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  • arushahisatroll
    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Got any lesbian or pan- tKara headcanons. Post- nectar of immortality. Also includes how she recounter the Potatoes from her perspective

    ohh! tbh, i like to hc kara as Aro/ace, but

    if i did, i also hc Aru as bi as well! so Aru and kara totally would point out hot people together

    ok, so meeting the potatoes from kara's perspective. immediately i know that kara would be very weirded out. she would wonder why the same group of people keep on talking to her.

    and when she finds the potatoes fighting a demon, before she gets her memories back, she would think the world was playing tricks on her and would curse her luck.

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  • plazmawulf
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So I asked the @ humans blog a few days ago when the header was gonna load and I- I think my ask got deleted.

    What's wrong with asking when the gradient image is gonna load? If it's not the dr doofenshmirtz painting gradients it has to load no?

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  • arushahisatroll
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    you got any post-nectar of immortaltiy headcanons? Like the potatoes' high school years or how they could meet kara again or something?


    so many ideas.

    i for one, thing that the potatoes Do Not Care about the otherworld's stupid little rules. so, they would absolutely "accidentally" bump into kara somewhere and play it off as an accident.

    Aru: oh no! we accidentally ran into kara! and triggered her memories!! oh no!

    (thanks to the server for this hc!)

    ooh, and some more

    Aru and Aiden are dating now, which means they get WAY more restrictions. if they're going to sleep over, even when it's with other people, they need to be as far apart as possible

    in addition, their curfew is 8 now, which both Aru and Aiden think is stupid, because when they weren't dating, they've come back home at 3 in the morning

    everyone but the potatoes seem to think Aru and Aiden are like, super flirty with each other, and while they are, after the new-ness of their relationship wears off, it seems like Aru and Aiden have been dating for way longer than they actually have. they're like an old married couple that everyone thinks is divorced bc they argue a lot.

    they don't really argue that much, but it seems like it

    Aru simply Does Not Give A Fuck about her school at this point. she's here to study, do homework, go home, and study for her tests.

    and on top of that, Urvashi is trying to get her to specialize a bit more in dance

    she doesn't really have any idea whatsoever of what she wants, but she's going to try everything until she finds it

    Mini, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. this girl has a five-step plan on how to get into Harvard or some equally pretentious school, and she is focused on doing it.

    she gets very deep eyebags and uses DeeDee to illusion them away

    Bryne is going more into sports and the cooking-type stuff, so she's hoping to get into a school based on her sports

    Bryne doesn't really have to worry about college that much, because she's a #rich kid

    Aru and mini are jealous

    rudy treats mini like a queen, and tries to learn how to cook and clean for her

    he says that he's going to be a housewife, so he doesn't need to study

    however, he has been getting into more music theory and producing it

    Aiden has to do his regular otherworld stuff on top of his Pandava and school stuff, so he's a walking corpse

    he regularly curses the otherworld system

    once kara gets her memories back, he gets into a hilarious rivalry with Kara over nothing at all

    Aiden: why do i have to know you

    Kara: pretty people know pretty people, Aiden

    aiden rolls his eyes and gets back to work

    Nikki and Sheela are starting middle school, and it's a very emotional moment

    middle school is rough, but nikki is both an angel in front of the teachers, and a devil when she's cursing out those popular kids

    she gets popular in her own niche group with Sheela, but isnt really well liked anywhere else

    shes brilliant though, because she has self confidence

    Hira goes to a pretty specialized easygoing school, and she learns what she needs to

    the tpq crew all hang out and have fun<3

    also, they have legal complications with the otherworld in a court case that is highly televised and they win

    #anon ask#tpq#noi spoilers #spoilers for nectar of immortality #nectar of immortality spoilers #aru shah and the nectar of immortality spoilers #aru shah#ru rambles#aiden acharya#aiden#mini #the pandava quintet #arundhati#bryne#kara shah#hira kapoor #mini kapoor mercado lopez #rudy
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  • arushahisatroll
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Did you think the author foreshadowed how the Sleeper die? Like the one responsible? Or was I surprising?

    spoilers below!

    i don't think they foreshadowed it?? or maybe i didn't notice the foreshadowing.

    but it was a bit surprising? but once you really look at it, you realize in terms of plot, one of his daughters should have killed him, and aru was in no position to deal with that.

    plus, it gives kara some form of catharsis. with killing the sleeper, she shows that she made a choice.

    so, i dont thing i noticed any foreshadowing, but i probably didnt look hard enough, hahahaha

    #ask#anon ask #aru shah spoilers #aru shah and the nectar of immortality spoilers #aru shah and the nectar of immortality #aru shah#tpq#ru rambles #the pandava quintet #kara shah
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  • arushahisatroll
    16.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    I'm the same anon you shared the link with! Hi!

    I've read the whole tpq and again reread the NOI which honestly, is the best feeling 😍

    I wish Sleeper didn't have to die, I mean, he was only trying to escape his destiny and yeahh it was wrong on his part to try manipulate Kara but he maybe deserved a second chance? I'm not saying what he did was justified but abruptly killing him,,, kinda feels lazy

    I wanna know your take on this!

    spoilers down below!

    i actually quite liked how they ended the sleeper! it was done without glory, by a split-second decision.

    that felt right. there is no glory in killing, only whispers of what it leaves behind.

    in my eyes, the sleeper was unredeemable. the person trying to escape his destiny was suyodhana, not the sleeper.

    the sleeper was trying to gain power.

    abruptly killing is what usually happens on battlefields, and aru was in no place emotionally to do a thing.

    anyways, i actually thought it was genius, and there was no place for the sleeper. it was better for him to die than have him be put in prison and be mocked? the sleeper would hate to be the devas warning.

    ty for asking, i have many feelings :)

    #Noi spoilers #nectar of immortality spoilers #spoilers for nectar of immortality #ask#anon ask#ru rambles#aru shah #the pandava quintet #aru shah and the nectar of immortality #aru shah and the nectar of immortality spoilers
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  • lancelitttle
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    My friend sent me a link abt pronunciation in Japanese and now I am questioning everything I've ever said

    #It was about the 'r' sounds (ra re ri ro ru) #And obviously I was following the video to pronounce the sounds #And now I don't know if I already had my tongue position like that or not ahsksns #Halp#Asra rambles #This is gonna bother me till I fall asleep (which won't be long but still)
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  • tinyienzo
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I've been thinking a lot lately and I guess I need a space to put those thoughts out.

    I've been considering perhaps getting a master's degree, I looked a bit into the program my uni offers and it seems interesting. The deadline to apply for it for next fall is on June 1st.

    The thing is, I don't know if I want to apply to it simply because I miss school or because I'm tired of my job. At the same time I'm really interested in learning new things.

    As a reference, I've graduated from software engineering in summer 2020, and a few months later (in early 2021) I got a job as a full-stack developer at a startup company. And although they promised me backend tasks, I mostly have frontend tasks and tbh this is not what I want. I’ve done that at an internship in the past and I specifically said I wanted to learn new things. At the time I was pretty desperate for a job I was gonna accept pretty much anything.

    I've been searching for a different job for a while but also kind of dropped that because job hunting is really exhausting. And if I want a different position, I'd need to obtain other skills and showcase different projects.

    Sure, I could do side projects and learn stuff I'd actually want to learn after work but let's face it. Whenever I try something new, I immediately drop it. I don't know if I have some sort of attention disorder (I really wonder about that sometimes) but I feel like I always need some sort of external motivation (aka school, with guidelines and deadlines) to help me get projects done.

    Some of my fellow coworkers have been leaving the company one by one and it kind of makes me sad, and at the same time envious because I'm like I wish that were me. And also whenever someone leaves I feel like it puts pressure on me to keep searching for a different job.

    But anyway I think my train of thought is kind of messy and just felt like I needed to pour these out, but I'm just wondering to myself if I should just keep searching for another job or go ahead and apply for a master's degree.

    #ru talks #pls dont reblog #I had to login on desktop to put the readmore on top I couldn't figure out how to do it on mobile #it's just me rambling and trying to sort out my thoughts #maybe ill be actualy able to focus on work once i get this out of my system
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  • minijenn
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Anyway does Mr. X from Amphibia know how much I appreciate him???

    #he's probably my favorite human side character lol he's so fun #ru paul puts in a great performance #jen rambles#amphibia
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  • tiergan-andrin-alenefar
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Wait how do you guys pronounce “Maruca Chebota”

    #in my head #it’s mah-ru-kah shey-boh-tah #which is probably wrong #Ann rambles#kotlc
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  • t4tsashanne
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    NYX HII i feel like i havent talked to you in a while even tohugh its been like . a day . how are you . how is exam studying . how are the blorbos

    HI yea I’ve . actually been busy yesterday w studying for once….. but yk <3 nerves and all that

    #I’d say I’m coping w finals stress p well tho esp compared to my friends SO THATS A WIN 😭 GHSHFJFJSHFJFJDJ #also the blorbos! the. the blorbos. I . well u see I started writing again- #also also also. tail between my legs. I am now in season 2 of euphoria. it’s as. weird as they say #asks#soupy siblings #but ik What u mean w it feels like longer like . the soups.. they’re in my BRAIN #WHAT ABT U THO SHAMS. HOW RU. THE BLORBOS. other than that. that excerpt u showed me. positively INSANE. #oh going back to rambling in the tags WOOO
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  • kenkennyko
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Rewatching the movie for the first time in a while (im always scared of playing a favorite movie too much and getting sick of it) and i need to add in more Afrikaans to wikus' dialogue, not an excessive amount, just a sprinkle ✨

    #also sharlto is in the second season of ru/ssian doll?????💞💞💞 #i was like '......i know this fooker" #and i censored it so my d9 rambles wont pop up in the tag ☠️☠️☠️
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  • bittybattybunny
    09.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Sure!! I'm also excited to show it to you actually!! Really got inspired by the latest chapters

    oh that's exciting to hear!!!

    I eagerly await -rubs paws together and cackles-

    #ask#anon#bun rambles #me just over here remembering i know to cook and thinking of what to do to the beans for ANGST #the cooking and angst arent together but it reminded me to add more cooking back into writing cuz ru loves it #so he may get to make tempura and fried chicken soon
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  • arushahisatroll
    07.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Freeze! ✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ You’re under arrest for being so lovely. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful!! 💜

    Ah! officer, I didn't do anything wrong!

    in fact, you should be under arrest for being lovelier!

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  • jjkcursedtiddies
    03.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Thoughts on the Sukuna/Yuuji Twins Au

    What I want to start is that I love this idea, it’s so simplistic on the surface and sweet. Yuji could use a brother twin or in my personal opinion preferably an older brother.

    No something your may not know about me, is that I love Yin/Yang symbolism when it comes to siblings or partners in general. It’s part of the reason why the Sublings!Au for Yuuji and Sukuna interests me so much.

    So me, Sukuna has a very Yin Aesthetic but a much more Yang character, Yin is Dark, cold, old, north and water. This makes a very interesting imprint on his aesthetics because his innate domain within Yuji is several of these things.

    The floor is covered in shallow water, that’s red in hue, this could symbolise blood but given its shown consistency I’m going with water.

    Its dark, considering it’s place within an actual human body in makes sense and the ribcage that is commonly shown when Yuji visits really helps the dark ominous tone.

    Sukuna spends the majority of his time resting within Yuji when nothing, in particular, is happening. Gege has said as much, Yin also represents rest though not in general health.

    Lets get onto the very Yang character actions of Sukuna.

    He’s once in control a very active person, and quite an easy to ignite temper, soo though his domain is cold everything about him is hot. his Temper, his vigour his activeness, several of the things he shares with Yuji However!

    Yuji, is so Achingly Yin in personality its hurt. caring, self-sacrificial, so a lot of people ignore a fundamental part of Yuji, His Loneliness, the heart-breaking lack of family or at the start of the story real friends he has.

    As the series goes on you the shadow symbolism of Yin play out in his character development, The growing weight of saving people from curses and that once firm resolved not to kill. Is tests until it snaps. When he says outright to Mahito that he’ll kill him.

    His character internals are very Yin

    However, his action and anger are very Yang, similar to the fire seen in Sukuna’s character however Yuji explodes forth, whilst Sukuna’s ignites and burns longer. Yuji’s Yang anger is much more like dynamite, short-lived and explosive. He brute forces his way through fights whilst Sukuna is a very controlled burn.

    Yuji’s design, however, is very, yang like too, bright colours, with a bright sunny smile and a warm skin tone, Sukuna has a deeper skin tone than Yuji by a tone or two, it’s the minute difference but it’s there.

    Sukuna is Yin aesthetic Yang action, whilst Yuji near every single character beat is very Yin, emotional, cold foreboding and dark, despite his bright, warm, sunny design and punch first think later action, Yin is at the very core of Yuji as a character.

    This is a fundamental reason I find the concept of them being brothers so interesting because that’s a whole lot of fire and action surrounding a volatile emotional core. Also, the idea of Yuuji trying to help Sukuna get with Megumi makes me laugh.

    Please tell me if I’ve made any sense

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  • winxdclub
    31.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Answering the ask call although I've been musing this since yesterday- what do you think about the fact that both Riven's girlfriends had a very extreme, but opposing, stance on his personality?

    Like, Darcy loved (or pretended to love) all about him and then she'd actively encourage him and push him to act on his worst impulses (which is... *checks notes* gossiping and talking shit? I'm still cracking up that it was such a big deal in the show that he left yet literally all he did was tell Darcy about Bloom's test, which wasn't a secret to begin with, and told Sky that she's a thot. He also told her about Bloom coming over to CT but again it's not as if he planned the set up, he just gave his GF a headsup that someone's breaking in lol) and later Musa who fell for him on first sight is picking issue with everything about him and later on mostly ignoring his progresses; two very unhealthy things in a relationship, both relationships coming to be by the girl pursuing him, not the other way around.

    Also I always thought that Riven should have been the one to expose Sky's and Brandon's lie? He's smart and nosey, could have figured it out- kept QUIET about it while they were still friendly because he gets it's for Sky's safety but still pissed he's played for fool- and then spilling the beans to both Darcy and probably Winx too, just to get at them. Which is petty and bitter and wrong, he pretty much fucked up a security system in years of making, BUT it is a passion crime and while it needs to be apologized for it can also be forgiven. But it is still a more tangible offense against the cast then "so babe listen you know how Bloom goes to school?! Well TOMORROW she's having a TEST!! I KNOW, CRAZY!"

    (it also saves Bloom the utmost humiliation lol. Although, imagine if she attacked Riven instead? Riven whispering it to her during the day of Royals because hey what's she gonna do, she won't be able to react for hours it'll eat her alive until she checks- and she loses her temper and just drags him across the floor lol.

    Also, afterthought: it would have been cool if we had a convo between Bloom and Riven where he says sorry for the Day of the Rose, but it's also addressed he acted that way because he thought she tried to kill him/seriously hurt him. Let's be real pushing a driver at such a speed is deadly and tbh that way Darcy herself saved him would have ended up with broken ribs at least. Like I don't think they focused on the right thing in the show, everyone acted like he was pissed about the race but the more rational (and less cringe) thing would have been if he focused on the aggravated assault aspect of it all lol.

    Holy shit djwndjwken you came though with a long ass question

    Honestly I don't think Riven has like a perticualr type or anything? Big headcanon warning. He comes off as the type of person who falls in love with people who are nice to him. Like, I'm aromantic so I do not intimately understand the mechanics of actual crushes, but as someone who was generally disliked most of my life the moment someone was nice to me I'd instantly adore them. But it has to happen in a very specific way or the paranoia kicks in and he assumes their just being nice for their own benefit. Darcy set up their first meeting to make sure Riven didn't get paranoid of her.

    Riven also doesn't seem to be the type of person to act on crushes? I think he's scared of rejection so he only a) flirts with people who he knows like him or b) makes sure the flirting can be played off as something else so he can't be rejected properly

    I have no substance for this hc except for the fact that the 3(?) Girls Riven has had a crush on have had fucking nothing in common, this man cannot have a type he just vibes around people he happened to get a crush on

    I think Riven got a crush on Musa because Musa had a crush on him and like made an effort to get him to like her, and it worked bc Riven falls in love easy and has no type. That's what I'm going with. Though out s2 he came to love Musa's personality then got a crush on her, and not the other way around which is how I'm pretty sure most crushes work

    He either falls instantly or after a year of knowing someone there is no in-between

    Uh my answer to the question is that Riven doesn't have a dynamic he's looking for in his relationships, Darcy and Musa liked him and he mostly was interested in them bc they offered him kindness and really fell bc they actually liked him

    I don't think Riven would even register the difference, Darcy was only using him, Musa actually likes him (for some unknown reason). Their different people, of course the dynamic is different! He says unaware that he just went from on extreme to the other

    I think due to Riven's extreme personality he attracts similarly intense and extreme people

    Riven is just kinda a petty king and I love him for it


    Brandon talks and holds himself a lot better than Sky does, or else the ruse wouldn't fool anyone, but he definitely doesn't know the difference between a salad fork and dinner fork

    Riven doesn't know the difference either but Sky very clearly does and Riven wants to know why right the fuck now

    While they're all friends I think he'd only do it bc he respects Brandon but after??? Darcy you wanna hear something juicy???

    Omg if Riven was the one to tell Bloom that would be so fucked up but what if he went to Diaspro instead??? Had Darcy send her a anonymous message of Sky and Bloom kissing that he took it something, that would make the whole situation so much worse for Bloom bc she gets to find out about Sky's fiance from her crying or angry (choose your Diaspro interpretation) face. Either way, Riven trys to get both Bloom and Sky killed at the same time. Efficiency

    Oh yeah Riven should of Been upset bc Bloom nearly killed him, the race is so dumb. I don't even know why he gave a shit about everyone else, he should of wanted Bloom and everyone at the day of rose specifically dead. No one else bc why even bother? Revenge is stronger when it's specific

    #im dissociating and aromantic fnwndjwnsns #asks#rus chatters #if this makes no sense thats why gknwjdskejej #my apologies #i love rambling about Riven... favorite hobby rn #long post#winx club#winx riven#winx bloom#winx diaspro#winx darcy#winx sky
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  • arushahisatroll
    26.03.2022 - 1 mont ago


    is halt a little meow meow or a yaaaas bitch

    important question

    #im too embarresed to tag this as rangers apprentice so i wont #:)#ru rambles
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  • winxdclub
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    A concept for the Trix and Ancestral Witches powers? Mostly bc I think it's kinda odd that the Ancestral Witches have the same power as the Trix??? I think it would be interesting if their powers exemplified and went beyond the Trix's.

    For example:

    Icy the Witch of Ice and Belladonna the Witch of Power or Icy the Witch of the Bitter Cold and Belladonna the Witch of Wrath

    Darcy the Witch of the Mind and Liliss the Witch of Control or Darcy the Witch of illusions and Liliss the Witch of Darkness

    Stormy the Witch of Natural Disasters and Tharma the Witch of Chaos or Stormy the Witch of Thunder Storms and Tharma the Witch of Disasters

    #winx club#winx stormy#winx darcy#winx icy#winx trix #winx ancestral witches #rus chatters #i think these are really interesting but im not completely sold on any one of them #tho im partial to witch of control/chaos/power bc it would make Stormy and Darcy more obvious equal and opposites #it would also make Icy stand out and put her slightly above her sisters as she doesn't have a equal and opposite. she is simply powerful #idk im just rambling #rus has ideas
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  • iwaso
    02.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    also yes about the apollo thing

    i think

    it fits you because apollo is artistic and he's like, beautiful in more ways that one and !! i think that fits you? hermes was just like an instant click thing

    but once i like,,,think about it apollo fits really well because of apollo's nature

    also xoxo sorry for floodin ur asks

    flood my asks all you want <3 break my inbox <3

    this is such a warm description ty

    #'m gonna ramble here to save space lol #you're :( an incredible person #this is so cliché but yh #amazing inside amazing outside #whole package deal you're awesome #yeah mwa#ru's studio #[🕷] on-set.makki!
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  • transzeldas
    23.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    This is kinda random but how would you rate the four swords colors empathy wise?

    That question isn't random and I appreciate the ask

    Sidenote: uh the colors are in a system, I'm sure you know that if your following me but I thought I'd still mention it

    Red (they/them) has Hyper empathy. They just do ok. People with normal empathy don't cry that much over nothing. Someone with a stupidly high amount of empathy I can let you know that at any point in time when I'm around people it takes the smallest shit for me to empathize with someone and be on the verge of tears. Red is a whole mood, but they should also be aloud to take people out of their empathy zone and be full of rage as well. Has a lot of opinions on people and the concept of right and wrong.

    Green (they/him) has a slightly higher than advrage amount of empathy. They care a lot about a lot of people, and they do things to me it seems to make sure people are safe and happy. This is a just your advrage heroic guy, nothing to see here. Most of the system let's them make decisions on what's right or wrong, though Red if their aware of what's going on tends to take this roll over.

    Vio (he/him) has nomral emapthy. He's just like that. I say this bc my friends with low empathy would probably be beside themselves with emotions if they ever had to hurt their friends (bc all their empathy goes to thoese few people) and Vio is just able to do betray people and feel a normal amount of bad. Vio is just a mess of over complicated plans but everything he does (slightly morally dubious or not) tends to be for the greater good. Like he has a normal amount of empathy he just thinks he knows best, and that this causes the least amount of pain and suffering. He's one of those people who can answer the trolley problem easily, he'll still cry but he'll answer your quickly. At his worst he reminds me of a corrupted Paragon who genuinely thinks he's doing the right thing to help the most amount of people, needs to be lightly smacked on the back of his head by Blue, Green or Red to stop being an idiot.

    Blue (he/they) has slightly lower than usual empathy, not low enough to constitute low empathy though. Blue reminds me of myself when I'm in emapthy burn out? He does good things because it's the right thing to do. He struggles to empathize with people but he very easily sympathies with people, and he tries his best to be compassionate. Does not understand why things upset Red so badly until Vio betrays then and Blue is fucking beside himself with fury and sadness. Agressively drags Shadow and Vio away from doing morally dubious things. He also tends to dislike anyone outside of the system that isn't an innocent. Has a very clear cut semi black and white way of thinking, and it's just generally kind of a good guy who gets annoyed by people easily bc he can't see their side of things.


    Shadow (it/they) has low empathy plain and simple. It out sources it's mortality to Green and Blue bc Vio can't be trusted. Genuinely didn't understand why Vio got so upset??? All the time about the whole hurting people thing. Once referred to a group of people as extras and made Red go though the 5 stages of greif. Ganondorf/Vaati essentially raised this poor kid in a cult, so it never learned sympathy or compassion like most people do. Honestly just needs a hug and someone to take ques from as it figures out right and wrong after it gets free from Vaati/Ganondorf's grasp. Eventually gets really good at compassion, and passable sympathy, but still normally let's the system decide what's right or wrong without weighing in.

    #what do i tag this???? #rus's rambles #four swords adventures manga #four swords adventures red #four swords manga #four swords adventures shadow #four swords adventures green #four swords adventures blue #green link#blue link#red link#vio link#shadow link#linked universe#linkeduniverse#system four #linked universe green #linked universe red #linked universe blue #linked universe vio #lu vio#lu red#lu blue#lu green #linked universe shadow #lu shadow#rus's asks
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  • transzeldas
    19.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    quick thank you for giving blue a personality that isnt just "hmmm grumpy Angy" its nice to see :3 and just system four in general is Peak

    Haha thank you 💞

    Blue is my favorite so my boy gotta be complex 💙 Hes quick to anger, but loving and caring, and most importantly reasonable

    When he's not pissed off at something, he's the only color with common sense and is always taking the pointy magic object out of Vidow's hands and chucking it into the ocean. Because, no, you'll curse yourselves

    He also spends a lot of time making sure Vio sleeps well, that Red is eating healthy, that Green isn't over working himself- ect ect. He's no where near as good at the emotional part as Red is, but he can make sure they're all physically doing ok and by Hylia he will

    And I completely agree anon, system Four is peak

    #Blue runs their house along with Red and thats literally the only reason theyre not overun with books and sword and only eating sweet bread #Blue fears the day that these idiots are left without him #linked universe#linkeduniverse#system four #linked universe blue #lu blue#rus's rambles#rus's asks
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