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    26.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    People often forget how classy Zé Carioca is - I mean part of that is because he is still partialy the representation of a Brazil so outdated that it became cult, but ignoring the steriotype thing (as I always do) -, yes, he is charismatic, flirty and impulsive and kindda silly, but he is also totaly an intelectual. I don't care what any cannon says if one of the Caballeros studied music theory it was him! Not only that but he focused on brazilian music theory.

    Entering in headcanon space: he is also a big reader, a massive fan of the classics (both the english, spanish and portuguese ones) and loves to quote them and talk like a charming characther of any of the novels he's reading at the moment. And he is of course a huge theater AND movie nerd and yes he is the annoying type. He WILL interrupt a conversation about superhero movies - much to Launchpa despair - to talk about brazilian comedy O Auto da Compadessida (it's also a play and my dream it's to play the devil in it) or mexican classic El Castillo de La Pureza or begrundly talk about how great argentinian indie cinema is.

    Now it's cannon that he is a massive fan of Bossa Nova and old school samba (yes there is a difference, no I will not elaborate) and I find fair to infer that he would also be a massive jazz fan and honestly I cannot see him as anything but a Tropicalia guy, maybe classic sertanejo, Luis Gonzaga style. Not that he wouldn't hear and enjoy other modern music genres, when it cames to music I see Zé as a very ecletic, jack of all trades, person. But I think this genres are his favorites and what he listens to when he is alone, the songs in his Spotify playlist.

    To end my mix of cannon and headcannon things with a list of headcannons based on that:

    - He played João Grilo in a school production of O Auto da Compadecida.

    - He loves Chico Buarque and Tom Jobin. And their college appartment would sudenttly change from Donald's Nirvana discos to Zé's Buarque ones and the style and Panchito was the only one who noticed the style dissonance.

    - He introduced Donald to poems/poets of the second wave of romantism in Brazil (they are very emo and extremely morbid) and they are Donald's favorites to a point Zé almost regretd showing it to him.

    - He also made Panchito a fan of modernist brazilian literature. Panchito loved them and thanked by introducing Zé to mexican indie cinema. Panchito regrets it a lot. He created a movie snob monster.

    - His favorite author is Machado de Assis (his favorite non-brazilian author is Jane Austen) and he is indoutrinating Huey into loving Machado as well. His favorite Machado book is Memórias Postunas de Brás Cubas (known to english speakers as Epitah of a Small Winner wich is not a direct translaction but it's a very accurate portrait of the book - also yes, I choose this one because it's my favorite Machado book, though his short tales are also great and the other two long books are fantastic).

    - He does not has a favorite movie.

    - As true brazilian, by with a mean he grew up with a weird rivality with Argentina, he does hates the fact he loves argentinian cinema soo much.

    - While Scrooge doesn't like him very much they do bond quite a lot through loving jazz and being cinema snobs. Scrooge will never admit he changed his view on him though.

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    first exam✅

    now i finally can breathe before my other 3 exams and read those new 5 RIC chapters

    this fic kept me sane for so long i missed it

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    Don talks about his family tree

    and the way he talks about matildwig...

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    running in circles

    chapter thirty-six: i can’t stand the sound of another heartbeat in the room summary: Goldie meets Donald and Della Duck. warnings: references to sex, nothing explicit wordcount: 5694 playlist (will be updated as chapters are posted): shorturl.at/bfBCQ ao3 link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33776632/chapters/97715214 site link: https://sites.google.com/view/running-in-circles/chapters/chapter36

    here’s chapter thirty-six!! text will also be included in this post for those of you that don’t use ao3:

    1995; Duckburg -> Egypt:

    At twelve years old, Donald Duck thought he knew everything about his uncle.

    So far he and his sister had spent two full summers staying in the old (very very very old) man’s lavish mansion, going on crazy adventures and finding treasure and fighting bad guys and definitely having a unique summer vacation compared to his friends at school.

    Over those summers (and the occasional winter break…and spring break…and occasional weekend), Donald and Della had grown more and more curious about their uncle. Their mom had told them the basic necessary information - he’s her older brother, he’s the richest duck in the world, he founded and owns the city of Duckburg - but not much more than that. So whenever he went to work and left them alone, they’d dig around his files and his photo albums and his whatever-they-could-find to learn more about him.

    In July of 1993, they found his autobiography. It was long and boring, and they skipped most of it because they didn’t really care about anything that happened a million years ago. Uncle Scrooge didn’t seem bothered that they’d read it, he just said he hoped it would inspire them to greatness of their own. Donald did not feel inspired. He just felt bad for his uncle - the man didn’t write about any relationships outside of business or family. How sad was that?

    In August of 1994, they found a bunch of women’s clothes in one of his dresser drawers. Naturally they wanted to ask him about it, but Duckworth told them to leave it alone. Fine. There were probably a lot of explanations for that and Donald thought some of them would make Uncle Scrooge seem a little cooler. But he’d just have to let it go.

    That was, of course, until March of 1995. Donald and Della finally learned that their uncle did have at least one relationship outside of family and work. They also learned, presumably, the source of the women’s clothing. Though that was super gross to think about.

    That was the day they met Glittering Goldie O’Gilt, Uncle’s Scrooge’s rival and…ex-girlfriend?

    Goldie never had an opportunity to confront Scrooge about his little book. She’d thought about it for days and days after binge reading it, let her anger and confusion stew and fester, but then…nothing. The next time she ran into him after that day was more than two months later, and he surprised her with a nice dinner at home.

    She never figured out what the occasion was, but it was nice and romantic and she didn’t feel like being mad at him anymore.

    And after that, things were…normal. Well, normal for them.

    Every once in a while they’d talk on the phone, occasionally they’d go on an adventure together or she’d crash some event he was at to get on his nerves. It was fun, actually. There were some rough situations, but for the most part it was really good.

    Then, suddenly, around 1993, Scrooge stopped answering the phone. He stopped acknowledging her threats. He stopped going to business events that were easy for her to crash. He just stopped.

    And it was frustrating. Goldie didn’t think he’d found someone new - he wasn’t with any new women in paparazzi photos - but she also didn’t think his company was doing something so crazy that he needed to be busy 24/7. She’d thought they were in a good place for a little while there, so she was left wondering what happened. Did she do something wrong? She always did things wrong. That shouldn’t have been news to him.

    But they’d had several-years-long breaks before, so Goldie decided to give him a bit of time. She had things to keep her busy, too. Like…more treasure hunting. And traveling. So much traveling. She still visited her many Blackjacks, even if she wasn’t in charge of them anymore. And they’d just opened up a new one! In Reykjavik, Iceland. She wasn’t involved in that decision so Goldie was curious to see how it would play out.

    1995 was different, though. She didn’t really have anywhere to be or any people to talk to and she missed him and he still hadn’t reached out to her at all. Not even for her birthday. And he definitely knew her birthday after her little tantrum back in ‘68, so he had no excuse! So a week after her birthday, Goldie finally decided she was heading to Duckburg again. She wanted to see him and nothing was going to get in the way of that.

    She reached Scrooge’s bedroom window with the same ease as always. He had his anti-magic traps set up for De Spell, but nothing that Goldie couldn’t slip around. Using one of her grappling hooks to climb up the side of his mansion came so easily to her it was like breathing, and with a quick flick of the window latch - Goldie was inside.

    Of course, Scrooge was not. Well, what did she expect at three in the afternoon on a Wednesday? Scrooge was probably at work. But she could say hi to Duckworth and play around in the Other Bin until he came home.

    She thought about going to visit him at work, but he’d be home soon enough. She could take her time and get comfortable.

    Goldie exited the bedroom quietly and took two steps into the hallway when she heard something strange and unfamiliar.


    She blinked twice and walked to the railing so she could look down at the first floor of the house. She was greeted with the sight of two young ducklings running around - first a girl, holding a guitar above her head, and then a boy, chasing her angrily.

    What the hell?

    One thing she never expected to find in Scrooge’s home was…children. Were they his? Was that why he’d disappeared for the past few years?

    (She stared at them while they ran around and realized she didn’t know anything about duckling ages. They didn’t look two. Maybe ten?)

    If they were ten, then they probably weren’t his. Or, well, maybe he didn’t know about them until recently. With all his dating around, he could’ve gotten some young thing pregnant and not known about it until she finally came to collect some checks. 

    And then he…adopted them? Let them into his home? None of that sounded right. Why would she assume these kids were Scrooge’s? Just because they looked a bit like him?

    They certainly didn’t look like Bentina. Wasn’t she a bit old to be a mother, anyway?

    Goldie wasn’t sure what to think. Her thoughts were reeling. She was being  absolutely ridiculous. She didn’t have any idea how to react to the rugrats.

    “Hello, Miss O’Gilt.”

    She turned her head towards the familiar voice and frowned at the expression on Duckworth’s face. How long had he been watching her? He could probably sense her confusion about the kids and she’d bet good money that he wouldn’t tell her a goddamn thing.


    “Would you like me to let Mr. McDuck know you’re here?”

    Goldie glared at him, feeling a bit judged. “Isn’t he at work?”

    “Not today. The children are on Spring Break, so he wanted to be home to spend time with them,” he said casually as he walked away.

    She knew he’d said that just to get under her skin. Goldie knew so much about Scrooge that not knowing something, especially something so significant, bothered her a lot. And Duckworth absolutely knew that about her and he probably thought it was hilarious. He was probably whatever-the-butler-version-of-laughing-is all the way down the stairs.

    Goldie eventually started to follow him and ended up at the top of the main stairs in Scrooge’s foyer. She looked down at the first floor and watched two pairs of eyes turn to look right back at her.

    “Who’re you?!”

    “Did Uncle Scrooge hire a nanny?!”

    She sighed and settled into a deep-set frown. Children.

    “No, Dumbella, she’s probably some kind of cursed villain!”

    “You don’t know that! What if she’s a villainous curse?!”

    “I am neither of those things,” Goldie said finally, though she was struggling to understand what the young boy was saying. Still, her response worked surprisingly well as she watched the two kids go quiet and stare at her suspiciously.

    The kids looked at each other for a moment, nodded, then looked back up at her. The little girl was the one who decided to speak next. “So then…who are you and how’d you get in the house?”

    Goldie opened her mouth to speak when she was interrupted.

    “Goldie O’Gilt!”

    The three of them turned their heads to look at Scrooge who’d just walked in through the doorway to the living room. He was glaring up at her, though there was a fondness in his expression that only Goldie could understand.

    “Hey there, Scroogey.”


    Duckworth stood behind Scrooge for a few moments, then turned around and went back to work. He usually seemed entertained by their chaotic little relationship, but Goldie supposed he couldn’t stick around for every fight.

    “Duckworth said I had a visitor ‘n then I heard the kids yellin’ about villains...I almost thought Magica was back.”

    Goldie took a few steps down the stairs. “Has she been visiting a lot lately?”

    Scrooge rolled his eyes and leaned on his cane. “Even once is a lot when it comes to her.”

    The two kids looked frustrated as they watched the casual conversation, clearly hoping for more context instead of listening to idle chatter.

    Goldie finished coming down the stairs and got closer to Scrooge, putting one hand on her hip. “So what’s with the rugrats, sourdough?” she asked, the tiniest bit of jealous anger in her voice. She hoped he didn’t notice.

    He glanced down at the two of them and then back up at Goldie. “This is Donald and Della,” he said, walking behind them for emphasis. “My kids.”

    Unable to stop herself, Goldie frowned deeply and couldn’t contain her expression of anger and confusion and embarrassment. That was, until Donald and Della looked up at Scrooge and responded to him with a combination of laughter and disgusted sounds.

    “You’re not our dad!” Della said, nudging her elbow into Scrooge’s side.

    “Yeah! Our dad’s in Jamaica!” Donald agreed, crossing his arms over his chest. “Don’t be weird, Uncle Scrooge!”


    Goldie slowly closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to fight the urge to punch Scrooge in the face. He absolutely knew she was jealous and wanted to see how she’d react to that sort of news and she played right into his hands like some kind of sucker. He was the one who was supposed to play into her hands! She needed to start conning people again or she’d completely lose her touch.

    “You’re hilarious,” she said pointedly.

    Scrooge chuckled and patted both of the kid’s heads. “They’re Hortense’s twins. I told ye about her tryin’ to get pregnant, right?”

    “Hmmm…” Goldie tried to think back to the last time they talked about either of his sisters. “...maybe? Good for her, I guess.”

    As the billionaire was about to respond again, Della suddenly climbed up on his back and picked up his top hat, placing her head on top of Scrooge’s and the hat on top of her head. “OKAY BUT LIKE WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?”

    Scrooge reached up and grabbed Della, placing her back down on the floor. “This is my…um, this is Goldie.”

    Goldie raised a curious eyebrow at his little slip-up. What exactly was he thinking of saying just then?

    “Yeah you said that already. But who is Goldie?” Della asked impatiently.

    “You’ve never mentioned me?” Goldie asked faux-sadly (though she was a little sad about it, if she was being honest).

    He side-eyed her and glanced down at the kids. “Goldie is…an old friend.”

    “Old ‘cause her hair is gray or old like you’ve known her forever?”

    “C’mon, Della, obviously it’s both!”

    Goldie had to stop her eyes from rolling into the back of her head. This was exactly the commentary she expected when she decided to let her hair go gray. Well, she preferred to think of it as silver. But most people saw them as the same.

    Scrooge looked up at her and smiled that stupid handsome smile that made her want to kiss him. “Ye look nice in silver, dear.”

    Donald and Della looked at each other suddenly, realizing something simultaneously.

    “Wait a sec…oh, no!”

    “I think she’s Uncle Scrooge’s…”

    “...girlfriend!” they shouted together.

    Scrooge turned positively red and put an agitated hand to his temple as the two kids started gagging and rolling around saying things about ‘gross old people romance’ and whatnot. He sighed deeply and Goldie watched knowingly as his temper flared. Oh, those kids were about to have a bad time.


    The butler appeared next to Goldie in an instant and she was embarrassed that he managed to startle her.

    “Yes, Mr. McDuck?”

    “Take them to their room,” he said grumpily, ignoring their apologies as Duckworth dragged them upstairs.

    Goldie simply watched, not really sure how to react to everything. She was a bit agitated. Not just because the kids called her old and gross, but…seeing Scrooge with kids was weird for her. For a lot of reasons. Even though they weren’t his kids, they were still spending time with him. He had apparently taken off work to hang out with them? What was up with that?

    “They’re so much like Hortense.”

    She shrugged. “So, what, you’re babysitting?”

    “Ah, well…” Scrooge awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. “At first Hortense just dropped them off here once in a while. Then it turned into every other weekend. And now…they stay here over school breaks.”

    Goldie stared at him. “That’s…a lot.”


    “And you’re enjoying it?”

    “Ye know, Goldie,” Scrooge said dreamily, looking up the stairs. “Even though they’re a handful and often a nuisance, they’re also…they make me feel young again. I never expected myself to enjoy spendin’ time with bairns, but here I am.”

    She crossed her arms loosely - it looked more like she was hugging herself than being stern. Goldie was surprised. And annoyed. She didn’t want to talk about kids, especially not with Scrooge. It was a weird sore subject for her and he didn’t know and he wouldn’t get it. “So I wanted to ask if you know about Antony and Cleobatra.”

    “Oh.” Scrooge turned to her, realizing the conversation about children was over. He didn’t mind - he was pretty sure that Goldie didn’t like kids since she never showed any interest in them. “I have.”

    “I thought we could go look for their tomb,” she said casually, picking at some fibers on her shirt. “But I guess you can’t, since you’ve got kids now.”

    He rolled his eyes. “Don’t be daft, O’Gilt! Duckworth can watch the two of ‘em while you and I hunt down the Lost Tomb of Cleobatra!”

    Goldie smiled at him, excited and trying not to be too obvious about it. “Sounds perfect.”

    “Do you know Goldie?” Della asked Duckworth, wiggling around. “Is she our aunt?!”

    Duckworth huffed - making a noise that some people might’ve even called a laugh. “Not quite.”

    “So you do know her, then,” Donald pointed out. “Why’s she here? What’s she like?”

    The butler placed the two kids on the floor and glanced back down the hallway, listening to see if Scrooge and Goldie were still downstairs. After confirming, he leaned over towards the kids. “Miss O’Gilt and your uncle have been seeing each other for a long, long time. Longer than I’ve been alive.”

    “Wait, what?” Donald said.

    Della stuck out her tongue. “So then…they’re, like, married, right?”

    Duckworth didn’t want to get into the gritty details, so he shrugged. “She’s not your aunt. Their relationship is…complicated. Mr. McDuck doesn’t like to talk about it so much.”

    “That’s dumb. If they’ve been dating forever, then they’re gonna get married eventually!” Della said, jumping onto her bed. “We should get to know our future aunt!”

    Donald leaned against his bed, crossing his arms over his chest. “I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t he want to talk about her? She’s…pretty, I guess. For an old lady, anyway.”

    “As I said before, it’s complicated.” Duckworth stepped outside and grabbed their doorknob. “I’m sure you’ll learn more when you’re older, but for now…stay in your room.” He shut the door behind him and left.

    The twins looked at each other knowingly.

    “There must be something weird about her.”

    “Maybe she’s an alien in disguise!” Donald said.

    “Or a succubus!”

    “What’s a succubus?”

    “Some kind of soul-sucking demon lady. There was one on last week’s episode of Darkwing Duck!”

    “That show’s so dumb.”

    “You’re dumb!”

    “No, you!”

    They glared at each other for a minute before their anger fizzled and transformed into more confusion.

    “Uncle Scrooge definitely knows about whatever’s wrong with her, so she’s probably not a soul-sucking demon.”

    “I guess. Maybe she’s like…a vampire, but retired?”

    “A retired vampire? Where would she get her blood?”

    Della gasped. “What if Uncle Scrooge provides her with blood bags from the hospital!?”

    “I don’t know…I can imagine him selling them to her, but giving them away?”

    “But he’s in love with her or whatever, so that’s probably messing with his head!”

    Donald thought about that for a few seconds, rubbing the bottom of his beak in thought. “You make a good point.”

    “I know!”

    “I think we both know what we have to do to figure this out,” Donald said, walking towards the door.

    Della followed him, fists clenched in front of her and feeling pumped and excited. “We’re totally following them, right?”

    “We have to!”

    “YES!” Della let out a quiet whoop as Donald opened the door and they listened carefully to find out where the old couple was going next.

    “So what made you want to go after the tomb? Just lookin’ for a reason to ride in my new plane?” Scrooge asked, sitting comfortably in the back. It was large and impressive and his current pilot was a careful, straight-forward man who had decades of piloting experience and served in the United States Air Force during World War II. A little part of him wanted Goldie to be impressed and comforted by all of that.

    Goldie rolled her eyes. “I came across a map during a little excavation and realized it had to do with Cleobatra,” she answered. “And I thought you might be able to help me out.”

    Scrooge watched as she scooted closer to him on the bench, his fingers twitching. He wanted to put his arm around her. “I suppose you werenae wrong.”

    “I rarely am,” she said with a smirk, leaning closer to his face. “It’s been a while since we spent any time together, you know.”

    “I know,” he said quietly, leaning towards her to match. “I’ve been…busy.”

    “Mhmm,” Goldie hummed, allowing the tip of her beak to brush against his. “Too busy to reach out?”

    Scrooge lifted up a hand and placed it against her cheek. “You didnae reach out, either,” he whispered.

    Their conversation ended abruptly with their beaks smushing together in an extended, passionate kiss. Scrooge kept his hands on her face, while one of Goldie’s hands found itself resting on his thigh. Two years wasn’t such a long time, but it felt like forever.

    They continued to make out for a bit, but when Goldie adjusted her position to straddle Scrooge’s lap, they were interrupted by a loud screech.

    Scrooge stood up suddenly and knocked Goldie onto the floor, barely registering the loud THUD! of her ass smacking into the metal. The both of them were too distracted by the source of the screech to pay much attention.

    Della and Donald were staring at them - their heads poking out of a box that they’d clearly been hiding in. And the two of them looked absolutely horrified and disgusted by what they’d just witnessed. In fact, Scrooge had never seen a more scandalized expression on a duckling’s face in his entire life.

    “Oh, my God, were you two gonna…like…have…?!”

    “Ew, but you’re so old!”

    “That’s so gross!”

    “And why would you do it on a plane?! What is wrong with you?!”

    Scrooge, face red and hands shaking the slightest bit, glared at the kids angrily. “What’re you two doin’ here?” He glanced down and caught Goldie’s expression - she was very, very unhappy - but decided to focus on the rapscallions that snuck onto his plane (not for the first time, and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last).

    “We just wanted to join in on the adventure…but not if it’s gonna be all gross like that!”

    Donald was making gagging noises behind his sister while she spoke.

    Scrooge didn’t find them very funny. “Argh, ye wee numpties! I didnae bring your passports!”

    “We brought them.”

    He blinked, not expecting that. “Oh. Um…well, I didnae bring enough supplies!”

    Donald pulled two backpacks out from the box. “We brought our own.”

    The trillionaire grimaced, trying to figure out his next excuse. “Well, I-...I didnae-”

    “Scrooge,” Goldie interrupted, having finally picked herself up off the floor. “Just get over it. They’re here, we’re already halfway to Egypt. No point in turning around.”

    “Oh yeah, I like her! She’s smart!” Della shouted.

    Scrooge rolled his eyes. “They’re good on adventures, I swear, but I…I did miss spendin’ time with ye one-on-one,” he said quietly.

    “It’s fine.” Goldie shrugged, having accepted defeat. “So we hunt for treasure without having sex. Not like we’ve never done that before.”

    “Do we really need to be hearing this conversation?”

    “I’m gonna tell mom you’re trying to traumatize us!”

    Scrooge waved a dismissive hand at the twins. “We could leave them on the plane, if ye’d like.”

    “Oh, please, sourdough.” Goldie motioned towards the kids with one hand. “They’ll just follow us recklessly and end up in serious trouble, then we’ll have to save them and we’ll never get our hands on the treasure. Easier to just bring them with so we know where they are.”

    “That’s…sensible,” Scrooge said with genuine shock in his voice. “I’m just surprised you’re willin’ to spend so much time with…children.”

    Della and Donald ran over to the adults and leaned against Goldie on either side of her legs. “She’s got the right idea, Uncle Scrooge!”

    Goldie frowned and stared down at the little matted feathers on either side of her. “Don’t make it weird, Scrooge. It’s not like I haven’t spent time with children before.”

    Scrooge didn’t respond to that, instead he watched as Donald and Della turned around and started to ask Goldie questions about herself and her life and where she came from. Goldie deflected their questions with nonsense, but Scrooge couldn’t stop the warmth spread throughout his chest at the sight of Goldie chatting casually with his family.

    Seeing her with kids - kids of McDuck blood? It made his heart race. He’d wanted that so many times before. Though she obviously had no interest in bairns of her own…he could still fantasize if he wanted to.

    Goldie was annoyed. Of course she was annoyed! She’d wanted to spend time with Scrooge and not think about kids or see him with kids or be bothered by kids or be called old and ugly and gross by kids. Her anger was perfectly reasonable.

    But for whatever reason, she felt bad about being mad. She felt like she shouldn’t be mad, because Scrooge was spending time with his family and what did that have to do with her? She didn’t have any right to tell him he couldn’t. But she didn’t want to hang out with his family more than she already had. His sisters were one thing, they got along just fine in the few times they’d interacted. His sisters were old enough to understand that Goldie wasn’t marrying him or sticking around or anything like that and she didn’t have to explain herself to them.

    Kids, however? Kids didn’t understand those kinds of things. Nor should they. But Goldie didn’t want to have to sit them down and explain that she liked their uncle very much but didn’t feel comfortable completely letting down her guard with him and so she always kept him at an emotional arms’ length. They’d probably respond with stupid shit like “but don’t you love each other?” or “why can’t you just talk about your feelings?”

    So, yeah. She wasn’t all that surprised when the twins popped up out of nowhere on the plane, ready to get in the way and probably make this adventure ten times longer than it would’ve been otherwise. They had McDuck blood running through their veins, obviously they’d have big personalities and love to be involved in everything.

    She decided to be nice to them. Well. Some version of nice. Well…alright, she wouldn’t be mean to them. Hopefully they wouldn’t get attached to her nor hate her. Ideally, they’d see her as a completely neutral entity that appeared every once in a while to annoy their uncle. Then there wouldn’t be any drama when she inevitably left them behind and took the treasure with her.

    She could feel Scrooge’s eyes on her as she talked to his niece and nephew, and Goldie wanted to smack him. He was definitely enjoying her awkward misery. He probably thought it was hilarious to watch her embarrass herself in front of children.

    “So…your uncle says you two have experience with this sort of thing?” Goldie asked suddenly, interrupting Della’s question about something to do with Ireland.

    “Oh, yeah!” the young girl said excitedly. “I landed a plane when I was ten!”


    “And I’m a great lookout,” Donald said proudly. “I prefer music to adventuring, but…sometimes it can be fun. I like figuring out the puzzles!”

    “...right.” Goldie looked up at Scrooge, who gave her a guilty smile. “I’m sure you all make a great little team.”


    Goldie did her best to avoid alone time with either of the twins while they traveled through Ibexandria. The girl was so talkative and the boy kept trying to grab onto her whenever he saw a scary bug. It was…obnoxious.

    Scrooge didn’t seem to care. Or maybe he was just so used to their antics that he didn’t notice. Goldie was surprised by how comfortable he seemed around them. Scrooge around kids. She’d never thought it possible that he’d willingly spend time with them and even relish the opportunity. He seemed…softer.

    Was that going to be a problem for them? She didn’t want it to be.

    But it certainly made her feel out of place.

    The Scrooge who she fell for (and who fell for her) was rough and hard-hearted and dangerous. And those traits would always be a part of him, deep down - far enough that his public image made him seem friendly, but close enough that she could bring it out of him when she pushed the right buttons.

    It was harder to push those buttons with children around. She wasn’t interested in traumatizing anyone for life. But what would that mean for her and Scrooge?

    Goldie watched uncomfortably as the twins danced around and pointed out every item on the street that they wanted to own, making Scrooge laugh. He was laughing at the idea of buying them unnecessary trinkets.

    He was changing, thanks to his family. And she didn’t know if she could keep up.


    “So are you and Uncle Scrooge gonna get married?” Donald asked, rubbing the bruise on his arm.

    Goldie sighed and continued to move rocks around, trying to get them back to where Scrooge and Della were. This kid was very difficult to understand. She wondered if his parents thought about getting him a speech therapist. “No.”

    Donald watched her work, deciding if he should try to help. But his arm got hurt when the rocks fell, so she couldn’t be mad if he sat this one out. “Why not?”

    “Because we just aren’t.” Goldie supposed this could’ve happened even if the kids weren’t there. She kind of wanted to blame them for the cave-in, though. With all their loud talking.

    (She and Scrooge never talked loudly or yelled enough to cause a cave-in. Noooo. Of course not. Never.)

    “Don’t you like him?”

    Goldie paused for a brief moment in her work - caught off guard by the simplicity of the kid’s question. Did she like Scrooge? She loved him. She liked certain things he did and said. She liked being with him. But sometimes she hated him and sometimes she hated everything he did and said. So did that all culminate into liking him?

    “It’s complicated.”

    Donald groaned and tried to sit down on a rock, only to screech when he realized the rock was sharper than it looked. He rubbed his butt and frowned. “Why do adults always say that?”

    She was finally getting somewhere with the rock-moving, thanks to what sounded like Scrooge and his niece moving rocks on the other side. Of course, Scrooge got the helpful one. “Adults just like to be annoying.”

    “You can say that again.”

    “I think this is getting to be too much for ten-year-olds,” Goldie said cautiously. “Maybe we should have them stand guard.”

    “How exactly is that safer?” Scrooge said with a twist of his hand. “They’re just bairns!”

    “We’re eleven, actually!” Della shouted from across the room.

    Goldie ignored her and motioned to the path in front of her, which was filled with obvious booby traps and at least one pit of spikes. “How is that not safer? And it’d be safer for us to not have to watch out for them!”

    Scrooge scoffed. “We dinnae have to watch them, they’re very capable!”

    “You’re kidding. You can’t put kids in danger like this, it’s irresponsible!”

    Goldie watched the switch flick - Scrooge’s temperament changed and she realized immediately that she’d hit a nerve.

    “What would you know, O’Gilt?!” Scrooge said suddenly, poking a finger into her chest. “You arenae a part of this family! Ye cannae just appear out of nowhere and tell me how to take care of my own kin!”

    She whapped his hand away from her and scowled. “Don’t talk to me like that again.”

    “Bah!” He rolled his eyes and turned away. “Donald, Della? C’mon! We’re almost to the treasure!”

    The twins cheered, clearly having not paid attention to the uncomfortable conversation their uncle just had. Della charged forward, ready to throw herself headfirst into danger, but Donald stayed back a bit and walked next to Goldie.

    She was glaring at the back of Scrooge’s head, and Donald glanced up at her shyly. He could feel a lot of tension in the air. He started to get the feeling that this adventure wasn’t going to end the way they all wanted it to.

    “Goldie!” Scrooge screamed out, hurt and anger and frustration etched all over his face. “Where did she-?!”

    “I think she’s gone, Uncle Scrooge,” Della said curiously, looking all around them. “And…so’s the treasure.”

    Scrooge sighed deeply, closed his eyes, and moved to the side of the plane so he could sit down on the bench. He didn’t want to have to explain any of what happened to the kids, especially not when it made him sound like such a sucker.

    Della watched her uncle and turned to lock eyes with Donald, who’d just stepped up next to her. “I don’t get it,” she said quietly. “She just left with the treasure?”

    Donald stared at Scrooge, tilting his head to the side curiously. “Yeah. I guess.”

    “So then…she’s a villain! Isn’t she?”

    “But she’s still Uncle Scrooge’s girlfriend, right?”

    Della shook her head in confusion. “I don’t get it! Is this what Duckworth meant when he said it’s complicated?!” Her whispering got a little loud and she shrunk down when Donald lifted a finger to his beak and shushed her. “I guess we’re not getting a new aunt.”

    “Maybe it’s like…” Donald closed his eyes and tried to remember a name. “In Darkwing Duck! He’s dating that witch lady. She’s not evil, right? Just misunderstood.”

    “I don’t think Goldie’s like Morgana, Donnie,” Della corrected. “Goldie’s playing with Uncle Scrooge’s heart! It’s mean!”

    “I…I don’t know about that.” Donald stuck his hands into his jacket pockets. “Maybe she just didn’t like us.”

    “Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

    “I don’t know, Dumbella! I’m just thinking out loud, okay?!”

    “Alright, alright, sure!” Della shrugged. “I’m just saying…Uncle Scrooge looks totally depressed. So Goldie’s a bad guy. That’s how it goes.”

    Donald shook his head. “It’s not like I think she’s a good guy, I just…some people are in the middle, y’know?”

    “I guess.”

    “We should try to find out more about her when we get home.”

    “Ooh, yes!” Della squeezed her hands tight in excitement. “Maybe in some old photo albums or something!”

    “If they’ve been dating for like three hundred years, there’s gotta be something.”

    They laughed together, not paying attention to their uncle to see if he was listening in. Della suddenly stopped laughing after a second, and then held up a finger to make Donald listen to her.


    “I thought you said you didn’t like Darkwing Duck!”

    “Wh-! Well, I…I don’t! It’s dumb!”

    “But you remembered Morgana? She’s barely in any episodes!”

    “I just thought she was cool! Shut up!”

    “Hahahaaa, you’re so in denial!”

    Della started chasing Donald around, talking about Darkwing Duck and the different villains from the show. Scrooge, meanwhile, wasn’t paying any attention to them. Instead, he was staring out one of the plane windows and feeling sorry for himself. Being humiliated and heartbroken by Goldie was such a normal, regular occurrence…but happening in front of his family made the sting hurt worse than usual.

    He wanted her to be a part of his family, but more than that…he wanted her to want to be a part of his family. But he knew that was asking too much. She was always going to be Goldie O’Gilt, after all.



    REAL HISTORY FACTS: - The Lost Tomb of Antony and Cleopatra is in Alexandria, Egypt. We think. I mean, it's lost, so... - It's 1995 which means I have been born in the duck universe now. Lil baby Carro. This is a real history fact obviously what are you talking about

    DUCK FRANCHISE REFERENCES: - Hortense and Quackmore find themselves going on vacations a lot because they're very angry people who get easily stressed out. So they leave Donald and Della with Scrooge. This is my justification to them being alive but Donald and Della have personalized rooms in Scrooge's house lol

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  • goldiejake11
    26.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    source:  goldiejake11

    Scrooge McDuck’s 75th anniversary year

    I’m hoping to do some pictures to celebrate Scrooge McDucks 75th this year.  I know there is some debate over which date is the ‘official’ one so I’m just gonna post them whenever.

    This pic is referring to the comic panel below which is from Carl Barks’s The King of the Golden River: 

    It was also referrenced by Don Rosa in his Life and Times series Chapter 1 - The Last of the Clan McDuck.

    #scrooge mcduck#uncle scrooge#carl barks#don rosa #The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck #my art#disney ducks #disney ducks fanart #ducktales#ducktales fanart#ducktales 2017 #scrooge mcduck 75th #scrooge mcduck 75th anniversary
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  • frc-ambaradan
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    Paolo Mottura's artwork for the cover of Aku Ankan taskukirja #480 - Titaanien taistelu (2019).
    #a feast for the eyes #i'd give up a kidney for any finnish publication #finland pls share your beautiful disney books with us poor mediterranean idiots! :D <3 #paolo mottura #john d. rockerduck #scrooge mcduck#aku ankka#cover art#disney ducks#disney comics
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  • stormyperson
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Please tell us about your au and characters here, I'm very interested in this!

    Okay Anon, Let’s do this!

    so- oh my i dont know how to start..

    Okay, in this AU Donald and Daisy are engaged but still dont have wedding date, they don’t really think about it, just plan to get merried but dont really know when. 

    Daisy wasn’t really liked by Scrooge at the beggining, at least that’s how it looked like. Scrooge wanted to be sure that she is able to adventure with her new family or at least let it’s other members do it (that’s one of the reasons why we don’t see triplets father in the story, he didn’t like how Della were adventuring with Scrooge and Donald and wanted her to stop. After many quarrels he gave Della a choice, him or her family. We know what she choosed. They get a divorce not much later. Scrooge didn’t want this to happend again.) śo Daisy went for an adventure by “coincidence” and have been welcom to the family with open arms after.

    Donald and Daisy are slowly moved in to the Scooge’s mansion, however Donald still loves his house-boat but thinks that now it is better for him, his girlfriend and his daughters to have *ekhem* more stable home (get it? get it?), Scrooge didn’t know what to think about it and he still don’t know but he slowly getting used to it and forgets that he was thinking about kicking them out.

    I already made a comic about it but i think not everyone knows that, in my au Donald and Daisy adopted May and June. 

    HDL dont really know how to feel about the fact that webby turned out to be their almost-aunt, but she keep saying that it doesn’t matter, and still act like it was knew from the beggining.

    Huey is Boyd’s best friend and like a real boy, he want’s to visit his friends from time to time. It’s just that this “from time to time” is almost every day so Gyro and Fenton are going on shifts with Boyd to the mansion, it also made both Gyro and Fenton much closer to the Mc.Duck family.

    Dewey’s dream right now is to become a pilot just like his mom so she takes him on the plane to teach him how to fly. Scrooge whereas teach blue triplet more and more of golf because the boy has a born talent for it.

    Huey is now Lenas personal teacher of English, Math and other subject since she didn’t have any experience with learning, just basic knowleage from her aunt so she won’t be dumb-dummy.

    Webby, Lena, Triplets, Violet, Gos, Boyd, May and June all have friendship braclets.

    Thats all i have for the au right now, im still makng it.

    Tell me if you want to see my headcanons, i have some of those :)

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  • iwillbealive
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    the most canon conversations

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  • redkimmie
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Scrooge as he appeared in his debut story 😁😁

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  • lettheladylead
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Can you please draw a scenario of when Scrooge and Goldie met, please?

    Sure here's the first meeting scene from Running In Circles

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  • writebackatya
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    So starved for new DuckTales content that a quick cameo from Scrooge McDuck himself in The Simpsons made me cheer

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  • frc-ambaradan
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    Daily strip by Al Taliaferro and Bob Karp (1951)


    I like it! :D

    #things to come across while looking for frock coats... XD #this is new #little curious things! #scrooge mcduck #huey dewey and louie #al taliaferro#daily strips#pipe #good old days #when you could smoke whatever you liked in peace! XD #disney ducks
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  • violetganache42
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Tougher than the toughies - utilizes a High Tech Dragon deck revolved around powerful beatdown tactics, with her ace monster being Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon; said to be a stronger Rush Duelist than her twin brother Yuhi

    Smarter than the smarties - a really intelligent fifth grader, from her capabilities of being the UTS president to knowing the ins and outs of both Duel Monsters and Rush Duels; perhaps the most intelligent YGO female lead thus far

    Sharper than the sharpies - able to read people's true intentions, regardless if they just met her or are someone she knows; equally capable of deducing and solving situations with ease

    Me thinks Scrooge would be quite impressed that Yuamu picked up his trademark quirks. ^^

    #this was something that i noticed last night #it's honestly no wonder that yuamu is an awesome female lead #she learned a thing or two from the richest duck in the world! XD #my post#screenshots #yugioh go rush #go rush spoilers #yuamu ohdo#screencap#ducktales#ducktales 2017#ducktales reboot#scrooge mcduck
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  • alittlesliceofcucumber
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    greenpeace girl for the character bingo! and, as a bonus, scrooge mcduck

    i love how this is phrased as though giving me scrooge mduck is a treat

    ...which it is, but-

    #bingo! #ask#starkid#greenpeace girl#ducktales#scrooge mcduck #scrooge is horrible because CAPITALISM #but i love him all the same #random fandom ramblings
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  • bloggintheblog
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge #190_November 1981_Carl Barks cover art

    #western publishing co. #walt disney uncle scrooge #1981#carl barks #bronze age comics #donald duck#scrooge mcduck#comic covers#humor #tv and movie related comics #anthropomorphic funny animal #whitman comics
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  • ducklooney
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Disney Afternoon characters on the poster as a video game commercial at the end of the movie Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers movie (cameo roles). Also at the end of the movie Darkwing Duck appeared to say that people want Darkwing and I agree with him. It's time for the Darkwing Duck reboot! Let's get dangerous!

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  • polernaf
    23.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    They call me the Morbius Millionaire

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  • tawnyisacolor
    22.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    if you find yourself with nothing to do this weekend or anytime really i highly suggest you give the new chip ‘n dale rescue rangers a watch because holy shit it’s so totally not what you’ll expect and it’s insane and insanely good

    10/10 recommend

    spoilees ahead

    the cameos had me actually screaming out loud

    there’s so many i don’t think you can even catch them all in one watch and they’re all fucking wildcards

    it’s soo weird but it’s funny as fuck

    and seth rogan’s entire part is actual pure cinematic gold????

    #i was so tired when I wrote this I really called Seth Rogan Jonah Hill and I hate myself for it #i know there’s complaints about sweet pete and Bobby Driscoll but it really does feel more as a callout than poking fun #it’s really just an insane movie to see from Disney but clearly they’re just enjoying owning every ip to exist #but it really just shows how much smarter Disney creatives are than their billionaire bosses 🤭 #chip n dale rescue rangers #chip n dale #rescue rangers#ugly sonic #the lonely island #Seth Rogan as Bob the warrior Viking #seth rogan#flounder#JIMINY CRICKET#Pumbaa#Garfield#roger rabbit#darkwing duck #SCROOGE mcduck !!!! #aunt man #i could go on forever
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