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  • winxdclub
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Jus do yourself a favor a pretend s5 - s8 doesn't exist, also the third movie is a myth

    Bro as far as I'm concerned everything after the first movie is shitty fanfic that accidentally got into the writers room because everyone was high

    S4 was a fever dream, and it's just getting worse from here

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  • winxdclub
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Hi, found your blog, sending you an ask now, what do you think of selina and her design?





    #i guess this goth chick looks cool but im still caught up on the ''FROM EARTH'' part #also ''Bloom's childhood friend'' #> implying that Bloom had friends #thats where s4 fucked up too #winx club #winx season 6 #winx selina#rus chatters#asks
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  • mira--mira
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    nаrusаsu / sаsunаru 👀👉👈

    Lot's of interest for this one!

    Whether I ship it or not

    Yes, but it's not an OTP of mine.

    Why I ship it or not

    NaruSasu/SasuNaru was the first ship I had once I came back to Naruto as an adult and it holds a special place for me even if I'm not very passionate about it anymore. The biggest chunk of Naruto's story is built on Naruto and Sasuke's relationship so it has all the canon grounding that I prefer in ships. I also like a lot of the worldbuilding/ideas that float around this ship and the changes to the dynamic if it becomes romantic instead of platonic. They're a cute couple and I am a big fan of the outcasts coming together!

    My opinion on their canon potential (chemistry, canon interactions, etc)

    I definitely think there's canon potential. Again, so much of the story of Naruto is interwoven with their relationship. It's a lot more obvious from Naruto's perspective-caring so much about what Sasuke thought of him when they were kids, his promise to bring Sasuke back, refusing to give up on Sasuke no matter what transforming to thinking of Sasuke constantly when he's a teen, caring deeply about him even when he becomes an enemy and promising to burden his hatred. Sasuke is more reserved and his motivations aren't always Naruto, but I think that he couldn't break his bond with Naruto speaks volumes.

    My opinion on fanon interpretations/fandom around it (Favorite widespread hcs, pet-peeves, etc.)

    My favorite headcanon/canon divergence/whatever you want to call it, to no one's surprise would be them getting to the point of proper friendship in part 1. I love childhood sweethearts but I don't even need them to be in a relationship at this point, so much as start to have feelings and manage to be friends even with their rivalry. I'm also a big fan of fix-it/canon divergence from between part 1 and 2 and love to how that shakes things up, as well as a few scenarios where Naruto leaves the village with Sasuke.

    This isn't a pet peeve towards the ship but rather the story and eventual reason I fell out of love with it: knowing the ending, Boruto, and the truth of Konoha. I'm very sympathetic towards the Uchiha and by the end, I didn't understand why Sasuke stayed in the village. Oh I watched the anime, I knew the story's reasoning, but Sasuke's? Naruto is his only justification but seeing what Naruto becomes...it just kind of killed it for me. It's the issue of the next generation needs a conflict so the old generation couldn't have fixed everything. Konoha is still fundamentally broken and Naruto is now in charge of it, rather than a child being subjected to it. Another issue I have is ultimately I didn't think Naruto came to terms enough with the village's treatment of him. I know the waterfall scene exists and he mentions it to Minato still but...it's just not enough for me. It feels like Naruto abandoned himself, his own ideals but the story treats it as a good thing, the logical conclusion of its narrative and their subsequent relationship rather than a betrayal and that fundamentally broke the ship for me.

    I still enjoy it, esp AUs and fics set when they're younger

    For the ship ask

    #naruto#ask game#chio-tyan#anon#sasun*ru #bc it's not wholly positve lol
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  • winxdclub
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    (T/F Ask) Show will be much better if Mirta would be the part of the Club and if Flirta would be canon



    Mirta joins the guys in the tag along squad instead of Helia who was barely there for s2-3 would be lovely for me

    But also Mirta joining the girls and being subjected to Stella

    Let Mirta kiss Flora and affectionately bully Riven into having social skills

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  • winxdclub
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    (T/F Ask) You will hate these outfits (from second movie)

    I like them more than the season 4 civilian outits

    I have to say true though because FUCK THE SECOND MOVIE

    I hate ALL the 3d movies (the original first movie is my baby) for those HORRIBLE FUCKING VOICES

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  • winxdclub
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    True/false you’re procrastinating covering season 5/the second movie.

    I....might..have a intense fear of the ocean....maybe...a little bit....

    I need time to mentally prepare my self for the Sirenix underwater hair, MORE RIVUSA BULLSHIT, and hhhhh the ocean

    #THE OCEAN IS EVIL AND FULL OF BAD THINGS #winx club#ask game#rus chatters#asks #i have watched the second movie tho. #it was bad #like there was no plot and Sky's parents were some how worse and they got engaged AGAIN and the plot is on fire
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  • winxdclub
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    What's your most hated pairing for every girl in the Club (plus Roxy and Mirta)

    This is just my hyper empathy showing nfkejdkenrnd:

    Bloom would easily be Bloom/Valtor. This ship just reads like the beginning of phycological horror to me. Like one of Bloom's main character traits is that she's naive, and Valtor is a known manipulator. Even without the age gap, and the fact that Bloom hasn't finished mental puberty, theirs a clear power dynamic that makes me deeply uncomfortable

    Stella....I don't like Stella/Musa but that's just because I personally interpret their bond as sisterly, theirs nothing I actually dislike about the ship tjehej. It simply doesn't jive with my headcanons. She doesn't really have a obvious ship that I hate

    Flora/that one guy from the Wizards of the black circle. Yeah that one also makes me very uncomfortable, for obvious reasons

    Tecna uhhh fuck if I know, she doesn't have an obvious ship that I hate or even dislike

    Musa/Jason. I have made my feelings clear about the show trying to pretend that a boss dating his young and moldable employee is fine. Just thinking about that subplot makes me so fucking uncomfortable, can we say abuse of power??

    Aisha/Nabu's replacement. YOU KILLED NABU OFF AND FOR WHAT??

    Mirta/a man. She's a lesbian y'all

    Roxy/Orgon. Just no.

    #winx club#rus chatters#asks #if my rants about jason didnt make most of these obvious
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  • winxdclub
    19.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    (True/False Ask) You like only female antagonists... but after their redemption


    Riven was an antagonist, and he became my beloved little blorbo after his redemption

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  • plazmawulf
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    So I asked the @ humans blog a few days ago when the header was gonna load and I- I think my ask got deleted.

    What's wrong with asking when the gradient image is gonna load? If it's not the dr doofenshmirtz painting gradients it has to load no?

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  • winxdclub
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    True/false you think Winx should’ve ended up after the first movie.

    Abso-fucking-lutely true!

    By the first movie I was already sick and tired of the same fucking "Riven, your still a pos bc it's easier for us, please relearn to put others first for the third fucking time." but at least this one had Musa sacrificing herself for Riven, which is fun and fresh, you can end the show now

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  • winxdclub
    19.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    (true/false ask) you're more of a protagonists liker than a villains liker (in general, not just winx-related)

    It's true

    I've never been a villain liker

    It's because I have really high empathy so when background characters get hurt I instantly start empathizing with them which makes it nearly impossible for me to like villlans, unless I'm liking them more for how much fun they are to watch 🤣🤣

    Big fan of protagonists!!! I love it when people do good things to help other people!!!! That's my shit

    Both of my closest friends are HUGE villain likers however, which is very funny

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  • kouyurii
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    oh em gee how did you know i was gonna propose >.<

    #i love u more actually :(( #i would pull down the sun moon and all the stars for you if i could #ru 💓 #❀ — asked & annswered
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  • winxdclub
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Thoughts on the Winx Club writers basically forgetting all about Icy's duck baby?

    The baby went to therepy with Icy, but unlike her actually grew from the experience and learned to stop excepting love from someone who has consistently shown they don't care about you

    Baby walking into a new, better, life

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  • jinniebit
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ☕️ + the kpop industry debuting minors (and the consequences that entails)

    Oof that’s a big no for me… specially with the girls because then they get s*xualized in such a young age and they can’t do anything about it because people are just sick 🤮 and also for them to debut still as minors when did they start training???? Like is already bad for when they’re older imagine all that pressure on a child! And is so sad that that’s not something that it’ll change… its actually getting pretty common with is even sadder…..


    Send me a ☕️ + a topic

    #ask#ru 🌵 #lovely moots 💕
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  • thepapyruscondasore
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Would Scour get along with my Papyrus? (Gothcore!Papyrus)

    Looking at Beatnik's Bio (I know his name is Rus, But I feel like Beatnik suits them better, Your choice!), I would have to say They might get along?

    Beatnik and Scour do hate everyone equally, being rude people in general. But Beatnik acts like a rebellious teen, So Scour thinks he's like? Beatnik's babysitter.

    While Beatnik is a jackass to people and will be an ass to people, Scour has respect for others since he doesn't know what they been through.

    Main Thing: If you piss off Scour, you've made an enemy for life

    In short: They would be Mutuals, Not friends but Not strangers, if they cross paths, they will hangout and talk a bit

    #Scour#AskScour #Scour!Papyrus #:3#^^#:D #Thanks for the ask!! #Im actually was going to draw either a small comic #or something with this post #Idk lol #But I might make a reference sheet for Rus #Since i dont know what he looks like really 😅
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  • arushahisatroll
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    you got any post-nectar of immortaltiy headcanons? Like the potatoes' high school years or how they could meet kara again or something?


    so many ideas.

    i for one, thing that the potatoes Do Not Care about the otherworld's stupid little rules. so, they would absolutely "accidentally" bump into kara somewhere and play it off as an accident.

    Aru: oh no! we accidentally ran into kara! and triggered her memories!! oh no!

    (thanks to the server for this hc!)

    ooh, and some more

    Aru and Aiden are dating now, which means they get WAY more restrictions. if they're going to sleep over, even when it's with other people, they need to be as far apart as possible

    in addition, their curfew is 8 now, which both Aru and Aiden think is stupid, because when they weren't dating, they've come back home at 3 in the morning

    everyone but the potatoes seem to think Aru and Aiden are like, super flirty with each other, and while they are, after the new-ness of their relationship wears off, it seems like Aru and Aiden have been dating for way longer than they actually have. they're like an old married couple that everyone thinks is divorced bc they argue a lot.

    they don't really argue that much, but it seems like it

    Aru simply Does Not Give A Fuck about her school at this point. she's here to study, do homework, go home, and study for her tests.

    and on top of that, Urvashi is trying to get her to specialize a bit more in dance

    she doesn't really have any idea whatsoever of what she wants, but she's going to try everything until she finds it

    Mini, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. this girl has a five-step plan on how to get into Harvard or some equally pretentious school, and she is focused on doing it.

    she gets very deep eyebags and uses DeeDee to illusion them away

    Bryne is going more into sports and the cooking-type stuff, so she's hoping to get into a school based on her sports

    Bryne doesn't really have to worry about college that much, because she's a #rich kid

    Aru and mini are jealous

    rudy treats mini like a queen, and tries to learn how to cook and clean for her

    he says that he's going to be a housewife, so he doesn't need to study

    however, he has been getting into more music theory and producing it

    Aiden has to do his regular otherworld stuff on top of his Pandava and school stuff, so he's a walking corpse

    he regularly curses the otherworld system

    once kara gets her memories back, he gets into a hilarious rivalry with Kara over nothing at all

    Aiden: why do i have to know you

    Kara: pretty people know pretty people, Aiden

    aiden rolls his eyes and gets back to work

    Nikki and Sheela are starting middle school, and it's a very emotional moment

    middle school is rough, but nikki is both an angel in front of the teachers, and a devil when she's cursing out those popular kids

    she gets popular in her own niche group with Sheela, but isnt really well liked anywhere else

    shes brilliant though, because she has self confidence

    Hira goes to a pretty specialized easygoing school, and she learns what she needs to

    the tpq crew all hang out and have fun<3

    also, they have legal complications with the otherworld in a court case that is highly televised and they win

    #anon ask#tpq#noi spoilers #spoilers for nectar of immortality #nectar of immortality spoilers #aru shah and the nectar of immortality spoilers #aru shah#ru rambles#aiden acharya#aiden#mini #the pandava quintet #arundhati#bryne#kara shah#hira kapoor #mini kapoor mercado lopez #rudy
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  • arushahisatroll
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Did you think the author foreshadowed how the Sleeper die? Like the one responsible? Or was I surprising?

    spoilers below!

    i don't think they foreshadowed it?? or maybe i didn't notice the foreshadowing.

    but it was a bit surprising? but once you really look at it, you realize in terms of plot, one of his daughters should have killed him, and aru was in no position to deal with that.

    plus, it gives kara some form of catharsis. with killing the sleeper, she shows that she made a choice.

    so, i dont thing i noticed any foreshadowing, but i probably didnt look hard enough, hahahaha

    #ask#anon ask #aru shah spoilers #aru shah and the nectar of immortality spoilers #aru shah and the nectar of immortality #aru shah#tpq#ru rambles #the pandava quintet #kara shah
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  • shiningclown69
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Does this technically Mean I'm part of your blogs branding now??

    Me: *tries to type branding*

    My keyboard: Brandon?????? Brandon??????? Did you mean Brandon???????

    Brandon and Riven dressing like whores was always the blog's branding-

    And also just Brandon. Brandon is the branding too. I have Brandon appreciator in my bio for a reason 😤

    #jester talks about stuff #ask#hi rus
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  • shiningclown69
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    Pretend his eyes bulge out when you violently squeeze him too :)

    #jester talks about stuff #ask#hi rus
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  • shiningclown69
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Id buy a plushie of the way you draw Riven

    Here, a single pink bitch for you

    #jester talks about stuff #ask#hi rus
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