not veiled harassment its all good!!) Again, thank you for reaching the end of this theory!! I’m pretty proud of how it ended up looking like and how I worded things. 

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  • yuuki-in-twisted-wonderland
    19.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Ruggie (singing): It's a small world after all-

    Leona: NO! NO! Anything but that!

    #twisted wonderland#twst #twisted wonderland incorrect quotes #leona kingscholar#ruggie bucchi #source: the lion king
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  • seraphdreams
    19.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    seraph, no, wait i fr though you and Leona broke up??? babe, don't say those things ugh

    btw, the same thing happened to me with Malleus on the last culinary crucible 🙄 they're just picky eaters ugh

    me n leona ARE broken up! i’m tired of him 🙄 i do so much for him and he doesn’t even acknowledge it UGH

    #moving on to ruggie #he’ll gladly eat my food🥺 #seraph.replies! #seraph.sofiafushiguro!
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  • draftingteacups
    19.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    lol i was watching batman 1966 and how about some headcanons of ruggie x soni? lol they give me catwoman x batman vibes, like soni is like batman while ruggie is like catwoman


    As with all What-If and Romantic What-If asks, this is written for fun and not canon to TEBF. It's been a hot minute since I've seen anything from the superhero universe, so this is what I can conjure up in five minutes, a Google search, and a hazy memory of cat puns.

    Soni x Ruggie: Batman and Catwoman

    Soni being Batman is hilarious to me, mostly because imagining her with Bruce Wayne's Playboy persona is just out of character (unless you count Endless Halloween Night, in which case that kinda fits)

    There's also the whole wealth aspect/class dynamic that would play nicely into their whole relationship that mimics Batman and Catwoman

    Cause Soni's a Grand Duchess (born of the common people) and Ruggie's from the slums, which makes Soni being the Batman in this situation a lot more funny to me

    A lot of the romance between Batman and Catwoman is with the mystery and the What-If quality behind the masks, leading to a romance with tension

    Soni 🤝 Ruggie bond over their shared annoyance at having to deal with their bosses, Crowley and Leona respectively

    I think that's how they really bond because Ruggie just sees Soni running around NRC like no tomorrow and that similarity + hatred of the higher classes feels very similar to his own

    Whether Ruggie finds out about her title of Grand Duchess, it really depends on the situation because Soni's hesitant to say anything about it

    If Ruggie finds this out in a moment where everything's bad and terrible, then oh boy

    Trust is tested at that moment

    Ruggie does understand the complex nature of her being Grand Duchess, but he also questions the whole wealth, status, and duties that come with it that could help out other people

    Soni tells him, "Corruption's a serious problem in my region. It's horrible because everyone needs help and the only ones capable of giving it are terrible people with egos the size of the moon."

    Granted, Soni's done the whole workaround with the laws in place and has dealt with the backwards logic of noble laws + Pokemon Battles with a handful of intimidation.

    We know how that turns out for her: actually decent results and a somewhat functioning society (?) after Team Flare, but nobility hates her, anti-fans hate her, and society as a whole is mixed about her in various ways from outright wanting her to get out of power to liking Soni for actually doing something in that hellish situation

    Ruggie's hit with the realization that Soni does care about people and has power, but is ignored because of her commoner birth and the rules put in place

    It makes him hate those snooty nobles even more

    Because they're busy people and making money, Ruggie and Soni have picnic dates or hangout dates where they sample foods from their hometowns

    They are subtle about their relationship, although it does show at times when Soni randomly pets Ruggie's ears and Ruggie makes Soni smile via Laugh With Me

    Ruggie gets first dibs on the malasadas and has never been happier to eat what is slowly being recognized as top-tier food goods in the world

    Hopefully, I fulfilled the ask, but I forgot how much fun it is to write Romantic What-Ifs (^人^)

    I kinda wanna go back to my first ones or even write up new ones with the currently published chapters, but I don't know if people want to read that or not

    #romantic what ifs #soni monet#ruggie bucchi
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  • alchemivich
    19.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Hi Chemi! Can I ask for Lab coat Ruggie with m__001 and e_011 but without the goggles please, thank you!

    here you go!! <3 unfortunately the shadow on his coat doesn't come off, so it looks a bit weird:

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  • kay-kay-is-kray-kray
    19.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Current mood for this round of the Culinary Crucible:

    #twisted wonderland#memes #made from my Samsung phone which makes memes look xtra crispy #ruggie bucchi#meme #lilia got me too but ruggie appears far more for me lmao
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  • imaginefandomheadcanons
    19.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    saw ur post about mc calling riddle an Oedipus complex having motherfucker but imagine mc calling leona a walking second place medal pre-overblot

    I like the way you think Anon.

    Discusses Overblots, so spoilers ahead! :)

    TWST Reacting to You Calling Leona a Walking Second Place Medal


    You've herbed your last vore.

    No matter what your gender identity is, he's going to kill you. Overblot Leona believes regardless of gender, everybody can catch these hands.


    Its a good joke- a great one even. But I'm gonna have to ask you to stop anyway.

    Honestly, he would be snickering under his breath if Leona didn't immediately overblot. He's willing to risk an angry lion, he's not willing to risk death.


    Honestly he thinks Leona deserves it. He's not aware of Leona's true feelings to that word, but Jack knows that cheaters never prosper, so he supports you calling Leona out, but he doesn't laugh because that's not the type of person he is. But all of that is thrown to the side when Leona overblots and he has to square up.


    Ah, so this is what it's like to be a bystander your comments and an overblot. He doesn't like it. He knows a storm is brewing, and then he watches you throw fuel to the fire. Definitely give you a disappointed look.


    Why does this always happen to him? First Riddle, now this. Although that is a good burn, he kind of has other priorities to deal with right now, so he hopes you understand why he didn't appreciate it as much as he normally would.



    Yeah, its definitely a "*laughs*- Oh sh-" moment.

    (I'm sorry I don't know how to portray him other than as the little jerk he is.)


    He doesn't know why that had such an effect, but lord almighty, it had an effect.

    Like with Riddle's motherlover overblot scenario, any confusion he has is soon overpowered with the panic at the second overblot he has had to deal with. Aren't these supposed to be rare or something?


    Oh. Oh no.

    Remember how he reacted when Leona overblotted? Like how quickly he shut up before leaving us to deal with his mess? Yeah, he reacts similar now. Who would've known poking a lion with a stick would lead to this?


    owo ? what's this?

    Poor bb doesn't know why his dad picked him up and took him away after you said that? And why is there sand everywhere? Is Unca Leona okay? 🥺

    #Felt like just posting this now instead of friday #mod a#imaginefandomheadcanons#twisted wonderland#riddle rosehearts#cater diamond#ace trappola#deuce spade#leona kingscholar#ruggie bucchi#jack howl#lilia vanrouge#cheka kingscholar #twisted wonderland x reader #couldve included Silver and Sebek but I decided against it
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  • utoveria
    19.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    fussing over

    #twst#jade leech#ruggie bucchi #jade x ruggie #theyre both like mom friends #so doing the fussing out of habit from their respective unruly dorm mates
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